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L, G-. GrOULD, Editor.
August 1, i.871
Liberal Republican and Democratic
Reform Ticket.
B. GllATZ UUOWN.'df Missouri
Democratic State Ticket.
For Sccretaiy of State,
JFor Snprteme Judge.
-30IIN L. GliEEN. ,
"Member of Board Public Works.
Democratic Convention.
The Derao6rat8'"'and Liberal
Republicans of Preble County
are. requested to meet at the city
'Hull, in Eaton, on
Saturday Aug. 3, 1872,
At 1 o'clock, P. M.-attd then
there proceed to appoint dele
gates to the Congressional Con
vention, at Daytou, Aug. 5, 1872
Char'n. Dem. Cen. Com. of P. C.
The Grant- vassal organs ere
rfull of extracts from the N. Y.
Tribune of years ago abusive oi
the Democracy. : These extracts
seem to be "about their only stock
Hn trade, and the hope is, of
Mcoarse, that these will sicken
Democrats with. Horace Greeley
;and make them fall in love with
Ulysses S.Grant of Long Branch.
'These cullings, it genuine, which
nve presume the mostol them are,
'to be folly understood should be
presented with all the circumstan
ces in order to be fully and fairly
understood and appreciated. No
doubt Horace Greeley, chrough
the Tribune, said some harsh
things against ns and we did our
best to pay him back in coin.
We therefore are perfectly satis
fied tq cry quits on that score and
lharbor no malice.
Brother Democrat are you do
ing your duty, your wholo duty?
Have you talked with your Re
publican neighbor and shown him
t be error of his ways? If not, re
member hat the time is short,
and tbe opportunity for doing
good at this election. will soon be
past. Tell your neighbor that un
equal taxation is wrong, that the
bonded system is wrong that ev
ery man should pay tax in propor
tion to the value of his property
that Grant who represents the
Republican party, is a bond-hol
der; a friend of monopoly, an en
emy of the highest interests of la
bor and that, therefore duty to
themselves and the country at
large as well as their own self in
terest should compel them to vote
against him. Greeley means e
qual taxation to all, and universal
amnesty. Bro. Democrats we a-
gaiii urge you to do your whole
duty. Your exertions may save
tbe State. Freemeu to the rescued
The Grant organs are in great
trouble over the present political
situation. Ihey are bothered by
two fears, one is that the old De
mocratic party may die, and the
other that Grant may be defeat
ed. We can only say, that while
his country remains a Republic,
the first eau never bey the second
is not ouly. possible, and proba
ble but a fixed fact. ' If, : as
the Grant organs declare,
Greeley is going to be so easily
defeated, : why in the deuce are
they so badly frightened? That's
what we would like to know.
The Grant leaders are muchly
troubled at the idea that the De
mocratic party dies "by going in
to the Greeley, business." The
villains have been telling their
followers for years that the De
mocratic party was dead. Liars
should .have good memories.
Hon. Daniel; W. Vorhees was
re-omicated for Congress by the
Democratic Con ven iou at Terre
Haute. He made an able speech
in which be declared his intention
to- labor for the election of Grea
ley over tbe present incumbent
of the White House. He gave
satisfactory and able reasons for
bis course.. j
Grants Economy.
It is usserted that timing the
firt year of Grant's administra
tion, some eighty seven millions
of dollars of the public debt lias
"been paid. This is not true; but
for the sake of argument, let us,
for the present, admit the can
cellation of this amount of debt.
The question the people are in
lercsred in the question thej'
want ansuered is this how much
money was paid into the Trensu y
during the first year of Grunt's
administration? It is veryeasy
for a man to pay his debts when
his income far exceeds his neces
sary expenses. We learn, then,
-from official documents, that dur
ing the "one year ot Grant' -from
March, 18G9, to March,
1870 the income of the Govern
ment was nearly four hundred
From customs, $170,056,743 85
" Revenue, 175,457,141 04
" other sources, 39,535.213 93
Grand total, $304,959,038,8.2
Of this amount, according to
tlie Radical organs atid the itib
lished account of the Secretary
of the Treasury, only $87,134,
782 3i was applied to the pay
ment o the national debt, show
ing that the enormous sum of
CTS., have been squandered by the
administration of 1 resident Grant
in one year, in a time of peace,
and uud-ef pledges of economy
and retrenchment-! Thus, to run
the Government ' foir one year.
rnder the blunderer Grant, costs
the people $307,824,316 34 !!
, The grand indebtedness on the
1st of March, 1869, when the
present administration came into
power, and on the 1st of March,
1870,. after a year of reduction?,
both statements including the
bonds issued to the Pacific rail
road companies, as follows:
Total debt, less assets in Trea- .
sury, March 1, 1870,$2,O14,302,T)16 63
Total uebt, less assets m Trea
sury, March 1, 1860, $2,569,190,433 42
Increase sinceMarch 1,'69, $52,172,183,24
Now, what we have stated are
J1 acts facts that will not, cannot
be controverted. It is evident,
then, that I'one year of Grant
has not been a profitable year to
the country.
Again, the Radicals, in their
attempt to eulogise the poor non
entity Grant, always refer to the
administration of Johnson, as
having been extravagant, but
they omit to state that Mr. John
son was not permitted to dismiss
notoriously incompetent and cor
rupt officials, who were retained
in office, in spite of his remon
strance, by the tenure-of-ofiice
law. He was not permitted, as
Grant is, to sell ships, arms and
muuitious of war at his pleasure,
and to retrench expenditures by
the wholesale dismissal of super
fluous government employees.
The income of the government
was nearly $27,000,000 a. ve.tr less
Under President Johnson thau it
is under President Grant. Bear
that in mid4
Oh, ye people, look at these
things. Is it possible for you
longer to be deceived? Do you
not see that the corrupt imbe
ciles in power are squandering
your means, and using them for
party purposes? We'have node-
sire to misrepresent no de ire
to over color our statements.
We are dealing in facts, and we
appeal to men of sense, of all
parties, to in vestia;ate for them
selves, and they will find, as we
have found, that the "first year
of. Grant and all others with
the immense revenues of the
country flowing Lito the Trea
sury, and the burthensome taxes
on the people have been years
of profligacy and blundering.
Geseral Grant is reported to
be mourning over the fact that
Congress did not extend the Ku
Klux act aiufgivo them the pow
er to suspend the habeas corpus
in the South, so that he couid set
tie the North Carolina election
by arresting, under the (charge o'
being member of the Ku Klux
organ'zation, all who oppnpd
the Administration State ticket
With that law he could have
made its success a sure thing.
Hon. D.W. Vooruees and Hon.
P. Van Trump will now suppor!
the nominations of Greeley aud
The movement for Greeley
against Grant is the protest and
rtb. llion of the educated and cul
tivated classes of the country
against longer bein ruled by a
coarse, ignorant and brutal sol
dier. They demand that we shall
have in the Presidential chair a
scholac.and a gentleman-a man
of thought and ideas, which he
can express in good English, ei
ther by the pen or upon the hus
tings. It is really scandalous that
the brains of this country sviould
so long have submitted to the do
mination of such raediocrisy as is
manifest -in Grant. Great Britain
has the Bcholariy Gladstone at
the head of her affairs: France
has the veteran historian and lit
erary Thiers, and Germany has
the able and accomplished Bis
mark. We in the United States
have Grant, who in a Presidential
message makes a mistake as to
the geographical identity of Sau
Domingo; who don't know .that
Brooklyn is on Long Island, and
who boasted to Frank Blair that
he never read a book in his life.
Tins is the kind ot man that the
intelligence of the United States
has had for the last four years as
its ruler. It is a.6 wonder that
there is a revoU against it.
An administration paper sets
up, as against the charges of ex
travagance preferred against the
party in power, the fact that the
debt has been largely reduced.
This is a mere subterfuge. That
the debt has been reduced merely
proves that the amount drawn
from the people by taxation has
been large enough, after a .large
porportion has been squandered,
to leave a balance with which to
pay off the debt. The charge of
extravagance is proved by the
amount spent, exclusive of debt
principal and interest. That a
mount is greater than ever before
in time of peace, and it is greater
because the administration is
wasteful and is surrounded by
corrnptionists and plunders who
feed upon the treasury.
The Administration party, un
der the generalship of Morton
and Conkling, propose to carry
North Carolina "if it costs half a
million dollars!' Theie is some
thing in this dogged declaration
that reminds one of "fight it out
on this line if it takes all sum
mer!'' The principles of either
campaign are the same, and the
hope of success based upon over
whelming odds, and the operation
of the known force of attrition.
" We can lose three men for one,"
said Grant; we can Bpend three
dollars and more to their one,"
reason tho Grantites, and with
good cause, as they hold the
purso ftrings of the National
It is worthy of special notice
that all the Grant speakers sent
to North Carolina are office-hoi
ders. They go to plead for a con:
tinuation of their bread and but
ter, uot to discuss great questions
as intelligent freemen would do
before their countrymen. With
such leaders, and - $200;000 ab
stracted from the United States
Treasury, Grant hopes to carry
North Carolina in August, and
also in November.
We find the following in the
Cincinnati Enquirer, relative to
Hon. L. D. Campbell'3 position
in the present canvass-
We are pleased to learn that
the health of Hon. Lewis D.
Campbell, ot Butler, is improv
ing. Mr. Campbell has faith
fully and judicijusly represent
ed the Third District, aud his
friends and constituents will find
as much gratification as we do
in the announcement that he is
himself again. Mr. Campbell,
thougli at first inclined to reject
the nomination of Mr, Greeley,
has about conceded that t hero is
hut one thing to be done by those
who would be rid of Grant, ad
there is every reason to believe
that the "Butler Pony" will be
heard from during the canvass.
The man who throttled Schenuk
iu his own stronghold w'll be
none the less effective in the
lew District.
The Germans of Cleveland, O,
headed by the Republican Ger
man Daily of that city, are al-
m, "st unanimously opposed to
Grant.- They won't go for the
man who sold arms'to the French
to kill their relatives with.
No true Democrat can Ion"-
hesitate to support Greeley, since
he or Grant will be the next
Solomon L. lloge, a South
Carolina carpel-bag Judge is tel
ling the negroes that "Horace
Greeley, if elected will sell therti
back into slavery.''
The Cleveland Plain Dealer
says: "There are at least 2,500
German Republicans in Cuyaho
ga County who will vote against
Gtant, and Ohio is about as sure
for Greeley as is New York,
which will give him a large ma
jority. JiKfge "ieorgo W. Cate, who
has been on the Wisconsin Bench
since 1854, and who has voted
tho Republican ticket, beginning
with Fieuiont's candidacy, has
announced lis preference for
Horace Greeley over Grant for
Ex-Governor Blair, of Michi
gan, an anti-Grant Republican
member of Congres., in his i een t
speech at Jackson Michigan, suit!
that'-thi Administration is Sim
ply damnable, and no other words
can describe it!" And Governor
Blair knows whereof ho affirms.
Allen iVavden, Of Darlington,
Wisconsin, who was a Lincoln
President in 1 Elector in 1864, and
a Grant Presidential Elector in
1868, in an oration at Argyle,
Wisconsin, on the 4th of July,
severed himself from theAdmin
istration party and. announced
himself a supporter of Horace
The Kenton Democrat (Harden
county Ohi(t) published last
week a call for a ratification meet
ing to bo held last Saturday
evening, which is signed by forty-two
Republicans- who declare
their intention to vote for Gree
ley. It is not an uncommon
thieg to hear a Liberal Republi
can or two about these days.
All the Administration papers
say: "There are-few' or no Gree
ley men here-aboufs," and yet
all the Administration papers
manifest the utmost fear of the
Greeley ticket.
The last advices from Illinois
agree in estimating that more
than one-third -of the Republi
cans in that Stale are Liberals
already; and it is four months to
election time!
One ot Mr. Sumner's friends in
Wisconsin writes him that, after
traveling all over the State, he is
convinced that at least oiie-fit'tl.
of the Republican vote will be
cast ior Greeley.
The Grant newspapers are en
gaged now iu hunting up Demo
crats who are sworn not to vote
for Greeley. It's the only corn
tort they enjoy. V .
The Long Branch leaders and
organs are reading bolters out of
their party. The Long Branch
family swear fearfully.
The Prohibitionists of Mtchi
gan have nominated Henry Fish
for Governor. Jt is natural for
fish to take to coid Water-, but
this is the first. instance .in which
the cold water has taken to a
Eighty Republicans of llones-
dale, Pa., have signed a call for
a meeting lor the purpose of for
ming a Greeley and Brown club
It is reported that uot' a Republi
can vote will be cast for Grant in
Bethany, Pa., which has always
given decided Republican majori
The Iowa Stadia Zeilung, the
Radical uopnbliean German pa
per in Pubuque, came out Satur
day with the Greeley-Brown lick
et at the mast head, advocating,
in a long and able editorial, their
claims to the suffrages of its rca
Long John Wentworth in a re
cent spee'di delivered atChiciigu,
lJI.,upon the issues ot the cam
paign, -said:
When I see Gen. G rant getting
into bed with Gen. Longstreet,
and I see the great guerilla Mos
by come. out and indorse him, it is
useless to tiilk to us Republicans,
about our associating with Demo
crats. (Laughter and applause.)
1 tell you it a man is honest, he is
good enough for me to work for.
General v.iraut bus said,"Ltt ns
have peace, but the Apostle said,
'First pure, then peaceuble."
The Chicago Tribune has been
formally repudiated by the Be-
publican Central Committee of
Illinois leear se of its opposition
to- Grant's re-election. The com
mittee is composed of three inter
nal revenue collectors, three as
sessors, three postmasters, two de
positaries, the partner of a whis
ky supervisor, a Radical member
of Congress, and four county offi
cers. The Boston Post says: "The
rapid formation of Greeley cluos,
by Liberal Republicans, indicates
the tone of public sentiment. In
all the New England towns these
associations are' being organized,
and with a zeal that astouishes
Uncle Horace's opponents.
Thos. Jefferson Randolph, who
was temporary chairman of the
National Democratic Convention
at Baltimore, is -i grand-son of
homas detlerson.
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ticulars address K. S. Wood Co., Nu,vlurgli, N.Y.
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monthlies. Its articles on Hon. Geo. T. 'I'ost: (he
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are readable sketches of eminent public men. M
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the consideration 'of tbe general reading. There Is
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140 2 0")
October Election.
.... u .if Riujkut ItnvKii. u mii Iiflem'iiflciit
-prTT'. Dv.vnr1iAT. TMpnne announce 1hr
Can1td:ite for County Coroner, nt ihv next 0-;t(ir
election. A1ANY NOXIOUS.
Kl. OF OKMOCUAT-II(a?c nnnonnct tlienKm1
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clrlemjoiit ciUKiWiiite ior Hip oflirc of Sheriff of
Preblt county, at tnn enuniir oetornr iMfi-non
A-il oblige 21 ANY VOTKltt.
Rev. James Li Yallandig
It is jft'tttm un in th lol tyle of PiiitiT's
art. o-i fini paper, with cKui".iirl l.Jii'.iiiiio type
ami is oru:imiut'l with is.
Splendid Portrait oh Steel!
Ifcgi. And Krt-jraviiitrs of His liirtli Tiace ami
The worlt Ih issue;I in three styles of bintlin:
hatr-ciilf, ..'0; si e. p, ltorary stylo, v-u; ainl cx
tiaclotli, ,
Aont for Treblf" t'ounty.
Tills work I'ji'i rjpsepn a! the '"JJ-'Tiiiwrat " tV'iic-1.
wlifie Hiiosf-riptions tiro n-reived and the llnok
Hi'lii for Washington township.
July 11, if.
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terest. R, E PRYOR.
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April M. ,J rri; -
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ternotij.' . j ? :- : ; . ';!
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liiitlir:li tecilt. : t :. ; :.
Feb. 1, 1872-tf. -' ,.;;.- -r.
JLnntper ! JLiimber.S . .
KKi:i' f.r nIe ut IW KST MAJlKETl'lUCM
l-IXK. llil'UUB Hf,l ilt yioarlnir, Dmrmj
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i'dl'LAH AXU iSH I.l'MUfai, .
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all '72-tf.J
2 VS.
u V
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exandria. Terms moderate for par
ticulars address, or apply to
West Alexandria,-O.'
July 18, 1872, tf."

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