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Maxim fob thb SLad Skason Two
heads are better than one.
R ationb that one can seldom live upon
"I see ywrte on th Watch," as the
thief said to the guard-chain.
The man who had a cloud upon his
brow has since been mist.
Public Spirt Readiness to do any
thing which is likely to prove lucrative.
Tub rates of the "Washington Life are
the same as other good companies.
When a married man becomes corned,
it is perfectly proper fox his wife to pull
his ears.
Rumor iz ayagrant without a homo,
and lives upon what it kan pick tip.
Labor numbers are already securing
board for the Musical Institute to be held
in Chicago the last of August.
" Darling, it's bed-time. All the little
chickens have gone to bed.' " Yfaf(Ram
ma, so has the oh) hen."
Though money may be " the root of
evil," yet it is a " root " that we all like to
see grow on our hands.
Dobbs says he would have died Of yel
low fever in August if it hadn't been for
one thing : the doctors gave him up.
The types made one of the Troy papers
inform its readers that the polls would be
open from sundown to sunset."
Insure your, life for th amount of the
mortgage on your house.n the Washing
ton Life Insurance Company, of New
Ah exchange thinks it rather embarras
sing to lift your bat to a lady, and have a
couple of dirty collars roll out upon the
Snoops says, if you wish to recollect a
man's name, go security for his house
rent. For keeping your memory fresh,
there is nothing like this plan.
A lady, in trying to cure her husband
of smoking, has learned to smoke the
weed herself, and complains that " it is
rather an expensive habiwfor two."
Josh Billings says : "Give the devil
bis dues," reads well enough in a proverb :
but what will become uv you and me if
1. a n vr-n nirnm an t to .awlcwl (111 t
Commissioner Delano has rect i
inquiry from a Western genius, who
to know if the currency fqund with bji
five-cent tobacco should be included in bif
income return. - M
Not bad foi'a Httle girl of ten, whoBe..
knowledge of ceoirranhv is somewhat im
perfect. On heanng her father speak jof
going to the polls to vote, she very inno
cently inquired if the people of the tropics
voted at the equator: k
A Danbuby, Cibnn., fisherman, who
baited his hook with a s(naU frog, and,
afcer conversing with-a oxnipankn-a few
minutes, found thai his' lively liait bad
swam ashore and Was sitting quietly On
the rock by his side, wound up his line,
and went home.
A lady in Bangor, Me., who directed a
servant to take out and clean the win
dows in an upper story, waS intensely
disgusted when, on making a visit for in
spection, she found that Bridget had re
moved every pane of glass from the sashes
and neatly washed and piled Uicm on
the floor.
A paxntbb, Who had been employed to
paint the hull of a steamer, did not paint
it close enough to the water line by about
eight inches. The mistake was pointed
opt tr Kim and he said: " I painted it
close to me water, Bin tiie -tide went out
last night, and I could not prevent the
water from falling."
A lady made a call upon a friend who
bad recently 'been married. When her
husband came to dinner she said, " I ve
been to Mrs. V! " Well," replied the
husband, " I suppose she is very happy."
" Happy V Well, I should think she ought
to be ; she ha a camel's hair shawl, two
thirds border."
" Mamma," said a little fellow, Whose
mother had forbidden him to draw horses
and ships on the mahogany sideboard
with a sharp nail ; " Mamma, this ain't a
nice houe. "A6 Sam Rackett's we can cut
the sofa' and pull out the bail, and ride
the shovel and tongs over the carpet ; but
here we can't have any fun at all.
In a little Western town a lady teacher
was exercising a class of juveniles in
mental arithmetic. She commenced the
question, " If you buy a cow for ten dol
lars " when up came a little hand.
" What is it, Johnny ?" " Why you oan't
buy no kind, of a cow ft ten '-dollars;
father sold one for sixty dollars the other
day, and she was a regular old scrub at
"that?" ' -aM.ijMv. .
A friend was complaining to Coleman
that he should be comnelled to chanee his
tailor, as be found that a suit of cloth s
would not last him above half the time that
it ought to do, and inquired if he could
recommend him any place where he aeiyd
meet with apparel more durable. " Yes,"
said Coleman, " I recommend you to
chancer sad there yon may have a 'suit
that will last you your lifetime," .
A saloon keeper of questionable hon
esty went to a lawyer', to consult Jimi
about commencing an action of defama
tion against a- fellow townsman. " The
scoundrel," said he, fiercely, " has robbed
me of my character !" '"Ah! has he?
are yon sure of that fact ?" replied the at
torney ; " if so, for heaven's sake let him
go, for its the luckiest thing that ever hap
pened to you !"
TnREE things a lady cannot do : 1 She
cannot pass a millinery-shop without
stopping. 8. She cannot see a piece of
lace without asking the price. 3. She
cannot see a baby without kissing it. To
this a lady retorts as follows : Three
things a gentleman cannot do. 1. He can
not go through the house and shut the
doors after Mm, 2. He cannot have a shirt
made to suit bun.. 3. He can never be
satisfied With the ladies' fashion.
The po'. t firay was notoriously fearful
of fire, arid kept a ladder of . ropes in his
bedroomu&ome mischievous young men
at CanibndBTvkno wing this, roused him
from below in the middle of a dark night,
with the &ypifkr The staircase, they
said, was in flMnes. Up went the window,
and down be c .me on his rope ladder, as
fast as he could, into a tub of water, which
was placed there to reoeive him. He was
put out.
When I was teaching in Seminary,
I boarded with an old lady who bad an
opinion on every subject and expressed it.
One night a train ran off the track near
by, and in consequence there was- a deal
of whistling. Next morning the old
lady inquired if we had heard the disturb
ance. " No ; my wife thought something
was the matter, but I heard nothing.
"Well," said she, "I .-dare presume
there has been an accident, for the cars
have been whistling most all the night.
They whistled and whistled, I dare pre
sume, for half an hour. I didn't think it
possible for a man to hold his breath so
long !" "Why, mother," said her daughter,
"it's a steam whistle." "La!" said the
old lady, "I always thought that it was
the engineer that whistled !"
Charles James Fox, the English
statesman, being once at Ascot races with
his intimate companion, General Conway,
missed his snuffbox. The General was
lucky enough to discover the thief, and
seized him before he could get clear. Up
on this the man fell on bis knees, and
with many tears besought Fox to pardon
him and not expose him to ruin, for he
was a poor weaver in great destitution,
and this was the first offense against the
laws that he bad ever committed. Fox
was greatly affected, and not only let the
offender goj but gave him a guinea.
8hortly after this, having occasion to use!
tuc uva, UL I'milU UU BlKU Ol lb 1U U16
pocket where he had replaced it, and
turning to General Conway, said : " My
snuffbox is gone again." " Yea," replied
the latter, "I saw the scamp take it die
second time, when yon gave him the
money, but I thought I wouldn't interfere
Girdling Frait Trees to Make Them
A correspondent of the Boston Jour
nal of Chemity states there is no doubt
that the girdling of fruit trees is a cause
of abundant fruitage, but it by no niqans
follows from thuT fact that a general prin
ciple can be deduced, that trees would be
improved, or the crop increased for a
series of year by sBch -treatment. It is
well known that gardeners frequently gir
dle a branch by removing a narrow ring
of hark around" it, whenr-sher wish to inv
crease the sise and: beauty of the fruit;
bat it is done at the Jfepense of its vitality,
and, unless the operation is skillfully per
formed, will invariably destroy it before
the season of bearing the next year.
The crude sap, taken up from the soil by
the roots of the tree, ascends principally
through th& ascular tissue of the- albhr-
ii 1 1 in n. cuii.wniii to flm IpftVflfl of lilt1
branches, and there both this and thecal-
ion ot the carbonic acic, aDsorDed irom
the air by the leaves, are organized into
the proper substance for . the . growth of
the wood anJ'i'hitt. It then' descends on
the outside, principally through the sieve
tissue of the cambium -layer, forming a
new layer of wood and bark ; while a part
also goes to the nourishment of the fruit.
If there is no obstruction of the elaborated
sap :n its downward course, it is .equally
distributed to the branches, fruit, stem,
and roots ; but, if the bark and cambium
layer are removed by girdling, it is stop
ped in its descent, and consequently re
ceived into the branches' and fruit in ex
cess, and they are. thus increased at the
expense of the part below. In this way
we account for the increase of the fruit by
girdling. "
Professor John Lindley, when speak
ing of this subject in his late treatise on
horticulture, quotes Mr. T. A. Knight ap-
M8 touessa: r Wnen tueeourse
(fending Current is intercepted.
anatBwaiy stagnates, ana accumulates
above the-decorticated space, jrhence it is
repulsed.! aid carried upward, to be ex
pended inSb increased production of blos
soms aadSa.it." This tjSjrory is adopted,
by the 3bsfr' physiolqgufis f the prentraS
time, adSiita be de&olafratec wftfc-aft
most mathematical certainty. Therefore,
this.-uana;tHBat develop nsent ot fruit, in
stead of indicating an fmprovement'brthe
trees, must tie looked upon as a premoni
tory symptom of disordered physical, ao
tiaji, andof prematuteAeatU;
If theJ bark ad cambium layer havt
been removed by girdling, as seems TO Be
the case with the trees, the downward
circulatory connection oH the outside be
tween the upper andr lower part tg de
stroyed, and the uypW paf I at least' mtrst
die. If, however, the cambium layer has
not been destroyed, and has been so cov
ered tty wax a ml. bandages as to prevent
evaporation aim urying oi ue suiiaue ui
the decorticated part, there is a chance
fbT""8bme TjnTienf to'Iive." Tt is trde tfiaf"
some few cases are recorded ot trees
which have lived several years 'after The
bark and cambium layer bave been re
moved, but they are of very doubtful au
thority. M. Ernest Faivre, a French physiologist,
gives a statement of his recent investiga
tions on this subject, published in the
Qakdener Chronicle, about two months
ago, in which he says: "In mulberry
trees, as in all trees deDrived of latex, an
nular incisions generally produce the fol
lowing manifestations: L Formation of
a swelling or tissue restorer, at tne upper
Up or tne wound. a. .Diametrical growm
of the parte above the zone of b-irk taken
off. 3. Hardening of the wood in that
region. 4. Stationary condition of the
parte below, if they are deprived of leaves
and buds ; or, if not, vigorous shoots from
below the lower lip of the wound. 5.
More easy, more early, and more abun
dant nowering and fructification. 6. De
struction, after a variable time, of all the
pacts above the annulation."
From the foregoing observations it ap
pears that girdling trees in any form is
ruinous, and almost always fatal ; there
fore I heartily concur in the advice, given
in the Journal that orchardiste should not
experiment on their trees too lreely be
fore thev see what the final result will be
Chalk for Calves and Lambs.
When an animal is found licking its
fellow, it is proof that uneasiness is pres
ent in the stomach, and the licking of its
neighbor is a habit contracted by instinct,
with a view ot removing the unpleasant
ness. Unfortunately, instinct is not at all
times sufficient to avoid dangerous prac
tices. To overcome this evil propensity
in the young animal, a very simple expe-
Udlen is at hand. It we take lor granted
that the stomach is at all times fully
charged with acid matter, we shall, with
out much - hesitation, . find a remedy.
Cahres beinsf generally housed together
for a time, preyjCUSi-.ta. turning, out, it ie
only necessary, to procure some shallow
troughs,. into which is placed a quantity
of common ehalk, wbich the young stock
Will not fail to make themselves acquaint
ed with. A constant supply should be
kept in the troughs. If one animal has a
super abundance of acid secretion,- it will
most certainly swallow some of the chalk,
which I need not assert will as certainly
, ii . . - :.j T 1 :
mul has not acid in excess, and partakes
of the chalk, it will do no harm. It is
often too late to administer" remedies to
young stock when suffering from such
diseases as are produced by concretions in
the stomach, and the placing of chalk
within their reach cannot be made 'too
early. I hope your readers will not feil
to take this bint, as I know from Jong: ex
perience it is the best and cheapest safe
guard. In regard to lambs, the same re
marks apply with equal force, but there
are difficulties in the Way, as they are
generally more numerous and are always
in the open air ; however, where troughs
are employed for the use of ewes, lumps
Cor. Agricultural
Ravages of Dogs.
The monthly report of the Department
of Agriculture for March and April gives
a partial enumeration of the sheep killed
the past year by dogs, as returned from
417 counties, aggregating 99,389, and
showing that a complete enumeration
would bring the number up to at least
half a million sheep killed, and as many
more wounded, involving an actual loss
of two million dollars. Illinois and Mis
souri are the two largest sufferers. In
view of the above facte, the report suggests
that while a reduction of taxation i the
tendency of the times, a tax by the Gen
eral Governu ent upon dogs, like that
of British" and "European Governine"ntst"
would prove a hundred fold more benefit
than hardship, relieving 4he poor of the
great burden of kt-epiDg ihenuud society
of the intolerable nuisance of worthless
dogs, at the same time improving the
animals worth the value of a tax, and
taking from the industry of wool-growing
one of its greatest burdens ot taxation.
TriB CHrriage drive and promenade
opened at Liverpool is three miles loug,
and its construction cost 00,000
Beets and Swedes.
Seeaebody in the Cdtfmy&Q&tlemajLU
wno is pieaseu wim nis success m raismn
Ketts and swtdesjiathjs method, which
he has followed torUve years in produc
ing crops at a cost of not more than six
cents a bushel, as follows :
In tlnJkrst ptaoal have my gioun4&ll-
plowed and well covered with eood ma-
Uag . 1
throwing it to the top. Have the groun
smooth and tree from lumps and stone.
Mark but your ground in rows two feet
apart, so you can use a horse all yp can.
Most of the one-horse cultivators in use
can be set dole enough to work within a
few fciOW of the rou e. If you have nt
a good seed drill" -yon can sow Bynand,
but the crop will cost you more. When
the plants are up so you can tell them
from -the? weeds, then -commence wirfe,
and do not put it off. I use a sharp hoe
4n. tbuuung them. out. -With a litUc,
practice one need do but lime weeding by
band. Keep your. horse gofog as often as
Once or twice a week through the fore
part of the season.
I select about as dry a. tme as I can
get about the first of November, to har
vest them. Take a sharp nee, cut off the
tops and rake wieja in beeps to feed out-t
hitch Jxitff fifrsefcflo A subsoil rAwr 14
al6 tm eTuarsWe of the -Trflw ' run
the plow close to the row and not too
deep, and you will be able to pick them up
easier than so many stones. If you have
not cellar room, put themon khe ground
in not too large piles.
An exchange says, to clean grease from
old machinery and from clothes nothing is
better than benzine.
Nick Gingerbread. Four pounds of
flour, three pounds of sugar, two pounds
of- butter, nine eggs, four spoonfuls of
ginger. ''.. i
Ginger Cookies. Two cups molasses,
one of "butter or lard, four1 tablespoons' of
hot water, two of soda, two of ginger;
bake quick. j"--
Never be Worried at .trifles. If a spider
breaks. his thread twenty times, twenty
times will he mend it again. Make ud
your mind to.
f ad- thing,-
mJownll of fmrmtr?rJ&m
o it
The iBostr?
omptMids a mixturejo4 equal parts of dr
jmmjuou (iuu icucku uiiaeu lmvl) a pa
wiuq astic varnisnann useu m soon
maregL8 a cement bar noiiArtnrn
tot tfr. two cunW shaft-. onaha mol:
one cup butter, one teaspoon of saleratus
fn one cuj u yfjuij. nautt, fdpiegs,xflfc
pound raisins, one ancLa halrot curx&htsL
one teafpoOD each cjr sfltce and cinalio:
UTtnaumbler ol .wine. - a'
arope o sntrits at inuter
spooniui oi water, touch tne spot wi
51 feather dinned ir the tnivhirp anil cirt
Iherhk disappeaHmr. "furT'it ovfr
Ldiately with rajyefced m poJawatafrrYy
or tntre wm De a white mark, which will
not be easily effaced.
TotftpasT Large Fowls. Take the
fowlsWMB they are ready dressed, put
them down to a good fire, dredge and
baste theea-- well wiih- lard-; they wtil fro
near an nour jb roastinar: maka.a srravv
of the necks and gizzards, strain it, put in
a spoonful of brown flour ; when yob dish
them, put on the gravy, and' serve'" them
up with egg sauce in a boat. .
If it be reatrired to get stood radishes in
winter, during trie-severe cold, an old cask
should be sawed in two, and one-half of
it filled with good earth. The radish seed.
beginning to shoot as before, must be then
sown in, tne other halt of the barrel put
on the top of the full one, and the whole
apparatus carried down, into the cellar.
For watering, lukewarm water, should be
used, as before. , In the course of fire or
six days the radishes will be fit to eat.
. Late Transplant lka. it is quite often
necessary to transplant trees and shrubs
alter tney nave commenced growth in
spring. If cloudy, wet weather is select
ed in which' to perform .'this operation
there is little dancer of loss. Even two
or three days of cloudy weather with lit
tie or no ram will have a wonderful effect
ir preserving- the Uvea of transplanted
trees. We al way s choose Crorldy or rainy
weather for transplanting any plants that
have been overlooked, or for any other
cause have begun to grow, and we would
much rather waif two or three weeks tor
rain than to transplant in Warm, dry
weather. This, of course, refers only
late spring transpJatiug. Hearth . and
How to Prefakb, Cobn.fob Crows.
A. correspondent sends to an exchange the
following account of the manner in which
a friend prepared a dainty dish for the
crows which infested her husband's corn
field: " On the afternoon of that day, in
stead of her usual sewing, my friend took
a plate ''of coi n, a 'large needle, and
bunch of horse-hair, which her husband
brought in that morning, and sat down to
work, or nlav. as it looked to me.
Threading a hair into thfe 'peecfW;
would pass It-through a
slip the needle off the bir,
ends together and tie a knot.
and proceetxlhe sameVwit
she had sodmt doaeasre
an explanation, I learn; d
scatter about over tftftmjew
ileljtogethefwith. oUter co.
inreaoea, locjne cngst. j
ing a few keamels ef.hat with
attached, they left -Hi disBBfpr- J
trottbling thjah whQbutras rented
ne snail uruui augugrj ri-ea ntw nave
been plantedLifonr
jmB ome ano takenarooi.
pared. Ai
tWF 'J8
J .ei
En luatwas no),
-flffe hair
He also desires informationSqtajCrd
tbe best
tiisje to pruoe both apple and
peach trees.-.-vve wtgjr to prune young-ff";
apple-trees satbejumethey are plantedVf
but it this Has 1 1 1 net asrh 1 1 1 il. we jrouifl"
perform t hanjjit rstioi j
discovered our nefeeff
time of year this.mtgrtt ocgtttj, TulSic and
July are both goo? months Ttr Vhafch
prune the trees named. It branches are
shortened at thiseasOD, a jmewrf -vigorous
crowth will keej3re lafeery to follow
than if the opisratio isfdeleOMdl untSl
later. There are certainly seasons )vhich-
are lar prelerablertrr etheaW:MM yiaungj
but our rule is to cut
off T shorten
It.nn.K (nat aa otwn afla. ilicA'Mr t li u
it needs it as possible. Fora'genenfl
pruning of deciduous trees may
iciduous trees may tWdflne
in the winter munths, or just after t he
leaves ara fuljy detvelopeoj; int arig
early summer.- Hearth, and Home.
C. T. Alvord, Wilmington, Vt; has
found, says the Rural Hew Forcer, that
hen's gizzard is a good bone mill, and
their gastric juice a practical substitute
for tbe burning acid. Then with a little
of that patented material known as "dry
earth" placed under the roosts, a domestic
guano is produced which proves to bei one
of the most valuable manures that are
made on the farm or thru can be bought
in the market. As the bones are col
lected, they -are carried to .a flat stone
under his bhed and pounded wit h an old
ax or hammer just, fine' cnougb lor the
hopper of his hen-power a ill; and this
is all the time or la .r required to secure
a most valuable superphosphate. As
hwa in winter are uuatble to obtain insects,
worms, buijs, etc., on which ihey feed
summer, they eat the; :jwuiuled bone
greedily, and pay for it not yyly by the
manure produced, but fey an increased
quantity of lresh egg- always acceptable
and always valuable during ihj winter
mon lh3.
Fly tims reminds us how time flies.
To Make Cream Cheese.
For twacxeam cheese take six quarts
of new mlMBHrti i She of sweet creajKto
which add two or three spoonsful of ren
net f lMit"ttsnd until- sufliciently firm, j
Spread a linen cloth in a large basin ot
cold water, lay the curd gently . on it, tie
Ltheclothaad bang it UD to drain for four
or five hours ma coo
place then change
curd into a vessel
the cloth and
zontally with a thread ; lay the cloth be
tween the two cakes, and. again put them
in pfesj for twelve hourerir.theai pressed
enough, which can be ascertained by their
firmness, keep them in fresh grawa-a few
Uya, turning tjhem morningfand tvenieg.
They are excefleiit. Tke procestf is
1 must De
S. S. Rhoades,
in Rural Neto Yorker.
Promises to Children.
take hold and ..rrfstt. tljear-fed they
rAnNTa ouent to realize, when m i
ing promises to their children, that failing
Lei awp Luem, unless goou ana gumciem
reason is given, is a grevious wrong.
Children lgee courage under repeated
promisee that lack fulfillment. Especially
is this theVcase with farmer8,'boys. They
are-.pt ten promised, if they will bring up
aafecalforinbT)y hand, that it shall
theirs ; thMr oh to do -With as they
piease. ine cniid, nusned and eager,
takes the promise in good faith, runs and
tends and feeds his pet until there springs
up a mutual ailuct ion between the child
and -the animal. Sooner' 6r laTter the farm
er disposes, of the animal to the butcher,
or trades it off as coolly as if it was his
own, which it rightfully is not. This is
done again And again ; and by and by the
boy, discouraged with hopes proving false,
goes off into the world, to labor, and the
man rieveSf "ceases to wonder why none of
his boys will remain -with him.
This matter was 'brought out in full
force a little time since, by the conversa
tion of an old and respected citizen of S.
" I lost all confidence in my father be
fore I was fifteen years-old, a&d hfe a min
ister, too. We lived on a farm, and ever v
spring there was a ' lamb or two' that!
would haye died only for extra tending
au.ii i uui unu. uj J.
sweat antjbfApd upon the
work and
Hires, untM had a num
t animals
virtually nhe. .The the
I knew he
got pinchjBior money
fsold them
every apaj d aftt II
tmvThdianfPnroi,eMtm this nro-
ceediqg Jh4 apawer was : 'Pooh! didyou
thfck LfhJtti f ihtePll that ybunfaslf
nd be short ot hay ?
Nojsxplanaiion to soften the disappoint
men lb imujiibu ciaiMuai : i
'J maqPfp my ina tf leave Home
soohjs IMrjB old etoafthX.
If you want your boys to stay at ho
and rr you, keep their faith in
Mr lap
jc v
Runal New
Runal New York.
What the Telescope is Doing.
One of the largest telescopes in
world, it is well known, is owned by
tories of Europe and America, an entirely
new catalogue ot 250,000 stars, determin
ing the right ascension and declination of
each particular star ; so that by obscr vine
its positiop, astronomers may, in far-off
ags, be able to announce authoritatively
on its motion, and to declare in what di
rection it has proceeded through the
illimitable Tolas. At this moment it is
slowly and surely performing its sublime
work, and furnishing those far-off astrono
mers the data upon which to base their
calculations- respecting that mighty prob
lem, the direct motion of tbe sun through
Whenthis is solve, data 'U'SeT
abundant tor locating fife pDsiMoif of tbe
great central sBjn, axoQnd .w hich millions
upon millions of otJeruifl, popiaavly de
nominated stars, do, in all probability, re
yolve. The labor being divided among
the ten principal observatories in the
world, will make the share of it falling to
the Chicago Observatory, 25,000 stars
upon each one of which the moat careful
observations will be made and recorded.
It will require about ten yoara to accom
plish this stupendous, work, and when it is
done w may expect some most impart nil
Scientific American.
Evkrbtt graduated when lie was .sev
enteen ; Channing when he was eighteen
Moses Stuart When be was nineteen
Prescott whe he was eighteen ; and
Kalph Waldo JOmerson when he was
A great incentive for a man ta marry
tiS the fact that a white chip bonnet, prop
eriv trimmed, only costs the preposter
ously small some of one hundred and fifty
I dollars. ' "
The Hartford Pott says : " Newton,
; 4-wonn.. has two sewing societies, which
byij5plains wfay il b88"'1 a newspaper."
Flax Culture and Threshing.
- -
terrains for the manutneture
rulC.f?'???6 Pec",iarln '"Xl?"'
Flax crowing has become an
interest of
rnitude in
extending ti
n acres wer
re gTrovnoyTO tfve' isa)vav
last vear (18691. Its culture is found prohta
- Uhle andBs likelV to be irreaalaretimulatcd, now,
tt . . . . s . . . . ' . a. IS C. . . 1 . . . ...... .1
at lucrum at snaxKaaiiatsuam.) 11,1 wnw
it foritlio jmefl
nir the
fc - JHiilnK t.r.wv
Is which
i the
rices, naaay
the flbdrtor
-Mtn hairirinir. are in aneration. of which Ohio
TImis tliirtv-fonr. Indiana ten. Illinois slxai'd
isconsin, .YTnii"arwaurutipiH,' V i
uri and Ke
iahnidimcnt to flax culture heretofore
M1 af
uaeaaliva a
wrijfeen the Incapacity of ordinary threshing ma
chines to'thresh-4t eoenomically, owing to the
Mmli'iH'.v of the fibre or tow to catch ana
trind on evervthins: it comes in contact with
Thisrtitlicnltv. however, seems to be over
come bv the Aultman & Taylor Thresher,
marie at Mansfield. Ohio. hie is aCid to
Handle flax with latt trouble s ai other
grain. It appeaTWirlat e Mine features
which give this thresher an advantage in wet
and Dau conuiuoneu wneai, oaws, etc., yu.
Uie entire absence of revolving shafts, beaters
1 ill ( k ITS. mddlfS Rtld rollers
from tne straw
?SrZT2 "irSSrXZ
seed out of the straw enable it to take
thrtiuirh tlic hitherto troublesome JLik tow
Jit,1i(iut hindrance, arsd- -ttink. uBatHne set
wltlr remarkable raSaa HEfr JouAel . lu
duitrialixt. m
Thi Ltttlb (Jorpokal MAGAZINE for
Jane's leaned. In July thto sterling Jnvenile 1
to be enlarged and improved. Theee anbacrlblng
nnw receive onaaanmber free- if they ask for it
hnn thv subscribe. One dollar a year. I'ub-
llahed by Shwell Miller, Chicago, 111.
,5very 8ATOiVTD23, TorjJ tlTfte,
gives on first pXtrs-sai adroh-sbia UkgnaSu aM Mft
Sthiller; a full-page portrait oi Count Bismarck,
from a recent photograph; a Hkenoae of Lord
M uncaster, the anrviving member of the late party
of ciplives amot'g the Greek brigands ; and sev
eral other eicteilent engravings. The literary mat
ter is madup of choice selections from the fresh
dst of foreign rrublications. Fieijjs, Osgood &
CO., Boston, Mass. $5 00 per year. .
PACKAD'Moii.T. Among the contents of tbe
-June number are: L. Prang, the Chromo-Lftho-grsph
pub i-her, with pr.rtralt ; Influences ; What
can 1 ! sVal ; Knowing, or Man and the World
rowlti Ta : II ajta la W.allll pmtat 1 P.-ecocinne
(jhiMren 'lLeir Manaen.er.i ; Health and Dieeate
in Character ; Beth Orcen, the Fish Cnlturlst, wf h
portrait ; Yale Sketches; rnaanity SonM of lta
Cause-Its Phenomena Our (Jovernment; Mar
vels'idf Memory ; London Beggar; My Brother
tUm imams Boyi; The Mother ot W0 000 Chll-drffi'-Vy
Neiehh.ir ; Personal Hygiene ; To Da
homey and Back No. 3; tc etc. Price, 30cemt4,
or 3 a year. Address S. it. Wan, No. 88!) Broad
wax, New York.
Ail wbmen know that it is beanty, rather than
fenio, which all generations of men have wor-
hippfe4 in the sex. Can it be wondered at, then.
that 6 much of woman's time and attention
should be devoted to the means of developing
and preserving that beanty f Women kn ow, too,
that whou men speak of the Intellect of women,
thev sDeak criticallv. tamely, coolly, bnt when
they come to speak of the charms of a beautiful
-woman, their language and their eyes kindle
with n enthasJaHTn which chows them to he pro
foundly, if riot, indeed, ridieulotisly, in ear eft.
It Is part of tne natnra) paeacity of women to
pcrceivfi all thl, and therefore employ every al
lowable art to become the eoddeee f that adora
M6n. "breach to thfi contrary, as we may, ajrainst
the arts employed by women for enhancing their
beauti- thore etill etandp the eternal fact, that tbe
wrUvQotB not prefer the society of an mriy wo
mm eft'tii u- to that of a beauty of lena intellec
tual acquirement. The world has yet allowed no
higher mfaaton. to woman than to be beautiful,
and it would seem th it the radiea Of the present
age are carrying thin idea of tbe world to greater
extremes than eei, for all women now to whom
nature has denied tbe talismanic power of beanty,
tnppty the deficiency by the nee of a most delight
fu i toilet .article, known as the Bloom of
Youth,11 which has la'ely been introduced into
this country by G bo rob W. Laiud, a delicate
beautifier, which smooths out all indentations,
furrows, scars, removing tan, freckles, and die-
ckmtions from the stein, leaving the complexion
clear, brilliant and beautiful, the skin soft and
smooth. With- the assistance of this new Ameri-
jcan trick of a Lady1 toilet, female beauty ia dC8
tlned to play a. larger part in the admiration of
nrcn ana me amoiuon oi women man wi iuo irw
employed since her erention. Prof. C. '. Chand
ler, Chcmiet to the MiLropclit:iu Board of Ileal th
has recently prepared a chemical analysis of
thin delightful toilet preparation, and reported
that the " Bldom of Yonlh" wn harmleas, con
taining nothing isjurioos to the health. Ladies
need have nojear of oring this invaluable toilet
IS AArSy every druggist and fancy goods dealer
aeSjbnJM States.
f PjiM-'poi, a bom si., nevf- iwrh.
IU .1(1 oil
i-. ;
farmer phou'd tcnd for the new
tAtTactameueforJFlows.'' Costs butatrlfle
1 be worth hundred or dollars in tbe ln-
of etot Jane advertisement in saediaJ no-.
tlce column.
A Revolution in Ciokftv. Elnce fie Introduc
Uono the patent Sullora FaSCns, a complete revo
lutlon has taken -place m tMst department or rookery
to -x hlch we owe th.' luxuries or th dessert. The most
delicious Manch-.noari. J lh custard, i narlotte Ka.sev
llht. puddings, etc . are produced rrom this pa'ataoie
nutrient, at about qnc-tlUrd of Uve lunaercosa A ureal
economy or tln-e a well 'fte'mafley- Is elfected by its
nse. The preparations made from It are pronounced
by physician to be tlBabeBtaossihlc diet forconstimp-
lives, oyspept'C". anu persons suner'ng irom oiiousneso
aeDiniy. umvaie cents isLicn uo lueiu.
t in muscular screnstn as wei asm neso.
arlne Co 53 i"ark Place. New York.
annJVruirln 'ilil. ax lcie ft om the bast Irish
Moss, in enormon qnan tit lea produce an arrayjof med
ical and general u s'iuioi y Ja Its 1h or, whit b Is per
fectly overwnclmlns;- and most set all doubts of fts
superior ty as an alimentary staple eu any exisw en
tirely at rest, tt
qurng Hun. race, rornra .inn, ptmpias, raas-
woraa, salt-rheum, and other cutaneous affection
eared, and the asm made soft and smooth, by sail if Ills
CO., New Yora. rt is more eonvanlent ana esanrr
applied than other remedies, avotdlns the trouble ol
the creasy eomtkounus now la ass.
Paim Kitxwr. The tee'lmoniHlB borne to the
efficacy of this vnlaable medicine are eufTicient
to vrarrant Its ibtrrxrocUon lntr eVery nonjw. Onr
own opinion ib tbat no family anon 'a oe wiinonr a
oottie oi ii ror a - uncio Dtrar. in ntmii uniit-.
fCrRffine. and it l
ac, it is tn must enectuai
A bottle will last for a very
iw nrlc dIhccs It within the
reach ol all. On r reader -w til Tmrmber- that the
Mni-M. Pkbrt Davis Jt Von have ooened a honne
In Montreal, whence Canadian ordere are supplied.
jpm, ifu jQMk -a, u. - t
Thrice Armed!
Thrice is he armed who keeps within reach o
hi? hand a fpecUlc that at one and the fame time
will strengthen, regulate and purify his system
when edieMcrl, disordered and cormp'et).
Sach is the ihfee-fold operation of Hotetter
Stumiicb, 0)ltiT-..juvi benrvibe f&e&r apetiocUy
of that ptaodara vegetable reetorative over all
medicine tha arc merely tonics and nothing eiife.
The effect of the "ordinary astringent tine ures anfl
extrmc's upon th- bowels is disastrons, and upon
the depraved h.004 or bile they produce no bene
ficial effects whatever. In dyspepsia and Hvf-r
complaint all the fluids and humors of the body
are more or less Inlected. and the bowels are often
bat'ly coftypad -Av niimodlned astringent
inn tor ltiPTMn
-does ir finitely more harm
than irooii in tucb. caeee. In. JloateiW r'a. Bittars.
on the other band, the Bflnnnatirtk'lifrt tbtrlc ete
rdcnti are qual'fled with aperients and antteeptic
innredientB.- Tree flaeat laxatives ai:d blood depri
rents In the vegetable kingdom are intermix' d
art: h those of a purely .Invigorating patriae, and
under the operation of this admirabls ctrmbilla
tlon, tbe three important processes or inyieora
tion, rcsrotation and purification go 'cm toirether.
The rapidity with which, the disordered organiza
tion, returns to ite rlatnrsl coodirton, nnder a course
of rhe Bitters., ia due to this cauec. Kverv du-turb
ed function of the :hody Is tavorably .fleeted by
the various properties of thle comIlrcbensiv.and
well-litilaneed preparation. ! Aca general rulei tba
'bowels are mora subject to irregularities, and the
fluids more'liable to become vitiated in spring and
summer than in winter, and. tonijceib.e Bitters are
especially valuable aa a spring and summer altera
(fvc, lorrectlive and Invigorant. At nil 't caaons.
where tbe seeds of intermittent fevers infect the
air, this heaithfur-vegetsble elixir should bo taken
as a protective medicine.
Bfttcbelor's 11 air Pre.
b splendid Hair Dye li tte beet In tbe world.
i!y true and perfect Dve; harmlese, reliable, tn-
Btaneoust no oieappofntment ; no rtdicaMne
k; remedies the ill effects or bacr ees; invig
Eee and, leaven the BUw eoft and beautifnl blsci:
brown. Sold by kll Drnggits and Perftrmcrs.
: propcrlyjippued at the Wig jractorj, 10 Jtxma
. rtew tun.
Tm pareat aba sweetest (JdrHLrvsr Oil la the world Ii
Hazard A Caswell's, made on tbe sea shore, from rresr.
selected livers, Vf CAflWKlX, HAZARD A CO, New
York. It Is absolutely pws and rasa. Patients whe
have once taken K presw l aU others. I'hyolclan.
have decided It superior to any of the other oils la
star-no's rntarrh Snuff
Strengthens Weak Byes Improves the Heating,
Believes Headache, Promotes Bxpectoratlot,
Cares Catarrh lnJta worst forms, and jwfcetena the
Breath, tt corrtinnB no Tobacco, la mild, and pro
motes a pleanant sensation and beneficial results to
all who appreciate "A Clear Head." Sold every
where oy u
six. Agents.
It., New Yor
104 William Ht.
In rmmbere there Is eafety. It was npon this
principle that tbe formula of Jtnrsou's MooiTArN
II Kit b Vnza was prepared.' Dr Judson, Intending
M spend a fortune in advertieing his pills, sub
mitted his recipe t the revision of the most in
telligent and learned-phyefeiau of the age. 'And
the result is a r imple but most efficacious medl
ttne tbo Junson's Motntt-AOt Hibb Puis. They
purify the blood, remove all ebetructione, cleanse
the skin of all pimples and blotchos, and are per
fectly sure and safe in their operation. The J TJP
son's MorKTAtrr
nrKTini ti r.nm rn.w rat. Til luurm,
Irregiuiriue, Headachy, snduwny of the
iirliln! rtotn Impure bl6oM and a ae-
.i...r7i- TT.. .ftm.Aw'a MrtrrwrlTT.
ranged digestion
TTee tbe .rtrDsbtt's MorrHTATM
11 Kit
a Pn-La- and when wn have proved their vir-
mt recomm' nd them to your friends. They are1
both sntfir-eoteriV and plain. For sale everywhere.
Tiirktjt.i Batb lustitu.e.
201 Wabnah Ave.
The nasi remedy ot the aae. rr-
Wons coming to ttie cltv hoakl
takte the Baths. N ar the boieia
Roomi tnil hcarllD the Instllot.
Invalids aend Tor flrcniara. A d
tirecB R. M. LACKKY. M. t.. 294
W a has km v nue, Chicago, 111.
a oms a Waktid
-Moat lalab'ti of Kuaravlnn. N'
XI. Family Itecord.
fa. u. (JLAIIK, Minneapolla, Minn.
Throloarlrnl Hchool. U ltarlan
f i niaiers ; iau a year to poor aqdntii
.pl utA.A. Afnwtgre,afeaflvule.ra
WATKn every
to sell the
HACHIVK. the only
INK, the ont
PrMtlCaJ Family Knittlriir MrWhlne vt InvaBteA.
price $25. Will knit MJ s-it' heap r minute. A' dreaa
Mas . or Bt. Lonla, Mo.
T7-OR A CIRCULAR of irreat lafJMl to everybody
JL auareaa v. tf. ualuauAiA, j.oluo, umg
City Missionary of Boston
There Certainly ef Mt k
Cough mr Ln Kemieay.
As an Expectorant It has no Equal.
Boaroa. U . Febraary 18, 18M.
p. Dira Roa QeaUemeD : Tbe aackace
Of Allen's Look Balaam yon aant me to use anions tne
afflicted poor In my city mlaalonary work Baa proved
very acceptable and naefol. It baa tone Into ereral
fhmlllea, and with remarkable effect In every Instance
One woman baa been restored from what her phyil
dans pronounced consumption, alter several months
sickness with ootcb, areaf pam In the langa, and proa
tratlon. so that she Is able now to do housework and
assist la the support of her family, and with care and
continued use of tbe Balaam she expects enure restor
ation. Another person, a young woman to whom I save one
bottle, has received sreat benefit, so that her couch,
which was of months' stacdlns. Is sotting better, and
ahe has purchased the second bottle, and has every
Indication of a speed; cure.
A vouns man who was raisins blood, and Quite weak
and sick, has, by the use of two bottles, been much
Imnrniari unit In AlilsS todOl little at DU WOrk.
ho has had a bad oouxh. and much pain In bis lnnaa
a vnnnir mm u wnom i recommenoea itnti oi ik
for mon the put. ana unable to get rest os sleep, ba
commenced taklne it, and la now usloK tne
a Usjnnjc it, ana ia now uainx uie lounn
botOB witfi areat oenent.
lie maid to me on a recent
visit, he would not do without It. He la hoping (and
reasonably It seems to me) to be able to resume bis
work fttfain.
Very respectfully and gratefully yours,
5HARL.K& A. KOUUDY, City Missionary.
N. HARRIS & CO., Sole Prep's,
r U by all Prnsalsts.
Kid Fitting
Thl corset la constructed on ao entirely new pnnci-
file, heinff open.
Ion tiosnlhfe. 1
Doen, ana mere' y allowing inn ire-si cirGuia-
on possible, be-ides in vingpei tect ease ana comio
advantages of the common Corsets fn
ne wearer, anq ai me
wearer, ana at tne earn sane tc
nae.flinc all h-
giTing auppori
10 trie nooy.
V,.r 11.... 1,1, eMi. wtnA rnmrnrl tllW rit I-N
lit vallsd in thi MARKKT. They are particularly tec
ommended for samtner wear and warm cilm tes.
altlioush etiuallv well a anted to all seasons of the
) ear. t hey are huhly recommended by meuleal .rd
scientific men. Far sale by all first class dealers, lor
circulars, prices, address the
WORCESTER SKIRT Co.. Worcester. Mas.
Is fr enperlor to any otlver in the market for jrHndlnc
HOWIT "ni Kenpcr sMllV44V,
l'T. keens alwavB true la binned atrne lou lh t ecnat.
Isrhf-ane- and more dnrable, and after barreat can be
clamDva to a b r r table and
I aaed aa a borne and fren-
era crlnder. 8&id for ow rt,
' utnr. AtmiM vauaao.
Addnva A. T. BATES A CO.
6 8. 1 anai-f t, CMcmo, III
Free for atamp
Uuscrnpulou. parties are telling worthless Swiss
Watches bearing trademarks very nearly similar to
tbe trademarks of senulne Wa'tham Watehea.
This Is n t only a Iraud on the purchaser, but a graat
Injury to the reputation of the senulne watch.
To avoid imposition, buyer, should Insist on eettlns
venntne Waltham Watches, and take no other. This
1. tie- only s.te rule, since some sellers frequently en
deavor to sell other watches In preference on which
lartrer profits are made
Tbe trademarks of the various styles an;
amn. WATCH Co Waltham, Mass
AMERICAN WATCH Co. .Crewmen vat. Ws tasm Mass.
APPLETON. TRACT at Co Waltham, Mass.
waltham WATCH Co waltham, Mas
P R. n A RTl.KTT Wa'tham. Mass.
WM. BLI.hRY Waltham, Mass.
.Boston, !
Examine the spelling; of these names carat ally before
buying Any variation even of a single letter Indicates
a eounterleit.
For sale by all leading Jewelers.
General Agents 1 H9 Broadway II T.
$2.00. Important to Farmers. $2.00
A Kew and Mn,i . nlunble n vrn tlon. The
Ranias hud sou Aturnmeni tor now, paten v a suy
10th, 1870. The above U without doobt the Wmpiw
ajirt mi.Mf i,4rf?rt Sntwitr fiver offered to the oohllc.
Every farmer In the United Btatea sboald have ft. The
undersigned (sole proprietors) offer the folio wine
terms to the 1 arm Ing community everywhere. In ad
vance of traveling agents: Upon receipt of $2 we
w'il send, by return mall, to any address, a Farm'
Llcms tor tbe '-ubso-l A Uchment for tae uli tern
of the patent (seventeen years), acco "panled with
aEcurate f .11 size ensrravlna of the BabaoHT. by which
any Hlar.ksmttti can eaUy make It, and it la attached
to any Plow Inafew ml- utes; or a sample Kui-soliT
bj' Hi"."-i with allcrnae. Ac., on receipt of T Town
ship rights with a sao.pl e bnbsoll-r gratis. fVQ,
uostal order If applied for immediately. Aadreaa
Raymond Block. Lawrence, Kan
Wanted in a paying ail
Kjuihbdt, 41 3 Chestnut l
Bt.. PhUa
hOFfB MALT EXTBAITT. A nourl.hlng, nl ta
ble onnk, posseulng remedlM properties adapted tothe
sick, d) speptlc and encr vated As a remedy It invig
orates tint whole sy.'era, cures disorders or the stom
ach, loss of apre'lta, obstinate catarrhs, coughs,
hoarseness, scroiula, i-sls-tat consumption, eu; etc
As a nut-lment ana mlin torrlc it Is invaluable to lire
enteeblcd and couvaletc-nt ol all ases and both sexes,
while a. a pleasant beverage It taSMgbly acceptable
the ta.te.
TABKAWT A- :0.. 2TS Kn rawleh tat. W Y
Weed Family Favorite
As bow perfected and manufactured by the WmmuA.
M. Co,, of Hartford, Is tba heat and moat retaJM
For all kind, of family work in use. Responsible
Agents aa ited lb a. cry county A moral 'hAcount
the rrade. r-end for price list and terms to GliO.
THOMAS, 191 t ake-U , Chlcaso, Asent for the North
Teat. atatolkOT yam sea torn adverllaftment. ' .
IB FULLY KXPL4JNKD In a Pamphlet of 108 paces
Just Issued by HUNN A CO., 17 Park Bow. New York.
Vtm at Co., Editor. Belentme
American, the best mechanic al paper
In th- orld, 05 Yaaas gu-sautrtos)
PATErT8..-have taken Mora Patrats and
examined More lnvrntl.ns, than
any other aaency. Band skatoh aad
description for opinion.
V , and the b. si msxkA's.
llghtfal ttlmste, (oed i
Imui'.nte Immigration- B
N HA A HRU-TrbdSSly.
stamp for CatarcsTia A'M
Ladies of the
White House.
BT Mas. La trsA Cum Bolxowat.
An authentic biography of every lady wno has are
sided as mistress of the PTsataVinBSI MansVm froa.
Washington's administration down to the present time,
Showing not only tbe beautiful, bat Ota aad and
shadowy aides of their histories. IJlnsirated aatta.
numerona .toef-plate enaravmrs. For circulars am
terms address tf. rl. PIIB I.ISHIMl CO., ISO
Clark BU Cblcaso, 111., or 1 71 W. 4ta Bt ,lnclnnat
'.OOi DM .it'll .-' !.tlilB Oil
In all the World !
it , lntp'v underro"e a thoromrh change, and la
more perfect th.n ever. It Rett res Oray B'tr to
original color sireng rrent ana inures
lbs growth
M tnt
tne wtakesthslr.
Send fob .Tbeatisb ob thb Haib
8. A. CITET4MKR. . P ,
104 a?. & ., Was work.
-BfcrC HtPa JJ
And be CotkWlnoaA th the Bast
2 m
Hundreds of Thousands
Dear te-tlmony to thHr V onUer
lul CorHlTf LBtu.
? e .
2 s
- z
9 k I
B 3
Made of Poor Bam, Whlakey, Proof Hplrli.
and Kcfu.r l.iqooro doctored, .plced aad.wect-
ened to please the taste, called " TooJca." Apixiut-
" Restorer.," Sic., that lead tne tippicr w
drunkenness and ruin, bat are a true Medicine, made
from the Native Boot, and Herbs of California. free
from all Alcoholic Ht I in it lasts, mcy ara mo
(.HIM. I'li I Nt ! I'l.K aperfoot BeaovaUir and
In via. rat. .r "i the System, carrylns on" all polaonou.
matter and restoring-tbe blood to a aealthy condition.
No person esa take these Bitters according to direc
tion and remain long nnwell.
8100 will be given for an Incurable case, provided
the bones are not destroyed 'by mineral poison or
other means, and the vital organs wasted beyond tba
point of repair.
For InQnmoiatory and Chronic Bhrasna
Hem aad Gout, Dyapeaala, or Indlgeetten,
Bilious. Brtnittcnl and Iatersalttent Fevers
Diaeaaea of the Blood, Live-, Kidneys aad
Bladder, these Bitten, hare sen most anccess
ful. Bach Diaeaaea are cam d by Vitiated
Blaod .which Is generally produces by t
of the Digestive Organs.
ache. Pain In the Shoulders, Coughs, Ightncas of the
Chest, Dizziness, Boor Eractattons o, tbe BtomaOa,
Bad taste In the Mouth, BlllonsVLUat I
ktj PalplUtlon
d other pararal
of the Heart, Inflammation ot the Lu.
regions of the Sidneys, and a handled other pa
symptoms, are the offsprings of Dyspepsia.
They Invigorate thes tomach, and stimulate tbe tor
aid liver and bowels, which render them of unequal nd
efficacy la cleansing tbe blood of all Impurities, and
Imparting new life and vigor to the whole system.
Vfl RIKINa rSBABEH. Eruptlona.Tettar, salt
Rhuem, Blotches, BpoU, Pimples, Pustules. Bolls, Car
buncles, Ring-Worms, Beald Bead, Sere Eyas, Erysip
elas. Itch. Scurfs, Dlscoloratlons of the Skin, Humors
and Diseases of tbe 6k4n, of whatever name or natnra.
srs literal 1 y dug up and carried oat of the system in a
short time by the nse of these Bitters. One bottle In
Such eases wllloavtoee the most Incredulous of abetr
curative encct.
Cleanse tbe Vitiated Blood whenever yon Had Its
Impurities bursting through the skin InPlmples.Entp
tlons or sores ; cleanse It when yon nod It obstructed
aad sluggish in tbe veins ; cleanse It when It Is foal,
and your feelings will tell y n when. Keep the blood
pure and the health of tbe system will follow.
FIX, TAPS and other WORMS, lurking In tae
system of so many thousands, sre effectually iroy
ed and removed. For full directions, read carefully
the circular around each bottle, printed In four lan
guagesEnglish , German, French and Spanish.
3. WALK-EB, Proprietor. K- H. Mc DONALD A CO.
Druggists and Oen. Agents, Baa Francisco, CaL,
and XI and 14 Commerce street. Hew York,
And sand twenty -itecaatsaa a ticket aad draw a
Sewing Machine, Piano,
Or some artieia of raloa. No blank
Wda aiassuSUl j alalia.!
Ci. cititiaa. Tno
Wa- thi
vary wat
usirtHB tu
6RII Tar. Bit to U 0 per month,
ere. m.le and lemale, to tntruaucr run
improved oaMJK rami t
aw,wn uirmrw. 9U. 11 ahiaa will itltrti. be
rell. tuck. quBt, cord. bm1, braid aoC I rmbroldar Ui a
most superior msanar. Price only tlj. , rally war
ranted for Ave years We wUI pay slew) tor any a
chlne that will sew a stronger, mors baaoU;ul. or more
elastic seam than ours, irmakes the - alas! e ' ock
t tch." Every second stitch can br cut, snrt .till Ike
cloth csnnot be pulled apart without tearing 11. We
p.y Agents trom J7S to iSpo per month anu "l""''..
or a commission frost which wlce uat amo tii.t can
be made. Addr as -ECOMB A UO PiTTBBOUwR.
i t.; BOSTON. M 88., r 8T. LOIT1B, MO.
CAtTTIOW-Beware of all AgeoU selllni Machlnea
under the same name as ours, unless they can BJSWS
l ertlflcte of agency signed by as. We shall not l. Id
ourwlveaieaponslbfe for worthless Maahlnea M ha
other parties, aadsaall arrsecut I II "V'fi "
Una of using Machines B"der r.ame to the full e
tent oftne liw, unless such Machine, were oi.tal. rd
from u.oraur AgrnU. lo not be ImlJ-ed upm. Ii
parties WBO copottr advertlmnt ad otrcnlars aaa
offer worthless Machines at a leas area.
.iu-ui A w ICS I ftAvTB 1
8V1T2 SZSS&r- cTBAS-IWfw
Teats, or wina raTBarr Anjmrr.ai
10 au aaaisii iwmm "
St- Bead i
aalan. Msss. ar
Mrdlral M adneaa. -Let Us h pe '.bst the lnsana
of Indigestion, btltou.n-sa. consupaaon, aad mmaie
nrui c- of s'lnilnl.t- ring polonou.evcusni u c
S.arU. ir duced by Nature b- rsrlf lot saett valuable
aoltary Spriua In tbe world la re uTooaefd by arln ,
ri.h tt . ulnnlT out or uate. worn tne ivmirw
in as, 1 1
NT S SIBLTZBB sri.n.T. u w
'.""ifnaiBtiirt .i stem with drastic pur.a-
Uyes. This rrfresbtng and de. tele as coast srsart ofi a
reatedr prenaredVoy tse curative hand of the Om
. - -.r, . .r - BlMutf Ia wmrahrt. I nr.. r
saaing the nauseoas ana sickening compounds hsrto-
tore usea ss.axativas.
s i.l BY ALL limiuwlBia.
ya ta KiiOO per month. We want to em
ploy a good agent in every County Is the C.J.
on commission or salary to tonroddee ourFarji
Aiauasiiii Palm WAS. Wtn i2JJ
immt . hminl nuL ff you want profitable
and asset emsl.ym
B?"Tal A CO.. Manufacturer.
arldrw. It. C. I
BBJISnai ss
jr. r.
Maravlea fe- - to
fX. mm per week guaran
jt teed to erthar set ; goads new
band gluenu lor return post-
:JR S.Tsya4t, I BBgT.
and as staple as hour.
rr. u . i.iNistiTo
t NO
CO.. W. T.. CtaclanaU aad tssaaap.
tt I I. A rt
Wo. 1 Ferry W.. cor. P'- "
H Wm
twist Cliln.'O
0 D O
jv Bit oss rht'
' uwst
ta VL, Clsainnsn , osta.
1 a
El 9
. sSbbI .

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