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The star of Pascagoula. [volume] (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1873-1878, March 13, 1875, Image 1

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K. K. It! kwi ll, M i-lnr
K.li JlfTert. SfrslHiy. , .
K'iiitur 11.11 (I. Hi'tfe. 'riif reu;ulir mftptinrfp
t'HiiuiiT Hill (,niiii.'H hia hld on tlie huiurduy
M'tire Hfcind Sunil.ir of enrli uioiiih.
I,'. A4l,'i,.' Mrtpl- f
K. II CaX, ttr. ralKry. 1
'I V': I
CliXlimifllAt, I AOHNTS P(i 1 PATRON3 OF
... .MiHHlliJillTI,.. ., ,,,
A J ,HllHn. :i.riH Kroul Sireel. Memplilii.
k M lliinlin, N K ("or I'ine &. ad, ft l.(ini.
H V KilZ.atHrk, I!) N ComuiHro Hi. M.iliila
W.. HHcriiiKton Ac Co., ilJ Citroiidelct ti.
How OrlMiia. j ' ' ( , If , , ,
Eudrtrsmants, f tho ''Star.''
Kksolved. That w3 ,' rocom.
mend to the patronn'o Bin! nun-
port of the Order throughout the
Stu,tf, fThe" PiirmcrS VHidiciitor',
The Southern Homes-toad', 'J ho
Star of Pascagonla and 'The I'm.
tn-n ot IIuBhftiidry, and snid jour
tials are requested to publish the
proceedings, of tho , Htate Grange,
and the Secretary in directed to
furnish eaid pniiers with cotnes of
. iiLiiijii unu uiner iiuiciai uu
oe requiied for publication.
It a Diet iiug of Bluff Qmrige the fob
ing .k-tWolmiuuK. ' wnl-e' .fcuHntmoinJ-f
A.loptciJ :
Rbsoiv'ed, Tlit tha Stab of Pasca
Aoi'la ba cbcen aa tba (u71..il orgim of
JJlufl Omngp, nii.1 thnt thu 8treUry b
IitsoLrrn. Thai, n hail with fMiixftiR.
jou lliu .. cimfion of Brother 0. K.
orowniDij; Urmgii editor of thu Star
Mid reoomnntod it a faitliful and ahle
Xpnnenl of thn dinigiis und inter- stg of
the Or.tcr of Patrorja of Hnabaudry and
u the en ppott of the Or ler.
Obanob Grange Mektuio. Tha follow
Jp roaulntiiiua vrtre aiUijted hf Omngo
Oranga at their regalar lutetiug on Mon-
J. "g. 3rd. t . . ;. ... : ...
I?ssoLEi That va take plosanro in
onimendiDg to all nirrobera of onr order,
sd tlw tilleri (.f the aoil pvtry where,
ua ijfXn of Pahtaooula, a journal da
oted -fo our opW ami furtur iroom
band io'onr fraU-ruiiy it able aranoiate
P too' ro,tu'UK 1(114 ert" at
Resocvto, Tha. wa elect mid papei tba
-ffiinnlwr-gmi of ourOraDga, : . .
OcA Orakoi Hmrntia. A.t ifgntai
"ettiH u( th Oiwu (imuge on HatoAday,
&nK Int. tba following resolution tai
doyted : Z. ;c
Kimolved, That 'we heartily rraoBtnend
in'ii" ft,ong nd atUobva pernaal of
u ratroDR, and to tba farmHra af onr
fui,Uy gnnentlly, tha Stab of Pasoa"
octA, a paper devoted to the. internal of
JJ Order and - edited in part by onr
Worthy Hrother, a K. Browning. 0.
Cortveijondeooe on all anbjnet pf. inter
n tofatauua u aolioitaU for tha oolomna
thm pper, Wa p.rtioularly reqoeat
, " Dtputins huA Beoretariea will iiae
"'n'laaiAtaraa to car ooiiimws ad
'u1ol tha orfiRn iatioa of Ciranaea
maltera pertainibK to the proeraaa
O'Wir etacis
P'raoLTitn, That tba rtab of PoaoagonU
1 ' ,00n official organ Bod Creek Orange
What we will do,
In ordor to aid our fcllo l'otrons
in making llio prnotic.il rani Its of tlio
Grunge n'ora appront in ilii scci
tion rc will lit ruturo g vc our nl-
tciilion to quoiilioin of Agi icuhurc,
lToi'tiuuIturc, Pomology and Htock
raining md will nse our every riie:ttin
to impress upon onr people particu
larly upon Puirona the importance of
tho 8ulijujt of immolation ami en--deavor
to tecura llio co-operation o'
all Grnriges in tlie immediale and
practical demonstration of tlda n.ens
nre which promises t-o much to the
oppressed and impovcrieilicd iSoutli.
The woi kinga of the Grange are not
theoretical but practical,' stern and
imperative. Its minion is heaven
born and its destiny grun.J and sub
liino but its occoinph-linimit requirci"
lierculcan and maalcrly action upon
the part of every individual mem or.
The Grange should bo the nurserr
for and stinnort of all plans and
measures calculated to develop tnc
resources of the country and the nl
levUtioa and elevation of our peopli.
There is much to hi done in our
midst and as Patrons of Husbandry,
we cannot afford we d ti o uot , re
main idle in the l.tco of euch Deeded
reform., Then fellow; Patrons give
us your aid in working out the ,re-
dpmntion of this e t-coast Hecti )n cf
our fair Slate tur section possessed
advantages second to. uuue if only
developed and who can so effectually
QKttncttuI to forward a eunv cf thabe rt-ao-
luuoua to the bTAil. . - J t il.nn ll.n 1'atrnna nf Ilusb 'nd
ry. Lie. us reanza mu iruu cmur
tion of 6ur country and resolve to
u?e Onr wits toward, it? relief.' To
the accomplishoicnt of our purpose
wo crave the aid of every ITusb tnd .
man and matron vcry one can da
some little good and. these "bits"
make dollars.' 1 ' "
! Then let its make a long pull,' a
strong pull, and a pull together. : . lf
Water Glass deserves more exten
ded household .'usage.', Mixed .with
paint or whitewash it gives increased
durability and ft fine glosa, it ia n
excellent f.reproot cement, and when
dry is also waterproof. It Is a good
adhesive ihucilage for mending china
glass or wood, and made into a wash
la tba best coniintr for brick vaults. .
',:,'.'.-- ' :
' The bill redacing- the Governor,
alary from $6,000 to f4,500 will avail
nothiagif the Legislature does, not
mend the statute so 8Sr to prohibit.
Gov.' Ames from nsipg.for. his private
purposes, the CoaiiDgvnt : Faad,.-aet
apart fot adiuinimrfng the !xeeotive
DepartmMit. ' To ptove that hfl h
been In tttj habit or; misapply ',thiJ
food St isoulv neoefiaary ,lo . cite his
own report of its expenditure. Clai
On nunttf iilamn il iv, liiimlra.la of
jcar no, whan Ida ri-litfion of Unina
pretniled fn Kniflin l, 'lie ptlorof ihe-
old Convrntof I'uiimow, n cntiil tixl
holy insn, wan fold (list two viung
slrnij'ers wero tt tlio door an ! nolle,
ited o.i Inlertlew wbh Mm. He rof
and accoii,t'iled by fwo or three of
the broilicra Iteieok Mineelf to the
porlnl oi llm ronvnnf, where he found
a very handsome young man and i
fair joung womnn kneeling rcvoient
ly on the Hones. Tliry were dressed
like prassnl, but the youth hud
sluiely air, while the bruuty of his
companion slinno through hrr coar-o
drc.'S likeontur from out a cold
gruy cloud. . I
"What is it thai you rtefire my cliil
drcn? and why do you k.ieel here so
humbly?'' aked tlio kind old prior
The voting man looked up with a
happy finite, most beautiful to see,
und replied: ,
'Futher, twelve months and a day
huve passed siuco wo were wedded
and from that blessed hour we have
lived in perfect peace, confldence and
love. Not one word of bitterness,
uiikiudness or disciiMon has parsed
between us. We have gone on. grow
ing more ' and more happy, grateful
and loving day by day, and now we
have come to this hdy house of. onr
blessed Lady of , Diimnow to crave
your bless ng on the wedded love
tliut has stood so good a test."
Tlio prior smiled benignly, and,
stretching out his thin, white bunds,
ho blessed them fervently, rejoicing,
devout old monk though he was, . in
tlicir beauteous youth, their faith and
and joy and tender love.
i The wedded lovers bowed their fair
heads yet more; humbly, eeemitig to
feel that grucioua benediction falling
upou tliem lika an invisible celestial
ehowcr. Then they roso up, inurmur
ei tlicir th u tt k s and , wero about to
turn away lrom the door when they
caught sight ol the convent cook com
ing down into the court bearing on his
back a huge flitch of -brown , bacon.
The cook, was a fat, lazy, short
broathed old fellow, and he seen ed so
overwhelmed by his burden ' that
the happy young couule, , beholding
him, laughed out right merrily. : The
old prior laughed also, and even the
solemn monks behind him seemed glad
of an opportunity to stretch the stiff
muscles about their mouth and smiled
grimly at the ludicrous eight., .
All at once a pleasant thought
bectned to strike the venerable prior,
aud he said to the pleasant couple:
"My children, take you that mighty
flitch of bacon as a- testimonial for
your fidelity and tender affection to
ward odo another. Mcthiuks such love
as yours niaketh the whole world bet
ter and brighter. The story of it hath
given a sweetness to this autumn morn
beyond the sweetness of summer roses.
Bo take our lovely' gi(t---feast"your
friends upon it, and think sometimes
on- the Convent on Dunmowand, on
the old man who 'has done with the
with the life ot the world hut not
with gentle, human sympathies." "
'The young mail seemed touche l, and
smiled aoftlv as he responded :; 4We
thank thee, goc d prior, for thy gift
It Is dtr to as, not lor its value, but
because it proves that thou esteemest
J our love a good and beautiful thing,
i a. a t,t.. lyf ..
j t f m m0t , p f
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jwi. i.t4 '.
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( t lf ft t' l4ml I tt t.'t f Si "( i
I I f il h'4 it 4. t j" "
i I . f '(,- j t a f t iit.
I i f at .' I " -i j I f 0 H e-f
', .'i f !'.! rini , ni'.f a
j ti I' . t t i l' i
; tia i i( '- .-f a V"t
j ftHjf'f f.i l ;' f)st f I r. -
J l ,. ft 'nf ' n-Ur
t-l 'it mm el ,: I. U',"'-4.
,'ti n ol it ! ','
'I i a f-esf r i-i I firt . i I f. I at
lli" ;, iic In ! i a i. !( ' i -.f, a.i.1
if a-at it'i ': I I'i it . I... .p If
f"lfl W(t ': ;..-.J hu.-i .' frw e
U"f I. I'5' .1. I l. I i . .i ii II, U,H,',, ,
! ' hi l . i i i
Jfp wm." at I i. np. ti'f frf
df' 1'i.itl r I ji',1 J,.,ir ; i ' ,vi. m.
elh An of I by y'lif. but !ik ,,..iil I nf
hoi j f w i ' h f eyi r- nd m-'ti lik 'i ll
an li tlin il i-t ) l - if ft'it, who ar
ll.Oil, nn I (if wh il degrirr' '
''.Vy, fath'-r," fep:i J t'i yni'ig
rnsfi g'svi 1 1! Miot j'Ml. In in"
llioif frimt hj fieiijl.'.ijr, .Sir Ifiybia d
Fiuwaler. I am, nt thou kimwii'l.
rich eii'iitfli to fulfill iny irfinio to
the rimvent. I him indrrd tha riclie.t
of turn, aiuec Ileiivci. lulli I leci
infl wiih IIiik priccli" treiiue" hihJ
Ii 0 ,,, , ,1. ,,,f ,,
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'iot tl . i , I f lie ft tlf
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' l t.y inti'if (i i, J , i e.,.tt,.
.f,M !'". I f 'M'. I'll 1 11 III I
"" ; '-.f i'.''',, ' ft it
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i f (.,..(. I af X ,nM4 4 'iaf !
f .. 'j' tnl 4 mS
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hnt0t' I ') 4p'. t, if ef
f- .t $0tlhrt0i
prl i nf w ar-1 J ! af.iw4.
a. : f'. !' J f l-jfiK (.44 ii mufi
"ii 4 , .,4 e f..f i . ,
ft I eW.-a ,. e.f (i f j tt Wki'la Uit"0J tt
If f. r,. af a"l 4 IU.4th" ' "! lWra, ! twief
',f f..i" t I .Irfi U.u.ng ,."'' I'" aw fiewl! lt4 M
ft, ro'(i-'- f.f '. art -.tt a-j- I ,' " f'iif m-v
t 'it ftf Vf ( pt '
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('. K . II, j fiif 4f ' M (..4 I 401009 Irmm
(if ll.C'll
Ii nl r il a'f.f f .-of ern'-li f ilil
la f, I
ftf'flii j. nr. Wh-i II 0 4iirfa't
'i I rep'i oi, ii i I, nri I dt ii'i c!iy
it'r, , ( fi.ii.tin4 f"ti!f h'idlf.
I! il tti'i't of lli' . I111.J4 Imv.j noml
iJy wii"'il eoii'ii'. nj tu'ifij of (!!
e! n, 'iiM of fi-nilify linn f'i Fiirfiic
o I, a prin' 1 by pi of, ..or tli''ird.
f (. fmirtm mnt ng In atiliera r
ln','t fA fU Mil ue ftf H4W
- - .jnn'H'.
(l It niw fnof :, Mlf refif tff j -'ji,,ef ,m la ;( Rlrtf. Tl.al
'' 'I rp.ff If 111- a', I , nf.olM ! Vo-m'l lntKJ'rt ht laf.
!"r-iefiAff In) 5.if! ! tuna Af UUl-ltf l,f atij MUM r
f;alM ffturli ftttm aid jriftia !iml'i-4 lnP f tfTn:iA m-
.tn l tli: enlipiil rviaiim d rnl..ci uu--oiinmoiily
Ho (liin roil ill ry cln I lied wilh fine
fnre.14 of t mb.'r, with iiumoioui tiva
let., brancne. iihil large aireuuif fvd
by spring, of cbtar and wholcoine
waier, a liiml which nature liu nnp-
I,. 1. 1.. i....... .. .1 1 . . . . c . t
. . , ,, , . . ,, , plied with all of tlie raw mateimls ol
Iftift. wlili all I (rii7i.il (in htm In I1IH4I1- ...
fug Uwitilcrmeiil
Than he ton tin
tied: "It b by a linpur chance,
while journeying idly, fur from my
own domains, that I first saw my love
the sweetest flower of womanhood
blooming in a cottage g irdcn. In the
dUguiso of a pe mant I woood and
won her, aud now after our trial of a
year and a day I am conducting her
in pride and joy to the noble halls she
is lo grace and Ini.'litun. Juar love,
pardon me that I did play a part.
have been happy in snoring thy lowly
condition, inuy'st tliou .be happy in
sharing my higher ei-tnte. Holy prior
and my good fathern, I will , send
man and a mulo for tho convents' gift
mine? may you oil livo many years
to erjoy.'' , ,
There was great rejoicing at tho
convent but greater at the castle,
when Sir Reginuld, who had been
sorely missed, camo wulklng quietly
and smilingly through its great urrh
ed portal, with his genik brid.e and
whet, the rare beauty of the young
couple fame out from umier the eclipse
of their rudo peasant dress, and shone
resplendent in the rich -costume be
coming their station, : But all Said
that the light of love und content in
the young hnshand'a eyes was a rarer
and more beautiful "sight to see- than
the diamond cirf let ho placed on the
fair heud of his bride nnd that even
thosiJ costly jewels' seemed to palo in
the ridiance of her sweet, simple gras
ciousness the "ornament ol a mock
and quiet spirit," which she always
wore. ": ,
It is said that ' Sir Reg! oatd j'and
Lady Fitzwator . lived, .many happy
years, und died on the some, day and
were buried in one grave.: Grace
Greenwbad, in T'10 Record. ' "'
, ; Fuesh Grapes at ..'all. 'KA60f. .
"We once knew a gentleman,''' writes
a California edi'or, "who supplied his
table with fresh gropes from one sca
son to another. His plan was to gath
er, when quite ripe,, the , largest and
fhest bunches of grapes, and pack
them in sawduet, using,' instead of
boxes; common ' bail keg?, which he
purchased for a triflo at a hardware
store. ..' After carefully packing the
desired number of kegs he buried the
lot in a trench, dug in high ground
beneath a Bhed, whero the water could
neither fall nor soak in. Before using
the sawdust ho carefully dried it in
the sun or in. an oven ontil it waa en
tirely tree from rooiethre. : We never
witnessed the packing process, but we
know he always had the grape, and
in tlija way, ho told us he preserved
tbctn.' After being burred for months
the grapes were as sweet and finely'
flavored as If just gathered ' from 'the
vines. If it will preserve the grapes,
a new, proftable buniness might be
built up. - Bunches ol fresh grapes in
the spring would be-w -novelty, and
bjlng that, would command ' high
price. We hope some of our grape
growers wiU try the experiment."
wealth nd prosperity, a land which
by the hand of the rkillful hufbam
man and ingeuiotH mechanic, may be
covered with magnificent farms, ami
line f irm houses, and mill', and facto
lien, wiin pienant villages, neat
cliurchc and school houses, and Cue
roads aud bridges.
liut one thing is wauling to secure
ull of these blessings to this imperial
ed country. Fertilizers arc the nme
sills, foundation and corner stone on
which all these improvement must
r st.
Fertilizers, principally home made,
such as 11 ay ba furnished throu,
green crops plowed in, barnyard fer
tilizers, nnd fucli as may be found in
the forcstB and ravines in millions ' ol
curt loads, applied to tlie.se land, may
fill the skilful farmers' pockets with
money, cover hi,s farm, with improve.
ments, add ten fold to the value of his
possession, draw hit'.icr multitudes of
thrifty fanners from other counties,
attract oopitul, and mechanics, create
a demand for m lis and factories in all
directions, and convert this whole re.
gion Into a prosperous and happy
land. In my late travels in Tangipn-
10a and Washington parishes, I have
found at least a dozen farm and farm
era that are' tangible' proofs of the
correctne--s of rny ' conclusions as to
the merits, and Capacity, of tho pi lie-
The gentleman above alluded ! to
once cultivated a drained pond in rice,
and got seveuty threo bushels of
roagh rl :e from less than an acre. Ho.
sayt plenty of rice can bo easily rais
ed here, and that 'sugar' made "oti a
final 1 and economical scalo- will Day
well-"1 u el i""7 "JJ'
I ;.', 6HEEP BAISISO.i .11 r
Sheep do'" well in ..this country.
Sheep dogs . are the chief difficulty to
contend with, but nest o( ihe-e nui
sances hnve been tiy common conseut,
outlawed, and killed., Two .brothers
have between this placo and Coving
ton, several thousand head ol sheep,
and have made a small fortuue frou:
them." ;,; " ; . v;.,;;;:4i (
Now tlioo rcmaiks and facta, are
equally applicable to tho entire coun
try, adjacent to tho N. 0. & M. It. II.
with tho exception that these lands
lying continuous to the sea const are
more adapted to the raising of fruit,
particularly the orangc.it It has been
fully proven by actual test, that every
article of consumption can be profita
bly raised on our lands wilh the aid
of fertilizers, which should be princi
pally home made.. ,- !
. We have all the natural advantages
calculated to make . this section the
garden soot ot the eouatiy if we but
do our own duty. Shall we do it?
This is a question of itat -Importance
to every individual in this section,
and we ask for it the talm and con
siderate attention ol all, but particu
larly the Granges. Let m use the
mean we bare in our reach with
rmiat'if I'if'M'f, who w4 0rr nn
i hj fii t-t0 lit fii an I t,vA I (I'liwr.
tin wefn frvKMi, and I a wa
hAt'l all iiv.ir town fir hia anfrie
ilie mi l habit iint 9nfry. Itoieig
wenlihy mart, bn freiinpnily eoalrib
a n I V public and private cliariPan,
-nd wn ae.v,ino viiinr Ia the
abodea of the po r at well as the
I well remenibcr (he time when
this fueeiioii4 gentleman filled the
j office of sherilT, and when he ln lalgrd
his pei. chant for the humorous by the
Kiiniiiioiiing ofoor remarkably queer
juries to "wull ami truly try per ions
at the court of quarter sw.iiotis for
the town aud cuauiy in which he re
sided. ; j
At firrt, at the spring tei in, onr
fucctious sheriff Huoinioiieil a fat jury
twelve of the most portly, poude
roui men he could Ciid nnd when
they were culled on by the clerk of
the court to take , their "eats in the
jury box, it wus found almost iuiposs
ililo to orum them into it. And
when, after much hard squeezing and
grinning, (hey were shut up iu the
box, they became literally a pocked
jury and no jiistuke. . . , , -,
The second jury summoned by this
droll, official was the very reverse ol
his first panel twelve of the leanest
and lankest men he could find all
over the'towo ; men with long, legs
and long faces, who seemed af though
they had been led . on water gruel,
and never tasled roasted bed In the
course of their lives. , , . , . ,
The third jury .summoned by our
facetious sheriff for the September
term, consisted of twelve barbers.
whose shaving shops , were near the
court house ;, aud: in so placing .thoso
barbers on tho jury , all the barristers
who attended court that day ap
peared with their wigs undrcessed
and uncomlied a funny spectacle for
the officers of the court,' the learned
Recorder, artd all ''others' "who hap
pened to be prcsbni on that memora-
1.1a AAnnaiAi.
m uvi.oi.iiiu, .... , ,j- A:... - iv
But in his selection of a jury for
the December terra of the court of
quarter sessions, our good humored
sheriff capped the climax c-l his", offi
cial drollery bv summoning twelve
At f ration i.ci!if4 ledrf'i f theiw-
..e ,i pri,a, t aay tad all paraon
li. may Imniigrafa to the said Kiel,
in all their civil, rtliioaa aoJ poliii
rl fighl. to too tt tfj ftoaducl
thewulf n good eiiifuat, wall
pl"l-fa tltpmnelvea lo give such
emigrants any tinl.nc la ferreting
out title, not ntily aa to land', bat
any other property they might desire
to purchase, and nee that the am sot
Imposed upon as lo tides, nd will
agree to ace them r'g'ited in all their
contracts, and will raise a suflicieDt
sum of money to pay tie expenses of
one or more delegates as they may
desire, this comniiltee will consider
the propriety of sending one or more
suitable delegates, members: of, Ibis
Union, to visit the said Stale at such,
time as these County Grangers may
desire. . , , . ,n . .
Be it further Resolved, That the
raid County Grangers, iu 'making
application to this Union for dele
gates to visit their Slate, must Lave
the seal of their order attached."
At the last meeting of Capital
Grange ( Jackson) the foregoing res-J
olutiong were brought to the ' notice '
of the Grange by Col. C. E. Hooker, o
who offered a resolution which ' waa rl
unanimously adopted, requesting- tbe '
County Grange to give in behalf ofX
the grangers ot . Hinds county , the
pledge of protection to immigrants
set forth in the resolutions, ot the
Agricultural Laborers' Union, of
Eugland. , j .
Appropos of the subject, wo would ..,
suggest that Bimilar action in behalf .
of the Grangers of the entire State
be taken .by tho state Executive
Committee and that out of tbe gen
eral , treasury , an - appropriation be ti
made by the Committee to carry ont - '
the objects mentioGcd in the resolu
tions ol the Union. Tbe Committee
could not make a wiser nor a more,
beneficial disposition pi (be fund,' nor
one which would be more penerally -
approbated by the membership gen
erally. " ; "' ; 1 ' ,", '' " "" "
, ( r,. ! : 1 1 ''if..--y:- two
. ' ' ; i i 1
, Oca Pixe Lakds. We have Jre
queotly directed the attention , of pur.; )
people to the unknown and almost. flJS
fabulous value of the thousands and ,,
men who squinted so aully , at ; (he tll0Ugaud, of acre3 of ' ioe a j whlc, '
learned Recorder when he .t'empted , ralroa-,. Ieadrng , rrom?
to make.the first charge to them; that ,himui Tl.a,i.nd. ihen
, the learned - Judgo ' could not ' help
joining in the general laugh, and ex
claiming, in seeming anger .
"Thin is,' Indeed, too' bad,1 ilr.
sheriff." .: if!
V But the latter only remarked, in a
very scrioos and amusing ;l tone i
"Twelve good and lawful men; yoor
Ilonor.'! : i- ii I i :
And here let me add that I 'never
heard ol "the facotious heriiT' serv
ing longer than oae year.' .'vt-
' AUer waiting for ears a MicMgaa
lover finally popped-; the. question,
and the girl answered: Of; course
I'll have joul Why, you fool, you, we
could have been married three years
ago.!".,, .'.j ; ;:J . ',. . . .. :.. -
, During a trial tho Judge called a
witness.' No one ans-.vered, and an
elderly man nrose and solemnly said
"he is gone." ' "Whore has he gone?"
asked the Judge, in no tender tone.
"I don't know, but he Is dead," was
the guarded answer. ' '
,' 'r ' -
' A saving husband .''George, dear,
don't yon think it rathef extravagant
of you to eat butter with, that '.deli
cious ; jam?" "No, love, ccuiotnioal I
Same peace ol bread does for both."
In a box the Beccher jury.
this city.' These lands, when proper ,,
ly planted and cultivated in, sugar V
caue, yield an Immense profit, nearly,
if not actually, equaling Jjie rich alln "
vial bottoms of Louisiana. This is.
no exaggerated statemeut, but truth
This season i Mr. Isaac George", of '
Washinirton county, ' realized s- nino ' J
hundred and ten gallons of'CHofCB-'
molasses ou two-and-a, half acres of if
common ..pine land, one and-ahalf
acres ol which was stubble or ralooa. -It
was cowpenned. single cane' and "
planted in rows of five, feet apart.'""
Does cotton, or any other crop, even !'
upon onr best canebrake lands, pay
better than this? We think not. Then 11 '
why cannot our people who, dissstis--'S
lied with their present surroundings, !'
are, in many cases, sacrificing every --' '
thing ia a mad rush to the wilds ' of
Texas, come here, and, settling opott
these lands, surround themselves in s ; i
few years with all the comforts that j j-i
wealth and health, can . commaad t i 4
ThoMan-lO. R. R., Co., to . en-l'. i
courage immigration, ia holding, out , ?
liberal inducements to those who wish .
lo.btiy their lands, sod -it offering :
large premiums for prize crops of caaa ,
tie coming year. Mobile Register. ,ii ,
Wine improves with age, but kisses
don't. .

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