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The Eaton Weekly Democrat
ston, Thursday, July 7, 1870.
A White Citizenship, Free Trade
-Ittepudiat ion of the BondedDebt,
Abolishment of the Income Tax,
Restoration under the Old Con
Btitution ahd no compromises
with the destructive andlnfamous
policy of a centralised despotism.
Democratic State Ticket.
For Secretary ot State.
Of Cuyahoga County.
For Supreme Judge,
Of Madison County.
For Comptroller of the Treasury,
( Bclmoi.t County.
For Member of Board of Public Works
Of Licking County.
Enormous sums are every day
wrung from the labor of the
country to support an extrava
gant Administration, maintaiu a
large army of officials and perpe
tuate monopolies, and when
complaint is raised, we are asked
to adm re the wonderful finan
cial policy by which a few mil-.
lions of the hard earnings of the
people have beeu employed iu
buying up Government bonds.
The masses cannot see how such
reduction of the debt benefits
them. Taxes remain just as
high, after a diminution of the
debt, os when it was on the top
most round of the ladder. The
Radicals steal the money contri
buted for the expenses of Gov
ernment, and tax the people
heavily in order that the pool to
be stolen may be larger.
Road the notice to Carpen
ters and Builders, in this paper.
The way to bring down the
necessaries of life to the old ante
war level, and to make the dis
appearance of the gold premium
tall in tba tqtBreeU of the In
trial and commercial classes, is
to go to work and get a Con
gress at Washington which will
execute the will of the people,
ond uot the will of the greedy
and all devouring monopolists.
In this reepeet the question is
one beyond the narrow circle of
partisan politics, aud there is no
reason why honest Republicans
opposed to taxing the many tor
the benefit of the select and para
pered few, should now, for once,
poll in the same harness with
The following speeches were
not reported for the papers, but
are thought to be about the sum
nd substance of Grant and Spot
ted Tail's best efforts:
Ulysses said: 1 am your
Great father; (puff) I love the In-
gen; (puff) I will give you any
thine you want if von will be
good children, (puff) I am very
busy just now fixing things for a
bit? fishinq. (puff poff) Fishing
is full of danger and exposure,
(puff) No tables to eat off of;
(puff) no bed to sleep onpuff)
no knife, no fork, no napkins, no
blackiu for boota, no oil for hair,
no cologn, no nothing; all out
doors and sleep on wet and cold
ground. ( puff puff") Great fath
er would be very glad to have
Spotted Tail to go long; but I
fear it would be too severe a shock
to his delicate nervous system.
Sleeping out o' nights might
give him rheumatiz. Spotted
Tail stay here till Great Father
comes back; then we will have
the big talk. Good by.
Me big In gen. Bigger than
Pale Father. Me fight big fight,
take heap sknlps, steal heap
horses, kill heap buffalo, drink
lots fire water, ugh! Great Fath
er ask Ingen to his big village for
big talk. What then? Great
Father go fishing and leave Ingen
to stay home with old men and
squaws. When Great Father
come to see Spotted Tail's vil
age would Spotted Tail serve
him so? Not mnch! Spotted
Tall would give him big pipe to
smoke and fat dog to eat! Spot
tod Tail no go tuning ana ieave
Great Father in village with
sanaws? Nary.' Spotted Tail
don't want store clothes and om
barellae; hioi want guns want
powder and halls want plenty
blankets, plenty fire water, plen
ty brass rings and plenty horses.
Great Father talk with forked
tongue, but he got nice skulp
lock though! Look well on skulp
pole. Spotted Tail go home,
drink lots fire water, go on war
path, steal horses. Whoop!
The Coming Elections!!
Congressional Address to Democrats
and Conservatives.
Dispatch to the Cin'nati Enq.
Washington, June 24th, 1870.
The Democratic Senators and
Members in Congress, t a cau
cus held last night, agreed upon
an address, which was to-day
signed and issued as follow?:
"To our fellow-citizens ot the U
uited States, friends of Consti
tutional, Economical and hon
est Government :
"The undersigned beg leave to
call your atteution to the pecul
ear importauce of the elections
which takes place this year, and
respectfully to submit sugges
tions for your consideration.
By the State Legislatures to be
elected nearly one third of the
United States Senate will be
chosen. Nearly all the members
of the next House of Represen
tatives are to be elected next
tall. Upon the coming elections
then depends the quostion wheth
er the Democratic and Conserva
tive element in the Senate shall
be increased, and whether that
element shall have a majority of
Representatives m the Houbo of
Uev.resentatives, and as a conse-
a . i 11 1
quence wnetner we snatt nave
constitutional, economical and
honest Government or a contin
uance of revolutionary, extrava
gant and wasteful partisan rule;
whether we thall have a general.
,unifdrm, just and constitutional
legislation, or oppressive ana un
equal taxation and wasteful ex
penditure. That we nave strong
reasons to hope for a favorable
result plainly apparent. the
elections already held clearly
show that the tide of reform has
ith a powor that cannot
ho blrrnduta be
committed by the friends or re
form: if thev do their duty and
act wisely; if they thrfrw off all
apathy:, and act with vigor and
steadfastness, there is every rea
son to hops that their efforts will
be rewarded by success. Let
there be no dissensions about
minor matters; no time lost iu
the discussion of dead issues; no
manifestation of narrow or pres
criptive feeling; no sacrifice of
the cause to gratify personal am
bition or resentment, and let the
beet men be" chosen for candi
dates, and we may hope to see
our country redeemed trom mis
rule; and in this connection we
bee leave to say to our fellow
citizens of the Southern 6tates:
Do uot risk the loss of Senators
or Representatives by electing
men who can not take toe test
oath, or who are under the disa
bility imposed by the Fourteenth
Amendment. Whatever may be
said as to the validity of that
amendment, or of the test oath
act. you mav rest assured that
Senators elected by the votes of
members of Legislatures who
are held by the Radicals to be
thus disqualified will not be per
mitted to take their seats, and
the"; members of the House of
Representatives thus disqualified
will also be excluded, it is the
plainest dictate of practical wis
dom not to incur any sucn nsss
... -T ' ! 1 l
We hope soon to see the day
when all disabilities will be re
moved; but in the meantime do
not, we BjOWiat you, lose the op
portunity to strengthen the Le
mocratio and Conservative force
in Congress, and the possibility
nay, the probability, ot obtaining
a majority in the next Uouse ot
Representative, by putiug it in
the power of our adversaries
overthrow or disregard you
The above address was signed
by every Democratic and Con
servativo member of Oongress
whijh we omit for want of space
"Ths Fourth of July."
is the title of a poetical produc
tion by a young lady of this town
sent ne Jor publication. It
well written. It reached us en
tirely to late for an early publi
cation. The writer evinces
poetical talen, which if cultiva
ted, mayggive her a prominent
place in the literary world.
The advance agents of the
great "mosqueto troupe," aro all
postiug their bills iu this place.
The air will resound with the
musical cadences of these expert
sougaters, and ''blood will tell"
in many instances.
For the Democrat.
Eds. Democrat: Mr. Lough,
alias "P. Q." is so untruthful, to
put it in its mildest torm, that it
is hardly wcth the while to
spend words with him, for be will
deny In the face of positive testi
mony. I know from the maun
script and can prove by E. T.
Oburn who put it in type, alld by
other evidence ae positive, if uec
essary, that Mr. Lough did write
the "D. Q.' letter, and I can
prove that there is not on6 word
of truth in the whole letter. 1
am prepared further to prove
that every sentence, word,
letter and figure that I have
furnished you concerning Mr.
Lough, excepting in my first let
ter I eave $1,500, which should
have been $1,500,50, and $1,505.
which should have been $1,506,15
but they were on the safe side.
As he still denies his return
through this office to the Audi
tor of State, I ask you to publish
it from the original on file at this
office, that your readers may see
tor themselves.
Of the amount of fees and compensa
tion received by, or doe to, thd Recorder
ot Preble County, Ohio, for the year end
ing the first Monday of September, A. D.
Amount of Fees received $1,475 60
" due and unpaid 25 OO
Total tor year $1,500 00
Ain't paid tor clerk hire: deduct 50 0O
Net compensation for the yearf 1,450 00
The State; of Ohio, Preble County, ss.
I. W. H Lough, Recorder, of said
County, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is just and correct.
Sworn to before me. and subscribed
in my presence, this 30th day of Septem
Auditor of County.
I am authorised by John R.
Stephen to say that Mr. Lough
makes a raise statement when ne
says that I was satisfied with the
examination that wa made, and
Mr. Lough knows it, for Mr.
ough has a oopy of Mr. Ste
phen's letter to the District As
sessor, and I now demand that
Mr. Lough have the said copy
published o'r rest under the false
hood. I again say that Mr. Lough
admitted that his fees tor re?
cordine deeda, mortgages and
leases, average 90 cents each, and
I can orovo it bv John K. ote
pheu and another credible wit
ness besides myself, whose name
I do not feel at liberty to use, the
alj,ui8,i01, t
presenceof the two witnesses and
Can any one see any good rea
son why Mr. Lough brings the
Church into the controversy f-
This partially reveals the base
purpose and auimous ot the man.
1 regret exceedingly, with ma
ny ot our rrienas, mat mere
should be a news-paper contro
versy of this kind, but 1 do not
see how it could be avoided on
my part, lor I will not rest under
false charges when I have abund
ant evidence to prove them false
For the Democrat.
A Card.
ltd. Democrat: In my com'
munication of last week the prin
ter, in the paragraph in which
Mr. Walters is named, makes me
say "Mr. Walters iike many oth
ers is most heartily disgusted
with his (Lake's) course. In
justice to to our friend Mr. Wal
ters, who was acting only as
peace-maker and not as partisan,
I wish to sa that my manuscript
reads: "Mr. Walters like many
others are no doubt heartily dis
gusted with this course," &c.
I also intended, but omitted
to say in my last that with (his
frank statement of tacts,, propo
sition for conciliation, in
which statements 1 admit
blunder in perhaps both my sta
tistical reports for lbw, 1 de
cline any iurther controversy in
this . way. And will further
state that what I have said or in
tended to say has been in self-defense
against one who has sought,
now seeks, and perhaps will con
tinue his efforts to traduce my
character by false and conflict
log statements unfounded ia fact,
as 1 can show any candid man
who mav ravor me with an in
What is an Editor? "Why,
he is the man who reads the
newspapers, writes articles on
moat any subject, sets type, reads
proofs, folds mail, runs on errands
saws wood, draws water, works
in the garden, talks to all who
call, is blamed for a hundred
things which is nobody's busU
nesB but his own, helps people
to get into office, (who forget all
about it afterwards)and frequeut
lp gets cheated out of half his
earnings. He puffs and d.es
more to bnild up a town than
any other body, and tho miser
and fogy are benefited thereby;
yet they will say that the editor's
paper is of no account, will not
advertise or take the papar, but
will borrow it. Who wounldn't
be an editor?"
For the Democrat.
Eaton, O., July 4th, 1870.
Ed$r of Democrat: la Mr.
LougB's letter to your paper of
June 30th he makes me suy that
I am heartily disgusted with his
(Mr. Lake's) course. This does
Lot correctly f tate my position" as
to the controversy between Mr.
Lough and Capt. Lake, iu which
I have takeu and desire to take
no part. In conversation with
Mr. Lough I did say that it was
a pity that Mr. Lough and Capt.
Lake both being soldier?, aud
now county officers, should have
such a difficulty, and that bought
to be arranged wjthout a public
controversy. I had no intention
then, nor have I now any wish to
take sides with either party In
this matter, and was surprised to
see even an attempt to put in
print an account of our private
conversation, iu which J. reterreci
to the controversy solely tor the
purpose, and iu the hope, that
what I might say would lead to
an adjustment of the trouble be
tween the parties referred to.
Iu justice to Mr. Lough I would
any that be claims that the por
tion of his letter in which 1 have
referred should have been print
ed "heartily disgusted with this
eourBO'' 1 can only add that 1
do not think that anything I said
in private conversation auuuiu
have authorized the use of my
name In a letter intended for the
public, as the little I did say was
for the purpose of reconciling the
parties. I theu expressed and
still express no opinion here as to
the merits of the unfortunate dif
ficulty. I then regreted and
still regret that it ever occurred,
as I have regarded both parties
as friends to me, and have respec
ted them for their services in the
field, and geutlemanly attend
ance to their duties as public
officers of our county.
A Wonderful Microscope.
Rev. Daniel Wise, D. D., editor
of the ew York Sunday School
Advocate, thus speaks of the cel
ebrated Craig Microscope :
" Its simplicity, cheapness ai.d
great magnifying power struck
me with surprise. Then I was
examining a fly's eye by its aid,
and was struck with wonder
at the skill and power of the Cre-
ator which is displayed in its
strode 3hAn j sar a tUte-U
ment in an advertisement that
the Craig Microscope magnified
one hundred diameters,- and could
be bought for $2.75, I thought it
was one of the humbugs of the
hour, for I had paid $20 for a
microscope not long before. But
now I fiitd U to be a really valu
able instrument, which I should
lLke to see introduced into the
families of our readers in the
place of manifold useless toys
which pleas for an hour, and is
theu destroyed. This microscope
would both amuse and instruct
them and I advise every boy aud
girl who wishes to know the
wonders which lie in little things
to save his money until he has
$2.75, which w 11 pay for the mic
roscope and the postage when
tent by mnil."
As a holiday gift this micro
scope is unsurpassed, being orna
mental, instructive, amusing and
cheap, and never losses its inters
est. Agents and dealers suppli
ed on liberal terms. A sample
will be mailed, po6t paid, to any
address for $2 75, by E. II. Ros.,
313 Locust st., St, Louis, Mo.
Read the advertisement in this
paper. june9.3m.
Be suryou read the advertise
ment CiHreatest Work of
the .Jg-e,'- in this paper, j 9.3m
Good wholesome Viuegar.
Any one can make it: See ad
vertisement of W. H. Bishop, in
thiB paper. june9.3m
This Microscope is simplified
and adapted to popular as well
as scientific use. A now optical
wonder! This is the only instru
ment of high.power w hich requir
es no focal. adjustment, aud there
fore can be readily used by every
one, even by children. Costing
only Two Dollars and Seventy
five Cents, by mail, post paid, it
is within reach of all in the com
munity, and should be ou the
table of every Practioner. Read
adverisoment in this paper.
The Ckais Microscope adapted
to popular and scientific us.
Read advertisement. Price $2.75.
Subscribe for the ''Democrat.'
We are under obligations to our
worthy Clerk, D. B. Mohlow, for the
following Court Reports.-
District Court met May 9th, A. D.
1870, Hon. Lerov Pope, Hon. W. J.
Gilmoic, an.l Hon. J. C. McKemy on
the bench. In session two days.
Docketed at commencement of
term 17 cases. The following were
disposed of:
Davis vs. Whittenger remanded
to Common Pleas.
Hendricks vs. McClellan remand
ed to Common Pleas.
Geo. Moyer, Administrator of Jno.
Moyer, vs. Catharine Moyer Judg
ment of Common Pleas affirmed.
Samnel Aker vs. Jno. Ashinger,
Administrator of Chas. Stecker, de
ceased Judgment of Common Pleas
Dayton Insurance Company vs.
Joseph L. Kelly reserved for Su
preme Court.
Adam Leas vs. Wm. L. Albright
Deed in favor of Albright canceled
and reconveyance in favor of Leas
ordered. AU other cases continued.
Messrs. James C. Elliott, of Preble
county, O., and Alexander F. Ander
son, of Paulding, O., after thorough
examinations before the members of
the Eaton Bar, conducted by Capt. J.
B. Stephens and Esq. Solomon Ban
ta were admitted to practice as At
torneys and Uounselors at Law in
the various Courts of the State of
Ohio. Adjourned sine die.
D. B. MORROW, Clerk.
The following is a synopsis oi the
business transacted at the June term
of the Preble Common Pleas Court.
Court met June 6th, 9 o'clock, A.
M., Hon. W. J, Gilmore on the bench.
Docket at commencement of termS
2d trial cases; ol these, Uaniei atelier
vs. W. H. H. B. Minor was dismissed
without record; remaining seven con
tinued. Of Code causes 156, whirh
were disposed of as follows.-
Judgments taken and cases dismiss
ed at costs ot parties, do; compro
mi.-ed, 3. Of Partition cases, parti
tion allowed and sales ordered in 2;
Distributions, 2; Alimony decreed in
two cases.
There were two civil jury trials
during the term.' Israel Garrison vs.
John R. Leslie suit brought for dam
ages in $20,000 for slander; jurv
found damages for plaintiff in $200
and costs; thereupon plaintiff moved
for second trial which was allowed
by the Court.
Jacob Shovvalter vs. V.l. Miller
amount claimed, $60.00, with inter
fram March i855t jury found for
plainlifTamount claimed, interest and
costs ot suit, thereupon defendant
moved for second trial, which was a!-
lowed by the Court.
In the case ot Henry black vs. K-
ra3tus C. MrCrillis damages claim
ed, $2,000, trial before the Court,
damages found for $o00 and cost;
defendant moved for second trial,
which was allowed by the Couil.
The remainder of Code cases are con
tinued. On the Criminal Docket four cases
were pending at the commencement
of the term. The Grand Jury was in
session four days examined 92 wit
nesses and found ten true bills of in
dictment, as follows:
Tim Crofton & Wm. C. Steele; in
dictment for shooting with intent to
kill; Crofton tried by jury and ac
quitted. Wm. C. Steele, assault and
battery. Steele entered into recogni
sances in both cases aud cases con
tinued. William Harbarger and Stephen
Adams; indicted for kidnapping. No
Thomas Cox and Paul Nailor, for
stabbing and assisting to cut and slab.
No arrest.
Jos. P. Pornshell and Hiatt Cain,
for violation of liquor law. No arrest.
John Early and W. H. Pundell of
West Alexandria; violation ot liquor
law; both arraiged, plead guilty and
fined in $100 damages each and costs.
Theresa Herrlich; violation of liquor
law; arraigned, plead not guilty, gave
recognizance; case continued.
Elmore Thomas; indictment for
carrying concealed weapons; tried by
jury and acquitted.
Will-am Wallace and John Wal
lace; sundry indictments for stealing;
forfeited recognizance for $200 and
The Grand Jury submitted the fol
lowing in regard to the jail, after duly
inspecting it.
We find that said jail is not a suit
able or convenient structure for a
prison; and we recommend the build
ing ot a new jail for this county.
D. B. MORROW, Clerk.
Eaton, O., June 27, 1870.
A Strong Party.
Tho Gazette Courier, (Radical,)
remarks that "the Republican par
ty was never stronger than it is to
day." We were painfully convinced
of the truth of this statement only
a few days ago by taking a seat in
a street car which was crowded
vtith a delegation of colored Re
publicans, while the thermometer
was up in the nineties. If it is not
a "strong party then we can't
Bass Bali- The Eaton IXL Club
to day (Thursday), for Dayton, to piny
match game with the Dayton club
tvton lALs stand in readiness to play
with any club that mav desire to measure'
bats with them.
The Trichina Spiralis or Pork
Perhaps it ii not generally
known that the much talked of
trichina spiralis, or pork worm,
was first discovered in America
by Dr. R. C. Kendall, of Phila
delphia, Pa., with thut American
instrument known us the Craig
Microscope, costing only 2 75,
after repeated failures to discov-
er the worm with an imported
miornoriP. nostino- 855. "of feeb
1 - j -
ler power and lees reliable." This
act Dr. Kendall stands reody to
prove at any time. The "Craig"
Microscope la neat box with full
direction is mailed anywhere for
$2.75, by E. II. Ross 313 Locust
St., St. Louis, Mo. Read adver
tisement iu this paper. jnue.9.8.; .
Fresh Eggs and Yellow Bu tr
can always be had. Read the
the advertisement ilGreatest
Work, of the age." in this
paper. jnne9.3m
How many housewives ore
there who have experinccd the
difficulty of obtaining good vin
egar. Head the advertisement
ot W. IJ. Disuop iu this uhput.
j n ti (.9.3 1 ii
and read the ad vetisement
"Greatest Work of the
in this paper. jiine9.3m
Tear hern Wanted.
Teachers wanted for all the de
partments of the Public Schools
ir Winchester, Preble County,
Ohio Principal, Intermediate
and Primary. Applications will
be received to July 4th 1870.
Address James Sayi.er,
Gratis. Ohi r
Is fart ttiuring faTO.- in th II. us -I old
a-, ih jwii ly i he & ilea ot Las Y.'- r,
Antou'itui? to ghti-six Ti.om
and. sevco tlundnd and
l'.iirhty One Machine',
which far exceed
I hot of any
other Coo'r
Pjt !
Egg; IMa ha f
Thi new FAMILY MACP tXE is
capable of a range and variety of. work
such as Was !hOuht impossible, a short
time ago, to perforin or machinery.
v e chum, nni can show those whom m
may concern, that it is the- chrp'-t
most beautiful, delicately arranged
nicely adjusted, easily operated, and
smoothly tuuiiinfr of all the (amily Sow
ing Machines. It ia rcnatknblc, nrt
not oiily fur tho range and variety of i.s
scwiug, but ulao, for the variety und
variety of sewing, hut also for Ibe varie
ty and ilfereiit Kinds of Texture nlek
it will sew with eqtiAt facility and per
fection, using Silk Twist, Linen or Cot
ton Thread, Hi a or coarse, making the
Interlockcd-Elastie-Stitch, alike oa boll"
-sides of the fabric oown. Thits beaver
cloth, 1 or len'her, may be sewn with
srreat strength and uniformity of stitch,
and iu k moment this willing and never
weaiying machine may be adjusted for
fine work on i auze or gos anu r tissue,
or the tucking of tarlctan, or ruffing, or
almost any other wore which delicate
lingers lave been known to perforin.
Put chasers can soor he convinced
that onr new Family Machine embodies
New and essential principles simplicity
of constrDCtion ease of operation nni
lorniity f PRKCISE action at any
speed capacity for range and variety ct
work, fine or coarse, leaving all rival,
b.-hind ii, .
The New Family machine tnuy be had
in a variety of folding covers and ,'ases
Some show in polished surface only the
grain arnd tint of the wood, while others
are ' finished in all the elaboration of art
Tor Hemming, Felling, KnfBinz, Braid
ing, Bindiig, Gathering, Tucking En,
broidering, and so (onh, are not on!)
numerous, but now brought to great
perfection. JUost of them can be it
' iched b a bimple move of the hand.
be qaali'y of the work c.n only be fall
ppreoiated on observation and exam
a:nnd beaut v of finish.
Machine Twist.
OIL, &c.
We have and shall keep in stock at.
our Central Office, and Agencies, on
spools of varionj sizes. Twist of all
sizes and co'ors, Linen Thread, Spool
Cotton Oil, and all other articles ne
cessary in the oae of our machines.
We wish it understood that we mann
laclure Ih Twist sold by us; that we
shall aim to have it excel in nualitr and
exceed iu quantity, f r a given ptice.
that of other msnafucturers, and that
the Twist made by us in our new and
extensive mills, supplied as they are
wiih the most improved mncbinery and
aWillel labor! can be elied on for the
desirable qualities of un.formity of s
viiness. I'-njjlh of thread as tnsrlfed on
leftleaeh snool, strength, excellence of color
, tuaras I.
Fourth St.
March 10, lS70tf
The Celebrated Patent Cregff
Durinir the naat Six Years its
Worth bus been testified to by
thousands of sc enttntr JSe.
behool I eackcts, fefudent , J uv
sicians, and others.
Sirnplilicd and Adapted to
Popular ub well as H:lentifij u
it is nr. Optical Wond .r. lf
Magnifying power Is
t wjmm mi
ComTmdiig onnleil instruction with
atnosenvnt ; A Ueautilu' viu. ana oise
that never loses its in'ercst reveals I ha
unseen wonders of emotion, ril Vin
egar, Animal in water. rhs Mite,
Sugar ued Itch fnie' ts, Milk Global,
Adultrrations in Fwod and Urngara, Also
the Tricbtnu Spiralis or Fuck Worasa.
A v-ry beautiful Ond ornimental fn
sirtimsmt, should be on the labia ol ever
Family, 1'bvic an. Scientific Man. Stu
dent and School.
An L'nacen Kingdom Is opened to tba
eye by this Instrument. Ho lwer of toft
beautiful xboukl bo wilhoul it.
Krery Iustrtimrr.1 is put spina neat
Vx, with full direciiott foramag it cae
j fully pasted on the cover. Tfeousaud
'".are been rent by mail, and lite propri
etor gnarantees a safe traasit to tftck
iufctrntnent. We are sending them ovary
day. Trice by roril. postage Drapaia,
$2,75, or with wo Mourned Objects (ft.
Address. B. II IIOSS.
813 Locust Strert. St. Looia, wo.
ju ne23o
froauce u enter, .Every .Farm
er, jsvery Dairyman, Mrtry
MuiiutMC urur, JCver bly .
Yo& Caam. Afford to b
Witliout it !
IT 0ON1AIN8, Tba surest and only
certain in- tli od to keep Kggs Kiesh ai l
Sweet for at lejst o.ie yoar The omi ia'
less than half a Cent per dVSua, and t
this mm ho I Egs bongbt at eiirht aad
ten cents a do-n during thi- Summi r,
can be k j -i and sol I through the YTin
irr nnd sold f r ih'.rty mid fifty cento.
When oi oe known ih.s metb-wt will take
place of aU'olWia It d a n ji T-inUb
the Kgg or give it the :i(.aia'ica ol ago.
WhiMi Ciffercd for oaie it oarioot b Uld
either by appearance or qaality from
fre-sh laid Kgg
JTCOS 1AIKS. The brstrecetr.i ewrr
pub ifccd ot' rendering sour and rancid
wttcr-petfoeijjr. sweet, aud a'so how to
rive a umtorin mio natural color V rrai'w
ai:d Streaked Uuttor. and 'he boot mn-
nrrof mixing and repao'win luUrr lr
These Two Keeefptt . e
are Worth Mnndrcd of
IT Tf LLS, The cheapest and best
modes ol manufacturing Washing Ciu.
piiui'd. Hw to make llaru and J 4.
Soap. Inks Caodles 1'ainU, Varnishes,
( ' ineii m, nnd Ua king Powders.
IT TELLS, How to Oearsfy Honey
so as to ie)l lor r. early twice the common
IT TELLS. The loteat anal heat maslo
of nailing aud curing Hawse and all hind a
of meat ft, . A,
IT TEL I S, How to Dva Clothes of
shafts aiul in 'ast eo'ort,
IT ITKS. ValuaWlo Receipts f..r
ennrg Burrs, Soroa, Cute. Yeloba, frost
Kites, Cancer, Ear Acht-s, Tomb Aches.
Kin" Wo in. with hundreds of eihr
"new art! valuable methods, with fast di
rection i, so that any one-ran oue them.
IT TELLS, How to take os Traut
Stains, Ink .Sir ins. Iron stu it Saaine,
ond Taint Siuiiu fi am. Cloth and Silk
IT TBLKS, ll.,w to counteract frost
upon trees, a valuable receipt.
T TELLS, How to Tan Fnr, either
with or without the hair or wool on, and
how to imitate those of upvrioa grade,
IT TELLS, How to make the bes'
CiMrling Fluid Ua making ihe hair grow
in beautiful flowing tin,-lets
IT TKi.f.s, How to Feed Bans oo as
to make th,-m lay all the year round.
IT 0IVE8. Over Five Hundred rare
aud valuable Receipts and a ccmplete
guide to the luonnlactaro of he ad reds ol
useful and Saleable articles, including
fatent Mrdicinoa Perfumery, and ToiWi
and Dental Articles, and man) others
easily mode, at trifling oof, a, id Mtting
readily at largo profits, with many manu
facturers secrets, 4c.
Sent by mail, free of postage, fur
ONE HOLLAR, For sale by Wsa. H.
B1SUOT, St Louis, Mo. Agent for ik
publishers. june23ai
Dealers iu First Claas
Family Groceries
North-Baron street, EATON, O.
June , 187 71. I
Dayton Eaton Om
nibus Line.
THE unders.jned will aM a IaJlv
Omnibus line bstweoa Daytoo I
Eaton, as follow":
Leave Eaton daily at S X0 a. sa., arri -vinr
at Dayton at T0k. at.
Leave Dayton at 1 p. sa., arriving
at Eaton at 6 30 p. m.
Prompt connections madewitb No tl
ern trains at Darton.
Passengers will be called for bv lea .
ins t'leit address at tba Doom Hawse,
Dayton, and the E xress Ofcce, at
the Drag Store of J . P.pBrookins A Son,
Eaton, O.
All orders andcoramissiona proasiilry
after ded to. JAS. TORRKNCK.
n. 1 6Syrl.

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