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The Eaton Weekly Democrai
.ton, Thursday, Oot. 20th 1870.
MtMie. On account of the
pro-sure of advertisement, and
rapeclally the one of M. F. Ste
phen's, lack of helj, etc., the us
ual atnonnt of reading matter is
crowded out this week. Will be
out on time next week.
WU commence tho publica
tion of premiums awardod at the
Preble Fair next week.
The Democracy a Party of Positive
The Republican speakers, and
General Schenck among them,
h ave.de! igh ted durit g the recent
campaign in representing the
Democratic party as one of mere
negation, whose whole mission
and policy consisted iu opposing
the benevolent measures and
wholesome reform of that pink
of perfection, the Republican
party. Our speakers did not an
swer this ignorant assumption
and wilful slander as it deserves.
We have only time, at present,
to indicate some positive ideas
held by the Democracy.
In times of great and radical
changes which revolutionize the
form and policy of oar govern
ment, there is great virtue in ad
hering to the established princi
ples and practice of the lathers
in opposition to the revolntiona
ry dogmas and practice which
would overran them. In this
sense, the Whig party in oar rev
olationary history was a nega
tion. Every party has both pos-
itiva nd netrative sides. The
Democratic party is strongly
negative when contrasted with
the positive usurpation and vio
lations of constitutional law,
usage and right by their oppo
nents, and . their negative oppo
sition to these Radical schemes
is highly honorable to them, as
much so as to the patriotic oppo
sttlon of WnuAM Tkll to Austri
an tyranny or the glorious stand
of the Netherlands against the
outrageous violations of right
and law by the Spanish mon
The Democracy is strougly
positive and holds positive prin-
c:ples. Some of these are:
1. The sovereignty of the
States, and opposition to cen
tralization. There never has
been more ignorant and unmean
ing nonsense written and spoken
than the ceaseless twaddle of
Radical ddod this eubiect. All
ntir historv shows that the
States were sovereign and inde-
t before the adoption
the Constitution. In that in
strument they expressly stipula
te) fnr tha reservation of
powers not expressly granted
The General Government is sov
reign in its legitimate sphere;
the State are sovereign
ttiaira. There are no stronger
advocates of State sovereignty
than Verment and Massachu
setts the most intensely Radi
cal States in the Union, and who
have done mora to destroy
sovereignty of others. They
practice upon the principle
the old Governor ot Massachu
setts,who defined to be "the right
of doing as you please, and
compelling others to do as
wish them to.
2. The Democratic party
always advocated a specie cnr
rency i. e., one founded opon
goid and silver, and easily con
vertible into them. The events
Of the last eight year have
the untold evils which
have resulted from the opposite
. As a party, tha Democracy
have akays advocated freetra
by which is meant the world
er, a revenue tariff. The oppo
nents have generally advocated
protection. Some who have
the Democratic fold and who
not know how to get back,
others who were formerly oppo-
.. , ...
ncui.-, -J
opened to tho folly and injustice
of protection; see men like
walking, and endeavor to
ish the delusion of advocating
free trade and continuing
connection with the Radical
ty. When they convert, the
ical party, whose loaders are all
wedded to protect oh, to the doc
trines and practice of free trade,
the millenium will have dawned.
The. gentlemen occupy a false
position, and the sooner thoy
join the Democratic ranks the
better tor themselves.
4. The Democracy have al
way- advocated an economical
administration of tbo Govern
merit, and a low rate of taxation.
Their opponents have generally
signalized their advent to power
by increasing the expenditures of
the Government, and the rate of
taxation, and have been fruitfal
of expedients to justify this
course. The last five years of
Radical rule are glaring examples
ot this.
5. The Democracy believe in
loving and obeying the Constitu
tion as the bnlwark of political
safety. Tyrants and tyrannical
parties only fear constitutional
provisions and seek to remove or
change them. The Uemocracy
have no sympathy with that sys
tem oj political morality which
leads officials to violate the pro
visions ot tho fundamental law,
and then pass laws shielding
themselves from legal responsi
bility for the violation of indi
vidual rights. They do not be
lieve in disregarding the Consti
tution and then changing the
law to make it conform to prac
tice. They approve of making
practice conform to law
6. The Democracy streuously
maintain the rights of individ
uals and of the States, and op
pose the despotic doctrine ot
making those give way to the
fancied necessities of the Gener
al Government.
These are a few of the positive
principles maintained by us, and
had the Government been main
ta'ned in accordance with them,
our position ad a people would be
n.tlv mnre. aatiatWorv thau It
wr w
1b at present.
Democratic Pyramid.
New York,
North Carolina.
Schenck has gone where
the pig iron squealeth and the
A favorite song of the Mon
grels just now is: "I'm going to
be an angel, etc." Whcre"
Which place?
Robert E. Lee.
Gen. Rob't E. Le is deud 1
Another hero, patriot and states
man has departed ! All true
friends of liberty and lovers
their country will mourn his loss.
The highest eulogy that can
passed upon him would fail to
iustico to his greatness. Die was
his couutry a friend
Reiponsible Advertising aVgeu-
. .
rns are a crest aavaumao
both advertiser and publiaher.
r r T- T .-II . C
That Ol WOO. I . xvjwen a. vw.,
No. 40 Park Row, New York,
considered by many tha most,
o om nlete establishment of the
kind in the United Estates.
ar The Real Estate Agency!
heretofore conducted by me, has
bean tnrned over to JoON
Deem, Esq., who is folly author
iaed to act for me, during
absence from Eaton, in all busi
ness undertaken in this line.
Mr. Deem's busiuesa habits
extenaivo acquaintance, are suf
hcient guarantees that ail mat-
. j l : -11
ters lntrusteu to mm
promptly and satisfactorily
tended tO. W. 11. L.OUG1I.
Oct. 6th, 1870.wl.
hibited le
Ualldu's Magazine Fob No
vember. We baa received
November number of Ballou's
Magazine, and have read it with
interest, as we always do every
month that Ballon is issued.
has the best variety of contents
of any magazine in the country.
Its romances are always
written, its Bea storieB such
only true hearted sailors can
ai.d.l! the reading is original
and of the beet quality. There
4 r. r. j . t C t ...I
!, 11111 rn fro H in cii luci i
"I... , ...... J u
Uiuairaieu auujeci?,
the small sam of 15 cents, or
Rad- Ushers
50 per year. Great improvements
are promised for the coming
All periodical depots sell Ballou's
1 homes A- Ialbot, bi Congress
Boeton, are the
There is a plethora of money
in New York. The banks are full,
the SubTreasury is full, and the
bankers and speculators have
more money than they know
what to do with. The rates oj
discount are easy and' exchange
on Europe is down to par. Wtiik.
this is true of New York, the
case is reversed atthe West. We
are short ot money; our banks
are drained, and exchange is
scarce. There are several causes
for this, but they are mostly inci
dental to the fact that we have
purchased as heavily as usual
from the East, at undiminished
cost, while our shipments of ex
change products have been pold
at an average reduction from last
years's prices. The balance
against us we have had to make
good in cash, It is a plain op
eration of natural law. Last year
exchanged we commodities. This
year our productions were only
worth, say, ninety cents on the
dollar compared with last year's
prices, ar.d, having purchased a
like amount this year, we have
been compelled to pay the diff
erence in money.
Wood Wanted. We would
say to those of our subscribers
who desire to pay their subscrip
tion with wood that we are now
readv to receive all the wood
they may bring between now
aud the last of October. Afrer
that time we will not receive
wood ou sub-cription, as we will
Lave purchased our winter's sup
ply, tf
His Whereabouts. A com
mouicatiou received through the
Sririt Teleraph states that
Schenck has safely arrived at his
destination, and is knocking vig
orously at the door for admittance
-ri T 1 c 1 , L:m
lUe ACVIl reiUBCO IU l mm is
fearincr he will favor a hiab tariff
on sulphur! It is thought, how
ever, that through the influence
of Lincoln and Stanton, there
Will DO a oompro.ni
bit that Dr. Roback's Stom
ach Bitters increase in sale
every year?
They are the best combina
tion ever made;
Do the Drusrfirists recom
mend Dr. Roback's Bitters
to their customers?
After years of experience
ana trial mey uvb uocu
proven to be a sure cure
for Dyspepsia and Indiges
Is it that Physicians use
and recommend Dr. Ro
back's Sugar-coated Blood
They know the ingredients
ofSrhich they are made.
Are Dr. Roback's Blood
Purifier and Blood Pills
the best remedies taken to
gether for the cure of all
diseases of the blood ?
The Blood Purifier is the
only article in the market
which contains the celebrated
costly Drugs imported ex
pressly from Sweden for its
manufacture, and the Pills
v-mrnin tbe active principle
of Podophyllum (Mandrake
Boot,) and is a substitute
for Mercury.
Are Dr. C. W. Roback's
Stomach Bitters, Blood Pu
rifier and Blood Pills the
three greatest remedies the
world has ever known?
f V. I
After eleven years' experi
ence and trial the sales hare
increased each and every
year, and thousands of let
ters (unsolicited) of the remarkable
cures they have
performed bear witness.
Read the letters in Local
Column of cures by these
Md 9fU99 9jT
9i(t jv 9Mf(t Snup
huv jv pttvvo
-and 9q uso Rtyt
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puv tp9MiJb9j n otifiyd Ap,uwf
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njuoavf to tu9iff t9yttjqvfn frjqout
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put) DirDr fo ppoj 7 npwq
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-rnofs ttffvqox
Legal Notice.
Sautre L Hittle, fltff) Preble
- 1 .
Ips et. j
C j in mon Pleas
Nelson P. Hhe
et. D-ft'e
Nelson'P. Phelps, of the Slate of Ifli
nois, Jmi Cook s Lucmot look, 1115
wife, William Teimnn, &imond and
Hale and Richard B. Wilton, defendants
will lake notica thai Squire L fjiitle of
W ivne coontv Indiana, did on toe iJlD
day of September 1870. file his petition
in the Court of Common Pleas, within
and for the county of Preble and Stale
ot Ghio, against the said Nelson P,
Hale sn-l the othei defendants above
named, seitinjr forth, that, the defend
ants, Jsmes Cook & I.ucinds Cook, his
wife, jrave a mortgage o the defendant
VVUliam leimar. on the south east quar
ter of section nomber 8, in township
number 8, of range 1 east, containing
160 acres, moie or le'S. sitnste in
Preble county Ohio, to secure the pay-
ment of 35O0O::, according to certain
notes f erred to in said mortgage, said
notes and mortgage dated August 6th.
1869. That mid mortgage and notes
were on the 14th day of September 18ti9
aisitrneo bv the said Villiam leiman.by
his written assignment to the plaintiff
Squire L. Hittle. That since the giving
or siua mortgage oy tne aaia jnmes
Cook and wife, said Cook and wife,
deed sold and conveyed eaid land to th
deleudant Nelson P." Phelps who is eke
owner thereof. And that since the
giving ot said mortgnge and deed the
defendants James vjoost, amonos
Hale and Richard B. Wilson, claim
some interest in suid lands andei the
said NeUou P. Phelps, And praying
that said NeNon P. Phelps may pay
said sum now claimed to be. due amount
ing to $15O,06 with interest from Aug
6th 1869, or that said premises may be
sold to oav the sr.me. and the said riel
son P. Phelps, and the other defendants
are notified" that ihev are required
fibnear and answer said petition on or
. 1 ' . . . a ai 1 df f
hefbre tbe 12h dnv ot novemoer, ioiu
Attornevs for Plaint1
Attest D B. Morrow, Clerk
Sept 15. 1870w6prf $20.
s" It voa want to save mon
pv In the purchase of DRY
OOODS. eo loth o store of F. M
Dbem, and satisfy yourself tha
the above is trne.
July 38, 1870-tf.
Executors Notice.
nndersiimed have been
.jointed Executors of the last will
Cornelius VanAusdal, late of Prebl
county, Ohio; deceased, August 10, 1870
T t T-fc I
tiosepn Lj'iu unuc
Isaac VanAosdal,
Harvey B VanAusdal.
Camnbell k Gilmore.
Attys. Augl8 w3 pf SL75
Is hereby eiven that Alfred U. Ste
i. hens has been duly appointed and
naalined as Executor of the Estate
Jesse B. Stephens, deceased, late
Preble county. Ohio.
Sept. 15, 1870. w3 prff 1,75.
A Fortune
Send Two Dollar to Cashier First
National Bank, Uernantown, Mont
eoraeri coanty. Ohio, for Registered
Ticket in John H. "Sievenson's Grand
Gift Distribution of Sixty Thousand Dol
lar' wor h of Valuable Real Estate.
Gold ana Silver Watches, to be drown
positively on ;he
19th Day of December, 1870.
Money is rotaiued by the Bank
until the Drawing lakes place.
The Capital Prize is a Beauti
ful Farm and JRitte Coun
try Residence, adjoining the
corporation of Qermantown, O ,
valued at Thirty Thousand
Don't delay. 8ecl at once.
This is a rare chance an HON
EST scheme You may be the
lucky one. A Chance wt JPomr
Hundred avd Eighty-Sev
en wmmaote jrrtze : tor
Only Ttvo Dollars! 64a
Tickets to one addresn for $10
For Circulurp, and all informa
tion, address, with Marun.
Germantown, Mon tgoniery Co., O
fep6 1870w6.
Democrat Can be hud from now
until alter the Campaign for the
trifling ftom of SIXTY-FIVE ct.
In club of 10 FIVE DOLLARS.
This is the only, and best offer
we shall muke to tho mimy De
moorats of Preble. Send in the
names early.
WITH AiTftraEr T FOB AT.I. KIM); OF Vu 't
Is fa (ft winning favor in tbe Household
as ibown by the sales ot Lxsl xear,
Amounting to eight v-si.X Thous
and, seven Hundred and
Eighty One Mai hines,
which far exceed
those of any
other Com
pany !
This new FA MIL i' MACHINE
capable of a range and variety ol" work
such as was thought impossible, a abort
time agi, to perform by machinery.
We claim, and can show those whom
may concern, that it is the, cheapest,
most bcautitul, delicately arranged
icely adjusted, easily operated, and
smoothly running or an tne lamuy o-w-
ng Machines. It is renmknble, nfl
not only for the range and variety o its
scwiug. bnt also, for the variety and
ariety o' sewing, but also lor tne vane
ty and i Herein Kinds of Texture which
will saw with eqn.il taci.ity aua per
fection, using Silk I wist. Linen or l.'ot
ton Thread, lire or coarse, -making the
nterloekod-Elastic-Stitoh, alike on hot
ides of the fabric oown. Thus beaver
loth, or leather, Bnr be sewn with
great strength and uniformity of stitch.
and in ' moment this willing and-never
weaiying machine may Be adjusted
fine work ou i auie or gos omct tissue.
or tbe tucking of tarietan, or ruffling,
almost any other worr whu-h delicate
fingers l ave been kuewn to perform.
Pui chasers can sooe be convinced
hat our uew Family Machine embodies
New and essential principles simplicity
of construction ease of operation an
formitv it PliKCISE action at any
speed enparitv for range and variety
work, hne or coarse, leaving an rivan
bind it.
The New Family machine muy be
n a variety ol foldmg eovers and cases
Some show in polished surface only
grain and tint ol the wood, wmie ouiera
are tinshed in all the elaboration ol art
For Hemming, Felling, Ruffling,
ing, oindii g, leathering, lucking en,
brnidering, and so forth, are not onl)
numerous, but now brought to great
perfeeWfri. Most of them can be
iched bi a simple move ol the nana
he quality of tbe work en only be
ppreoiated on observation and exaroi-atton.
' Machine Twist.
OIL, Ad.
We have and shall keep in stoek at.
our Central Office, and Agencies. Ton
spools ot variouj sizes, Twist of all
sizes end co'ors, Linen Thread, Spool
Cotton Oil, ard all other articles ne
cessary in the use of our machines
We wish it understood that we manu-
lecture th Twist sold by us; tint we
shall aim to have it excel 10 quality and
exceed in quantity, f r a given puce,
that of other manufacturai-s, and that
kA T.-I.I fmna K in mr n n w J
extensive mills, supplied as they are
with the most improved machinery and
skille4 labor can be telied on for the
desirable qualities of uniformity of size,
evenness, length of thread as marked on
each spool, strenirh. excellence of colorone
and beantv of finish.
Fourth St. March 10, 1870trr
Subsori b
and ra)' for the,
The Celebrated Patent Crai
Durinar the I'ast Six Year sit
wortli has been ttstitietl to nj
thonsands of bc"entiuc Mrn
School Teackets, Studenta, Phy
sicians, and others.
Simplified and Adapted to
Popular as well as Scientific uc
it is an Optical Wouuer. JLti
Magnifying power is
T wjmm SI
Combindiig endless instruction with
nmosemnt ; A Beautiful Gift, aud one
that never loses ita interest, reveals the
unseen wonders of creation, Eols in Vin-
rsr. Animals in water. Cli"s Miles,
Snjrar aed Itch Inieta. Milk Globules,
Adulterations in r eon and uraftKi, aib
the Trichina Spiralis or Hrk Wotraa.
A ery beantifnl and oinimentat In
s'rument, should boon l.tbio of every
Kamiiv, Fbviicnn. ScientiGc Man, Stp
dent and School.
An L"nswn Kingdom is opened to the
eye bv this Instrniaent. No lover of the
1 .)f.. -M. U I . 1 . I.
beautiful shoatd b without H.
Every Instrnmpnt is nut 09 in a "'
b"X, v-ilh full direc'ion.Tor aainji it ce
fuffy pasted on the cover. Thousands
-ave been sent by mail, and tha propci
elors (iuarantees a gale transit 10 acl:
iustruroent. We are sendinj; ihem eert
day. Price by mail, p.istape prenahj
r2r; nr with two Mourned Objects $3
Address. K H KOSB.
318 Locnit Slre-t. St, Losvia,
Produce Dealer, .Every jrarm-
er, Jflvery JJairyman, jsvery
Mamitae'urer, Hjverybooy
You (.Jaiino Afford o be
Without it 2
IT CONTAINS, The a are i.v.d ooh
certain melb id to keep Eggs F'lOktt at d
8weet for al least one year Tlie tost if
less than half a Cent per doxcii, and 6v
this method Ej.i bought ut ; irht and
ten cents a dozen during the S-maa
can he k"pf and snM through the Win
ter and sold for thirty and. fifiv cents
When orce known th nielli -d wi'l tnk
place of all otbeis. It dots n t T..inil
the Egg oi give il the appenra"i e of ag"
When etffrvd f'-r snle il cannot b t"!d
either bv apM;arauce or quality from a
fresh laid Egg.
ITCOb 7AIXS Tha best ret ei.t e-er
iiib ishcd ot rendering nnr and rancid
butter perfectly tweet, and also how to
give a uniform and natural c.r Vi'
and Streaked Butter, anjl t-he bc.it nmn
uer of mixing and repHuing b'ltter for
These Two Receipts JSloue
are Worth Hundreds of
IT TT'L LS, The cheapest nnd best
modes of monufaetaring Washing Con.
pound. How to make Hnru and S f
Soap. Inks Candles Paints, Varnishes.
Cements, 'nd Baking powders.
IT TELLS, How to Clearify Honay
su as to sell lor nearly twice tne common
fT TFLLS, The tet and beat mode
of salting and curing Hams and all kinds
of meat
IT TEL I S, Haw lo Dye Clothes of1
shades and in fast co'ors.
IT GIVES. Valuable Reewir.t to
curing Burrs, Sores, Cuts. Felon, Frost
P..tes, Cancer, bar Achts. lootb Acbes
Hing Womr with hundreds of oiher
new and valuable methods, with full di
rectiom, ao that any one can ne them
IT TELLS, How to take oat Fru.l
Stains, Ink Steins, Iron Rn it Stains
and Paint Stains tram Clfttk and S.J Ik
IT TELLS, Bow to eoonlevaet froat
upon iees, a vslnable receipt.
Tt TELLS, Wow tv Tan Furs, either
with or without tha hair ar wool an, an
how to imitate thole of viperios grade
IT TELLS, Haw to nab the be i
Curling Flaid for making the hair grow
in beaatifd! Uowuag nn-Iels-
IT TELLS, How to Feed Hans so as
to make tbt-m lay all the year round
IT GIVES. Over Five Hundred tare
and valuable Receipts and a ermpleie
guide to the luonnfacture of handredr af
usefiU and saleab'e articles, including
Knteiit Medicines. Perfnmery, and Toilet
and Dental Articles, and man) other"
easily made, at a trifling cos', a d selling
readily at large pronto, with many manu
facturers secrets, Ae.
by mail, free of portace
For sale by Wm. H.
BinHOF, St l ouis. Mo Agrnt for the
publishers. juneZilai
Administrator's Sale.
la porauancc of an order of the Pro.
bate Conrt of Prehle county, Ohio, I will
oBer for sale at public auction,
On the 2Qlh day of October, A.
t ?. VWk P T nnon ike nremiaas.
the fo,lowin discribed Heal Eatate.
,it0ilt) in th. Village of Wiochesier,
coanty of Prehle and 8tate of Ohio, vis:
m.. no'th half of lot nnrober sixty-
eiht and tbe north half of Lot No. sixty-
.S , , -.
nine as known ana an?nu
plnt cf the said trvn of Winchester,
Jie cour,t and Slate aforesaid. To
,,,1,5 frfe'and clear from the dower
Estate ol itary A. Focht
Terms of Sale One third in band,
third in nno year and oue third
t Teem from the day of sale, with
the bayment to be secured
morteazo on the premises sold. Ap-
Lraied at f230,Of.
Adm'r of Levi Harn. deceased
ijui,bird & Freeman, Ally's.
1 Sept. IS, 1870 w6 prf 14 50
YOV ill
f l iiim or
TTwemrm bv Dr. O 1C
Their tntradaeOoD Into this ootid try from
fathsbb aid MxyrUMva,
wm cm yoo nd yoar rtUMrBn. Thr stW
una U tommy
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Zsvar Complaint.
Wervoua Debility,
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Bhaasw of the Kidney,
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Oojiatliistloa, FUtnlanoe, Inward .JJtaa,
VnUaaaa of Blood to tha Head. Acidity
at tbe Stomaoly, IVausaa. Hwrt
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or weight in tne Wlrniteuai.
Boar Ziruotations, &lnk
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fit of tne Stomach, Bwim
mlnir of the Head, Hurried ar
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t the Heart, psiasiaw ChokJnw o r
aba before the WatJS, d
Vain la the Head, Deftolaney
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of the Skha and Kaa.
Pain in theBlde,
trodden Flushes of Heat, Bom-
tna? in tbe nm, ooneteaa m
as? atvll and Oreat Depresalo
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Ovrnmna, wwIIiihI milk answrel
Hoofland's German Bitters
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trrt.. Tho bosti, Herbs, aed Bark
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ot advisable.
Hoofland's German Tonfe
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Weak and Deffeate Childrea am
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oral debility of tha syi
Complaint, it Is al
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fsoee Btenaedlca are for sale by
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