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The Eaton Weekly Democrat
Baton. Thursday, April 28.
Away We Go!
A negro having been appoint
ed a cadet to West Point, a del
egate from Arizona baa nomina
ted an Indian, while the dele
gate from Wyoming declares hfe
will appoint a woman. Wuj
not? For our part we move that
Wf nrlnnl a .new seal for this
great Republic of ours, with a
Tomahawk, Banjo and hoop
skirt tor our National emblems.
Old Newspapers. Many peos
plo take newspapers, but few
preserve them; the most interest
ing reading imaginable is a file
of old newspapers. It brings up
the very age with all its genius,
'and its spirit, more than the
most labored description of the
historian. Who can take a pa
per dated half a century ago
without the thought that almost
every name ever printed is now
cut uporF a tombstone at . the
head ot an enitaob? The doctor
(quack-or regular) that there ad
vertised his medicines and their
nriB. has followed the sable
train of his patients the merch
ant his ships and the actor.
who could make others laugh or
weep, can now furnish a skull
for bis successors in Hamlet, it
is easy to preserve, newspapers;
and they will repay the trouble,
for, like wine, their value increa-
ses with age.
made its appearance in our
aanctam last week, as neat and
trim as a school marni with a new
bonnet. But the new dress of tho
DEMOCRAT, was not the
onlv feature that attracted our
attention. It is an outspoken,
bold and true Democratic paper
-that seems to comprehend the
situation of devilism and despot
ism by which we are encompass
ed throtgh the infamous corrupt,
niggermongering Constitution
destroyiusj, liberty-hating vil
liana and trait ors,wh& have made
their will the exponent ot the
Constitution and the law, and
desecrated all the reserved rights
of the States. The caricature of
the Democrat upon the fraud and
monstrosity, awiiori an AmeuO
ment to the Constitution, was an
excellent pictorial description of
that infamy and its effects social
ly and politically. A nameless,
deformed; repmgrve, onensive,
diabolicle ndmdescript, ia a true
representation w the bastard snd
fraud of the Mongrel lunatfts
and idicta,who ae its accursed
father. Hamilton True Telegraph
Some sacrilegious, thieving
wjretch; desecrated the tomb of
George Peabod, Salem, Mae
acbuBetts, and state the silver han
dles Aid breas plate plate from
the coffin. It is ueedlesf to
.remind our readers that Spoony
Butler hais from that delightfull
locality, through- it is stated he
was in Washington at the time
this characteristic the theft occur
ed. The Mongrels are after the
fellow to 6end him to Congress,
as the best qualified man in the
State, except Bntler, to represent
their interests. Hamilton True
tar-Senator Howard' of Mich
igan, let tbecat out of tho bag in
the Georgia debate in the Senate
on Monday. He said " he was
satisfied on a majority of fhe vo
terB of Georgia tre opposed to
the Republican party." And that
is just the reason why all the oth
er Suthern States were kept so
Ions: iu tho process ol reconstruc
tion. It was to maintain the as
cendancy of Radicalism.
The papers say that Nellie
Grant' scoBtnmes are of the rarest
and most costly kind, and yet
her father is too poor topay ex
press charges on a dog sent him
by a friend. ''Vat a country.
John Uovode, who has just
been admitted into Congress, was
oti Saturbay recipient of a beauti
ful and appropriate present, from
trom nis many menus, it was
a Webster'spelling-book, bound
iu calf. -
The New York Tribune
thinks the beauty ot Boston la
dies is owing to the East wind.
"The negro elected to
Supreme Bench of South Caroli
na holds his elevation until June
mjjji'hfl Princess Metternich
wore a skirt that cost 1500
francs, at Eugenie's ball.
Our Washington Letter.
April 15, 1870.
The Republican altndic-u pa
per of this city ays: "The soun
dest and most undoubted Repub
lican papers are advocating
uiveraal amnesty for all past po
litical offenses, a.id there doss
not now seem to be any reason
why, by one act of grace, all late
offenders should not be relieved
of their disabilities, aud also
copy an article from the Phila
delpbia Inquirer, Radical, in
which a strong appeal is made
to obliterate all cause for discon
tent by universal amnesty. On
the contrary the Chronicle, For
ney's kitchen cabinet and court
organ, advises a different treat
ment. He believes in the crush
ing system, and says "What Ge
neral Grant declared iu hia ii.au-
ral he meant, that the Union
men of the South can take care
of themselves, if ojily Congress
will svstain the President in tak
ing care oj their enemies." Ol
course the carpet baggers and
scallywags of the Sonth can
maintain their power and politic
cal supremacy if Congress will
assist the President in keeping
in subjection tho white men of
the South. Grant had no tho't
of issuing an amnesty proclama
tion at all. He has no desire to
relieve the Southron from the
contempticle penalty imposed
upon him, and it he had he would
not dare offend his masters, the
House and Senate of the United
States. The most he intended
doing was to send a special rues
sage to " Congress recommending
the removal of all disabilities,
knowing full well that a bitter,
unrelenting spirit of low trieke
rry, demagogueism mean parti
sanship pervades both Houses,
and that his message would be
thoroughly understood and not
be acted on while he would get
the credit of being chuek lull ot
the tenderest feelings of human
ity and running over with the
milk of human kindness. Mr.
John Caldwell, formerly United
States Minister to .Bolivia, has
been sent here by the latter coun
tPfy as its envoy but Secretary
Fish refuses to receiveim Jie-
Laause he is an American citizen.
The House committee on r or-
jftrttffaiwhata decided that
they have no" jurisdiction in the
premises. The . difference be
tween this case is that Mr. Bur
lingame was a special commis
sioner and Mr. Caldwell came
here as the regular minister res
ident of a foreign government.
So Mrr Caldwell will be forced
to find another country in which
to air his diplomatic honors.
Chief Justice Chase has written
a letter in response p an invita
tion to attend the ratification
celebration of the negroes of
Cincinnati in which the-4bllow-
ing occurs: "Nor does the a
meudmeht impair the real rigjits
of any State. It leaves the whole
regulation of suffrage to the
whole people ot each otate, sub
ject only to the fundamental law
that the right ot no citizen to
vote shall be denied on account
of race, color, or previous condi
tion of servitude." The Radicals
in Congress do not seem to be of
the same opinion as the Chief
Justice as the laws they propose
to enact to carry out the loth
Amendment are arbitrary and
oppressive to white voters and
giving the negroes special privi
leges. Will our rulers pause in
their tyrannical legislation with
regard to the 15th Amendment
on account of the opinion expressed
by the head of the Judi
ciary? The committee on Edu
cation and Labor began their in
vestigation of t he charges against
General O. O. Howard, Commis
sioner of the Freedmen'e Bureau.
Walter S. Cox testified that he
received from General Ballock
Treasurer of the Freedmen's Bu
reau, one hundred and fourteen
thousaud dollars by a warrant
drawn on the United States Trea
sury, as one of the paymeuts
made by General Howard for the
laud on which Howard Univers
ity is built. The contractor aud
builder of the University also
testity to receiving from General
Ballock a warrant of the United
States ire;isury tor over one
hundred thousand dollars. This
was done without authority of
law in the Freedmen's Bureau
act or the act incorperating the
University. It was also testified
thaj $18,000 were drawn out of
tlie Bureau fund from the Unit
ed States Treasury by Howard's
direction and paid to tho First
Congregational Cbursh of this
city, for which bonds of the
church were given as security.
This is charged as a violation of
law. When there was such reck
lessness in tho using of Uncle
; Sam's cash for church aud school
inumoses how will it be when we!
to the money expended for
political uses, or as nu ww umiuu
in saving and maintaining tho
lite of the nation by feediug and
voting a horde of lazy negroea
The trouble with General How.
ard was he saw things darkly
thro' miscegenation spectacles, &
thought, as do Senators Drake
and Morton, that the war was
ttill going on and these were ne
ceseary war measures and never
thinking there might come aday
of reckoning. The Ways and
Means committee discussed the
income tax and are determined
that the tax must be assessed for
the year 1870. They are oppos
ed to receiviug it in 1871. An
effort will be made in the com
mittee to fix the tax at 12 per
cent. There aro remonstrances
pouring in every day to the com
mittee protesting against this
most ur.fa;-, inquisitorial, oner
ous ana oppressive iux ueipg
continued, but Boutwell, Delano
and Grant care nothing for the
burdens that the people labor
under and in that respect Con
gress but adopts their heartless-no.-s.
Ala Jenckes' bill establish
ing a Bureau of Justice wilr be
reported to the House with a re
commendation to pass. The bili
makes the Attorney General the
head of the Department, with an
assistant to be called Solicitor
Geueral at a salary of$7,500;
two assistant Attordey Generals
at a salary of $5,000 each. The
Solicitors of the Treasury, of In
ternal Revenue, of the Navy,
Judge Advocate General and Ex
aminer of Claims of the State
Department aud their assistants
Attorneys General to be appoint
ed by the President, by and with
the advice and couseut of the
Senate. Subordinate officers
and clerks to be appointed by
the Attorney tieneral. lhe su
pervisory powers now exercised
by the Secretary of the Interior
oveer accounts of district attor
neys, marshals, clerks and other
officers of the courts of the Unit
ed States shall be exercised by
the Attorney General. The con
duct of all judicial proceedings
in every department of the Gov
ernment and the attorneys of the
United States to be under con
trol of tho Attorney General.
There may be a great deal of
merit in this bill but I only see
in it as iu every bill brught in by
the Radicals a centralizing of an
immense power this time iu the
hands of the Attorney General
which will not fail to oe used iu
any case that the adrnTrristratioo
or (jenerar-ttrant, or (Jongrcss
may deem it? necessary. "The ar
my under the sole control of
General Shermau, the judiciary
uader the sole control of Mr.
Boar, an ambitious. stupid dem
agogue for President aud a ty
rannical Congress with, I fear, a
subservient majority on the Su
preme Bench what may not be
out fate?. Senator Morton spoke
or rather bowled Turned and
fretted, yesterday on the Geor
gia bil. He misrepresented the
people ot the south, slandered
and viwined them to his hearts
content, lie seemed to be in a
nightmare of blood. He was, in
ferocity vindictiveness and hate,
both"Murat and Danton combin
ed. He tired out the patience of
the benate and thinned the gal
leries, which at no time were
full although his ppeeh was ad
vet-Used beforehand. Mr. Ed
munJs got the floor after Morton
had spent himself iu his fury a
gainst the South and In a law
yerlike manner set Mr. Morton
aright on questions of fact, law
and common sense. Mr. Ed-
mudsv although he said eneugh
to shame Morton and his friends,
had no effect on the callous
hearted malignantB.
Transfers of Real Estate.
The following are Transfers of
Real Estate as recorded for the
month of March, 1870:
John P. Buoher to Henry P.
Bucher, 80 an Jne qur sec 24,
Jefferson tp. $625, (quit clainf)
Wm R Davis to Lewis Webb,
3 a pt s o qr sec 1, Jefferson tp,
John Mugavin to Wm D
Jones, n i lota 170, 171, Eaton,
John B Clark to Robert C
Shute, 134 a pt sec 16 Jackson
tp, $7000.
Mary Lockwood to W H H
Degroot, lot 133, Eaton, $600.
Shideler & Brothers to Wm
Jackson, lot 17, College Corner,
Wm Jackson to Morris Doty,
same, $600.
Morris Doty to Jacob Riden
our, same, $600.
Morrid Doty to Patrick Poge,
2 81 a pt s w qr sec 31, Israel tp.
E W McGuire to Geo. Wilson
s pt lots 67, 68, Eaton, $3,500.
Andrew Hildebolt to Wm
Mills, 160 a s w qr sec 9, Monroe
tn. S11.000.
w m . . ,
JN K LOokwooo. to
Rigga, 131 a n e qr see 6 Wash
ington tp, $7,000
John Ockerman
to Peter M
Eikenberry; 60 an e qr sec 24,
(iasper tp, 4,000.
John Ockermau to David M
Eikeuberry, 100 a s pt n e qr sec
24, $8,000.
Adam Miller to Wilson Fudge
and Thos J Swartzel, 80 a n J n
qr sec 21, Washington tp, $3,
200. Daniel Brubaker, by Executor,
to Lewis Brubaker, 89J a pt n w
qr sec 4, Gratis tp, $5,736.
Eli Young to IVm T Beall,
127 a pt n w qr sec 35,'Gasper
tp, $5,720.
Samuel Skile to Mary A Cail,
lots 9, 10, New Westville, $375.
Whitfield Buttou to Conrod J
White, pt n e qr sec 16, Gasper
tp, $500.
Whitfield Button to Richard
White, pt n e qr sec 16, $200.
Jacob Burtner to John Eby,
160 a n w qr sec 28 Lanier tp,
Wm B Pryor to Sam'l Skiles,
lot 422, McCabe's Addition to
Eaton, also lot 1, Gilmore's ad
dition, $625.
John Sutton to Sam'l B Duf
field, 40 a pt n w qr sec 28, Gas
per tn, $2,000
John L Snrface and others to
Eh Fisher and Jacob mine, 7b a
pt u w qr sec 14, Jackson tp, $4,-
000 (quit claim.)
'Samuel A Stubbs to Joseph
Maddock, 49i a pt s e qr sec 38,
Gratis tp. S500 (quit claim.)
Robert L Ehaier, Guardian of
Judy heirs, to Wm C Mihs 7 a
49 p pt s e qr sec 5, Jefferson tp,
Hezekiah Gilbert to Jonas
Schlosser, lot 14, West Sonora,
$500 (quit claim)
Levi P Las to Jacob Bish, out
lot 1, West Sonora, $250, quit
Sarah Hart to John Fleaglc
56 poles pt s e qr sec 4, Harrison
tp, $170.
Charles Estabrook to John
Werts, 5 a pt ii w qr sec 10, Har
rison tp, -$1,550.
Thomas Wright t Christian
Coover, lot 15, Camden, 1,400.
Reuben H Ivans to John M.
Taylor, lot 6, Moruing Sun, $1
John M Taylor to Jas L
Brown, same, $1,600.
Moses Mariethal to Christian
Smith, lot 311, Eaton, $2,000.
Jacob Cooper to Daniel Coop
er, 37 a pt s w qr sec 23, Jack
sou tp, $1,692.
Jacob Cooper toPeter, 147J
pt n w qr sec 23, Jackson tp, $36,
Joseph Dillman to Wm Pol
lock. 8 a pf s w qr sec 7, Somers
EHiin IIr -Solomon Fet
ters, 57i a pt s e qr sec 12, Har
rison tp, $2,350.
George JMickal and others, to
Lydia A Elder, 35 a pt s e qr see
10, Somers tp, $4,000.
John H Elder to B O Beall,
a 19 p pt 8 e qr sec 10, Somers
tp, $400.
Simon Bartch to Elmira
Hendricks, lot 222i, Eaton, 1000.
EHzubeth Harp to Elijah Harp
lots 1, 2 Vernon, 478.
Abraham Blife to Elijah Harp.
pt s e qr eec 1, Harrison tp, 750.
Martin Coftman to John Fad-
ler, 79f a w J a w qr sec 15, La
nier tp, 10,000
Franklin Becker to J n Black
ford, lot 3, Eldorado, 600.
John Warden to Isaac N Rob
inson, 10 a pt s w qr sec 10, Gra
tis tp, 800.
George Bachman to Lewis
Limbert, lot 30, Verona, 700.
John Brannan tc John Show,
1 a pt b e qr sec 27, Washing
ton tp, 143 75.
Geo. W Wilson to Julia Mi
nor, pt lots 67, 68, Eaton, 950.
Ann Al Brown and others
John Mil-shall, 3 46 a pt n w
sec 26, Israel tp, 26, Israel
Israel tp. 1,750, (quit claim.)
Ann M Brown to John Mar
shal, lot 2, Morning Sun, 1,000
Arthur Riggs to James Shaver
and Jacob Sherer, 100 a pt s
qr sec 21, Washington tp, 6,000
John Buger to Ann D John
son, pt lots 8, 9, Eaton, 1.00
(quit claim.)
Ann D Johnson to Anna Wal
ker, same for same.
Emanuel Huffman to Daniel
Fisher, lots 8, 9, Fairhaven, 100,
(quit claim.)
M F Stephens to A Hildebolt,
lots 446, 248, 249', Eaton, 4,000.
E F A Hume to John Rupplo,
143 p pt sec 3, Lauler tp
quit claim.
Thomas Brown to A C Stouff
er, 168 a u w qr sec 2, Somers
Josiah West to Rachel Law
reuce, pt lot 10, New Paris, 800.
Patrick Slamnion to Abner
Dunlap, s lots 170, 171, Eaton,
Michael McLaughlin to Har
mon Biemau, lot 339, Eaton,
Valentino Emerick to Robert
Woody, 2 a pt n w qr sec
Washington tp, 160.
G B Davisson to Oliver B Mo-
rey, bo 755 a pt n e qr Bee
I 7 XT' a. a rr tr nn
Arthur'''5111''"" Pf
(to be continued)
Encourage Enterprize!!
The new firm of DENZIGER Sc LAKE
have just completed their laige and coui
modioim building erected expressly for
tli man ufactuM OF FINE SOAP8.
They have spared neither labor nor ex
pease in fitting it up in first style. It
will astonish you to walk in and see the
immense ' kettles" used in their business
besides a variety of other onriosHfos.
We recommend them as thorough and
experienced manufactures of the article
above meutioued to the business men of
our community who will certainly honor
the bnsiness in this place. They declare
bv close attention to business to merit
the confidence of their pntrons. so that
if they gire them one call, they will be
sure to call again. Persons who have
oni.nd Tallow or Greese of any kind
ran find ready sale in cash or trade, by
delivering at the Factory, east of the j
Depot. See Advertisement
in aaolher
FC R RENT. In the business center
of Eaton. A room, used for years as
Drug Store,, with the usual shelvins
counters and drawers, .tes? eJB . Stkpuk.v-,
Religious Notice.
Rev. T. 8. Guthrie will preach in the
Christian Chapel on the corner of Baron
and Somers streets, on Snnday evening
next at o'clock P. M. All are iny'red.
Van Amburgh & Co.'s Menagerie
and Circus.
This most popular an extensive of all
the traveling Exhibitions, will be in Ea
ton on Friday, aDd will remain, positive
ly, for one day only. The amount of at
traction which the ii.anagement have
succeeced in getting together, is extra
ordinary, and their entertainment Tang
recognized as being the best in the
country, will be better this year
than ever. The concern comes to us
this season, in an an entire new dress,
and with everything as fresh as paint
and decoration can mak it. For a foil
description of the manifold attractions!
of this model entertainment, we refer
our readen to the advertisements and
descriptive lists.
Fife. About 101 o'clock, on last
Saturday night the frame stable belong
ing to Bekj. Cieviclakd,-situated 1 mile
north of H.aton, was discovered to be on
fire. The alarm of fire was heard en all
sides; many of our citizens hastened to
tl e scene. The building being situa
ed at the outskirts of town, before as.'is
tancc could arrive the (ire had made
much headway, and the flames were al
ready bursting trom the roof. Seeing
that nothing could be done to save the.
property, it was entirely consumed.
8-Tbe leading editorial in Ia t
week's nose-rag, or Miss Nuncj's "loil"
sheet, was in reference to our notice il
lustrating the 15th Amendment, and that
rttie trcmocrat never had anything in it.
The only article ice noticed of any coTny
sequence was ihon; alluding to us.
EoterpJislng publishers!
Happy gnlable patron!
"When ignorance is bliss
lis lolly to be wise.
The New Council.
We ,-vre inclined to think that the ne
Town Council will fully understand their
business, and that during their adminis
trr.tion of affairs th.? town will present
an improved appearance both in sub
stantial, peblic and sanitary condition.
We 'hope they will make it a point
see that every man complies with the or
dinances relating to street and sidewalk
improvements and inaugurate a thor
ough reform in Uiia matter. Let thre
be no favoiiteism shown.
The work of cleaning the streets has
alresdy commenced on Main and Baron
Miss Nancy of tbe Register bus found
a "dog." No one seems to claim him.
Ohl Kizer, don't your want to buy
"dorg?" Perhaps said dog has strayed
from Grant's kennel.
HgpThn farmers are busily engage
in plowing in this section, and taking
advantage of the fine weather, are put
ting their farms in order.
The latest style of tpring hais for la
dies is called the "Amendment." It
trimmed in btack of course.
The trees and grass are beginning
show their green coat, and ii appearan
ces don t deceive us. there will be an
bundant harvest of fruit this year.
Oca New Ubess. This week we com
mence the Democrat with'a new heading
and otherwise improved. In a few weeks
most, if not all. the advertising will come
out, when we will have more space
geueral reading matter.
Sevetal communications have been
ceived for publication, but we decline
doing so without the name of the wri
Laying of the Corner Stone.
100. 85,
Thursday the Corner Stone of the new
Town Hall will be laid. All those
wish to witness this grand feat are invit
SWe notice that our enterprising
Dry Goods merchant, H. B. Vanadsdbi.,
has placed in front of his Store a 'Bran'
new Gasoline Street Lamp. This is
move in the right direction.
t&T We learn from one of our subscri.
bers in Winchester, O , that one day last
week two parties got into a quarrel
some trivial matter, when they com.
menced shooting and throwing stones
each other in & desnerate mninsr Wn.
tunately n, one was hurt. The only
damage done was the hresdting in of
windows of a dry Roods atore close
where the melee occurred-
Eev. Jos. MiLLiuif of Hamilton, O.,
will preach in the Presbyterian Church
Eaton, on Sabbath next at 10 'A. M. and
at 7 IV M Alsoon theSabbath fellow
iag st same hours j.d place. The pn
lie are cord ally invited.
Joseph Dcxn was born in 7?ucks Co.,
P-, Sept- 30, 1T02, snd died iu Eaton,
0 , on Friday morning, the 19th i:ist, of
paralysis, aged 77 years, 7 months an I
16 days.
lie was made a Mascn atTD&yletown.
Pa., in 1815, passed and raised to the
snblime degree ot Master Mas OB. sa.f
lerward, having taken the neceHrv
steps, he beeamo a Hoval Areh Mason,
and lor fifty-five years maintained The
character of a good and tnre Mason.
The lessons be learned in the lodge
room be endeavored to exemplily in dai
1y life.
Farther Uuks came to Qhio in 1832,
and settled on a farm in Dixon township.
which was his home to the time of bin
Church a
death. He joined the il. E
Stnr&- Vnllffv in ft ll 1 nnittrllia miniiliT
0f Revs. McDowell and Lowrey. By the
power of Divine grace he became truly
converted, and olten trained ot tu ex
cellence of the relio:i which ho profm-
sed. be was present at a Uoartcrlv
aime'inK held at Sugar Valley list No-
vember and enjoyed tbe services in an
unusual degree. In the late-feast be
spoke with great power and deep feeling,
telling his brethren that it would ao
doubt be the last time he would meet
with them on earth, but be hoped to
meet tnem in Heaven. Me waai.raith
fnl Steward of tbe Church on Camden
circuit tor many years, and with his b:e-
thren labored tor the salvation oT bis
fellow men.
In May, 1809, he met with a deep be
raavemept in the death of his wife, with
whom he had lived happily for more than
half a ce iturv. From this time his
health failed rapidly. In Septeuroer lasM
he suaered trom snghl paralysis. atd
during the winter was confined to his
I room. His friends predicted tVe near
be .vent to Eaton, where he was sudden
Iy stricken down, and on Friday, tbe
15th inst., passed away from earth t
the better land.
At his request his Masonic brethren
ot lVUOn iind Camden attended his fens
ral at the M. E. Chufth, in Eaton, the
writer preachirg from Job 19th chapter
and '-.30 and 29th verses.
A large concourse of relatives mid
friends were in attendance to shed the
symputizlng tear snd pay the last ti in-
ute ol respect to tue departel. lie was
J conveyed to the Eaton Cessetery wher.
titer me retuai or me solemn anu nu
pressive Masonic rittral, he was consign
cd to the tomb in hope of a glorious re
enrrection. The will oi God" is aceom
plished, hence
Why lament our brother's dying
Why indulge in tears and gloom?
Calmly on the Lord relying.
He can greet the opening tomb.
Scenes seraphic high and glorious,
No forbid his longer-stay;
See hnn die o'er earth victorions!
Angels beckon him away.
Dark! the gol 'en harps are ringing
Sounds angelic fill the ear,
Millions now in Heaven singing,
Grtet bis joyful entrance there.
F Htpvs.
Ou the Snh inst., near Eaton, on
Consumption, Peter Xlasserly, ag'd a
bout 40 years.
I h-a ngrrsiiffi-Tiu horn in Rocommon
county, Ireland, but liad been a citiaen
of this county about 80 years, lie
esteemed by aU wha knew him fts an up
r ght man. He lived and died a faithful
mentbvr of the Catholic Church.
On-Tuesday night, the 19th inst..
midnight, of Consumption, after a pro
tracted illness, Mrs. Aun Kyar, sister
the above, and wite ot Michael Ryan,
Marshal of Eaton, aged about 37 tears.
Mrs. Ryan was a devoted Catholic,
kind and estimable neiebbor, snd greatly
esteemed by those who knew 'her bfst.
She leaves a large family, of lateresti
Children to mourn tbt sad loss of a lov
ing and worthy mother.
bout at
Sale of Real Estate by Ordor
of Court.
On Friday the 27th of May, IflTo, at
I o'clock, P. M., in the afternoon, on the
premises, will be sold to tbo highest bid
der, the following Rea! Estate, ss the
property Of Henry GroUendecU, deceased
Reins a port of the east hal," of section
29, in township lJ, of range 1 cast. Also,
a p trt ot tbe south west qunrter of sec-
.! no : T u: J -
lion o iu lUHiiblMU uuu run" - iiiuruiftin
commencing at the north we-.t ornor
said south west quarrer thence north
H(i degrees ejut, 4 chains and 43 links
thence soath 6 degrees and JO minutes
west 14 chains and 31 links thence
north 62 degrees, and 45 minutes wet
16 chains and 13 links thence north
33 degrees, west 1 chaj thence north
75 degrees, west 7 chjflsRbd 82 linka4j
thence north 77 degrees, and 30 m . n ufes
west 8 chains thence south 85 degrees
and 15 minutes, west 3 chains and
links thence north 11 degrees, and
minutes, eas' 2 chains and 9t
thence north 60 degrees and 45 minutes
wert 11 chains and 83 links hence
north i d 'grees and 30 minutes, west
chains and TO links thence north
degrees, oast 9 chains and 46 links
tbesce north 88 degrees, east 5 chains
and 70 links thence south 71 degrees
east 6 chains and 2 links thence south
3 decrees and 30 minutes east 12 chains
and 15 links thence north-85 degreea
and 30 minutes, east 20 chains and
links thence soulh 3 degrees and
minutes, east 20 chains and 21 links
2 chains and 96 links
the place of beginning, 124 acres
49-100 ntore or less
Terms of Sole as follows, out third
cash in hand, one third in one year
one third in two years, the deferred pay
ments to bear interest from date of
and secured bv raortgatre on the preroi
Administrator of the Estate of Henry
Grottendick, deceased.
H H PAYNE, Attorney.
April 28, 1870 w4prl $14,75.
Sealed proposals will be received
this office up to noon of Wednesday,
June 8ih next, for a Wrought Iron
Bridge across Whi e Water Creek,
of New I'aris, Preble cpunty, Ohio-
Span otl'.O feet.
About 2(i26 Cubic Yards of Embank
' Aoout 1
A ,., frYn a v.,
the ' ' I order Df the Gommissiorersi
to! JARVfS N, LAKE, Auditor
' April 23, 1870-wtt prf f i.OO
Perch of Maaooary aud
j -.-
New Advertisements.
Doty 'a Wasting Machine,
Dnproved with Rnvrell's P-tent- Deoble-
Uir- Win-. Is. urd tsat Pulent Slop, are
now uiiquestiowably far superi-jr to asty
apparatus for wsbltig cletbes ever in
vented, And will save their th-ir eott
twice a year, by saving Iflfeor Slid clothe
loose who nave usea mem give isau-
mony as toflows: - .fS'z
"We like our machine much. could nothe
pursuaded to da without it aud with the
aid of Doty, we feel that we are Ynler
bf the position." Rev. L, ikjots, Bibup-
M E. Churh.
"ft is worth one dollar twSreelc in any
family." N. Y. Tribune.
"In the laundry of my hon- their is a
perpetual thanksgiving on Mondays for
the invention. Kev. ibeoaore L,. Uuyier
' Every4" week has given ft a stronger
hold upon (the affections of the instates
o! the Uiundry."--N..Y. Observer.
I heartiljt commend it to economist!
j.of time, money, aitM contentment."
Kev 1 r UeiluWJ :
'Friend ' yoty Your lakt improve
ment of your Washing Machine is a
completa ecefs. I ensure you 'our Ma
chine? after a year's Use, is thought
tnoieof to day thrtp ever, and would not
be parted with uudcr amy circumstances.'
Solon Robinson.
' Your Washing Machine has been in
(Uily us-' in Mr laudry, and the noase
keeper cxpreaas herself aa highly plevre
.d with il. ll Certainty accomplishes a
greater anionut of work, with b ss labor
and does nut wear the clothes near so
much as the rid fashioned w ash-hoard;
Bv using it one Jann drese ia dispensed
with" V7na, M. K. Round, fihnerint
dent ofJu'HOt Department of St Cath
erine's Nursery, N. Y. City.
"1 haua WmI ou of- the Universal
Wringer in as house, and it has been
ured ev ry week for over five years, and
is- now as good as new. I have also bad
a Doty Washer for some fame years,
which wc-uFe every week, end cor.lj not
easHy get along without. It is as good
as ever, and willhvt year's yR. B. I.
VatTSiyck, PAq., Ptfitor of Dem. Repob
lean, Hamilton, N Y-
-The N Y. Weekly Tribstne, of Dec ji
1869, in answer to ii correspondent ,ays;
Ol' Washers, there is none to bo com
pared wiih Dolv's," - wTf
PRMCESs-JE rntr Oiler.
If the Merchants ia your j.lucc wiH m.
furnish, or send for tbe Machines, ,!
for Miie It .. ,, send u the r-t-ii price,
Wasner f , littra Wrj.n-;er tj. atrf we,
Vitl forwaiuV-either or both tnniliines.
WreeAi fie' glit, to plant
-selling: and so sure tiff
liked, that we agree to
' any one wiahs to rc
free of freight, a&r
cording to direetioists.
N husband, fa her or brother should
"permit" the drudgery Of washing with-
the banes, nfttwo days in the year.
noVua is
ey will be
jiuhi s trial, ox-
a ,rhen ;t can bevdone tetter, more expe
ditiously with- less labor, and np mjarf
to the trarraei :. try a Doty ClothesWush-
er, and a Universal Wrinanr.
Bold, by dealers gnefany, to nom
liberal discounisjara made.
R, 0- Browning. Gon. Age t,
32 Cortlandt Street, New York.
April 21, l&ro. saos I.
tSr Absolute Divorces legally basin -ed
in New-York, Indiana, Illinois Sjad
other States, for-persons from any State
or Countiy, legal everywherw desertion.
drunkenness, now-sn port, etc., sufficient
cause, no publicity; no tkarge untiiweii
vorce obtained. Advice free. Zfuainese-
ettubnihed fifteen year
Address, M. 1KJL.SE, Attoraey.
No 78 Fassau Street, New York Ci'r
April 21, I87t. mos. 2;
New Advertisements. Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given, that theunder
igned has this day been duly appoi.it
erT as adminjetrater of the Estate ot
liOBBBT SCOTT, deceased.
with the Will Annexed.
Exparte, A. P. f Johnson PrebleJonn- "
tourc t
& other citizens of New
., as
Paris O , and vicinity
Notice is hereby given le all per
interested, tiiat Adsrasn P. Johnson
of New Paris Preble county Obio. did
on the22d doyorApriJ, rs70,file his pe
tiiion Ton behalf cf as mself and sit o;u-
ers in t ru-ted J in tbe Court of Com rood
P eas within wad for the eomty of Pie
ble in said State ot Ohio, setting tnrUl
that on tbe 4th. day; of Jnmaary 140
James Cochran-and Eliaa J f.oehran,
Hiis wife, convwyea) by eVed Lot -umber
41 in the town o mw ran r, I'reOi)
county. Ohio, to certaia Trustees thero
in named and their successor tn office,
jatid to tbe eitizsrns ofNew Pans and vi
cinit) thertoi'' forever upon tbe condition
that said Real Estate was to be express
ly used for no other purpose whatever.
That said Xrsvst.-ps " to whom said Lot
was thus conveyed,.have loog since seas
ed to perform said trust That for th
safety ot said rTreperty so eonveyed as
aforesaid, and fos tbe dw execution of
said trnst. acting trustees at reoired
That the iostrnaieiit creating said trust
fails to make provision foe the eleeuua
of the successors ot the Trustees named
in said deed. And praying that tht
Court will appoint four suitable and
proper person resident of the towi. oi
New Paris sAd vicinity, trrrstees to act
f the orustiiaj trus-
as succesaros
tet naused in said trust d-od with the
tueifull power and authority to tsdre caaroii f
ssSsr. . . . t- ii- j: i
isaiu trusr prupriy uiv isusy uisvnsrjjn
all the duties ait trust.
Attorneys for Petitions.
April 38, 18T0. w6 prff BCW1

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