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Eaton weekly Democrat. (Eaton, Ohio) 1866-1875, November 03, 1870, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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G, W. MEHAFEEY, Pfrietor & Fab:
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tan A-etllw.
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ill sga3 dffW
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3, 18W.
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.li :
Chicago Business Directory
, .-, MkAj 4 th. LeAjUng
0-Cut tbe List oat
the city. The Hoi
tine A Stationery
, IM Lake rt.
: and Hem Dealer..
arrf di.. r" i
1HB KUIUalfTIUK. aH 1 M I IrI r.PT nrt 7 SH
'vi. ' SttiinV
Fa iaiaiaT r t WyW a
JIBJHOa)jgB0r. Waahlniton and Franklin I
M. CAMFSKL1. laadar of Vaahlon In Balr Oonda. I
Oajrk Mae u. i
gBOZST KIXI3, Honore Blocs, IS? Dearborn
AjOUIlS.J-oaa US. t-hllekBloci.N-ortb
Ator KN61NB8.79 Canal .t. C. Baton. Aaent.
Wl.. IJuor, Ae -Wholesale.
. tf hfi aniaftrAln rlntlrltn
ileal condition. Sent Trie of poet-
ofa&cts. if
ten Lane, Albany. N.Y.
The author may be consulted upon any of the
i or are woria
. ' ' -
iNT.-W4 can inroj
n who mew fh
To travel bat have not the inoru- JhAW
they can do it without money. We can Inform
k now m any town or City they can maae a
Jortable living without capiUL, Aft l
I to set athardnn. ' ' and to those who
I a Utile vru wo can tell you how you can
ienty or money . ir you need this in
lon send One Oellnr to Clkm K . Wt'ii-
A Oo. , 804 Morgan St.. St. Lonia, Mo.
new articles tor Acenu, tampies
. a. uiw. Ajxreo, me
ffcj3ina.' "TT"
J5. & P. GOATS'
"Tfaiaf; IfljtrCforii
1 ktarrTkTT' -"?r
YkMrSd p-t ttj tof tk AnSTionB Mftrkvt wfaioh ii
. rra.Ba.aj.la. 100 Laoa,lT,
SSL"- nn iatm- ptat.t.h
It AAamA, BrchlUa' WaiUng 'o??feah
Covsh DlMooltvof Breathing, Congo. Colda, I
tTgyMtdli ja ' draaha I
AK diCrr
Kor iCannnMWiaH' eallad Sick- i
ax. vrma i nua-w to la aoanowieagea i K
nnwn t th. kut rmi. . c th. I .
4SH&teWf',tt' TBr
'.W9m Tik trt( Pnb Prfntlnr IW.
5a tow Arr Sale.
' I. dotna-a v.-rv nrnntahle bnelnw. Two new Dor-
a -M. atgjjapniaf ggorheaM,.
7aa.lCIL F. TBraU.rpUon WtCaAe,. eay
nnMonon u a ntirpp I
wniunu nnnn coo.
WXi hare irmiw ita or whlah roodaareoe
nrraoby K. K. laatlretaht at loweat rataa.
pat 'paid , Jnreoeitit of Mw2reTon?poatajte
niaeaae. with a Treatiae on Early Errors, its
r ilii.waan a inm ak Mind and
Body, fPH1 Ikdlktwl VHb IPVeatreent
aa'aSSwkrDi0 tk' noogaaful mode oJ enre .
tbntkfW adrtaer ta the m.r udiw
aca to aT addrtwa, njt reeeiot of 96 eta. Ir
caTJAftA,c. k aadreaaln,.
' AI Bll jatW itJeriVno nT frnflTtrot!IWi ,
. .
St. Louis Advertisements.
f t?r, and Cool I
touruu wunoui a purse. Adores
a " . mr 2 . . .mr
iner roguira
alDle, Sure
w ran nucracBen aena one ac
MBItel 3T C 3
TKTjlniT ll RAAWnrk
W wwwwwa TO awMMn
DOS Fourth St., ST. LOUIS.
Wkoloala Dapjtmoot,tlI8t.CBArIaa-at.
M' - S- K- HARTKR A GO.,
Fianrleton of Dr. Barter'!
Fevw and Agu and Neuralgia Specific.
tend jMcqjps. J!
cfeSau. r?n
J Vf " iL V-. VI
. A tm Ty
akilpoawA aa aggggaaekikt
A. iSOQat MTttW aWimOBl
GrlTO. ioncoS
or haw OeplaraMe roar ooadiaon. Dr. Bvttt can
oooanlted, neraonattr ot 'Br may. on tke nlaoaaai I
4tT,t SUaiBK
kirap. f antral of taetmna. ) t enia.
in au oiaoroa aroaant o-
' '
-fL!!irir nf rtiaree. Addreaaoa-
MALE or femalereatdend atent wantea in ereCT
Blank Booh Manufacturers, Printer., etc
orpine A CO., 301 If . Main at.
il fans.
Wool awia Felt for
to Been them Warm and
in wm
made for
n summer, ma Dest
y a. naa
It. 1X5
Thihoh Biutna. L. a . Pbatt.
anil Tk74lnit Of.
BcrnMi Prttt. ST. LOUIS, MO.
U) TTf'U!VAXI & -rk
Bv a as
twice the --- af notatnaa ta
with from one half to two tiirds lee labor than
ww inwai eyBoem . rrr on new mete on
coooeing at all. Racticai ra-
. n u a goia mine to any
iinr to
try mm 11 mi qg mmj vm
T-rrJP.rr of- H
09.. '1D, ,
Ornamental Hair Manufacturer,
152 State Street,
Particular attention paid to orders
A clergyman, while residing In Booth America aa
.riwt ndaeminal organs. and the whole train
ofdlaordefs brongkt on. by banofpj and vlacioM Lkab-
. urea. nmDiw..M. ' ; -y. -:
Promoted by a desire xp Deneui uie uniw
Stattsn D, Bible HeoaeJIewYork City.
Xjxrac is .a. fobttjm-e.
Jewelry impjrtgaorWataJjoaAnd JetGoods.
Catalogue ancfnSitdsOrne picttrre sent free.
HIT, ii. r.m .1,. MTrtnnrt .StTnt WSnTITfl I.
A , - . tt u p.n,n,on edvanee no ca'
tZrr.aVrr,i tTe5i,AA,. will -aBswer. Arfrtree.
pemue T)r. Ifatta work, no matter What ronr dleeMe
8o!dbrdruial.aneaJrtktmiiiilllki umjair
r H. H. WH1TA,
473 wast Sad St, Hew Yor
OS Acres. ltb Year, to Ure.nhonses.
Frnlt and Ornamental Trees, Nursery Stock, Ever
greens, Kootgrafu, Hedge Plants,- Tulips, Hya
clntiis, CrocuijLllie., Colored Krult and Flower
Plate... All at Wholesale and ICetail. Send 10 i.
If. K. PHfENLT, UoominrtOB-
A Lady
mar have a handaome face, 'a fine presence,
graeernl carriage, and her toilet be unaxecp
Uoaable, and stall be ;poaitavely unattractive,
if her complexion is ooarae, her akin rough,
and disfigured with tan. freckles, blotches,
MT .sluariaaiiawi a wiini Wl
There have been many preparations intro
duced to remove these disfigurements nnd
beantifv the completion: but ft was not until
the Bloom of Youth , prepared by George W .
Laird, appeared, that the defect in nature in
this respect eooM be aflectnwlry remedied.
and purely harmless
ration ia sold at ail drugguts' and funoy-goods
Icalers every where .
tt met do not feel well yon wend tor
a doctor, he calls upon you, looks wise, scrawls
some hieroglyphics upon a piece r paper
Tou tafce to a drug store and there pay
besides the doctor's fee, tor a
remedy nine times oat of ten not half
as HA. naaaa'a ItoMAJt Boor Piu-s, which
ou. par box Go you think the
the beet, because you pay the most for
Ut if you do, weadviae you to use, Just a an
experiment, the Morse's Indian Boot Pills.
They are prepared from a formula pronounced
5F rr1ni3TUo ffl
Medicines. faMfaan Indian Boot Pills
our. Headache. Liver com plain ta Indigestion
Dranenele. Female lrreamleritlea. Ac., ant
are pat up both sngar-Biislag and plaW. Give
aesn a aruu ooia oy au ueaiexa
Royal Havana Lottery of Cnba
BOOal In Ueld Draw n every 1 T Mara.
"OBIZE8 Cashed and Information
J. furnished. The highest rates paid for loub-
ioons and aU kinds of Gold and Silver gov
ernment securities. Ac, TAYLOB A CO. ,
aanxers, no. its r an ot. , new a era.
ceiiJaP, Sarofulotts
Sores on the Neck or any
Part of the Body, Inflamed
Glands, Ulcers, Scurvy Sores,
Ulcerated Sore Legs, Ery sip-
Ringworm, Pimples on
the Face, Blackheads, and all
Skin Diseases.
Price $1.00 per Bottle.
c of
the Groat Be
commenced, and
SO cents, are co
.oo and an extra copy
specimen copies sens
Toledo, Ohio.
They, if re.
A Co . (he Cell
lera oX St. Louis, Mo. announce the intro
duction of
Ordering Clothing by Letter
r Special Attention.
I send von their rjnfcrov-
tes for 8T-neertre-
f oil line of samples from their
stock of Cloths. Caesunexeg. Cpat-
. kiiuo tuautiua utukivo iu ssai J
country to order tkctr Clothing di
SC . , tons en a Dl 1 ng p art les m any
rect from them, with the certainty of rsselvlac
garments of the very Latest Style and most
rsnecsen ait a ma Die
Goods ordered will be sent by express, tone
lor on ueiiyery, providing mat it iney
Oo Mot
Mt, they can be returned at Their
is well known through
the South fuid
West ther have for Fourteen
years KxcelTed
iness, wbich is
all department of Abeir has
guarantee as ia AiaxBar aster
or the Goods
tnev would send out.
arenisaa. Samples of
Goods. IU
Llluvtraara CRUUi
Ad Price List
sent Free on anmication
11UIU.UH ai Tj , . .
and Dealers in lien's and
thing aad HaxnislUaw -Goads.
Beady Made or Made to Order, G01
and 003 Jf. 4th street, St. Louis, Mo.
P. 9. Purchases gratuitously made of AU
Kinds for any of oar friends that may desire
article, bought for them ia the city .
A salary of 93 per week, or allow a large
commission to sell our new Inventions. Ad
dress with stamp J. W.Frink A Co. , Marshall,
UTS ef Landscapes, Buildings, Portraits, Maehln-
ft notice andlow prices. eOrders sollclfed!
Best Story Paper
n the Universe. A 5 prise
to every subscriber. Send
tamp for prize circular and
men . . xv. r- . ,
isoston, juas
L. WAVfir! SON,
Cabinet Hardware,
Upholsterer's Materials,"
Coffin Trimming a, Ac, Ac.
lao Lake street. Chicatro.
tT forr
BBTNO'B V IN BIO AR- AskyWTrg. occr
I yrhir-rf.
tor Prosslng'sPoro Cider Vinegar. Itispnreand
If cnas. O. K. Paussia.as and Ml Bt ate-.T ..Chlcatrc
that they i
who have used and sold the STAR
p-ATJCKTH me past lew years say
are the best now made, fo keep
your Cwer use the Siplionlc .
Shooid occasion require yoo to pur
ohase that well-known remedy, JB.
A. Fahuostock's Vermifuge be par
ticularly careful to see that the Ini
tials are B. A. Thie it the article
js , f jjj . S"'!! "Tr laTli J Tf
that has been so favorably known
aince'182d,'and purchasers must In
sist on having It. If they do' not
Aaaaa smm in t aav, - 'awii am v
wish to hsvs d imitation forced np
vrW.swl ,Ur:b
aaySoe advertuwment of Dr. Butts' Dispensary
iiiiuii am i im. wmu u. au-
Ort readers cannot too carefully read -the
advertisement rupui ar Aerosene Lanterns .'
rw-A.k for the OninirT" Flavorinjc Ex
tracts. Warranted the purest aad host in use.
L.J. BtTZ A Co.. 841 State St., Chicago, 111.
.J' .
O-Liiclnle Hotel Chicago, 3 00 per day
(none better) cor .Madtaon aad canal at..
We have used Joy fed Strat-
ton's Yeast, manufactured at Chicago, and it
makes the best bread.
I'. !
oya IH
CAcan. Coativencss
produces serioas and often fatal diseases, is
of Or.
Fisnt ni
suffering to these tender
i iu hmi. of the ham an fsnniiy miaht be
gnt oe ai-
yrup . Sec
laved by using Mrs. Whltoomb's Byrai
adverUsemcnt in another
Tho flnt oremjum waa awarded
late at. Louis Fair to J. H. Crane fo
the best Soring Bed. It U Jones' patent
i. unrisAt soiral stirinA, siaja
center suappiU. ia a light, airy and ncaiinxu,
be3. Circulars sent on afcpnaew -ao-. Hi
Crane, wholesale and retail ananufaotuxer of
Furniture, Bedding, Ac, Ha.XJi so awixu
street, St. Louis, Missouri. '
The rto:ofsC Thempwoa A. Co.,
whose mammoth advertyjemeoi appears ia Uus
issue, is endorsed by the leading Joornala oT
the North west, amenft whisk vassaay menttoa
the Advance, Prairie F;
StandaTd. Interior, Wi
The firm la thorooghiy stralgnaorwara nasi
reliable, and we take pleasure in saying orders
sent Messrs. Thompson A Co., Will be filled
accurately and promptly. ,
Wholesale ClotJhs.
At Hos. 45 and 47 Lake stret.juay lauiul
the extensive esUblishment orniauie nuui,
wholesale dealers in cloths . Xhe.rjm com
posed of young men, vflio naiai'aiuuunw wren
knowledge of the trac
n. lang .and vj
cesmp in mis
cial partners, George W. Beimett and Bobert
Law, whose names are a kii
ity and standing. xnw " ""jr
saWntrr beiageplartflsadto auppby the
continual drain thereupon, m r
embraces all varit
to. the
- r in mawkst - and. he.insr bousht
11 rat hands and for cash, is sold at the lowest
AmiTM Tne -facilities afforded for the nand-
ligure . T ne I ac uiues
3lm ar nCtflMtrlliaiBQniai
nmiTiri. nn thaf fStfTTW
iktlheir ardersflllttlXTlCh
eSufreaMnis horvfry
way warthy their patronage . ; SXJ ViVrT '
is that 01 Messrs. nenarioae a. ounreuu,,
tst. Lotrtn, Mo., was are arm os aa uunpost
housca in. the West dealing in Boohs and Sta-
' , - ...ianV
tioncrv. xnev see. a wjiupkw """r"
they being Hnpoxtcrs a a great 4egr. d
buying largely for cash are enabled to offer
goods A prices which defy eompettttan. Their
store. No. S04 Korth Fifth street, whieh is fill
ed up in elegant style, is tbe finest bookstore
in St. Louis. The store Is 128 feet deep, IS feet
front, four stories high. With basement, and
hooka may to wand on (heir shelves from all
writers, from the , lewest price goods to the
highest . Taking them all in all we most say
to ..artles w an tin ir goods in their line they
ahwuld Mt forget to give Messrs. Hendricks A
Chi ttendens a naliaiiaaaad fug fatilrtgir which
cpntain an school ana cnurcn uoum puunwiwi,
ntain all school and church books published,
lisbers' adverUscd, nrjecs. special alien-
Awabl of Premiums. Among
the many premiums that were awarded at the
St. Louis Faut there waa none more just
ly awarded than that to M. J. CampbeU,
holesale and retail dealer in Man- oowa am.
Perfumeries, cor. Fifth and Locust eta., o.
totrts, He; -The first premium amsrnw
him for the best display of 11 six goods, ana
nrat premium for beat Gent's Wig. The large
wax figure of a lady dressed as a bride attract
ed considerable attention. Mr. Campbell, be
ing an Importer and buying largely for cast),
enabled to offer goods at the lowest prices .
With It gloomy attendants, low spirits,
depression, involuntary emissions, loss OI
semen, spermatorrhea, loss of power, oin
n head. loss of memory and threat-
d impotence aad rmhasiUty.gada aaw-
ereign ear. in HPMrHaETs kW
Comnosed of the most valuable mud s
tent Curatives, they strike at onoe at the root
of the matter, tone up the system, arrest the
discharges, and impart vigor and energy, life
and vitality to the entlreman. They have cur-
k4 tkariaatarla A eSSS
vial, vial worfliea.TO,
f tlvfn Hot pr m.na iarse
.h;nh (s Trski-w (mTmrtait in ohstinats Of o
1 par trngie oox aoiu uj alo
ys SFB-
Bp-oacWAr, New York.
iintirinr energy. ex
flnationa and a thorough knowli
things must eventually secure to us
wealth and fame.
This is peculiar? uiuasraiea or o
achieved by Dr. Butts. 01 St. Louis. He has ae-
votea tne i
natural ab
a.irm l.atfl,
inAiaasau tue nmman system, nn
so extensive as to compel mm io nauure
m his old location, and secure rooms suffi
ciently spacious to accommodate his numerous
ima ne Duawompoaiwu uy
and iurniahing eloganily aw
Eighth Iy, an entire nnuaing, suuatea a
street (NO. la) t. ixuus.
Dr. Butts has, beside the advantage of a supe
rior education, a large experience la uie irea-
meii of chronic disease., which makes htm m
every way a most skillful and trustworthy phy
sician. -
jenent Dnmneea qmau-
ubrenf mea and
Tax PitAinra Fabmxr. We advise all persons who
lah a firatclaas aaatcnltoral aad family weekly
lom nal to send 42.00 tor The Prairie Farmer, and the
sooner the better, tor all new rabsCTtkers tor 1871
wui receive me paper , ue uaiance oi wu jw , ,
that is, subscriptions wui oateiroaii
ntiil oyiilrp .Tftn.l. 1HT3- alno. All ant
weu an new wiu oe enuiieu u a npy ui
blc and handsomely illustrated Prairie Farmer An
nual for 1871, gratis. ThU book will comprise 150
pages and he replete with Interesting matter alone
worth 43,00 to any practical farmer or fruit grower.
Liberal Inducements are offered to club agents, and
the new Premium LlBt (now ready), together with
apecimcn numbers, will be sent on ipplicitlon to 1B
rBAisnt fabxsb CoxfAxy, Cbiceoo.
There's nauffht exceeds
The filth that from a ohewer's mouth proceeds ;
x wo ounces onewea a aay, us saia, proauce
AfuUhalf pint of vUetobaocoiuice;
whieh. If counted five and twenty vears.
(As from nalonlatinn it appears)
With Oils foul staff would neat five hogsheads
Besides old (folds a larger parcel still.
Nor am I with this calculation done;
He in that time has chewed full half a ton j '
Could he foresee, but as a single view.
in nis nm aa
n.lnmnr wife
, her future prospects see .
Could she but sec that through his mouth would
In this short life, this dirty, loathsome mass
nn jot me,
but WffeT
thatjjrelty mias
to TTSB ? '
"It's perfectly wonderful ! " mid
Mrs. Justin Johnstone, ecstatically.
"I never heard such a voice in my
life. My dear, if vou cultivate that
arift sou are sure of a fortune."
Roaa kelson sat blushing, and
dimphusr, and smiliiiir, eer yellow
ner Diuegray eyes naif niuuon by the
droonins lids. DM Air a. Johnston
really mean it ? Had she lived to
the mature aire of eurhteen. without
discovering the hidden talent that
lay euaaUMett witnm ner being ?
TTiaajTMlIn 1 1rti jayia, a tall.
rrtkjlSaSmiSI WSiJUjaatSk gold
braoelete shining .on her plump
wrists, and a festooDinir of alltterina;
chains hanging routM her neck a
dame whose fingers Hashed with
diamonds, and whose raven hair was
dressed with a costly point lace coif
fure. Mrs. Justin Johnston, sutler-
injrfrom the fashionable malady of
no thine to do. and a twinge or two of
dyspepsia super-added to it, had been
ordered to board in a country v.
icAnst to
Saratoga or Cane May. as. usua
ual, and
Mrs. JobnatOL, tor lack of some
more absorbing employment, Had
Rosa3 NelsonfntTfiywfthher
widowed mother; in the next farm-
you must come over, and let my
raapbjew,Mr. -giiWiiPTfarfineK'Sjae
Bar, you must, lnueea.v
said Mrs. Johnston, squeezing Rosa's
hand. "Such a Rift
snh a tntt w s'i .amw
And Rosa, obedient to the great
lady's behests, brought hr little pil
of music doohs over to me vi
inn. and sang her innocent, old-:
ioned ballads 'wa a ivolce like thie
lark .rising out or sum
mer fields of oorn. -
Mr. Fita, Urae sat and beat JMta
wTth his left foot,, stroking hie beard
approvingly the while. He was a
handsome, stylish-looking young
man, of seven or elght-and-twenty,
and as Rosa timidity ventured to
lift her eyes toward him, once in a
great wtrne, sne mentally comparea
him to the watte beaux of Fsilena-
ville, not mucu-to-tha. advantage of
tne latter. iB4Ls,tT.T L J) .2
Quite an undeveloped, bontag.
nay worn !" aaw jur. jritz ajraa.
aunt ia-alght, Miss iSeiaprksoB
Iy shauid give yourseif tne beae-
fit of masters. A
New York would
an ever, and
(murmured i
Verv ooor."
about 'being
"Oh, yoa'd get pupils
enough to
more than pay your
expenses." as
serted Mr. Fitz Ursa.
"I should, oheerfully recommend
you to' my friends," added Mrs. Just
in Johnstone, pleased with the idea
of natronage. "Indeed, my love.
you must not hide this light of yours
under a ousnei i"
Mrs. Nelson was sitting knitting
by the widow, when Rosa, went
"What made you so late, child?"
saM the widow. "John Trevor has
been waiting half an hodr to see
a H .tit Mtroxl vnclJ
the same moment, John
stalwart, fine looking man.
with suu-brownea complexion, ana
bright hazel eyes, advanced to meet
"I wanted you to walkover to the
farm before dark, Rosle,"he said",
with a smiling nod "I have got
some of those new-fangled Houdan
chickens, euch as you wished for
last spring, and "
"I'm too tired," abruptly a
ed Rosa, as she untied her
The farm 1 Houdan ctiick-
ens :
The note of conversation
discordantly on the silvery
of her thoughts, ana she
caught herself Involuntarily
how she could ever have
t John Trevor's brown cheeks
y hair handsome.
"Too tired, Roaie ? Well, then, we'll
aft bre and talk."
Rosa dropped limply into a seat, ;
she Mould much rather have been
left alone with her own thoughts,
but Trevor had contentedly drawn a
chair to her side, and there seemed
to be no help for it.
"The fact is, Rosie," he went on,
'I've been thinking why we couldn't
get married this fall. We have been
engaged a year now, and
But Rosa pettlahly interrupted
him. . , . . .
"I've eUHkged my mittd about
ttHnKtttlirnedught tobe
the end and aim of all things."
"But Roahu mJl. .
woman sue ought to nave no
tions or asplrat ions.
I think dif
ferently, i shall not be married at
present if at all !" , , , ,
And when honest John -Trevor
went away ft was- wKh a gore heart
and pensive brow. He had loved
Rosa Nelson all bis life, and now she
cast him off, like a plaything of
whieh ahe was wearied.
Sorely against the more cautious
widow's advice and judgment, Rosa
resolved upon winning fame and for
tune, under the auspices of Mrs.
Justin Johnstone and Mr. Fitz Urae,
packed her little trunk, and started
for the modern Babel of the western
Mrs. Justin Johnstone liked novel
ty, and she madefmuch of Rosa lSel
son at first, taking her in her own
season or two in
unprOve you amaz-
. T ... ,r h T r m
colored redder th
II .... . ' ' , ' . V I . .
satin-lined carriage to Bignor Auto
grefl to arrange for a series oflessons
But the Bignow's terms rather start
ledour unsophisticated little country
. I won nan makasmirin two veara."
he said, curiously . mispronouncing
his words. "Twc4be-tet years. The
voice is good, but there is no cu.tiva-
tion-a fine s611 ufatmed."
Rosa meekly venture to ask. thie
"A hundred dollars a quarter
tuo signoranswerea, inuiitewptly.
Rosa Nelson grew red and white. A
hundred dollars -1as Of she had to
devote to her musical education.
Mrs. Justin Johnston, to whom a
hundred dollars was as nothing, sat
8r f wTfl take oiie quarter nrst."
said Rosa. I'arkapH some friendly
providence might interfere before
the period WW frver. past.
that Mrs. Johnstone, who called her
"dear" aftUfdea
' sit everv other
sentence, won
c. ner a borne in
the big broWn stone house on IMadl-
son avenua-, hut Mrs. Johnstone
never dreamed of any such thing,
and Kosa engaged board at a third-
estaolishiuent, where the sky-
blue milk and stale bread made her
hudder, and the dirty rooms pre
sauteu a
It's only for a little while until
I make my fortune." thought Rosa,
and she want every day to take her
lesson, singing until ner throat reit
tired, and growing hln and pale in
the ardor wiU which she pursued her
new avocia(llon.
At the olose of the quarter rJIgnor
and Rosa practiced over and over
aginthelittie 1- reach cilausqmette
not ipronouncettiuite pare-fect V'
Mrs. Justin Johnstone had Tattler
took tickets, ana assured Rosa that
she would oeme to her debut.
.Jritz Urae come
o, th
sked with burn
ing cheeks and downcast eyes, for.
to wll the truth, her admiration of
themustaohed hero with th Nor-
name had nearly reached the
rous acme of love
anaaanani . an m a
don't know my dear. I
Johnstone answered, careless-
fly, and Rosa dared ask no more.
The eventful night came and
Rosa IS ejson broke hopelessly down
fore the aifliea eyh had a nag
fa dozen notes, ner vpioeseem-
o tjorn her ; a husky Whisper
was left. The .audience
became blurred before has eyes ; - she
Pheard no word of aignor Adtogrefs
Wnispeteu exhortations. aajia an
fainted. . .
W hen sTr came once more to her
yaniahed senses, the sweet, flute-like
Voice on Which she had i
so prided
iieueiTwH gone she cchmu mmm.
e to me,"
she UkOuglst ; "1 know ; "he
wine, ui - oo. tt ugi
Mrs. Justin Johnstone's maid came
and she hoped her dear Mas Nelson
was not seriously ill. She would
nave caned herself, but was so
ImM&fy enatroaaed it the prepara
for the approaching marriage of her
inepnew,' Mr. JTltz Urse to
riaac fa.
deline Million."
And Roaa never saw Mrs. Justin
Johnstone more ! . ,,b V
She had learned the bitter lesson-
she had graduated from the hard
school of experience. Perhaps it had
done her good. Bat ad ahe knelt
before her poor little trunk, packing
in the white muslin dress aod the
wreath ot roses She had worn the
night before, one or two tears, bitter
as gaii, dropped among tne snowy
John Trevor waa sitting by the old
farmhouse doorstone as, with slow
aad feeble footsteps, Rosa came -up
the hill, from tbe stage for although
she had scornfully discarded him.
the true-hearted young man- had
never forgotten that he was almost
tike a son to Mrs. -Nelson, the soli
tary widow, rat 4M Ml ,tae-ssfT
He started op as he saw her.
itosa i"
"Yes, John, I have come back
adu Biie uursiom crying.
When the' first soft snow-flakes
fluttered Uu-ough' the gray Novem
ber air, Rosa went to the Trevor
farmhouse, as Its mistress and al
though she' never fully recovered
the use of ner voice, sue is very nap-
Ey among the rustic surroundings of
er new life and John Trevor
never, by word or glance, reminds
e or the disastrous day a or ner ras-
Place for a Horse.
" in, the Rural World,
says : " WTnter or Bummer, except
in stormy times, there- is no place so
comfortable for colts or tired work
horses as a good pasture lot. To tie
up a tired horse at night in a nar
row cell, with a plank floor , to stand
on, is a species of cruelty that civllV
zation ought to oe asnameu ot..Ai
the poor animal must be coflflned
like a convict in a d ungeoa, for pity 's
sake let him have hid bead, and
give him at least in ana eq sutvir, aaiah
sou. ury uoor to siauu or lie on.
"In the large cities land is worth
more in money tan horses; OnO on
the farm there ia no excuse for any
such wicked economy. Ask the
eucn wraaea eoenon
lace v.
walk around, Me down
and - he will
where he can
down and stretch
his tired limbs, and roll over from
one side to . the other, gl ves him
more ease and comfort, after . a day
of hard Work, than the most costly
plank stau with, all the f aumpanl-
ments of curry-comb, stiff-bristled
rushes, rubber cloths aad dextrous
hostlers that can pe prouueeu.'
The foot and month disease has at-
acked over a thousand cattle in ad
orning farms in Dorsetshire, Rng
and. and a panic prevaUs among the
farmers. . , .
Forty years ago one could buy 'a
good cow for $12; now it takes $80.
Yet rorty years ago nour was but lit
tle cheaper than in 1870. As a nation
we make too much grain, and do not
raise enough stock.
works more sucoesefuTly1 "tnad fil
the other Agents of the Washington
Mfe. imr wen vt aayvja -aaxi
aad you wUlliave asyareacre within
A r-l m ex wi antrfmtwjrlwaa MmBlMI flf
tiu vita aaa cat a i ooyouaj'H ve v
age, was sent to the P4MML
last week from Fountain dotmtjTT
Ind., for stealirlf WHWW aw
JJetays are dangerous 1 We knew
a man who was recently killed on a
railroad, but had Hot paid Ean Hit
premium ia the ahjngton Jylfa-
Phoebe Carry haa.reaigned the
editorahin of the Revolution, wi
continues to eoaeanote titan, lta re
venue, and has Mrs. Laura tjnrus
Bushrod as editor. vaor
Pere H-yaelntha im going naarry
that Amerkatn lady whom he epn-
verted to Cathorlclsm, and fWnW aa
lataly modeled a atrial ng medal Hop
of his handaome, stolid face.
Asnirltual strike Is recorded In
Eiko, Cal. By digging where a men
dium indicated, some belle verwan!t
covered a ledge which pentiedeui
an high aa 16XX) pa, torn. ....
One of the miseries ofe Ja to W
Koatn in an ararument
an nlMIate yoaw .jpn iiajaS t.i sTT
Where neeaaity -Wis, Uliaal la,
wUh "every thing that natuie can
,i..n.l kBn sa.lt dnwn trj-eouuive
artificial appetites. Johnson
A man in Mlilht n
,ia hnna Saw a Iriie A
there was something wrong
horse, ear his owner never wo
fooled itaway in that manner.
A rich MfcX - unele WAe M4
left his will as ioxiowa :
mv n thaw Will
. . . .
fortune, baoause I
A Preabvterian aad
had a spirited .
tbe former
Vniot la ft i
awiaeli teward Calvinism- '
iwMnarian were lately mar-
HH at aleburg. ThoV Wtw
fTtv, Tn MafrtVkiftM'tout the
uui 1 of. and in tbe
reft alone by tne ieaw oi mmu uwua-
raMakaaml-aa saw t,a .. a ..at
MV.Hail, of Ohio, waa uapou
to get into ma
r the circus, wit
sad to an along, so 1
Dpoper iy shot mm 1
tugs: ssrsrx
will always
A gentleman wearing a ptMnJJar
bat entered one of the newsdealer's
papSsefV u iirutmi .n
"M"- '-
you keep me rjwwu pspuw
o, sir; we don't keep anr TilMflt
paper.7' n,- a strw sfT
Seven thousand pone da of sand.
5r800 . pounda of WgrfcJ? Ji
nounds or iime,anu uuubi y
are useaaaaiiy ""- . Z i.,
Glass Works, and 6,000 dozen boUles
awe turned out weeJUy, inajung an
avirsur of 1.500 Der uay. oil
mil iiinir ia imuK rwmi.
plan as the newt mi t
After much tramtog
keen him still
enough, for
very quiet one
Mu rf thS
W.VDW - - ,
still, wheat he ataadenly cjim out:
"At'll do, pspaj pass piawjn u"w.
a hnv was sent hv his mother to
haw some atove wood out of railroad
timm firtintr oat doors STiorwy a
ha foand tsae vouth SlHIBB 9mT
saw-horse, with head downv The
mother asked her son why no was
cast down, and why he didnt keep
his work. Ttie kxiy replied 3 "My
dear mother, I find it bard do never
old ties- . -a mi
The, vicar of of Doncaater found
the accompanying "pea wnwen in
pencil on Cbe walls of the belfry of
boncaster pariah church. Th-y hap
pily define "ringiaw," --wissmai,
anil " tolling :"
To can the folk, to iif9JpmsM9
When Mirth and Pleaaure'a o ttte Wkag,
When from the bod;
Two KentlenaeSk
mess, at at. J
went out gan:
spate oiaiaqce
nock or biros,
nmnap nf hatred nr a neater number.
he bubo werVdjiaaaaa7aw' Ma
Into the breasts of -the gentlemen
themselves. . Mi.,
A lady in Falrhaven, fd vnakint
bed a few mornings since, after
terete it over eat some wmraoT-
iuElns dj tbe ticking rme cauu
help, antr rouuu m iaiS "TT
twoiefaienKth,aod an fach in
diameter, coiled away In it. The
snake probably eratwlem an to tne
house iu day time, and had been in the
bedeWvious night with the oe
oapaah, 'd bet
With the
uun a snva au
know no will
I .A. tl Jol. JH
a Methodist
tonioyexwx, wiM.
watron ana
start foi
Mr. ToWD
at the Lame iuOJg
oaenn, Jto., receuwy
Qing. Aftet waixing
tney came upon "
and seoaratecl for the
Iu numbers there ia safety. It waa
upon this principle that the rormnla of Jsm
soK'sMustrix Basra PUAA was prepared.
Dr. Judson. intending to spend a fortune In
advertising his pills, aafemltflhar naa aasapa to
the revision of the most InteUlgent andlearned
physiciansof theage, 'and the result Is s slm '
tf&'SV ttt
skin of all j
rjlmnlea ai
pies and blotches, and are per j
tlv sure and ssnTo la their operation. Te
judson'. Mountain Herb Pills cure Billions
ness, Female Irregularities, Headache, and
many of the diseases arising from impure blood
and a deranged digestion. Dm the Judaos's
Mountain Herb Pills, and whan you hay
proved their virtue recommend them to yo? -friends.
They are both sugar-coated ar
plain, for sale everywhere.

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