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Baton, Thursday, Nov. 8th. 1870.
The noti-apjearunce of the
Democrat lor three weeks past,
will require a little explanation
from up, iu order to satisfy our
subscribers who are prompt in
paying their subscription.
was a oleur case of temporary sua
2cnsion for the want of the no
oossary "ROOT OF EVIL" to
discharge ih current expenses
of the office. Wo were compell
ed to stop, its publication, that
we might personally call opon
some of thote in arrears and
raise some funds to get paper and
pay our bauds in the office. It
is not a very creditable affair for
the Democracy of thin county to
allow such a condition of things
but unless the paper is paid for
promptly it cannot be avoided
ae we have no other incorre to
keep the machine runuiner. We
have considerable standing on
onr books for subscription, and
if those owing it would come and
pay us, toe paper will appear
regular if they will not do so
temporary suspensions may occur
frequently. We hope "a word to
the wise will be sufficient."
What Can the Girls Do ?
Thore are many noble exam
ples of what girls often perform
when poverty holds He meagre
mantle over them, of which toe
following is an instance: A Can
cihnati ires3 states that three
years ag : a poo orphan girl ap
plied und was admitted to tet
type for tljat paper. She work-
Bue earneo, Desiues ner Doaru,
about $200, aud availiug herself
of the facilities which the print
ing office afforded, acquired a
education. She ia now an asao
elate odttresa of a popular paper,
and is engaged to be marred to
one jifthe smartest lawyers in
Ohio, Such' g gill ia bound to
shine and eclipse tens of thou
sands who are educated in the
lap of luxury, and taught all the
"accomplishments" of the board-
ir.g school. Such a wife will be
a jewel to her husband, and an
ornament to society, and an hon
or to her sex and her country.
Iowa is the odIv State in
the Uniou where women's rights
have practically been conceded
The -other night a company of
ladies hauled a hook and ladder
truck to a fire and were foremost
in every effort to extinguish the
The last ukase of Fashion
declares the chignon, in all its
forms, banished from her doroin
ions. For which all thanks !
It ia conceded that the Fall
is the bost season for transplant
ing trees, and it has been thor
oughly demonstrated that trees
thrive better after being trans
planted in the Fall than in the
Fane, in Russia leather and
Violet wood, with large painted
r AnAnrxn tn u n px t- e e-m I, I f
novelties. The latter have the
traditional perfume attached to
the name.
very pretty watches are
now made of glass, both sides.so
that the works can bo seen, with
a Small rim of ailver, and fasten
ed to the belt by u small silver
Hallow E'en. Mouday night
Oct. 31st, was Hallow E'en, when
boys steal cabbage stalks and
hammer . the doors of unauapect
ing residents and raise Satan gen
erally. The custom is of Scot
tish origin, and extends back to
the fourteenth century, though
it was uot observed in the same
manner as now. Ou that night
the peasantry thought the devil
walked abroad, and tbey stayed
in-.doors and took peculiar pre
cautions to guard against the
Black Prince's approace and pro
pitiate bis favor.
A man in town who took a
driuk trom a bottle of mucilage
says tie has felt "stuck up" ever
Corn bread, mush and buck
wheat cakes are now luxuries for
glim people with slim pocket
books. Almost every newspaper we
pick dp informs us that "the trees
are rapidly losing their summer
garb, and that the fall winds are
scattering, tho dry aud withered
BOARD OF EQUALIZATION. A List of Member of the State
Board—A Tie, Politically,
The Members of the State
Board of Equalization, elected
on the 11th of October, 1870, are
as follow:
First District Hamilton, Wil
liam S. Groesbeck, J. Dan. Jones,
E. T. Carson.
Secoud District Butler aud
Warren, Charles Ford.
Third District Montgomery
and Preble, David liarnett.
Fourth Distriet-Clermout and
Browu, William Boudcbush.
Fifth District Green, Clinton
and Fayette, John Q. Smith.
Sixth District Ross and High
land, Samuel E. Hibben.
Seventh District A dams,
Pike, Scioto and Jackson, W- T.
Was ham.
Eighth District Lawrence,
Gallia, Meigs and Vinton, Wil
liam Nash.
Ninth District AtheDS,Hock
ing and Fairfield, Alexander
Tenth District Franklin and
Pickaway, O. E,. Niles.
Eleventh Zistrict--C 1 a r k e,
Champaign and Madison, Chas.
Twelfth District-Miami, Darke
and Shelby, & A. Leakey.
Thirteenth District L o g a n,
Un on, Marion and Hardin, Jas.
Fourteenth District W ash
ington, Morgan and part of No
ble, Enoch S. Mcintosh.
Fifteenth District Musking
um and Perry, Daniel B Linn.
Sixteenth District Delaware
and .Licking, Andrew J. Smith.
Seventeenth and T went y-
elghth Districts Knox, Morrow.
Holmes and Wayne, William
Eighteenth District Cosh oc
ton and Tuscarawas, Richard
Mc Clelland.
Nineteenth District Guern
sey, Monroe and a part of Noble,
William Van Meter.
Twentieth District Belmont
and Harrison, Beujamin E. Dun
gan. Twenty-first District Carroll
and Stark, Josiah C. Shaw.
Twenty-eecond District Jeff
erson and Columbiana, Edwiu
Twenty third District Trum
bull and Mahoning, Orlaw L.
Twenty-fourth District Ash
tabula, Lake and Geauga, Con
stantino C. Field.
Twenty-fifth District Cuya
hoga, James M. Hoyt.
Twenty-sixth District Port-,
age and Summit, Henry H. Ste
vens. Twenty seventh District Me-dina-and
Lorain, Alvan D. Licey.
Twenty ninth Discrict Ash
land aud Richland, Abraham
Thirtieth District Huron, E
rie, Sandusky and ottowa, O- T.
Thirty-first District Seneca,
Crawford and Wyandot, Andrew
Thirtv-second Eistrict Mer
cer, Auglaize, Allen, Van Wert,
Paulding, Defiance and Williams
Francis J. Lye, jr.
Thirty-third JJistnct tian-.
cock,- Wood, Lucafl, Fulton, Hen
ry and Putnam, Dresden W. 11
Democrats in Italic 17
Republicans in Roman 17
One of the leading Radical or
gans of Taes. the Worcester Pal
ladium, says in a late issue;
"It is said that the Germans in
this country take sides with
Prussir against France. If they
do they are on the wrong Bide
ot the Atlantic Ocean-
In Mass. there are not many
Germans, and they are not neces
sary to the succesa of the party.
The latter, therefore, speaks out,
without any disguise, its real
sentiment. Such is the real
sympathy of the Radicals tor the
We hope our friends iu several
villages throughout the country
will take enough interest in their
local paper to send us all the lo
cal news that transpires around
them. What Is interesting to
them will be entertaining to our
readers. We want to give every
thing that occurs in the country
of a local nature, and we must
depeud upou correspondents for
the facts.
Don't be backward, but pick
up your pen and give us items of
Schenck is reported to have
just purchased one hundred city
lota in Dululh Minnesota, at a
cost of $100,000. Only a few
weeks since h was so poor he
could not afford to run for Con
gress. How did he become rich
so suddenly?
Folks who get up with the lark
these mornings aud go poking
around out doors in the damp,
poisonous atmosphere, will soon
be down with the rheumatism.
Any person who sends as five
new yearly. subscribers, with the
cash in advance.'Btiailreceive
the Democrat free for one year
This is a good offer.
The farmers through Ohio and
elsewhere are complaining that
the Norway are producing no
better than the ordinary white
oats, and that the glowing prom
ises, inregard to their produc
tiveness are not being fulfilled
It is often the case that after a
few frostyjoights, we have mauy
days of tine weather, and if plants
can be protectcd,during the early
frosts, their season may be pro
longed. Straw mats, a sheet, or
even newspapers, supported a
bove but. not touching the plants
will protect them.from the usual
early frosts.
Moonlight nights are in style
this week.
The boys say that walnut and
hickory uuts are scarce in the
Pay your subscription to
tho Democrat, and renew for an
other year. No charge for this
suggestion, although it is a good
There appeared on our streets
the other day a lady of remarka
ble beauty a young lady. Hand
some ! why,
' Nature was here so lavish of her Btoi e,
That she bestowed until she had no
We would describe this dam
sel, but 'tis far beyond our power
to paint in words her beauty.
You might search the country
through and not her equal find
Such eyes ! such hair ! such
bloom ! such "harness !" But
all this has nothing to do with
the gorgeous exposition of fall
and winter goods at M. F. Ste
phens' M un -treet, Eaton O., un
less our heroine had persuaded
papa that this popular house
sells at prices astonishing low.
See Stephens' advertisement in
the Democrat.
Them Good Old Daze.
How I long (once in a while)
for them good old daze.
Them daze when thar was
more for 30 cents than thar is
now in 7 dollars and a half.
Them daze when a" man mar
ried 145 lbs. of woman, and less
than 9 lbs. (awl told) of enuy
tbing else.
now I do long for them good
old daze when edekashuu con
sisted in what did well.
Them dazj when deacons were
aa austere as boss radish, and
ministers preached to men's 6ouls
instead of their pockets.
Them daze when politics was
the exception and honesty the
Them daze when a man who
wasn't bizzy was watched, and
when women spun yarn to make
How I do long for them good
old daze when now and then a
gal baby wa called Jerusha, and
a boy wasn't sp'ilt if he was
named Jerrymier.
And ye who have the fethers
and fuss of life, who have cod
fish of wealth without sense un
der yure nose, cum beneath this
tree and long for an hour with
me for the good daze when men
were ashamed to be fools, and
wimmin were afraid to be flirts.
Josh Biltings.
The 'Franc Tireurs." The
franetireurs' the French guerril
la force of which so much has
been writes up, "dressed in black
uniform, with leather gaiters to
the kdee, and carry a black flag
baaring a death's head aud cross
bonea, iu imitatiou of the once
celebrated Black Brunswick
hussars. The organization of
this corps was commenced by
the Trappists, and its members
are dit on by a vow of silence
which they only oreaK upon a
gnal from tbeir commanding
officer' to demand provisions or
to ask their way when in places
with whose topography they
are uot acquainted. No doubt
they will do very weil, but their
appearance is greatly ridiculed
by tbe noisy volunteers aud Hues
Tbe wealtlt ot Boston wonld
give to each individual fraction
above $'000.
We are pleased to 6ee that
Hon. James J Farran has again
taken charge of the Cincinnati
Enquirer as editor-in-chief. Mr
Farran is an experienced journa
list and a iudieious man. While
the Enquirer has been one of thelto
best newspapers in the country,
its political managraent, for the
last lew years, has seemed to be
under the control of apprentices.
Its course in reference to tbe
present European "unpleasant
uess" drove from its support, and
well-nigh from the Democratic
party, some of our old and most
substantail Democratic friends.
From the tone of the paper un
der Mr. Farran's management,
we feel justined in assuring our
German fellow-citizens that they
can now return to the object of
their first love, and meet in the
Cincinnati Enquirer the same
old, reliable exponent of Demo
cratic principles that 90 encoura
ged and cheered them in the bet
ter days of tbe Republic.
John A. Cockerill, Esq., is the
managing editor of the Enquirer
Mr. C. is a young man of far
more than ordinary ability, fine
attainments, and conderable
journalistic experionce. With his
energy and judgment, bis depart
ment of the paper cannot be but
a success.
Some editor who was prob
ably insane or had a strong and
vivid imagination, recently got
off the following item, if true:
"I had a dream the other night,
When everything was still ;
I dreamed that each subscriber
Came up and paid his bill.
Each wore a look of honesty,
And smiles were round each eye,
As they handed o'er the stamps,
They yelled, "How's that for high?'.
A GENTLEMAN who suffered from
Nervons Debility, Premature De
cay, and all the effects of you.hfol indis
cretion, will, for the sake of suffhring
humanity, send free to all who need it
the recipe and direction for making the
simple remedy by which he was cuied.
Sufferers wishing to profit by the adver
tiser s experience can do so by addre.s-
ing, in p' rfert confidence.
No 42 Cedar Street, New York.
Oct 27 1870 yl -. I
The advertiser, having been perma
nently cured of that dread disease, Con
sumption, by a simple remedy, is anx
ious to make knowu to bis fellow suffer
ers the means of cure. To all who de
sire it, he will send a copy of the pre
scription used (free of charge), with the
directions for preparing and using the
same, which they will find a sure l.ure
for Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Parties wishing the prescription will
please address
165 outh Second St. Williamsb'rg N Y
Oct 27, 170 y 1
and pay for the
(Successors to Gilmore k Campbell,)
Gov't Claim Agents.
Offioe at the old stand, on Barron Street
Jan. 1 1870. yl.
For the Relief and Cure of the Erring
and Unfortunate, on Prindiples of
Christian Philanthropy.
Essays on the Errors of Youth
and tbe s of Age, in relation to
Marriae Social fc.vils, with sanitary
aid for the afflicted. Sent, free, in eeal
ed Envelopes Addressg HOWARD
ASSOCIATION, fox V. 1'hiladelpbia,
Pa. feblO.lfAO-yrl
THE undersigned will run a l'ail.
Omnibns line between Dayton an :
Eaton, as follows;
Leave Eaton daily at 5 30 a. m., arri
ving at Dayton at 10 a. m.
Leave Dayton at 1 p. m., arrivinti
at Eaton at 6 30 p. m.
Prompt connections madewith Noi th
em trains at Dayton.
Passengers will be called for by leaA
ing fieir address at the Doup House,
Dayton, and the E xress Office, at
the Drug Store of J. P.pBrookias 4 Son,
Eaton, O.
All orders andcom missions prompt lj
attended to. J AS. TORRENT E.
jan. 1 68-yrl.
fflhe undersignec has just opened a
Shop on Decator and Beech Sta. Eaton,
Ohio 0U6t above tie Brewery.
Horse-Shoeing, Plows, Harrows,
Wagons, Edged Tools, &c.
made New or repaired. Also Double
Linked Chains repaired or made. Bring
on your Work, ba'.isjaotion Warranted.
January, 27, 18'0-yrl.
NEW YORK, August 15th, 1868.
Allow me to call jour attention to ray
EXTRACT BUCHU. The component
part are RTJCHU. 1.00 LEAF, CUBEBS
Mode ok PeKPAHvnoK. Buchn, in
vac-no. Jn inner Berr-es. bv distillation
torm a fine gin Cnnebs extracted o
displacement wmi spirits ouiainea irum
luniper Berries; very little sugar is used
and a small proportion of spirit. It it
more palatable tha i my now in use.
liuchu as prepared by JJrugeists, is of
a dark color. It is a plant that rmits
its fragrance; the action of a flame de
stroys this (iti active principle) leavinp
a dark and glutinous decoction. Juine
s the color ot ingredients. JLne Uuena
in my preparation predominates; tne
smallest quantity of the other ingredi
ents are added, to prevent fermentaticn;
up n inspection it will be found not to
be a Tincture, as made in Pharm&copoea,
nor is it a Syrup and theielore can be
used in cases where fever or imflamma
tion exists. In this, you have the knot
ledge of the indredients and the mode of
tlopincr tht yoo will tavor it with a
trial, aud that upon inspection it will
mwet with your approbation.
With a feeling of profoudd confidence.
I am, very rospectfully,
Chemist and Druggist of 19 years xpe
(From the largest manufacturing Chem
ists in the Wor'd.)
November 4, 18i4.
"I am acquainted with Mr. H. T
Pelrobold; he ocenpied the Drug Store
ODDOSite mv residence and was success
ful in conducting the business where
others had not been equally so before
him. I have been favorably impressed
with bis character and enterprise."
Firm of Powers and Weight roan, Manu
facturing Chemists, Ninth & Brown
Streets, Philadelphia.
For weakness arising frora'indiscretion
The exhausted powers of Nature which
are accompanied by so many alarming
symptoms, among which will be found,
Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Mem
ory, Wakefulness, Horror of Disease, or
Forebodings of Evil; in fact, Universal
Lassitude, Pros'ration. and inability t.i
enter into the enjoyments of society.
once affected with Organic Weakness,
requires the aid of Medicine to strergih-
en and invigorate the system, which
invariably does. If no treatment i sub
raitucd to, Consumption or Insanity en
in affections peculiar to Females, is un
evualed by tny other preparation, as in
Chlorosis, or Retention, Painfiilness, or
Suppression hf Customary Kvacualiont.,
Ulcerated or Scirrhus State of the Ute
rus, and all complaints incidental to the
sex, or the decline or change of life.
wilt radically exterminate from the sys
tem diseases arising from habits of dis
sipation, at little expense, little or no
change in diet, no incon venience or ex
posure; completely superreding those
unpleasant and dangerous remedies.
Copaiva and Mercury,, in ull these dis
in all diseases of these organs, whether
existing in male or female, from what
ever cause originating, and no matter of
how long standing It is pleasant It the
taste and odor, "immediate" in action,
and more strengthening than auy of the
preparations of Bark or Iron.
Those suffering from broken down or
delicate constitutions, procure the reme
dy at once.
The reader must be eware tb.at, howevr
er slight may be the attack of tbe above
diseases, it is certain to affect the bodily
health and mental powers.
All the above diseases require the aid
of a Diuretic. Helmbnlds Extract
Buchn is the great Diaretic.
; Drug and Chemical Warehouse,
done up in steel engraved wrap
per with fac-simile of my Chemi
cal Warehouse, and signed
H. T. Helmboldt.
October 27, 1870 yrl.
NOTICE is hereby given that tbe un
dersigned has been duly appointed
and qualified executor of the fast Wi'l
a-d testament ot John Hileman, late of
Preble connty Onio, deceased.
J. H. Foos, Att'y.
Sept 22, 1870 prf $1,75 w3
G..W. Moyer pl'tff ) Before J. Mc
s Lean, J, P. of
Johnatban Gun tie Twiu Township
Defendant. I Preble County
j Ohio,
OK the 24tli day of Septamber. A. D.
1870. said Justice issued an order
ot attachment in the above action for tli
sum of ten dollars and fortv cent..
West Alexandria. Ohio, October 5, 7tt
Octl3 70w3 prf $1,75.
Those who are sick, or
Afflicted with anj chronic difficulty,
bhould without delay write tor Dr. Bain
ilton's Mew Treatise, sent tree to anv
'lad' 'rest.
P- O. Box 4,952. Ntw York Ci'ty.
Oct 27, 1870-1,
Partition Notice.
Tnmei lCndsW, Guardian ") Prebte
of Mark Eugne Hector
County, O.
Court of
Pleas in
Purtition. .
minor) plaintiff,
Corneliu" Hector and
Ambrose Hector, defendants-
CiXVK FT. I its Htrrrnn r -ci.
U Cooatv. Indiana, and AmfooM
Hector, Ot Waba-li County. Indiana, ,vilJi
take notice that a petition was filed a-
gainstthem rn the 27tli day of October,
A. I). 1S7U, 1" the uourt ot Uommon
Pleas, within and for the county ofl'rc
ble, by James Endfley, guardian of
Mark Eugene Hector, and is now pend
ing, wherein the said Mark Kugene Hec
tor demands partition of the following
Real Estate, situate in the county of
Preble, aud State ot Ohio, and in the
Township of Gratis, and bounded and
described as follows to wit: Being fifty
acres taken off of tho North side of the
North-west quarter of section No. eight
een, (18) Township No. four, (4) range
fio three, (3) Kast, Sc. Ana mat at
the next term of said Cour', the said
Mark Eugene Hector will a,. ply for an
order that partit on may be made of said
D ited this 27 h day of 0 tober, A. D.
1870. Campbell & Gii.mork,
Attorneys for jTtff.
Oct. 27. 1K70 wf.pr $13 50
Divorce Notice.
horton Moore, Pl'tff. Preble Com
vs mon Please
Elizabeth Moore, De'ft.
in the county of Washteuaw, and
State of Micliiran, is notified that Horton
Moore did, on the 24th day of October.
A-1) 1870, file his petition in the offic
of the Clork of he Couit of Common
PL a-o. will. in and for the County 0f
Preble, and .State of Ohio, charging the
said Elizabeth Moore with adultery with
one Owen Wesf which petition will
stand for hearing at the next teim of
said Court
Dated this 27th day of October, A. D
By Campbell & Gilmoiic,
his Attorneys.
October 27. 1870 wG prf$7.00
Hie undersigned has been ilulv ap
pointed Administrator of the Estate of
Daniel Reid. late ot Preble county, Ohio
deceafed. WILLIaM B. REID, A-lm'r,
Campbell & Gilmore, Atty's.
Oct. 27, 1870w3prfl,75.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
firm of Dayis A Upham was ds
Bolvcd by mutual consent, on Friday
October 21st, 1870, All outstanding
accounts will be collected by the under
signed, and all billi will be paid by the
undersigned. SAMUEL UPHAM.
NOTICE. The business will be car
ried on f.s heretofore, by the undersign
cd; who returns thanks to the patrons o
the old firm, anc respectfully solicits a
continuance of the same in the future
Oct. 27 1870 3prf2,0O
Legal Notice
Squire L. Hinle, f.ltB Preble
vs Common Pleas
Nela.m P. Phelps et. )
ct. Dffs.
Nelson P. Phelps, of the Stale of Mi
nois, .rnmes Cook & Lucinda Cook, hi
wife. William Teiuinn, &uiod ans
i!:.'- and Richard U. Wilson, defendants
will luke notice that Squire L fliitle of
w-ivne county Indiana, did on the 1Mb
Jay of September 1870. file his petit on
in the Court of Common rieas, within
and for the county of Preble and 8tate
of Ohio, against the said Nelson P.
Hule and the other defendants above
named, setting forth, that, the dtfend
ants, Jsmes Gook 1 Lncinda Cook, his
wife, pave a mortgage to the defendant
ii : ? : t i . i i a
William Tolaian on the south east ciuar
tcr of section number 8, in township
number 8, of range 1 east, containing
160 acres, moie or le?a, situate in
Preble county Ohio, to secure the pay
ment of $35O0,0l"., according to certain
notes r (erred to in said mortgage, said
notes and mortgage dated August Oih.
18G9. That saul mortgage and notes
were on the 14th day of September 1809
assigned by the said William Teiman, by
li s written assignment to the plaintiff
S vtirc I j. Hittle. That since the giving
of nr. id mortgage by the said James
Cook on.l wile, said Cook and wife hf
deed sold and conveyed eaid land to th"
defendant Nelson P. Phelps who is the
owner thereof. And that since the
giving ot said mortgage and deed the
defendants James Cook, Simonds A
Hale and Richard B. Wilson, claim
some interest in said lands under the
said NeUou P. Phelps, And prsyiig
that said Nel-ion P. Phelps may pay
said sum now claimed to be due amount
ing to $1500,04 with interest from Aug.
filh 1M9, or that said premises may bci
sold to pay the same, and the said Nel
pof P. Phelps, and the other defendants
are notified that they are required to
appear and answer said petition on ir
before tbe 12th day of November, 1870,
A. L. STUDY, t
Attornevs for Plaintiff,
tiest D. B. Morrow, Clerk.
Sept 15. lQ70wfiprf $20.
lovit the at'ention f th Trade le il.r r (lUssit saasilisnl tjf rfc
above, of i he. r ytmcevt , aaan aosl a-M i mpm f ai i a
We ant hit ah , Vtmr Thaw f sand so bjr la mt lL4it..rsst TidW
i (
Ms- t. rift,
rratral Part.
Trent Fall.
Ureal WatM,
Hosntm la.tr.
ift'ofi, Delaware.
Want Point. lasuaatsi srsn,
Oar tatportod V tawa esahraee a (arf i
rhaxaat pyedsM-! syt Waa . K(ad. sl.
Mkti rmiaea: ahals(,raaarn, canauMiag af
rtment, latladiaf Tad
rV. W I law a. La say . sad
W, r.
T rm-rs,
K a.
T. lends.
' -ad,
Cryaial f siar,
i Hrr
1 WtmU
1M rifar,
. W.hi-a.
1 did. sac, at a.
"w latraMl, ttii.r.in, eeriet. time. Ill ami a. 1 h. T r.
rant Vi.wa. in ,-.. nmtSy. W. . r, ..rlM.t. a.r.l. 1. Amwrtrl
"raaaiaaa iuh viawa," ,r w. I...
UMrlB'.t A (.at, l.r Fill,1. .,rlM it 9 lit I 1 1 i, r t.i.fi.rLI.
rieuw tm twttuntm. Ike Sfchw. al.d. Vl.aa. WaJM.
araaSOaCQVBa. W. m.a.farlara a.r, la nr. I,. ..C SMeSSSBl
Ml. Ma baa, iijla, .1 ika 'i i r rwtm
CHOTOU CHIC ALBVMa. Oar Maaafaatara af A Ik.ra ta wall
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fiOl Broadway. N. Y ,
Isaportera and MsauPra of Photographic Malerials.
There will be fifty-three tun-
days in 1871 the year beghiing
and a,Dding on Snnday.
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111 ANIW Hf RMAM Tf.ll.
Frmnd by Dr. C. M. Jackaon, Pfalladeluh
Tbeir Introduction Into thU country from Oarasfe
iorJl"1 ilT Too and yonr children. Taev
- i i nmcm. I ury
" ' nuOH MQMUM.
Liver Complaint.
Nervous Debility,
Diseases of the Kidneys,
and all DImmci arlolne from a
Ore Liver, Stomacb, or
Constipation, Flatulence, Inward
fullness of Blood to tbe Heed, Acridity
iu nwmcn, nauMi., nvtrc
ham, Dieenst for Food. Fulness
or weight in tne Stommon.
Soar Eructations, Sinking-
or Fluttering at Use
Fit of the Stomach. Swim
ming of ti e Head, Harried or
Dimcalt Brewthinsr, Fluttering
Suffocatl r.U SBT BB. R.ni.tlAna
when in a I.y- Ini Posture,
Dimness of sstw.Vialon, Dots
or Webs before tbe fight. Dull
Fain ia the Heed. Deficiency
of Perspiration, Yellowness
of the Skin and Erse,
Fain in tbe Side,
Back, Chest, JUmbi, etc..
Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burn
ing" in tbe Flesh, Constant Dnaaininn
of Evil and Qreat Depression of SplHtsV
All these indicate disrate oj the L per or Digestive
Organs, combined wWi impure lUstL
Hoofland's German Bitters
Is entirely vegetable, and remains ne
liquor. It is a compound of Fluid Ex
tract. The Roots, Herbs, and Barks
(roan which ihcwtiinew are
are nlhered sonhw I n C.rrmany.
All the inert i dF clnl virtues
arc extracted Alrom them try
a scientific VnBsaW7 chemist. The
extracts are then loraarded to this
country to be used expressly lor tbe
naannfartnre of these Kilters. There le
no alcoholic substance of any kind need
In eomposndlBg the Bitters, hence It la
the only Bitters that can he need 1st
cases where alcoholic stimulants are
atot advisable.
Hoofland's German Tonic
it s combination of aU the ingredients of the Bitter,
with rcss Santa Crtee Bum, Orange, etc. B it used
for the same diseases as the Bitters, in casts vhrre soma
rrurr alcoholic stimulus is rrauirrd. You urOl bear set
mind that these remedies are entirely different from
any others advertised for the cure of the diseases i
eheme heimo MenemliAe eirerjarations of medicinal 4S
white the others are mere decoctions of rum in
fmmm. The TONIC is decidedlu out of the most :
sard and agreeahle remedies ener offered to the puhUe.
Its taste is exquisite, ft is a pleasure to take it, while its)
Ufe giving, exhilarating, and medicinal quaUtiat sew
caused it to be known as the greatest of aU tonic.
There it no medicine ecruat to ttoafUnoT: iw
Bitters or Tonic tasanmasasssswju of H !,
They impart a ton MJ Manet now to the Wi
system, strengthen mjm the appear, cents
sn enjoyment of UrsadsBBB Jood. enable Che sto
mach to digest it, punjy Ike blood, give m good, sound,
heeJshy cmnpiezian, eradicate the yllow tinge from Ik
eye, smpmrt s Ui to the nt ish, and idsset the pu to
from a ehori-irreatheet, emaciates, weak, ernes nm sen
to a full-faced, stout, and enter out mortem-
Weak and Delicate Children are
mads strong by using the Bitters or
Tonic. In Act, they are Family WcdU
clues. Tatar eaa bo administered with
i KTc mYeXlXueZJ.rn-S
-im -
or ninety.
and Witt cure all diseases resulting from
trsaassw blood pure ; keep yonr
liner as order j keep your digestive orgsm
to e si serf, healthy I snnssiKWiis, by the uot
f Ik remedies, sssBjBSSBasntti nd no disease wtJt
eoer assail you. The betl men in the cuswtiy iswswt
Oum. If year of honest reputation g for anything
you snial fry these preparation.
CJhUf JnaUrs of the HnnrMne Court of Pcnnayl
PsiLiDSLrsta, March IS, 1SST.
I And " Hoofland's German Bitters " it not an no
Seating beverage, but it a good Ionic, useful in ditcrdtw
f the digestive organs, and of great beneflt to cases tf
aWfli and want of nervous action, in Ou system.
Curt tratic
teSZU. re . rrwterr aaee.
aTudAfe of tbo Bopremo Court ef Pennavl vsnfa.
PsiLiDSLrsiA, Aicrfi as. isaa
I consider sMWh Hot
Cerman Bit tVsm, tera a valuable
medicine In ease wsnam of attacks of
I n d 1 ff e tlonssfths aaVnir Uysprpsla.
I can certify this frona nay axnarlenca of
It. Yours, with respect,
a? ames raonPMR.
Pastor of the Tenth Bspdst Ohorob, Phllsdalssla.
Da Jioasos Dias Sis: i hat been resumtk
reeruetted to connect mm name with reeemtmendatttms f
different kinds tf nirf.rtoai, but rrgarding Iks
a out of my ai'trropriette sphere, I have in aU
ctirri I... I unit, rt , Imt ,irfM.f .'aa ma rum J
particularly in my own family, uf the useful etf Dr.
tsoojtana s teermtan truiers, I ucpai i j tee umce 'aa. an
usual course, to toprest my full tMreaictiem fast tar SSBa
crsl debility of tbe ai.ta)is awl wuc-ciivU lor laWaf
CompLatDt, it la asSv saipBssIa sod valosMe
prepsrstlon. In Wmi. tome casts it may
fail; best usually. Jilfaa I damn not, it wCt
oery onpciaitsmmm. wa m stmm warn mnpmr
lours, very rupecuuuy, ,
J It hf.sS AftD,
Migktk, beun (Jtrnsm strast
era temeetorf sited
ih front of the outside wrapper tf each bottle.
name the article Uoum in sack teams.- esse
Price of the Bitters, $ OO nor bottle I
Or. a half doaen tor So OO.
Price ol the Tonic, SI SO per bottle
Or, a hair doaen tor S7 60.
Tbe tonic la pat ap lo q,aait boUlaa.
that it it Dr. Hoofland's
to univm
and lc seal
to induce yon lo take
may say it just at
.. A. . it.ro. r erroht
dies wilt be sent by express to auy tocatssy I
than to tk
No SSI AM.CH STUMMT, Pkiliirttmlm
Formerly O. at. JACKSON ch CO.
hese Remedies are for sale by Draar
srtsts, atorehespera, and Wsdialns Dssal
dtrs everywhere.
da not frgu to esmmm' tec IT the era all yea teaj, SB
thmi are so universally ssas see em mttjnsy .
asaassaasw allow the Drugertaw
m iayttn, . Its mest kg
MgVosl, beewuse M
gmmmnW on it. These Memo

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