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The Eaton Weekly Democia;
Baton, Thursday, Sept. 15 1870.
A White Citizenship, Free Trade
Hopudiation of the BondedDebt,
Abolishment of the Income Tax,
Restoration under the Old Con
stitution and no compromises
with the destructive andlnfamous
policy of a centralized despotism.
Democratic State Ticket.
For Secretary of Stale.
Of Cuyahoga County.
For Supreme Judfre,
Of Madison Couuty.
For Comptroller of I he Treasury,
Of Belmor.t County.
For Membor of Board of Public Works
Of Licking County.
For Congress,
Second Thoughts....Deliberaiions.
In presenting my "salutatory''
last week to the citizens of Pre"
ble connty, I had not taken into
consideration the financial mat
ters necessary to establish my
self in the capacity as editor of
this paper, and re-considering
and acting by calm deliberation,
yield op tbe coveted privilege.
The paper will be continued
as usual, by its former publisher,
Geo. W. Mehaffy.
Very Respectfully,
C. K. Thompson.
European War News.
Adices received in New York
from Paris state that McMahon,
with 130,000 veterans, has af
fected a junction with the left
wing of Marshal Bazaine's array.
This movement of McMahon is
said to have frustrated the plans
of the Prussians, who are there
by placed in a very perilous pe
ition. The Prussians are re
ported to be surrounding Ver
dun, which is imperfectly de
fended. The camp at Chalons
has been raised, and the troops
there ordered to take positions
along the line. It U thought
that the Crown Prince intends
to advance on Paris by the val
ley of the Anbe. Bazaine has
been supplied with ammunition
mod food. A. dispatch from Ber
lin soys the Prussians occupy
Mezieres. The fortress of the
Toul was bombarded by the
Prussians on the 16th, but was
not seriously damaged. Prince
Napoleon is at Florence. His
mission is to demand tbe media'
tion of Italy.
Tbe French Minister to Eng
land has been instructed to make
demands of England for media
tion. Queen Victoria's letter to
the Empress Eugenie is publish'
ed. The Queen regrets her ina
bilitp to mediate. She intimates
that it is an affair for the Cabi
net, and the Cabinet thinks the
time inopportune. Oliver is re
ported dangerously ill with brain
The Tribune wants to know
whether we are to have any
more elections in this country.
This is just what the people of
States where radical Governors
are surrounding the ballot-box
with bayonets, assisted by tro ps
sent by a radical administration
would like to know.
eam, Radicals are endeavoring
to control tbe German vote by
reporting Democratic sympathy
with the French. With Napo
leon, the Democracy have no
sympathy, nor have they with
any other Emperor. With the
French people struggling as
they now are to establish a Re-
fubhc, the Democratic party
ave sympathy. So would they
have with the people of any oth
er nation in an effort to throw
off the yoke of oppression.
There is no protection to
farmers in tbe tariff laws of a
Radical Congress. There are no
imposts on any foreign product
that caa compete with that he
raises on his farm. He has to
come into the market on the
merits of his stock and sell it for
what he can get. The manu
facturer of iron, of woolen, or
cottons is protected, but the
larmer's products never figure in
a tariff bill.
Schenck's Love for the Negro.
Tbe "hero of Vienna" is posted
for ah address at the Negro cele
bration which comes ofi in Ham
ilton, today, (Thursday). H i s
love for the colored "persuasion'
is very "gushing" just at present
as the following cut will repre
He is anxious and willing now
to embrace them and exhibits
considerable amount of affection,
because he wants their support
that be may continue iu the
"land grabbing" business and to
toady for the Eastern nabobs,
whom he has represented in Con
gress ever since be has been a
member. In 1856 and '58, the
following cnt represents how he
loved the negro and would have
treated him:
Then he was stumping the
country for Fillmore & Donelson
and denouncing tbe Republican
party as "woolly heads'' and "cat
tle thieves," and berating them
soundly for their'love of the ne
gro. He supported and advoca
ted Know Nothingism, and only
espoused tbe course of the Re
publicau party when it became a
fixed institution and he discover
ed an opportunity for office he
only show fflenttshtp for the ne
gro now, because he wants their
Schenck's Love for the Negro. Testimonial to Rev. F. LeRoy
Rev. F. LeRoy Senour preach
ed bio farewell sermon to the
Eaton (Ohio) Presbyterian con
gregation, on last Sabbath, tbe
18th iost. The meeting was
more than ordinarily large, and
at the close of the services after
Mr. S. had retired, on motion of
A. E. Hubbard, Esq., Mr. Jae.
Golliday was called to the chair,
and Mr. Hubbard offered the
following preamble and resolu
tions which were unanimously
Whereas, Our much esteemed
Pastor, the Kev. F. LeRoy Se
nour has, in the providence of
God, received a call to labor in
another part of his vineyard; and
Whereas, He has signified his
intention of accepting said call
by formally tendering his resig
nation as pastor of this church;
therefore, be it
Resolved, That regretting as
we do the acceptance of his re
signation, and the loss we sus
tain in having mm leave us, we
heartily commend him as a
christian gentleman, eminently
qualified for his work to which
his Master has called him. His
wife, a most estimable lady; his
family, kind, social and affable to
the kindly sympathy and chris
tian lcllowship of any and all a-
mong wLom God in JJn provi
dence may cast their lot.
Resolved, That a committee of
three, consisting of William Cur
ry, Robert Miller and James
Golliday be, and they are hereby
instructed to deliver a copy of
these resolutions to Bro. Senour,
and also furnish copies to the
Eaton Register, the Democrat.
and the Herald and Presbyter of
our church for publication.
Will Isaac Morris tell us how
much the National Debt would
be reduced if certain pensions
paid to persons hereabout, af
flicted with the chronic belly
ache, were devoted to the liqui
datiou of our indebtedness? If
he doesn't know, we suggest that
he get a little schoolboy to fig
ure it up.
la A qght is reported ten miles
from Paris, in which considerable num
bers were ensured, and in which the
French were driven back.
The Georgia State Fair!
Sixteenth Annual Fair.
$25,000 in Premiums to
be Offered.
$2,000 For the Fastest Trotting
Open to the World!
We have received a neat Pre
mium List from the
State Agricultural Society. This
Society will hold their Sixteenth
Annual Fuir in Oglethorpe Park,
two miles from At'anta, Ga., ou
the doable track of the Western
& Atlantic Railroad, commencing
Oct." 19th next, and continue
probably fifteen days.
The grounds are elegantly
fitted for the purpose, well water
ed and otherwise adapted.
The completion of tbe II. I
Kimball House, having 317
rooms exclusive of offices, with
tbe National, St. James, United
States, American, and Trcmont
Hotels, besides numerous private
boarding houses and five bun
dred tents to be erected in tho
Park, warrant us in offering ac
commodation for 100,000 guests.
For the convenience of persons
who do not desire to remain in
the city at night, special trains
will be run on four different lines
of railroud, starting in the even
ing and returning at a conveni
ent hour in the morning; thus
enabling persons to lodge in the
adjoining towns.
The citizens of Atlanta offer a
special premium of 2,000 for
the fastest trotting horse; 500
for the next best. "Opeu to the
Herewith find a resolution,
adopted unanimously by the
Georgia State Agricultural Soci
ety, extending a cordial welcome
to the North, to the East, and to
the West, to participate in this
grand exhibition.
TLe following resolution pass
ed the Georgia State Agricultur
al Society unanimously, having a
representation from over 100
Whereas, The Fair to be held
in Atlanta during the month of
Oetober, 1870, is intended to be
a grand exhibition o American
industry; and
Whereas, Said dxhibition will
be held under the immediate
control and supervision of the
Georgia State Agricultural Soci
ety; therefore be it
Resolved, That we, the dele
gates and representatives to the
ueoreia oiate Agricunurai oucr
ety assembled, do hereby extend
to our fellow citizens ot the
North, East and West a cordial
Invitation to meet their brethren
of the South at said Fair, to ex
change friendly greetings, to ex
hibit stock, agricultural imple
ments and other articles of home
industry, and thus promote the
material interests of all sections.
Premium Lists can be obtain
ed upon application to the Sec
retary Georgia State Agricultural
Society, Atlanta, Ga.
AWOur readers will be glad to
learn that a great reduction in
railroad fare has been made with
the different roads leading to the
Fair Ground.
For tickets over the Western
& Atlantic R. R. address,
Gen'l Passenger and Ticket Ag't.
A woman near Eaton has
bean weepiug continually for
over three weeks. Her husband
and the doctors have been try
ing every way to stop tho larch
rymal flow, but she cefuses to be
comforted, and sits and silently
weeps. A good subject for sen
timei tal poetry, but not agree
able to have about the house.
We suggest, shonld a similar
case occur hereabouts, that the
experiment be tried of taking
the patient to Swihart A; Peters1
and administering a quantity of
those beautiful, seasonable and
attractive drees goods that they
sell so cheap. If tuat will not
dry her tears and wreathe her
face iu smiles, then, indeed, her
case may be set down as hope-
J. II. Gilmore left here for
the Miami University, st Oxford
O., on Tuesday lust, where he in
tends improving each "golden
hour'' this winter g'vg to Bchool.
SfB?The Fair, next week.
Administrator's Sale,
In pursuance of an order of the Pro"
bate Court of Preble county, Ohio, I wil'
ofitr for sale at public auction,
On the 29th day of October; A. O.
at 2 o'clock, P. M., upon the premises,
the following discribed Real Estate,
situutti in tho Village of Winchester,
countj of Preble and 8tat of Ohio, v'12:
The north half of let number sixty
eight and tbe north half ol Loi No. sixty
nine as known and designated on the
pint of the said tnwn of Winchester, in
the county and State aforesaid. To be
sold free and clear from the dower
Estate of Mary A. Focbt
Terms of Sale One third in hand,
one third in one year and ona third in
two years from the day of sale, with
interest; the payment to be secured by
mortgage on the premises sold. Ap
praised at 23O,O0.
Adm'r of Levi Harp, deceased.
Hubbard & Freeman, Attv's.
Sept. 13. 1870 w6 prf 14,50.
Is hereby given that Alfred H. Ste
phens has been dulv appointed and
qualified as Exeentor of the Estate of
.lease B. Stephens, deceased, late of
treble county. Ohio.
Sept. 15, 1870 w3 prf$ 1,75.
Legal Notice.
Squire L. Hittle, pltff I Preble
vs Common Pleas
Nels-jo P. Phelps et. j
et. D-ft's.
Kelson P. Phelps, of the State of Illi
nois, Jnmes Cook & Lucinda Cook, his
wife, William Teiman, Simond and
Hale and Richard B. Wilson, defendants
will take notice that Squire L Hittle of
Wayne county Indiana, did 00 the 13th
day of September 1870. file his petit on
in the Court of Common 'leas, within
and for the county of Preble and State
of Ghio, against tbe said Ne'son P.
Hale and tho othei defendants a'love
named, setting forth, that, the defend
ants, lames Cook & Lucinda Cook, his
wife, gave a mortgage 'O the defendant
William Teiman on the south east qunr
ter of section number 8, in township
number 8, of range 1 east, containing
160 acres, moie or Ics. situate in
Preble county. Ohio, to secure the pay
ment of $3500.0v, according to certain
notes r (erred to in said mortgage, said
notes and mortgage dated August 6tb.
1869. That said mortgage and notes
were on the 14th day of September 18j9
Bf signed by the said William Teiman, by
his written assignment to the plaintiff
fjquire L.. rlittle. lhat since the giving
of gnid mortgage by the said James
Cook and wife, said Cook and wife, by
deed sold and conveyed said land to the
detendaiu Nelson P. Phelps who is the
owner thereof. And that since the
giving ot said mortgage and deed the
defendants James Cook, Simonds &
Hale and Richard B. Wilson, claim
some interest in 'said lands undei the
said jeisou f. fneips, And praying
that said Nelson P. Phelps may pay
said sum now claimed to be due amount
ing to $1500,06 with interest from Aug.
6th 18G9, or that said premises may be
sold to pay the same, aud the said Nel
son P. Phelps, and the othr defendants
Uore -.mM that thee ar required to
appear and! answer said petition on 11
before tieT2h dsv of November, 1870,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Attest D. B. Morrow, Clerk.
Sept 15, 18JT0w6nrf $20.
See! See!
Wm. Engle, has removed Ijia
Tailor' Shop from over Doem's
Dry Goods Store, to Gilmore'e
Row, on the west side of Baron
street, Eaton, where he will be
prepared to execute work in his
line neat and cheap. Give him
an early call. aug.4w3.
Mbt I you want to save mon
ey in the purchase of DRY
GOODS, go lothc store of F. M.
Dbem, and satisfy yourself that
the above is true.
July 28, 1870-tf.
1 1
1 tw
- W A. m
I sg. "-am
3 8 S w f .
Q cp
2 53" 1 '
Executors' Notice.
TM I s. a .
j ne uncersignea nave neen duly an
pointed Ixecntors of tbe last will of
Cornelius VanAusdal, late of Preble
county. Olio; deceased. August 10, 1870.
Joseph Ionohoe
Isaac Van Ausdtl,
Harvey B VanAusdal.
Campbell fc Gilmore.
Attya. Augl8 w3. pf $1,75
Administrator's Notice.
The iisdersigi'ed has been duly ap
pointed idministrntor of the Estate ot
Benrp Kts'u g, decrased.
Campbell& GilmoTe, "ttorneys.
Aug. 2E, 1870 prfl,75.
The Trichina Spiralis or Pork
Perhaps it is not generally
known that tho much talked of
trichina fipiraffo, or pork worm,
was lirst l isoovered in America
by Dr. R- C. Kendall, of Phila
delphia, Pa., with that American
instrument known as the Craig
Microscope, costing only $2 75,
after repeated failures to discov
er the worm with an imported
luit-roscopo) costing $55, of feeb
ler power and Jess reliable." This
act Dr. Kendall stands ready to
prove iit an)- time. The "Craig"
Microscope in neat box with full
direction is mailed anywhere for
?2.75, by E. II. Bo?s. 813 Locust
st., St. Louis, Mo. Read adver
tisement in this paper. jniw9.3re.
How many housewives are
there who have experiticed the
difficulty of ontaining good vin
egar. Head the advertisement
ot W. LI. liisHOP iu this paper.
Ls fart winning favor in tbe UcusebolA
at ihown by tbe Sales of Lost Vwi,
Aiummtiiiir to eightr-six Tboua
mid, eeven Hundred mid
Jfiigbty One Machines,
wbicb far exceed
those of any
other Col
pany I ,
capable of. a range and variety of work
such as whs thought impossible, a short
time ago, to perform bj machinery. 1
"We claim, and can show those whom it
may concern, that it is tbe cheapest,
roost beautiful, delicately arranged'
uicely adjusted, easily operated, and
smoothly running of all the famuly Sew
ing Machines. It is rcius,ikab-le , net
noi only fur tho range and variety of its
scwiug, but also, for the variety und
variety of Sewing, but also for thti varte
ty and iffereut Kinds of Texture which
it will sew with einial faoility and per
fection, using Silk Xwist, Linen or t:ot
ton Thread, fire or coarse, making the
Interlocked-Elastic-Stitch, alike on botb
sides of the fabric own. Thns beaver
cloth, or len'hrr, rosy be sewn with
great strength ond uniformity nfstileh,
and in e mnment this willing and never
wcaiying machine may be adjusted for
fine work on i.auze or gos amor tissue,
or the tucking of tarletan, or ruffling, or
almost any other worK which delicate
fingers 1 ave beeti know'n to perform.
Pui chasers can soor be convinced
that our rfbw Family Machine embodies
New and essential principles simplicity
of construction ease of operatien uni
formity PHKCISE action at any
speed capacity for range and variety cf
work, fine or coarse, leaving alt nvali
behind it.
New Family machine mt.y be had
in a variety of foldwg covers and cases.
Some show in polished snrface only the
grain and tint ol the wood, while others
are fiirshcd in all the elaboration of art
l.'or Hemming, Felling, Knffling, Braid
ing, Binding, Gathering, Tucking, Em
brnidering, and . so'forth, are not onl
numerous, but now brought to great
perfection. Most of ihe.n can be it
'ached b a bimple move of the hand.
be quality ot tlie work c-.n only be fully
ppreoiatea on observation and exami
Machine Twist.
OIL, &c.
We have and shall keep in stock at
our Central Office, and Agencies, on
spools ol various size, Twist of all
lizes and co'ors, Linen Thread, Spool
n:i 1 n .i - 1 r
vunuti v.11, ai-u an oilier articles ne
cessary in the use of our machines
We wish it understood that we manu
factnre th Twist sold by us; that we
shall aim to have it excel in quality and
exceed 111 quantity, f.r a given piice.
that of other munufacturers, and that
the Iwist made by us in our new and
extensive mills, supplied as they are
wtb the most improved machinery and
skil!c4 labor can be idiad on for the
desirable qualities of uniformity of size,
evet.ness, length of thread as msrked on
each spool, streng'h. excellence of color
and beauty of finish.
Fourth St. Msrch 10, 1870tf
Democrat cn be had from now
until after Die (Jnmnaien for the
trifling sum of SIXTY-FIVE cts.
In clubs of 10 FIVE DOLLARS.
This is the only, and best offer
we shall make to the many Do
tnocrats of Preble. Send in the
names early.
Attachment Notice.
McLean, plr.intiff j Before J.ip Camp-'
ler. Deft Tn. . Ireh'p e. n
U lDe " "y et jrr.v, 1870. tnid
Justice issued an order of Atta. h
L J - e ' ' !
ment. in tne shove Action -fnr tha cum nf
Six Dolla rt wnd Tweuty con tn, fC. 20. jatt
Lanier Township, jult 2S, 1870w3nd.'
r r ir f t
1 TO
The Celebrated Patent
Microscope. .
During the past Six Year nit
worth has been testified to hy
thousauds of Sc'entific Mm,
School Teackets, Students, Phy
sicians, ami orners.
Simplified and Adaptrd to
I'opulwr as well as Scientific uor
it is an Llpttca! Wonder. Iff
Magnifying power is
T E .V T MI O i S .i .V
CombSnditg endless instruction with
amusement; A Beautiful Gift, and one
that 7iever loses its interest, reyeals the
unseen wonders of creotion, tls in vin
egar. Animals in wafer. Chees Mites,
s'uzar aed Itch Intents, Milk Globules,
Adulteration in f ood ud Urugzs. Also
tbe Trichina Spiralis or I'virk Worms.
A very beantifnl and ornimenta) In
strument, should be on the table ol every
Kamilv. Phv'ic an. Scientific Man, Stn
j.Jent and School.
An Unseen Kincdom is opened to tfc
ere bv this Instrument. No lover of tbe
lbesntifal should be wi'boul it.
Fvcry Instinmeot is put op in a neai
b"X, with full direcion tor using i. ca'e
j fully pasted on tbe cover. Tnousauds
I have been sent by mail, and tho propri
etors guarantees a safe transit to eacli
rn'trument. We are seiuling them every
dnv. Price hy mnil. postage nrepaid
!?2.75, or wirh two Mutinied Objects $3
Address. E. H ROSS.
313 Locust Stre-t. St. Louis, Mo
j u ne23 in
Produce Dealer, Bverjr Farm
er, Every Dairyman, Every
Mauiilac1 uror, H.very body
You C'ainio Ailord to he
Witl-ottt it !
IT 0ON7 A JV.V, The surest and onlj
certain method to keep Eggs Ftesh and
dweet t'ur at least one year The cost U
less thaa half m Cent per do.uii, aittl by
this method Eggs bought at eight und
ten cents a dozen during the Sutnmer
can be kepi and sold through the Win
ter und sold fur thirty and fifty cents.
When 01 ce knon this metlnd will take
place of all others. It fot.i nat T,.mit
the Egg or give it tbe appearance ol uge
When offered for sale it cannot be told
either bv appearance or quality fron
fresh laid Egg.
JTCOS 2 JLJKS, Tho best receipt or
ruh'ished of rendering sour and raucid
batter perfectly sweet, ami also how to
give a uniform and natural colsr to White
atd Streaked Butter, and the be man
ner of mixing and repacking butter for
These Two Meeeiptg Jilone
arc Worth Jtu-ndreds of
IT TLLLS, The cheapest tnd best
modes of manufacturing Washing f'.n,
npundft. Uow to make Ham and ft -f
Soap. .Ink Cundles Paints, Varnishes.
Cementa, and Baking Powders.
IT TELLS, How to Clearify Honey
so as to sell lor nearly twice tbe common
IT TELLS, Tbe latest and l.e.t mod
of salting and curing Hams and all kind
ot meat
IT TELI S. How to Dye Clothes of
snaies ana in last co.ors,
IT GIVES. Valuable Receipts for
curing Burrs, Sores, Cuts. Felons. Frost
Bites, Cancer, Ear Aches, Tooth Achee
King woim, with hundreds of other
new ac-C valuable methods, with full di
rections, so that nny one can ue then.
IT TELLS, How to take out Frmt
Stains, Ink Steins, Iron Hu it Stains
and Paint Stains from Cloth and Sillk
IT TELt.S, FTw to counteract frost
upon rees, valuable receipt.
JT TELLS, How to Tan Furs, either
wi;h or without the hair or wool on, and
how to imitate those of superios grade
IT TELL8 How to make the bes
Curling Fluid for making the hair grow
in beautiful flowing ringlets
IT TELLS, How to Feed Hens so as
to make tbem lav all the vear round
IT GJVES Over Five Hundred rare
and valuable Receipts and a 0 mplele
-tnde to the luonufacture of hundreds et
usefui and saleable articles, including
Fat.-nt Medicines Perfnm.r T,.;i.
and Dental Articles, and many other
easily made, at a trifl.ng cos', a d seli.i..
readily at large profits, with me.nv manu
incturers secrets, Ac
ur. r?u 1 o
?3C?l..h mn' free "f postage, for
ttlSMUP. St Louis. Mo
publishers. iune23iu
Agent lor the
Dealers iu First Class
Familj Groceries
North-Baron sireet, EATON. 0.
June 9, 1870. yrl.
Dayton & Eaton Omnibus
HP HK. undersigned will ran a I ail
A Omnibus line between Daytoc un
Katon, as follows;
Leave Eaton daily at 5 30 a.m., rrri
vine at Dayton at 10 a. ra.
Leave Dayton at I p. m., hrrivia
et Eaton at 6 30 p. ra.
Prompt connections inadewith 'o: th
ern trams ut Uavtoti.
Passengers wiM he called lor hy ! t
It fieir ad lres. st th D.ir.r Hons.
Ultton. and toe F .. s tnef:. fct
. t e. . e T , I . .
tne I'rng o irc ui o . t .pDroosm o; .nn
Enton, O.
AH orlers anricorainissLins nromn !
atterded to, JAS. TOLUKNl H
I 6a-TrI.
rperd by Or. O. sf. Jackson. -
Their Introduction hrto tMo country from Tniaj
tSf r1" iil yo na year cblMron.
entirely dlfflruntaBMa Msaaaarrom
Ttwy an
ft muy
. jomos. Tbor
Thy mm
Ukeon, bwt food, honnot, rallaUs aoMta Thoy
TktfrmfiH Imam TttuMnJr
Iiiver Complaint.
Harvona Debility,
Diseases of tbe Kidney.
and all Disease a rl ulnar freest a
dered Liter, Stomach, or
iMFvmirr or mm blood.
Constipation. FlatoUnoe, Inward Ptlee,
Yullnoss of Blood to the Head, Addlty
of the Stomach. Meases. Heart-
DUrruet for Food, rulneee
igbt tn the Steaaadb,
r Eructations. Msk-
Ibbt or Flutterme at tke
Fit of the I
1 sioirnicn.
TO in tr of Sh HM. ntinriMl A
BdAcult BreeahlnaT. Flutterlnat
at the Heart, eseasaw Choklnsjo r
HuffocatlngH VBasittlons
or Webs before the Birbt. SU
Fain In the Head. Deaolenoy
of Perspiration, Talln uses
of the Skin arad Free,
Fats In the Side,
Back, Chest, Usatae, ate..
Sudden Fluahaa or Haat. Burn.
lust in ine r loan, consttal unaa-ir)a
or ktii and urtat Derpreealon of
AU Uu$e indioaU rfuam of Sa Ltmw ar J
Orgam, comhinti mWk tmmrt Meed.
Hoofland's German Bitten
le entirely vegetable, and eenualae ate
liquor. II le a comnonnd of Fluid atx
tnu ta. XUe Knot, Herbs, and Barka
from w hlrti iheae ertrart are made
are arathered awaaa-. I n Uerrnany.
All tbe medlf krlnal vlrtaea
are ailrartrJm Mfrosi tbeja by
arte nil ne -aaassw- rnenaia. TMaa
nracti are thru le
nrsre Sa tale
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Hoofland's German Ton to
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iamalid, ta afuUactd, tUmt, and eiaoreut jurats.
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and bleed. Ketp nam SBanaa bleed mere; heep year
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gam mutt try them preparation.
Chief Juaaaa sf h gepreaia Ooert of Panaaytrtata
1'BiUDBt.rais, March IS, 1M1.
I find " HeeJUmeVt On men Bitter, " tt not an totem
mealing heaerage, but ft a good ton, netful tn atrrrdara
f dlgeaUme organ, ami ef groat brnrjkt in earn mf
Yeuri truly ' neatem.
Jedes of lha Bnpmaa Coortot PoaaaalaaiiVa
Psii.Aoai.rsiA, Apru 38, ISSt
I eonalder ema. Honana
German Bit errmh. tarn ' a rrtluaiet
mtehctnt In aaae aaaVA ar attneha ef
Indices tlonaanba aaasnamor Bry spepala.
I can eertlfy this from my exnerienee as
it. Yours, with roan sot.
Pastor of the Tenth Bspust Oherch. Phlavaelphla
Ds- Jaossos Dtn ctn- t ham amen fraqnenthr
reonetied la Bnaatnf at nail with recaaweandatum mf
different kindt of medicine, but regarding me praaUm
a out of amy appropriate rphere, I hare tn all eat' da
iate rphere.
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of Dr.
BonflanSt German Bitter t, I depart far one from
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arml debility of tbs ajraaasa ana
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Jail; but utually. sfhB
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BaefoauXt German Mematu era eeenotrrfHted-
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ReeoOeet that U it Dr. Itooflnmr, German
ghat are ee uninertaVy maud and m high
mended ; and do aataBBnwaassnm. aua
tm .-Hurr vtyu ta take I Ba ' -
w umuow i.ihi
aviy tag tt jntt at
maaet a lare rataHli
diet will be ami by a
an U. Shan Jraaa
B eon.
tavrett I ana iooaltaj aPSB mrmfinn
Hon to Lkt
Jfa. 1 A It CM BTMMMT, Phileddphtn,
Formerly C. DC. JACKSON at CO
heee RewteAtea are ror aale hy Irusr
srlata, Storekeenera, and medicine Ileal .
era rv. rvwlitrt.
Dr -i,' T-nei I- ,. writ Ac areth nam how. am
to rut the atnamay
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aaaja. aaBBataafa and aaioaMB
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doubt not, il wn
thete mho rotor
Frlce of the Blttera,
Or, a hair 4oen ror wo.
Frlce of the lonle, fl 0
Or, a hall ookh tor at aw.

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