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Column will henceforth be
to Notices of the btuiness
and enterprise of the town
ton. and Couniy. All the
If 1AM at yt.nW ,H H C IT ) 1 1 ftfi
upon with - mm ' to
correct ideas as to what s
on in tnis business locauy
All items of interest to the
will be thankfully recieved.
up Wedding Cards vftar
promptly at thia Olftoa;
. .aik1apQ TtfK A
the country will find it
to their advantage to
. a 1 . SLV A . fc
their trading. By this
they will readily ascertain
the eheaDcst and best
1 l . J u ;
l t .. tJ 1
for sale, always advertiee
ly. tf.
dirnrtisp merit Prlr. 42.7r
Microscope is simplified
dapted to popular as well
nunc use. .fx now uoucw
mi t At 1 t
. J
ft' i . v, : i :
p i j? . i j i
OCH ! aujusiiiieui, aim iucib-
oe reaauy-useu uv every
ven by cniioren. ueeting
wo )o hirs and Seveutv
ente, bv man, poet paid, it
hin reach of all in the com
tr n nr? cfinnlri fas on the
of every Practloner. Bead
'. n r. r, f 1.. t Vl ) J nfl HAT
b All j. f .
sure you read the advertiae-
"Grcatent Work of
od w ho I eaome V i u ega r.
one can make it: See au
III ('III 111 TV-
H. Bishop, in
v. Daniel Wise, D. D.f editor
. i r a l 1
ts i m nhcitv. cheauiiaaa and
1 v
magnifying power struck
ill a rnnao J hAn J Vflfi
iiit K J- w " w Bam
was struct wun wonaer
. m
a ftKiit Ann iuiwpt oi Liie wre-
which is displayed in its
in an advertisement tbat
raic Microscope masrmneu
undred diameters, and could
iifrlit fnr 9 7S T lhnnoh it
f .1. 1 I,.. f !,.,
for I had paid $ 20 for a
I find It to be a really valu-
instruraent, which I should
to see introduced into the
of manifold useless toys
.It i.lnoc tA An limit i w I ib
destroyed. This microscope
1(1 11(11. II .1111 11 HU U 1U iUHLl ULL
11 I A I . 1 ? a. 1
and I advise evory boy and
who wishes to know the
rirfl whiah He in little tliino-a
ave nib muoev uuiii no nus
i ."i i i
o, whicu w li pay tor tne mic-
1 iL. -a U
A 1 51 II
H IL nniHlAV iTlIL LfllH 111 1!I(1-
1 1 A Al
and never losses its inters
11 I'.
Agents and dealers suppli
on liberal terms. A sample
1 he mailed, post paid, to any
tour inr bz. ia. 1 1 v r.. 1 1 . ilugm.
i" dn Me l "CT IT ir . ,
Locust st., St, Louis, Mo.
A mlwAwtisamAnt in f nic
nar iune9.3m.
M J . 1 1 :
u ru tii suvouetiiiiciii
wm rrai mm urn. ui ine
in thia nanpr liinAM ,im
From the residence of the sub-
lexandria. on the Winchester
lexandria Dike, a DARK BAY
OKfcjJ;. 3 years a d. about 16
ands hisb: has one white
ind foot, and a star in his fore.
1 T-fc .1 1. 1 J
HBU. JJUIU OUUUiurjio Ufa H(r
rom me ruouiog u m couar,
. 1 t XT A 1 1 ,
nil i in i iihhk m rn Hi.HrrHii .
1 I A 1 1 - - - -
iberal reward will be paid to any
i . l : '1
. - '- ' " .1 . -li irtj
o his recovery.
w2 ABNER CROSLEY. Road Tax Lists.
EATON, July 18, 1870.
The road tax lists will be ready
on and after July 25th.
Fresh Eggs and Yellow Butter
can always De naa. tteaa ine
the advertisement ittrtatet
WVork of the in this
paper. juney.om
Transfers of Real Estate.
The following r the transfers of
real Estate for the month of June, as
they occur on the books of the Recorder
for that month I
William Cook to David W. Merrill,
3 a tp s e or sec 9 Somers p, f 1,200.
Rachel Brown to Andrew Br wn, 100
i pt I qr aeo 18, Israel tp, $6,500.
Jacob Emerick to alia Ann Bantz, 20
a pt n e qr sac 17, Twin tp, $700.
..Martha waiters to narraan n. oobi
lens, a pt s e qr sec 10, Lanier tp,
John W. Chase to C. J. Marker, pt lot
3, Lewishnrg $JOU
Henry Lantis to Seth ifurnett, 6 a pt
s e qr sec 10, Gratis tp, $308.
Justine and Sara'l B. White to Michael
Filbert, lot 280, Eaton, $700.
Simon Hetaler to William Conger, 84
a pt n e qr sec 22, Uratia tp, $ t ,0 0.
Samuel M. Bovcc to Martha Bi own.
lot 9. Fairhaven, $250.
Thomai M. Hill to Elizabeth Homer,
lot $88, Eaton $30, (quit claim).
Elizabeth Homer to Simon A. Bartch,
same, $600-
Samuel B. Gilmorc to Samuel M. Paz
ton. 44 a pt s e qr sec 20, Israel tp,
William C. Swan to B C Swan i a pt
n w qr sec 9, Israel tp. $200.
John H. Dodge to Martha A. McMillan,
lot 21. Fairhaven, $600
Jeremiah S. Rankin to W. W. Webb,
147 a pt s.-c 16, Israel tp, $9,490.
Valentine Vollery to Susanna Herter,
20 a pt s e qr sec 5, Harrison tp, $900
Jonas Sr hlosser to Abraham and John
Brown, i a on the Castine Free Tern
pike in Harrison tp, $1,500.
Frank M. Fudge to Ermin GiffoH,
160 a n w qr sec 24, Harrison tp, $6,000
Mar? A. L. Bauyhnian to John II
Shank, lot 51, Verona, $100.
John H. Shank to Join Bolinger, lots
50 anti 51, Verona, $140.
Solomon N. Cnpp to Amos Ssbilt, 8f a
pt n e qr sec 12. Harrison tp, $551.50.
William Pottinirer to Thomas Pottiu
270 a in Somers tp, $18,900.
Alexander Rhea to Absalom li. Uol
lins. 11 a pt s e qr sec 15, Dixon tp,
Marv E and Edward Murphy to W V.
Swisher, 107J a pt a w qr sec 4, Dixon tp
Jacob Rtdenour to" Sterling Johnson,
lot 24, College Corner, $160.
George K. Brown to 8 B. Gilmore, 92
a pt n w qr sec 18, Israel tp, $8,000.
Trustees M. E. Parsonage, Camden,
to Ann E. Whittaker, lot 117, Camden,
Thcmas J. Brewer to Allen Garber,
105 a pt n w qr sec 16, Harrison tp,
$6 000.
William A. Austin to James Horieon,
6 a pt n o qr sec 29, Jefferson tp. $325
' , n -n ... s . . . T.
Joseph S. Dennett to Marina nnirman,
10 a pt 8 w qr sec 28, Gratis tp, $300
Thcmas J. Stnbbs to John Roberts, 60
a pt 8 w qr sec 21, Gratis tp, $4,000.
Alexander Brown to Leander Marshall
40 a pi a e qr sec 18, Jefferson tp,
John Canghey to Leunder Marshall, t
a pt 8 w qr sec 20, Jefferson tp, $300
James Gunninz to Benjamin V. Daily.
18 sqr rds pt in-lot 95, New Paris, $825.
Robert L. Shafer to Leander Marshall
lot 5, New Paris, $300.
Leander Marshall to Daniel Rudy,
same, 3uu.
Alexander 1'orter to John momas, pt
lot 27, Fairhaven $300
Mary Ann Huls to Hlizabew wysong,
lot 29 and pt lot 30, Winchester, $280.
Peter Spessard io John H. Spessard,
lot 124 West Alexandria. $400.
Philip Hewitto Patrick Shields, a
pt s w or sec oZ lwin tn, .,oou.
r . " . .. n. i r..,l . I .
LeTi tlewit to rairicic anieias, xij a
pt same qr, $1,500.
Joseph U farxer to Atiarew ournn.
SOaptseqr sec 17, Lanier tn, $4,100.
Jesse Sharer to James Markey, 50 a
pt n qr sec 12, Jackson tp, 2,17 1.87$,
(quit claim).
Auditor rreble county to jonn onver.
lots 30 and 31, t airhaven, $1.02, (tax
C M. Bohrer to David Bennett, s 1 lot
169 and pt lot 170, Camden, $700.
Hezekiah Gilbert to George Brower,
83 a out-lot 2, also lots 38 and 39, West
Sonora. $1.0 O.
E. L. Mcshace to James U. iUc&nane,
a s e ar sec 9, Somers tp, $50,
Timothy Urouan to alary J. Jones, lot
78, New Pans, $800
Charles C. Larsh to George R. Brown
lots 36 and 63, Fairhaven, $1 200
George S. Hamilton to James Hamil
ton, 87 a pt n e qr sec 23 Israel tp
Richard Uonarroe and others to a van
Trump lot 54 West Elk ton, $913.75,
(auit claim)
Catherine E. Green to A. Van Trnmp
same. $128, (quit claim).
MarmtKluke Green to A Tan I rump,
same. 131 25. (ouit claim).
William Nicholas to Abraham Nich
olas, lots 20. 36, 9, 10, and part lot 18,
Veioira. $S.000.
H. M. Keltner to John Nicholas, lots
23 and 35. Verona. $700
John r icholas to J. H Nicholas and
Bro.. lot 35. Verona. $o50
Samuel Arnold to WPliam Nicholas,
lois 19. 36. Dt lot 20. and lot known as
the "Commons," Verona, $1,800.
George W. Gunder to William Mich
olas .loU 9 and 10. Verona, 172 50.
Perrr Rinehart to Willard A. JMCaon,
undivided half of pt lot 236, Main street,
Eato-. $3,200
John Mobler to William Saner, leUa
s w qr sec 7, Somers tp, iO,4UO.
Of all Bizee, from the smallest
pin or locket picture to life size,
on short notice, and executed in
the best style of the art, at
Johnson's Gallery, north side of
Main street entry.
July 21, 1870-tf.
Those in arrearages for sub
scription to this paper, are noti
fied unless paid immediately, 50
cents will be added.
Shoo Fly.
It is questionable whether
Shoo Fly" will ever die. All
over the blacked-up nation, may
be heard from little urchins, and
from children from a larger
growth, the significant song of
"Shoo Fly." There is more in
that exclamation than one would
think at first blush. We always
feel as if oar "star had gone
down" when we hear it, aud
sometimes it becomes a query
with us
This world's a world of sin and woes,
Which sadlj needs lefornung;
But still upon its course it goes,
Despite our growls and storming,
We want bold men to full each branch
Look danger in the eye;
"Shoo Fly!" we cry, when perils reach
Bat who' to shoo the Ayr
Each folly new that folly flings
About ns like a netting,
May well deserve a laugh, yet clings,
Until it forces fretting,
To break oar clogs to meet the blame,
To lead our hue and cry
Deserves hero's name and fame,
Who dares to shoo the fly?
We bell the cat At risk of claw,
Sat stings smart worse than scratches
We live neath many an absurd law,
Which galls ns where it touches;
But still 'tis less to bear thej.ke
That twists onr!neck8 away,
Than face the scorn, the aneer.the yoke
On him who shoos the fly?
How Drunkards are Made.
Not one in a thousand of these
persons arrested on the charge
of "drunkenness and disorderly
conduct" walked deliberately to
a saloon for the purpose of be
coming intoxicated. A spree is
most always the result of mean
est accident in the world. A
youngster begins to take like
Paul said a "little wine for the
stomach's sake to allay a pain on
the invitation of friends, joins
ia a social glass, or when he
meets a real bosom crony they
liquidate the debt they owe to
lite with beer.
With soma temperaments it is
nearly, if not quite impossible to
take one drink without taking a
second, and so on to drunken
ness. A man has no reason to
take credit to himself for being
able to drink and know exactly
when and where to stop as many
boast, for it is something over
which the intellect has no con
trol, reasoning faculties are
powerless to command.
How exceedingly few are there
who for a life time can drink
with moderation. There are
many who claim to do it, but the
poison is instilled into the blood,
the constitution is weakened
vvhicb ushers an early decay.
Alcohol is one of the greatest
enemies to life. When it ia in
his stomach, we would like to
see the orator who can make a
better speech, tho editor who
can write a better article, tne
merchant who is shrewder in a
trade, or tho general who ia
wiser in command. We may
disguise it in any color, we may
know it by any name dilute it
as we may, it is the same serpent
that charms and is ever ready to
6trike with deadly venom.
A majority of the best serm-
i i . i
ons ever preacnea mignc uavc
had for a text: "Lead us not into
temptation." The most firm of
us are but poor frail mortals after
all, so weak that we cannot with
stand the allurements of vice,
but first endure, then pity, then
embrace, for intemperance has
been justly styled the "Great
American Malady:" There are
but two remedies, good company
and total abstinence. When cro
nies meet let them go to a cold
water pump aud avoid a bell
water fosaet.
"How to Get Your Money Back"
on a Railroad Ticket.
The following circular of much
interest to travelers has been
The rate irom tjincinnau to
New York is 515 50. Jfasseu
gers for any of the points given
below should purchase -a JNew
York ticket, and upon arrival at
their destination, the couponB
remaining unused can be sold at
figures a little less than figures
giving rates from the different
points to New York.
Example. A person going to
Buffalo will have to pay for a
ticket $14. Suppose the passen
ger purchases a New York ticket,
paying for the same $15 50 (only
$1 50 more tnan ror a isunmo
ticket); upon arriviug at Buffalo,
hi coupons between Buffalo and
lNTw York are worth $9 45. If
a passenger realizes $8 for the
the fare at this rate
will only be 87 50 from Cincin
nati to Buffalo. The rate from
Cincinnati to Pittsburg is Xfkl;- a
Ptttahunj naasenger can get a
New York ticket for $15 50-, and
his coupons from Pittsburg to
New York are worth $13, making
the rate to Pittsburg $2 50.
II you want to 6ave mon
ov in the purchase of DRY
GOODS, go the store oi F. M
Deem, and satisfy yourself that
the above is true.
July 28, 1870-tf.
We Accept.
Our neighbor of the Register
proposes to furnish the capital if
we n ill establish a SandaySchool
Journal. All right bring on
your "Stamps,"and we will agree
to furnish a Sunday SchoolJour
nal that will interest the children
more, and teach a better stand
ard of morals and religion than
any of the wishy washy concetnB
that are distributed now.
Struck by Lightning.
During the heavy storm of rain
on Monday night last, a terrific
flash of lightning and clap of
thunder, which startled everybo
dy from their slumber, descended
upon the frame scaflolding erect
ed very high in the air for the
purpose of finishing the spire of
the Methodist Church, and scat
tered the pine timbers for many
yards around, knocking two
holes in the upper part of the
brick work of the tower. The
damage is light. Is the Lord dis
pleased with the bu lding?
Local items are frightfully
scarce this week not only with
as, but with most of the papers.
This weather is rough on editors.
It is too hot for wickedly inclin
ed people to cut up any capers,
horses won't kick anybody or
run away, girls don't feel like
eloping, aud nobody will hang
themselves, and so we are left
without an item. Flies, howev
er, stick to business and to our
skin as well, biting with remark
able vigor, ably assisted occa
sionally by a ravenous flea.
Attachment Notice.
J. McLean, plaintiff Before Jas Camp-
against bell, j. p. Lanier
Q. W. Miller, Deft j Tp., Preble co., O.
ON the 8th day ef jci.t, 1870, said
justice issued an order of Attach
ment, in the above Action for the sum of
Six Dollar.- and Twenty cents, $6,20
Lanier Township, jclt 28, 1870w3pd
Attachment Notice.
josi ah Davis, flauitin I Before j . Mc
against Lean, j p. "ol
G. W. Miller, Deft. ) Lanier tp., Pre
ble coiiuty, Ohio.
N the 8th day of joxt, A. D. 1870,
said Justice issued an order of At
tachment in the above action for the
sum of $16,78.
West Alexandria, jvly 28, 1870 w3 pd.
Roback's Stom
ach Hitters,
unlike all other
Bitter s in the
market, possess
intrinsic merit.
Most Hitters, so
called, are merely unshiioctsky stiiff',
sold as a beverage. Dr. hoback
Bitters are not a beverage in a7n
io expensive drugs knenen to
science for the radical cure of
Indigestion and Dyspepsia, and
for all cases wheime a tonic and
stimulant are
required. Tliey
restore the vital
forces in a re
markable degi-ee,
and give tone to
the system.
It is now eleven
years since Dr.
Roback, the cel
ebraUd Stcedish
physician, from
StockJioim, Swe
den, came to this
country and introduced the Scan
dinavian Blood Purifier; since
whidi time thousands have been
cured, by its use, of Scrofula and
other blood diseases. It contains,
besides the Iodide of Potassa and
Syrup of Stillingia, drugs import
ed. Jrom Sweden for its express
vianufactwe, unknown and not
kept by apothe
caries in this
country. A
single trial will
convince the most
skeptical of its
wonderful value.
Dr. Roback's
Blood P'dls are
unsurpassed by
any Pill manu
factured for a
similar purpose.
One trial inva
riably establishes them as favorites
with all who use them.
The reasons why Dr. Roback's
Blood Pills should be kept in ev
ery family are: Because they can
be employed in all cases where a
"family physic " is required, and
are perfectly safe in their admin
istration at all times; Because
they are made
both with and
without sugar
eoating, thus
adapting them to
tne use of every
body; Because
they can be pur
chased at any
drug store at the
extremely low
price of twentij
jme cents per
For Sale by Druggists
and Dealers in Patent
Medicines ever y-ivh ere.
I DTnnn
WANTED I'ahtner With
$500 capital, to engage in the
printing business. Apply at thia
Married. On ihe 20th inst.,
at the residence of the bride's
parents, by Rev. Hi rum Joh neon,
Mr. Rily Woods to Miss Eliza
O. Ashinger. all of Preble Co., O.
Local Papers.
No man who owns a foot of
grouud, or is interested in the
prosperity and future growth of
his town or county should neglect
to take his homo paper. The
local press is an index, in a great
measure, of the condition of the
county in which it is published.
And if a mean, dribbling, and
niggardly suppor is given, it
must eke but a sickly, miserable
existence, reflecting little credit
upon itself or any locality in
which it is published, and exert
ing no influeuce for good or evil
on the place or its people.
When our people refuse to take
their local paper, and send away,
paying iu advance for some J&ast
ern publication, maue up in
many it stances from the frag
mcnts of some daily paper, they
stand in their own light, and
commit a fo'ly which they will
probably become coguizant ol
when it is too late to make
separation for the oversight.
An enterprising nome paper
should be encouraged at all
times. It reflects the business of
the place in which it is publish
ed; it champions the interests ol
the people where located, and
gives prestige and prominence
to the country or its adoption.
As a recorder of passing events
it is the daily history ot tne
community in which it is edited.
New Advertisements,
Doty a Wash ng Vachine,
Improved with Rowetl'e Patent Double
Cog-Wheels, and the Patent Stop, are
now un questionably far superior to any
apparatus lor wasning ciotnes ever in
ventel, and will save their their cost
twice a year, by saving labor and clothes
J cose wso aave usea tnem give testi
mony as follows:
"We like our machine mucb;could notbe
pnrenaded to de without it and with the
aid of Doty, we feel that we are maaters
of the position. Kev. 1j, cott, liisnop
M. K. Cburcn.
'It is worth one dollar a week in any
family." K. Y. Tribune.
'In Ihe lnundry of mv house their is a
perpetual thanksgiving on Mondays for
the invention. Rev. Theodore L. Cuyler
' Every week has given it a stronger
bold upon the affections of the inmates
ol the laundry. N. Y . Observer.
'.I heartily commend it to economists
of time, money, and contentment.
Rev. Dr. Bellows.
'Friend Doty Yonr last improve
mcnt of ronr Wasning Alacnine is a
comclets &ncccss. I essure yon 'our Ma
chin,' after a year's use, is thought
moic of to day than ever, and would not
be parted with under any circumstances
Solon Robinson.
1 Your Washing Machine has been in
daily usj in ou' laudry, and the bouse
keeper expresses herself as highly pleas
ed with il. It certainly accomplishes a
greater amount of work, with less ab or
and does not wear the clothes near so
much as the old fashioned wash-board.
By using it. one laun dress is dispensed
with m. M. F. Round, oupcrinten
dent of Infant Department of St. Cath
ariiic 8 Nursery, N. Y. City.
"I have had one of the Universal
Wringers in niv house, and it has bee
ured every week for over five years, an
is now as good as new. I have also bad
n Doty Washer for some three years,
which we use every week, end could not
easily get along without. It is as good
as ever, and will last year's yet" 15- D.
V an Slyck, Esq., bailor ol Oem. Kepub
ican, Hamilton, N. Y.
The N Y. Weekly Tribune, of Dec. 13
1869, in answer to ft correspondent ,ays
"Of Washers, there is none to be com
pared wuh Dotv's,"
uPMFCES.rl fair Otter.
If the Merchants in your place will not
furnish, or send for the Machines, send
for Machines, send us the retail price
Wasner $14, Extra Wringer $9, and wt
will forward either or both machines,
free o.' freiirht. to places where no one i
selling; and so sure are we tbey will be
liked, that we agree to refund the money
o' aiy one wislics to return the machines
tree of Ireiglit, after a msiiiiiss trial, ac
cording to directions.
No hi'fbaiid, fa'her Or brother should
"permit" the drudgery of wtishing with
the hands, fifty-two days in the year,
when it can be done better, more expe
ditiouslv with less labor, and no injary
to the garments, by a Doty ClothesWaali
er, and a Universnl Wringer.
Sold by dealers generally, to whom
liberal discountsjjara made.
R, C- Browning, Gen. Agert,
32 Cortlandt Street, New York.
L lS70.mos 3.
Farmers' Wives.
From Cider, Sorghum, Molasses,
Sugar, Wine or the juce of any
fruit. Directions Simple and
Easy. Cost not one half that of
the old process of allowing Ci
der to sour in the barrels.
Any one can make it.
Directions sent upon receipt
Address, W, H. Bishop,
st. mollis, .no
june2 3m
or the' Rel'-ef and Cure of he Erring
and Unfortunate, on Prindiplcs of
Christian Philanthropy.
Essays on the Errors of Youth
nd the a of Age, in relation to
Marriae Social Kvils, with sanitary
id for the afflicted. Sent, free, in eeal-
ed Envelopes Addressg HOWARD
ASSOCIATION, Box P. Pniladelphia
Pa. febl0,180-yil
The Largest Prices in Cash paid for
of all kinds, or otherwise
will he given in exchange. Apply at
the Factory east ol the Depot,
Eaton, Ohio.
April 28. 1870. tf.
A Farm of One Hundred
A compilati n with full an J accurate
explanations of the HOMESTEAD
LAWS enahling and instructing any
person how to secure one hundred acres
of rich farminz land for nothing, six
months before leaving heme, and in the
rechest and most productive portiou ot
the Great West If you contemplate
emigration send FIFTY CEETS for this
Work. You will never regret it l
M. E. MAYNARD, St. Lonis, Mo,
cr BO Wm -
wT1 j .
IsfS S
J TO I i
m Pactory ! !
Notice to Carpenters and Builders
We the underpinned Building Com
mittee oi the 12th Ueguiar vsaptist
Church in Eaton, Ohio, do heieby give
that, on the 15th of July, 1870
at thi shop of A. A, Stokes, corner of
Baron and Somer streets, will be pre
ared to present Drawings aad Specifi-
rations lor the erection ot a naptisi
Chnrch in this place. Contracts for tbe
same will be let us follows:
Stone woik, brick work, carpenter
work, plastering and painting sepa
rately oral) combined, to the lowest re
sponsible bidders.
Sealed propositions to be presented so
as to be opened on the 20th of July, at
2 o'clock. P. M.
B.J.GEORGE, ) Building
Alex. A. STOKES, VCommit
July 7, 1870w2prf 33,50
rrihc undersiznec has just opened
Shop on Decator and Beech Sts. Eaton,
Ohio ljust above the Brewery.
Horse-Shoeing, Plows, Harrows,
Wagons, r,lged tools, &c.
made New or retired. Also Double
1 inked Chains repaired or made. Bring
on ifiur Work, Salisfaotion Warranted.
Janaary. 27, 1870-yrl.
(Successor? to Gilmore A Campbell,)
Gov't Claim Agents.
Oflio-i at tho old stand, on Barron Street
Jan. 1 Wu. y.
Why Yes!
MA very. Fee ft Jr Sale Stable
HAVING bought Ihe stock of Horses,"
Buggies. Carriages and Ilnck of Peter
Shafner, I nin replenishing Uie entire
stock, and will furnish Horses, Carnag
es and. buggies for pleasure Ride, Wed-,
ings. ruuerai?, sc, at the lowest living-
Stable 1st door ea;t of the Union Ho
tel, Main st.
ST. Ml. S.M.IIMT,: Prop'tor
Eaton, May 26 '70. 6m.
"5 ftrtft A YEAR. UREATTn
FEMALE AGENTS. We desire an ac
tive Agent in every town, to whoru We
offer a chance to xut no-cr. F.or full
particnlars address Braimard & Wef
MOI.E, Cleveland, Ohio. may 2 tf.
John C Boxep. I JoHtr Haldeemaj
Having recently associated as partners'
in the Grocery Business, would inform?
the public that they have now on hand a
good supply of
First Glass Groceries such as
Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Molasses,
Spices, Candies, Soap, Tobacco
& Cigars, Butter, Cheese
Lanl & Eggs; FLOUR fr
MEAL. Dried Fruits,
Dried Beef, Tuba,
Buckets, Broom?,
Baskets, &c, &c.
aa This firm have she exclusive
Agency in Ex ton. for the sal of the
CHAMFIJJS RbiA f Kit; and tne im
proved Dayton Sulkv Hcrse Rake.
April 21, 1870 mos. 6.
The undersigned having put op a New
Shop opposite Robinson, Chambers tCo'i
Machine Shop, on the corner of Maple
& High Strets, is now prepared to do'
Jill Minds Re pari tig
on snort notice, saving naa years oi
practical experience, he flatters himself
that be can give Satisfaction to all who'
may favor him with their patronage.
Special attention given to
Plow & Wagon Work
Horse - Shoein g
Eaton sep.3,G8 tf.
On Hand
i i
Sdged Tools, Heavy Forging and
All kinds of Jobbing
gagPrices Reasonable
Eaton, Febi vary 8, 1870 lyr.
Manhood: Row Lost. How
Just published, a new edi
.. uon .f Dr. Culverweil 8
IB Celebrated Essay on the'
5$ radical cure (without medi
cine) Ot bPERltATO RBCSA, Or
Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Seminal
Losses, Impotency, Mental and PhysicaF
Incapacity, Impediment j to Marriage,
etc. ; also, Consumption, Epilepsy, and
Fits, induced by self-indulgence or sexu
al extravagance.
BSkPrice, in a sealed envelope, only 6
The celebrated author, in thia admira
ble essay, clearly demonstrates from a
thirty years' successful practice, that tbe
alarming consequences of self-ahnae may
be radically cured without the dangerous
use of internal medicine or the applica
tion of the knife: pointing oat a mod of
cure at once simple, certain, and effec
tual, by means of which every sufferer, no-
matter what his condition may be, may
cu.-e himself cheaply, privately, and rods
Jhis lecture should oe in me
hands oi every youth and every man in
the land.
Sent, auder seal, ia a plain envelope.
to any address, postpaid, on receipt
six cents, or two post stamps, aiso,
Dr. CulverwellVMarriage Guide, price :
2.3 cents Addiess the Publishers,
127 Bowery, V. Y , P. O. Box 4rO8.
Nov Zy, iHoy yl
Absolute Divorces legally obtain
ed in New-York, Indiana, Illinois aad
ther States, for persons from any Stat
or Countiy, legal everywhere, desertion,
drunkenness, boo support, etc , vufBo'ent
pause, no publicity; no harge until di
vorce obtained. Advice free, business
established fifteen rear.
Address, M. HOUSE, A'toraer.
No 78 Faipau Street, New York City
April 21, 1870. mos. &

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