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The star of Pascagoula. [volume] (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1873-1878, November 21, 1874, Image 2

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Kiiiij ulimil.l I. nil n.i-i,., win n 1I1.7 n.uro direct rnnlrnl of tl.f .roi-f?.' J
ga lo M ..lift, ii I f.Jlo r,: mill mm. j., j r t ft 1 f fori ullif.tr thfl Mil"
l in", I'if'iiH 1'iir 'liiMinn', Hi" M iflitu U., , i , .. t ,i ii
CiutMig Hmk nf M. I'. LEVY & CO. , ,, .
Knit 1.1 H .ml 20 .V-rl, W.Ur .iff I r" 1,0 '"f"'"""1 "" 'J"" '"
.. .. tlio n lv iiicui-iit 'f liicli tlwy Iih I
TiliS Wiiitk tiAt Vun of Mo-ftj,.ai. il,-ir inuncr. lot ul 'i.o con.ull
I'oint l.cl l ilicii- M);uiur un cling on I j,, tl.e iIj ire of Ik; community ut
Jiict Halunl i.v niiii nt;.J wc naitli r-, luiae, whiuli in deeply iiitcrc-tcHn
grctlcd that c were urniblo to ut-, 0 in.itt. r. nn l nul.li.-liiiiL' tin; mi,l
tend, as we Iram they In I a most in
tercsling mcet'ng fiid the debates
were peculiarly c icy. There is
plenty of muteri.il in that neighbor
hood for a pplcmiitj Club and we
know i lit v will not allow an interest
iu the oipaniza:ion lo fljg.
J.HB. WlllTE MaK Cuuof Pasca
goula, at Scranion. met on Tuesd.iy
night, when there was an occession
of fourteen members, making a tolal
membeihii ol 74.
Let our citizens continue to uumifeM
an interest in '.his organization, w hich
we trust will spread until the entire
whit- people of the State are unite J
in a determination to place Mississip
pi in t' c noble g.ilaxy of states
which have arrayed themselves under
the IVniocralic banner.
H. Gets &, Co., oi Mubi'e toil their
ftteailsai'd the pub t'c lb it they have the
ftiigest uq t llacwt'.ck of French (a art
tin ir own luauufect jr. ci) Cindy ever of
fer, d iu Mobile. 1, l tliu.
When thk Fcgitivks Levi Grnnd
berry and John Vainer, fljd, after
the killing of Mr. Lingley on the
24 tli ult. they went on loot uncountry
and were pursued by two ofour citizens
Edwin M. Taylor and G. W. Mc
Intyre, through Green, Perry and
Jones, into Ja-per counties, and
down iigniii thrnusrh Jones into
Covington county, whero they
were arrested. It appear that vhen
Messrs. Taylor and Xlclntvre ivere
in a few rnilo ol tho fugitives, ami
on their tnil, they met some iktsohs
to whom ihry cave a description of
the negroes, and urged them to hast
en on and apprehend them, as their
animals were- broken down. This.
I?.e parties, whoo names we cannot
learn, did, cri estirg the negroes and
tuning tbem over to Ihe Sheriff of
Covington county. Mr. Taylor made
an affidavit be: ore a Justice of the
Peace o! that county and obtained a
writ, commanding the Sheriff to ai-
ml the negroes and turn them over
to tho parties above named lo be con
veyed by llicm, to the Sheriff of Jack
eon count) . Messrs Toylor and Mc-1
Intyre deserve great credit for tue
indefatigable zeal they displayed in
pursuing the fugitives, and we regret
to learn that any question should
Lave ani.-4'E as to which of tlio par
tips is entitled to the reward due for
the arrest, the parly who actually ap
jircbtnded tlic prisoners laying claim
to it.
- Merchants .least take notioe, tbftt the
I.AHOEST, l"-t fet.ctd ftod chcivl
bol-i Htotk of reftdj-mftda Fn'l sad
Winter Ootbiog ever bf mght to M ibile
it now rra-fy for iDajieoi o at the Mam
moth Clot Iii o IIoaM of M. r. LEVI'
A CO, Nos. 15, U kuJ 20 Nurta Wietr
UVit, Uyl.i, Alt
.pi".i 'I ;.
. I ...... fa. ). M.4
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! Ijf I.'! I ll'l ('HI , l! Ill
l,'i i , I ilt i ! , I t r. .. rlr iii '..riii
IV . ( f !y" r Dill '(Rf til.- it ti-
cihI', l. "! Ii l i i 1 1 ii! or. I n
r -i:n ii fill, n.'M'.Iy iii!'i 'tf I in lli.'
i Hi it!'T, v! Ilit ir B' lion, it wni'ij In-
In in iiMi'it ai r f ir'A ." u ' c r 1 1 r ' I
lime toWi !.! ll.r lir( iVt f f llil
ulrivi.' rp i !.il !,i.fli.-i.il ImIi)
proccfijinir in tlic comiiy journal,
selected lo vent cUy in ilico, un I
exhibit a f mull, contemptible, purtiz in
fpirit, onj bury llm infoniialion in
tlio column nf ,-tlio organ ", a jours
nal wliicli is seen and read of by r.o
men, Oi' tlie v?ry fowe-t number, in
tSi.s county Again the meeting al
ludedcd to, ollliouli composed en
tirely with one e.scepiion of our
own citizens, was held at a distant
poin, or wo we would havo heard,
probably, foincthing of it, and have
mudc provision to havo had it, be
ing a matter of such vital interest and
deep concern to our citizens, proper
ly reported, th.it i, unle?s the t'elib
erution of the IJoarJ was with eloped
doir?. However, tlu board did hold
a meeting, two weeks ago, over which
the Governor, a officio the President
ol the Board, presided, and the fol
lowing proceedings of it we tran
scribe from "the organ" for tlio bene
fit of iho citizens of Pasnas'oula.
But beforehand, we will remark, in
more direct answer to the queries of
"A Subscriber", (hat in our opinion
no blame can be attached to at lea-t
two of Iho Board, for any Fceining
"inaction", for they ere sr directly ins
(created in the matter, in a business
point of view, as uie any of our citi
zens, and in a pecuniary sense as sub
scribers, much more so than any oth
ers: and wo know that they exerted
tlicmfclves to secure the money due
from the State, as soon as ihe requis
silo su:nof$5000 was raised and paid
by our citizon, and it wis through do
fault of theio that it was not obtain
ed ; and we state this with the more
pleasure, to relieve them from a
charge they make agiiist themselves,
by implication, in iheir 3rt resolu
tion ; for that implies that they re-
solve to do lor the first time,
they really did ten months ago, and
which had they waited until now to
do, would certainly have subjected
them to a charge of ''inaction."
Iu explanation of the first part ol
the second resolution, we mention
that the repealing clause, of the Gen
eral Appropriation Bill, supposed to
have affected the Pnscagoula apro
piia ion, is : "And all Acts making
appropriations, of uhich no pari has
been (xpendt d
be, and the samo are hereby repeal
The Star of the 25th of April in
commenting npoit this attempt at re
peal, which will lie recollected was
made by one French, thea a mem'ter
of the legislature, of the oppropria
tiou allowed one year before (April
IS), used the following Ianguigo :
"When the commissioners went to
Jackson properly prepared f drnw op-
on the Auditor, in accordance wiih the
,,... r t
.1. t f . . f I?. fM if ' h '
.' '(' f- I t I
j I 1 I ' l , t f
.f i' i
. - t ft- I p,tl ,ft'i ,.(
.'. -,.' ' -- l'
f. , ! I . i . f f ) ' 1
4 , ' i . I.M'
,.!,- ( i i.ii) : .',
' I t !''' f ( f ' '-,
i. ' . 4 '
' . ' f I t f M f f''
!., I ! S ( . I ,
( i S f f ,
I t '
. li f ' ,-- jf
I it i
I I ! 1 1
i i
. i -
- i f i
' i i
r I
C ?
' i ' . f
, I
. f . i
I - t
i i
f f
I.. k'..i
i ) l In? i t
f i. M III t ' V
i 'll' .'-I f. !
.) I ...
, i i 1 1 j. i
I ' -' j ' ( I
! j ! H- , v ii i i of r ...
I it I III", bl( m, !
.!. !. , . I.
I mi. I, 1 1, rt
ll'l HKll' T J.'
.rn h HI .1' t- I w
. J I.I. I"l'l 4. .IP ll',
pi if of I'Vi-l i
lli'i'l Hf !
iilt.d. A' I if I U.u"l,nr mil
Hi wo hi- I H i In i1 In pill ll.i.
m in. r i't f' t I'lfi' i'ii-i'-n be iii
in: i r in iii rt iiiji'i ' i a .ii tip n I. !'
Stiti', it o ii'ic'i ai In- iil tf:iin im
, rim tt ill I't iiinier.'i' ftiiii li Will i-lc
li ii a' i.ii.-i' in n-iin,: up ii., pio
p'Mliiii., Il.c limit of ft'iii:') evi
nnl cliiiiVf, mil wi'l rite liiin-i'lf
duftii Upon t tn h.s'ory ol t'n' .t.ita u-i
one of in gieitct iM-iielctnr
Tho p iriiiiit of " A Ml is.:r iii-i ' ''
fiui'iio r.d.iti.iif lo t ie Pilot ('kih-
. . 1 .
mi loners an l 4 1 1 it-nor noer, in-
vo:ve a p'H ii to inip-ii i in j ii ir i ii iii. ,
un I rnn-t be ic'i vd fur a ftcjiarale
i . : . i i i ....... .... '
ai I ii'l'.
The liillowing nie the proceeil ins
alluded lo :
IKrwii Hn i ..ii-1 Ttn'li-Hn.
Tasca-joula Kiver Improvement-
A', ft m"in ' tit" It n'd of Commm-
ftl'OQ H III I'll C.g MI 1 li'V r, ln-M ft' It ?
8'. Loiiisne S cur I iy, X 'Vm'ier 7, lTt
tlirti wrw t tv-iit
O v. A lc;ler Amen rruk iloa'. i.f tlift
K. Y. Cl.iffiu,
W. S. I) .iilwin, IS'C etitrr.
J. M. Mclutiin, Tr-aS'inr.
Ic whs re reso et hr ihi I! ftr l tint iu
oniif irmty uitli tlm A'3t crnatnnf tlift
Boar I, thfl Cei)misiii'-n liiroi-li lli
Aii litur of the S'tH ol Mi (te-u ppi with
tli evi Ii i r.q or- .1 iu b.i d Act ilmt the
mim 1 4 live tln.MH.iii I .Cilurs lu bcu
f)i.in Dtt pmp rl.v exiinul d b w
oitii .ns of Jai-k-oa pounl. ami r q-Mt nf
tlie A'ulilor n(oi. tviirt u lurtn.r iie-wliuoiit
of wu r.ntglo tlie n:o tut nf tiv tiiuti
uil doll .rs, as pre'cnbnd in aaiit A it, for
the further proHt-ca ioa ol lbt orlt of
im irovuniPn'.
Is whk f-irtU'r reolTd by th Boird
that in their oriuion tli r.ve.iliei' imuw
of the Appropri itton Ait of 171 e tnuot
hint iI.h-m not u ) t y to Hip RpprupriHtion
for P.iim-iii'ouIii rit'r, as tli n' mr of ami
Hiiprnpriatinii ltott tj llirt pitiz-mnf
J..e.ki iu ao'ttity hut bwii a r-u'lv eiiiil
ed In-fore no, I Aot pu-a-'if ; aiei llrit, in
tleir opiiiiuii, il ml i A i.iir..r ban mui
doubt abuiit the pr.iprit-ij of t.i imoiuih
h.hI warrants h-. In rsiiltii'ly rfj tpnt.
ed to cobHult Die coii-titiitiiiiil advia r of
the Stite ad aiinistrjti.jL tlie Attorney
General of the 8'.
It wa furth-r re-o-Trfd tint thft Pr wi- j
di-nt of tltia Boar'l d-ruiali the Auditor of
tlie SUtJ w.t'J a correct ' p.ipy of lhe
proCrtpdii ff, and that t ii B wid nor ad
jonra nntil onled ti-ijMlitr by lis Stx;ie
Ury. Apelheut Amf.9, Trea't.
W. S. Do: son, Seer'r.
Pa n much ik, Ai.cocs Co. Miss., Nov.
14th, 1871.
Editor op Pascaaoula Star
Dear Km : In complinnce with in-
struelious from " Paru iichio Grunge
No. 8, 1 send you the lollowing :
II'Affoi.t many false reports ol outs
m-rps pommitted in this and other
Sou,0rn Stales are iu ciieuluiiou
aud ll'Arfo we U'lieve said reports
are calculated' to injino our moral
standing, and divert immigration
from tin thcrciore Wa it
Reiolvid That each Granfic in the
Mate of .Mississippi is nonnested to
forward to the ater o the Stitej
G.anac a true andotu-ct report of
. . i i ,i .- .
' """"6-
Sa ctive jurisd'ctiotis and the Master
of the Stale Grange i hereby re
quested to pive said reports to the
Associated Press for public.it kin :
Rtnimd, That the Secretary be in
structed to lot-ward a copy of these
resolutions to the "Vindicate! " fTAit
t)F PascaacULa and "ub Soiler" lor
Sec'y Grauge Ho. 8.
A man cannot expect lialf a loaf
when he leafs all the time.
M - . ,
l f f - ) 1
t f-., I-f - -
r -
' f
( ' '
I I i ( i . '
f ! J
I ,i ( f- , i ,
t' r - f "4 I ' '
' (
, . . f - ! ,
. . f ..--
i i , , ! j
... . ,i j -
i l
r ,"
' t
.5 I
-I . t K ,
I ,' f
, I .' f
... I (I. .( j
I r ;r l
I !!''(
I (I '.! ' I
, Ii . : i
Stf. J, i I.
" I I
' t i I ,i ' 1 1 I
.11 I .'. I
.t ! !
I,, ii I f. . 4( Jf ... '
ni fl. SI 'i k'.i , I'
: .'l I 1 i fur
. ,1
I .1
im.rli Wl.'fx r? I "l
.,. .,( f.i(, I liil I
! ii. inif id f.. ,r Hi.- .'
I i I
.i I in ii
lli ii'i , r) ,
i C!,i. (Siiin ij-
m..i j iMi it in r r
i J ihli V ii iii r or r. I li'1
former i iiiiiii lmi'v iirr'i
but t'i" t I id- r i , I, mi 1ft ei"
r-H" I nn I eai'tire I In t'.ni kMini
j Ci'-n '. fti.l ii !:i-l Mniidiy iiriiwl
i in el.-ttir" ff Hi. ;r eininr' i'l '"
! lo le. in ul, Willi l mmi h. I ln
ftj i ! I I (ml C'.iuna
I i- i- ki.lif.'
ut know le l.'itig ilmt t'.'-y i"c ,frv
rot im I mw it. fhey citn' down
l Ml i .. m... . l . ...
; iiuu . n. i u m
uv.itf ii-fiiil !i, I i ii I In. iii it ti i ti ir ii I, i ii t
thej.il , ,,ig,. c.r.:o..r-o of oir c.i -
iz''ns, white and cnloreJ, wh,
a ipiiet (b'termiii'i!
ii,n not to uwait
the I iw's det.-.y, but lo Mimmui-ily e.e.
cul? ilic three inch, ll was no g i'h
ci'iiis of desperate, luwlc" men but
composed of u'.l chl'ses o! n;.r l il I 'lis,
and but one uiiiVei ,-al opinion .-eenn'il
to prevail, mid that was that tin men
i-'ioual be hung i -Iniil.r. Ilowever,
it was resolved iiion lo await tietioa
until the ailemoon, and until gener
al notice could be given o( a meeting,
to be he'd ut f mr o'clock. Uy that
hour the people came pouring in, a
largo inaj irity of thrin being cokred,
ami many of tbeiu being women, who
were all agog to see "the hanging".
And really the colored people w-erc
foremoft in advocating swift justice
upon the criminals. But thank God I
at the last momcut, cooler counsels
pirvailed, and llie populace however
aiui.h iii'ou"e, their I clings of indig
nation ui'.'iinst iho criminals, und
however faint their faith in a proper
ci 'cuti.iil ol the law in general, still de
termined lo vindicate tiinir character
as a peikeily law-abiding people,
and under mocli provoc iiion, lo pa
tiently await another le.it of Justice,
and tojlearu if there is any left iu the
6'tirte, or if crim'nals urn constantly
to go n hipt of it. fjcl justice then,
fair and impaitial, and without un
necessary delay, be meted out to these
men, and the law I e vindicated.
The above was in type,' when, on
Thursday night a large crowd of .cit
izens, white anl coloicd, assembled
at, and about the jail, and having o-b
tained the k"s from ihe jailor's
hou-'C, which ihr-y scarthed. opened
Ihe jnil an I c Us and took ont ttie
three men. who-n they carri -d in a
large live oak lice on the toad, near
the' It 11 Kie.haiisre. and bung ihein, j
one at a lime, siandiiiir them on the .
1(,aiJ 0, -a , nc,)n i1?.iead. mi l ptnli
it from und' r them. Tho liiinping i
ootnnirneed at 7 o Clo.:k : lid was fm !
1 J i a I 1 ! I
l&hen by 8 o clock.
Vontier. Ihe first nt.n in.in; who
ddre.d the
crowd, warnme tjic co'ure.l p- otue
particularlv. ugainst whi key and bad
companv and to stay at hmm; at
n-fflit, ihe two former were the enus.1
ol his present trnulile. lie also re
quested that his hnnds be tied behind
his bick iKfore being hung, and di
vided out, as they all did, his clothes.
Grundbery tho nrxt one lion?, did
not have much to say at the gallows
but requested letters to he written tc wri-atiT pmtet tha' aa n.nv.if (tim. ii.t
hia friends, Cat.uadv wsa lull of re-1 " c1"', ,,,,t',a Vi", ""'n
.. . , . .ll.i I " .w p." i for uiin-lf h 'w pcrf -ctiT f.ir
"' iijao-rici.. ai.u n-r-ci in. iiihi ii
was Oil the rtirct road to Cna iaus
Inppy Innd." But the men befiire J
beinj: taken from the jail ell coil-
fessed to bavin, done te deed,
to liBVllig previously robboo. that
store- and committing oilier depreda-1
. i, .
t ,
t ,
f !
I .
1 I
It,- v
If 1 1 It '
' 1 I it
,!.'-.! I.
. t. ., I
t I
it i
M ... !
1,1.1'.. '
f f I
If ,,'
I un ii,' r , i
( oi r 'i.! i
li ll i: 1 M
I, '
r ii'-
I I ., !'
.n I i.-.r
I I -t I : f. ll
, t'.'i , ft i-!.'
r i .ll.i , ' i
t In lil. 'I
f f f i. Ii
i,t ,i.i,.i' I
Pi li r,t
i c r
We fi,i! I 1. 1 ii,i i X-.' n II ut "In i
i.'.m -iV ft l o I I I
i t. !'
Im 1 1 d nf it tl, .i j.i.ir'i h i I l-.-i
, ,i,. ir, Up j:,,. ni,. ,t ,.. i,l
j,, t, , ,.,) .,ir,.. nit
ofli i.il du'ain t l'i; pu- t i . i. tr.
j un; foM'i.'-l'il,
The ri'ti.'c.. iniiri maile l y ti e pri
' inrn tli.wiil llint CltltiaJv (lil'-ie
.. . . .. . I
, ihe More, ns it in if iniing lo pmclia."
' .... ,1 . ii... ti r .. i ....ii
iu:, inii c;i .iir. i,aii"i"y inrneii
a.,Mlll, , ,,Pl .,,., rrf)m ,t,p chrlf,
t-iinnady ftniek him on the buck ofjH i'h Iraiis of chart, -f r, end be sure
Ihe heml, ft ilh n ( liib which l e I, -id we do ml el tie: b id ex uaple ol
eonern ed under his roat, knocking I muking others mi-'M ,...
him down ntnl jucipiiig over the
counter he wi.ii lejivited blows killul
him. Graiidoeiy wn" in tho wnteli,
end Vai ner win searching for money.
It was no ihe.ibt thought ll.nt Lans
by woii!;fhavo been kiiled outright
or loinleicd incapable ol giving an
alarm by the first blow, but this was
not Ihe ease, nnd his cries, ns wo
stated in our account at the time,
were beard at Borden's mill just op
posite when Mr. Jones iintned'atcly
started acoss. He was seen, nnd
the nlarm given when ihey fled with
out having lime to iob, or I urn, for
Ihey had brought lightwood with
them, niicj as they confessed, intended
after robbing the store, to burn it
and the body. They also confessed
to having robUed this same More on
two previous occasions, and Varncr
told that a chest taken from the store
w as then in iho rear ol his hoiie.
Bixi f Cnr.KK. Miss. )
November 7th, 1871. j
Mu. Editor :
Ilenr Sir and Brother : I send yon
the notice of the death ofour beloved
worthy brother, Joseph Hutchinson
for publication.
lliKDon ihe 7th ir.t., at the rest-.
denee f Mr. Jessie Langley, JosKi'H
Hutchinson, uged 20 jeais and 11
mouths, ol yellow fever.
He was attended at his burial by
the Patrons of Houibandry ,
"Southern Homestad" please copy.
Fra tern ally yours,
J. V. Thohson,
S' er'y Bluff ( auge
Ftftlt a till lint iiifl t'anrtrt
e.tKit ii rit rt Bi.ic
T a mi'Hi. ni Imoi le viu.ii.nl io
h-vrtifi. .lr.iii..f t.i- Firtla mi.J r-
Oif' C uicrt i.f ill r.ilil r Li' rurv . I K ii-
1V k ,u 30 . iy ..t N m b r .
oiit-i- IHIW III 1 411 n- ii-h, UH Wll, (I
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mi ; "T wii' tii.ral nrnsr.l nr o, tli
dr. i'iR.i I rt .". o r.iii.i j oooa
off. ill 11- Oay app .11 d
file ws- ol'j O' of ill orl i c I
iiim tlnif (if ttlo li'-l '-linlilrlK P.ihlie
Ifthr.r. tl '. n th 2t-ii of N.ivuilM-rr
t. inink" rruiioninta in coonectina with
tb- c mmlt,-.- anpoiuted by th Trn.Wpa
to up-ilut'lid lli ootin'ii.g of ith taK
rr-prr-euntif. "i u amlM-m oi tirkx'a ro'd
hue them i n ajtoa' DoseaNiry f r the
prer-iioe of tikrUi oi lers, as nndur onr
ir ing-roiit- the i ,trl of ' I -r- -pal-
it caroii tor, jet m iiio aa'ue tim,. 1 w hiIJ
,,! luljwr!,,,, dialnb iUnu to I.I bfl.
E.-r rrii.ir-miit b a be n mdo f r
tho nr!Df lint lot e oior-t . an ft m-.ilh
r Ihr aale of the remainder of
r ' Agit and Mauager.
Louiarille. Ky., Out TX. 1875.
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, i,l-fi
I r i .I it
1 1 I ,i t t ; ' i
' i 'i I' ' if
,lt l.';(lfl l'i r. 'l: -'ii'ifl rt
li!'"ii'n f t!,. !,.',. I.,' ..-ii ; nf, .
".(T-r, It i t i ii iii I" ii i ,,;., , hi
'fivrr'd t:r tr T-4.i'i, H'.
!T ii in i'. iiin-t t'fi'i
1 f'n in ;.ti h
i'iiti en, n i, in ni 'I . ' 1 1 -ft inch
ti . oi',f, iM.,k" ii.ihi;Ii im I ! i'eli r,.( h
, o'Ji, r n i lui'e i tun t IT with fn.,
: pu.h nti j..i.i.'!i'." point with in-nli.
iti' linjei siti'l in ft liiivdrr l ii t.
iii.ti;. wan "tiive niiko r.n h otlur
- , tiii-enible A lliej grmr up. the
J i hnliit eruft tiiMiti tliein. ft ml ihev nil-
i ni er s
, ,,T ll.T llllt.ll III" t II , I . V
r ai when thev
. . .
i inn'J.- oi ticri unliappr. I'are',t., we
! -houlj guaid our eli I Inn ngim-t
Cllt neit OlKIAN 111! I'UNO I' irti. B
b".irn. in imr'Tift.e a Pnim i r Or.m-li
Druiii will Uud it to their Uiii-rict tna b
(I r. us th" Star tllll 'H un we are i'liux tn
ii .k iili r:il ilnieoun. on the Ab' Uii! piib
liane I prleta,
ftfti hi . 1 vim 1 ft ftpjju. -stums taw ji pj.aift
Jacksox Cot xrv. )'
Cir'uit Court of mi 1 Count;-,
Bf virtue of no ordr from the II, m
orablp Or -pup C Clniiiillt-r thp Jailge ot
t'ip. first J id;o:l D 9 riut of tuo tjt.ilo of
M a is ii'pi,
N aiep l lir, by B-'v.-n that a Sprciil
b-rni id lli" Circuit. Court nil hi. held
in uud fui ,Tieltim Co-iutv, i,t Th (.iiiri
H.iiish ti" rei.l in tlm o-wii of Scrtutnn
on the Tumi M mri if o' D- i-finb. r ties'
1871 nnd o nit ic e fi-lvn .I .dioiul dija
if tim ti hin. ik :i iihik n ipcr. s.
I'n-'h.r Nnliij.is aun :vi n limt. ih
Stute II ieket will bp Inken up utid im huI
I t ti;e Fir' Jl.itiiiiiv ni ii trim.
Tin! Co ll I) 'i k t in net f,,r h ut will bp
luki'U up ou the H c i.nl M iudiy of iht
tei m.
Given under my ho d nnd Sen' of aaid
On irt t S rii-ii.iu tho 12h d i N -vem-bt-r
A. 1). 1S71. C. li. ALLEY.
sf:.m. Clmik.
noil 1 Ji
Itr. IS. Ij. Siutne,
I III vin tr reinovi-t hi. Office from Mum I'oint
f.i N'TMiiiori, iilli-ii hii i,-:-virpn iii lie eiiineiiB of
Scnitiuiii, P.tAi-iitfiitila Hint T ir. inly fr Ilia
I'rnrlirti of ..Iriiiriuv
In nil ill. IHinrlin.
f5-irrirK Hoi M fur the yrew frc m 8 a.
m until 4 I', m. ' nl 1-1 y
Itromberg Ifrother,
Sole Artier f ir Si'iiiTMy !tnn- an. fli-orxe
W imiiIs St Co'p. I'rloi- Hurt Wer it Orpins.
PIUOM ttm Ottlil.tXa,
Miiiiral Mrrchandi-e,
Fanrf and Vuiirlr f-a4. Tnn rlr rlr
Wli item'i. ttft-n t lor Ibivn Rrrmail C'loyne.
IOH llaaphia ..hllr. Ala.
iiovl I It
iitttiVr in
Gfttti rnrni!tihif; liooda,
ftOBIt I .... AI.BW..
n.ivl ! ni
GEO. .1. .Ht.VfiLn,
YVtoleatle and RrUi. flealer ia
Large Start and Low Prices
Xx 13 St. Fbancis Street,
botII- ItloailX, jlLl.
J. F. HfHtHerstll,
Dealer la
rictare rraajes IooVIb? Glau Plate
Aa All Klaaa t rriiU
Eotio au4 Caaoana.
Portmii i.rl Picture FraraM a 8parlalil
FaaVr Ha III. nanv, 11. rraacU Mlrm
nIMia K(imi,K ALA.
f li t h it I
Urt m t turn ) w
t nttmt,t.
' I,
it.tr.rt ii i tint n
. i . ....
gulp civ: nmi
t 11 ' I r .
I .r, f iii
. I Y ft r
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.i ... . ..... ,
t I
I' , I l. 4 I ,
H N -A I, I I Ii t, ip,,
tin n rn , Hnth,
i;f,fl'l MofMilM. It., jr.,,
tllAitutntloi , Lbltf ,fr,
In. I"'r (.!.. Bet "'' lull,, ft., til
f I',.
tlr.l . I t pr.t.inWr
lili'l i. I' . l. !' fc 'il,nf
Mtif ..l l.r a in 'I
f t it i .f ' Bri'! ' or Ur
l.f.nli. :
I if l -liin a.-. ..Ml anl l'ri- I.I (im.H
ll-. II IIJ.,lll- lll'.ll.
rn'., I'liKNi II Men,
N. K r.iri.r H',.i-r mil St. A.iii,4, .
v. o. n..i si. i. t ii.
i f , v i. m i. .1' t f lf.
Tim'i.r. or .Lf.'i
'.f i'.'.ih ,V'. i-ipuitr lh t'l'Hif Sr
I nrlr d 1 rfrmbraMrifa, lnip.nl
imn 4 ni'.
IIKAt'TU'll.l.V fiil.Ollin IS WAT1.II 01
1 M 1 1 A INK.
until urn viK rni:Tr.t'n
I'lnili. in ' "I. tiiI ill tub Wmrr or 1W,
1'oilinitn fliarra. Ii-k.n.
i:.'inl lo tlm in liny Cay is-uni ur NoRl
I.. Si-nintim
J. t'VHIIHil,
i n. II. Iliriu;
, V. ilrnwo.
S'crtrufan. Star ty ts
ti, 11 & to c ui wrrcr HI.
niOHII.K, ALA. Mil? fa
Piiper mid Stationery Hons
lillllik Haulm. l',i.er, Klivolopra. 1'i'Uf.
Tiiil, H!nlr, Kit.
CliL'iij'! ll'nttpiuir ,vi IU'"- ojftnal
hlll-.KMA.N, ths SiaHutf.
H tVn'r-Si. M.a."f A'n "i-1
Important to Patrons and . til Cans odkH-
biloxi, Mississirr;
IPih f hriatiaa neaft.)
navliiR adopted the flmtiKe P'iiii
Sule. at Ion- proti', I mil eni.llml '
a u.p m on ihe .mull nntr.:iu of ten ""
tlie ilollHr. anil in .irilor lo ro opcrle ftf
with mnMiiiiern, I hnte iimnpuiKtril
I'T which von C. pro-nie Irrrh, Hiidof 'h' "
qnuliiv, Kninily Nnpnlira of eveir "Vc
" n. a. w Ii lea a I ,
will keep -ooi.il, ni I v on lwn.l
xlect.-d Stork ot (loorlf of evrrr tit!
I will recei-e hII kimls of Comarv riwl"lT"
ala r in rxrlinliKe lor gooiln. I pro"'J(
iini lari;rlr ill ttyirr, mid f-isk anil "J
t'.re lie Hi. In to nil all onlera pMinrtlj
iCHonntilv. .
' ' ' . I xtm
It "OWpWllOtl. . .a .-J attif
TtU la a Utrrnrtt-kf Km Itw- J
W. IU, Bueft-fftft i.a-r.vlr.r-.. MU!ZMar
InfomtiuoB tor Hwta ha a.r Mirtad w
w1a; Mil It to kt.4 ttoavt t-Bflit "
aawd kv. m4 m trfl aawiaiftiy aiwt lb , j,M
It eanutiu hm or-ftrtw a4 aTiT
rrr jftmtioa it oH4l-ic. mm boc i ."jTldrt
ftt ttn-rrr of rry aaa.M au4 Hw ihrtrtafW'ftt IB
Iflnbaj. a nbncN rrTTTCJoc on l HrWiw Ji7J
mu-rt aTftftrta tha4 to vank kMwtnf, mM m
pUhd m tf atf w. .
B9t hCUTCftBa. ifrtalaftT prftJIfcat) IwfWV. aaajfL
AdArM. Ir. Smm ' - i- T M.UI. SWk itm
tic to ni Afflict M U"ter't,
Bctw Wfk. mo atwr rtM jwtf tliimliatw" ,
7air ikamytitiafa. , i nnaTT
totaaaawft-aj mt ml Hrrf JT-ir
mn f tkta enutn mwi a4 oft .6rV'Zi. !
oattat m by naik ftft Uar.- mrtr-L
a. .7. r.IRRER & s0'X'
Late Woodruff & Parker 1
12, 44, & 4G North Water .trftt
Mobile, Ala.
Wholesale Grocers.
And Mannfaffurer'a Ajrents
Importer and Dealer Hi
Coffee, Floor, Sugar, Mo!ass. '
Pork, Bacon. Whisky. Tobacco.
I .. ., i v
i Aenu Tor Troap raewrr i""'r"
i iara-a aai Va-n
taaiira ana ai-n.
Afenu for Kairbacke' Scab

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