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The star of Pascagoula. [volume] (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1873-1878, March 20, 1875, Image 1

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VOL, 3, I J
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w t n , .-. .
W I. H , i ,
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to A '.I 111..
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Mr. I I. I llf
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W f,, l-n,it.w. C-i 0"(f"tii ('f. II (V
I, ( : I.m.,n.l ,,.
W. I. Wi iM.H., tiil 41 A'iril l..
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Mfi4" " f ft "rff .fff"! ' 4n f
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Tl". ltH I n ii1'!"'! ! r n,
"f mi-, (i l, si ii n t-.u-ff l
il Cr If (ir, ' j l ll,l l,m trf
lh M.(c nidfco n f'l i'i, ',
H'jljk D !nfnM. f..f NKIII'iOftl ,l f
itl l. (uiii"lirl l ili" g-ti ., if (
'' ir r li i ' lrdJ. All oilier i
jrit,i I nniTc (nt (j'ir licftilirr j
l'Uo;,t at fimt f:r f . If. i
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f tm ttmtff Ul"
K ( !', ( ' - I f (!m wt f,
9 i0 !' li-tgl fi.iff .(
(rji t ifv f s,
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K"fUi . f H, 'IMrl,
'( Vt'hft, t. f l,n l,, fii)i.t,
th . -f M, h(if iflM
! I l l V HI ll Ml ,
k ! 0 r'l?'''. vl"ff f .n !,
,i ( aim ' J 'i i( i r.n (b r i
K-i f'i r.K,i( m 1 .1 -ii hi tii l( i,
l'(' M Bt.f ln t9 i Iftt i.
f fmifif n dtniltn. tm 1 nils, ftunf JS t
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-l .a f(.- k 1 1
i Mara!
! Hill,
ill (.,!
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ll-'pnly f"( ll.irrinnM
Oi run fnii jn. Mi...
t Mainiilii.
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S ick lt tOHill'r.,
j u k .(i.vcursirv cui xi n,.
(r(tii.i J n " Ulih. 14. Ifrmila. n -.!
iMtf.; IIM tfiiM'iliiy Itl iltinv. Airil, Jiiljr Hud
J. B M. II i, M 'r. J irku n, to.
T. W. (Imm, 8. tr..l .r,
f'luKlii4TK it4ari.
llTMIII llTHUrf.. I l r -ITMlitr ftlflillL'. of
Ormm llrmiifb ur Jjeid vu ili flr.l hKliitilH of
II W. Chiktu, Jlimfi-r.
Y W llrHji.iill, HrrrctMrv.
Hlutr f!rnti Tli rritihir niff.itim of Mlnfi
'lunfule Intel oil I lie aecuud ( ti.ijr ul.rttll
II. Mi K.i, M i.l.r.
J Tlimiijiii'm H crotHv.
Itil (Imii'Ii (lrM4. The i-ptfiiliir mpfthiif. f
H4 Ci-Htfli (I'tiiiirn Hr lieii uu tli Uniil ttainr-
rfllV f i It' ll IhllMlll.
K Bvrii, Mumrs
A Vox, SecroUry.
Or(Hliitcil Annual Hill 1 .17 1. KiH'ilur uioct
(J. K ilroviinr. Hicppmi-v, " llilnxl
,4 UU4iKlilATfc AHtMlKf. .
OrHliffrt (iraiiK". I lie rejfiilHr ifiAi.inirl nl
I) mitfe (Intngu urn t.eld oil Hie niat Mtlhdrtv of
IHi'il inoiltll. ' '
C. II in. in Mnli'K
C lv llri.wuititf, S.-vr!ary
Leulrn UiMllf Tin- rtitf4r mi'')nia .f
urtiilre Or:ii.. n(e h. Id 1111 ilm second Situr
lT, of t-iirli iD'.nth.
A Hjlflionliifcili,' .i.trr ;
O. W,.' mrinriuilu,, 1BlTftHlT.
AroHifr (I: iiiiKi..-'1'im ivtfitliti- r iiipfl Tti krn of
A rcmlc tli iiuo aio liold ou ilm ud &mi in .lav ol
men nuiiiili.
K.' K lllnrkwell. M.-ibtor
K 11 Sli Vfia, Siiiclmv-
Hiinuv Mill (Ji-Hiiif. TIip reifi.l.tr me.ti.iira
II Mllltiy Hill (l..in.'e lire hrld mi llin S.anni.iv
mfurm lUKjond Hflniluy of each nonili. "
V. Aiiuui.; .Maatttr ;
K. li Cox, rieordlHry.
A J VhiikIihii. front Stirpt. Jlcmplil..
A M llauliii,.N K for I'iuv Al ViI. St Lntita,
II K riK.iilri. li, Ml H ('i.nimm e Ht. Slnliiln
. HnrnnHU.u & Co., 'U Cnrondelet Si.
lew Ui Ituna. 11'
2adorsement3 if tho ''Star."
y. A rlt PTATK GRASCrT.' 11
Hfsolved. That wo ri'conu
nond to tho patronnge iiml Kiip
tort of ttio' Order throughout the
State, 'Tho Farmers Vindicator',
Trie fvnitlieru irptnetteud', 'Ihe
STAHVirpK'nciiffOTllii: llfld TliC I'll-
f'-n oi Ilualitiiidry, and said jour
lain arerequottud to publish the
rooeediiiird of tho State Grange,
'nd the tecretarv is directeil to
u rmtU, said i:iK r with cojues of
in circulars ami otlicr otlioiut no
is rctjuited for puldioutioii. .
At a mniii.g 0 liii.lT Urtlgitlle fill.
3itg r.aululioua wnu uiiauiiuouulj
Riot,vr:t), That tbn Rtau op Pasca
"Vla h ctu eu i the i.filoinl org in of
J.ull GiuiiRe, anil Ibut th Srort-Ury be
umclwi to fArwRrd a cojty vf three reto
BHiLi to tbe tSlAB.
H-jsoiaed, Thnf we Itnil with Mti8fo-
.vu iut) um oi.tiou of Mrolber J. K.
-rnwoinguiiOr.ijgB tdilor of Hie Biab
nil reot,mmey, itas faithful and lle
ip'nHrt of tbfi destgDR nd iDter- st o(
U Orrtri of Patn.nK nf Husbaodrj aud
tU upiK)i ol I be OfJer. .
OlUKQE GlU-tfGB lfEETDa. The lollow-
reiiiutiua were atioptd by Omukb
""'f ' Hnr regular meeting on JIou
J. Ang. 3rd. : ,
J! otVED,. That we tnka plinr in
otnu-eudiu,, to all member of our urd. r,
k t tiy''t "t Ibe Mill Yinaliere,
ill T4R OF fwaovu jiMitnal de
,u our c.umj ; aud fortiur rec m
rt n nr frri,i,y i" "W
rolu'11' trn8'ulerut
IWived. That we eleot aaid papei the
""-Vwoao (f our Grige.
Octid Gkaios Mkktiko. At M-gnlai
leii'uf tl,e O-senn Graoe ou Satuduy.
ijjjj ,u fuUuaiug reaolutlou ai
.""Dn jbut we heartily recommend
" atnuage aud atteutirn peruMl of
in . to 'anaera of our
mtf B1"""1. the Stau of Pasoa-
A' devoted to lbs iiiterual of
rJL.V 'uJ Pri "or
wby Brottir, u. Croiuicg.
I ti ,t",i "liciusJ for the oolamna
liarV? Pr W prticoUrly feoaeat
"rputr, "Ld SwieUriw wiU liave
0(1 Jh w " oi-mniautiou ol Granges
Th" frii.'i'l of fr-ilt flioil d Ken
lliut ill' fl't"ird rvery hnip. (Jlnli
n ij;' I l In hi iijt fit cvufy CitMij.i
m'ctitiu'. A Utile elJurl on ihu (firl
of our friftnd', w'tiihl in a lew W'.ik
incrcaiio it ciirnhi'inn liutnlic l'.
" Thetar"
Solicits cofiiimion i i Iff, ntnl ror
r(8iotidmco from all purlieu in ililTer
Ptit localities on lli Furmrrx Move.
input : on the coiiilitinn of tlm cr
iiinl market ; on iloini-lic or Imil-e-j
liohl maticrn ; ami on all piilijecM in
wbicli our hmiIo ore iiiiercHtcl.
Kverj hoily trt fiiniocily reiinteil to
write for l li o Htau, uinl by ho iloin
aid u-i in making it a nt',l inter
Uiitini and instructive p.iier.
llaviin: attended the rtuto (Jnniire
and been J.iil in iiiKHi.sioii of inuUeis
of conhiil.Tiililt! iiniortunca to the
Gi utificrt in 1 1 1 1 h section, I will, if de
rirrd, vicit any CJraiiiO and iudtriiet
tin in in tlio roriect woi kincs of the
Order without ehnrae, provided ihev
atiend to t'oiivoyiiiij me to and fioin
tho fihice of tm-i' 1 1 i:tr .
Address C. Iv. iirownin, Biloxi,
Mibf. tf
Tax CoHectors and Taxation.
."Tb.t the ta of PgroU
The following is senate bill Xo-0-2,
mi Actio rclution to the public
fevfirc :
Section 1. I?o it enacted by the
Legislature of the State of Ji.-ai.i)pi,
That hereafter, in order that tax
piucrs may be jn opei ly informed as to
the time for paying the taxes in this
state, it shall be the duty of the Tax
Collectors of the 8"vcral counties in
this stato to notify the tax-payera oT
their counties, by ptililirution in some
newspaper published in the county, by
posting in some cousjtecuous place iu
each mporvisors' District, tho date
when such taxes become delinquent,
tttao the amount levied by the state
aud board jjf supervisors, for all pur
pose.-; Piovidod, Thai all expenses of
such notice shall be paid I y the Tux
Collector, aha not by tho county or
Smti-. .
Section 2. Be it further enacted
That all hois or parts of Acts, and all
provisions of tho Revised Code of
1871, making the shcrifTs of tho pev
oral counties iu tho siato cx-officio
Tax Collectors, be and the same are
hereby repealed; and hereafter it shall
bo the duty of ibe Governor, by and
with the udricc und consent of the
senate, to Appoint a tax collector for
each county iu the state, who shall
hold the offico lor two jeai", und be
governed by laws regulating the col
lecting of taxes and payment ol the
same into tho Treasury, and possess
all powers and authority now vested
in sheriffs virluo ot their office as ex
officio Tax Collectors: Provided,
That this section shall not take effect
or go into force until after the expi
ration of thr prcseut incumbents, ex
cept in cases ol vacancies that now
exist or may hereafter occur ; and all
Tax Collectors of this stale, appointed
under this Act shall enter into gnod
and enffi dent bond as provided by
law; and provided lurthcr, that the
several sheriff of this stato may hold
tho office ol Tax Collector should the
Governor deem it to be lor the public
interest to appoint them; TroviJed
that i.i no tare jJiall any one be aps
poiultd unless Le be a qualified votct
of Uie county :u LicU bo may be
appointed. " - .
Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That
this Act take effect, and bo iu force,
from aud after its passage, and that
all Acts, or parts of Acts, in conflict
with thid Act, be, and the stmo are
bercby,. rcjiealed.
Apptoved, March 2 1S75. '
v The sea fairing men ol Newfounder
land call psiors the skippers of the
churches. ' ,
Jim),. iti , Mfli .1, H7V
1 tin 4 of l!t l"micrtie
Cofi!erViillr meiiilierit of tftf lrfjila
j lure, he.J In the frnulfl t'h iitiii 'r, till
the ?i I, iti'f., Ihn fiiliiwirii( prrniiililn
and rcoluiiuiift were uiiflnlinoiixly
, udoplt d;
Wlll.liKAS, ThefO in a lieernily fur fl
mom thorough uvf in1 itioii of the
Ifemticralic Conei ruiito party of
thin tfiiile ; anil,
Wiiki!KAi4 The ll- inocra'ic Coiipcr
vmi.e iiit'inbeis of the legislutme now
in Mission, hare dee n requested lo
take some steps looking lo inch an
0. ganiz ition, ny many oi me iieinui
cratic citizens ol the .Stale; ami,
Whkiiras, 'l'ho Dumocr. lic Con
Hcrvutivu mcmhera of liie legislature
feci that ihcy have no power to uct
aulhorutivclv in the organization of
tho Democratic Conservative party
but onlv as members ol tho party to
make suggestions for the consideration
of (Tie i any ; and,
W'liiir.uEAS, The Democratic Con
servutivc members of the legislature
have appointed the followiug commit
tee to take steps foithe oigauizjdou
of the Democratic Consci Vutivo par
ly; therefore,
Resolved, That the following com
mittee be requested to takenucli step
is, in their judgment, may bo necRssii
ty to t e ihoiough orguiiizalioii of the
Democratic Conservative party of this
Ti.-homingo county J. M. Stone,
Lee W. H. II. Tison.
Tippah Thomas Spight.
i'uiiola It. II. Taylor.
Scojt T. JJ. Grnhnm.
Perry J P. Cai ter.
Given W. VV. Thompson.
Lalayette Dr. IJ. F. Archer.
Leako J. N. Deiicion.
P.ke-S. E. Puckwoad.
Prentiss II M Street.
I.re John A Pen.
Lowndes 3 M Jletk.
DeSoto J B Morgan.
Marshall liiulock Falcourr, W. S.
Chickasaur W F Tucker, A Y
Monroe R 0 Reynolds.
Smith A J McLeanier.
Hinds Marion Smith, Geo. L Pot
ter and R L Saunders.
Pike D W llurst.
Warren W H McArdlc, U M
Choctaw J B Dunu.
Madison J A P Campbell
Montgomery II D Money.
Washington W A Percy.
Lauderdale J S Ilainm,
Grenada Win R Barksdale.
Adams W T Martin.
Marion T S Ford.
Jackson Melauclhon Smith
Itawamba S N Casey.
Yazoo R S Lleadson
Calhoun A T Roaue.
Pontotoc JeC Wilson.
Lawrence J J Deaaon.
Copiah Benj. Kiug.
Y'allabusha G II Lester.
Austin Dr. J. M. Phillips.
On motion Marion Smith and It.
L. Saunders were appointed corres
ponding secrataries.
The following resolution was adopt
ed :
Resolved, That a copy of lhee pro
ceedings be furnished the TrueDetno
crat and Clarion for publication, aud
that all other papers in the stile
friend! to the cause bo requested )o
copy the same. .
J. M. STONE, Chiar'n.
11 M. Sthket, Sve'y. " '
. it ft't,i i.
I f l1 t,f - I
4if t'titnt (.. ft '' f.tl I 4
I.i i'( a (ff-t t .if . t i i'.4 1rt,4
t'i'xt Tfc' at it i. .- ,i
t th H'MCf f.-irl. ( j i li -
f.'i ijv (i ., a.t( f' , w i?,, it i
' f :f m if I i i f ) f
i.f i", -i ' ii ( i"y M f
I S'C.,. f f. ff, rf (,(., Af
n if a .' (rfi li-f y,,f ()! ft. ,
Ibrr , Mr, h el If, li li I t
j Cia'ltKrtttbi' r of l'e y, ht a ri- '
d'f, witit kit fsdnt of arm!'.
aitliifft l'irr(.f. (i n fit
4-tt'ftiri tnl put ii In le-en, f
or l.f vital tiie.tiia ha act um i.' tied (,
' t ') . ' . I f mt.
f t'c, f.. m-tf f r.t
e l m . a t t'ti 4 tVt
. I ) fftni Wim a. ti
(, ik. t m ht.i h ) m4
K-t th (aj .C.t li.l tmt, Ut ,w4
i m,.-mi , .tf a i,i , ik ttv y,
! ! ! i. a-.ti.-r, e-i t . f '
a-i l tii I f .. tnmt, t-f 0 mtnf
I r9 It r, 4,1,44 at.!tr. Kf f eHM
it fi , ttiif t- M H aif
'It IK k m t,i tt,a .!. K k.Uf'l
I H m l. i,t h. .'. j
t !i I cf lt H. i'lt i l rmlj
lien ynifi akd . -tly t '.. liii.j
.em, wul oil t i'H '. i 'fl U f at,, I
a.liti i, atel el In ( af t.'m(
tt'l at I th- hi in lltif ti . ( lo build
le m-a (.( lli it l-. W L,i a I of j
Ctoatit tloftalit f af th Cit
4ifUi tvi-f,, $,( i;, f;, i
V. i'.'t lt (." It fnf t rf fcy
i, ... V id t,f i Vmi1
'; h( ; it,. ..-f th
i , at f I'm! ,'i-it r'rfi- Ui l'r
fi in c.,!,ic(ft .y( j fr f ,(
IS 1 ...'if I , , f 4 , r ( up
hit I'm dii m t.f fin l,i4i iri.iii
rt-j t l l i-l tiv, ., U;'
Ut 'r r j
'fa IJ' ( uli . r f'oflfriwf frKik
(fri'iti 'ce ( that Hi (
hi hi I nmtttl j fi,tn l,:fre th
Huprntie I'leifl )., t p'f lit
an I - -i. ! h(. f'trnrnr. Td q-iitf
lioo of Id'I ron'.iliit.w'iauir tjf th
(he (hif nmcfil, ttr I f a lufu i I m " '" ' ' "
l, f,.,l and ll.n fi.ee.r,. . ( ,,,!" ,r ' ' b.-'"''l
lif, or by the r .rrL of h. iiiiic!.'
in iha fin, or by llm awet of Ihii
brow. It U all ihn t.im''; hi Ii.m g it
the lnofiejf. ll mny b '!- J , in wli.il
Pause! young man. You want to
get married, and il is about time you
did! But recollect that unmarried
men don't have to sit up all nigntonce
way doef tin effect f.n Utif jf a an or
cupaiion? It hat il iiifbi' iiee In tin.'
way. Our youfiif ne n s that ll i
the aliniirhty dollar thai it vti (hern
position ami ii.fl iciice in nocicty, and
conrieqiieiitly they are willing to lisk
ihtir lives and honor, and will re-ori
to almost any means, honorable or
dishonorable, for immediate n ecu inn
Ili'oii ol wealth, rather thuu loilow
the life of a Inrmer, where f n lunes are
not nui'le iu'an hour. Thry aie not'
aware that (he pursuit of agriculture
can be made ono of most happy an i
independent, as well as p'ogrcssive,
occupations that our Creator has
placed before us, and as lor comfort
und hnppiucs, it rests more in the
hands of a farmer to make it so than
any other prolessiou iu lite, ills cares
are not equal to the tradesman's, who,
when he invests his all iu a stock of
goods, takes his rUk ol fire, robbery
dishonest clerks, bad debts, uu 1 fi c
nueut failures of his brother mer
chants and business men. Ha sees
.heir skeletons in all linrtiches of trado,
and it is truly said that a man's hoalih
and linppiiiois are easier ruined bv
mental cure and toil than by inanua
labor. The queatiou comes, what can
be done to make the pursuit ol ngri-
culiure more, desiiable? In. the fust
piace, we, as a general rule, ncgleot
education. Let our sons aud daugh
ters bo thoroughly educated, so that
our sons may bo ratable of ossistinir
iu revising our laws and averting our
igius in our lesiirlative halls, and
then we mny hopo to see some of the
canul, railroad, end other political
rinfts broken up, and we hall not be
unduly taxed lo euppjrt an army of
contrrctors and political jobhets in
wealth aud uftlueuco. As we become
better educated we shall be more re
fined, and our homes will be rendered
more attractive. It requires but lit
tle time and labor t6 plant shade aud
Iruit trees, und flowers, and by spend
ing a few leisure hours in to doinjy we
shall be doubly repaid. Thore is no
reason why our homes aud firesides
cannot be made as pleasant and Imp
pr a." those of our h it uds in town. I
Jo not mean as costly and cxtrava
gant as theirs, lor we must not con
sider our happiness na dependent on
these things. There- uie, too, some
privileges that wo us farmers do not
fully appreciate. We can spend our
evenings at homo with our lamilies.
This is not so in many other pursuits
of life. -Secondly, in the cold and
stormy days of winter many leisure
hours cau be devoted to reading and
improving odr minds. There" is no
reason why the bead ol every house
hold should not provide plenty ol
good reading matter for the amuse
ment and improvement of Lis family.
- wraith, wlirlhef I f tjc'rua I i j '! ' If, lnl and at'oh htf. j ' i no th moil ilitrr tinj tld
1 important point in lit eon trow,
.'iinafor (,'afperiter, alio 'poke tod
't(c J irtimi tl,i bill, predicted that
the -wfipriii Court will hold lh law"
lo he uiieoimiituiinr.at ; and, when a
qtirtiion of constitutionalil if im
olrid, fnBtor Carpc'iler U crtaiti
ly high auti.otiiy ai.d lik ly to be
iyht. Il would not be rororisinjr if
the first test (ao on the question
should go up from the North ; for
while the number of people in the
North who now deny any of tho po
lili .al rights of the negro la vetv
small, the number of those who enter
tuin social prtjudiccs is still very
Tho practice of excluding ncgroci
from tho public dining rooms of first-
class hotels and tho choice seats in
first-class theaters and operas, U as
general in the North us in the South,
and a test case is likely to go to the
upreme Court on one of these points
from Chicago, Boston or New York,
as it is Iroin New Orleans, Louisville
or Richmond.
a im.. U'a a-te.l ill. raj t,i hlp ot e-i.tl
i4ii nnt f.rul ft.-l.ht, to infawt Itf am.
f i(ii! iiilti our f unis nio, many of wiV.ru
arc lit tritiii i,f the rt of aKiienllii. an
enl of bmu ban attt-a lli.nr aiiitit(l
leima mined hf W4raiid by IIxmms lutrl
ll ji.lil rtl p.nt that iulel atery
Hotie alter lb war Ilka iionla of mon
fuita Ltipwr., il'-rutnlng lb nub
taitO i of evury Mmtlitrn ciruiiiiiuily.
V bar uu b'd cf I 'ti.irn iams. In
beat u'a uaiae I' t n't in'ire mug eotna
ain'tng uu t i b.lten ou our Iriitf. rlanna
and a eal from nut b pie ted trettminea b.r
a living. Give rnt, farm, m, mtobsnioa,
UUirera ol any unit iuho who wiit uut be
afr ild to take hold of a eiedgu-hainoier.
and Wa will eit.-n 1 to tbeiu tbe nlit
bduil ol leiloWNbtp aud value Hi em aa
among our beat and wortli.tat citizens.
We defy otir mont Bjaiiguaut enemies
to puiut out a slug e instance wbeie uen
if gnoj moral cU iracter men who eame
arming os b r good aud laudable purpoaea
have ever been uiolexted. Tbe people
ol Louisiana atand too much in need of
strong arms aud brave bearta to treat any
true m m rujoly, ooiaa he bom Ma ne or
Vermout, and we siuceroly truul that tbe
tide ot emigration wliioli has hitherto ttl
most exclmnvely ret to the West, wjd
aoon be turned towards the South, where
migiiifloent fortuuea await those who
come prepured to work even half aa bard
us tbey would be compelled to work in
tba Went, L't the eucoetnor of Horace
Greoley gay to tbe young wu of tbe
NuriU aud EihI., nut "Ot West," but
, Go South rX O. Bulletin.
Bishop Ames tells a story cf a
slave mrstcr in Missouri in the olden
time of negro vassalage, who said to
his chattel: "Pompey, I hoar that you
are a great preathei?' Yes, massa,
de Lord do help me powerlul some
lime." "Well, Pompey, dou't you
Ihiuk tno negroes steal little things
on the plantation?" 'Te atighty ft aid
dey does, massa." 'Then, Pompey, I
want you to preach a sermon to the
negroes ogaiust atealiog." After a
brief reflection, Pomjiey replied; "You
see massa, dat wouidnt do, cause
t'would thiow a eoluess over de
meetin ,
When a Ciuoiunati young man says
to bis soul a ido!: ''Dont kiss me any
more, now, Sal; I'm tired," she knows
a week with a tltotgua, watchiag the j he has just bocu shaved by one of
cloiltOb-llne. .. : - : . - f thoge pretty female latbers-i
A Sailor's Sleigh-Ride-
Ddtroit Free Preaa.f
. A sailor, named John Battcs, hired
a horse ui d cutter lor a turn around
the city of Detroit, and he had not
been out over fifteen minutes when he
cutne back to the burn, leading tbo
hoi so, and said that the cutter was
"doun there somewhere," in bout a
hundred pieces. He did not want to
pay its full value, and being Inkon
before a justice, he was asked to state
his case.
Well, yon know," he commenced,
us he rolled his quid 10 the other
cheek, "I chartered that cr.ift for a
crjise around lown."
"I got aboard, battened down the
hatches, and gave the horso a freo
sheet. lie wauted to tun dead bo-
lore the wind, but 1 hauled him up,
eased off the booms a little, and got
the wiud on the quarter.'''
'Then ho went, did he ?"
"Yes, sir, he Caked. We passed
Point Betsey flying, and though 1
saw other craft taking iu sail, I kept
the topgallant sail hung out and kept
her steady."
''Do you mean tho horse ran
away ?'' inquired the justice.
"Yes, sir, I do. 1 threw tho wheel
over, took a pull at the halyard aud
hauled away at the fhcets, but she
was poiuied out to sea, t od old Davy
Jones cimld'nl have swung her a
point. I tried to shorten sail, but
she rolled in so much sea over bf r
bows that she loundered."
"The cutter was smashed, you
'Yes, sir , she went down stern
first, and I went overheard and was
picked up by a steam barge wearing
blue buttons, who charged me with
scuttling the craft. I want to do (he
fair thing, Captain, but I'm blowed if
this 'ere itkippcr ought to send out a
craft loaded by the head and no in
surance on the cargo."
He finally agreed to pay a sum
satisfactory to all parties, and when
be handed over alio . tuoueyH be re
marked :
'Well, I suppose I can anchor up
and forj.o ahead. I havn't dropped
anchor iu this kind uf a harbor for
ten years belore, aud I am going to
buy an ax and take a tog for the!
Canada woods. Cood bye, captain
keep your iiba down trim.''
CiTtb Rights in Kentucky On
March oth a meeting of white and
colorid citizens of Ilarrodsburg, Mers
cer county, was held, at which the
Oi vu Itghts Act was discussed by
several lawyers, preachers and oth
ers. The result was lie unanimous
adoption of the following resolutions :
Resolved, That in our opinion
there is a radical difference between
civil and social rights ; the former is
the investment of the freeman, the
utter is limited by tbe triple circle
of private inteiest, pleasure and affec
tion. Within this tacred arena none
may enter unbidden, and from it the
unwelcome may be rightfully ex
pelled. Resolved, That we conjure our
people to be cautious, considerate and
resectfu! lo all ; to refrain from all
words and acts that may offend or
mar the peace of society. The gov
ernment has spoken to us, and com
mitted the future to our own hunds.
Our destiny will bo, under God, what
we choose to make it.
R.solved, That industry, economy,
intelligence, morality and teligion are
the five points ol permanent, private
and publij pi ogress. These virtues
we ought, we must and we will culli
vate, if we hope to succeed in life.
. Resolved, u hat with malice to
none and charity to all, we enter up
on the pathway of free men, hopiug.
through the good counsel, wise ad
vice and patient forbearance of all
good citizen",, to win positions of
honorable usefulness among this
great Christian people cn tho soil of
our nativity.
Civil Rights in Memphis Two
darkies bought tickois for seats in tbe
parquette of the Memphis Theatre
Wednesday evening, but before they
reached the doorkeeper they were
met by the manager, and at his sua;,
gestion returned to the box offiee, sur
rendered their tickets, received their
money, and went off apparently en
tirely satisfied.
The Avalanoho of Thursday tells
of another darkey who, -the same
night, was in pursuit ol civil rights
under rather embarrassing circum
stances: It ray!;
Laier in the evening, a negro con
siderably under tbe influence of liquor,
with an exaggerated opinion of the
privileges conferred on his race by
the Civil Rights Bill, attempted to
walk into the dress circlo without
having first purchased a ticket. He
was met at the top of the stairway by
tho doorkeeper, who pushed him back.
Ui agaiu attempted to pass in, when
the doorkeeper took bold of biui and
pitched him down ttairs. He was
picked op by a policeman, iu a badly
biuiscd coudition, ar-d marched off to
Old time rveks rodiurr tho cradle. I the b atioi.-aoiti ,
4 Kt,a4.r,jr ImI
t a aa.
f " m i U'' ,1 ,.,4
' ' t tr 11.
I i ft. .rtf w t
i f what t-m.t fe I M.
I it, M M r rf' frl.
'Vrnit 1 f fl. a)
(iii tn t iK'.i.-n- fv(
I . f fet'r f
"f 7 "if f'-v.44l a
l,'.i itt a'latiMf tn
'(Ith 11 U Vi4 t'l'l'm V af
f ! mt lw Af
f'-l att'tt' l f fx) (,'ii!"l K' t4 In
TV .i p,' eti, tvf
t lit brl ift-I i.trif liln U la
l af il m etf I aitrtri m at(!i(,
Off 4 tft fll III r!Ot'll(ttty ll Wlt'l
a atral d j lf it ft aalrf art
"prral'id. T turn hi h fn-wt-
Jn. I'if flrk an I t'tpl, fe"rrt.
wit timi ii, frti abonM b
phKtvl I'tlrtr jraHf spv!, with four
uU In U I, tn l ll.al l.; ileivhi
Iran' afifi on atolir In Ima
mark i off by cuk'1 drivnt nt lit
gt n a I li feel $prlt Thr wrr
in f,f ten mimi!fl4 b fire thiir four
p!lol. Never wer combatann
uooler wltcii ihcy sppare J on lh
ground, in A!'um i, j Mt over the
Mi'iipp line. Thero wa a large
gathering of people to witness Ihbj
desperate affair between two di-itin-gaishsd
The seconds took their principals
aside and thoroughly drilled them iu
their particular luetics. Leech, Butt
terwoi Ib's second, advised bis princl'
pal to maintain bis position and re
ceive the rhot ol his adversary with
out Incurring the hazard of disturb
iug the accuracy of bis aim by ad
vancing. Two pistols were placed
in the hands of the combatants and
two iu their belts. Butterworth in
sisted ou the two in the belt having
the hair-trigger sprung. His second
demurred, b-it DuiterwortU made a
point of it, rather ruffled at bis
friend's objections, thinking that ho
doubted his coolness and nerte.
The triggers were set, tho parties'
took their positions, the word wis
given, and grant advanced slowly,
taking deliberate aim and fired, with-'
out effect. He stuffed the oilier pis- -tol
into his right hand and advanced
a few steps farther, when Butter-
worth, resting pistol on his left arm,
took deliberate aim and fired. , The
ball grazed the upper lip of Grant, .
causing him to i eo til. He quickly .
resumed bis selfspossession and ad
vanced with his second pistol. But
terworlh fired again, and the bullet .
entered the muzzle of Grant's pistol,
caused it tc explode aud knocked it
out of Grant's hand. - -
Grant immediately drew ono of
the pistols from his belt and fired at
about ten paces, his ball passing
through the coat, shirt, and under
shirt of Butterworth, without touch- -iag
bis body, but striking tbe belt iu
about where his two spare pistols
with the hair triggers sprung were,
causing them to explode, with tho .
muzzles down, the contcuts lodgiog
in the earth and fairly enveloping
Butterworth with the dirt and dust
which they created.
Butterworth was then left without .
a load, and Grant with one. But
Butterworth, with great self-possession,
stooped and picked up one of
Ibe discharged pistols, cocked it and
leveled at Graut, who returned tha
compliment with his remaining pistol.
Neither desired to fire as it was a
great point to have tbe last shot, ' -whioh
would bava placed the party,
who l3d discharged bis last load
completely at the mercjr of h's antag
onist, who could have walked op
within a few feet and deliberately
shot him. Butterworth s second,
perceiving bis ruse, that tho pistol ha . ,
bore in bU band had exploded, felt
deeply concerned for the result. But
it was evident that neither Gsant dqp
his second observed the maneuver.
All that we have desorihed oa-
curred in about a ball minute, but
when the parties were brought to a
stand with their last shot a pause of
nearly a miuute ensued. There wero
consequently eight and a half minutes , ,
remaining for the combat,' when, a
parley was called by tbe seconds, and,
it was pioposed that they should
withdraw their principals and load
fur another shot.
While the Boconds were preparing
for this nncoiinter, the crowd, who ,
had beta kept off for soire time,
broke through the lines and inter
fering between the consbatauta, de
clared tbu the fight should end there. ,
Tho affiir was thereore adjourned,
but wes never resumed.
A bride in Indian.., afior tba con
elusion of tho marring cereroot y etof
pet gracefully bruid ihl ipucstd
the cioipyuun lo give out the hymn;
Tri-i UieatJaong Imvh , ilaS,-

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