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The Tariff Increased Millions of Dollars.
Thk Bureau of Statistics has published
a statement in wnicn it snows toe m
on certain articles in the tariff to ha
been, by the act of July last, $444,074.28,
as follows :
Amt increased as
collected Id 1880.
Flax, from $15 per ton to $90 3-J
ix tow, nm $ to $10 8 JOT
Kunn hemp, from $15 to $36
.late butts, from $8 to $10 1S.848
ll.nl .trh llnnnn from 9 fit. tO 8 COL
cash . .7...... Mi
Woole on the akin, same as outer wools, a
Terr large Increase - -
"Watchaa, and parts of, from SO to 85 per ct.
Nickel, from IB per ct. to 80 eta. per
pound, (enormous Increase.)
Oil. Unseed and flaxseed, from SS eta. per
gal. to 80 Cta 0.611
1. real, from 10 par ct. to SO per ct S,S9
Oil of cotton seed, from SO ner ct. to SO
cta. per sail on 118,189
.unseen, or naxseea, from 16 to a) per ct.
per bashel.
Hair cloth for seating, from 30 per et. tav
40 cta, per square yard.
811k buttons and silk ornaments, from 40
perct to 90 cm., and more.
Cotton thread, 40 per ct. Now by pound.
These increases, as far as the;
ascertained by comparison
foot up $444.074.29 but they
far. addin? on hair cloth, cotto
nickel, wools on the skin, scrap ir
way bars, steel bars, wire, obc.
The increase on late bates, of wl
712 tons were Imported in 1860, is W
per cent. Wmkr
The increase on sonHbt, II
R,58 tons were imported Tn 1869,
o?s per cent.
I h rlntv rm axntn
raised for the benefit of ctftaia Iron
in Pennsylvania, by a new definition of
what is " scrap iron.'
The Bureau of Statistics has been una
ble to classify the raise on the following
articles, oy tne an or July
Corsets, Wron
E.lots. Swore
F ax straw, B words
Silicate of soda. Steel
wires of all aorta, Halr-pHia,
una w
Watch Jewelry,
Sesame seed oil
The rise on these
articles, exclusive of
steel bars, must be oyer asMajBroff dnV
lars, whUe the rise on s$Jftf i4M$$aVHt
for the benefit of three patentees, mast be
The Republican press
the decrease on tea, coffee
a certain sense, luxuries
us something of the incr
te rials as iron, wire, steM,
The free list was made I
fit of the manufacturers ; the rise is I
lor the benefit of like raiafcl-lil
v can tie
lev. i QAO
ii I
JY. T. Express. c M
The Tariff Increased Millions of Dollars. How the Radicals Reduce the Debt
Mr. Dawes was one of the first
t rate the mysteries of Radical
ics. but he found them to be en
yond the comprehemthsr' of en i
straightforward man wh'
foundation was the (rood
three." Mr. Wells went too far Into
secrets of Radical poli
he was dropped wit hi
hot potato, and quietly
cure position, whence he has not been
permitted to escape on account of his
danger to Radical plans. Mr. Marshall
has bombarded the city of Radical econo
my, and opened up tne
public steals, and
which it concealed.
the new fortifications
party had thrown
shane of pretended
and he has found that
for the protection of
interests, and for the
war upon the prosperity c
country. One by one ha
fallacies been exploded, and the Radical
i e?
Yet the Radical politicians
ciously to their old policy of h
public, and relyponbo
i brasen asseJUnti for co
cess. Of such
uch diahra
made by Vice-Preeidft CMfax
sua. This gentlemai JUUfl sj I
t rown Jf oinl, Indiana, in whi
dared that the public debt had
cuced $162,1
1 1 in is t rat ion.
I y a certain arithmetical
to himself, that the
The statistics ef Grant's Administration
make a different inbwf'r i DaxWng ; hedi
l seal year of 1888 '9, the debt, instead of
i emg reduced.
i he extent oi
iSoutwell did
t mtu sue l ax
crued interest
bottafc, tthe aavl
ed Interest on jaan hoada. and the
h in the treasury were- SdUrramgW1
give color Wtwis anatatn.qgnekr$BMnj,
t he fact, however, and, eyen the pretence I
tvas withdrawn when his
animal report
-was transmitted to Congress, though the
present meinoa ot r rasnrn "tin la)n
statements ol the national debt Involves
i ame decepnve and re
3 lut, during the fiscal year of 1869- 70,
trder to obi
cf the debt 1
the increase
i iust be dedt
$112,000 0001
l et payment!
vith other ma
reduction i
tion given ab
now, the i
t ndeayored
l'oint peoplssk I
1 e did, and
i ee su
nets the VBe-R
i tatement thMhej
t Sort was tojkako
i aowing thaftthe
r nder GrantMAd
than that uaMer
1 ion. To thM end
uction uncflr Grant
ivhen he knew or
1 hat it was only
"-as about come when
I'ountry will demand
inathematicians some
tfrelr bn
a si . am
inn arastimnTirn I
1 1 ii i i ii m in i
1& has mia-ifi
id deoentton
the oerssaaign
in Indi-
;h he de-
Xwefltw wafw CDrantae AnVJ
ruon was True.
-Din im wj imfwipv, j
f,6W,0Txr, although Mr.
aflTthen, tftlafhial rednctttd
iBattr Grane2eaA4oainIaaratioU
idled from the decrease
BUISIOD- lJ, iwrm sasaa
3 t9i.C00.QBw7 Thin taMeaw
Kis o shoVBRBi acvksfn
nmstion Ot. did iDr. OolsaisT
tsM sobleet Mast wahich An
?htm the. Crown.
trki sriasniril that
-newite eeeMSe. an
mlnaBSBakaa-valDVTa.fer I
JoMnblfV aaalininnrSr
he stated that the ro
l-am .! RMM1
W-anose carnPM.
nana SMI
transas. detentions.
afttsVlhaV RadTa
ill W I I
they were rtnfRJy
tho Now Km.nH
purpose or maaung l
i -en rate and honest
flguring. vmeeso
The Tariff Increased Millions of Dollars. How the Radicals Reduce the Debt Taxation and Monopolies.
general rule that consumers pay
the tax works curiously under a system of
ti ration which gives M eiajs e monopo
ly of any branch of business. If our
tariff laws arise toaaane hsaSf-daaten rolling-
n ills in thfe.asormtrycrfuswe control of
the business of manufacturing Bessemer
rails, and there is a demand for them far
b yond thtf chpacffr Hthms mlas to-snaa
piy, tne prices of the ranis will not b
governed Jbvnrpetitlon, or. the actual
wi. oi prouuction, out oy me anility to
extort. extravagant prices from purchasers
ith whichsWpk rfrfja1iiPJ' has invested
the o w aersbr the Ux "roMnS-nirrls.
If our tariff laws grant to a few men
a vound OniM fm Lake and Saginaw Bay
b I vantageawhlh give them control of the
""i1 ma,rkf! of i country, the price of
a barrtl oLffWVWJ looality will not be
fixed by The amount of tax paid on ft,
ailded to the cost of production, but by
tl c n ece i irtlaaji iiMehssaers and the greed
o the moncafoOtaaV St Wag shown in the
debates on the tariff bill last winter that
o r rates of customs duties in many in
stances grant monopolies in important
branches of business to a comparativelyn
si,ni Scant number of men. The serge
factories in Rhode Island, the man inter -JM4
tsasela, Hying acer yrcuae, wjrt
Bavasvasaasv a..
ulxbs du
fThe idee is that the tax enters into eon-
cal$ and
various 1
nesB or
in Congress '
e moral
10 obtains S natsmt for an In.
ion or any sina, is given ex
to be found in any of
in tne country, what jrou
a 1
monopoly bring in the maaket
About five years aeo. when another I
uibi wan Kiven jotae rates
ties, a
laid on
rers of
half per
cent. They profei
the, tarifi
this erreagemenfl
shielded them agal
They would have
TwTtnoui ,nse tax i
in excess
the post of production was not
should be. In releasing the manufacturers
from the tax, the people at large were
not enabled to buy goods cheaper, and
tne sreseury lost about
understand SaswaVthe repeal
saies win reastrrvi a great
people, oat sew will not
from the rapeaiirjf a tax im
on classes of mo polls ts whose p
n are open, urn by
t Sn8Rnhc9lrwCh
es pnhlic suMect to tEem aid. the
rs mfnWa
their awaftshl
If our tarffTlaws h&Vef not tf
facta rers a monopoly, very many leading
sts and
If the ra:
an try are
of the
Banks have not been granted
exclusive privileges, man ef t
hi ieiftng thostattttr4il,nd d
cussing the influence they exert" un thl
business and legislation of the country.
jsnn leu luaii wave erross apnosrn
e the chsracteTand powerT of' the
MMdsAiTjensrsfaaTtt snlroad. 4t
t down twincotne ksx one half,
.a r" -a v. s
ich heavy capitalists TwAr Be ittftt
reotiy and greatly benefited, ssM eoV tksrf
la aM.Jsi AUegmg that
on, but by
the necessities of
s, ana tne
ability to control the
et. Con 3i
as nas taxen burdens
" v..
control of toe market Jar ths t-wentkm. If
a - - s assBBBBBi 1a. snssaaaam - .
"""'"Kiwmmy,aBBt'iu WiUCaVl
auction will cheapeiflke TKW VwMH
article several hundred per cent, or sap- I
P'y a neaxlyJehnaXjafciljW owner of th I
Ipawcufc wui awar aaaaBi BBSBBJBaWi&llaBJ
ctbbbbbbbT IBSaaSBk SBBBaaSLZj . iSBBfl
piuuto. nmnui u nay tne -
amnnntn tn -Ksni ritii arn - il ' in I
taxes are dHars, aniVon the 1
money investea in the btaHatess i amounts I
to dollars. he has a mononolv. the I
price of his machine, or gaLVvilege of
asms his inluMaajn. will be sMafed bv the I
advantages it otters to purchasers. Sup-1
pose gflas Howe had a patent which
UUf eiB(rwffsaWaBn$BnHlea of i iilialliliil lull I
the sewing-machines
ed to be
net toreisrn
BSBBSSBBBBEnsi a mucn i
miaaaaaav trssa none i
maae xne i
Silas SSI Ileal il n Sates la BBBsyin allfurino' that
th whols hmfv nf tna rwwrtTrt fSnm T 71reZ
dtoual Wthty iitet i th. loss of L
revenue which will he nr r n nl ail In 1
ims claim rests on visrmsmmismmsmtmn,
uenianmar in a. i rinsft savn iha t -r i
kAMatlan with the fesdnajsMln determiu-JJerial
1W icernH thnSEe K net
laiipiy ft) naWnopolisW, mm pWM eHPf'
determiner: nr,t hv cftatoT nrtvincrinTi In.l
ciuuiug taxes, ana expenses oi every ae-
WUoi, but by the necessities of pur-
illtatinaT nro- i
The North Carolina Calamity.
aw SB, KSSU saveajHS" UUKnv U1U per-
aonal secrnitv sxtlan in North Carbliria to
ex f&asr.ldA-ee than ai any time since
aortn- caronna
wigaii enng each
Carolina, Georgia,
aiBslppi, Arkansas.
knows by this time, the
arolina recently met with
ty. The " loyal people
.ted in the regular State elec-
the State passed under the
bloody rule of thn 'A-klnx." Gan, Hol-
loyai patriot. Cant. KBk. did
could do to avert the
iriWesphwltnoiU ayaiL "Bebel-
nun was irresistible, ana tne una
State is now completely in the ham
is now completely in the hands o
Iter is that perfect psoas and tranquility
tvUpn Orsughout all the borders of the State.
ajaij 0aimuler, Toobdrtes and vie.
lence that the wide columns of the New
Vertt ' Wtees fransV nMeBxra dhronide
QPA.4 carchr contain lavyknished ae tf
by magte. -There is nothing go
stimulate the growth of "lojalty7
devoted Statej ana therefore that
tlment ha sunk into degradation
grace, jjoyai muitia can no ic
th. people and defy tin law
in the patriotic baaflme of steal
ublie moneys. The bloody "Ku-
W1U not li iiiwM Bli tiii minings; (
i word, vanaUty. robbery, and
a few more of these
calamities. Nothing
speedy relief to South
Florida, Alabama, Mis
Texasnnd Ixfuislana
re had almost said Missouri as the
sfrerthtewr of-that extifletel end est
er esdssdi atsiliiiwllsui) and n good
aTrreadrai eatni
tirrh,1 aid
g sen
m .aSBsa
ne "rebel" victory like that which
ted North Carolina. The Repub-
llnMSl ffl
FnMajje States could not be safely entrust-
rui,iiiii auaisus oi tneir people, ana,
tberetere, the power of the executive, the
ausuiwiiy ui uaugress, ana tne bayonets
of the army
ly nave been harshly exerced
for five years to keep the government out
nf-SsSn fianila nf O,.!. 1 J 't i.
people, and give it
YXsA horde it northern vagabonds and
scthern negroes. But'sJBteal csiperience
nas proven mat in theory has been e
taiaenood and a crime. Tennessee. Vir
ginia and "Trarjatinni asrh.in, turn,
pxertknpw UieRbTPpwrV ant
ustouananas or their peogae ; and the
result is that Tennessee, Virginia and
comebodSU trtuMjft tr.6:
. The urgent need of the Southern States,
df thef Northern rStsteacar sbn v wAwle
eSSMtsV". Is a reoetttM Oaf the KtrAvaYma.
oifna phenomenon the overthrow of des-
normjcentralism, the re-establishment of
udrrablioan government, the restoration
or their rig
every citizen of the liberties that the Con
stitution and the wan romise him. and
the condign punishment of those who
have violated this constitution and these
laws. Missouri Republican.
as. -
The North Carolina Calamity. Now and Them.
When Grant ran for President the
boast of his party was that the Govern
ment had paid off In three years and some
odd monies after the close of the war, eight
hundred mlMkms of public debt. Now
Secretary Boutwell, who is ninety-nine.
r auu part BLHLeeuiiau,
sends a dispatch to Senator Morton, who
is stumping Indiana, stating that the pub
lic debt will have been reduced over one
hundred and forty-six myiions since Gen-
u setts, then; but, unflagJM mean to
stultify themselves, they cannot swear by
Boutwell now. fitw York Express.
into power, "while du-
en months of President
be paid
The ques-
rant ran
ewbisyinat The Re-
era! Orant came
power only
was made,
over: oanatferr less
is than nine
At this rate the
a bv AsYK f Massa
Enterprise in Farming.
Wt? tr,.i . .1 ti (Mnlr oav.
True, that more farmers fail in being I
what ttunr wrK h in Vw r i n h aviso- what I
thw st'tn h. .tkTnnir)i want of n- I
terprise, than tflaBt of any other
swarm aft. TVi inHHBnd f
isprobaDiyilb claCTTBIrusawVHHPwTha
money gained by honest toil in the field is
aaldnm woatad in the, wine-ran or cram-
Mine- table TWwnrk hard and lonir. and 1
uung ;
Oocter I
scrupulously save their earnings ; still.
atfkinSnatsmll laal asn . becrame weadtJaV. and
witFthoate few the wealth aeauired is or-
dlnarily the work of a life-time.
from a
of enterpris
BBpas about en
Bniag ope:
that has not
roughly tr
tested end declared
e old adage, " nothing ventured, noth
thad," is eiempUfied in the lives of 89
. ot every hunaaf-HBBBers.
certain degreleHHkna
but it is quite bad to nave too
new line of farming, there are a hundred
who keep themselves poor by always run
ning into tne same old rt
that an
ming, any
ess; but
these will
been lost in expe:
if hajbave the courage ani
in it. than they
wn, and doos tne tningwmcn ms iatner
e TmiasTi ""lfnr
'.uxxok into any
ancninE oat into wme i
irn ir id ii r L
LV3. 1J I
jaw thonwfMnay
aoaSflTnf 4V J
omnsat fTr what "has
rftnentlnflr with others.
1 elTterUllisj wTi
his grandfather oo. .
P8S-T ami Or- ;
1 1 41
Enterprise in Farming. Adout the Blood.
ipPly the wsfte to
Hi PJllaSgraiSfll
rTtlT'T' BV dlgfanM
mie JAh
iuuu, inc dtttuutttw
is. earned
further, when the
,r a verve, or
roar is worn osg'lt
f we take e
enter the blood within one
very sJic timer
If we take a glass 6f wSiiaWoi
sore, a $Mds
ir-A sfh eajhsda
it; thelltCe ca
to emptying the
a?aW-tafat as
ey nanv sad if hi arhtheB Urntmm,
they get along pretty rapidly at their
he lungs throw tt ont tn onr
ungLthrow It out tn enr
od, when it is properly pre-n
our food,
n goes
as it is
e same
eat suit
of it ai
the tissi
along to
re it is
and is
er, i
smallest pert of a mus-
or a
of any part et the
y Is worn
musts so rrwrfK
and it is taken in very
pieces and
floated off in this same
stream of the 1
blood to be still further c
of use, it is usedT; otherwise
out er tne cooy.
see how the blood is con tinu-
rowing pure and impure.
Not impure because some villainous
stream of dark poison maintains its stay
tarsufioatiiag around to do what mHtnaT
it may, but impure because we have in
troduced the
stomachs or 1
cause we have
of some villainous
dye stuff, which
ii we woiua nave pure blood then, let
us breathe pure air, eat pure food, and
iute after it
of it are
Qirw Beei rt is onneoajna,
wiWh Utln. esd visfV!m
iliarfes 6t tjflnni get
UfluWbut ihrongh Be
1 unto
aes and the
th points
ay aMasssneiai.ui
lnass : Bnonre. nerhaiis. Jbe-
naaad it with the coatents
potlsSB eg somebody's I
ueasiaune wtu pursy the J"
1 1
ied to
Laha I
drink pure water. Bouseholi.' 1
Housework for Girls.
T is the law of God that no nomas
un1 yllttrfuue nasdyi
rntrir be obtained, yet domestic labor
is best adapted to develop and strengthen
th-a TThr an aarstaiaS ' -, .HUUiia a few vears
touch Interest has been awakened upon
the subject of physical exercise, particu-
irnuy a uumiecteu wi.a bcuuuib sou semi
naries of learning. Besides the out-door
exercises and games, calisthenics and
gymnastics have been introduced inside
thejj&oofibom, and are beoorrrrng a part
V aAaiBBrnla
in many rnstitn-
Uons. This It
id is good as far
as ft
y inadequate to meet
the demands of nature.
kind of exercise for girls is so well
household work to develop
an tne muscles or tne noav to ao it in
early life, and gradually, under cifcam
stances favorable to health generally. The
girl and young woman must thus be train
ed year after- year, " otherwise she -watt
never obtain that hardihood ot constitu
tion, that strength of muscle, that power
ui enuuxewuc, ur, m outer words, that
balance of temBerainent so essential to
good health and happiness in all the social
oeing caaaave a
tfiere fs a variety
If 7 ...
The Best Authority.
PHOMiE Who eniov the disoomfltnrpi ai
sawyers and who does not ? will laugh
over this fnctdeht : I cell Upon you,"
said the counsellor, "to state distinctly
upon what authority you are prepared to
swear Jto the mare's age f" " Upon what
authority f" said the hostler, interrogative
ly. " Ton are to reply, and not to repeat
the question put to yon.' "I doesn't con
sider a man's bound to answer a question
afore he's time to turn' it in his mind."
Nothing can be mere simple, sir, than
the question I put. I again repeat it:
Upon what authority do yon swear to the
nunaiv ager- " ine best authority,"
esponded he gruffly. " Then whs- anah
an evasion t Why not state it at oncel"
"Well, then, if you must have It "
Must ! I will have it 1" yocifbraftea the
counselor, interrupting the witness.
"Well, then, if you must and will hay
it," rejoined the hostler, with imoertnr-
bsaWe gravity, why thM had it my se If
iram tne mare b own mouin. jt .atmnl-
taneous burst of laughter rang through
the court;, and the judge est the bench
could with difficulty confine his risible
muscles to judicial decorum.
A convenient method of preparing
outdoor Labels for plants, capable of re
sisting any weather, consists in first cut
ting them 004 of smooth paste-board, and
writing upon them whatever may be de
sired in ordinary ink. When this is dry
they are immersed in linseed-oll, or, what
is still better, linseed oil varnish, until
they are completely permeated by the
Hqtrid; after which they are hung in the
open air upon threads to dry. They be
come like iron, and resist wet for a long
time, and are more durable than slips of
metal, fcnh?i0e,
$L A
wooa wux aosc
Bulk aV.
wah irrAS
Ths JTmc JhaTand
thinks the
discussions among farmers
s at fairs, wnen
properly conducted,
L aa im
portent sat aay
branch of the oooasion.
English Potato Balls. BOO some
potatoes very dry, mash them at smoothly
as possible, leseosi well with salt end
pepper, warm them with about an ounce
of butter to the pound and a few spoon
fuls of good cream. Let them cool a
little, roll them into balls, sprinkle oyer
oauhajl verniacoli or maca-
A. M. UaBUXD, in the western Jivrm,
reiterates the opinion vnat nsrmers wno
sen tneir noctts oreneep to DBicners, trr
allow them to be decimated by neglect or
afcr-eea. act very foolishly. He thinks
wool will soon bring better prices, and
that the demand for mutton is steadily
creasing. Oiowever, does not adv
keeping large flocks in the States east of
It is said that clothing treated with
tung state of soda may bo rendered non
lotfW&firtha one-third
then mixed with
three per cent, of -phosphate ot soda. It
is used in the royal laundries of England.
Even the lightest muslins dipped in it and
dried will not take fire ox bum.
SBOBaBABT Howabd, of the Michigan
Board of Agriculture, in reviewing the
characteristics of the season, In 1869, in
DTI 1 I). 1 1 iaMOl great agricultural les
son to be learnWafeaSaamseason is the
necessity of drainage. He thinks there
might nave been obtained in that year
would have paid the whole expense of
barrel of flour weight 196
rei or port auu pounds, a
600 pounds, a keg of
pounds, a nrKtn or better
ds, a tub ot butter 4 pounds.
bushel :
Batfi2 pounds; barle
coarse salt, Sir ponVUtm
CcoxWra WT Mbal. Take 1
of water in a tin kettle,' place
stove and put in
ly two large tab!
simmer gently
frequently. I
whiter until th
when it is su:
ne. 1
can be added.
to. cold can be used
being brought
rWaaaalahle. f T
1" esso
. WMOim, say
theold be placed in watt Mlf
iwwjpvuininauii mi which, as
tskenjont of thrqgarVyf When.efce
Mwond in aaasSTRmeaahii id stxTirmwd wrahtlaa
end of tha. grain to the wear, the stone
should be dressed in such a way that the
"i n imm1mtmsmj
may snnam rna aeuno
of ordinary snlphuric
! aft ajfcasMattft'aMentTtar.
law us. The
such unsightly
rell understood.
since to do so satisfactorily requires the
removal of a large amount of dirt, pro
ducing a corresponding injury to the gen
eral appearance. By taking the acid in
question and allowing a few drops to fall
into the crown of any obnoxious weeds.
i will turn them brown in an instant, and
cause the death of
of course be taken to pre
vent any of the acid from falling upon
tne s Kin or any articles oi clothing.
Pxtbolbum as PausT. We' recom
MBdABaVase of petroleum to preserve
wood not as a paint. Nothing should
be mired with it. Tha only point in ap
plying it is to get as much oil on as 'the
rb. We use tt on imple
es. wagons, carta, fences.
gle-roofs, pig troughs, etc.,
advantage It wiU certainly
dofcuch $1 prosetwe wood from decaying,
rusting. We buy it bv the
barrel, at from 20 to 30 cents per gallon,
ana use it treeiy on all wood-won expos-
ea to tne weather.
wunwing are sold by weight per
'fat, bejM MfLfcW
y, re i
uuo uuai l.
it on the
a itkiieaajt. our in siow-
tnrha. ru haaa nam an
t SH thSkeat And aaroBafA
i vae use
LQT on ni vrcnm
ojnscni ox :aajrng
elements or tiiB nwn nr"l
ie weather. It in not nei ama 1 4LP-JfpJat
details Of its application. We
go into
would simply advise our readers to get a
arret am use u ireeiv on mows, narrows.
drills, cultivators, reapers, mowers, ted-
ders, forks, rakes.
3, spades, Shovels, .hoes,
scythes, cradles, hen-coops p eUff
rels, pails, pig
wneei barrows,
sleighs, stone-boats;' lan ne
sewing-machines. We have used it on all
mese and ma:
ey en 1 og c
none the worse foil being rub
iramee, ansngs. swtU bar
tronvini, - plana, 'moors.
gates. lences, wagons, carts,
powers, and
With it, American Agriculturist.
Manuring Land.
Is a recent number of the Agricultural
uaxexts this subject is discussed Irom a
acientiflc stand-point. The article eon-
tains much valuable data which will be
found useful, and we herewith reproduce
the material portion of h :
Pro! Play fair says that from every
wheat growing farm of 300 acres, on the
four -course system, there is removed
every year, in the form of grain and
kArais. more than 18,000 pounds of alka
lies, about 9,000 pounds of salts of lime
and magnesia, 89,000 pounds ef silica,
and nearly 21,000 pounds of phospates,
the latter being found nearly altogether in
vsS vrev2r.e Tha.Wi i i
moved irom the prtsmncs. VBrSepnase Sal
lime, magnesia and soda and potash, and
some other phospates are necessary; for
the formation of a great many seeds, end
are found in considerable quantity, es
pecially in those of the cereals ; indeed, it
has been often remarked, that the cereals,
like domestic animals, naturally ' follow
man in his migrations. The seeds of all
kinds of grasses, bean; peas and lentils,
also contain a large proportion of the
VeaWHefapaV .v3l itt. tea wt. eWj
In applying bones to land for the pur
pose of restoring the phosphates, the
farmer must not expect to see any great
improvement upon the next succeeding
crop ; if he wish them to have an imme
diate effects be must mix with sulphuric
acid and water ; but this diminishes the
permanency of their action, and in some
measure entails a loss, as the increased
solubility of the rasarwr renders it liable
to be washed away, beyond the sphere of
the plant, by rains. The medium state
between too great insolubility, end too
great solubility of bones, is after bruising
them. This gets rid of the gelatine or
glue with which they are combined, antH
which diminishes their soiaouity nr tna
soil be rich in vegetable matter.
According to Dr. Playfair, every farmer
should keep an account of stock, with a
debtor and creditor side, for each field ;
then in his crops he could tell how many
pounds of potash, of phosphates, and of
magnesia, he had robbed, the soil of by
the growth of the plants, and let him give
credit to the field - in manure for those
amounts of which he had robbed it If
he robs it only of potash, as in the case of
turnips, why should he be at the expense
of giving it silica and various other ingre
dients T isst Aim give bacx the potash ;
there is no use in giving a host of other
things to the soil ; let him give such ma
nure aa is necessary and useful to the'
plant, and not put in several other things
which the plant doea act require,
Manuring Land. The Meen a Dead Star.
I lowimzJs tA sSSR
i uji huc rri 1.1
subordinate, lsgfad
i es
Tna Maine .Imrnal of Zduvttton has
translated an article from the Cosmos, in
which Stanfelas Metmier gives some enri
ous speculations with resird to the pres
ent physical condition of the moon.
mis theory is, and he hanMBs
eminent setronamers like
Kid iSHBfthaUthe moon
ne draw $aa ira
appearance nron
called grooyes"njyh
grooves have parallel sides nearly a
th and from ten to
ty miles in len
lnety of them, a
are m process
from analogy, we
ne norfod in the
the moon had an atmosphere
that on account oifaTjasaaj
had coolec. much WM
earth. The watdatHfaWMatC
the crust has been absorbed as thede
crease of internal heat increased the
thickness of the crust, until
the cooling process had reached the
tre, the water bed disappeared. TheJ
W-fe$hWsnldifyln1r, atk heafffAtr
diminished, contracted m a manner re-
of basalt, and
which the at-
comes the cha
in, with its
Immense mountains, volcanoes, and cra-
AaeaWasBvroBomeri have detected an
appearance of action in some of the vol
canoes ; but the general opinion is that
every vestige of physical life has long
Ke dePMMeflaVaBe surface of our
moon ; but we cannot shut our' eyes to
the startling fact that the earth Is under-
a similar process or transformation.
Place a close resemblance be
circles in th
granite and
ey nave al
t fine stra'
lunar mountains, w
Whire the veicanlC lor-
diacespabk ) analogy to
ss slowly taking place
timated that one-fiftieth of the
has been air
hen the crust of
ne hundred miles 1
water will disapr
ated that the esfU
y oceans like tkd
large portion of the surface.
t on the earth i
its weight,
d bo
encc irom a
produced the moves int
Biosphere settled. Hence
fJQc appearance of the mo
3 moot ana un
bo Sisooyered evfr
TtM rai l
I lUMI af ! aW .n
thaaith has bSscaCe
All the wa-
ana once absorbed wrmi
. wnuauoiBaoaoroeu, iwwwwmcnwa-y-
PaWOO inWwkifchamOI
allrrn.'tor erslfnot ady
anamsflPOrt f-MatBWW flEnmafrre-tUXie A CCOTn-
acWP to WernWo BJsolvof, it wffl
, . u '
is a aeao. sts-r.
early a mUe
one hundred I
III 1 1 MitTsTaTsMtwl I I
Inner hs.fr. I
,,-r- .
I Ta.aawL. 7
None better.)
a Urge extension sheet, containing thirty -the
T three designs of dresses, and other articles of
Our readers cannot too carefully read ths
aavertisement or Tubular Heroeene lan-
have need Jojss Ss siiatton-a Yeast, ma
lactiifSd t Chicago, ana It makes the best bin
brabt BfeccKaS. "SaOroai
Wild Bdgerton s mew book, la
0Jrf0jplesblng already sold. It
rd of svnts Incident to life on tie
syefis, delighting railroaders especially, but charta
ing all res dera. One Dollar sent to BUrls- -SCo-r
Vsoxsa, 36 Wabakh A.T., Cnleaga, will receive a
sample copy, and aU who apply tar sgenciss wall
be liberally dealt with.
Godkt's X AST's Book, The illust ra
ti onn (or November consist ot a steal plats lOu
Contributors a nil-fls-n re eolorad fashion.
the wardxeba;
rcbe; rldisji habits bate, bQtineta, etc.;
various designs for the weTk-UWhtl 1B
fancy alphabet for marking Is a lna HloatraUon.
lltwonld be almost law nacelle San as to aaater-
JSaJa kajjtsAf yeaaUas ot Uda a amber, both lit-
erary and plctoiUl. I. A- Godt, Phliadel
. )9MP per year, with liberal inducements to
clubs. , - r
-The illustrations is
No SS, far October tn.
are : Prussian Soldiers
First Captured liitralllease ; The
Visiting the Wounded : r3ketches
fore TofSi- HsMenai daaSosos; DrJvtBg Cattle
for the Army; Bavuias 0oers Clgsre at Discre
tion; View of the EMnaVaJley from the Girsperg;
Summoned to the-wSSfcenarajaWaaJtSxkE
Frovlfftonej Pottrsttof the Bx-Empreaa Augenle
A Street-Scene n Sedan during
Gaxnler-Pajces: Supplement
ptwga. In cnaUsghaTT aisonnt of choice, fresh
reading rrrHterlB gtty ynttna, 6aisooa"a CO.,
Boston, R5.00
-, UBgiT j IT
JUL J30d W0H
a . r
A lew 1
r n n A
Healthful - f ftf aSTaliaS mil I
a. manufactured from Irish Wos. bv
aaniraalnii fla naa lass -
Saa Mom kihtki.
the Hand Moa- Farts
arsei'uorru.. aw'a wo . 0!on or ih
u,uwBa. r,., u wcaa. WDIKI S, as
ivauun, tnu mssi.
and almpar articles are beneficial, a
neilclaL the Sea afaaa nriu
Is not only a 1
pettharof the as.
has Aaa artTaatasaa sunkl
'ss.pos ess, because the main rnsrerttent
aauraea, sn.jsastor MaU Journal of
nTapepUos, tl
Systems Run Down.
Peraona often allow' their fyatems to "run
down," orrathar run ahem doimn bv over-work
accompanied by a neglect of the propel means of
mvigoration. The result ia what Is called " o
nsijiiiuTri" In other words, a failure and
partial collapse of the physical
nled, usually, by gnat depression of
..The best remedy in anch cases Is Heeteatet'a
Stomach Bitters. Whether the state cf exhaus
tion has bean brought oa by excessive physical
labor, dissipation, anxiety ol mind, exposure, or
any other cause, the reniadisj eaUct of this great
stomachic will be found squally prompt and cer
tain. Aa a restorative, after severe al ffctn.se baa
prostrates tha bodily .and mental energies. It Is
proooukced, by competent medical afhoattf,;
tx jsiTT 1 iisni la laflr If 111 wan a alias'
lstary careless about their health, and over confi
dent la themselves, they would alwaya, when aa.
iiTTajrs, sun aa-
gtttt exaitissu
inatahiing their .
gaged in aay work tost required
use corresponding aaeans of suataJ
strength, for this purpose Hoetettar'a
invaluable. All toUers aaoalA naa them as an in-
. f- s uu. Vr ""not I
oee constantly employed in m-dojr occn-
eapeclany In crowded workshops, akssa
may be reckoned aa the very best nassiiaii of
Where there la a Dredlsnosli lnn to eirr.
uhus, ur awnaws w fiaoaaaeaa, tn
be truly said te be a sneclflc (Br whtrn tha
they mar
tiere la no
la numb
there la ssjety
Tt was anon tMa
principle that the formula
ila of
Jtmaomf! noTrrrarM
Mil niu was prep
i pared.
Dr. Judeon, Intending
rthdrav his asllla mlC
to spend a fortune m sdi
mltted his roclpo to the revision of the" meet ln
teUlgent and learned pUyaUsMH of tw aan, sad
the result la a slmnle bnt most efBcaci rna
etne the Jcdsow's Mocnrraur Baal Prxna. Th
Keskln nf aU DesrtH?5h2ff!S,.Cie.M
rectly sure and safe In their operation. Tbs Jm.
aera's Mosnaaxv Haaa rou cure BmonaneaL
Female Irregularities, Headache, and man r 1
Hmu Pills, and when you hav. proved th.lr vtf
t recommend them to your friends. Thar are
both ur?at sad Mala. Fpt h! .TerA'
nwiyrieswofeaTlaa rnlsHBRH
bucans we know Its rains In cnrfsKy
Agae, seaeee c ram a ::. the Was nw ailaawf
COTnlesBoold be ept aTwaia
At.) iocs! and trT. Hue nslesm'n. saLaHa
an aaaaaa SS
wwoiwr, ioi m
A -
'1.1. & F.
Threi put opf ejtn market which la
B 1aK. SaHo Jndualva.
For Hand and Machine.
Hiin m i m aaji i
nuynANiyer eb
1 TO
IBlIanm -- -
teeerrcir ButTggssssssmsfto
p Screenlnaa, .aflB
BC In cost of In. 1 oTCTaaj
ratOT la ths marint
the Are all nlflTjWBBi
thoat clozklns tHB'
nr iiiniiBiiiasM
Sola atasiaflHVfV
and !e 9twHLLter'fl
Chicago. nT8aamwo
i m m
380, Hi
business 1 am
a and Hies Plant
Of an kinds.
brokers ot N. o
i. conaeet
10.03a seres
so per acre, on
It nr and Baron
r. Dstwess
ear two rall-
rswtis. wrest oarsaina. AisosaaWena bnLdicg lota
t' nesr B- K- bapota in new Orlaaai.
- 'A KaarWtW WW M
a iw m a. j
i japir ...
HnfWa tliSSl
tofialinsW " t"'- JO
Mp T ai " faT H, L
P$MOototoss, SL2Ss2LXfi!!TZr
lT ?&wTrTAmMW&!&-'-
I ... S4
Stttlll f IK.JUHU
aa they an In rood demand and
nSnrers from ln'MmaUon, ferer and agoe, dyi
and liver complaint.
A AsrasA m?,MI aant f
-r. U8H B tail M tlMlanUl
TTTQ'T vsr-aT A"L Tar a sunn
w w w a .1 in SS OA X ASS
ed a lot oDr. Blchard-
it- raaraaaaaaVnw.BhB
up, Terr raspectnuly,
Jajcm 1. Lmrrwm. M. D.
,1. i , A H. HARK IS A CO.. rWi.
Wfjall PFjg' III 1 Tl'llaaiil
9W AmK your grooar tor Pi iifjini YlaMgar.
vans svr-uuiamavtWL-iBlBiga
Tho Eaiiiii'g Paper
A LLirjrnTTO WxaSxT Qr;ajrro Jottsjisx,
T-wmwTr-Toira Paeaa, TrsvorsTs to
Bi,. kat OssBssatowa.
to 'swl After Aauaaiawr H,,- 1, th. TiLsr
ft Fwf If Hn twTt wtwMt, PVW TVltW
111 j I III iwai m
. "iaaaaBaWTIalHgSaBaaaai
as a conSad'alteraMva''
at a I
& B art"
1 lasia aaaasj, ,n -
- ,jSaMM!ros!!aS
1aresUr arouad each bottle, printed la font .so- '
mm- iSrm -wW
- 'wTAXflflHB smmmmasmmm-.
. mv , -p.. T
" , ' f i U I i- A K Kl 1
AA Aj A JxJKXl QHp''
.afa aflalalDc -rwaVaV, War
nnr-i i n"i. iratwr'i
nfafT1" $Va.ajpaTM g f
ill aPTaWV I i i
ilfc k m I
Z aaaS afaTtaH I I EC
1 mJ'lZ
g H aM V Ml
BMll W bC
fHrl W fS ?
I M o SB V 15E.
i m o m vaH niaaw te r r
m sasaaamhst lead the jaaBsaaamaVaeBalB
, THfW rvL.aH
I ankeadHHaHaV' m ra3aHaHHaVM I
thsaBHaBBaSaaVd Herbs qBBBBBBaBV'
aflnaUrht. aHaBCi-i.,sHaHaHaHtBaB aHfli
X J'Ma
? '!H m" '""
nerasBB $Wr ier ucm
tlM WaUU stlTCB (or twlB0iinbl A. uroTttlk4
Lcf JUta HsaraaTn fl am m aC
aVarBv IBaVaKiBBHaVsaVJalRakaaL
I ton. " or St. IvmIsl ua.
I tmt illlaa ISth Ysar. IS Orssabaaaas.
I r lull !
jilfP '
ojScS f -9
aamaslassiSaysfcasj gsj
$ggggEg g
1 aai Passat TSFWMBWaaa". aVj rnasaWaaaTaasw
f Wmm2m9mmmsW
A &fMgv5E& wtMZ
I- MlUa'I .avateaaralTuaraaiaBBBBal. '
! ' Ln.
'j- Fee isla by ateTrlSSrKmK )
ajjjTJJa wr small.
hTlL Bussrne wLoVlr or:'"
o a. w ass vi a vaask
Hliltitn Sessaaad, aptead aasl awaaa.
Mesa wBUm stTaa for an Incursble
BBBBBBBafaeSsef. A faeni f
eftwtsW.IVlslLrCT' )
Lssilttrnt a. MSI
f the Bl.o,
iot tajV"aTs, Paula Ska
They InTlcorate tha stomach.
Liver. KldaeTa asslswV
amaca . and aatmalaaaTtTtaA
hick render them of nneqaanaa
tka blood
and Tiger U
Spots, Pimph
-Worms, Scald
and Dlaeaaes of tbs Bkln, of whatever:
asasntarallT dajt np ud a
earned ont erne system la a
aaan athass wttTcovHaoe the
I Is Is pay a(;kt
S ana inafiu
at- Co.. of Hai
For all klmdTof
per wasa or auow a asrve MBmia w
, ,v niw, Mr v i h rrr-F
As isbw perfected and Maaftntm
as ul. oi naraora is taw aaaaaa naaaaa.
rnHh'at bmU; wart swIkMgtaal
at -

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