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Important Change of R. R. Time.
Cincinnati, Richmond & Chicago
Cincinnati, Richmond & Chicago RAILROAD.
Freight. - 4.20, a. m.
Chicago Express, - - 9 22. p. m.
Chicago Mail, - 10.04, e.m
Chicago Express, V.47,a.m.
Chicago Mail, 7.60, p.ra
Freight. - - - 9 2, P
TAe object of this department it to
r;. th. iml Matter ot our Town and
County, and " emplinf ihe column of
this name for the benefit of those Mino
to Advertise in Losals at ten cent per
Messrs Editors. F lease announce
lh Hume of D. W. Harshman, as inde.
pendent Candidate for County Commis
ionrr, and oblige
Mart Voreas.
Religious Notice. Rev. J. D.
Lauer, will preach in the Chris
tian Church, to Eaton, on next
Sunday morning, at 10J o'clock.
Announcements!! FAIR!
Improvement of the Grounds
From tbe energy which the
members of the Agricultural
Board are manifesting, and the
number of entries already made
we can bat conclude that the
exhibition of tbe society, next
week, will be one of the beat ev
er given in the county. The
Fair last year was acknowledg
ed by all to have been on an
equal, if not superior to any
countv fair In the State, and
that the one this year will equal
it, no one can doubt. Hundreds
of entries have already been
made, and business preparatory
to the opening of the exhibition,
on next Tuesday, is being vig
orously pushed forward.
We paid a visit to the grounds
a fw slays ago, which we found
presenting a very bright appear
ance o account tf Lire improve
ment, atid tbe general cleaning
up that it is receiving under the
management of the present ef
ficient Board. Persons not
bringing dinner along with them
may be assured that they can
get eatables in abundance at the
dining-hall, either as a diuuer
or lunch.
Arrangement . will be made
to have the different roads lead
ing from Eaton to the grounds
SPRINKLED, thereby prevent
ing the dust that has been so
disagreeably contended against
during similar occasions in the
past. In fict, the grounds are
in complete order, the buildings
and fences whitewashed, and no
effort has been, or will be, spared
to accommodate the people de
siring to attend, and make the
coming Fair ,ne of the best ever
held in the county. Certainly,
titter the efforts manifested by
the Board to give tbe people a
good t air, they should not fail
to give It encouragement by
their presence and aid by bring
ing articles for exhibition. Come
to the Fair.
Schenck and the Soldiers.
Bchenck in his Dayton Speech
manifests profound iove and de
votion to the soldiers of the late
war to destroy the Uuion and
overythrow the Republic!
Wha- a hypocrite, cheat and
The soldier went into the late
fratricidal strife with the pro
mise ot thirteen dollars a month
in GOLD, and received depre
ciated Government paper, a
mounting to more than half that
sum. while the bondholder re
mained at home and speculated
Off the soldiers blood !
When the war was over, who
waa it that passed a law taxing
the crippled heroes ten dollars
a bead for tbe privilege of grind
ing a hand organ? The infernal
knaves and miscreants of a Mon
grel Congress, with Schenck at
their bead!
Verily, Schenck loveth the
soldier with a muchness!
The Butler County Agricultural Fair
commences at Hamilton on the 4th o
October, 1870, and will continues four
days- For Premium List and other in
formation, address W. R Cocbbak,
Secretary A mere extended notice
net wee i.
Whipping Chilprsw. Why
do you whif your children? Of
eourse you say it is to enforce
wholesome discipline, and obedi
ence to just commands. Un
doubtedly you are influenced by
your highest perceptions of right.
We were similarly influenced
when we UBed to "switch" the
little rebbels in the family and
in the school. Had we closed
our eyes to the innovating pro
gress of the age, we might still be
flogging the little desperadoes,
and thereby teach them the law
of punishment which is so deeply
engrafted into our system of na
tional and social Government.
Ever- blow you inflict upon the
person ot the child, makes a scar
upon the spirit that may require
eternity to efface. A change
must become universal in the
treatment ot children. You
may preach moral reform and re
ligious truths to stumps and to
old trees till the crack and crush
of doomsday and you will have
but little progress in (he world's
redemption, until you regard the
rights of children in a more lib
eral view. Parents and teachers
of to day are roouldit g the char
acter of our future history. If it
is moulded in the crucible of
passion, of fear, or selfish rule,
the character of our country will
be the same. Tbe tender viae
and the flexile twig may be train
ed into any form or shape that
may be des:red, according to the
taste or skill ot the cultivator.
Nature ib true to itself in every
department. Iguoiant,Mand nn
skillful teachers of children in
families and in schools, combine
to hold the car of progress and
chain us to the revengeful insti
tutions of the past. We should
never crush the natnreof a chil-
It rhould be led, jnst as yon train
the vine upon your trellis work.
You would think it unwise to
attempt to train a vine without
furnishing something that would
attract its tender shoots. It
would be no kss unwise, howev-
ever, t attempt to train the the
child without presenting some
thing to attract its young aspira
tions. Parents who enforce dis
cipline by scolding and pounding
transmit to them and to posterity
the feelings that prompt such
misguided rule. We are day by
day photographing our charac
ters upon tbe children that car
cumstances have placed under
our care, and upon those with
whom we associate as well. Ev
ery impression thus made will
have its influence through all
time, and will be read upon tbe
scroll of eternity.
The leading
Dry Goods House
In Eaton,
M. F. Stephens,
Commercial Block,
Eaton, Ohio.
Mr. M. F. Stephens
Rushed Into Our Office
And Announced
That Ho Was
Going East
To Purchase A New
And Magnificent
Stock of
Fall Dry Goods.
Look Out
When He lieturns
Give Him
Early Cell.
Impoetant Information for
every purchaser of groceriea to
know that at John Rhea , In
the old Stannab corner, you can
get groceries 10 per cent, less for
cash than at any other house in
the city. Call and see.
The evidence multiply that the
fall trade in this county will be
greater than ever enioyed oe-
fore, and even now increased ao
tlvity marks every branch of
business in which our people are
engaged. Our streets, every day
are crowded with wagons laden
with grain presenting a bustling
scene as they movo to and fro,
that is not often equalled in
cities of greater commercial pre
tentions. The grain finds a ready
market and good prices among
the dozen or so ot competitors
that are buying for shipment.
Sr Oyster? atFr3ier's,
To Our Subscribers
To Our Subscribers and Advertisers.
This Paper Cannot Be Run
This Paper Cannot Be Run WITHOUT MONEY!
&500,00 On Our Books for
We Cannot Live on Promises!!
You who subscribed and pro
mised to pay afterHarveitjShonld
recol lect that we are dependent
on you for what is justly ours.
Let every one come up and set
tle, and thus keep us going.
Browne's Large Family Bi
ble. For the information oi
those who are coutemplatiog
purchasing a new Family Bible,
we would call their attention to
Mias Cowlcs, of Cincinnati, O.,
who is now cuuvassing for
Baonne'e Large Family Bible,
. ... rrti 1. - -
in tins piuce. xue or i
beautiful one, au-d meets with
the approbation oi all. Don t
purchase any other until you
have seen this Magnificent
hook, Browne's Family Bible.
Iu an urticle on the tax and
tariff bills the New York 'ln
bune says. "The tax payers
were sacrificed to those of tax
gatherers. Congressmen who
voted to reenact the iucome tax
wore uuder the urgent solicita
tion of tbe othce holder wno
collect it. To maintaiu these
office holders the people must
uot only submit to the annoy-
anoe and oppression oi ins in
come tax, but the great expense
of its collection."
A gentleman remarked lately
that tho back-bone of the hot
weather seemed to be broken.
One would like to see the frag
ments of that remarkable osseous
formation, since all other bones
, I 1 J 4.
appear to nave ueen milieu .v
Mr. W. C. Barnhart, our new
Superintendent, commenced
school on Monday, Sept. 5th,
1870, at the new school house.
Success, say we, to tha new pro
fessor he has the qualification,
the vim and the pluck to do
much for our people, and we
predict that he will do it with
out fear, favor or affection. He
is the right man in the right
Arthur's Lady's Home Maga
zine for October contains a bril
liant programme for tbe coming
year. It is the announced inten
tion of the publishers of this
high-toned periodical fo make it
the "Queen ot the Lady's Maga
zines" for 1871. Having striven
to make it the best reading mag-
aziue ot its class, they now pro
pose to give all the attractions
of the most popular fashion
monthlies, such ae colored steel
fashion plates, etc., etc., and to
add new features uever yet at
tempted by auy of them. Among
these are a series of cartoons on
toned paper. These, as we un
demand it, are to be finely en
graved copies, double in size the
ordinary page of the magazine,
of choice pictures, and will be a
novel and highly popular fea
ture. The beauty, tnsts, excel
lence and rare Interest o its lite
rary contents, combined with all
these new attractions cannot help
making Arthurs Lady s Home
Magazine tbe favorite of the
coming season, specimens sent
free. Published by T. S. Alt
TUUR & SONS, Philadelphia
Pa., at $2 a year; with large re
duction for clubs.
This Coming Cotjstt Faib The peri
od for holding the nineteenth annual
Fair of the Preble County Agricultural
Society is drawing near, and now, as
the time fast approaches, let our farmers
go to work and make tbe accessary pre
parations to have their farms represent
ed by some kind of produce or stocs.
Let each and eveajr farmer lop" upon it
us his duty to exhibit something that
may add to the interest of the exhibi
tion. Let all join to make the next
Fair a grand faimer's jubilee and re
union of friends and acquaintances.
There is scarcely a farmer pr machanic
who has not something in stock, imple
ment, machinery, or produce line, that
mi,. Jit interest some one else. Let them
cunlr.bute to tl e display, and send in
something, no mutter how small or how
Subscribe for the Democrat
Admitted to the Bar.
We take the following very
complimentary notice of our
young friend, Joseph Huffman,
from the New Jjexinglon (O) Her
ald: "At the last term of District
Court held in this place, Mr. Jos
eph G. Hoffman, law student of
Col. Marsh, was admitted to the
Bar, and it afiords us pleasure to
state that he passed an examina
tion nighly honorable to himself
and creditable to tne gentleman
under whom his studies were
Mr. Aoftman has been a resi
lient of our place about two
years, and during this time his
conduct has been that of a gen
tleman, and by his honorable and
enterprising efforts has won the
respect and esteem of the entire
community. We have noi learn
ed in what place Joe intends to
"bang out his shingle,'' (hope it
may be here), out whatever point
he may select will be favored
with a first class lawyer, a good
fellow and a cultivated gentle
We do not wish to see our best
Democrats and young men of en
terpri&e leavo us when there it at
home a fine opening and encour
agement for talent , and respecta
bility. But, wherever he goes,
success attend him.
Lewis D. Campbell has challeng
ed Schenck to meet him on the stump
in joint discussion, and Schenck has ac
cepted the challenge. Robert Trill find
his battle with the little pony a harder
one to retreat from than Vienna. After
about one engagement, Robert Jwill be
willing to schunck out of the fight.
Fresh Oystbbs. Fat, Sweet luscious
oysters, the firt ot the season, will be
served up in apple-pio order, at the
oyster saloon of John Frazier, on Cher
ry Street, Eaton; will also be kept con
stantly os hand for the public, by the
can or half can, with all the other good
things of the season.
tSf It is stated that no terms for
peace will be accepted bv the Prus
sians except the cession of Alsace and
An Onio editor is getting par
ticular about what be eats.
Hear him: "The woman who
made the butter which we
bought last week is respectfully
requested to use .more judgment
in proportioning the ingredients.
Uhe last batch bad too much bair
in it for butter, and not quite
uough for a waterfall. There
is no sense in making., jrouraolf
baldheaded it butter is sixty
cents a pound."
W a n t e d. We want an ac
tive andgenergetic agent for the
Democrat iu every township in
Preble county. We will pay lib
oral commissions to agents. Call
and see us. No person is now
authorized to collect for this pa
per, any persons claiming to be
authorized agents are impostors.
Those of our subscribers who
are in arrears for their paper up
to August 25th, 1870, will please
call and pay, as a change has
been made in the newspaper de
partment which demands this
step to be taken.
John Hileman's Estate.
NOTICE is hereby fiiTen tnRt theun
dersigned has been duly appointee
and Qualified executor of the last Wi!
a-d testament of John Hileman, late of
Preble connty Ohio, deceased.
J. H. Foos, Att'y.
Sept. 22, 1870 prf $1,75 w3
This Microscope is simplified
and adapted to popular as well
as scientific use. A new optical
wonder ! This ie the only instru
ment of high power which requir
es no focal adjustment, and there
fore can be readily used by every
one. even by children. Costing
onlv Two Dollars and Seventy-
five Cents, by mail, post paid, it
is within reach of all in the com
mimitv. and should be on the
rHhle of everv Practioner. Read
adverisoraent in this paper
White Wheat Flour, 1001b. ... 4 00
fiA Wleat Flour. 1 001D iO
WliAnt. ner bushel I 10
Pftrn tier bn shel 75
Data, per bushel 41
Rv ner busbel W
Kenns. Der busnei -
' 1 . i It en
Salt, per bl
New Orleans Molasses, gal
Golden Syrup, per gallon. .
t 75
90 1 00
1 201 45
20 2S
Bacon. (sides and nam; in. .
New Orleans sugar. 8)
Coffee, per lb. . , , . ,
Lard, pertb , ,
Butter, per lb
Eggs, per dozen
Bacon (Hog round) per lb
White Fish, half bl
Herring, per half bl
Potato s, per busbel
Apples, per barrel
9 00
4 75
4 00
10 00
Dried peacnes per id
Dried Apples, pertb
Clover seed, per busbel
Timothy seed, per bushel , .
6 00
Tho Craig Microscope adapted
to popular and scientific us.
Read advertisement. Price $2.75.
Be sure you read the advertise ¬
ment 44 Greatest Work of
the ?," in this paper, j 9.3m
Good wholesome Vinegar.
Any one can make it: See au
vertlsemeut of W. H. Bisnop, in
this paper. june9.3m
.t Wonderful JtMicroscope
Rev. Daniel Wise, D. D., editor
of the -ew York Sunday School
Advocate, thus speaks of the cel
ebrated Craig Microscope :
" Its simplicity, cheapness and
great magnifying power struck
me witn surprise. Ihen 1 was
examining a fly's eye by its aid,
and was struck with wonder
at the skill and power of the Cre
ator which is displayed in its
structure. When t sst a state
ment in an advertisement that
the Craig Microscope magnified
one hundred diameters, and could
be bought for $2.75, I thought it
was one of the humbugs of the
hour, for I had paid 20 for a
microscope not long before. But
now I find it to be a really valu
able instrument, which I should
like to see introduced into the
families of our readers in the
place of manifold useless toys
which pleas for an hour, and is
theu destroyed. This microscope
would both amuse and instruct
them and I advise every boy and
girl who wishes to know the
wonders which lie in little things
to save his money until he has
$2.75, which w 11 pay for the mic
roscope and the postage wheu
sent by mail."
As a holiday gift this micro
scope is unsurpassed, being orna
mental,, instructive, amusing anu
cheap, and never losses its inter
est. Agents and dealers suppli
ed on liberal terms. A sample
will he mailed, post paid, to any
address for $2 75, by E. n. Rosa,
313 Locust st., St, Louis, Mo.
Read the advertisement in this
paper. june9.3m.
and read the advetisement
"Greatest Work of the
JMge," in this paper. jiiBe9 3m
Fresh Egg3 and Yellow Butter
can always be had. Read the
the advertisement "Greatest
Work of the age," in this
paper. juney.dm
Grind t
EverjthiDg to be
Having formed a new partnership,
propose in the futnre, as in the
past, to grind out all kinds of Lumber.
Lath, Fencing Posts, &c They also
propose, to grind and keep constantly on
hand foi sale, frn, Oats, Rye, Barley
and all kinds ot Horse and Uow l-erd.
Call and see, and then you'll kho.
Thankful for past favors, tbey solicit a
continuance of the public patronage.
Aug 4. 1870,-tt.
FOUR ';SRS Of. St.
rfHIS justly celebrated native Wine is
I made from thejnico of the Oportive
Grape, raised in this country. Its vain
Tonic and Stf enetheni' e Properties
are ansurpassed bsany other natiye Wine
Bel g the pure juice ot tne grape, pro
ed under Mr. Speer's own personal sup
ervisiod, Its purity and genuineness are
guaranteed. The youngest child may
partake Of its generous qualities, and the
weakest invalid may use it to advan - ge.
It is par'icularly benenciai to tne aged
and dobilitatec'., and ia suited to tbe var
ious ailments that affl.ct the weaker sex.
It is, in every respect, A WINE TO BE
Speer's Wines in Hospitals are prefer
red to other wines.
Sold by Drujgists generally, who also
sell Speer's Standard Wine Bitters,-
t rade supplied by all wi oiesaleuealers.
See that the Signature of Alfred Speer,
Passiac N. J.,is over the cork of each
A. SPEER'S Vineyard, New Jersey.
Office, JNo. 243 Broadway, JSew York.
For Sale by J. P. BROOKINS SON
Kfl lvr Evt.on. Ohio.
gotten up Wedding Cards are fur
iebed promptly at this Office.
Farmers' Wives.
From Cider, Sorghum, Molasses,
Sugar, Wine or the juce of any
fruit. Directions Simple and
Easv. Cost not one half that ot
the old process of allowing Ci
der to sour in the barrels.
Any one can make it. Full
Directions sent upon receipt of!
Address, W, H. Bishop,
S T. ! fPt i S . .TO
For the Relief and Care of ihe Erring
and Unfortunate, on Prindiples of
Christian Philanthropy.
Essays on the Errors of Youth
and the s of Age. in relation f
Marriae Social Kvils, with sanitary
aid for the afflicted. Sent, free, in eenl
ed Envelopes Addressg HOWARD
ASSOCIATION, Box P. Philadelphia,
Pa. feblO,180-yil
Legal Notices!
Richard B. Wilson, plt'ff ) Preble Conit
vi. of Common
Nelson P. Phelps, Deft, j Pleas In At
NELSON P. PHELPS, of the State
of Illinois, will lake notice, that.
Richard B. W.lson, of the State of Illi
nois, did, on the 11th day of June, A. D.
1870, file his Petition in the Court of
Common Pleas within and Tor the coun
ty of Preble and State of Ohio, against
the said Nelson P. Phelps, setting forth,
that the said defendant is indebted to
said plaintiff in the sum of Five Thou
sand Dollars with interest thereon lrom
August 1st., 1869, being in part for the
purchase money of certain Real Estate
situate in Leningston countv, Illinois.
sold and conveyed to the delen lant, by
the plaintiff in January, 1869, &c, Ac
And on the 11th day of June 1870. a.i
order of attachment was issued from said
Court, in said action on the ground that
said delendant is a non resident of the
State of Ohio, and on the 15th day of
June, A. D. 1870, the same was levied on
the following property of tbe defendant
to wit. A certain tract or parcel of land
situate lying and being in the county of
rreoie ana oiare oi yjcio, sua Known oy
being the South east quarter of section
number eight (8) in township number
eight (8) of range nun.ber one (1) east,
&c. Containing one hundred and sixty
acres be the same more or less.!
Plaintiff prays judgment on said claim
(or the amount above named, and asks
for sale of said property, and that the
proceeds arising tberelrom may be ap
plied in payment of said claim.
lho said Nelson 1'. i'helps is notified
that he is required to appear and answer
said petition on or before the 3rd day of
September A. D. 1870.
Campbell & Gilmore, Attorneys.
Attest D. B. Morrow, Clerk.
Ju'.y It, 1870 w6, prf. $20.
Daniel Stump, Flt'ff,
V Pleas
i ) tition.
Preble Com.
In Par-
Mai iahStump.et. al dfts
MARIAH STUMP, of Darke county,
Ohio, Albert Avery and Hannah
Mariah Avery of Preble, county, Ohio,
and John D. Baker of Montgomery conn
ty, Ohio, will take notice that a Petition
was fi If d against tbem in the Court of
Common Pleas, within and for the coun
ty of Preble by Daniel Stump and is
now pending, wherein the said Daniel
stamp demands partition of the follow
ing real estate to wit: Sittate in the
county of Preble and State of Ohio, and
bounded and described as follows, to wit:
Being all of tbe north half of the north
east quarter of section number thirty-
six (36) in township number six (6) of
r nge number thre dj east 4c, con
taining 80 acres of land more or less.
And that at tho next term of said
Court, the said Daniel Stump will apply
for an order that partition may be made
made of said premises.
Attorneys for Petitioner.
Att.'est D. B. Morrow, Clerk.
July 14, 1870w6prf f
A Farm of One Hundred
A compilation with full an 1 accurate
explanationj of the HOMESTEAD
LAWS enabling and instructing any
person how to secure one hundred acres
of rich farming land for nothing, six
months before leaving home, and in the
rechest and most productive portion of
the Great West. If you contemplate
emigration send FIFTY" CEETS for this
Work. You will never regret it I
M. E. MAYNARD, St. Louis, Mo,
rrihe undersigned has just opened a
Shop on Decator and Beech Sta. Eaton,
Ohio just above tbe Brewery.
Horse-Shoeing, Plows, Harrows,
Wagons, Edged lools, ic.
made New or repaired. Also Double
Linked Chains repaired or made. Bring
on your Work, Satisfaction Warranted.
January. 27, 1870-yrl.
(Successors to Gilmore & Campbell,)
Gov't Claim Agents.
Offioat the old stand, on Kurron Street
Jan. 1 1870. yl.
Why Yesf
MAvery, WeeO. Sr Sale Stable
HAVING bought the stock of Hvrscs,
Buggies. Carriages and Hack of fetur
Sbafncr, I am replenishing the entire
stock, and will furnish Horses, Carriag
es and bnggies for pleasure Ride. Weu-
ngs. Funerals. Ac, at the lowest living
Stable 1st door east of the Unioa He
tel, Main st
ST. It. GlJTtp,E Prop'toA
Eaton, May Z6 '70. Gm.
FEMALE AGENTS. We desire art ac
tive Agent in every lown, to wlttrHl w
offer a chance to kick movf.t. For felt
particulars address Bra in asp ft Wis'.
aotF., Cleveland, Ohio. may M if.
John C Bokep. Job HAi.Deawa
Havinc recently associated as partner
in the Groceiy Business, would fnforie
the public that they have now on hand a
good supply of
First Class Groceries such as
Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Molasses,
Spices, Candies, Soop, Tobacco
& Cigars, Butter, Cheese,
Lard fe Eggs; FLOUR &
MEAL. Dried Fruits,
Dried Beef, Tube,
Backets, Brooms,
Baskets, fec., &c.
M. This firm have the exelaaiv
Agency in Eaton, for tbe sale of the
proved Dayton Sulky Hcrse Rake.
April Zl, 1B71 mos. fi.
On Hand
Edged Tools, Heavy Forging and
All kinds ot Jobbing
Prices Reasonable
liaton, Fobi nary 3, 1870 lye.
Manhood: How Lost. How
Just published, a new ed
tion if Sr. C olvar Well
Celebrated Easaj on th
radical cure (without medP
cine) of SncBMAToaaaoji, or"
Seminal Weakness. Tnvoinntarv Seminal'
Losses, Impotency, Mental and Physical
Incapacity. Impediment i to Marriar.
etc. ; also, Consumption, Bpilepsy, and;
Kits, induced by self-indulgence or sexu
al extravagance.
Price, in a sealed envelope, only b
The celel rated aathor, in this admira
ble essay, clearly demonstrates from a
thirty years successful practice, tnat lbe
alarming consequences of self-abuse may
be radically cured without the danger?
use of internal medicine or the applica
tion of the' knife: pointing-out a mode ot
cure at once simple, certain, and' effee
tnml. by means of which every sufferer, mo
matter what his condition may be, mar
cure himself cheaply, privately, and roev
Ibis Lecture should be ia the?
hands of every yonth and every man i
tne land.
Sent, uuder seal, in a plain envelope,
to any address', fyglpaid, on receipt elf
six cents, or two post stamps. Also,
Dr. Cu I verwell's "Marriage Guide," pace
25 cents. Address the Publishers,
127 Bowery, H. Y., P. O. Box 4,586
Nov 25, IBby yl
i2h 5
Ohio Farmers
Insurance Companylf
incorporated Feb. , '48
Clutrter Perpetual.
Cash Surplus, Sept.
29, 1809 .... 9361,836 88
Losses Paid over 378,000 OO
Insures Farm Property Only.
EXPENSES LESS, in proportion to a
raount of business than anv ether Com
pany doing b-isiness in Ohio, and far
this reason its rates are lower than those
of any other Company,
Without any Further Liability,
Has been in successful operation)
over twenty years, aad by reason
of its low rates, fair dealing, aaJ
prompt settlement of losses, has become
the most popular Company in Ike State
among the Farmers. In ease of lots,
this Company pays the foil value of prop
erty destroyed by
Ftre or Lightning,
up to ill 9 nmoum insured. For Insnr
anee or farther information apply to
Cf. . BOJLJfgEm, Ag't.
For Preble drpart of Montgom'ruQoumlei.
ADDRESS, Gratis, Preble Co.. O
.Nov 1UV H9,yrl.

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