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The Eaton Weekly Democrat
iBaton, Thursday, May I9th. 1870
A. White Citizenship, Free Trade
Repudiation of the BondedDebt,
Abolishment of the Income Tax,
Restoration undei the Old Con
stitution and no compromises
the destructive anaimamoun
nnliov of a. centralised dcsDOtism.
The Democratic State Central Com
mittee ot Ohio, met December 10, 1869.
-and decided that the Democratic State
Convention would be held in the City of
Columbus, on WEDNESDAY, June 1,
"It was also resolved that the basil of
representation in said convention be as
follows: That each county in the State
be entitled to on.' delegate, and also
one delegate for every five hundred votes
cast for Hon. George H. Pendleton for
Governor, at the election held on the
second Tuesday of October, 1869; and
also one delegate for every fraction of
two hundred and titty votes or over cast
for that gentleman at thattime."
This gives PieWo County five dele
gates, and the total number in the State
amounts to 537. At the same meeting
of the Democratic State Central Com
mittee, it was
Resolved, That the Democracy of
each county in Ohio, be requested to
nominate their county ticket, and also
"appoint their county central and execu
tive committees at the same time that
vthey appoint their delegates to the State
The following are the officers to nomi
nated by the Democratic State Conven
tion, on the first day of June, 1870:
'Commissioner op Common Schools.
Member op Board op Public Works.
J5y order of the Democratic State
Central Committee of Ohio.
JAMES W. NEWMAN, Secretary.
relief for the people.
A despotic and tyrannical
crew of thieveB and labor-rob
bers defy the will of the plead
iug millions, deride and laugh at
tneir earnest appeals, and mock
at their petitions for relief from
the burden ot taxation that is
eating up their earning, crushing
their engergies, and reducing
them to an abject state of vassal
age to a public plundering gov
ernment, to Bupport a horde of
traitors, vampires and rascals.
And all this agaioat the will of
the people without their con
aent and aganst eAery principnl
of free government.
An infamous conclave of un
conscionable outlaws, and
knaves and profligate villains,
who compose the vile enormity
styled a Congress, concoct plans
and pass laws, day after day, to
enrich themselves, and more eff
ectually enslave the people.
Monoplies are pretected, im
mense sums of money donated to
pet corporrtions, and the people
the preducing classes are taxed
and robbed their earnings
Jtransgerred to the pockets of a fa
vored few who toil not, and who
spurn those who labor and sweat
aud dig with-out rest' to produce
the very money which ihese in
fernal cormorants and people
fobbing, goverment, pampered
labor-consuming debauches and
shameless parasites and leeches,
employ to lord it over honest in
dustry. The public lauds the patri
tnony and rightful inheritance of
the people have been transfer
red by this bafetard Congress to
soulless, heartless and swindling
railroad corporations. Millions
of acers of tbe people's land, by
by the characteristic harlotry of
the vile monistrosity tbat holds
its atrocious and disgusting car
nival of prostitution at Wash
ington, have been, by the most
wicked, wanton, unjust and un
warrantable legislation, trans
mitted to tne possession ot a
greedy hordo of land pirates, to
be held by them as a mortmain
forever Thus the people are
not only robbed of their earnings
but their legal ane rightful pat
rimony and inheritance, which
by all tne laws of free govern
ment and of them, is swept into
the hands of remorseless swind-
lerB, to be U6od as an engine of,
AHLnnn.nti ontl f r a m n xr nnnn f n
ture generations.
How long will a once free peo-1
pie, accustomed to the blessings;
$fa just governmen allow them.-'came
selves to be robbed' swindled,
crushed, Sit upon, degraded.
mal-treated and enslave by such
usurpations and odious misrule
There is not a crowned head iu
all tne empires aud monarchies
of the old world, with all their
absolutism that would dare die
regard the wills of their peoples
us una uifc,er-mongeriug niono-
poly-poudering, aristobracy-sup
porting, people robbing, liberty
de8troyi()g caucU8 of theives tra
J ul l"elvui ua
"iioviettiii,s ami ojieiering
curse upon the nation, that pas
ses inappropriately and falselo,
under the name ot a Congress of
the United States. By the cens
sors and monitors of nation- wild
beasts are caged robbers and
bigh-wa, men imprisoned and
punished murders, incendiaries,
and plotters against a nation's
weal brought to the block or the
8caffold;-but worse than these,
the Mongrel bastards in Con
gress assembled heeding no law
cariug for no law acknowledg
ing no authority higher than
own depraved and atrocious will
are let loose upon the people
with a ferocity that knows no re-
straints and is limited only by
their iuabillily to invent more
fiendish measures of oppression
and despotism.
This is the condition of the
Amcircan people at this very
hour, lhey are a Jprey to the
sinister machinations of conspir
ators and traitors. One after an
other of the rights of the States
have been ruthlessly plucky a
way: encroachment after en
croachment upon the rights of
the cUizen has been made and
tolerated; scheme after scheme
for robbing and plundering the
people has been enacten; riget
after right has bee destroyed uu
till liberty exists only in an em
pty name, and free institutions,
of the fathers are hidden by the
ruDDisn ot the Mongeral mon.
strosity that has reared its hide
ous, deformed and polluted pro
portions in our midst. Wo have
drifted to the very vergo of the
engulfing maelstrom, Boon to be
drawn into the vortex of irre
triveable destruction, if we do
not shake off the power of the
present accursed administration
and its conorts- of godless min
White freemen ot America
will you submit to these outrages
upon your liberties these rob
beries of your sweatbought earn
ings these violations of the con
stitutions of your State govern
ments, and the Federal Constitu
tion, and Bubject yourselves In
humble, obsequious, cowardly,
submission to an atrocious, dam
nable despotism cf a corrupt, vile
and incestuous set of scoundrels,
whose only virtues are avarice,
perjury and debauchery? In the
name or ljioerty, anu in memo
ry of the inhuman wrongs they
havo irflicted upon you, resent
this treachery and perfidy, if you
have to cut the throats of eAery
villain who has trampled upon a
free government. Hamilton
True Telegraph.
A Sensible Woman.
A communication from a "Ma
tron" in the Joliet (111.) Repub
lican, argues in this way.
4'I just don't believe in these
new woman notions. I have
raised six boys four of them
vote now, and the others will
soon be old euough. Then I will
have six votes. Now these good-for-nothing
women who have
fooled their time away, and nev
er raised a single boy, come
around aud want every woman
to vota for herself. I dou't be
lieve in any such nonsense. I
have ra'sed my six boys and I
am going to have all vote for
me. Those women who go lec
turing around the couutry, in
stead of raising boy&, have no
business to vote any way. And
when they say they aje just as
good as I am, and have a right
to vote themselves, if they have
no boys to do so for tbera, it is
not true. If they are as smart
as I am why did they not raise
some boys to vote jbr them? I
tell you I do not intend to be
cheated out of my bix votes by
any such good-for-notbiug folks.
I guess the world would come to
a pretty pass in a mighty short
lime ii me women all tooK to
going around lecturing on
men s rights instead
. .
ui i aioiiit
.Prof. Hensley's Flower Festival
and wmt.oh.
An Ordinance.
Section 1. Be it ordained by
by the Council of the Incorporated Vil
lage of Eaton, Preble county, Ohio; that
for the purpose of Lighting thn streets in
said corporation. It shall be lawful for
.,.iKl ia .Lh number of Coal Oil.
Gaseleue or such othei lariety or char-
of Lamps as may be determined
upon by the Council and to 6n erected at
sach points and in such numbers as the1
necessities and convenience of the Cor -
poration niay require ana us snau uu !"
rected from time to time by resolution of
the Council.
Section 2. That any time af
ter the taking effect of this ordinance iff
shall be lawful for the Council through:
the Corporation Clerk to Adrertise for
irertise lor
sealed proposals for the purchaie and
n said Corporntion of such
cepted or rejected In all respects in ac
oordancewith ihe provisiona of ectio.i
562 of the municipal code ofth. State of
Ohio and to that end and for that pur -
pos said Section ob2 is hereby adopted
and made a part of this section of this
Section 3. -That for the jpur
o- defraying the expenses incurred in tie
purchase and erection of said Lmps and
fios'.s furnishing burning materi.il and
ighting the same there hall be levied
annually on tho taxablf property of the
Corportion on the duplicate of the conn
ty a rate of tax not en atcr in amount
than One Mill and One-Half to the Dol
lar. Said tax when so levied, shall be
certified by the Corporation Clerk to the
connty Auditor to be collected as other
taxes, and which said tax, when collected
shall be denominated the "Street Lamp
Section 4. That for the pur
pose of furnishing burning material for
said lamps it shall be lawtul for theCoun
cil by Resolution to instruct the Com
mittee on Street Uampe to purchase
from time to't'me, such quantity of bnrn
inir material as may be fo'and to be ne-
erection in said corporntion oi such
number and kinds of street lamps audi
lamp posts as may be tbe Cour.cudirect
rl .....I n,ivrti1.'ml.ni5 shll h., mnln'House
cesiary.and the costs thereof ihall
ailowed and naid bv the Council on thelj
order of the Clerk, out of tho "Street
Licht Fund," as above proyidid, and
rt rf nlhar fnnrl - K a friVflt
vu. wa vrwaa " '. .
Section 5. lhat for the pur-
- T 1 : r
post; ui litre u 1 11 ii bhiu Ljmiiua ic"iiifiuv
t;u-,i vLizjT ; 0K-n K'.'thi-
uillii'CU, auu i , .-v uiii; moiitu, i v ouni i
lawful for the Council to employ a suita
ble person or persons for that purpose
at sue" compensation as tne vonncii niay
deem reasonable, and to be paid out of
the "Street Light Fund." And who shall
oive bond with good iccurity in the sum
finin n A l. . 1 f - 1 f 1 f- f-
of $300,00 for the faithful performance of
his duty. That it shall be the duty of
the person tbus employed to keep said
lamps at all times well cleuned, filled
and in good order and to causetbe same
to be regnlarly lighted and extinguished
on each day at such hours as the Coun
cil shall by resolution direct.
Section 6. That Ordinance
Number 18, be and the same is hereby
Section 7. This Ordinance to
take effect and be in force from and af
... vf n.u lorn
Mn i 1K7II xs.
1 mm
riiimnfiralip Pnnpra A mnrn
fre Circulation of Democratic
papers among the people mns?ifnd.has
result to their benefit. What
would any farmer be without
his County paper! Why should
any ueruoerat, lor the sum oi two
dollars per year, deny himself the
pleasure of readtng a newspaper
at least onca a week? In fact,
most of our Farmers ehould take
two or three papers, and no one
so poor that one paper at ieast
could be taken in a family. We
hope that the question of news
paper circulation will be taken
in hand by tho different active
Democrats in each locality, and
worked up until every Cemocrat
in Fayette County will have a
paper coming to his address.
Look to it at once, lor the whole
question depends upon the pro
per enlightenment ot the people
upon the issues before them.
One of the beauties of the Iu
ternal Revenue law is that no
farmea can sell his own produce,
potatoes, egg or butter, from
bouse to house or from his wag
on, at retail1 except he tyke out a
special license at ten dollars, or
pay a fine of one hundred dol
lars, one half of which goes to
tbe informer. It is estimated
that there are two hundred
thousand scamps in the UniteJ
States who make their living as
spies aud informers.
flMcFarland, who had pluck
enough to kill Richardson, the
seducer of his wile, has been ac
quitted. Free love did not meet
his approbation, or else Richard
son had no wife with whom Mc
Farlaud could play even.
In the late prize fight between
Mace and Allen, which came off
at New Orleans, Mace was the
victor in ten rounds. We wish
these buffers could continue
their "rounds'' until nothing wan
left of them but their toe nails.
The rmblic debt i orrr oixtv
ntillmna lnrfrr In fton llil..
..Ii.ii ii.i. ,V-UU, LAACU If
rru:. : .u
woo uu vcain utu aiiih it tne
way it is reduced by the
grela. lax-payer?, don't thiuge
look hopeful?
Our Washington Letter.
May 6, 1870.
tion has not been accepted and that dur-j
; the pagt four months he hos been on
,CftTe of absenco in order to enact the j
!Secrctdry of the Treasury. Verily l
Mr,OQ3 h.ve the knack of turning
tjme can De done outside the circus
. rp. i-
rinir. rnere were lively limes in the
vesterday over the Senate bill
MEaI Tta.Iwnv fiomnan
,u .., .u.. . 'i.j'
mflri will h.ivp th pffpp.t nfrr.i ;hinr
ho.wn P the opacity of the
i4tniL'cann rtrhnr Pin i r n limr Irnm t Ii
eotis'aureu. mis uauiioinii oi (jowcri
Tom- wlipn lllfl nmirlc nri
It was understood here, and so a n-
nounced, that Judge Richardson, the
anlhor of the infamous '"docking ys-
tern" which was in force here until de-
ii . , ,,
cided .lie?Dl by the F.rst Comptroller,
Hon- R. W- Tayler, had resigned his
position and returned to his dsarly be -
loved stamping ground in Massnchu-
!etts- but we n0" fin1 that his res.gna
e - -
""" ' " k J uum
Ifrom the State as Judge aud the Gov
eminent of tha country as Assistant
n nones-, penny.
iow see that th
r - "
trick of riding two horses at the same
road to :sslie its own bonds aud to se
, . , . -
cure the same by mortgage, and to fur
ther extend the land grant of the com
Xh Eastern Democrat? and Re
publicans spoke and voted iigainst some
of the provisions of the bill while the
Western Democrats and Republicans
were generally favorable to .the bill.
After two hour3 of fillibustering and ev
ery conceivable kind of parliamentary
strategy the consideration of the bill was
postponed until Wednesday next.
is no doubt ot its passage- Atie auD-2
..oiumitt e of the House Pacific Rail
road, last nijrht agreed to re. 'ommend u ,
Soutlern 1'acific Railroad, on tbe SSd
from Mnrsha'l, Texas to Sanjroe
Diego on the Pacific coast, and to grant I
franchise to the Southern franscon-j
tiuental Railroad Company. J he de-
tails relatinir to the route, running ar-
raiirement3. &c. are such at were sut: -
by ihe committee of the Gulfi
Messrs Sherrod, Perce, Sheldon I
v nr I n a m aril a fT t k A n iltai. r
j -i i . mi . r j:ir
parallel over any other route and the
m nd orfl f a r m nn n t n f 1 .1 ft -f W O ft nw 1 li d
gtructing their road through Texas all
mv; 0,1 ;, ,nn- tha ohrw- rl.lc;nn
. m .m ..
h A:Mmn r hp t mien nr.m m if tPP nnrl
ent proposed roads were fully dincusoed
and the trreat advantaires of the
the caucus of the Representatives from
rhn Knnfhofn AlotAa r lotto nnilorl nnl""
- v - . . - ----- " - - -5
out the unwarranted opposition ot Mr
Howard. Chairman of Senate committee
ou x utiut luuiruwi iiunwiviii
on x acme naiiruan wnose oiucious unn
f- n : i , i ffr i i
of the Transcoatinental Railway have
.injured him very much and rebounded
. 1 f i . . Tl.:.
to the interest of the company This
uill it ill pis3 in .1 nuui v lull,;. i' iuiu inc
action of the Senate on the House reso-1
lution to adjourn on the Uh of July
there is but little doubt that they will
agree to the resolution. The Hon. F.
P. Blair, the old war horse of the JacU
sonian time, has addressed General
Spinner, United States Treasurer, a let
ter on the financial condition of the:
country, vnd the National Banks as
connected therewith. Mr Blair is most
emphatic in bis opinion tbat the banks
are a curse and should be discontinued
and that the Governme it should is ue its
oown moncv. ate. ana cans on iicner
iSpinner to use his influence to brak
them up. General Spiiiuer, who has
IhfPn wnlinff lflrpra istp v fin Ihp hnan.
ciftl onestion and the National Banks
system, replies to Mr. utair ana says
that he has misunderstood him. He
does not think the bamis are a cursei
and tie is not in lavor ot Dre;iKing irem
up. He only desires lo make our bonds
nniform, and '.o have banks aid the Got
eminent and the pcopl;, and not become
antagonistic toth:m. He feela sure that
majority of the banks will do so, and
only now remain tor Ongress to act
No wonder that Mr. Blair was under the,
lmpression that Ueneral opinner tho t
the banks a curie as he had exposed
their grasping tendencies :is speculating
machines, giving the people no assist
ance and usin their funds for their own
private purposes, and foreshadowing
what they would probably do in a cer
tain case thus throwing upon the Gov
ernment the redemption of their circu
lation which would greatly embarrass
the Treasury Department and lastly tell
ing the banks that the people would
treat them as they did the Old United
States Bank if they persisted in their
attempts to tide upon the people s
rights, (jrenertl spinner was looking
through h s old Democratic spectacles
when he warned the banks and now hav
ing put on his Rndical glasses he sees
things in a different light and the banks
are not a curse. The General means
ey would not be a curse if properly ad
ministered, but from a Radical stand
point they are a curse as they are now
managed by his own showing. And he
thinks the banks are not now disposed
be opposed to the people and the
Government. They are a load on the
people and, of course, not opposed to
the administration of that party who
are their best friends When the peo
ple rise against the National Banks, as
they will one day, they will have no dif
fiiculty in knowing which political parly
responsible for th"m. The outrage
perpetrated by Gen. Terry in Georgia in
arre ting at midnight, without, knowledge
of the charge, a citizen of Warrenton,
Ga named E. H. Martin and imprison
i ti lt him and then issuing an order not
to obey the wi it of habeas corpus which i
order was carried out, thus suspending
the writ of habein corpus anj virtuallyl
declaring martial law by examining j
the prisoner before military officers. It
appears the charge is that of murder
which took piac? a year ago and the
murdered man refused to prosecute
deeming Martii not guilty of the crime.
is rumored that othar arrests are to
follow this and the greatest alarm pre
vails. A letter received here states that
this is part of Bullock's programme lo
make it appear that there is trouble in
t . :.. fl .,...fi Bfftifi,, o , v C. ..
J (f Cf I" 1 IU IllffLlrfffV-V. HLIIUfl uu f J f- 1 1
hill When Mr. lleek. of
Ky., offered ft resolution calling on the
President for information why Terry de-
nied this writ, John Peter Clearer-!
shanks, of Ind., objected and it was no. I
onidered. This usurpation of power
- - " J 1 - j
cpai-ion. was not even niteiidpa by the
. '.. ,. . .
1..II n.,r LfllirtlliiT 1,1 t l n Iffnffl
for law or right, but General Terry
never stooped lower in bis I. fe than when
hc aids and abets the plans of the scoun-
:drel Bul'ocK. The Radicals are some
what flustered over the fact that the pro
posed caucus or powwow of their mem
bers and Senators is "apt likely to be-as
jhainiijvio could be washed. The
PNtr.oir.-ttf nrv 'r;,ariatr s jjently t
sinking dives" In the hooe thai aeon1
nrnnncf f the cci.ll.ctinfr claments of
, Udical:.-.m, "Bflisjilayed on the debate
land vote on the Georgia bill and the tar
iflr ma' l)e railde in 0Tder lo Braia arr7
the South and the shakv districts North
jfor mombers of 0ongres, noxt fa,i. Tne
edifice totters and must fall
Transfers of Real Estate.
The following are the Trans
actor Tars of Real Estate for1 Hie m (Tilth
"f An -, , ,m ..
Ot April, as they OCCnre On the
TheiejCloyd 4 a r 30 p. pt S W qr Sec,
Lamer tp, 4lKr
piebe McCoy to John B.
. J a
SteVeM, 4 a pt S 0 qr 5CC 2, Mon
parallel pt, $1 000.
Andrew Sterling to Sum'l Ban
the fij lot jB Etoraflo, $1,000.
,i tj hm t iy ai
bam 1 Banftll to Jas B. fetev-
. 8ami1 Banflll, to
32d!otevena, Same 1000
:o n Ul U W U: OtJb O X V ill LU,
booka of tha
Recc rtler.
W m. II. Ken worthy to T. Huff
man and Howard Young, 160 a
8 w qr pt sec 19, Gratis township
7. 500.
Drayer to David H.
lr.c a " , .
J-,d".' lo acies pi sec do, 1 win
tp G75.
John W. Early to Abraham
Black, 2 a 2 r 20 p. pi s w qr
U, Lamer tp, 196 87.
8lm.on l?i?f to 11
VI. Her
man, lot 70, west yllexand ria.
John L. Qnitin, to Ticnben
Wesco, lots 3,4. eastern suburb
Eaton, 1, 450.
Isac Geyer to John Ehlcrs, 36
a pt n e qr sec 14, L inier. tp, $2,
Peter L. Nori is to E lward,
;erib, same, ot.utv.
James C. Hays to Sam'l Ban
ffjj lot , Eldorado, 900.
James B.
John Fieatrle to John Stude
1 . I c - , ft fT
,,dKB.r' l'1 " ?. "rl
'Bon tp,OUU.
Simon Geeting, Sen., to Simon
fJooHncr ?r nrl Inhn Rnifoll -1
l I. - O rI' ... C A
Tl "I A 1
Henry Jacouart to Annuel
Henry J acq u art to
t.ilITord, lot y, tjrreenbl)8ll ,
niiut'LL i)en lo ra.rii.i UHriiier.
T f . 1 1 1 A O 1 T
-i co oo
n 88 r Dt,
qr Pec 1
'' nckSOil lp, 1U,00
Will Cooper to Robert Ceil,
1 f . n 4 T 1 .
1GO a n e qr sec 34 Jackson tn,
JKy 000
' 'rT, in,- a
Lio be L-ontin uoU.
What A Teacher Should Do.
Lnbor diligently for self iu
provement. Thoroughly understand what
ho attempts to teach
tv - it e l i
Prepare himself for each
SOU assigned.
Ronnire nrnmnt nnr ncrUralc
Lianich all books at recitation,
except in readin
Call on ptiplid promiscuously.
Ask two questions out of the
tho book for every one In it.
Teach both bv prec-i-nt arid ex-
Manifest an active
intrest in
the studies of his pupiles.
Make the schoolroom cheerful
and attractive.
Ho should be courteous in lan
"unffo snd action.
L-Ol'ivate a pleasant COUnte-
Require prompt and
Insist upon at t'ention from the
whole class.
Make few, if any rules,
Avoid governing too much.
Let his pupils understand tbat
he means what he says.
Shonld govern himself.
Take cure of his health.
Visit the parent3 of his pupils.
.Encourage parents to visit the
Visit the schools of others.
Subscribe for some education
al. journal.
Attend teachers' associations
and institutes.
He should teach the subject,
not mere words.
He shonld dignify and elevate
his profession by his personal
worth, as well as by his scholar
What a techer should do.
.Never promise what he can
not perform.
Never threaten for anticipa
tion offenses.
Never be hast' ip word action.
Oever punish when augry
Never speak in a scoldiug,
fretful manlier
.Never be late at school,
N t j, t d
. , j t
thing, unless convinced he can.
Never attempt to teach too
manv thino-B
Nover compare one child with
Never use a hard vrord when
aneasy one will answer as well.
Never let your pnplis see that
they can vex yon
Never allow tale-bearing.
Never let known fault go Ull
nQj jecfj
-r l n
" utner-
. - . --
jN P. V Pr 1 HQ 11 CTP. 1 n nilvtllinor 1 11 - ,
' J ' " O
rn!imtprit. ivith Irno in hinni
l over piu G to-morrow wi
can ne Uone to day.
Never trust to another what'
you should do yourself.
Never magnify small offences.
Never believe all you hear.
Never be wcarv in welUloiug-r
American Educational Al-
New Advertisements.
Doty'a Wash ng Machine,
Improved with Howell's Patent Double
Log-Wheels, aud the Patent Stop, are
now unquestionably far superior to any
apparatus for washing clothes ever in
ventel, and will save their thir cost
twice a year, by saving labor and clothef
Ihose who have used them give tcsti
mony as follows:
"We like our machine much;could nofbe
pursuaded to de without it and with the
aid of Doty, we feel that we are masters
of the nosition." Rev. L, cott, Bishop
M. E. Church.
'It is worta one uoiiar a week in anj
family. N. Y. Tribune.
"In tbe laundry of my house their is
perpetual thanksgiving on Mondays for
the invention. Rev. Theodore L. Cuyler
' Every week has given it a stronger
hold upon the attections of the inmites
ol the laundry." N. Y. Observer.
'.I heartily commend it to economists
ot time, money, ana contentment.
Rev. Dr. Bellows.
'friend Uoty lonr last improve
ment of your Washing .Machine is a
complets bnccess. I essnre yon "our Ma
ichine,' after a
moie of to day th
vear s nse, is thought
an ever, and would not
I Ko nortod villi lTnr
be parted with under any circumstances.'
bolon Kobinson.
' Your Washing Machine baa been in
daily use in oar laudry, and the house
keeper expresses herself as highly pleas
ed with it. It certainly accomplishes a
greater amount of work, with le ss labor
and does not wear the clothes near so
much as the old fashioned wash-board.
By using it, one lann dress is dispensed
with" Wm. M. F. Round, Superinten
dent of Infant Department of St. Cath
arine's Nursery, N. Y. City.
"I have had one of the Universal
Wringers in mv boose, and it has been
uped every week for over five years, and
is now as good as new. I have also bad
a Doty Washer for some three years,
which we nse every week, pnd conld not
easily get along without. It is as good
as ever, ana wni last year s yet. hi. D.,
Slick. Jinn. Editor of 6em. Repab-
ican, Hamilton, N. Y.
The N Y. Weekly Tribune, of Dec. 13
1869jin answer to a correspondent ,ays:
"Of Washers, there is none to be com
pared with Doty's,"
PRICES. JM fair Otter.
If the Merchants in your place will not
furnish, or send for tbe Machines, send
lor Machines, send its tbe retail price.
Wasner 14, Extra
will forward either
" ' 77 "
hnlK ffi it r If. na.
tree o. ireigni, to places where no one is
selling; and so sure are we they will be
liked, that we agree to refund the money
of any one wishes to return the machines
free of freight, after a months s trial, ac
cording to directions.
No hueband, father or brother should
permit the drudgery of washing with J
toe lianas, nity-two days in tne year,
when it can be done better, more expe
ditiously with less labor, and no injury
to the garments, by a Doty ClothesWa.b
er, and a Universal Wringer.
sold by dealers generally, to whom
liberal discountsfara made.
R. C- Browning. Gen. Agent,
32 Cortlandt Street, New York.
April 21. 1870. mos 3.
Administrator's JYotiee.
Notice is hereby given, tbat tbe under
signed has this day been duly appoint
ed as administrator of the Estate of
ROBERT SCOTT, deceased.
with the Will Annexed
Ohio Farmers Insurance Co.
Auditor op States Oericc Dbtaet-
Columbus, Jan. 31 1870.
It is herebv certi6ed. that the Ohio
Fur i.er's Insurance Company, located
at Westfield. Lo Roy P. O .in the State
ol Ohio, has complied, in ail respeetn,
with the laws of this State relating lo
Mutnal Fire Insurance Companies, for
the current year, and has filed in this
Office a sworn statement by the proper
officers thereof, showing it condition
and busine-ts at the date of tuoh state
ment (Dec. 31, 1869,) to be aa follows:
Aggregate amount of available
- assets, including the sum of
$97,750 in PremiumXotes held
by theCompany on Policies.f375,5b3 91
Losses unpaid, None!
Ue-insurance, $174,063 00 174,063 00
Am't of income for the precceding year
in cash, 129,251 09
Am t ot income for the proceeding in
frem. Notes liable to Ass-
ment, $13,538 97
Losses paid daring tbe year, 48,393 90
Expenses, $18,010 2G $67,004 16
In Witness Whereof, I have h-re-nnto
subscribed ray name and
caused the seal of rny office
' o be afixed the day and year above writ
!May 19,1870,wl Auditor of State.
T f RWlinli'MIH s. QrkXT
" L UlVUVlVll AO Ot OIn.
'Retail Druggists
Baron St., Eaton, Ohio,
feb. 14 ,69.yl
Preble County Mantifactimng
NOTICE, is hereby given that booka
have been opered to rci ei vc subscriptions
Mb' the capital stock ol tho Preble county
M t. :. .. - - Si
inaiiuinifiuiifi uiNjJf&Mr, ni nif omce Of
Campbell k Oilmore, Eaton, Ohio, and
in the bauds ol the nudersigned commis
sioners of said company u. Eaton, .
The cbject of said company is to carry
ob the manafactars of Superior tfuhool
Furnituie, dressing Lumber, and general
Foundry business. The undersigned br
lieve lhat the above will he a paying bus
iness, and cordially invite Uu- citizens of
Baton and the county, to aid1 in an en
terprise that will bo a profit to them,
and will materially aid the improrrrnent
and prosperity of tbe torn and county;
we call upon you to lend a helping band
to home enterprise and industry.
If. H. KLINE, 1
.TOi- N UPHAM, ( 3
May 12, lS70w4prt $7,00
Legal Notice.
Jacob Deardorff plt'ff PrebleComPVrt.
Isaac Coopers Flora Petition to Fore
K. Cooper ct. al. ) close Mortgage.
To Isaac Cooner and Flora E. Coorer.
of the State of Missouri, will take notice
that Jacob Deardofn of the county of
Preble and State of Ohio, did on the
l'.lth day ot October 1809, bis peti
tion in the Court of Common Pleas with-
n and for the eoanty of Preble and
Slate of Ohio, agaiusl the said Isaac
Cooper, r ion b. Cooper and Samuel
Austin, adm r of the estate of Levin Bir
bof deceased. Rachel Austin and others
defendants, setting f rth that the suio
Isaac Cooper & Flora K. Cooper gave a
mortgage to tried eleudaa ts, 1'eter Mike
sell a; Partbeace Taj lor on the following
described Heal Estate, situate in the
county of Preble and State of Ohio- Be
ing at Lot number ninety-three (93) aa
'" ar.a designated on the plat of tbe
incorporated villatre of Winchester in
aid county, to secure the payment
oOO,oO -aovoiUiag -to -certain notes re-f.-red
to in said murtcaer. tbat one of
naid noies has been duly sssigned to this
plaintiff, and that since the eiviac nf
said mortgage said Isaac Cooper A Flora
iv unoper, conveyed said ttes.1 Estate, to
one l.evin tfisnof -now . deceased, that
said deed has bee a lost, and that, the oth
er defendants, claim some interest in
said real estate, under the said Isaac tc
Mom h,. Cooper, (arid the UtK Levin
fishof, deceased, and prating thai said
tittle may be granted and that said sum
of -230,00 with interest from April 1.3,
18A3. shall be pai I by ihe Administrator
of said Levin Bishof, or (hat said pr-mi-ses
may he sold to pr.y the tame.
And the said Isajic Cooper and Flora
EL Cooper, are notified that ther a,e re
quired to appear and answer said peti
tion ou or before the 25th day o( Jane.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
May 12, 1870 wfj pri
Executors Notice.
Noli co is hereby riven lhat tbe under
signed has t' is day been duly appointed
Executor of the Estate of Dennis Mullen
lale of Preble county d t sued.
. V. CAMPBEl L. Ex r
May 12, 187uw3pf$ 75
Notice is hereby given that the nrder.
signed baa this day hi en duly appointed
as Administrator of the Estate of Peter
i.ssseny. lata oi rreots) county, unio.
deceased. JOHN V. CAMP
Executor's Notice.
Notice is hereby given, that the under
jfc i it: VI .... !
signed has this day been duly appointed
executor or trie Kstafe ot Joseph llonn;
- - - . . . r I
May 12,1870wSpfl 75. Adm'r.
Sealed proposals will be received at
this office up to M of Friday, Jane 17th
next, for furnishirg all the materials and
erecting a building on tbe Infirmary
farm, 22X33 feet, 'stone basement, briok
walls, galvanized iron cornice and slate
Bids will be received for any part of
)he work or for the whole.
Contractors will be required to give
bond for the faithful performance of th
Plans and specifications can now be
seen at this office.
The froard reserves the right to reject
any or all bids.
6y order of Commissioners.
May 12,187Uw6pf$,76
Sealed proposal i will be received by
the Board of Education of special School
District, number 4, Washington Town
ship up to 7 o'clock P. M., May 14th,
1870 for maki :g a briok pavement in
front of the old School Hoaae on Baron
Specification f'may be seen at the Aud
itor office. All bids to be accompanied
by bond with approved securities for the
faithful performance of the work accord
ing to specifications. Br order of tha
board, RCBEBT M 1 1.1. lilt, Sec'y.
Dayton Ohio, April 26, 1970
Notice is hereby iren that the United
States Internal Kevenne Taxes on the
annual list for 1870 are now due, and
must be paid on or before the 10th day of
Hay 1870.
The taxes of Preble county will bs
paid at the Deputy Collector's OSce,
This list includes taxes on Incomes,
Gold Watchee, Carriages, and special
taxes or Licenses.
May 12 1870wlpf$2. ..Collector
Dayton & Eaton Om
nibus Line.
THE undersigned will ran a 1 ai I v
Omnibus line between Dayton an I
Eaton, as follows:
Leave Eaton daily at 5 30 a. m arri
ving at Dayton at 10 a. m.
Leave Dayton at 1 p. aa., arriving?
Eaton at 6 30 p. sa.
Prompt connections madewuh Noith.
em trains at Dayton.
Passengers will be called for bv Irai-
ing their address at the Doup lions.
Paytoo, and the E xress Office, at
Drug Store of J. P.pBrookias k Son,
Eaton, O.
All orders andcommissions promplly
attended to. JA8. TOKKENCE.
T n. 1 68-yrl.

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