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The Eaton Weekly Democrat
, -
Baton, Thursday, July 14, 1870.
A. White Citizenship, Free Trade
-Repudiation of the BondedDebt,
Abolishment of the Income Tax,
Restoration under the Old Con
stitution and no compromises
with the destructive andlnfhmous
policy of a centralized despotism.
Democratic State Ticket.
For Secretary of State,
Of Cuyahoga County.
For Supreme Judge,
Of Madison Couuty.
For Comptroller of the Treasury,
Of Belmor.t County.
For Member of Board of PobHc Works
Of Licking County.
Meeting of the Democratic
Central Committee of
the District.
The meeting of the Chairmen
of the Democratic Central Com
mittees of the Third Congression
al District of Ohio, was held at
the Bickel House, Dayton, on
Monday, Jul 11th.
Present Jhon E. Greer, of
Montgomery county; W. C. M.
Brookins, of Preble county, and
R. W. Andrews, of Butler co.
John E. Greer called the meet
ing to order and stated the object.
On motion of Mr. Greer, Mr.
M. B. DeLaCoart, of Butler couu
ty, was elected Secretary.
On Motion, Mr. Brookins was
elected Chairman.
A letter from Lebanon was
read, stating that the Chairman
of the Democratic County Cen
tral Committee of Warren county
could not attend the meeting
A resolution was adopted to
MfltRB the basis of lepiqaswUttioia.
in the Congressional Convention
of the Third District, one delegate
for every 150 votes, and one for
every fraction of 75 and over, on
the vote cast for Pendleton in
Butler, for Pendleton 4879 33
Montgom." " 6420 43
Preble " " 1664 12
Warren " ' 1875 13
On motion, it was resolved that
the Democratic Convention of
the Third Congressional District
shall be held on the lgth day of
August, 1870, at 10 o'clock a. m.
A vote was then taken on the
question of the place of holding
the Convention. W. C. M. Brook
ins, ot Preble, voted for Hamil
ton; John E. Greer, ot of Mont
gomery, voted for Dayton; and
R. W. Andrews, of Butler, voted
for Hamilton. Hamilton was ac
cordingly selected as the place.
On motion, It was resolved to
have the proceedings published
in all the Democrctic papers in
the Third District.
On motion, adjourned sine die.
John E. Grub, of M'tgomery,
W. C. M. Bookins, of Preble,
R. W. Andrsws, of Butler.
L. B. Dk La Court, of Butler,
The Springfield Transcript
makes the following happy hit:
4 "Two dollars per day and
Roast Beef was once a political
rallying cry. Now the Radical
task-masters of New England
raise the cry of "Sixty cents per
day and roast Rat," for working
men. How do the workingmen
of Springfield, who have enrich
ud these New England lords by
sustaining an unrighteous and
uniair tariff through their votes,
like the sound of this new rally
log ery."
"You dare not strike," says
the New Eneland Factory own
era to their employes. "Ship
loads of Chinese coolies are com-
inc. and von must submit or
The Senate of the United
States votes to abolish the in
come tax, and then tarns around
and votes to continue it. The
Senate treats all such matters as
taxing the people with very little
eonsideration, and as a joke.
The Chinese do not come to
this country as immigrants, bat
as cattle, to be sent here, there,
anywhere their master may de
termine. They are assured their
$23 per month for their whole
time, bat whether their work is
in Massachusetts or Michigan
whether it be t peg shoes or dig
onions, to rock cradles or spread
hay, they neither know nor care
The opposition to Chinese labor
is not based, at present, on per
sonal hostility, on repugnance to
race, or eveh on the fact that, as
Importations their (virtual) slave
labor is set down by the side, with
free labor; that they are uaed ae
as tools iti the hands of cunning
men, to beat down the just living
rates now received by workmen;
that they can be put to-day at
this, to-morrow at that in other
words, they are to be used as a
disturbing element, not at all in
the interest of the public, but to
the the pecuniary tetriment of
the laborer and the moral degra
dation of the status of labor
throughout the land. Spring
field Transcript.
Is a Man's Money Worth More
than His Life.
According to Radical theoriz
ing, it is. They insist tnat tne
Bondholders should pay no tax
because in the exigency of the
nation they came forward and
gave the Government the use of
their money; but we are not a
ware that they have made any
such grateful provision for the
soldier who came forward and
offered the Government his life.
We know a soldier who lost a
leg at Murfresboro after three
years of incessant toil and dan
ger in the service of his couutry,
who pays taxes on his horse and
cart with which he keeps his
family out of the jaws of starva
tion, while iiving within a stone's
throw of his humble domicil, re
sides a man who bought Govern
ment Bonds at forty cents on the
dollar, and holds fifty thousand
dollars worth of them, on which
he pays no taxes, The dead sol
dior's widow pays taxes on her
only cow, but the aristocratic
Bond holders pays not one cent
on his hoarded wealth. Let us
have eauality. If the use of
money borrowed on a big shave
at usu-ou6 interests is worth ex
emption from taxation, the use
of muscle, blood, health, life, in
the nation's straggle is equally
worth exemption. If we are to
continue to exempt the rich
man's bonds, let the property of
our million of soldiers meet with
like favor.
Every vote cast to reimpose
the infamous income tax was
cast by a Radical Senator, while
every Democrat voted to lift this
burden from the business and
business men of the country.
This is an important fact, and it
should light the path of every
bueiness man at the coming
A suit was recently brought
iu New Orleans under the Social
Equity law of Louisiana, against
the proprietor of an ice cream es
tablishment, who refused to re
ceive colored applicants for re
freshments. It resulted in the
disagreement of the jury which
was a mixed one. lhe negroes
objected to the freedom allowed
by this statute, one colored juror
declaring that he did not - want
white men as visitors at colored
people's balls, "to come there
and take my colored ladies
away." This mixed jury .busi
ness is an outrage upon all the
plainest ideas of justice, and that
fact is apparent whenever the
experiment is tried.
Delano is to steal gently
over to Kentucky this fall and
stump the State for the Radical
party. Send a few more such
men as Delano, and Kentucky
will roll up a larger Democratic
majority than she ever did be
Uutler says that a man
should not always depend upon
seeing alone. He is more certain
to get through by feeling than
by seeing only. The th usands
of silver spoons now in the form
of legacies in the Butler family
can testify -that the Beast felt his
way pretty successfully through
'the South
[From the Sanfrancisco Examiner.]
Most Fitting.
It is most fitting that Massa
chusetts should come forward as
the champion of Chinese coolie
labor. She did more than any
other community to fasten Afri
can slavery upon the South.
At the adoption of the Constitu
tion the feeling was decidedly
against it in the central StateB.
Had the ilave trade been at
once prohibited, there is no doubt
but that the institution of slavery
would havs been abolished pea
cibly years ago. But the New
England States, Massachusetts
taking the lead, combined with
North and South Carolina and
passed the clause In tbe Consti
tution legalizing it for twenty
years. in those twenty years
more slaves were imported than
in the century previous. The in
stitution became a fixed fact,
through New England's cupidity.
She drove a profitable traffic in
dealing in human flesh buying
slaves in Africa with ram, calls
coes and gewgaws, and selling
them at enormous profits to the
Southern Planters. And now
her people have taken up the
Chinese business. They are sub
stituting Mongolian labor for
white in her factories. The white
toilers asked for a ten hour law,
and this was refused. Such un
reasonable laboring men and
women must be got rid of. And
so they nave been importing
Chinese. The matter was belore
the Legislature of Massachusetts
the other day in the shape of a
bill to restrict such contracts to
six months, but it was voted
down. And thus the men who
have just deluged tbe laud in
blood to get rid of African sla
very place themselves on record
in favor of establishing Chinese
coolie :sm. O, the hypocrites!
For striking Congressman
Porter, in Richmond, Virginia,
Patrick Wood is imprisoned iu
theWashington jail three month-
with chain and ball to his leg.
Terrible fellows, these Congress
men are. Wonder who they will
imprison this fall, when half of
them will get knocked clear off
their pins?
General Grant got on a drunk
the other day, at Harrisburg,
Pennsylvania, and had to belaid
away in a cellar to cool his ideas.
As soon as he is thoroughly so
bered off, the man that footed
the liquor bills for him will be
appointed Collector some place
No mistake but "Gineral appre
ciates favors.
An Ex-President in Retiracy.
Ex-President Johnson basset
tied down quietly into the posi
tion of a private citizen in Ten
nessee. A local paper Bays that
he saved most of his salary while
President and is now very well
oft for his section. Some before
he retired from the White House
he bought a fine farm of two
hundred and fifty acres, on which
he has erected a flouring mill,
and has lately bought a large
brick block in Greenville, and is
creditod with the purpose of
starting a bank, which is much
needed by the people, lhe ex
President now spends most of
his time in reading and writing,
and it is believed that he is
about publishing a book which
shall be a defense of his admin
istratiou. He haB many visitors
from a distance, and during
court week is filled by the peo
ple from the surrounding coun
try, who consider Mr. Johnson
to be the greatest man in the
country. Mrs. Stover, one of
Mr. Johnson's daughters, who
helped him to do the honors of
the White House, is married
again, and is now plain Mrs.
Brown, and Mrs. Patterson, with
ber husband, lives on the ex
President's farm, mentioned
above. If Mr. Johnson has any
intention of entering political
Hie again, it is not now evident,
and quiet likely he is undecided
WThe Woo!ter"(Ohio) JDem
ocrat says:
"Seventeen men who have hith
erto uniformly acted with the
Radical party, came without any
solicitation to the Democratic
Primary election in this place,
and pledged themselves to vote
the Democratic ticket this Fall.
We met one of them on the street
afterwards and he said to us: ' "I
am sixty years ot age, and have
never voted a Democratic ticket
in my life, but if God spares me
till Fall I will vole it; the nigger
business is more than I can
Expense of the Standing Army.
In view of tbe fact t iat each
American soldier costs tbe Gov
ernment two thousand dollars
per annum in lime of peace
would it not be well for our mili
tary authorities to note the move
ment now going on in England
with a view of lessening the cost
of armies by utilizing to some ex
tent the labor they keep unem--ployed?
A few months ago the question
was put 4o the British Secretary
of War in Parliament whether It
was intended to promulgate reg
ulations for the employment of
soldiers in trades connected with
the supply of their own clothing,
repair and construction of their
own dwellings, &c. Mr. Card
well replied that it had been de
cided to organize in each regi
ment a corps ot artisans in lieu
of the pioneers as at present con
stituted; these men to be exempt
from ordinary fatigues. Permis
sion, he added, had also been giv
en to regiments and corps to ex
ecute their own barrack dama
ges; tools bad already been issued
to twenty-six regiments, and a
further Bupply provided for in the
estimate; it was expected that
these institutions would be self-
supporting, and a committee had
already been appointed to draw
up a set of rules tor guidance.
This action is of great importance,
and we hope its results will be
closely watched by our military
Dayton Ledger.
The negroes of Missouri are
promised 133 delegatos in their
coming Radical State Conven
tion. They have 20,000 votes, and
claim this number; and if entitled
to so many delegate?, they are
entitled to two members of Con
gress, 35 members of the Legis
lature, with Judges, Sberifts,
Coroners, &c, in proportion. The
white radicals kick and whince.
but they must bear it now or by-and-by.
Where the tree falleth,
there shall it lie. The Fifteenth
Amendment means this.
The Indians and the Late Rebels.
General Sherman advises the
Indian Peace Commission, which
was called to meet in New York,
to adjourn to Fort Sibley, or
some place where the red men
are to be seen ; and promises if
that is done to attend. That is
very generous and foreeighted on
the part of this exceedingly dis
tinguished friend of the admin
istration. We would go a little
farther than the General, how
ever. Wo would advise Con
gress to cease reconstructing the
Southern State governments from
Washington and adjourn to some
point at the South before it pro
ceeds to legislate farther for that
Kokomo (Ind.) Democrat.
Satan's Agents.
It seems as though Satan were
aware that his deputy, king
alcohol, was about to be deposed
from his throne on this conti
nent, and that he was making
his final and terrible struggle to
maintain the ascendency ot his
kingdom. If he can find a re
ligious paper whose columns are
for sale, he charters a depart
ment of it and advocates the use
of domestic wine as a beverage.
If he can find a physician who
cares more for his fee than he
does for his patient, he visits
him iu his study, and, squatting
like the toad in Eden, whispers
in his ear the advice to use
alcohol in preference to any sub
stitute for medical purposes. If
he can find a politician who, like
the bat is half mouse and half
bird, flitting in the twilight of
public opinion, he pounces upon
him and inspires him with the
sentiment that temperance is
poison to politics. Trusting in
Providence as though all de
pended upon God, we intend to
labor as though all depended
upon our own exertions. "Truth
is mighty, and muet prevail."
An observer in Washington
speaking about United States
Senators, says: "Most ot them
sit with their hands in their
pockets, walk with their hands
in their pockets, and talk with
their hands in their pockets."
Omaha has a man who lives
with his family in one of tbe
large iron tubes used in the con
struction of a bridge. lie was
too poor to rent even the humb
lest frame cabin, so he adopted
this singular expedient. He has
constructed a neat stone fireplace
in his iron house, and the wife
and children manage to live and
get their frugal meals.
One hundred and twenty
tons of silver ore were shipped to
Newark, N. J., and eighty tons
to Sacramento, from the Cotton
wood mines, near Salt Lake.
Satan's Agents. Aew Advertisements.
Ohio F armers
Insurance Company!!
Incorporated Feb. 8, '48,
Charter Perpetual.
Cash Surplus, Sept.
29, 1869 --- - $251,826 39
Losses e aid over - - - 278,ooo oo
Insures Farm Property Only.
EXPENSES LES9, in proportion to a-
raount ot business than anv other Com
pany doing business in Ohio, and fcr
this reason its rates are lower than those
of any other Company,
Without any Further Liability,
Has been in successful operation
over twenty years, and by reason
of its low rates, fair dealing, and
prompt settlement of losses, has become
the most popu'ar Company iu the States
among the Farmers. In case of loss,
this Company pays the full value of prop
erty destroyed by
Fire or ALig-htning-,
up to the amount insured. For Insur
ance or further information apply to
a. MP. MM it Mj.IWES. JMg-t.
For Preble ttpart of 'Montgom' ryOountiet.
ADDRESS, Gratis, Preble Co., O
.Nov Uth, 1869,yrl.
fflHIS justly celebrated native Wins is
1 made from thejnico ot the Uportive
Orape, raised in thia country. Its valu
Tonic and Strengthening Properties
are unsurpassed os any orncr native Wine
Bei g the pure juice of the grape, pro
ed under Mr. Speer's own personal sup
ervised, Its purity and genuineness are
guaranteed. The youngest child may
partake of its generous qualities, and the
weakest invalid may use it to ad van - ge
It is particularly beneficial to tho agnd
and debilitated, and io suited to the var
ious ailments tnat ara.ct the weaker sex.
It is, in every respect, A WINE TO BE
Steer's Wines in Hospitals are prefer
red to other wines.
Sold by Druggists generally, who also
sell Speer's Standard Wine Bitters,
Trade supplied by all wl olesale Dealers.
See that the bignature of Alfred Speer,
Passiac N. J.,is over the cork of each
A. SPEER'S Vinevard, New Jersey.
Office, No. 243 Broadway, New York.
For Sale by J. P. BROOKINS SON
9lvr Eaton. Ohio.
Legal Notices!
Richard B. Wilson, plt'ff Preble Cooit
vt of Common
Nelson P. Phelps, Deft, J Pleas In At
tachment. NELSON P. PHELPS, of the Sta:e
of Illinois, will take notice, that.
Richard B. W.lson, of the State of Illi
nois, did, on the llth day of June, A. D
1870, file his Petition in the Conrt of
Common Pleas within and for the coun
ty oi Preble aud State of Ohio, against
the said Nelson P. Phelps, setting forth,
that the said defendant is indebted to
said plaintiff in the sum of Five Thou
sand Dollars with interest thereon lrom
August 1st., 1869, being in part for the
purchase momy of certain Heal Estate
situate in Leningston county,- Illinois,
sold and conveyed to the delen lant, by
the plaintiff in January, 1869, &c, Ac
And on the llth day of June 1870, a.i
order of attachment was issued from said
Court, in said action on the ground thai
said defendant is a non resident of the
State of Ohio, and on the 15th day of
June, A. D. 1870, the same was levied on
lhe following property of the defendant
to wit. A certain tract or parcel of land
situate lying and being in the county of
Freble and stare ot Ohio, and known by
being the South east quarter of section
number eight (8) ir. township number
eight (8) of range nun.ber one (1) east.
&c. Containing one hundred and sixty
acres be the same more or less."
Plaintiff prays judgment on said claim
(or the amount above named, and asks
for sale of said property, and that the
proceeds arising there lrom may be ap
plied in payment of said claim.
Tho said Nelson P. Phelps is notified
that he is required to appear and answer
said petition on or before the 3rd day of
September A. U. 1870.
Campbell & Gilmore, Attorneys.
Attest D. B. Morrow, Clerk.
July 14, 1870 w6, prf. $20
Daniel S'.ump, Plt'ff, J Preble Cora
vs. V Pleas In Par-
MariahStump,et.al dfts j tition.
MARIAH STUMP, of Darke county,
Ohio, Albert Avery and Hannuh
Mariah Avery of Preble, county, Ohio,
and John D. Raker of Montgomery coon
ty, unio, win take notice tnat a retilion
was filf d against them in the Court of
Common Pleas, within and for the coun
ty of Preble by Daniel Stump and
now pending, wherein the said Daniel
Stump demands partition of the follow
ing real estate to wit: Situate in the
county of Preble and Stste of Ohio, and
bounded and described as follows, to-wit:
Reing all of the north half of the north
east quarter of section number thirty
six (36) in township number six' (6) of
r nge number three 6 east c, con
taining 80 acres of land more or less.
And that at tho next term of said
Court, the said Daniel Stump will apply
for an order that partition may be made
made ot said premises.
Attorneys for Petitioner.
Attiest D. R. Morrow, Clerk.
July 14, 187fw6prf $14
Having been appointed the
Agent of the Richmond Woolen
Mills for the sale of all kinds of
woolen Goods in their line Buch
as Blankets, Flannels, Jeans,
Tweeds, Cassimeres and Yarns,
which I will exchange for wool
at r- actor y prices.
Cash paid for wool if desired
Call in and see before disposing
of Wool.
May 12, 1870—w8.
The Trichina Spiralis or Pork
Perhaps it ii not generally
known that the much talked off
trichina spiralis, or pork worm,
was first discovered in America
by Dr. li. C. Kendall, of Phila
delphia, Pa., with that American
instrument kuown as the Craig
Microscope, costing only 2 75,
after repeated failures to discov
er tho worm with an imported
microscope, costing $66, '"of feeb
ler power and less reliable." This
act Dr. Kendall stands ready to
prove at any time. The "Craig"
Microscope in neat box with full
direction is mailed anywhere for
$2.75, by E. II. Boss 313 Locust
St., St. Louts, Mo. Read adver
tisement in this paper. june9.3r'.
How many housewives are
there who have experinccd the
difficulty of obtaining good vin
egar. Read the advertisement
ot W. II. Bishop in this paper.
Is fast winning favor in tbe Household
as ihown by the Sales of Last Year,
Amounting to eighty-six Thous
and, seven Hundred and
Eighty One Machines,
which far exceed
those of any
other Con -puny
capable of a range and variety of work
such as was : bought imposnible, a short
time ago, to perform by machinery.
We claim, and can show llrose whom it
may concern, that it is the cheapest,
most bcitntitnl, delicately arranged
atcely adjusted, easily oerated, and
smoothly running of all the fnmily Sew-
ng Machine. It is ren.nrknble, art
not only tor the range and variety ol Us
scwiug, but also, tor the vnnety di
variety o ev. iiijr. but also for the vane
ty and liferent lvinds of lexiore which
it will sew with equA.1 facility and per
fection, using Silk Twist,. Linen or Cot
ton Thresd, fit e or coarse. Banking tWe
InterlookeJ-Elastic-Stitch, alike on both
sides of tbe fabric rown. Thus beaver
cloth, or lea'her, nay be sewn with
great strength and uniformity of sutch.
and in a moment this willing and never
weaiying machine may be adjusted for
fine work on tauze or aos amrr tissue.
or the tucking of tarletan, or ruffling, or
almost any other worx which delicate
fingers rave been known to perform.
Purchasers can soor be convinced
that our new Family Machine embodies
New and essential principles simplicity
of construction ease of operulion oru
lornnty ot rilKLlbt. action ut any
speed capacity for range and variety cf
work, hne or coarse, leaving all nvaU
behind 11.
The New Family machine mi.y be had
in a variety ot folding covers nnd osse.
Some show in polished surface only the
grain aud tintol tbe wood, wbile other
are ' finished in all the elaboration of art
for Hemming, Felling, Knffling, Braid
mg, Hindu g, Uathertng, lucking ,n
broidering, and so lorth, are not onl
numerous, but now brought to great
perfection. Most of them can be it
'ached b) a simple move of the hand
be quality of toe work c .n only be fully
ppreoiated on observation and exarai-ation.
Machine Twist.
OIL, Ae.
We have and shall keep in stock at.
our Central Office, and Agencies. Ton
spools of variooj sizes, Twist of all
sizes and colors, Linen Thread, Spool
Cotton Oil, and all other articles ne
cessary in the use of our machines.
We wish it understood that we manu
facture th - Twist sold bv us; that we
shall aim to have it excel in quality and
exceed in quantity, f.-r a given piice.
that of other manufacturers, and that
tbe Twist ("made by us in our new and
extensive mills, supplied aa they are
with tne most improved machinery and
skille4 labor can be telied on for the
desirable qualities of uniformity of size,
evenness, length of thread as mrrked on
each spool, streng'h. excellence of color
and beauty of finish.
Fourth St. Msrch 10, 1870tf
Democrat can be had from now
until after the Campaign for the
trifling sum of SIXTY-FIVE ct.
In clubs of 10 FIVE DOLLARS.
This is the only, and boat offer
we shall make to the many De
mocrata of Preble. Send in the
names early.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed was this day appointed Adminis
trator of the Estate of Alfred Bennett,
deceased JULIA A. BENNETT.
J. H. Foos, Attorney.
Julr 14, 1870.W3 printers fee fl,75.
f f If I Jf m
The Celebrated Patent Craig
During the past Six Years it
worth has been testified to by
tli(usnid8 of se'entifle Men,
School Toackets, Student , Phy
sicians, and others.
Simplified and Adapted to
Popular as well as Scientific use
it is an Optical Wonder. Its
Magnifying power is
T m .it m; sr
Combinditg endless instruction with
amusement ; A lieautilut Uirt, and one
that never loses ita interest, reyeals tbe
unseen worrdereov" erection, Eels in Vin
egar, Animals in water, Chees Mites,
Sngnr aed itcb inrcts, Milk uiooniea,
Adulterations in Food and Droggs, Also
the Trichina Spiralis or Pork Worms.
A very beautiful and ornimental in
strument, should be on the table of every
Family, Pkyic an. Scientific Wan. Stu
dent and School.
An Tnseen Kinrdom is otened to the
wye by this instrument. No lover of the
beautiful nhotild be without it.
Every Instrument it put op in a neat
box, with full direc'ion for using it care
fully pasted on the cover. Thousands
iavv; been sent by mail, and tbe propri
etors guarantees a safe trantit to each
ustrutnent. " are sending tbem every
day. Price by mail, postage prepaid,
$2,76, or wiih two Mourned Objects $3.
Address. V. H KOStt.
313 Locust Stre-t. St. Louis, Mo.
j unt 23m
Produce Dealer, Every Farm
er, Every .Dairyman Jlvery
MntiutHcturer, Everybody.
Yon Cannof Afford to be
Witl'ouf it !
IT COH TAINS, Tbe surest and only
certain method to keep Kggs Jriesn and
Sweet for nt least one year Tbe cost !
less tli.m half a Cent per dosn, and by
this method Eggs bought at eight and
ten cents dozen during the Summer,
can be kept and sold through tne Win
ter and sold fr thirty and fifty cents.
When'oi ce known tb!meth-d will take
place of all olheis. It dots not T.inish
the Egg or give it tbe appearance ol age.
When offered tor sale it cannot be told
either by appearance or quality from e.
fresh laid Egg
JTCOS 1AIKS, The best receipt ever
i ab'ishcd of rendering tour and rancid
butter perfectly sweet, and n'so how to
give a uniform and natural colsr to White
and Streaked Butler, and the bet man
ner of ra,xing and repacking butter for
Thete Two Receipt .Hone,
are Worth MSnnclred or
IT TFLL8, The cheapest and i.st
modes of manufacturing Wlng C'.m.
pounda. How to make Haru and Soft
toap. Inks Candle Paints, Varnishes,
Cements, nsd Baking Powders.
TELLS, How to Clearify Hone
so as to sell for nearly twice the common
IT TELLS, The latest and beat mode
of salting and curing Hams and all kinds
of meat
IT TELLS, How to Dye Clothe of
shafts and in 'ast eo'ors.
IT GIVES. Valuable Receipts for
curing Burrs, Sores, Cuts, Felous, Frost
Bites, Csncer, Ear Acbcs, Tooth Ache,
'King Wuim, with hundreds of other
new and valuable methods, with Toll di
rections, so that any one can ne tbem.
' TELLS, How to take oat Fruit
Stains, Ink Steins, Iron Bait Staree,
and Paint Stains from Cloth and S ilk
IT TEL),S, Bew to eounteract frost
upon recs, valuable receipt
IT TELLS, How to Tan Furs, either
wi:h or without the hair or wool on, and
how to imitate those of tuperios grade
IT TELLS, How to make the be
Curling Fluid for making tbe hair grow
in beautiful flowing ringlets.
IT TELLS, How to Feed Hens so ae
to make them lay all the year round.
IT GIVES. Over Fir Hundred rare
and valuable Receipts and a ccmplete
guide to tbe monufactaro of hundreds ef
useful and saleable articles, including
Patent Medicines Perfumery, and Toilet
and Dental Articles, and many othera
easily made, at a trifling cos', and selling
readily at large profits, with many manu
facturers secrets, Ae.
Jt98ent by mail, free of postage, for
ONE DOLLAR; For sale by Wm. M.
BISHOP, St Louis, Mo. Agent for the
publishers. jane23m
Dealers In First Class
Familj Groceries
North-Baron street, EATON, O.
Jane 9, 1870-yrL,
Dayton & Eaton Om
nibus Line.
THE undersigned will run a I 'nil;
Omnibus line between Daytoc an I
Eaton, as follows:
Leave Eaton daily at J 30 . n., nirl
vinr at Dayton at 10 a. as.
Leave Dayton at 1 n. m. . arriving
at Eaton at 6 30 p m
Prompt eonneetions madewith No th
em trains at Davton.
u :n i .ii.j l L., .
-Sd Z the Do-p House.
1 Dayton, and the E xress Office, as
!,h VraK S:ore of J. P.pBrockins ASoi,
j Eaton, O.
All orders andcommissions pimply
i alter ded to. J AS. TORRKNC E.
; jan. 1 68-yrl.

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