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Thursday July 3, 1873.
We are indebted to,jA8. A. Gil
WORE, Esq., for the Court report that
appears iu this week's Dkmochat.
LOCAL DEPARTMENT. Post Office Papers.
Those of ouf subscribers who have
been receiving the Dbhocbat through
the Eaton Post Office, and do not
want to pay postage, can get them
hereafter at the office of publication.
2d Story of Stephens' block, north
room. ..
Twin Township Club.
The Twin township Farmers' Club
will hold a meeting at Lexington, on
Saturday, July 12th, for the purpose
of organization. Speakers will be
present to address the meeting.
There will bo.a Fourth of July cele
bration, in Cline's Grove, near New
Hope, and probably the laying of the
Corner Stone of -the new School House.
Kveryuotiy is iiwuea.
Fourth of July.
To-morrow, (Friday,) the firing of
cannon, the swelling strains of mar
tial tnuue and the., joyful waving of
countless' banners ; will announce
throughout tho land another return
ing anniversary of our National Sab
bath. This day, ninety-seven years
ago, was bora the .American Repub
lic, embracing thirteen infant Colo
nics, thinly settled and poorly devel
oped, their habitations,. for the most
back almost live score years! Wliat
a change 1 What a retrospect! - -
Under the nurturing care of a kind
Providence, and by living up, to the
immortal principles of human rights,
fiat day, for ihc first time, aunou need
to the worJd,4he'thirtecn feeble strip
lings have expanded inf6 a gigantic
Confederacy of Statcs,stretching from
the Atlantic to . tho .- Pacific. '. The
young and impoverished Republic
lias grown - into . the most powerful
and wealthy, of empires.' Her ex
changes - penetrate; to the uttermost
parts of the sarib, and the canvas of
licr sl3ppiug"maybe) Utterally Vaid to
whitcu every sea. Already in art,
science, literature, invention and com
merce, she takes her place in the first
rank of nations, yielding to nous the
palm of superiority History and
tradition-will both -ho appealed to in
vain to luniish' any. thing like a paral
lel to the miracle of, this country's
growth and developuicaf., -JScvcv has
the world before known such an em
pire never before iiich a "govern
ment aud , such prosperity, among a
people. Comparatively - speaking,
free as air, electors of their own" pub
lic officers aud-representatives, with
n!I their rights reserved, 9ave what
have been delegated, for the public
good, our people present a spectacle
at - oucc the wonder "and admiration
of Christendom. If ever a people had
occasion to "thank Providence for
what it has done for them, it is ours,
and tli is day 'should in truth be a
great National Thanksgiving day, on
which grateful prayers should ascend
to Heaven for what we have, aud pa
triotic pledges be renewed of our de
tcniiinatkm to guard and preserve
the institutions' that have conferred
on us such rare felicity and prosperity.
This day should indeed be given to
the country; to prayers for its preser
vation from Credit JMobilicr and Sal
ary grabbers ; thoughts as to how an
increasing love of it can be cultivated
in tho popular inind--e8pecially now,
.Avhcn corruption and faction arestri - J
ving to undermine its government in
the affection of the people fis a pre
liminary to the establishing of a Mil
itary. Despotism. . On this day fath
crs should., teach their , children the
story of their country's birth and life ;
should tell them about the Hag what
it raCnns and 6tands for ; should teach
them to lisp the names of our revolu
tionary heroes ; recount to them their
sacrifices and sufferings to attain what
wc now enjoy.. There is need; of all
this now It wo would preserve our
institutions we must love them and
guard them. "Eternal vigilance," has
been fitly termed "the. price of lifecr-
ty." : . . . .. . v r;
Music Teaching.
Everybody Is-fond of good music, and
we believe everybody .should cultivate
this refined and sweetest of talents. In,
this connection we are pleased to .call
the attention of all our readers to the
advertisement of Miss Mis Ceouse,
who has just completed a musical conrse
at the Oxford Female College, and will
open a School in Eaton, for the purpose
of giving instructions in Bass, Piano and
Vocal music. The following card, from
her teacher at Oxford, will certainly be
sufficient recommendation for all who
wish her services :
Miss Mae Crouse has been with me at
the Female College,. Oxford, Ohio, for
one year, and received instructions in
the theory and practice of Music. She
has made such rapid improvement, has
applied herself so diligently to her work,
and improved her rare talents so care
fully, that I do cheerfully recommend
her to all who may wish to engage her
services as teacher or organist.
June 18, 1873.
The Sheriff's boarding houe is now
full. No more need apply.
Court of Common Pleas.
This Court convened on the 16th
iust., but owing to the death or remo
val of two or throe persons whose
names were drawn from the box as
Grand Jurors, a new venire was rcn
dered necossary, and the Court ad
journed for one week, without trans
acting any business of importance.
On the 23d the Jurors were all on
hand, and the Grand Jury was em
'pannelled, sworn and charged, and
the Court proceeded to business
Stephens et al. vs. Bake et al. in
partition. Sale confirmed and distri
bution ordered.
Itehfoos (a n infant) vs. Carrol, in
replevin.. Demurrer to answer sus
tained. . Judgment for Plt'fT. one cent
and costs.
Benj. White vs. Elisabeth White,
for Divorce ; divorco granted. Cause,
wilful absence.
Swisher vs. Browcr, sale on mort
gage, bale conhrincd and . deed or
Benbow vs. Wysong, et al, sale on
mortgage; confirmed, execution or
dered for balancu due.
Stiver vs. Pearson, et al ; Judgment
by default, $152,98.
Cupp vs. Min nix et si. iu Partition.
Assignment of dower aud partition
ordered. The following cases were
dismissed for various reasons.
---Singer .vs. Ozias, costs paid, record
withdrawn. Brookius, Ex. vs. J. L.
Bruce, et al. At Plaintiffs cost. -E.
Keller vs. Nicodcmus. At Plaintiffs
cost. "M. Keller vs. same ; same. Kil
lough vs. Thilmnn. Eaeh party pays
his own cost. Stephens vs. Peters.
At Plaintiff's cost without prejudice.
Stiver vs. Nicodcmus. At Plaintiffs
cc st, no record. Long vs. same; same.
Maddock vs. Morrow, without preju
diced" Green vs. Miller; dismissed
for want of prosecution.
-On Friday the Griiud Jury made
the following report, and" were dis
charged with the thanks of the Court :
To His Honor, W. J. Ciliioke, Judtcc
of the Court ol Common Pleas, Pre
ble Co., S3 : -Sir:
Wc, the Grand Jury; for
Preble County, beg leave to report,
that we have inquired into all com
plaints of crime that have been prop
erly called" to our notice Wc hav
examined 108 witnesses, and found
twenty five true bills. Wc have vis
ited our Comity Prison, and find, as
all other Grand Jury's have for many
years, that it is kept in as good order
and condition by the. HierhT, as its
present condition will warrant, but
we unanimously agree that it is to
tally unfit for the confinement of pris
oners, and common humanity de
mands that the County Commission
ers-take immediate steps to put it in
8 uch a condition as will mako it a sui
table place of confinement for con
victs. We believe that the Jail can
be made convenient, comfortable,
healthy -and -safe, at a; comparatively
small cost, by taking out tho inner
walls and present cells, and erecting
therein iron cells of modern construc
tion and building a house for the Jai
lor at the north end of the Prison.
We desire also to express our thanks
to Judge Campbell, our efficient Pros
ecuting Attorney, for his attention
and earnest co-opcrntion by which, in
great measure, we have been able
to bring our labors to ucli a speedy
close; and to the Sheriff and his Dep
uty for their kind atlcnti n to our
wants. Iicspt ctfullv submitted.
The following are the Indictments
reported: Elmer Thomas, burglary
aud larceny; same being intoxicated,
same carrying concealed weapons.
Levi Itidgely, Assault .with intent to
kill. Peter. Shafftier, concca.ing stp-r
leu property. . Levi Kidgejey, Isaac
Little and Isaac Kaile, Burglary; aud
Larceny ; Joseph Walters, Grand Lar
ceny ; James and Frank Walters, un-
lawfully taking horse ; Peter Davis,
Isaac Little and. Harvey Davis, Bur-
lary aud Larceny ; James II. Will-
lams, James Frazce and Lewis; Fra-.
zee, Kiot; Isaac Little, Eli Davis, Pe-
teivShaffner'and Ann Shaffher, Petit
Larceny ; Isaac Little and Eli Davis,
Burglary and Larceny; .Peter Davis,
Harvey Davis and Isaac Little, Bur
glary and Larceny; Frank .Walters,
Assault; Peter Davis, currying con
cealed weapons'; Isaac McLean, Wm.
Dodsworth, John Smith and -Isaac
Little, stealing a Gelding; -Charles
Wieland, Assault with intent to kill ;
Frank Walters, carding . concealed
weapons; Fosnocht t Howe, selling
liquor to minors ; same selling to per
sons intoxicated ; same ; George W.
Hunt, selling to persons in habit of
getting intoxicated ; same selling to
be drank on premises-; JTfank Mitch
etlr Assault and battery. "
Tho following default Judgments
were taken: First National Bank vs.
Ellen "W. Larsh, et.al. $407,80;' Fisher
&"C6-, vs. J. M. Larsh, f 201,59 ; L. T.
Murray, Guard'n. vs. E. W. Larsh, et
aL .$717,9T; Fisher -& Co;,-vs. E. Wi
Larsh, $216,17 ; Mi, V." Alexander, et
al. same, -$2161,12; CVP. TLum vs.
Mary A. Ailesot al." $366,51; B. E.
Fall vs. S, Pearson, on note and mort
gage, amount found due, $3GC,5l, sale
of mortgaged premises ordered.
Fanny Smith vs. Albert Smith ; Di
vorce granted.
Dunlap etal Trustees of the Church
of. Christ in Eaton vs. Sarah Thomp-
son, et al. Church property ordered
to be sold at public sale.
The following Jury cases have been
tried : Harvey Morrow vs. J. II. Foos,
adm'r. of John Morrow, dee'd., 6uit
to recover $2800,00 for services in
boarding and caring for John Morrow
aud wife, his parents, before their
death. .The case occupied two days
and resulted in a verdict in favor of
Pl'ff for $1225,00.
John C. Thomas vs. Chadwick and
Pottenger, suit on an altered note
which alteration it was claimed the
defendant, Pottenger, who was sure
ty for Chadwick, ratified and assent
ed to, and procured Chadwick to in
demnify him against loss by reason
of his being surety on said noto and
other notes ; Verdict for plt'ff $S13,00.
Wilson vs. Patterson ; , Judgmen
for balance $33,C8 ; Long, Black & Al
ston vs. Foster et al. $180,25 ; Cotten
vs. Larsh, judgment by default, $294,
75 ; Shaw vs. same, $182,96 ; Bunion
vs. 6ame, $331,70; Northrop vs. Hen
derson: compromised; money. paid.
11 arbaugh v . Izor ; Judgment for
balance, $51,98.
The readers of the "Bng".aro being
continually surprised and enlighten
ed. The latest news is tho announce'
ment that little Ikey is a Farmer. He
has slopped the innocent piggies, and
chopped off their little tails as a pre ,
veutative of cholera. Ikey has wat
ered the melodious gooses, set the
virtuous hens, aiid gathered string
beans. Ike' never mauled as many
rails as Lincoln, and he never hauled
wood to St. Louis aud got drunk on
the proceods, like the country saver
Grant, but for all that he is a Farmer,
because ho says he is, and like G.
Washington, little Ikey has chopped
down Cherry trees, and can't tell a
lie. It is a little surprising to people
to learn that Ikey is a farmer, and
would never have been known, if the
Farmers had not begun to wake up
and demand some little legislation in
behalf of labor and less for monopo
lies. When monopolists and treasury
stealers were swimming on the sur
face, little Ikey didn't pay much at
tention to cows and cabbage it didn't
pny but now, when labor is demand
ing recognition and thieves are be
ginning to quake, there is a new deal
aud little Ikey shuffles from the bot
tom aud turns up Jack.- Ikey is a
Farmer, and it riles him to find that
any one else is a Farmer. Ikey wants
to monopolize the farming business
and he is not going to have any other
farmer fooling around. Little Ikey
has not been happy for some time,
and it is a little mean, when happi
ness is auout tp cover him with beau
ty, for any other man to turd up far-
mer and go rushing about taking the
offices from the little fellow. His
friend of the cow hide should at oucc
proceed to stranglo any other man
claiming to be a fanner.
Danger in the Distance.
A certain wholesale dealer iu Pea
nuts and Pie-plant, and general medd
ler in other people's business, is On the
rampage. -Our article on the festival
at Ackcrman's seems to have touched
him up slightly. He thinks we were
oo severe on Ikey, and he threatens '
us with cow-hides aud blunderbusses.
We don't know that we said any
thing about the .dove-like Ikey that
need- stir up "so large an amount of
bile. Ikey misrepresented tho Festi-j
val, and in the interest of truth we
said so, aud will say so whenever
key', strays from the pleasant paths
of truth. The man with the long
cow-hide can't -deprive us of a great
mount of sleep, and he will live lon
ger, and when he dies leave a longer
purse, by attending 6trictly to his own
business. Ikey certainly don't pay
much for such braggadocio.
r. ,i
"-,Capt. W. L. SuAW,"who is still con
nected with the New York Life, oue
of the best and soundest Life Insur
ance Companies in the country, -.was
with us a lew dajs, last week. It has
becu intimated by some evil disposed
person, that the- "Cap." was the Life
Insurance agcut that fell from a three
story house in Lonisville, on. his
check, without sustaining auy injury.
We arc prepared to prove that false.
He isn't that hard yet I .. : :
Our Town Clock has four faces,
representing four different times, not
one of which is correct. It is an ex
cellent type of the corrupt and de
ceitful party now in power.. No side
of its, face can be relied upon. Don't
put your confidence in it friends, if
you do, you miss the train I .
-- .
The Lake Erie Evausville and South
.western Railroad will be built. Of
course it will I Don't Ikey tell you
so every week? Was ho ever mista
ken ? Where are the doubting Thom
ases'? We imagine wo hear the whis
tle, "tootc, rootec, toot !"
Ikey's love for the Farmers reminds
us very much of the cat with' a mouse,
although he may spare them fpr a
while, they are sure to be catcu up in
the end. . ... ; '"' '
.John Klaine .has made arrange
ments with the Hamilton Gardners
to receive fresh, garden .stuff every
other day regular. Those who want
-fresh Vegetables hereafter, can- be ac
commodated by calling at his Grocery.
' Ikey endorses the great national
salary thief, Grant, aud thinks it all
right. It won't be long until ho will
commence swallowing Shcllabarger
for United States Senator. Ikey is
very consistent.
After disposing of our Gorman
friends, Ikey turncth his bowels of
compassion to the Farmer, and, Oh !
dear as the apple of his eye are they
to him! Ikey is one!!!!
Our friend "Cap." of Camdon, has
our thanks for tho present left at our
office. We'll wear it.
The July Number of the Pure-
nologieal Journal opens volume 57 certainly a
veneruble magazine In a most creditable manner
Headers must fili'l the fitlluwlng among the speci
ally interesting papers, which impart a high value
to the number, Salmon P. Chase, with portrait ;
The Problem of Uoverumeut, which every politi
cian should read carefully; sketches from Dally
Lite, illustrated; GYcaliu an Attuoapiiere ; Genius
and Talent; How to Use Phrenology, illustrated;
How I Oalned it ;Tho shaker Problem, a defence ;
Jauios I.. Orr, with Portrait; Integrity; Where will
you Summer; Compulsory Attendance, a power ful
discussion of the Education Question.
Terms, $.;.00 a year, or six months on trial, for
$1.(0. Address S. K, Wells, 33s Broadway. N. Y.
Wood's Household . Magazine
for July is ahead of auy prevloua number, and
when we consider its usual standard excellence,
tills is rare praise indeed. It is household,uot only
in name b jt in character, aud its table of contents
show a wonderful adaptnUou of articles to the In
dividual members of the family.circle. "Sim's lit
tle Oirl," a temperance story by Mary Martwell,
"Weather-tough Wuck," by Karl Kase. How The
Vow was Kept,'' by II. V. Osborne, "Lunatics at
Xiarge," by Bev' F.-W. llollond, and '-The Declar
ation of Independence," by J. B, Wakeley, D, D.,
are among th e more noticeable artlclos. TheChil
drens Department is crowded full, and contains a
poem, in baby-talk, which without doabt, will be
very acceptable to the littla oues. The price of the
magazine is one dollar a year. Address,
Newburgb, Nf Y
Council Proceedings.
Eaton, June, 25th 1873.
Council met pursuuut to adjournment In regular
session, members present; J. II. Foos, Mayor; Wm
H. Ortt. Clerk ; Messrs Urookc, Chsuier8, TMn
Hubbard, aud Reicbel, Councilman. Minutes read
and approved. The- following bills were presented
found cornet and orders Issued for the respective
KxeelBlor School Furniture manufacturing Co.
brick for gutter at Town Uall ' " " $12,00
Frank Truax, hauling brick ana sand f-0
The committee apMEnted to ascertain the amount
of taxable property and make the levy for the com
ing year of the lncoritorated VUlage of ICutou O.,
beg leave to report as follows: amount of taxable
property, ?1,JOU,CK0,0, the levy.
Sinking Fund 3 mills. Interest do 8-10. Cor
poration do 15-Iu. Sanitary do 9-10. Corporation
Koad do 3-10. Street bight do 4-10. Fire do 8-10.
Total lievy, 7 mills, a reduction ot He mill.
On motion the report of committee was received
and adopted. The committee on repairs was' in
structed to purchase suitable desk for the mar
shal's oflice, also to ascertain the cost of a brick
structure 14x20 ft, for Coal A Gasoline, 10 ft, story.
On motion ad'j'd to July d.
WM. H. ORTT, Clerk.
jot-to housemen
Every owner or peraou la eharxe of Iloraes
should be provided with the moms of. curing all
tlie ordinary diseases' of tUe florae.:' The proper
remedies win'cure Ciiollc la from ten to (Dirty
minutes ; Scours, so fuUU In colls aud not witliout
danger In aged horses, iu the same' ttme. and a
longllstof diseases might be Added that can be
suoceasfuUy treated by any person If they knew
what to give aud give It la proper time.. With this
In view, those interested In the prevention of cru
elty to an IraaU, have arranged from the practice
of the best Vetrluary Surgeons- and authors a
Pamphlet of Remedies for all the diseases that do
not require an experienced Burgeon's treatment.
The Medicines cau all be found in any Drug store
or Physician's ouicc. Thia valuable Pamphlet is
worth many times! us cost, and is the most common
seusu work ever published,'beiiig free from un
meaning names, worthless drugs aud quack prac
tice. All Formulas have prices annexed to prevent
overcharges at lrug Stores. Sent, postage paid.
to auy address on receipt of tl 00. ' Address
O.R. ASTOR, Ag't for Ohio.
Farmers !
Bring your Spring Wagons,Buggies and
Carriages, to the Painting establishment
of M'FARLAXD Cd72obrs T north
of City Hall, and have them repainted
aud made to look like new. .
M'Fahland & Co., Eaton, O.
July 3, 1873. lw
Zillerine! Eillerine!
A perfect Agent for the destruction
of Potato Bugs aud Bugs of all kinds
Klllekine has been in use for. three
years, and has proven a success. Its
superiority and . che&puess recom
mends it to all. '"
Puice 50 cents per pound. For
sale by
JttIUlJ.AJi.Li & &UJN, JJroggi8ts,
Opposite Court House, Eaton, 0.
Juno J.U, ls7o-,-3w, -
if- .-4 Ta W
offers her 'servioes to
the citizens of Eaton and
vicinity, as a Teacher ot Music in its va
rious brandies. Tnorougn '
Bass, Piano and Vocal,
As she has made the study of Music a
speciality for tho last year, in - Oxford
Female College, under tne teaening ot
the noted author and teacher.Karl Merz,
she hopes to merit a liberal patronage.
ESXerms reasonable.
No. 15, BAKROX, St., EATOX, O.
Eaton, July 3, 1873. tf
A15NEK DUNLAP, et. al.
Trustees, Jtc, fl'us.
Preble County.
Court of Common
al. ueii's. . x
IN pursuance to an order of Sale issue 1 iu tbe
above case by the Court of Common Ifleas of
Freble County. Ohio, nt the June Term thereof for
toe Vear Ue unuerainetl WU1 oiir tr aatv n.
the north door of the Court House, iu Baton. O. 0:1
Saturday, August 2d, 1873.
The following: Real Estate, situate In Eaton, Ohio,
and described as roiiows : .ueim; pans 01 inn ijoui
N'o. 11 and 12 an numbered aud dcsliritated on the
original plat of In Lo'a of said town of Katon, and
Dounueu ami uescrioeta utuuu..; iiiiu w onj t
beginning at the North west corner of said lot, No.
11. helnif the uolnt of intersection ot Baron and
Somcrs streelsftheuce south with saidllarou street
being also me west uouuuary line 01 wuu iub jw.
151. thirty-three Oil feet; tlteuueiast imrallel with
tiomvrs street, fifty 50J feet; thence North parallel
with Ifnrou street, four (41 teet; ttience juuh as a
foresaid, forty-nine (40) feet to the Kast boundary
line of said lot No. 152; thence North on said line
twenty-nine (iu loot to Soruers street, being tbe
North east corner of said lot, No. lit; thence west
on Somers street -to the place of beginning, with
the building and improvements tuereon.
Appraised at sjo.ou.
One third ensh ; one third Iu one; and one third In
two vea.rs : doferred payment to bear 8 pr ct. Inter
est from day of sale, and to be be cured by inort-
trace ou tne premises.
J. I"., 11KOOK.INS.
K. W. QCIKTN, At'ty
Katoa J uly. 3t y71 iw,
To Contractors & Builders.
1'HK Hoard of Education, of Ousper Towuslilp,
-will receive Healed Proposals up to 12 o'clock, of
2:tb day of Julv, A, I). 1873, lor the building of
Frame Bciiool House, iu Sub-listrici No. 6, of said
Township. Tne size of the house is 24x36 reetitory
13 leet in the clear. The bouse to be finished aud
ready for occupation on the jUi day of October A.
J. 153.
One half of ihe eontrnirt nrlfA to be Tald on the
ath day of February. 1874, and the otber half on
toe zuiu nay oi August, oi ine same year.
The bids lor the work and material to be sena-
rate proposals.
J lie uoaru reserves the privilege oi i ejecting ail
bids not satisfactory.
The Diau uudsDccificatlon can be seen br callinir
on tbe clerk of the Board, or the local directors of
Ilstrict No. 6, of said Township.
Then wll 1 be a iiientlnv itf tli. itnarri at tlie Town
ship House, ou the 26th day of July, A. D. 1873, at
one o'clock, p. jc. at which timo tiie Proposals win
bo read.
HENRY BIILDElifclt. Prest.
Kutou Jal , 3, 1873 tw. .
Estate Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that the undcrslsnml k
been duly npiointed and nuallfied Executor of the
last will aud testament of ueorgc II. Wehrly, dee'd.
ui p. wisiiKiY.
Foos A FieniK, Atty'B,
Juue.ZK, U71- 3W.
Lavinia Euieriek, Pl"iT. ") Preb'l coin
vs. i L'l. I'et'u
Sam'l,Emerick,ct al Dert. J tor Doner
riWK above named tlefoni;iuts, Sntu"l.
JL Euieriek, William Euieriek, Eliza
beth Black, John li:tok, U.iaiei ine Ly
ens, Sarah Tilui.tii, Antlerson .Tiliuau,
the unknown chil l ami iK-ir nL law of
Ilenry Euieriek, ilceeasutl, Jacob Euier
iek, Beamier Euieriek, "VV'oller Emerick,
Melvina Iler, ilurilli.s MeClurg an.l
Kyle MeClur, are licreby notifixi that
on the -JOth day of May, 173, tlie above
named Plaintiffs filed in the Clerk's of
fice, of the Court of Common Pleas, of
Preble County .Ohio, her petition where
in the plaintlil' sets forth her marriage
with one Jacob Euieriek, on or about
the 27th day of J'ebruary, A. If. 140;
that the said Jacob Euieriek has since
deceased, that during her coverture with
said Jacob he was seized of an estate of
inheritance in tho following Iteal EsUitc
situate in Preble County, Ohio, to wit :
All of the south west quarter of section
.No.. 15, in township number C, lianro o
east, &e., excepting bow ever '0 acres
heretofore con veye I to John Haile.
Also, 40 acres off the south side ol the
north east quarter of section number. Iti
township (S Kange3east, &c.
Also. 40 acres lvinff in the south east
comer ot the south west quarter oi sec
tion 28 township 6 Kange i east, Se.
Also, Eot No. in the town of Xew
IiCxiurton. Preble county, Ohio'.
Also, 20 acres out of the northeast
corner of section number S township (j,
Hanaro '3 east. &c.
Also. 50 acres off south Aide of the
south east quarter of section 28 township
G Range 3 east, xc.
That the above named defendants now
claim the interest of the said J:u'ob Eui
eriek In said lands: that the said Plain
tiff claims that she i3 entitled to dowen
in said premises and prayes that the same
may be assigned to her, unci that they are
required to appear and answer said Peti
tion on or before the 26th day of J uly, A.
D. 1S73.,
FOOS & FISHER, Atty's for Tltf.
Attest, W. D. QuiNSf, Clerk.
Eaton, June 5, 1373 fiw - prfs $12,00.
To Contractors & Builders.
frVlE Board of Education of ;Dixou
Towuship, will receive sealed propo
sals up to 15th day of July, 1873, for the
building of two brick tichool Jtouse3,
one in sub-district No. 3, ami one in ninV
district No. 6. 'J he size of tlie houses
24x34 feet, story 12 feet in the clear.
The bids for the work and materials to
be separate proposals, tlie houses to - be
finished read v for occupation by the loth
day of September, 1373. One fourth of
the Contract money to o paid wtieu one
house is finished ; one fourth when the
second house is finished ; one fourth ou
the 20th day of February,-137-1; the bal
ance on the 20th day of August, 174.
AH proposals must be addressed to J.
G: Larsh, Clerk of the Board, Eaton,
Preble county, Ohio, at whose residence
Specifications of the buildings may be
seen. The Board rlnini the right to re
ject all bids not satisfactory; also tiie
Board reserves the right to contract for
one or both houses. By order of the
Board. '.
Eaton, June 19, 1873 0w.
Notice to Bridge Builders.
SEALED proposals wi'l be received
at the Auditor's ofiiee, Eaton, Preble
County, Ohio, np to 12 o'clock noon,
Saturday July, 26th 1873, tor the mason
ry ,and Superstructure of a Bridge across
Seven-mile Creek, on the Eaton and So
nierville improved road. (Lute Eaton
anil Hamilton Turnpike), .it the first
crossing of said stream below Camden.
The Masonry will consist of the two
abutments lor said bridge.
Tho Superstructure will ho a single
span of 125 feet, to be of Iron.
SpecineaDons lor saiu work, win ue on
file iu the Auditor's ofiiee on aud after
the 4th day of July. By. order of Com
missioners. W. J. BA1M11H1!.K, AUUT.
Eaton June, 19, 1873 4w.
Machine Shop !
HAVRapeneda Repairing-Shop, on the Corpora
tion lot. niljoiniinc the City Hall, ami will repair,
fiTV ks. on the most reasonable terms.
nath House ready for cleaslu1y0p:
l Katon, JuneSth 17. Sw.
- We, the underslKned, are Agents Cor the
Hiding or Walking
Jackson, Jefferson, Wauhlnstou and Monroe.
They have beat tested and found
successful.' 1
.:. Addresst -
April it, 187S-WS. - - ' Eatox, O
we send an elegant cukono. mouuted Jntl ready
for Framing, free to evurg agent for
912 Pages Octavo. 130 Fine Kngravings-
Ttflatpn Incidents aiid 'Accidents bcvttnd the
Lifht of Day; Startling Adventures irk all jartK of
1110 oriu; aiines ana aioue ii w oi-kiuk nitni;
dercurreuts of Society; (jamhlliiK and its UorrorH;
Caverns and their MystoriM; The Dark Ways
WldcetnBH; PrlHonsmid their s.fret".; Ivii the
Depths of the Sea; Strange Sto. iea of the DftAclion
of (Trlme.
Th hook treats of experteiu-o wtn biisrandrt:
nights tn onlum dens aud g itnbllng hells; llh In
nritwMi: Hturtea of exiles: ai venture anionir Indians
Journeys throogh tteweraand Cat.ieonihiiux'trtentM
in uiines; piraU's mid-piracy: trinrwi of tit inquis
ition ; wonuenui ourxMriui ; umifrwiinu wi
great ctues, eie., etc.
Agents Wanted
for thin work. ExcIhhIvc terltory gfvefl. Ag-ntn
raa make fi00 a wet-k In celling this ImmiU. iiu
for circulars and terms to agents.
The Kev. William n. Norton, while resl.llinc In
Brazil as a Missionary, discovered in th it land of
medicines a remedy for Consumption, ijcrofnla.
Bore Throat, Coughs, Colds. A .thma, and Nervous
Weakuess. Tuis remedy li;c- cured myself alter all
other medicines had (klleil.
Wishing to benefit tne snfl-jrlnT. I will send the
recipe for preparing and using this remdy to all'
who desire it FBBK OF C'HAllUE.
Plesfte send au envelope, with your name and ad
dress ou It. Address,
676 Uroaiiwav,
Kuvr York Oily.. ;
A Clergyman, while residing in Mouth Amcrlea
as missionary, discovered a safr nnd simple reme
dy for the Cnre of Nervous Weakness, Knrly De
car. Disease of the Urinary and Seminal Organs,
a.,.i tixn whole train or disorders bronht on liy
baneful and vicious hublls. ttreut nuinhtm h.-ivo
been cured by this noble remifdy. l'roniineu by a
.i.ir.. tn iM.iiflit the nlllivlLHi anil uu rortunnte. 1
will send the receipt for preparing and using thfci
meillcine. In a sealed nelnpi-. -to- any one who
neeils It, rues r
Address. JOJ.K1 II T. INDIAN,
' . Station l. llil.le II..ue,
!e Yrk lilv
Caso Xo. 33vl.
iOUIi .VsjoU, t Vr-blc Coin. Vleas.
Vs. Mrder ol Sale uu ilort-
EI I LY T-( it U WOOT, )
It. LolKWOuD. (
siM'tl lriiii tin Court tf (!omni'ii lli-a within
t-.iii'J lor County ot lrehte,atid Slate of Otiio
iu ihf iiuove rase, avi to tiio oihtiu oi mun county,
.i r, r:"1, F wHI ofiVr f-r alo at (niMic mixtion ut
tt if? .hMrr of the Couit House, in k.a.um, ,lu tuiul
On k oiurday July 5A.
I twecu the hours of 1 and 4 o'clock, P. M., of anld
6v.y, tite following lauds and ti;n-iiu'its, -iamtci Iu
lite enmity f rrehie.ancl Slate of Uiiio, and de
crft.l uh loiiows. to wit :
lining th v.;;i part of Lot No. two hundred and
ninety, C r.s d-i.-iguated and h'.ATiieI oti tl
reeord tliit oi'llo Viltngeot liat4ii, O.. fronting on
irehie srrwl t"re no and 3i nof a ,Kle.
TKRMS CASH. ApTr;ircd nt fri MHi,io
JOltti TOWSnKSU, 8ierlT.
Kt;n.nn A Fukkmax, All's for 3Mti'i,
Katon. Airil JJ, 1S7.L lprf-.:,7.
rJcw Firm !!
K es.er & Lango;
Curriage, Ituggy,
Spring Wgon
They wohld call tlie attention of ts-elr frleuda and
the public genera1 Jy to examine their
Of Carriages, Buggies &c.
. : . Before purchasing elsewhere.
Special attention paid to Eepairing.
Work Warranted. .
I J auins I N. . QUISJl
Fri e
From thotr lona- fxix-rlenee they elnlm to ant r-
Mtand the bu-inesn and to be aole thereby to ra. rj
it on tK ks to ue nuie to tnoniseives kru uniaim io
farmcra. Call at their warehouse, west itallrood
J. Tj. qui a sow.
Spring & Summer Giothing
M'ltloli I willsell at prices to ault the times
VESTS. ' -
-i " : VALISES,
. ... . HATS, "
. - . ' - ' "'-' - CAPS.
TO which I invite the attention of my old castoni
tlie tnihllc ill general. Thankful
for the liberal patronage here- . '
.'I--. tolore reeeived, I desire to
, , say that for the Spring
' " " ofll73.1 will
than ever before offered in this w .rk
ct, ami invite tho jjcoplc to -il and
examine my stock ami learn il prices.
Kcmcniher tho old stand, where the
Best and C'henpesti'lothing i Eaton
is always Bold foe. .Small Profits and
Quick-Sales. - J
Opposite Jail, No. 10, Main Street.
Eaton, May 8, 1873 ly. '. VV .
OX Lhe. llth day of June, 1673, the
Probate Court of Preble Conuty, dc
elarcd the Kstateof Hiram Shaiifc,dec'd.
to te tiolab)y insolvent. Creditors are
therefore retjiiired to present their
claims against the Estate to the under
signed for allowance, within six months
from tlie time above mentioned, or they
will not be entitled to payment.
Admr's with will annexed of Hiham.
Shank dee'd.
Eaton, June 19, 1873 3w.
Boots & Shoes
1 I r... Mln Ktreet . two doors cast of the Doty
I I House. Kuloii. O. Crdur work done In tlie
iKtit manner. ReimtrlnK lonc on the shortest no
lit-e. All w.rk warranted to fiflve entire sivtslae
tion. V-d lire ut n rail. (IKBIUKT IJKK.
Feb. in-.
j. 00K0KQE &C0.,
February 27, 1873. .
Ff.HlIj G ROC Ell Ell jg
:rs HILL
. InAite attention to their tock of fam
ily GItOCEKIES Ulld PRODUCH, Of which
thev keep a full and complete stock at
their old stand ou
Baron Street Eaton, 0.
. "We flatter ourselves that we can sell
as low as any other house in town, and
will keepalways on hand the Dest Dranu
COWER.--:.; ItAIflNS. . . ;
UUTTlSa, .. , .CHKWE,
i - ... A r.wji . ...
Salt by the Barrel.
inn 11. vsi-jr-yj.
Cigars & Tobacco
N fi K MM.
Mftnu factur ewg oi
. AND- - . - - ,
Shewing Tobacco's
smooKing iodscco's
... ... V -. . AND t ...
Smoker's Articles.
Pipes, Pouches,
Cigar Holders, JfcJ
Opposite Conn House, Main St., Eaton, Ohio.
Feb. 27, 1873.-tr. - - -
F. & F. M. MARSH,
Attorneys & Counselors'
Eaton, Preble Co., O. ,
ALL business, such as bet thug Es
tates. Collectins Claims, preparing
Legal Instruments. Deeds, ilortgagcs
Articles of Agreements, &e. &c, prompt
)y attended to.. . . - .Feb. 1, 72-yr
W. E. Filbert's
. ,'.-; NEW
W. B. Pilbbiit would respectfully
announce to thecitliienaof Knton.and
surroundlntf country, that he khaa Juat
oiicned a FIKST CLAS1
Boot- & Shoe SM
. In Michael Gilbert's New Bnlld
Imr, Corner of Main A Cherry Street..
All My Work War
ranted!! to give entire aatiKUction.
Custom work inude to order.
- Sty motto is: "-Good Htock," Oood
Work," Small' Proflts" and "Quick
Bales.'.' Please call and see.
Aug. t. i7-yr. l. .
Campbell & G-ilmore,
- - QriiMxiistwra vo ouiior at v.ut't";
OTABlE' FliBllO,,
Land & Government Claim
tk no nts
1 : . i E.VTON, OHIO. .
-Office ut the old tnnd on Barron Street.
1000.000 LBS.
' v. OF ' .
. uui u.auiuu ;
"wr r T"TTtTTlir . .
Will nn v thix ' hi rrhest' irici; for
100,000 lbs. of Wool, delivered at
liis Store, in Eaton. mnylmS.
I. Iff .-WELSH,
D E IS T-.JT .X' .
OFFICE at Residence, On
. . N. Barren St.. W. side.
Especial attention given to nuingtmu.
"Laughing" ; Gas administered, i-lirii
practicable in extracting Tcctli., .' , , ,
May 1, 1873 tf.
Druggists . Booksellers !
r imwuiiA 'nnr. House.) KATOX.
I Si
B3sca w
MS f x m w i
W W m fni UU W a

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