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GEO. W. MEEAFFEY, Proprietor
Two Dollars par Annum in Advance.
Sl-V.d on oidol OHIO, THURSDAY, JUNE 2T 1870.
t . T. f 1" . f a " ' ' '
6 .Mi1 H 7-I-
NO. 225,
!;.ra '
... . ::;ti.'fi. , ... f ,i -r.-. f
- ", - " ?
Ybstirt,T, tho'vlmf it nr.aneii.
'iP."lu,n" w orig-nt
W bwiL U wan Uslrt :
Tbe birdie were ntaRinjr
Their wealth so my tinglug ;
The gWd atnner sky,
I It Phoafl. kl Ms eye1
For RoMn was h-rc, 1
Rohiu. my dear I
th ! little I cured for the gloom of tl
o Robin aijij 1 aqkd-whNiper togotti
To-d iv, I coldly scan it o'er.
This too of M on the silent, floor,
J. it glitter aad trembles
aim vainly nistemoiei.
Tbw WrtJl-g dnt-ine,-
J hey mock and nondo
Ann iti" W lntVo me thronrh
With tea eold eye of bine
i"ur Robin Is gone,
Robin, my own !
hi what does It' matter bow sparkling the
' Robin and i cannot ramble together t
BeartK and Some.
Wibs Mrs. FicI was a bride, all the
spectators agreed that she was ft pretty
and interesting girl, who would make a
line woman whet) site came to fill ont.
Bat she- never did fill out ; on the con
trary, Time, that, atoe her years away,
robbed her of plumpness, too; and after
tlifrty anniversaries of that wedding-day,
she was considerably inore slender than
at starting.' She wore carls, and a black
band found her forehead, and mittens
net knowing that these things had long
ceased to make her attractive, and, on a
first introduction, would have struck, yon
generally as being somewhat of a guy ;
but a better wife you would scarcely find
in all England, aad that is infinitely more
important than coineliness and tasteful at
tire, as you will own before you have been
married for a quarter of a century.
Excellent at all tines, Mrs. Ffel cul
minated at meals. Call no man happy till
voir hsVe seen him at breakfast ; a natural
irritability in Mr. Fiel's disposition had
bean almost entirely cared by little sooth
ing oomforts and t it-bits. He was a so
licitor, with an office in London, and a
semidetached villa in ; the suburbs, who
bad to leave the latter at 6 to reach (he
former by 10 every morning. This neces
sitated breaklast at, 8 but even at that
early hour Mrs. Piel saw to every detail
htfself. pTW
It, woulfLharve. shaken a very confirmed
bachelor to have seen her table bhe'spring
morning a few years ago the linen was
ao white, and the tea bo black, the water -creases
and radishes ao lresh, the marma
lade and aprta jswfrgjteiatpy set ont,
the eggs so neSf Tooklhg; the loaf so brown
and crusty, the dry toast so criip and
thin. And-wnen she heard the tread oi
her husband's foot on the staircase, and
th. flourish on his nose which Invariably
-beraWbed his approaeh, she rang, the bell
for the appetizing little covered dish,
which fdstched and fitted the slep-baain
to be brought up. This contained frizzled
slices of ham or bacon, delicate aad carted,
.a sausaga, a kidney, or the savory thigh
of a chicken. May such be your only do
, mestic broils t
A tiaio, neat man. with sharp gray eyes,
amt a Very gi.od opinion of himself en
tered, and looked at his letters, selecting
and opening -ne at once.
" Well, Martha," said he, " the Chip
chow has arrived at last,"
" Yoa ao9l shy" so ! , Then Mr. Eobyear
will be here presently. Will he come to
stay wttn as. ao yon t:
bed ready ,-Thougl
have a
expect he has not
come to h,
ie ltfesj oi shut-
tins himsel
lp mani and wo
man four mil
. maroie An
i ev
be strange V
he :
my, invitation
r two.
Ms His Thomas
Lobyear is
ill OB, T suppose. At present he
probably .depends upon his. father, who
has giveh me very 11 beral orders, absurd
ly libwsal orders, about him. From flvwg
amdngst savages.
he old ' man
AHst n. idea of the value of
money. However, there is plenty of it
accumulating, ana it does not matter 1p
think," said Mrs. Fiet? It
mi gat be wall to have 8e. rah-home V
Sarah, the only child of the Fiela, was
at si finishing school at Clifton, bat., she
was seventeen, and a woman.
" Ah, ah, a hi;' laughed, the Issvjer "At
your match making, old lady ? From
what rami advised, Jfe is pxoof against
yoattenrpt8. Besides whicb, it woold
be something like a breach of trust ; old
Lobyear has evidently got other views
for his. son than marrying him at present
axil iivjoe, uu: a pjg i
"I don't kndw that, replied Mr. Fiel,
laughing ; " if he could discover a new
weed -or a fresh variety .of black bw-
tieT.2lif rn,7 would:.
Hrwas Of good augury for Mta. Eiel
when be repned to ner observatinna In.
T 111 , .
stead of lookiDg deaf and grunting, winch i
no Ecuerai ty uiu 11 sne auuatd to his
clients or their business: for it showed
that he was willing to be pumped, and
Mrsf Frei'S thirst for information was
great, though it was rarely slaked. In the
present Instance, however, the lawyer
thought he might require feminine aid in
the task which be had undertaken, and
was4herfore not on willing to admit his
wife into his confidence.
" AJki" said he, " that wad a curious idea
for a rich man to banish himself com
pletely, and give-up tuviHzed aitAforwe
sake of studying botany and btrtterflrfcsfln
J apan. For a poor man, indeed, it would
be explicable if he expect! - to make
something by it in tbe end."
"BH Am what you say, Mr. Lob
has more money than he knows wha
do with as it is." -
" Yes ; he was well off originally, and
got a good property through bis wife be
sidea.Y .
" All, poor Bin; I dare say grief for her
death gave him a pasat o! '
"Ffiage!" exclainWMriel, somewhat
rudely. "He was g&a ehoogh to' be free
tojgo hunting on bis favor tte Irdbby. K
she had lived another year, it is my
opinion, that he would have bolted and
left her," ' '
" Ah, well." said Mrs. FieL i is a torv
tunate thing lor him, or at any rate for
" liat d,j nxcaon so good a maaoi
w youreen to look after his ln-
teres' s
Well-.'' Vrfilird
bmhind. com
ngiarMl wrta -tt
r M wltrr ai c
re from the
ervthine will
arm Bin
i tvti r
he lot'
cjnaidejing that the bulk of
and that
, the tenants- re up to aH sorts of dod g es to
an agent who was- not- sharp tnignt miss
KWanOe, Itfua WasuutfUtoaHoa SarB1
1 niWorlet
r the last three Tears at a hundred amd
" Lor. haw sham von are l'' '
" Well, I was not born in Vorkflhire for.
nouung. i ao not now ri more man one
Serson who- erer regulaaly ItoakJ me im '
nal jjounir rascal, Tom Scott, vrhorobbed
roe flyje years ai?o. . 'jft.iT '
Ah, that was very shock Lne. ' sua the
good wife,.
rk.it. tana vm.
know, he w
up in yoor pnica.
"Why, Martha io you , an;
tkOB'that he Jeafned dlshdnesty there ?
I never expected ah epigram of. that sort
from your mouth. I would have you
know that I could put at least, a, couple
of thousand a vear in mv noekot from the
Lobyear property alone, fritnout a chiinoe'
. e i . . if T -i I , u jiji.
" I, am sure I mpverinian.i to caU yon
an epigram or any other name," crsted
Mrs. Fip.L matrrakfaritaal ttiaa outbreak. " T
poly said that breach" of dcust wa easy,
tin ium oeuu, ufpiuotf Mc.aau uecu uuuci
you for some time and probably he had
opportunities.'1 raaswj
"Oh, that is- drfreteat,' said her1 hus
band, cracking an ege. It was not a ten
der conscience which made Mr. Fiel so
toachyv-for thongh-priding himself upon
keen shrewdness, he was perfectly up
right and trustwortky but the thought
of Tom Scott. There is.thisdisadvaartage
.m reckoning yourselt; to be cleverer than
ine rest ox. the worJOMMtt it- aver yon are
tak'eli In, it rankles. So the rememlrarice
of Tom Scott al ways irritated hhn He
had taken a fancy toi the shafp "lad and i
piri mm in toe omce, wnere ne ravrrea,
encouraged, and trusted him more and
more every yean and the result had been
a cunning bit of roguery and flight There
was one consolation; he had caught the
scoundrel, who was sentenced to two
years' imprisonment,, Had Tom.. Scott
got off With impunity, his heart, would
have been near breaking.
' J suppose fbls young gentleman w4s
quite a lad when hlrf father went to for
Bagtbparfty' said Mrs. Fiel. presently, re
turning to the pump-handle. '
"As he is sot of age yet, I soppose he
ninst have beep," replied - her husband,
continuing to flow.
" Was he educated in England before
he went out to his fatiier ?"
" I doh'$ know ; Mr, Lobyear never
mentioned him before. I have vWJtjt'
ta-; regularly to r aaviee him how
his affairs stood, nft he has; from
time to time, briefly acknowledged
my letters, declaring himself satis
fied, telling me to do what I thought .best,
Sitying Where Tift wf.V.orT hi. wontaaa mmm.
sent, and now and then requesting I
iisiliiHsltj ceataiS. ctemisstosss for
connected with his pursuits, but pot at all
with my business. However, as he has
always behaved very handsomely, I have
done my beat to oblige him, and mean to
do so still, though tfcflS present job is rath
er a delicate affair, and quite . out of : my
line ; what I call & regular bit of diplo-
Yes. Tt seems that the voune man
Inherited his father's fancy for a ravi
life,th6agh not his "scientiSte tastes. He
has been living in Borneo for some years,
Staling about with expeditions against the
pirates, and I don't know What all. Mr.
Lobyear, senior, Went to China' ''frofh'
Japan a year and a half ago ; and his son
joined him at Hong-Kong, where he inti
mated a desire to go to England for a
while, and have a spall of oumiortable liv
ing. The Jaiher was willing enough to
let him do 'so, and gave him, a letter of
credit to me, and he started in one of the
. m . , ; r , t - .1 i JL ki i
lywiB ww 5Ufvk.TJu s"ev.
om aUrrend that bis soriV principal rea-
son for. desiring to visit Eoglaid was
hoiaav o& metins wbiin adveata:
whose acquaintance he had made at Cal
cutta, and whom, in the ardor of a first
passion, he desired to' marry. the lady
had other views at the time; bat had
since smiled by letter on his suit ; and she
is a most. undesirable wife for him. This
news having come to me by steamer, has
of coarse long preceded the youngster's
actual arrival ; and my mission is to pre
vent this, marriage.- This Jtan be- doste
with comparative ease while
but ne wilr come
break it off alto;
" Exactly., . Apd dpo't yop think that if
he iftere thrown into the society of an in
nocent, accomplished, and attractive sirl.
his infatuation for this creature would the
i ' - - i...
oend ftrr Batah if you
be teating anyhow at the
end of the quartesj' Only, don't put her
up to thinking this youngster is a very
great catch, fpr his father may have other
children, and okler ones, lor aught I
now. Or he may speud all his money
in building pagodas, or aquariums or
"black-beetle 'museums ; or in fitting out
expeditions to discover the South Fole,
which really 'odght to have a turn, after
an t.ne rass maae aoout me xsorin. x aui
nbt by any means sure that It is a g
,l: m r . , , ,
As Jr. J'iel uttered these last words, ne-
loaned at his watch, ana taen took a cigar
out ot his case: whereupon
urushea his hat, arid brought
togetner with i
wite . Ana er marnco
duetor, hold I
vouredghim up
It isnejtD(r fot
telegrapheo, afld sWother fo
port.. A heavy. sale tantalized, the r-.rew,
was a week before Mr. Fiel and his client's
Hen met, by which time .the .accomplished
Sjfrah was afely established und ' the
paternal roof ; for her mother thouantthe
lawyer exaggerated the chances against
tHh VTitimr rrtatis In he riling a xnorl C.riivn
4adstrrchtohtf?ftfle ifatrrgue. Tt is 'cer
tain that she , herseff oyer estimated her
daughter's attractions. Sarah was a good
MH enough, but commonplace, and not
beauufol ; , - IJ .WoaU utA
drive out another very firmly fixed in the
pdp-gun heart of a lover.
However, the designing mother and
unwitting daughter had a fair chanae, for
ryofing Lobyi
Tjrtairrv maae
lished himself
.could look about him. Travel In hot cli
me tea had matured the young man, whom
you would have taken for flve-and-tweuty.
It had likewise tanned him ; and his face
and hands were so dark that Mrs. Fiel
he is a minor:
M. ace in etiMB monttAb
Mther- "
Mrs. Fiel
it to film,
fjttm tlftuogfirfe like a
C mats CO fill t : "Con-
u tBglt ittttliur-liad de-
sar accepted the offer, qf no-,
him by mr. u'iei, anaeswiD-
in their house fintll he
was induced to;rfrsfce inquiries abrot the
nationality ot hw tnalivsr; Out as -ir
Fiel Bad never known anything of Mr.
Msrvear Aeforc he pbti4ri-4faii1n his
hands, on going out to the East, and .was
eveh ignorant, Until quite lately, or tbe
.very existence of this son, she could not
net much satisfaotorv information ont of
Blrir?o-Seccrncluded that Mr. Lobyear,
scnier'a, Ori taKasteS1 weic not confined
Y.r the -fauna and flora; and tbe deep
Diackness. ot the voung jnan s hair, eve
br6ws, and lfrng, drooping, silky Thous
tache certainly tspuaro a? Corrflrm her
taeorv. His manners were not verv crood
There was" an evldenf restraint about him;
and if in aft nn guarded moment he gave
nature her head, he li linllilisnw
vulgar. Be was very, careful, however,
amranly' trr6ke ont once or twice, recov
ering himself almost Immediately-. He
seemed to find that the- ifaffast pjap was
to spoon. Sarah, and devoted himself to
her so' assidnbuslv the. first evening, that
Mr. JS el listened to his wife's statement of
.cm WbtJemwaeaajhaAiiigbt.
ave no dowbt his father sueans well
irrr at preserit," feifl W,'6r'Me woftid
hardly show so
abnut his
e marriage, as
to give me almost carte blanche in toe cost
of preventing It. ' Neither would he name
so Handsome U sum a sixty nounds a
month for..eases,, if he intended 'to
leave .him penniless at bis death. But this
-is 8lf coijecture."
T But rat her strong, sure Vy, dear; and he
is certainly smitten with Sarah," saxl Mrs.
Don't you be too ' sure of. that. Terv
Ukeiy he carries on with everything in a
petticoat, or-out of ,ne,rv these Borneo
parts, that he meeds'; er ittperybe. that be
is sarowinr aust - in nr eyesr to cover
HT intritba with -. tils did Calcutta
Fiel felt it to be so lmpoi tant to pre
vent the vun- man e'w'rotr him the slln.
that he left his ether bustnett to the olerks,
aag took upon him the office of show
man, whereby he made acquaintance With
many London sights fmrt he bad never
seen before the "ioterior of St. Paus, to
wU : the topjjflh
t; Madame
Tusaaau's wax -WoMts ; ahefcertaia bewil
derlmr circular pictures." sirfrSsMrlTiV seer
from tbe Inside, afe ttawtdetegttfe
represented, called . panoramas .ail of
wrnexr -very much In teres tea
ywirtigt . tnsn, who, ' berertfeeles,)
(r"7rr TTTiiny' nillUl
to know
bis fetbtr's
very 'ami
to his Iawvter. took
his cicerone ipto confidence. . He adored
LvhO ' most charming, ' innocent, ' perse
cuted Mint that ever excited the
jealousy of a spitefrrl coterie. Her name
was montacute, ana sue was a wioow
tt im a T, i,v.
wisnoHt- encumbrances.
Wight, but was now on her way to Lon
don ; and be bad" received a letter that
very morning dire
himtwhera to-find
her: so hp won rt no'
trespass on mi.
Fiel's hospitality after' that day. Where
abonts was Duke street;" Jermyn Street?
The complacent Mr. Fiel conducted blm
to that neighborhood; and also, in reply Pa
further questions, gave him an outline of
the .step it was necessary to take before a
gentleman and lady, inclined - that way,
could be joined together in, holy matri
mony', These coald be no harm dons in af
fording him such scraps of information ;
the first cabman passing would have driven
him'to t-hp address, and the charming
widow probably bad license una banns
formalities aCTrer fingers' ends !
" Of course, you axe of age t Wtbicw
in at the end. ,,r
" I bBlieve fny father wovrld say I Was
some months short of it," replied the
young.ma.il, carelessly ; but really his ev
idence is so little to be trusted in any mat
ter not connected with plants or- insects,
that I mean to.give myself the benefit of
the doubt. That's good law, eh ?"
Mr. Fiel proposed a bachelor s dinner
at his club that day, and en
iniest afl the 'evening with Ci
ustic obser-
vaUonf upon widows, and tbe dangers to
wirtch' yobng men were exposed from
beautinil sirens, whose antecedents would
not bearstrtct examination .illustrated wit h
numerous apposite anecdotes, wbieb the
young 'man seemed to enjoy heartily.
But he would not apply them to his own
ease; so that, at last, the lawyer was
forced to be more explicit, and wifh much
apology asked whether the young man
knew -who the late Mr. Montacute was,
and under what circumstances the fair
widow came to be alone and unprotected
in Calcutta. But the ardent lover would
not listen to a hint reflecting upon the ob
ject of his affections, and got so excited
and angry, that Mr. Fiel dropped tbe sub
ject at once. Where was the use of talk
ing sense to a man who declared that if
all the. world swore-to anything Which his
mistress denied, he should take her word
in preference to Uje united oath? To ex
pose hs game, by showing the paternal
letter empowering him to Ibrbid the mar
riage, would have been stupid indeed, at
present ; that must be kept as the very
test resource,, when, combined with con
siderations' of probable disinheritance, it
might have an effect. What effect? the'
lawyer asked-himself unflinchingly, when
quiet that night. Probably that of mak
ing young Lobyear dissemble for the
s mquirea n merewere
eTeIeTIsant societv r
-not nn pxnecr.exi
and marry bis widow elsewhere, u
"rknown to the lawyer: Aad if the agent
were deceived, the bridegroom might well
hope to conceal the matter from his but
terfly -hunting father ; at all event s, foe a
time. Young people, specially when in
love, never look lar forward, but have a
confidence in things turning up. Mr.
lepth inwagiinttot he
Rn.lrlpT.lv an idea flashed upon him like
an inspiration. Why" hot aua'ck' the wb-
pan 7 ne naa nerauureos.
"Of oourse." he said tloud, turning'bls
Bad on the pillow.
" What, imyi dear responded Mrs.
Fiel... . ln. jumm
" Nothing." And he went to deep:
Next morning young Lobyear left Mr.
Fiel's house, and went to an hotel in Jer-
myn street ... am tmitw
Mr. Fiel possessed a very sharp office
boy, for in spite of tbe trick which had.
been played upon him by Tom pcott, he
liked sharp boys ; only he never meant to
give another the chance of abusing )xa
confidence. Billv Daw' was emploved' in
minor matters alone ; his master had no
intention or pushing him.
, This tad had already seen young Lob
year ; the house in Duke street was noW
pointed oat to him, and he was directed to
waicn it, ana let nis master know when
Mr. Lobyear left it.
Bo Mr. Fiel waited in his club, which
was close by, and Billy Daw loaled within
sight of Duke street. Billy was good at
loafing ; hp gleaned atarrisement aid in
struction man the window of a newspa
per and caricature shop; studied natural
history at fishmongers ; set two hoys to
fight ; exasperated a drunken man; -procured
"cup behind" for iioveral younir
sters, whdwere riding without paying
their fare-jajl without, losing; sight of the
door he wai directed to watch. Bis. re
port at "the end of . thftday was. that Mr;
Lobyear had left his hotel, a.nd gone ' tb-
the house m uuke street at 11 a. m. At
half-past t,'a servant girl bad come out.
with- aa "empty dish; and returned in ten
minn' es wSh oysters. At 6 o'elock"' Mr,
ljot)year hSU at Inst come out, acoompa-
mea try a Jtcty,-ana they wa-kea together,
arm in armt'to St. James Hall. - t er. '
" Is ever jaoind, said Mr. Fiel ; 1 he
can't stick so close as that to her long,
however desperate his condition may be.
Try again Uxmorrow.
True enough, at 12' o'clock on the- fol
lowing day Billy Daw summoned his
master from tbe club, and iniormed him
that Mr. Lot-year had gone oat for some
time, and ths lady was alone. Asked how
he knew that his absence was not for a.
few minutes only, he rcpM6d that the gen-
tletaar hari St up his baccy directly he got
outside the sour.
Mr. Fiel wasted no time. In further
questioning, bat hastened to the heuse in
Duke, strtyt Knocked and jaug, and in
quired for Mrs. Monticute. Yes,, the
servant girl said, she,, lodged there, and
was at home. what tame? And the
lawyer was ushered intd ihje front drawing-room.
A lady with a creamy complexion and
golden hair, elegantly dressed in half
mourning, closed tbe novel she had been
reading, and rose from her lounging chair
to receive hi raw Pawtty, -thought the vis-'
Later. decKettitv tfretty iiutCSt least Ten
J TTTiX rr Tnvn:i wiqu n. w,
Fiel. and that I" am the legal adviser of
Mr.Lobyear, the faSher of the gentleman
who aspires. I believe, to the honor.. of
yburhanif.1' - ' ; 8"IZ" ' "
Alps. Monaaute Dowea, ana reqjistttta
him to be'statea.
" 1 hope tou- will" parrkm ne;'- con
tinued Mr..FieL dwppijag intd a chair ;
conciliatory as; he cooTV " if wnat I Sae
to say should wove in an
ble; I am but the moo
client, you know.. - Mr. Lql
has heard, notfrom his son,
ut through
other sonross, of this protected marriage;
and I regret ta say that he has conveyed
to foe his Disapproval."
" Hj verv. decided disapproval, tie
has neVe Mtdtbe honor and . pleasure of
seeing you, madam, or he would psqbar
DlyVftw the 'matter in a different light,
and aeartate before depriving his -only
child ot the felicity so neaxljL
Kong, and he
.was then xhf (p return to Japan, so that
there -are difficulties 'irr the- way of a per
sonal interview."
" Really, Mr. Mr. " FieV' said the
widow, glancing at tie bard that bad been
given her, " I hardly kiow what to make
of all this. I was certainly aware that
Mr. Lobyear had a lather very much de
voted to various branches of natural his
tory, who, K alive, was supposed to be
somewhere in Japan ; but that he takes
any notice of his son's affairs, or professes
to exercise any authority aver him, is
quite a new idea to ane,'' ,-A .'mA.
"; To me also, maflarry, and I believe it
to be a Very unusual proceeumigt -o
part, dul matriage is a
rmportant' thing, as Jiis
an exceptionally
son vs undef
"Under age ! Thomas untlpr age ! Im
possible I .' ried the widow.
:"lt Is a ftct, rhadam ; but were it other
wise, it would be of no Importance, since
Mr. Lobyear is entirely dependent on bis
father, who is determined to disefmtinue
his allowance, and cut him out of his will,
if he marries without bis consent and ap
proval," . 1 L
Mrs. Montacute remained in pensive
contemplation of a vry pretty footfor
some little time before lshe replied: '"Ex
cuse me for being oyer-cautions, Mr. Fiel;
but you are an utter stranger, you know.,
and I Bihould1lilie'tO'' see the better from
Mr. Lobf ear's father, if- you have it about
you." ' 1 -j
"Certainly, marlsm," replied the ltiw
yer. "A very natural and proper pre
caution on your part I mi girt bfca rival,
prompted by motives of jealousy. Here
is the letter, which, however, I fear may
give you pain. Evil tongues," he con
tinued, as the widow took the document
and ran her eyes rapidly over it- "evil
tongues have evidently traduced you.
Alast the best and fairest cannot escape
slander I Indeed, the greater the merit,
the more virulent the envy."
" Evidently genuine. Thank you," said
the widow, returning the letter . with ex
traordinary composure, considering hp w
she was 'treated in lt,-and then, once more
fixing her gaze upon her boot, which she
flgeted -about, she relapsed into silence
and meditation. At length she raised her
eyes slowly to the lawyer's,- and looking
at him quietly, but veTy fixedly, she said :
" Mr. Fiel, you have came to me treating
this affair as a pure matter of business, and
therefore I will not speak to you of my af
fections ; it would prolong tbe interview ;
and probably you will sot understand me.
I will speak of tbe marriage engagement
between me, and Mr. Lobyear, then, pre
cisely as if It were a mere commercial
transaction. In order to fulfill my part; T
have left India, where I had a home, and,
have come to England to live on my
meagre pension. For all his threats, I
consider ft very unlikely that Mr. Lob
year whl really diiinherit his only
: "Pardon my Interrupting you, madam ;
nothing ia more prokablo; 0 bardor
with which he pursuesnis tavorite science
amoarrTs to mania, aid I fear that he
Would be hardly sorry for jam excuse to
devote bistntlre fortune to the building
anfl.undatiorr of a museum." '
- '"There is a certain force. in .what you
8By,eplieo!, fn idoV, c&lnily ; "andf
do not conceal from myself that it would
be a very great misfortune indeed for both
flf aaif Mt.-ThjOMa torryear were to he
deprived of his income upon our mar-,
riage. Btrll, it would be worse for me to
break . off, : and remain here, far worn
friends, penniless."
"Nay, madam, not penniless; . some
compensation would be your aiie." -
r.uaete. Veneres Cuvidtvtxaueit. they
didn't come presently to fair up-and-down
bargaining! The matter was finally Set-
tied tlaua. Mrs. Montacute was to start,
for New York by the next raail, Mr. Fiel
taking and paying for her passage ; she
was to write a farewell letter to yoangl
Lobyiar, breaking the match, a.d keep-
ing silence about where she was going to. '
y way aisag
tbpiece ot
Mr. Fiel was to accompany her On board
the ship, and then to place in her hands
the sum'of one thousand pounds.
When-this treaty, with"" No Trust " for
its basis, was, concluded, Ms- Fiel took his
leave1? -and'as he stepped mto the 'street,
Jack Horner alone could appreciate his
sensations. -Never had s dedicate a case
been so skillfully handled ! Three days
afterward. Mr. Fiel escorted -the fair
widow to Liverpool; accompanied heron
hoard tbe American steamer ; staid with
hex till the - last moment, gave her the
thousand pounds, and- returned -to the
bosom of his family, having himself scaled
and posted a most satisfactory letter of
farewell to, poor young Lubyear, which
was put In his hands unfastened, that he
might assure himself that the contents
were according to treaty.
Next day. the deserted lover came to
him in a hurry storming, upbraiding,
beseeching him to tell him where his
charmer had flown to: threatening mur
der and suicide when the lawyer remained
oouurate. u inally, he rushed away, de
claring that he would never speak to hhto
"Yes, you wUl.whenyoa wantmoney,"
eaia mr. r lei, as tne other banged the
door behind him.
He was right. In less than a fortnight
young LiODyear returned, pale, calm, and
haughty, and Coldly intimated that" he
was about to netorn to the East, and re
quired foods. After' some discussion
about necessary expenses, passige-fnoney,
outfit, what bis father usually allowed
him, etc, Mr. Fiel let him have five hun
dred pounds, and saw him-depart with in
finite relief for now the edifice of hia di
plomacy was crowned. Commissioned to
separate a voung counle. he had des
patenen one to the East, the other to tb
West. What Success could be more com
plete? He had always estimated his own
acuteness very highly, but now he telt as
if he should " strike the 'stars with bis
sublime top' as a schoolboy friend of
ours once translated a familiar line of
Horace. This state of extreme self-satis
faction lasted some months, during which
he locked forward to the letter or thanks
and admiring approval which he expect
ed from Mr. Lobyear, the father.
It came a mail sooner than he expected.
One morning, an entering-his office, he
found two foreign letters awaiting him
one from an unknown correspond en..the
other in the familiar handwriting of- his
client in Japan. He. opened this. letter
eagerly, and prepared or praise.
Dear Siri T can't make ont tbe meaning of an
tfeis rWmarole y on nave written to me Abo tit a son
and a aaarrlaav. . J bad on oroej a Llentenant In
the tb, but tnDOor bo j. fell " victim to the cli
mate of irM.tefi rears asS; Too reler to a letter
of mine, dMeovftrom Hong-Kong,, and" It ta trne-
tbat I waa iners-aboat tae time you menuon, ant
cermiTliy r neSthr'wrotfe to you during my stay, if
you are In jili.Mijflin.ii you hevo been grossly fm
nnaarl upon lijraWiif rogue or another, I wish you
would have tbe goodness to call upon Pin am of
tbe Briti.--h Museum, and tell him ; fcc.
The rest-all about bugs and beetles.
tne lauw -1 TtkPt fcnet received, and com
paged it with this present one; the imita
tion ot the hanawnung was cunningly
executed, but a palpable forgery. Had
he entertained the ghost of a suspicion at
the time, he could not have mistaken it-
It was a good hoar before he partially
recovered from the effects of this blow,
and then, in a bewildered, mechanical
way, he opened the second foreign letter.
It was dated from New York, and ran
Sua:. When 1 was n elerk in your office, yon
tried to Ki t too much ont of me bet I managed to
torn fbe- tn bie and" pay myself for time and
trauma expended on younbehatftaat
one to
me. You caught me and got me- twp year that
KWroueto yod. With the aid of my clever little
(..wife. I ham-drawn about fifteen hundred and
eighty pounds out nf you, winning two rrentt out
or tlxree. Never mind ; It was improbable that 1,
who alone knew tbe details of yrur noslbeSs rela
tions with Mr, tobyear, abould have clranced upon
that gentleman in Bong Kong, and procured a
specimen of his handwriting : scd In tne walnat
slained young man, with jet black hair and mus
tache, yott could hardly be expected Lo ratognine
the fair, smooth-faced, red-headed Tom ScotU P.
d. Am to Sarah." I regret that we could trot
square matter by a mat rim onial alliance, bat btg
tmy la not one of my little games at present. ,
Mr; "Fiel threw the letter on the ground,
pounded it with bis heel, buried his face
m his hands,' and, in a tone of agony
which might have melted the heart of his
bitterest en enfy, exclaimed : " Done ! "
Chamber1 Journal
How to Prove an Alibi.
T3ttKts'a the late trial of Thomas Hoff
man, 'in the Anne Arundel CoqntV Court,
forbe rcfobery-" Of the Harnden Express
messenger in Baltimore, an attempt was
made to prove an alibi, and a witness was
examined who testified that Hoffman had
been- with . him the morning of the rob
bery, on East Baltimore street. He was
cross-examined by District Attorney J as.
Revel, Esq, and tbe following dialogue
took place : ,
Mr. Revel How do you know it was
the day of the robbery that Hoffman was
with you
Witness-I put it down.
Mr. Revel Where; in a book or mem
orandum '","''
Witnjeae No ; on a pleoe of --paper.
Mr. RevealWhere Is tbe paper V
Witness In my vest at home.
Mr. Re vel banding witness a piece of
paper and pencil) Jf lease show the jury
how l
it down
ess (contused 11 nut it flown. 1
put it down " lth of May."
Mr. Revel WeB, put it down on
piece or paper.
WttnessI put ft down "simply " 19th
of May."
Mr. Revel Will you show us bpwT
The witness then, with great difficulty,
made figures that bore some resemblance
to tbe figures 19, and evidently could not
write.- He handed the paper to Mr.
I3?ri kSt" :'t ' '''' '' Sffl'S
Mr. Revel Did you not put down May,
Witness No; I carried that in., my
. The "witness retired, and the alibi was
not"1pToVeiv j , - ,
Simple Natare.
Habper's JBmmr, treating of the effect
of simplicity, in the midst of elaborate
and expensive artifices, says: r
Let a yovmgwomeuwifi-nohairbuther
'Own, a?nd that Simply, dressed, eater a
room wtth those whose head a are, elabor
ately built up" with a profusion of pur.-
ehased locksaMd see who wfJJ be most
admired. It is a great advantage for a
-woman, tn khese- a-ys Of artrbee, to re
maiu herself hnd thus be unlike every
one else. I A simple dress, white or black,
will produce the greatest effect when sur
rounded ' by the most gorgeous cos
tumes. These serve, as it were, as f rentes
for the former, and women are often
forced'to coulees that they have draped
themselves magnificently, at an immense
expense, for fio other purpose than to
heigh ren by contrast the beauty of a rival
In fact, they have been weaiiug a dress
Which is very becoming to others.
SouA-aa-ToBD boots are once more
TheRr are 6,359 liquor and beer saloons
m JXew. jratifcity.
Ojibbn Isabella, of Spain, has an 'in
come oT two mlllibn francs a' year.
.. In twenty ! hree weeks there have been
twenty rainy Mondays in Boston.
J TfrERil Tb a ftctory in London which
produces 40-,000-artificjal teeth a Week.
Thejib is only one town in Massa
chusetts that has not a church building.
Tub;, number of milch -cows In the
United States has increased 200,000 since
I860. vr
It takes 1,200 head of cattle to supply
Philadelphia with beef for a single day.
PoTTsvrcr.ii, Pa., Is the home of a man
who has been on a drunk for thirty -five
Taw Germans of New York have form
ed a Fat Man's Association. A 265-pounder
It is said that 800,000 Californians are
unconnected, even nominally, with any
religious body.
Brr'nieu, convicted of petty larcenies,
were publicly whipped at Wilmington,
Del., a few days ago.
low thirty three inches, thick, and so
clear that. a .newspaper can be read
through It; is a product of Minnesota.
Tub wbole number of vessels owned in
the United States is 26,393, the tonnage
being 9,144,31ft tons.
The New Hampshire Gazette Is one hun
dred years old, and boasts that it never .
Boston has bad sixty seven marriages
durinf a jHifcreaOn" wijd the groonys
were under twenty-one years of age.
A London criminal has been imprison-'
ed three hundred times. He has spent,
forty years and eight months in confine
ment. A colored pedestrian arrived at Lynch
burg, Vs., the other day, after some twenty-five
days' walk from New Orleans.
Thekk are 394 lodges' of Oddfellows.
in Ohio. Their general fund
atneunts to
f Tissue. and the widows'
fund to $800,0
twenty thousand sane people are im-
simpiy to
introduced tinwlutfhout New Zealand, an
the culture of flax Is an industry which
A 1.1VB lizard,, five and a half inches
long, was found, on a pott mortem examin
ation, in the heart of an oi whicb recent
ly died at Tremont Centre, Long Island. J
n. jUAisa uuigiai u. p. .. ..uuu;
gained possession of a hoop skirt, and
IUM.lt- till
whTeh he "cut tbe bars of his' cell window
SLWCl QU11UKD uuw istii.
HnuBAFTBk. accord in g to the la w of
Mississippi, any person sennijag or
inc a challenge, or second'earrying a chal
any , person.
rout -or tne
iVreyer .dis.
ght a duel, wil
The . Leading, iob printers
of Boston
have decided to keep a black book for each
other's inspection, nvherein shall be reg
istered the , name, of . iodiykluals who
neglect to Xr their "trill, or who order
.printing aad-bever cdltoritj' A
The blasting of Blossom. Kppk. m the
hkrbor'of Sab Francisco, was witnessed
by from oOiOOO to 60,000 perso a '; Twenty -three
toss of powder were used. Ap im
mense column of water, stones and smoke
was thrown up about one hundred feet.
In the square of fit. . Mark, at Venice,
there is a clock, and two bronze men
strike the hope on a bell. One day an
inquisitive stranger put his head between
the hammer and tbe bell, and the bronze
man knocked his brain put.
- ' During the quarter ending March 30,
1870. there were 1 ,41 5,866 letters for
warded from the United .States for
Krpe;Thepo8tage on
which amoun
w, and l ounug tn nam
. . M. . . .... I
1.3T7.854 letters were sent from
to the United States, postage; T24
A cpfy ol Sposner'a YerruytA ', tfturn.,
published at Windsor in 1821, has a oom-
Lnmnication WlAoh tbe editor prrmrro trees
crazy, and which suggests tbe feasibility
prM'opemlngVrdad', of canal, for freight,
" across New Hampshire and Vermont to
tbe Paciflct or Western Sea." . , jj-j.
. A BosTOit papei1 'says : With all opt
increase of population the past year tare
deaths have only been Increased by four
the total number being 5,538: Of this
number, 916 were by ooosumptiqa, 291
by brkin diseases, 146 by bronchitis, ltO
by cancer, and; 220 hare died from acci
dental causes." . .. jy,,
AwpARiTioir 'Rrrtoa. A' "fcovelty 'has
reached London under the above appella
tion which is said to be an invention the
ulit si iifius' of which Is unquestionable:
Without any necnimantic tricks, an opti
cal delusion, pure and simple, is produced.
To ail appearance a link is seen to -traverse
the whole length of a chain, b it doa
hot fall oft, and whence it comes or
whither it goes are inexplicable mys-
terie. jisiii-.a fi;isil
Nhw York 'does abtyht one eighth of
e whole soda water business of the
nited States. One. thousand fountains
are in MaBt in that city alone during' the
loner monbs. Une store on xJrnaaway
s', during the hottest days of the sea-.
son,' ten thousand glasses per nay. it is
computed that during the three hottest
months New Yorkers drink two bund red
thousand glasses daily.
In a history of labor embodied in the
report of the Massachusetts Bureau of
Labor Statistics, it is stated during the
reign.of Henry VilL thirty-eight years
the: -nuraber of robbers, thieves and va
grants executed in England was 73.000, or
about 2,000 per year, and in the reign of
Elizabeth " hardly a year passed by
wherein 300 or 400 of them were not de-,
voured and eaten up by the gallows, in
one place or another."
Pbof. Virchow recently delivered a
lactawf before be BerHh Medical ciety
on the Siamese twins. In the course ofi
his remarks he mentioned a case of twin
who. were, erown together in K manner
similar to the Siamese, but who had been
separated by sen operation InMefitately
after birth by theu? father, a Dr. Bohme,
ot (lunzenhausen. .Nassau. i ne weaker
Of ths twins died after three and a half
days ; the stronger is now living, and ia i
years old. "
Tint United States mercantile navy On
June 30, 1809, according to the monthly
report, No. 7, of the Bureau of Statistics
amounted to 26 393 vessels, measuring 8,-
744 319 tons. Of these, New York own-
le 1 7,175 vessels, measuring 1,319,956 tons;
Massachusetts, ,870, measuring iii,om
i L'TunAi JamMements are
tea to
Jin rone
tons: Maine, 2,944 vessel, measuring
448,777 tons ; Pennsylvania, 2,052 vessels,
ntensuriDg 25.235 ton; Ohio, l'.lM vee
sels, measuring 146 fJ3 tons I Illinois, 827
vessels, measuring 124,036 tons ; Michigan,
789 vessels, measuring 108.908 tons. The
vessel temporarily registered numbered
1,033, with a measajement of 401,046,
making a grand total of the United Bute
mercantile navy at 97,420 vessels, meas
uring 4,145.866 ten.
8om"k twelve year ago a well-known
member of the Milwaukee bar, upon open
ing his mail one day, found a ten dollar
bill in a letter. The letter was not sign
ed, and said simply that the money right
fully belonged to the lawyer, and be must
Use it as bis own and ask no rfiieetinna
The lawyer did so. Nxt year about the
same time, another letter, with another
ten dollar bill and the nine request, came;
and every year since t bat' time a similar
letter, with a similar bill, baa reached tbe
lawyer. Naturally be ha Salt some
anxiety to know who tbe donor is, but all
his attempts failed, and until a few days
ago. he was in. ignorance. At that time
a letter came with ten dollars and an ex
planation, it seems that over twelve
years ago the sender was in the city ; got
into trouble, and conld set nobody to de
fend him because he had no money. The
lawyer in question learned of tne case.
felt interested in it, defended tbe nan, and
ot him clear. I (is bill would have been
910, and the client was so grateful that
etery year he ha sent a a present the
amount of the foe.
A Suggestion for Schools.
Tinsv have a' drtftaWwl eustom In the
8.wiss schools for boya, which might be
adopted WMfa ereat advantase to all con-
L cerned in this country. During Um weeks
of the summer vacation, it is the habit of
ate tnartier to .make, with tbeir ayopila,
what arc; called voyages en riomag.; i. e.,
pedestrian tours among the subllane tnnun
teins and ehajkning valleys of that," land
of beauty and grandeur. " Squads of little
fellows UitheaV-blouses, with llieir tough
boots drawn on, and knapsack on . their
back, may be met, ' during the season, on
aljvthfe highway. tW anYnettmes in the re
motest passes of the ATnav as chlrrnnv a
-thebn-dson the boughs, and light and
pounding a. tbe chameis who leap from
crsg to Krag. TKey" "ariT prffeet
picture of iveai th and hawpinessv aattt the
treasure of fine sights that they lay up in
their memories, (rurinvabese perainbuU-
tiona, H would ha difficult to daaes.be.
W kndw of more than one urchin that
ka scaled the semmire oT tbe FanTborn,
looked down,; from ha praerplne of. the
Bevent, walked over the frozen ocean of
tbe glaciers, and gazed rn'raptu re upon the
sunsets on the Jilnrffrwtl or Mont Blanc.
Their- trampt are usrli. Without danger
and witheat much expetuu., and the lite is
one ol inot swtntmjoyment and rapture.
JTSSM s Magi
A Suggestion for Schools. The Curenlie—An important Dis-
A Suggestion for Schools. The Curenlie—An important Dis-covery.
' -Wn learn frm an extra of the St. Jo
seph (MiohJ) aronTiiiIi ittbtawt. that
Hon. John Whittlesey, Mr. Ransom, and
other leading fruit-growers of that fruit
region, have juat discovered a way by
which ewreallo iay be Destroyed in al-
raMwtMl Wcfkln'W. 0 Barold
staSeh That on the morning of the 16th
Inst Mr. Whittlhsey caUed at that office,
and-stated that on the 14th int. he killed
2,715 curculio about the roots of 200 trees,
and on the 161, in four hours, on the
same trees, be killed -1,56. Mr. Whittle
sey also stated that Mr. Bansom, Mr.
Bonelle and himself, in five hours, had
killed upward- of 5.000, in a portion of
shrQ smill nrslianrts The manner of
doing tiie work ia as follows: Pat the
orchard in the best order , level down tbe
soil about fke root rf every peach tree,
and smooth a cirete for
tar oftwo-
and-a-hail feet from the
ree as a ceiHre
Have the ground very clean around the
base r. tbe tree. - Bo not reave a single
hole close to the tree. Leave no -place
where the curculio can bide, except under
the shefter -oaprerWl) for th m. Then
put close to the tree, and .close to the
rbnnt iabW ftor VieeeS to tbe tree-
aayhttg else, for a eo vert. Tae onrenho
will conceal themselves under this shelter,
and nlay 1e destroyed by thouan ds. 1 Oo
around, every, day, tarn oyer each chip,
and still every curculio. They win gen
erally, radher to tbe chip ; bat may -often
be found on the groand under the chip.
If r.TWIlHam if Ransom has made the
.cnxpujUq and, it habit a etudy.fti rvny
Sears, i.ast year, wnen punuug iur uw
ttl'torks, he discovered that they all
niaro or uireeanva ane
tbe ttnach tree, and sheltered
themaelw.: on bi kesrok, in the hole
near the base, , and (he underside oi the
prinMtla llmba.
: Some idea of the quantity Of curculio
which will gather on a singlla tree msy be
rrndersfood from ths following facts: Mr.
Ransom say thsVon the 14th he took M,
on the 15th, 65 .and joh. the . 16tb, 60. Of
this number. 4A warn taken in clutor,M-
yftlp. to by threi'lnehe. He give
the i followigXeh stW to ue Matis
of the curculloT In the foil they seek a
warnt and sane shelter to hibernate. Thi
is eUher, hr grpvmd, or leave, stumps,
logs; rrld fence; Woods, and other eon
rrisiinli nani i of oonotauosnt.. fThe nrst
warm day in spring that starts vegetable
InVcsuWthe ebWurlO forth, and It pro-
Tn'wan? verytdYhenflT inTfeed
semilar "a'rtV
tender leaves. Tbev crawl on.9fW
and nights, and hide -under the sfcelter ot
tbe trunk pi the. Wea,-WKiM to rvad-wAru
the nights become sufficiently warm. The
cnrculio uses the gfee peach only to held
its egg- It ometUneajat the aipe peach,
also blackberries, quinces and other Irurta.
(Meoffo Tribune, May In. '
A noon store Is told of a young man
who appHefTtoaZerlaln hotel for a situa
tion, 'me tanaiora iDmm -
there- was but one place -vacant, the of
lamp-cleaner. The questioner accepted
the situation, observing that he wxntid
like something as remunerative as poeO
WW, as he was once a clerk, spoke fottr
larikuagas-fluenUy, etc. Obi , tb' of
no consequence.'said the unappreclatlve
landlord; "this business won t require
you to speak bat one language, and
mighty little of that1 '
.- . - ' -A
BCFTOOir at the. court of Frand I.
complained to tne King that Keat l-.M
threatened to nsnrder him uttering
some joke abont him. " B Redoes, ssid
FtwH "he snail be hanged tn irve
S after." " I wkh" -piled the
complainant, " your msjety would bang
him five minute before.

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