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This Column will henceforth be
devoted to Notices of the business
novelty and enterprise of the town
tf Eaton, and County. All the
information it contains will be
carertiUv written and can be re-
uufl a view to
giving correct ideas as to what is
going Tin in this business loeaity
of ours. All items of interest to the
Public will be thankfmlly rontved.
gotten up Wedding Owdl ara fur
nished promptly at this Office.
A Njck Tbsat. Mr. B. Wooot pre"
sented us with a treat of lug, delic
ious Law ton blackberries, cultivated on
his farm, near Eaton. We are "berry"
much obliged.
Those of oar readers who re
aide in the country will find it
greatly to their advantage to
look over the columns of the
Dbmocrat before starting to town
to do their trading. By this
means they will readily ascertain
where the eheapest and best
bargains 3an be obtained. Busi
ness men who have first class
goods for sale, always advertise
liberally. tr.
The Craig Mroaoacopm adapted
to popular and scientific as.
Read advertisement. Price 92.76.
This Microscope is simplified
and adapted to popular as well
as scientific use. A new optical
wonder ! This is the only instra
ment of high power which requir
C8 no focal adjustment, and there
fore can be readily used by every
onsfeven by children. Costing
only Two Dollars and Seventy
five Cents, by mail, post paid, it
is withiu reach of all in the com
munity, and should be on the
table of every Practloner. Read
adverisement in this paper.
Be sare you read the advertise
ment " G reatest Work of
the JMge," in this paper, j 9.3m
Good wholesome Vinegar.
Any one can make it: See an
vertisemeut of W. H. Bishop, in
this paper. juoe9.Sm
.1 WonderfsU Microscope
Rev. Dauiel Wise, D. D., editor
of the ew York Sunday School
-Advocate, thus speaks of the cel
ebrated Craig Microscope :
" Its simplicity, cheapness and
great magnifying power struck
me with surprise, ihen i was
examining a fly's eye by its aid,
and was struck with wonder
at the skill and power of the Cre
ator which is displayed in its
structure. When j sav a state
ment in an ad fa ft U a meat that
the Craig Microscope magnified
one hundred diameters, and could
be bought for $2.75, I thought it
was one of the humbugs of the
hour, for I had paid $20 for a
microscope not long before. But
now I find it to be a really valu
able instrument, which I should
like to see introduced into the
families of our readers in the
place of manifold useless toys
which pleas for an hour, and is
then destroyed. This microscope
would both amuse and instruct
them and I advise every boy and
girl who wishes to know the
wonders which lie ia little things
to save his money til he has
42.75, which w 11 par for the mic
roseepe and the postage when
seat by mail.1
As a holiday gift this micro
scope is unsurpassed, being orna
mental, instructive, amuaiog ana
cheap, and never losses its inters
est. Agents and dealers suppli
ed oo Hberal terms. A sample
will be mailed, post paid, to any
address for $2.76, by EL H. Rosa,
313 Locust st, St, Louis, Mo.
Read the advertisement in this
paper. june9.3no.
and read the advetieement
"Greatest Work of the
Jig of in this paper. june9.3m
WA Boston Sunday -School
teacher a lady has not been
absent from her class a single
Sunday lor tne past forty-six
Swr-Congress has passed and
the President has signed a bill,
making legal holidays of New
Year's Day, Washington's Birth
Day, Fourth of July and Christ
mas. It will be a violation of
the law to keep open bisinese
houses on these days.
The Right Way.
The following paragraph is go
ing the rounds, and we think it
is true to the letter, and therefore
give it a place in our columns as
being applicable to Eaton:
One of the means by which we
may build op a town and bring
brosperity to our county gener
ally, is for every one to patrons
ize home institutions, especially
when the article desired can be
had here. Keep the money here
is the way to make us rich, and
every man who sends away for
work he can jnst as easily get
done here, deprives oar town and
county of just that much wealth,
as well as discourages enterprise.
From the residence of the sub
scriber li miles south of West
Alexandria, on the Winchester &
Alexandria pike, a DARK BAY
HORSE, 3 years old, about 16
hands high; has one white hind
hind foot, and a star in his fore
bead. Both shoulders are sore
from the robbing of the colar,
and both knees are scarred. A
liberal reward will be paid to any
person returning the animal, or
giving information that will lead
to his recovery,
Spiritual Circle.
Samuel Maxwell, and Mrs.
L. H. Cowlbs, will hold a Public
Circle at Temple Hall on Thurs
day evening next, (July 21st,) at
8 o'clock. All are invited to at
tend. Terms as usual.
The Last
Free lecture ot the season on
Spiritualism will be delivered
by Mrs. L H. Cowlbs, on Sun
day afternoon next (July 24th)
at the Court House, at 4 o'clock.
All are earnestly invited to at-
tend and listen to the vo'ces from
the angel world.
Religious Notice.
Rev. T. S. Guthrie will preach
in the Christian Chapel, on the
corner of Baron end Somers
streets, on Sunday next at of
o'clock p. m. Also in the even
ine at 8 o'clock. All are invited.
Of all sizes, from the smallest
pin or locket picture to life size,
on short notice, and executed in
the beet style of the art, at
Johnson's Gallery, north Bide of
Main street entry.
I. O. Q. T. The members of
the Faton Lodge are requested to
be present on next Tuesday even
ing to attend to the election of
officers for the ensuing term.
W. R. S.
Road Tax Lists.
EATON. July 18, 1870.
The road tax lists will be ready
on and after July 25th.
JARVIS N. LAKE. Auditor-
Newtpapbr Decisions. Any
person who takes a paper reg
ularly from the post office
whether directed to his name or
another, or whether he has sub
scribed or not is responsible for1
the pay. If a person orders his
paper discontinued, he mast pay
all arrearages, or the publisher
may continue to send it until
payment is made, and collect the
whole amount, whether it is
takes from the office or not.
The courts have decided that re
fusing to take newspapers and
periodicals from the post office,
or removing and leaving them
uncalled for. Is "prima facie"
evidence of intentional fraud.
Fresh Eggs and Yellow Butter
can always be had. Read the
the advertisement " Greatest
Work of the age.
Died at the residence of her parents, in
Eaton, od the 17th, inst,, of Consump
tion, Miss Mart Jane Gift, aged 22
years, 7 months and 10 days
Dearest Mary, thou hast left at,
And thy loss we deeply feel;
Bat 'twas God that has bereft as,
He can all our sorrows heal.
In this death a large family circle have
hftcn called to mourn the loss of a de-
daughter aad lister. Bat their
lr.a is softened bv the sweet assurance
that a. short life spent in tne service oi
Him who (aid, "Wh re I am, there shall
also my servants be," aSbids the com
fortable hope, that so far from having
ceased to live, the state s .e now enjoys
eaa alone with propriety be called life,
a state of never ending felicity.
Mad dog excitements are
becoming popular in different
parts of the country. About one
dog in one hundred suspected of
having rabies is gnilty. Still, it
is well to get out of the way of
a canine under the ban of bus
picion, as instead of being one
of the guiltless ninety-nine,
may be the genuine Jacobs.
Ice cream signs are oat.
The mumps are on route.
Cheerfulness is better than
blue pill.
A lass that has many wooers
often fares the worst.
Moisture and warmth in April
in April are sure signs of a fritful
Dyspepsia commences oftener
in the brain than the stomach.
A religion that does not enter
into every-day lue is no religion
at all.
There if no truer saying than
that "Sweet are the uses of ad
A Beautiful Habit.
On the shores of the Adriatic
sea the wives of the fishermen,
Whose husbands have gone far
off upon the deep, are in the hab
it, at eventide, of going down to
the sea-shore and singing, as fe
males only can, the first stanza
of a beautiful hymn; after they
have sung it they will listen till
they hear, borne by the wind
across the desert sea, the second
stanza sung by their gallant hus
bands as they are tossed by the
gales upon the waves, and both
are happy.
Perhaps if we listen, we too
might hear on this world ot ours,
pome whisper borne from afar to
remind us that there is a heaven
and a home; and when we sing
the hymn upon the shores of
earth perhaps we shall hear its
echo breaking in music npon the
sands of time and cheering the
hearts of those that are pilgrims
and strangers, and look for "a ci
ty that hath a foundation.''
Two girls, named Ben: ett and
Locke, aged about nineteen, have
formed a partnership and pur
chased a good farm in Warren
county, Indiana. One of them
attends to the house, and the
other "bosses" the farm. They
are said to be getting along
Profanity never did any man
the least good. No mau Is richer,
or wiser for it. It commends
no one to any society. It is dis
gusting to the refined; abomin
able to the good; insulting to
those with whom we associate;
degrading to the mind, unprofi
table, needless, ana injurious to
Soiling. The Ltvb Stock
Journal for July contains an
able and exhaustive article on
the important subject 6f soiling
stock. It is from the pen of E
W. Stewart, Esq. Every man
who keeps even a single cow, or
cultivates ten acres of land
should read it. The Live Stock
Journal is a handsome monthly,
devoted to "the farm, the turf,
the dairy, and the poultry yard."
Among the regular contributors
are Hon. Lewis F. Allen, E. W.
Stewart, Miss Midy Morgon, (the
lady stock reporter of the New
York Times,) L. B. Arnold, Cy
rus O. Poole, and other leading
writers on live stock matters.
Published at Buffalo, N. Y., by
H. C. Springer & Co., $1 50 per
The man with good firm health
is rich.
So is the man with a clear
So is the pareLt with vigorous
happy children.
So is the editor of a good pa
per, with a big subscription list
So is the clergyman whose
coat the little children ofi the
Parish pluck as he passes them
at their play.
So is the wife who has the
whole heart of a good husband.
So is the maiden whose horizon
is not bounded by the "coming
man,'' but who has a purpose in
life whether she ever met him
or not.
A Christian is a man
means to be honest and
in thought, word and deed.
So is the young man who lay
ing his hand on his heart can
say, "I have treated every wo
man I ever saw as I should wish
my sister treated by other men.
So is the little child wbo goes
to sleep with a kiss on its lips,
and for whose wakiug a blessing
But "true riches'' can only be
secured by having "the love of
God shed abroad in our hearts
by the Holy Ghost which is giv
en anto as.
Even death is made tho basis
of a Washington job. Coffins at
three hundred dollars, carriages
at eight dollars an hour, white
gloves by the bale, and ail the
emblems of mourning mortality
at jubilee prices, go to make up
the sum total of funeral patriot
ism at the cost of the tax-payers
Mr. Stanton was a private
citizen when he died, but the
loyal cormorants seized upon his
dead body and paraded it for the
purpose of charging the Govern
ment $12,000. Secretary Rollins
died in office, and the eame job
bers feel authorized, on that ac
count, to put their charges up to
4.000. No appropriation has
yet been made tor these expenses,
but it will be made ; it is in
keeping with the general extrav
agance of Congress.
Young Man, Your First
Votb! How are yon going to
cast your first vote? W ll you
commence a record that will
haunt you the balance of your
davs f Will von vote with a
party that has bnt one idea, and
that a false one? Will yon iden
tify yourself with the Radical
bondholder's party, that cannot
exist but a short time and then
be blown out like a candle?
Where will you be next year?
Look at it ! There is no event
of more importance than this.
Begin right. This is everything
to you, and now is the time to
Taxing Bonds. The proposi
tion to tax the interest on Gov
ernment bonds was voted down
in the Senate, every Democrat
voting for their taxation and
every Republican against it. By
this action two thousand mil
lions, or one-sixth of the entire
value of the property of the
United States, in the hands of
men the best able to pay taxes,
goes scot free, while the mass of
the community are taxed to the
verge of starvation on everything
they eat, drink or wear. Protec
tion and exemption for the cap
italist, and taxation for the labor
ing man is the doctrine of the
Republican majority in Congress
The father of Murat Halstead,
of the Cincinnati Commercial,
was brutally murdered by two
ruffians, at his residence in But
ler county one day last week.
He was over eighty years of age,
and one of the pioneer residents
of Southern Ohio.
Political Items.
Congress cares more for Afri
can wool than Chinese pig-tails.
General Grant is a good real
estate agent. Office seekers will
take due notice.
We predict that the neutral
powers of Europe will compel a
peace between France and Prus
Every vessel which arrives
from Asia brings in more Coolies
to compete with our American
Congress appropriated three
hundred thousand dollars for the
erection of new government
buildings in St. Louis.
Finding that the negro is
not reliable as a voter, at the
polls, the Repnblican party is
about importing Chinese Coolies
o vote on contract.
A pension of 3,000 per annum
has been granted by Congress
to Mrs. A. Lincoln, the Amer
ican snob in foreign lands. Now,
let Congress grant a pension for
life to the widows of deceased
Brigbam Young has just sent
in a modest demand of 17,000,-
000, which the Union Pacific
Railway owes him for contingent
expenses. Let Congress give him
a grant of land, say as large as
Ohio, and help the rrilroad out
of its difficulties.
Hon. J. F. McKinney, of
Piqua, is the Democratic nomi
nee for Congress in tho Fourth
District. Judge Lawrence is the
present representative and will
probably be re-nominated by the
Radicals. McLinueys election is
confidently looked for.
A compositor in the Elyria
Constitutionalist, named F. S.
Moore, set 2,044 ems of bur
geoise type in an hour.. Fast
A worthy Quaker thus wrote:
"I expect to puss through this
world but once. If, therefore,
there be any kindness I cau show
or any good thing I can do to
any fellow human being, let me
do it now. Let ine not deier or
neglect 5t, for I will not pass this
way again."
Local Papers.
No man who ovvus a foot ot
ground, or is interested in the
prosperity aud future growth of
his town or county should neglect
to take his home paper. The
local press is an index, in a great
measure, ot the condition ot tne
county in which it is published.
And if a mean, dribbling, and
niggardly Buppor is given, It
must eke but a sickly, miserable
existence, reflecting little credit
upon itself or any locality in
which it is published, and exert
ing no influence for good or evil
on the place or its people.
When our people refuse to take
their local paper, and send away,
paying in advance for some East
ern publication, made up in
many instances from the frag
ments ot some daily paper, they
stand in their own light, and
commit a folly which they will
probably become coguizaut ol
when it is too late to make
separation for the oversight.
An enterprising home paper
should be encouraged at all
times. It reflects the business of
the r,lace in which it is publish
ed; it champions the interests of
the people where located, ana
gives prestige and prominence
to the country of its adoption.
As a recorder of passing events
it is the daily history of the
community in which it is edited.
New Advertisements,
Doty'a Wash ng Machine,
Improved with Howell's Patent Doable
Cog-Wheels, and the Patent Stop, are
now nn questionably far superior to anj
apparatus for washing clotbes ever in
ventei, and will save their their cost
twice a year, by saving labor and clothes
those who have used them give l est)
monj as follows:
"We like our machine much;could notbe
pursuaded to ds without it and with the
aid of Doty, we feel that we are masters
of the position." Rev. L, Hcolt, Bishop
M. E. Church.
"It is worth one dollar a week in any
family. " N. Y. Tribune.
"In the laundry of mv house their is a
perpetual thanKsgivmg on Mondays tor
the invention. Rev. Theodore L. Cuyler
' Every week has given it a stronger
hold upon the affections of the inmates
ol the laundry." N. Y. Observer.
'.I heartily commend it to economist
of time, money, and contentment. "
Rev. Dr. Bellows.
'Friend Doty Yonr last improve
ment of your Washing Machine is a
coraplets buccess. 1 essure you 'our .Ma
chine,' after a year's use, is thought
mote of to-day than ever, and would not
be parted with under any circumstances.'
Solon Robinson.
' Your Washing Machine has been in
daily use in our laudry, and the house
keeper expresses herself as highly pleas
ed with it. It certainly accomplishes a
greater amount of work, with less ab or
and does not wear the clothes near so
much as the old fashioned wash-board.
By using it, one laun dress is dispensed
with " Wm. M. F. Round, Superinten
dent of Infant Department of St. Cath
arine's Nursery, N. Y. City.
"I have had one of the Universal
Wringers in mv house, and it has been
need every week for over five years, and
is now as good as new. I have also bad
a Doty Washer for some three years,
which we use every week, end could not
easily get along without. It is as good
as ever, and will last year's yet" E. D.
Van Slyck, Esq., Editor of Dem. Repnb-
ican, Hamilton, N I.
The N Y. fFeekly Tribune, of Dec. 13
1869, in answer to a correspondent. avs.
"Of Washers, there is none to ba com
pared with Doty s,
PRICES. 1 fair Otter.
If the Merchants in your place will not
furnish, or send for the Machines, send
for Machines, send us the retail price.
Wasner $14, Extra Wringer $9, and we
will forward either or both machines,
free of freight, to places where no one is
selling; and so sure are we they will be
liked, that we agree to refund the money
ol auy one wishes to return the machines
free of freight, after a months' s trial, ac
cording to directions.
No husband, father or brother should
"permit" the drudgery of washing with
the hands, fifty-two days in the year,
when it can be done better, more expe
ditiously with less labor, and no injury
to the garments, by a Doty ClothesWath
er, and a Universal Wringer.
Sold by dealers generally, to whom
liberal discounts"nra made.
Ri C- Browning. Gen. Agent,
32 Cortlandt Street, New York.
April 21, 1870. mos 3-
j&f9 t
Farmers' Wives.
From Cider, Sorehuru, Molasses,
Sugar, Wine or "the juce of any
fruit. Directions Simple and
Easy. Cost not one half that ot
tLe old process of allowing Ci
der to sour in the barrels.
Any one can make it. Full
Directions sent upon receipt of
Address, W, H. Bishop,
For the'Belief and Cure of he Erring
and Unfortunate, on Priudip!es of
Christian Philanthropy.
Essays on the Errors of Youth
afd the s of Age. in relation t
Marriae Social l-.vils, with sanitary
aid for the afflicted. Sent,free, in eeal
ed Envelope Addressg HOWARD
ASSOCIATION, Box P. Philadelphia,
Pa. feblO,180yrl
The Largest Prices in Cash paid for
of all Vinds, or otherwise
will be given in exchange. Apply at
the Factory east ot the Depot,
Eaton, Ohio.
April 28. 1870. tf.
OP I i
Soaj Factory!!
A Farm of One Hundred
A compilati n with fall an! accurate
explanations of the HOMESTEAD
LAWS enabling and instructing any
person how to seenre one hundred acres
ot ricb tarming land for nothing, six
months before leaving home, and ia the
rechest and most productive portion of
the Great West If you contemplate
emigration send FIFTY CEETS for this
Work. You will never regret it I
M. E. MAYNARD, St. Louis, Mo,
Notice to Carpenters and Builders
We the undersigned Building Com
mittee ot the 12th Regular faptist
Church in Eaton, Ohio, do hereby give
notice, that, on the 15th of July, 1870
at thi shop of A. A, Stokes, corner o
Baron and Somers streets, will be pre
ared to present Drawings and Specifi
cations lor tne erection ot a Baptise
Church in this place. Contracts for the'
same will be let as follows :
Stone woik, brick work, carpenter
work, plastering and painting sepa
rately or all combined, to the lowest re
sponsible bidders.
healed propositions to be presented so
as to be opened on the 20th of July, at
2 o'clock P. M.
B.J.GEORGE, ) Building
Alex.A. STOKE8, C om mit
LEVI HAKRI8, j tee.
July 7, 1870w2prf.$3,50
11 U 0
unaersignec nas just opened a
Shop on Decator and Beech Sis. Eaton
Ohio just above the Brewery.
Horse-Shoeing, Plows, Harrows,
w agon, judged Tools, c.
made New or repaired. Also Double
l-inked Chains repaired or made. Bring
on your Work, Salujaot ton Warranted.
January, 27, 1870-yrl.
(SnccessoVf to Oilmore A Campbell,)
Gov't Claim Agents.
EATON. 0Hl0.
Q&o at the old stan.l, oa liarron Street
Jan. 1 1869. yl.
Why Yes!
t Avery, reed ft Sate Stable
HAVING bought the stock of Horses.
Baggies, Carriages and Hack of I'ster
Shafner, I am replenishing the entire
stock, and will furnish Horses, Carriag
es and buggies for pleasure Rides, Wed
ingn. Funerals, 4c, t tie lowest living
Stable 1st door east of lfrs Union Ho
tel, Main at
.V It. S.tJtlFtsE Proftor
Eaton, May 26 '70, 6m.
FEMALE AGENTS. We desire an ac
tive Airent in every town, to whom wa.
offer a chance to ski kv. For f
particulars address Bbaisabu k Wi
mohk, Cleveland, Ohio. may 2C t
Jonx C Bosep.
Harine recentlv associated as oarti
in tne Urocety .Business, Would tniona.
the public that they have now on hand a
good supply of
First Class Groceries such as
Tea, Coffee, 8ugar, Molasses,
spices. Candies, bonp, Tobacco
& Cigars, Butter, Cheese,
Lard & Eggs; FLOUR &
MEAL. Dried Fruits,
Dried Beef, Tuba,
Buckets, Brooms,
Baskets, fec, Ac.
BA- This firm have the exclusive
Agency in Eaton, for the sale of the
CHAM PUN REAPER; and the im
proved Dayton Snlkv Hcrse Rake.
April 21, 1870 mos. 6.
The undersigned having put npa New
Shoo opposite Robinson, Chambers ACo's
Machine Shop, on the corner of Maple?
tt High Btrets, is now prepared to do
.III Kinds MtevatHngf
on short notice, having had years of
practical experience, he flatters himself
that he can give Satisfaction to all who
may favor him with their patronage.
Special attention given to
Plow & Wagon Woft
Horse -Shoeing
Eaton sep.3,68 tf.
On Hand
Edged Tools, Heavy Forging and
Ait tunas oi JODDing
M.trrices Reasonable
J Eaton, Febmary 3, 187 lyr.
Manhood: How Lost How
Just published, a new edl
lion .f Sr. Culverwell's
Celebrated Essay on the
radical cure (without medi
cine) of SncRMAToaaaojA, ot
Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Seminal
Losses, Impotency, Mental ana Phyaicef
Incapacity, Impediment! to JnamagwV
etc. ; alto, Consumption, Epilepsy, aadr
Fits, induced by self-indulgence or sexu
al extravagance.
f nee, in a sealed envelope, only b
The celebrated author, ia this admira
ble essay, clearly demonstrates from tt
thirty years successlul practice, that the
alarming consequences of solf-abese may
be radically cured without the dangerous
ue of internal medicine or the applica
tion of the knife: pointing ont a mod of
cure at once simple, certain, aad eftVe
tual. by means of which every sufferer, no
matter what his condition may be, may
cure himself cheaply, privately, and rod
icatly. Stdr This Lecture should he In the'
hands ol every youth aad every man ia'
the land.
Sent, uuder seal, ia a plain envelope.
Ko any address, popaii oa receipt of
sic cents, or two poet stamps. Also.
Dr. Culverwell's "Marriage Guide," price
25 cents. Address the Publishers,
127 Bowery, V. T , P. O. Box 4,1388.
Nov 25, (869 yl
Potr ADSotute Uivorces lege
ed in New-York, Indiana, III
Absolute Divorces legally obtain-
tuois aad
ther states, for persons from
or Conntiy, legal everywhere.
any State
, snflioient
until di
driinkuness, non-support, etc
eauac. no publicity; no charge
vorce obtained. Advice free.
established fifteen years.
Address, M. HOUSE, A
York ft
No 78 F-.u Street, New
April 21, 170. mos. Si

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