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The Radical Defeat in Connecticut.
The Chicago Tribune, in mourning oyer
the Radical defeat hi Oaanecticut, gives
its readers g.impses of a great truin.
After a bitter fllri at the faction in the
Borate which delayed the admission of
Texas and Georgia,nd so lost Governor
Jewell the negro vote'which he might have
had, the Tribune proceeds to remark very
sensibly and philosophically, that it is a
matter of much mora interest to know
"what has become of bur white Voters,
and that "after putting together the Fund
ing bill, the nroiect foe keeninc Georgia
out of the Union, and the Domingo sell,
it is not difficult to account for the defe
k tion of enough votes in Connecticut to
turn the scale." In other words, the Trib
une Pays the blame of the disaster upon
three of the most prominent features in
the recent policy of the Administration
i Administration, toe. which that Jour
nal zealously supports. The Funding
bill, althoueh ostensibly the invention of
Senator Shnrman. is known to have origi
nated with Secretary Boutwell, audit is to
be presumed has the sanction oi a majori
ty of the Cabinet as well as the Presi
dent. "Keeping Georgia- out of the
Union" has the support of a large
proportion of Radical. Senators, in
cluding such sbfidrg "nghte a Revels,
Brownlow, Sumner and Drake, and al
most aa much strength in the House.
" The Domingo fell "irreverent cxpsaa
sion I is the favorite child of President
Grant himself; who has urged it from the
beginning with an aathusiasCc pertinacity
which will take no denial. These, then,
are the three sins which the Tribune
thinks have drawn heaven's vengeance
upon the heads of the Radical party m Con -necticut
They are not merely accidental
transgressions, brief lapses from the path
of strict virtue liable to occur in the best
regulated families, but they are the legiti
mtf Twanlta of a certain code of princi
ples which Radicalism has approved and
is now engaged in carrying ont
Ha vine assisted materially in the plant
ing and cultivation " of the tree, we insist
that it is bad taste on the Dart or our con
temporary to complain of the fruits there
of Mtovr Jtepuottcan.
Doling Out Pardons.
It is considerably over five years since
the Southern armies surrendered, and
Congress is still doling- out pardons in
operate bills to the few, instead of grant
ing general amnesty, as it migut u ii
the President might do, if he wouTJJjM
tne many, w "at is aone at nu
grudgingly, and with
malice towards those
hour, took up arms
ment. JCven alter
musket into the
negro above tw
white men tho
four-score years old are not permitted to
vote, even for a constable, or a Toaams
ter. Where is that
generosity which
party and scorn inj
governs men of reel
refinement of charac
Heaven daily to pardon their own sins
and crimes, are not willing to do for a
white man what they have done for the
negro. Wendell Phillips appeared here
last week, and last night at Boston,, ex
horting the nec-ro with all his heated elo-
Suence never to forget the old master, or
lose who opposed the mingling Of races
In the government of a great Republic.
And ail this in the name of "Almighty
We can forgive Phillips, for hatred,
malice and uncharitableness is his second
nature but,for statesmen, Christians, and
American citizens, who look to the. future,
aau lor nil who pray lioa ior mercy, to
persist in these animosities, is almost be
yond human comprehension. Even the
negroes of the South, left to their own un
biased good nature, would grant amnesty
to the whites amongst them hut. Con
gress doles out its pardons score by score,
and one by one, as a miser doles oat his
ducats. If ever power and despotism were
made to appear contemptible! it is wneh,
more than five years after peace and com
plete surrender, we see the two-tola injus
tice of not only discriminating against
one's own blood and race, but rejoicing in
the punishment which power can inflict.
The negroes are everywhere jubilant'over
freedom, while a quarter of a millon of
white people remain practically enslaved,
We yet expect to see even this had Con
gress shamed by decent people into pass
ing snags
a?asoftheni Cnree or
patrfotasti and true
a General Amnesty act. Jfew York
Express, April 15.
Deficiency Bills.
The way appropriations are managed
in Washington is worthy of remembrance.
An estimate is made of tbe amount that
will bo necessary to run a certain depart
ment. As it is desired to make a great
show of economy and retrenchment, the
sum is usually put at a figure muck below
what will be actually 'expended. This is
the intention, so that when the appropria
tion bills are presented, they' will show a
smaller sum than in the previous year was
expended, if possible. Sometimes it is.
difficult to do this, and , yet have money
enough to supply the speculators on the
treasury. This was the point to which
Mr. Dawes called attention, and showed
that the proposed bills called for a sum
greater by nearly f 5fJ,0OO,00O, than was
expended by Johnson's administration.
The appropriation bills made abed show
ing, and preparations and schemes are
now going on to cut them down so they
will show better. TheTe is little doubt
that this will be dene, and then we shall
hear again how economical the Radicals
But there is another kind of bills a
kind of supplement, or addenda to the ap
propriation bills. These are the bills by
which the sums needed above those pro
vided for in tbe appropriation bills are
obtained, and are ' called the deficiency
bills, because they make up the deficien
cies left by the desire to make an econom
ical showing in the appropriation bills.
Congress has lately been engaged in ma
nipulating the deficiency bills. In the
present instance the deficiency hill counts
its millions.
The bill now before jthe House origi
nated in the House, was passed and sent to
the Senate. That body amended it in
several particulars, but chief among the
additions was an increase of appropria
tions of $1,500,000. Ifhis rather aston
ished the members of the House, they
holding that they knew of all the places
where money was needed, but here the
Senate had got the start of them, and had
found oat where that sum could be used
to further the interests of the loyal party,
and the House concurred in most of the
appropriations. Peoria, 111., Democrat,
The Louisiana Congressional Election.
Three or four days ago, the Times pre
sented the facts relating to the contested
election-cases in Congress from Louisiana,
showing that the Democrats carried each
of the five Congressional Districts in the
State by majorities ranging from eight to
twelve thousand.
The Republican party was in possession
of the State government, and had control
of the registration and conduct of the
elections. It was, therefore, cut off from
the pretence that the elections were net
lawfully conducted.
Such being the case, the defeated candi
dates alleged that the negroes were in
timidated, and thus -kept From the polls.
This allegation, unsupported by proof,
was sufficient warrant for a Republican
Congress to deny seats to the members
lawfully chosen, and holding certificates
of election.
This same question of Intimidation of
veterswas brought up when the Elec
toral vote of the State was counted by
the two houses for Seymour and Blair.
The majority in Congress could then gain
nothing by gross ana palpable injustice
in dealing with tne election, ine rwmi
would not have been affected by an hon
est count. When it comes, however, to
the admission of members, party inter
ests require the rejection of the men en
titled to seats, and party interests over
rule law, and decency, and right, and
official oaths. Chicago lime, April 22.
at. W. W. 1
After, the principal thing is the inter
est. Often a Light Repast Mental food.
Thb Quickest Trip On an orange peel.
The Woman Question What did she
have on f
To fdtd the height of ambition mea
sure the man.
Tarsal central criminal court con-
Monet spent for Life Insurance in the
Washington is money saved.
What is it you must keep after giving
it to another r xour
To bound the depth of the mind Bore
a hole through the skull.
Hb that hath revenge in his power and
does not use it is a great man.
W7 cannot a family of eirls be photo
graphed ? Because there's no son (sun.)
Send for an illustrated price circular of
musical instruments to W. W. itimDaii,
" Yoo don't look a-miss," as the young
ladv said to her bean when he got her
bonnet on. - ,
Donn Piatt says remorse generally
means the grief of the criminal at being
Haw Pianos and organs from all the
best makers can be found at W. W. Kim
ball's, Chicago.
Hi who pokes his nose everywhere will
sometimes poke it between a thumb and
Why is. an ear of wheat and an oak
similar in origin r ' Because they both
spring from a corn.
Prktwtttmb. rvoKnieA and flivtdands oaid
in Cask in the Washington Life Insurance
Company, ot jNew xorK.
New Bedford brass of a pointer that
came to a dead stand the other day "before
rr r 1 1 t ! n 1 " A rtii "
T : V ,, 1. ....
b, vmcago, train jiuu,
and f 828. W ft
to know whether
Water BflbMs " were
e ot tar deep.
. aa. Me jb
sense in Ibis " new mot
to for mecchjutts:
BS attest ltd.
sd. amdharrr teTrBo.
Tor get eight an
aa advertise.
Vashfngton street,
A Maine doctor, applying for a position
as an examiner of a hjeiaMi mmm "cpm
pany, replied to the question as to "the
system on which he practiced : " On the
I human-system."
" Yot; ought to acquire the faculty of
being at home In the best society," said a
fashionable ' sunt to an honest nephew.
" I manage that easy enough," responded
the" nephew, " by staying at 'home with
my wife and children?
A facetious boy asked one of Ms play
mates why a hardware dealer was like
bootmaker ? The latter, somewhat puz
zled, gave it up. "Why," said the other,
" because the ope sold the nails and the
other nailed the soles."
A pew names of postoffices in the
United States: Zitt, Yolo, Yew, Way,
Wea, Veto, Vera, Velp, Toto, Tawawa,
firm, Soho, Rip Shin, Rio, Rie, Quonoc
hontaug, Poy Sippi, Palo, Poe, Po, Pine
Log, Paw Paw, Pay Down, Oto, Ono,
OTa, Nolo, Doko, Ai, Aid, We Woks, and
One of the oddest defenses on record
has just been made at Hamburg by a man
who had murdered his wife from motives
of jealousy. According to 1 his own ac
count he had not murdered her, but "had
killed her in a fair and honorable duel,
h had placed a pistol in her hand and
te.d her to shoot at him.
In a number of the London Magatine,
1768, is this statement: "Boston, New
England, January 10, 1763. We hear
from Hingham, that at the last harvest
from a single apple tree belonging to Cap
tain Theophil us Cushing, were gathered
87 bushels of apples, and in number
28,285 choice fruit."
A writes once heard a speech deliver
ed before a company of newsboys and
DootDiacKs as toiiows .- " my dear dm
dren : You should be good because It
so good to be good ; you should not be
bad because it is so bad to be bad. If you
are good, you will feel as good as I do :
you are bad you will feel as bad as you
A Dutch woman kept a toll-gate. One
foggy day a traveler asked : "Madame,
how far is it to B t" Shoost a leetle ways,"
was tne repiy. "xes: out now tarr-
again asked the traveler. " Shoost a leetle
way, more emphatically. " Madame,
it one, tod, three, four, or fine miles 1" The
good woman ingeniously replied. "1
dinks it it!"
"I think," said Mr. A Bronson Alcott
once, in conversation, "that when a man
lives on beef he becomes something like
art ox ; if he eats mutton he begins to look
sheepish, and if he eats pork, may he not
grow to be swinish ?" " That may be,
said Dr. Walker, of Cambridge, " but when
a man lives on nothing but vegetables,
think he's apt to be pretty small pota
There was a panic recently at Ottawa,
Canada, concerning a supposed epidemic
or smaii-pox. JTlity members ot tne do
minion .Parliament rushed oft to be vaoci
nated, and as it was the 1st of April, and
tne usual rympn was scarce, tne doctor
vaccinated them all with cream. The
matter came from the cow, so there could
he no complaint made. How it " took"
not stated ,- perhaps- it will establish
thirst for milk instead of stronger lkiuors.
end in that way do more good than was
" Who are von." inouired th mairifit.rate
in a New Orleans Court of a wild looking
lenow nrougni Deiore mm. xour lather,
sir. " What." exclaimed the astonished
Judge. " I said your father." " Why, I've
got none." "Are you sure?" "Quite
certain. t hen I recaon I'm mistaken
but your ears deceive me." " My ears
Why, how could that bet" " AH my chil
dren have very long ears, sir, very long
ears; mere are out three classes ot tiue
species, sir; my children, the' rabbits and
the aonfceys. yb are net a rabbit"
the outraged Judge could endure no
sore ; but shouted at the top of his voice
to the officers to take him down. " Oh,
sir, I hear you bray !" and the poor fellow
was sent to tne asymm.
m, $i5o, $mm
atA motheb wants
$fbirl-9 Kingatey's
wicked in the otkd
hubk is'irSST
A boy, seventeen years old, in Lampe
ter township, Pa., a few days ago deliber
ately cut off his foot, and when asked why
he did it, replied thai Ve are told if our
hand or our foot offend us, we should cut
it off. He had struck three blows, and.
picking up the foot, li tfr led - it some dis
tance irom hiin. me mutilation proved
fatal. -
A Newburyport sexton says: "Busi
ness ie mighty dull here ; I haven't buritd
a single living soul for over a week."
Washing Sheep.
It is a question upon which all do not
agree, whether it is best to wash wool or
put it into maraet unwashed. W e Dene ve
in the West and Northwest the predomi
nating opinion is in favor of washing.
The strongest argument in support of
this conclusion is the cost of transporting
the additional weight to market for
whether the farmer ships his clip to a
commission house, or sells it at home, the
coat of freight is counted against him.
The best remedy for this will be found in
encouraging the manufacturers to erect
their factories in wool o-rowin or localities.
Then freights upon both wool and cloth
will be saved. Another help to the con
clusion to wash wool has been found in
the arbitrary rule or practice of the ma
jority of buyers. They will pay more for
washed wool, even though it nas run long
enough alter washing to Decome nearly
as heavy as before. With those who feel
it is their interest to wasn, tne question
is, how can we do it best, all things con
sidered r
Where the necessary facilities can be
had, we recommend swimming, as saving
much labor to both men and sheep, and
doing the work quicker and better than
by any other method. A running stream
should be selected, and a point found
where the bottom and banks are not
muddy. Sheep should be put across as
many as three times, with an interval of
about half an hour of sunshine between
crossings. If in clean water and deep
eneugh to keep clear, sheep can be washed
no more thoroughly in any of the modes
common among dock masters. We have
known three men to wash a thousand
sheep in this manner in two hours after
getting to the water and do it well, too.
Very Bttle preparatory work is necessary,
as most well-trained flocks can be put
across a stream without trouble, at almost
any point Western Rural.
Work Over the Manure.
One of the most important things to be
attended to, in the month of April and in
early May, is the preparation of the ma
nure that has been made in the winter for
the coming plantig season.
Many farmers have improved the win
ter days in hauling it out and placing it
in large heaps on or near the field where
it is to be used.- These heaps should be
dug over, perhaps three timet, of so
many as will perfectly fit the manure to
impart all th,e fluids and gases to the roots
of the planti when needed, withont loss.
If it has been allowed to overheat in the
heap, or if there is lack of complete in
corporatfcnQof the solid with the strawy
porUons-gyre is a loss, which, is both
co Buy ana neeuiess.
The temperature should never be al
lowed to' get higher than fifty degrees.
The heaps shook! be examined every dy,
,uu it, dj tnesmsKe arising rrom the top,
r by testing it wfth a rake-stale or sharp
tick, thrust In thorn the torj, it is found
to. bar.wssing.ry evafbrhttea ofges.
that are invaluable, it should be at once
dug over, and thaprofls aknwld 4ni Jm
pealed tiii the fermentation is but slight,
and the mass one even conglomerate, and
then when it is applied to the roots of
the :olant. the enect will be laree and
lasting. Hearth and Some.
Horse Gears.
Titers is a great deal in (rearing a horse
or mule so as to enable the animal to work
easy, and use a certain amount of power
with comparatively small animal force.
much depends on lonir or short, lpvpracrp
The draft may be too high or too low ;
the one will draw too heavy on the top of
the neck, the other will choke the animal.
The collar maybe too large or too small
either of which" will cause sore shoulders.
A tender mouthed horse should have a
large smooth bit, and net be reined up too
tight, or the mouth will become so sore as
tat loose its sensitiveness to a gentle draw
of the rein. Every part of the harness
Lshould be as complete a fit as a dandy's
coat, touching everything and pinching
The harness should be kept clean and
soft. There are several preparations made
and sold for this purpose, but the misfor
tune is, they are too little used. The
money paid for, and the labor spent in
using, is not spent in vain. When the
harness gets wet as it sometimes will, by
being caught out in the rain, straighten
it out to dry before it is hung up or it will
onri out of shape. It should be put
through a course of greasing and handling
before using again. Examine the face of
the collar every time it is used before out-
I ting on see that it is clean and smooth.
mock Journal.
Wink at small injuries rather than
avenge them. If, to destroy a single bee,
you throw down the hive, instead of one
enemy you make a thousand.
Screws when subject to strain are apt
to work loose in soft wood, and the screw
hole should first be filled with thick glue.
If no glue is handy, put powdered rosin
around the hole, and heat the screw be
fore driving.
An eminent physician says that the
white rubber used for nursing bottles and
infants' toys is very poisonous, causing
sore mouth, skin eruption, decayed teeth,
spinal curvature, and death, in Europe
the sale of it is prohibited by law.
Anybody wishing to produce new forms
of insect life, may mix the white of an
egg with a wisp of hay, add a few spoon
fuls of soda, and putting the whole in a
bucket, let it stand one day exposed to
the sun. The microscope will then re
veal countless numbers and various forms
of Ufa.
Raised Waffles. One pint of sweet
Bulk, one heaping teacupful of butter,
three eggs, a tablespoonful of thick brew
er's yeast, one quart of. $or, ami another
teacupful of sweet milk, faj which is dis
solved a quarter of a teaspoonful of soda.
Let it rise until very light, and then bake
as other waffles. Serve hot, with butter
and sugar.
Toast and Cheese. Cut a slice of
bread half an inch thick; pare off the
crust, and toast it very slightly on one
side. Cut a slice of cheese a quarter of
an inch thick, not so big as the bread by
half an inch on each side ; pare off the
rind, lay it on the toasted bread, place on
a flat tin plate, and put in the oven ten
minutes or so. Mix a quarter of a tea
spoonful of salt and mustard and sprinkle
of pepper ; stir it into the cheese, and you
will have a delicious luncheon.
"When a cement is to answer only a
temporary purpose, as, for instance, in
making the corks or. stoppers of bottles
perfectly air and vapor tight, it will not
do to employ a kind which becomes very
hard, as is the case with oil and lead com
pounds, nor, again, other kinds, such as
wax and rosin, which are softened by
many chemical vapors. The best cement
in such cases is red lead, or finely pow
deren litharage, mixed with undiluted
glycerine. This hardens soon enongh,
and when required can easily be removed.
Treatment of Clover. In a lecture
delivered at Rockford, by L. W. Law
rence, he says in relation to this subject i
" My pmctice has always been to take off
n crop of hay early, and the ground being
in good condition the second orop will be
as good as the tirst. This I plow under,
when about one half the seed will grow.
The following spring I sow wheat upon
this ground and alssost invariably get a
(rood crop. When this ground is plowed
again the clover seed is thrown up to the
surface, and invariably will be better
stocked' witn Clover tnan wnen me seea
is sown.
GLtTB. To 1 os. of borax in
a I
nint of boiline water add 2 ozs. of shellac,
and boil till the shellac is dissolved. An
otherDissolve 8 ozs. ot the oesi giue in
half a pint of water ; that being done, add
slowly, and keep stirring, ozs. strong
aquafortis. Keep wetl corked, ready for
o Annthpr A useful nine for fasten
ing papers together only by being Watted
by the tongue, is made as follows: Dis
solve 1 pound ofgtae or gletine water,
and half a pound of brown sugar, and boil
them together. Make into cakea-by pour
ing into shapes. It becomes solid when
cold. Scientific American.
Neuralgia. Some time since we pub
lished, at the reojnest of a friend.a receipt
to cure neuralgia. Half a drachm of sal-
ammonia, in an ounce oi campuui
to be taken a teaspoonful at a dose, and
the dose repeated several times, at inter
vals oi five minutes, if the pain be not re
lieved at once. Balfa dozen afferent
persons have since tried the receipt, and
in every case an immediate care was ef-fpr-trl
Tn one. the sufferer, a lady, had
been affected for more than a week, and
her physician was unable to alleviate her
Hiiffprinirs. when a solution of sal-ammo
nia in camphor water relieved her in a few
minutes. Alia Caltfornian.
Food for the stomach is watched by the
sentinels of sight, taste, smell, and touch.
Food for the Inn pa is uneuarded. We
take what we can get The chest ex
pands, and air, good or bad, flows in, and
does its work nnom the centres of vitality.
nany people only Know it to db vma wai
they gasp. Food for the longs completes
the process by which food for the stomach
becomes blood We all feel this need of
aeration after a hearty meal The most
luxurious feasts without this precious gift
of air to complete digestion, are a mockery.
The rights of oxidation being denied us
we are miserable, though every other im
aginable good thing be provided for our
entertainment. Food for the stomach is
often taken in excess ; food for the lungs
cannot be. Those in most perfect health
feel the need of the most bountiful supply.
Insect Destroying Association.
Associations of this kind are being
started in New Jersey, with a view to
the more successful cultivation of apples,
pears, peaches, etc The object is to adopt
a plan which will work to clear orchards
of injurious insects of every kiad. It is
held that if every fruit-grower will adopt
sothe established means; to rid his orchards
of these insects, aad sedulously and n"n"
oatltr an t alia JBaltrSBO rtf taiiH will
be made a c anthTpbTenes.
oi ii wui saiiaiy am ceavnsoie emaausw,
of every one. It is farther held tlr&t ali
farmers and cultivators of fruit will
forced to cosae into the measure on
nrinciole of self mte rest: thai is, tb
must either destroy the inshctl or fail
succeas. (jm-mentsum Tel
One who-ww growing blind cheerfully
said : " I am going into the dark, but I
mean to see all I can before I get there."
It was brave in him not to let the future
shadow the present.
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tration by Mrs. A. M. Diss; The Evening
Lamp, ate. Great attractions are promise la
the number for Juae. Published by Fmn,
Osgood at Co., Boston, Mass. S3 .00 per annum ; aa
extra copy for every fire subscriptions. The AtlanRe
MonUUy and Oar Young Wis, $5.00 per year.
Arthurs' Fttblications. The Frontis
piece In the May number of the Home Magazine
an engraving of a Japanese Girl painting her Hps.
The contents comprise : Tha latest Fashion In
telligence, with several putes and Illustrations
Music, " Remember Me ;" aeveralj good stories
valuable recipes ; poetry, etc Bach subscriber to
this mags sine, or tha Children' i Hour, Is entitled
to order a copy of the steel engraving " Bed Time"
and also of "The Angel of Peace," for $1.00 each
regular price $3.60 T. S. AAians at Sons,
Philadelphia, at $3.00 a year, with a liberal rednc
Hon for clubs. The Children' i Hour tor May eon
tains the usual quantity of excellent reading for
the children, with several appropriate illustrations.
$1.36 per year ; tve copies, $5.00; tea copies, and
one extra, $10,00. Address as shove.
Perkins, Stebn fe Co's Pacific Wine Bit
ters are endorsed by the leading medical fra
ternity to be the best and purest in use. For
sale by all Druggists and Grocers.
Ws publish, sajs the Chicago Tribune, good
nows for the Soldiers. The recent Decision of the
Supreme Court of the Wnited States applies to all
men who enlisted for three years, between May 4.
1SS1, and July 33, 1881, and were honorably
discharged. Many of these brave mea
were discharged for disease, and have never had
Bounty. All who were honorably discharged have
only to forward their Discharges, which will he re
turned with the Bounty.
We announce, with pleasure, to all to whom this
Bounty Is due, some thirty or more Western regi
ments, that Col. J. W. Borons, of 94 La Salle
street, Chicago, has been authorised by the Gov
ernment, and la ready to propare all necessary pa
pers. Colonel B. is well known hi the West, as the
First Agent appointed, after the war commenced,
to pay Pensioners at Chicago. All Interested In
tlii- Bounty will do well to preserve this notice
snd withont delay, call, or send their Discharges
through the Post Office, to our friend, Colonel
The Late Albert D. Richardson.
fllna.Mf.4 1 S m ilH.. V v tha 1 a t J.
Albert D. Rlchardafc, containing a graphic and 1
iutereattng deccrlpim of the works and wonder
foj machinery of the NAUoasl Watch company, at
Hlgln. Ill , will he anc free of charce to all who
will send their afldrees (Inclosing stamp) to Rod-
din A Hamilton, manufacturing Jewelers, sod
special agents for tho Elgin watches. No. 1M Lake
street, corner of Clark, Chicago, IB.
If yon do not feel well yon send for a doctor, be
calls upon you, looks wise, scrawls some hiero
glyphics npon a piece of paper which yon take to
a drag store and there pay 50 cants to $1.00, Hoslflas
in aoctor s tee, ior a remeoy nine times out oi
ten no nail so good as ur. aom'g I ironic Kerr
j,s, which coat but 38 cents per box. Do
l inmkthe former tbe best, because von n.v the
most for Tfr If yon do, we advise yon to ussjhast
aa an experiment, the Mobss's I sdi n Root
rrxis. rney are prepared rrasj a ror
nonncea Dy tne most i earned pnymcians or our
country, to he (tie best and moat mil seise! of fa.n-
iced by the moat lean
try. to he Mae best and
ily medietas. The Mouse's Iwdtaw Boot Ptl-.s
IXAl V s aMajfaaaaaaaij 1 v va waed itib ill m , 1 mM 1 wtlill 9 ti ,
Dyspepsia Female Irregniaritiee, Ac, and am p-Zt
up both sugar-coated and plain, aire Lhasa a taa
Bold by ajuaasders.
r&See adv't headed Texas in this issue.
Phosphorus and OaUaaya, known as Ferro-
Kttxlr of OaUaaya Bark. Tha Iron isswnes cotes to
or the l
SAnsaya rives natural, healthful tone
to the digestive organs, mereby curing dyspepsia In its
various Barms, waaern in ass, general oeDtnty, depression
of spirits; also, the beat prT entire against tover aad
ajae. One pare contains the tusuua of one ounce of
oaBaaja, and one teaspoonful, a grata of Iron and
phosphorus. Manufactured paly by UA8WBXJ
HAZARD A CO., successors to Caswxix, Must A Co.
Newport. aoM bv Prorata. '
Coccus and Colds. Those who are
mrterini' from Coughs, Colds. Hoarse
ness, Sore Throat, &c, should try "Brown's
Bronchial Trochee" a simple remedy,
which is in almost every case effectual.
The Troches have been tested by time.
and pronounced universally superior to all
other articles ior tne same purpuw;.
ear. midamThat'he hi stake?'
This qsastion was asked the e
tat." Do you mean ta
no otner me aicine r
sksraVar In relation to
then rapidly recovering from a state of absolute pros
tration, occasioned by chronic Indigestion. It was
sstaSlhy iftleud of tne family of the Invalid's
mother, Mrs. Klavnaa. SS AMngtwaS Square, Now
The medicine referred to was Pt-aWTATJOw Biilasu.
-1 do mean u say it" replied Mrs. JC ; "We had tried
tweaty other remedies before, without the slight-st
benefit butw"! tried none afterwards, for tbe Bitters
...mmA alt inffllH.nt ."
. ..n .thnnft T MOT! OI S W1QOV. WHO WBB
The lad herself Is the authority far this lHllnlljl j
and she further statej her belief that tha restorative
In question la Oaf best tonic ana m vigors tor ever
;snnaateTea. s ss.
vu Ave cents wm buy a packet oTSsa Moss
S.t A? Anr mmt nr 1 1 SS whloh. In tea
minutes. .win make sixteen quarts of Blanc Mange,
Puddings, Castasas, Ac se.
Teams Is no excuse of so many deaths try
sumption. If those afflicted with nmg Jlwias-s
oni v nsfl Aon'i Lrjws "w la season. It
socskASuj) tiajlseass and prevent o great t sacrl-
flefc of hie. pw? sale by an druggists.
helor's Hair Dye.
hsown. Sold try all DrugwlstB and rm fume is.
anafpioperly applhsd at thd Wig Sectary, 1 Boast
BAlr DMtt the bast In tha '
the only
perfect Irre; harmleas, reliable In
msarraoiirtment : no rldlenkms
'tS.r tUfc
Help for the Miserable.
t the face of the dyspeptic has
less expression that n pitiful
to see. N6 wonder that tbe miserable martyr to
indigestion is fretful. Irritable, and
Whoever can bear taw pangs of this tormentagg
complaint cheerfully, and with an unruffled temper,
is little short of s saint. But why should human
fortitude continue to he thus severely tried, when
an absolute specific for the disease la always at
hand? Everywhere within the limits of civiliza
tion In this hemisphere Hostetter's Stomach Bit
ters la obtainable, and the history of the nret esse
of dyspepsia in which It has been administered In
vain, has yet to be written. Tbe sickness of the
stomach, the sense of weakness and) stapes, taa
feeling of emptiness and hollownesa before eal
and of oppression afterward, the nt
pulse, tbe intense nerri
Inrlfsnosltlon to exertic
Indifference to all its ntcaaares. which tare
the symptoms or the dlsnaan ta its chronic form,
are rapidly ameliorated by the tonic operation of
this palatable vegetable restorative, which seems
to renovate and quicken all the dormant forces of
the system, and rouse the mind torn the apathy
and gloom inseparable from a derangement of the
digestive and secretive functions. In ordinary
cases a few weeks suffice to complete the cum,
but when the disease to complicated, as It often Is,
with torpidity t the liver, severe constipation,
impurity of the blood, and a sluggish circulation,
IsagTi Tl in ' may be required. Persevere, how
ever, and the result is certain. An encoaraging
improvement will he perceptible from day
day, and the convalescent, knowing and feeling
that he or she is on the high read to health, will
swaBCkerbSppy issue with comparative patience.
Catarrh Snuff
Strengthens Weak Kyer Improves the BearhM.
Believes Headache, Prom tits Expectoration,
enres catarrh m its worst lorats, ana sweetens ids
Breath. It contains no Tobacco, ts mild, and ore-
motes s pleasant sensation and beneficial eesults
itaB wAPBmgjgAawnta, '
104 wtljiam atUew York,
Truaernnnlcns nasties ara setitaa- wei Iblms SWI
Watches bsarlnar eradeatarks vary aisrls similar to
the trademarksof gennlas iWaltlism eswsaaes.
l Is not onl j a band an ws-ewssaaser, hot s
r to tha rsontatton e? rneaaaaiae wteh.
i svotd lnpeeeabn. buyer, shsalilt tlslen g
tha only safe rule, sine some
urre wsitnsm rraicnss.
dravor to asll ether watches in
La.m mssmh inane
Tlu r.,rfMM,rl-, .1 l,n vnrtnn, tlvll. I,.
A Co.....TUi
WE ELL SHY...... A
n.iirM the spelling of these n eases
Hy beams
ouymg any vanaaon even or a a
a e oaatsrlei t.
For sale by all leading JewefersT
General Areas., 1H Brcadw$y, H. Y.
Band for circular of Pianos, Organs
and Melodeons. D. H. Baldwin 133
W. Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
If yon wtah Information
'orm&tlon from the Southwest rsad
Texas as rr r. urSSTS." Sent post-paid for SOc.
Address D. BICHABDSON. Elyslan nelds. Texas.
Invsnters who wish to take oat Lerlsrs Patent are
advised to eounsal with nTtTBN CO., editors of tb
flbsntfSV Amatican, wne have pros sen W1 eUatss sa
vor s wvsirv x van. i ueir
MTJNN oo.,
ET Park Mow. New York.
JL paniea will seiact and
e- I
mania ana uaxraa won wa
artaa. a. h. STIMBOM.
f-VWLT Tw SAT l -WTvn CawTS. I have made acomplla
KJ tlon with a fall and accurate explanattos of sch
portion of the HOMESTEAD LAWS, as wfli Instruct
any pervon now 10 procure on una es ncn sssusi
laad for nothing.
months bsmn leAVtnsr home, on
the free lands of the West. Also, aa article oath
Li we
new vf kot, or mat portion el eonatry lying west of
ttnj Mississippi,
of It area, population, utvpats omSmaltom.
ana nonnwesu nvinx an accurate
scaormt of Its area. 1
aasnssmarsr. srjMjt. the eefimateA yield of predom
amatol, number of voters, the various productions, erne
af txpO'U. tab leaf distances, etc., etc., riving Just snet
Information with reference to the Mew west as no man
tn this eonatry can afford to be withont. Will he
sent on receipt of cents. Address,
JOHN T. BLISS, Attorney at Law,
J". "V . r7 V iw. ffor euumnuon.
a.f eedvllle T
rheeloairal sjeboe
rosters ;$iao a year to i
.pplr to A.A. Lteermtme
.-.DnttsrlsB :
educate Mi
poor rtwdents;
begins Ang. . Aaair
mawavaat. r-a.
ITWteaurnr ean
IV plete In SO minutes. The only
circular hosiery snd Sat werk of nil
a nalr of ttir.lrs mm-
sizes and nannows
anuwmanson both. Over 10,OOU machines at as
SoW moeavby canvaasina agents. Bead for ehna.
lar and Sajrcn BrocxrHO. LAMB MA Cat IRE
' and Sahpli Sror
a., taicsfs.
...Wauham, htsss.
--; !""". ajssa
vtCWSSSaWni Mass,
. . Waieasrn. Mass
"Wwetrrtim, Mass.
W. II.
to 1
FMlDiaannlfl. Mlaitltora
ore. M&nmlkUiXnTt, Worcester.
TXTnteS, ZverykWy out of employment to ad-
On of the magnlflomnt a rd powerful Clyde-built Iron
Is appointed to tail from New York aa under ;
INDIA Coew), April 25 ; i?ULlAXw) HvJ ; CAM
BRI A (new). April ; ATT8TU ALIA (new). May IS.
Aad every Saturday thereafter.
Extra Steavmorw Every WsdasSfay.
Vans still further reduead. First-class railroad and
OSbtn, Ch leans to Londonderry , QaueuKu mm. Bias
row or Liverpool, HO and SIM currency . A large dis
count on return Hskete. Intermediate and steerage
at lowest rates. Berths and staM rooms may be se
cured and cabin plana, to which the attention ot the
toarlat la particularly requested, may be seen st the
office of the nndarslraed. Thronwh UU. eg lsmtlnsr I or
Soar, grain sad provisions to all points s Europe
Monsy resulted In any sum. Apply to
Brother,. New York, or at the Seam Wa
ey, oorner oi LaBalle aad Maulson-sta Chicago.
Mallet, Davis & C'o.'s Plana.
Ml Waamagton-eU N. T
For Cleaning Windows (wilfcost water) i removlnt
tains from marble and Faint I PoUaMnr Knives
(no scratching) ; Washing Dishes, serosbing Steers
Fleer deck, Tatbtaa. Bash Tabs, dec.; Fatten
ing Tin. Wi ass, Iron, Copper sad Steel Wares -, Bemov
ing Gums, OU, Rust and Dtrt from machinery
Indispensable for Brats rtstalae, aad all uses (exoss
washing clothes). It costs but a few cents, and it sold
hy aU good Grocery, Drug i
f nabAM. fin iisanstnim steal
1 sales. For etreaaam. stalls! p. a.
CO., v. i uincmnan sun i iiirieao
City Missionary of Boston
a.tef " Wm
-P" rS. asassssssnssasf m
"5 10 5- W -3
aM?r? H CD
s?3nT r
Af aa Kxpectorant ft anas ma Eqaal
Masses. r. Dra S-&elannao 'rbs'psekade
of Allen's Lung Balsam ro seat me to nas amoag tie
amicteo poor in my city mismonary wora use ptotwj
very acceptable and useful. It has rone Into Several
famines, aad with TenursTaessSabSSBi eri
tbTScomw oofgminZeSZ
Rannn o in
speedy care.
man who was ant
n to wnoatl
had a Dan
aaaBmssna. sUad I
tor munthe past, ana
enrnnUMia v" I
aotxte with srset nsne$W Be)
visit, he would not do
s so nmwB - iw.i
Heunaping (ana
sSs vTWllstlhat
reasonably It
work awaln.
to me; uj
Very respectfully a
f . HARRIS ft CO., 8ol Prap'9,
cirBciiviaa.Ti, oiiio-
say-Held by all I
Surprise Oats.
The Beta 1 Cheapest." Sew the BIST
Seed ef tbe BUT Variety en nb-'
and yea will get the BarxVwmd 1
Stable Crew aad the BBBTisiBits.
Farmers who hare fhni.hdad yhs.oelaprated SUB-
PBISB OATS do not hesitate to say that seed W this
vseaaty at tio.so par tistwlts esmanar than common
sets hi aothlaaV iaAlu.tAVI-i
A quantity of this std eg s parlor naHty has been
procured direct rrom the well known Eiperhneaaal
Farm of GEO. A. DBTZ. Chambersbarg. raw whbjb
will he sold la quantities of one barrel or moos, deliv
ered on board can or at express oaoelnthlt city fret
of cartsgsst
Ths asm quality as were istslled last year at no
per bushel.
Secure yonr seed while yon hays this opportunity.
Bemlt by money order or In registered tetter.
Give plate directions for Shipping and whether aa
Freight or by Express.
Being an In barrels ready for shipment, they will be
forwarded immediately npon receipt or remittance.
Prompt Shipment Guaranteed.
99 Washington St., Chicago.
Rarnmaaans i Msnnfactnrers' Rational Bank, Chi
cago; A. . Eetiogg, Pi opthahN Jniimsii gesmi
inso Wlm wm nne
ss uawnaeen cxmaanipnpn, aiaar several utiiiitas
Sahoe?soUaitseU able now te do hmSwotVand
1 I 1
"tmlsnT a, p. . sksprs arhtete.
BJevrai Aau I MAWS I
mtpertor to all asanas Th
SSr Send tor
A Journal of Transportation.
Railroad Questions nlsra easel ay tPracUcal Ban-
road Men.
Illustrated Descriptions of Railroad Til rsilllisas
Railroad Engineering and Mechanics.
Record of the Progress of Railroads. ,
BaUroad Reports snd Statistics.
Mineral BMlroad News.
BaUroad Elections and
Twenty-four large aoarbp pages,
Saturday on and after April t, 187a
Every BaUroad Man, and every Beta
Railroads, should have K. Tarsus, $3.00 a year. I
advance. Address
A. jr. MMLIM40, Jear,
1S1 WiciissToi St.. Otoaeo.
ror aU insessrs of the L
gars. cVbsncks SsaveesT
Langs and Respiratory Or
I TorjteTfor Pyssepsia and
sadraka PUIS ler Liver Cess-
ma resii.,a. bcbasi
el slat.
Tbese popular remedies have now base brier ate
mi a wa sj aer ass lastuy a Haw
of resiormtjo
bowels kro as ash vs.
rv r' h
tills act oa Mm liver
isw mmm wx tee
state of the bedy and
the anheahhy subs'a
B. hoea:-t palnicede Syrap aad Baa sees
when taken regularly rataelt with MM
aigesnvs ergsaa, raakejrood. rick blood, sal as
"ooavaQarrnos give s3ah sad etjsagtb te tb m
" i.; "iwisin may, mis is
. . "m-wn, was were
Dr. fcheoeVsA
fan bras' ta os
T.rlous form.
Water Cure,!
Sweetal CaAalene. af KI)S, aSskesr W
ale a MeeWll, sent t aaplisausl
a reesast mw sawaanrnmamai
. FaU by asafl. .onre-
ff-crane law on rmtms or ms
. O. Bex STd
x-ow's Old Brown Wl
dsor a aid Other
We beg to cannon the
worthleei Imitations ot
Screws, Emery Wheal. Foot Lathes.
goopwow 4
ow a wiusmi.s. VI3 i ornhm.
TS te eWSS per saoata. We waat w ra
ploy a good ageat la every Ooency la tb V. B
oa eommiasVai or sslsry to mtrodne ear went
sai wome
: WW
fit bat
O gvaporators aad Boras rowers embodying aa ate
ni improvements, aava naoag use srna oti
Maeaals tor nrST aantfi
. T. Eltner
At ll. Ft.
error saM pstrstsd, can aaake special tana acd avoid
St., l.-trteago. Pamphislaol lnslrui Uous sent fi
tssnvev a SatnimtirSJophs
Ls dies' ar eaMaaaa Hair
As much as
It restores Orsy Batr to
deemeo oy uss
i to be
the very best
8. A,
aAth sM., Waraw TstrU.
A.k our
Cider Vinegar - werr
si '-e V B
- -- tar ralr. Lsravst
ST..- l.i.l.M.I,. ,1 !.'. ( II All
iB and E4 1 state t..n.iaw,ni.
awe -ar r , rthh flX KNTS
erbetrelt Mkw.
seas naaUrT- tStrTOtS
oi minis, sat BIS as or tr.sl nml
I,x 5 Mbf luXasaarbf'aai
' Orrmm assjhdi ensasBwwstM 10P1.
Oossbtae, wa. Trj.riwsv g
tat .w-.yyj?,,
mm ssm wwwrw mmmm
gone of he-wreiittlus wh ten havr sWhW tor ant
lv twt want that a n na " ax. A
J Tsaarltwl Or Beartng. Watsrtag or We Erse.
I V , M ft T . ... A -saav- Lm tmm, I dM
I ruE aaAB Bx JSOsTT uauspfnais ITXtlvim
1 wtorjntswoT
I wm draw tie "mSmimehmmt awtSid rfehrEiTlC
1 but aand amy ewas torn art usimsMT
I yon be setara nanaT foar paekases, inetpald, ISJs.
x V-TrHcst . w.
far, in. mat ran
Ssf, DO
ri .1.1 I 1 11. IS 'e
man free tbe f.

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