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The star of Pascagoula. [volume] (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1873-1878, February 15, 1878, Image 4

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KICIi'D P. 111. A LACK, I'lopiiiiToR,
tlcraaloa, Jtll.a
(So ii III side Railroad.)
Tin best of Wines, Liquors ai.J rigarsaL
vitv on hund.
Cunloiners nccotnniodnted uny liour, day or
37 Court Place, LOUISVILLE, KY.,
Bn.it iuccsful, a hi i ray 0- will .ruf
Cnrea nil forma of PRIVATE,
Spermatorrhea ana Impotoncy.
j tlie rruU of Mlf-Bbuta In youili, atiuftl exi-eii 1b iu.
tuwjt ari or other i"aiii, ,.r:ttnHi aoine of the fol-
luwiDK elftuli: X itrvouue, fcititii.al Kmianoii. (niht Unit.
b.m br dmrnt). UiuiitfM or higbi, l-fr- tit W.'unrj. I'lir
Fiui()1bou f'ii'f, A.-rlon toScoirli of Omni,
Confusion of IHcaa, ! of (Sexual tvr, tic., mitt'-ring
mwnwi-impro-T r inilmt'pjr, r tliroiiirl!.r aitl pr-ntm
Bentlr oiir-d. SYPHIIi IS I11111 'J ct,rwl auJ en
tirK-r.'!!. tf(1 ft.uuio .!; Gonorrhea,
GLEET, Stricture, WrvbJUa, Hrrtim i.u,.tuu),
YiWt and uiiiiT private diNCn qiikklv oitiiol.
It laarlf-ctitlout tbnt Ji j tlclati h pai n KMlal attention
to a crbili da of iiincii. ami trwatu.at tin ium tula animal-,
acrjuirea rreamklll. Phjaiciana knowing tM fact nftoa
rciinitnoud eriui to hit earc 1Vhn Ii if luuuvtintut t
Tiiittbeclir rortreatmrnt. m 4lcfoet can be atut pnvattl
aiid mfal.T by mail ur ertireM anywhere.
Cnroa Guaranteed in all Case
nndertalien. si fc , t , . .
ci4Mui(tini.d jiinalhr nr hf letter hoe and InrnM.
Charge roaatilo nud torTraix.urteace itrit.aU ouiaidauutv,
Of 100 paKM, iwnt in any r!rtr, araurelT ai'tlnd, for thirty
(Ml cent, ri-nld b read tv all, AiMtvga aa bIh.v-.,
Si&w Lvun frcoi A. M. to t) I'. k. Suuda, a to 4 t. M.
Ill AVE opened ft mule' and femula lolwo
kt BcihUlou Academy. 1 will tuuuli all th
MritlirniHticaiii itavarloiu brHiiohea, t'ompoal
timi. 1'auiimiialitp, inc. J hoi hIm' reMi'ed t
rcpcdfllllvlifil the OHlrnnuira nf ull trli.i
diu lliir uliiidn-n eilucaleii. Hud . ill en
rtmivor to (iva Hid infliction. Kor tarma ..f
tuiliou, etc. call on orchil-ran hi Spmntnu.
ScpHiitnii, Mif., Oct. 10, i8;r,.tf
Fashion Notes-
M0SS roixT, MISS,
Iron & Brass Founders
Manufacturers of
Steam Enints, Gang and
Circular Sate tllills,
Grate Bars, Sash Weights Etc.
Apsocinted witlrua i
A firBt-cIaes Uoilor-Maker
Orders solicited aud sutiufuctioii guurauteed
Sapt- 7, 1 877-1 y.
vjs w tore:
U. 31. CUD ABAC,
Dealer in
Ilata, t'apa, Clothing,
Tinware, Hardware, Cutlery,
In fact everything that pertains to a first
- cIuph house.
We will move into onr XKVV STORK Mon
day, April -, and ask uu infection of onr
goods Ijy all.
XV A will Tint"? ha TTnraT.c?nl? (
New More! few Goods!
Near Kailroad Depot. Summon, Miaaisaippi.
Wo announce to tha public that we have
just opened at fieraiitun a new and
Dry Goods, Notions, Boots,
Also Groceries, ('aimed Goods, Tiimare,
Ilardwaro.Corn, Out. Hum, and errrvthini;
connected with a KliiVI'.CLASS sTdKli.
which will be so.d low down Jor the cath.
(iive us a cal' and fcee fur yourselves.
Kutttil Dealer iu
g n o c j: n i k s ,
M'hiahies ofRll jtinila,
1 iunis nnal Totincro,
Wines, roitiEit and Laoeu Lkek.
ai31y SuraDton, Miss.
Clack satin drcssc nro revived.
J5aek combe nro worn very high,
Slripcd piockinga ore regaininf
in lavor.
Largo cordn arc no loncer usod
on Bijliili dre.cs.
Bridal slijtpers or boots arc
Iriinitiud witli (lowers.
Lonir tullo veil?, stuffed with
silver Btaisi, arc woru.
Metallic ribboim ore popular for
trimming light dressea.
Flat pockcto of luce arc seen ou
the most elegant dresses.
Old lanhioncd, ) oko . nocked
di esses nro again popular.
White) saiiri trimmed with luca is
revived lor bridal diesae.-".
New silks have n polka dot, or
fjwcr'i;i satin of the same color.
Missel) in their teens wear kilt
pleated skirls for evening dres.-cs.
laoie linen is emiiroiuercd in
coloiv, with initials iu e ch comer.
Tlio Iu tost fancy in jawelry i.-t sets
made io tho form of timers' claws.
JOHN n. DELMAS. Proprietoi.
Pascagoula, or,
iSeraoton P. O.) .Viss.
MEAL i.ud DEAN alwa o hand, or de
livered at the Depot, Mons Point and 1'aa.
caiouhi Sea-Shore at prices us low as
v'un he any where obtained.
Orders from poiuts alone the rail-
road promptly filled, and resueetfullv
...... JI " ' .... - "
auiuHieii. niaran-lv
i i .
Withiii'ron. V,w ,Irev. IT. S. A
A . PI XiC U N ,
Dealer in
-o AND o
Gents' Furnishing' Goods,
Rromberg R-rothers,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers iu
I'lANUH A1VO U K (i A K N ,
Musical Instruments, Sheet Music,
Musical Merchandise,
l'ancr auil Xnvivij Hoomt Tora, cic. rlr
Special Departiuent:
Artists' and Wax Flower .Material.
Sole Aeency foj Steinway Piano and George
Woods At C'o's. Parlor and Very Organs.
ION Uauphin mi. tlobilr. Alii,
John Mcdonald,
Nos. 1-i and :J.'i North Concention street, bet.
Dauphin and St. Francis streets, oppo
site Hienville Sipiaie.
I'aHcntfOMla, Iisa,
A: J.S. BLALACK.Propr'a
The most complete and thoroughly equipped
establishment in the ciiv. The very purest
Had choicest Itnmr.Ur anri linnorlrd
Uinva, Itionilr, Kami, Kin, llhiakt-r,
' I tianipai;ne, Ale, Ueer, Poller, Stout, t'ordiuls,
Mineral Waier, etc., kept conslantly on baud.
A" better or purer liipmrs can be obtained.
nit the Sea-Breeze and see tor yourself.
Dr. F. H. Blount & Co.,
Dealers in
Pure! Drugs, Medicines
oiiet Articles, Tstent Medicines, Etc.,
Pacoula Street, north of Kailroad
We have trade arranxemeuta for increase af
business, an I trust that we may receive the
kiud paitoiiaeeof the community and the sur
ronndinir countrr.
We oiler liber'al terme to dealers in droir,,
and they will do well to call aud aee us before
parohiiKiuK elsewhere
nas-tf K. N. BLOUNT At CO.
All preacriptlona delivered free of charge
between Scrauton and Moss Point.
THE STORE HOUSE and lot of the late
E. Liebman, in the towo of Piscagoula. (Io
eaAion for buaineaa unsurpassed. For termi
pplylo W. H. GILLESPIE, Paacagonla; er
B. KAHX, Mobile, Ala.
wa each. rply to
W . A. BRKia.
Subscrbefor the STAR.!
Tlie Ijurirmt An8ortni?nt of
Metallic Caskets and Cases
In this city. AIho
Mahogany, Itlark Walnut, and all
hinds ol Hood Collins,
And everything conneoted with ft lirat-chias
uudei taker's estHblishment.
Orders received and prompt! attended to at
uu uoiirs, uuy ur uni!i.
Kegideiice np-ntuirs, over office. Jjti29 Cnifu
F. 1 .EVRRE1VS Jf CO.,
(Successors to )ber. Anderson &. Co.)
And proprielora of the
Commerce "Street Hills,
Meal warranted fresh, and delivered on cars
or eteamars ree of charge.
jn29-Cm (a)
I. Beroujoti,
(Successor to C. Beroujou,
N. 3 St. Eainand Mireri, h. Uaaphia
4 .
The largest acaortmeut of
Metallic Cases and Caskets.
Also, MbaT. and all kind, of WmmJ
('Ola., aud everything connected Willi a
tirst-clase esUthlishneut.
Itrdera received and attended to at all honra.
Kitfht-bell XI otlile. a. abov. ur4 Ht rem.
denre. No. tiii Dauuliia. bet. WarraD and
Dearborn atreete. 1-2-lr
cua bnv firat-elas, Pian. and Or
heaper of Dasikl K. BasTTr.
liirUiD. New jersev. than of
any olbr manufacturer in'the United
rAiatea. Wlivf Becanaa be sells onl
for cash. Hikes do ri.'ks. and baa na book ac-
euants. Every instrument ia fully warranted
fur s.x run us atrktlv tiral class abd are sent
ea from i to 1 j days' teat trial, moiit-y reload
ed and freiirht paid balk ways by bin if they
are euaatislactorv. Heud lor irioatratrd Ad-
xsti.i. (Cn Kdition) auU read U-tti
mouiala front hiavatrons some of whom yon
m.y know. Addreaa aaaie4 V. Boa Mr
VA.ar.mBao., Kear fare.
Uraa buy
a. ih
anv olbe
Organdio and tarlatan are used
to stimulate crepe lisso balaycnscs.
Pretty clover-leaf tables have the
top shaped like three leafed clover.
Xeckiie-i for Indies are out ol
fashion j cravat bows are woru instead.
Di ight colored silk vests are
worn with dark dresses by young
Xcw screens have bamloo frames,
with Japanese eiubioidericij in the
It is en regie for the stockings
and Ian to match iu evening
Ked is the proper color for a long
petticoat, even for thoso wearing
Lice mils and kid gloves ore
equally fashionable this winter for
evening toilets.
I Yokes and full srathered waists
nro to be worn in the spring for
wash materials.
Chino de Sahib is a new dress
material of silk and wool, and is
very handsome.
Xcw evening gloves have (ho
long wrists of silk, either embroi
dered or plain.
Cashmere stockings in pale shades
of blue, embroidered with danrask
roses, arc exquisite.
Dark, rich-colored velvets and
pale-tinted cushntprcs nro used for
composite evening toilets.
Transparent lace elbow sleeves
are worn with a few sleeveless silk
and voHet eveninir toilets.
The prinecsse dress, varied in a
hundred different wavs, is rapid.'v
taking precedence of all others.
Low slippers aro of the saina color
as the evening died", and are worn
with stockinns of the tame shade.
Old-fashioned pouches or reticules
are worn aga;n, suspended from the
side to hold tho handkerchief and
Biich-baik canoes aro the newest
flower-holders; they are su-ponded
in tha window by bright colored
Rich galloons, wliich are still in
favor for trimming, are one tna.-s of
braids ; the llower patterns are the
Yet a few days and gentienienV
shirts will be finished widi colored
embroidery. Tiny puffs have al
ready appeared.
Black satin dresses, trimmed with
panels, waistcoats nnd plastrons of
white guipure, make very effective
lull-diets toilet3.
A rumor from Puris tiffiinij that
the comiiiif bonnet is to bo a small
capote of shirred silk, and woru
with a tulle cap under it.
A band of black velvet an inch
wide, witb pendant ornament, is ons
of tho favorite necklaces worn by
young ladies for evening.
A new style of necklace is formed
of tiny rose-tinted shells of enam
eled eold. In each shell is a dia
mond as clear as a dew-drop.
Carriage robes made of gray os
trich feather frinires, instead of lur,
are affected by some very fashiona
ble and extravagant women.
A new spring wrap has appeared,
but as yet has taken unto itself no
name ; it tits closely tu the figure in
tha back, and has large sleeves.
Flannel skirts are now eenrra'Iy
knitted or woven, shaped to Ot
closely around the hips, whiln the
bottom flares just like a flounce.
The new basque is a lonr double-
breasted coat, with reverse collar
the bottom of tho front is turned
buck in reveis. and the back Las
Boston will eontribiito nothing to
tho expedition to tho north pole be
cause it isn't a beun pole Boston
The material most frequently used
now-a-duys for a life-stco bust is a
quart of w hisky. St. Louis Chriss
lion Advocate.
When Mr, Beecher is asked for
the devil's present abodo, ho is too
polite to sav that a letter might be
directed experimentally to Chi
cago. Chicago Inter-Occau.
It only needed half a man more
to pass the Matthews resolution by
a two-thirds vole. If Senator Kel
losr, of Louisiana, had voted, it
would exactly have niado ill
Washington Republican.
"I told her I'd never smoko an
other cigar," he said, sofily, "and I
won't. A pipo is plenty good
enough for me," and he gracefully
drew h mutch over tho largest part
of his trousers. f'ubuibau Xews.
Th' re s a great deal f truth iu
the statement that when a man fails
in bu.-iness, people sav he has "j.onc
uo :'' but you never hear his credit-
when they
five long seams.
Seal-fur trimmings are much used
in Paris and in England, but are
not in favor here. Feather trim
mings also vie with fur borders in
imported garments,
Kilt-pleuted skirts, escaping the
sidewalk all around, and simply
banded with a broad sa-h around
the hips, grow to fuvor for walking
dresses for young ladies.
Turkish drawers of fiance! of the
color ol the stockings are worn, and
the flannel skirt is usually colored
also, or else it is one of the
crocheted petticoats now so much
ors make that assertion
attend his obsequies.
Singular, aiir't it, that when a man
gives his wife a dime to buy u box
of hair-pins or n gum ring for the
buby, it looks hbont sevn timc3 ns
big as when he planks it down for
a litl!e bitters lor the stomach's
sake. Buffalo Express.
A little seven year-old boy in
New Jersey was telling his brother
that the portraits he was showing
were those of tho presidents of the
United States. Said tho boy: "Most
of these wero elected, and the other
one got in." Xewurk Courier.
The Greek word translated ''eter
nal' is '"anion." 'Here is obviously
a mistake iu regard to its effect. It
is a gcod while, but 't is not eternal.
After yo have enttn siouiou nobody
can detect it iu your breath more
than a month. X. Y. Herald.
Iid you ever sit down before the
gnrte nud cioss your legs and won
der how it comes that a dear little
toddling youngster, too small to lift
a dictionary, can a-k questions that
would send a college professor 10
the foot of the class? Gail Ham
ilton. The butter head woman is now
muking a life-sizo bust of Lady
Godiva. Mrs. Godiva's wardrobe,
according to ihe picture wo have
seen, was only her long hair, and
Mrs. Brooks should have no dilli
cully in procuring butter ol that
description . Courier-Journal.
When you see it man come to
town with a small load of wood in
his wagon, and three or four good
hounds under it, you can bet your
bottom dollar that you are g".zin
at one of that unfortunate class who
can not nfl'o d to take u paper.
Worcc-ler Press.
The New York Herald of Sun
day has a three-column interview
with Mr. Beecher ou ihe subj et of
hell. Mr. Beecher positively denied
tho existence of mcli a place even
nioro emphatically than in his recent
sermon. Great joy was manifested
ainonir tho He aid men at this intel
ligence. Christian Union.
It whs midnight. The sky ops
pear, d like a big blue-black sieve
pierced with golden holes. Jones
was wandering homeward, occasion-.
a!lv straightening up some leaning
lamp-post. He expected u talking,
tr.o, which wax probably the reason
why he quoted : ' Man never is, but
always lo bo blest ."Bridgeport
A person that was louk:ng at a
louse the other duv, said he couldn't
afford to pay such rent. "We
look at tho neitrhborhooil, replied
the woman. Inn can bottow flat
irons next door, coffee and tcu
across the street, flour and sugar on
the corner, and there's a big pile of
wood In longing to tho school-house
right across tho alley." Rochester
A synonym need not always bo
expressed, it can sometimes be im
uliud. For instance when we sny:
"Set a thief to catch a president of
a trust company,'' the words of the
old adage aro slightly altered, but
the meaning remains the same. This
shows how easy it is for the human
mind to adapt itself to an innova
tion on anv mode of expression.
Chicago Tribune.
Ben. Butler called at the white
house yesterday and smoked his
morning cigar in tho room of Pri
vate Secretary lingers, who as he
entered, looked anxiously at the hat
of his visitor, but Ben. turned liie
insido toward ins host, and, smiling,
peace at once assorted its dominion
in the bieast of thi disconcerted
officer. Ben. had emptied tho
bricks out and left them with the
doorkeeper before he went up stairs.
Washington R?pub!ican.
A story is told of a well-known
southside merchaut having been
observed placing a nickel in a
letter box on a lump post on Smith
field street, a few nights since. Hav
ing paid his fare, I e eat down on the
curbstone, and alter wa.ting about
ten minutes patiently rose to his
li-et and demanded, in very profane
language, to ki.ow if that car was
ever going to start. Receiving no
answer, lie, alter waiting a few
minutes longer, started home on
foot, leaving his fare in the box.
Oshkofeh Christian Advocate.
A Pltntirul Supply or
Oood R.iutin and Beautiful Ploturos
umi't. tff w.. Ml.oo per .'ur
tr R (..i-t.V.-. Ml.tl I U. MFI If
Ilia m.-ti.-T. It M lllJfl)lkJII Ml fxdlljin,
Mi.' r.H uewa, mul, I-vni.I.s, niif li
illifl V""1 rr.i i:riv, niimht-i , i.
Uli i if i (itiii fi- lU-nl on final ur tr
Ifni irt, Mrf it-:i iler (il.i
I a fa? I V " -i H f'J'V "1 Ml" ' -nr'-
r. 'A.Z ":. "Tim1 rnnr m-nvr jaan m
illi: fl-All. II.I.INTH.a'IKii A I.M
ii t aft emit-. m-iil ril w
14 Ilia tllli' I I I'M lUI'L' fttnl lllll 1 11 II K HtP
8 .. .... Wirt- I'm- aaliiiaannfj irt
1 A4'.ll1. MlW.IB H'f ni"-t lit'. Till IU II;
" fl.-i.i, ua !)' ( jrrttttr than ever.
j wni ajv.-rv club iiiit'il in tln rnnlrT Ii
i - r mmiiii' "ii h n lcf"i ronttiiMiriiiu
.rti iiftrinn to (ft-1 ia
nil at iid KAuii-U 'ii'; ol
itni foi
int for fni b ti MtCiin-
,r (nr Mit. inor.
nii, tn.'U.;ii in no rna k nttj
inr, li mi iw:,a (' n f vihom i.h nlwi-
ia' of tti- ii-;I.U nf all tho t.itrii, ant
itm .mm. lb. (i"X t.i nri; lb )ii.ilict'
of twit itnei wient m ilm iuih.
imi it) wi'.iii (in v nlr-Ht ul
ti inr. Tt riMir in eT'aMir
lti- (ii i.a sinful pnil)ir H"c!!nl m-
, I 1 jrntin J, i.f in w, rflilCb f( bJivc
ij ..fltf f fnP l'll (Jill)"',
; i Jr5 Mi ur without pu ture, fe Dotktr.
I ",rk. ir. mi irrOi'M itrrrltriHH tOKf
i a club, v -rilf fii mmii-U -iiv
jt)M i t'-t in nud a cftiit'eMifi oti t til
i'Jft rift. Hiirrtmen c"" " Jx'y er J
1 rtMt for mif b' !( m.JCi
,M. O. Richmond,
i:.imtpam:aiiu!I.a, . mis
i8TA'i;EFor 1878!
ioo ooo t'mrur.ATrov
100,000 tlKflLA'noW
Will give prompt iilleiilion lo the sale and
renting of real ealntu, houses, etc. l'arties
l.avlnir lauds and liousea for sale or rent. ...
thosu wishiuto rent or purcluse, will flud 1. j " .)'.)'. 'AJK "T J
Van TIIK HI'Kivv a,,.,-. A
to their interest to address us aa above.
We have the following places to dispose ot-
A sciuhnro residence, oranira grove aud
a inini 01 imi acres laiiil, on fuscajroula bay,
within a half mite of l'ascaKoula, Alias., mid
one and a half miles from the Mew (Means
and Mobile railroad. Ou the place there are
Hull vouui( and thriving orange trees, one acre
in BUar ciine, some sweet potatoes, hii abuud
mice oi cow peas tor nay unu seed, n-anure
tor use of farm, and plenty seasoned wood for
fuel during the entiling winier. Fine shady
yum, vw riuir iiimaD ui wcu looms, wen mr
nished iu country style, suiuuier house; also
hnoiher house ot 5 rooms, one cntine ot
roon.s; etntiie, can iiim inui", i-l,ii-krn htMise
carimiie anil cult. Willi harness tor both, a ni
bom corup ele, two cowsuml calves eic. Also
suar n.iil i.tl.l cviipoiHl'or, wi'ti ciipncily of lvo
Irov'sliMiOs su'Ht per dir , will be sold with the
plnreji not (implied ot bolore. 1 he nhiive
jin.perry will lie sold at a sncrrlice of lU,tOU
iro-ll Hie puri-nase priro. 1 me pi-rTiVt.
now in rim Tlnii
OF THE SOttfll
and over five hundred of the hot writer. .
the day, on all subjects, are contributor. i?I
It le beK'iiiiuiK sortie of the best
ever published iu an American lonrnal .J
no puper presents u trieater variety of rtadin.
tT eilVTllvu
WrilJiaiit Com.
Kiiinniurv li'v.'ollunt u ,:... ...
llrilluint Cpntiuned Suirif
pletfl.i Ktorieg. Jiriiliunt, Poem. Ht.d R? '
Kxcellent Wnem KtiiroriuM, Excellent Nevri
tjii: S UN.
1878'. NEW YORK.
As the limo HppnmehfH for Ilt renewal of
HiilifH'ti)litiii, TIIK SL'X wouM reniintl itfl
tiienti" uik) well wialittrs t-Thrv where Mint it in
I,.;., in ii Ciii1ltiata for the..- co'iniideriilion Hiid
Hiipport. Cp"n ii i-ecor.i for rhe mt tn yeurs
it ti'iiea tor a cowjiiuuiu'R of rtio (.carry nvni
piithy anil xtfiierotm co ojieratKMi whirh huve
hiiherto In.!) exlendeti to it Iroin erery qimr
twr of the Union
l lie Daily Sim it a ftmr paye sheet of 'JSi-ol-ntnns,
pricH by mail, post paid, 55 cents a
tnonfh, or J't .VI per year.
The Sunday ediiion of THE SUN is uu
eitfhl pKe sheet of jt column. While givinif
th news of the tiny, it uleo contain a laryu
amount of liferary and mist'ellatieons nmttef,
Hpeciiilly piep.ue'd for it. i'HK SI'NDAY
SL'N hua un.t with Kieut BiiccedtJ. i'oal paid
a year.
Who does not know t fie Weekly Sim 1 It
circulates lliroiiKlioiit. thp United .States, the
CutiHtlaa, aud beyond. Ninety thonsaud faini
i lieu tfreet itw welcome oilmen week y, and re
pud it in the liht of n-uide, counsellor and
friend. Its news, editorial, agricultural and
literary department! make it ewwtntially h jour
nal fni the family and the lireftiie- Teimnc
One Dollar a year, post p;tid The pi ice, qual
ity considered, mnkei it the cheapest newa
puper iniblihed. Kor cluhs often, with $l'l
cuih, we will send an extra copy free. Ad
New York City.
It'Yit Jieliirlous Notea. Note, of TpuI if
AI.E OK EXCHANGE for Phfch- V.1 oi iew liooku, Notei nf
Ji' v-u!h prinenv-:wiiu'i!if of li,d Ivi.. ew te of (he Diama. Fortvuit..
.:.i " .. i.. ." ' :i . .1 . Klttu,l l,.,,'.. Pa.u,,..,,,!,. ..I
winm ci unu nine ti i-ie JsvYf l'llitia (did V r- r iiu.iii, OUieil, Pur
Mehile milroad, at Keinland Ntniion 'JJ inil "K,Hl,h? ot Humor. IScientifio Denarii...-,.
u-.t ..f 1..hiU t.rA im 1. t. Fuzzle Deiiiil'tmenr. Mul lim..t ir. I li... l
Kuiila. 'J heieiaon the place a frMhe Imuce .f
lour roomn, icn ioui nan, Kitchen and dimiitf
r.uun, Piniii-j, wii:., .imi gwm water, j he land
In well timbered; hat mine fruit tree hiiU
grupt vines. W ill tie old (-heap or exclmnjf-ed
for prorerty in I'HPcaKoula.
JA .iIJI.Ij on Smith's hike, nenr Eldcr'i
-v m.ij v-i if, i.yc,. i.ujtju iee,i, -io tit ro
power engine . .in root tmiler, iifi inch i-iirnUr
caw, uv loot rarriMMtt wayn. three Uarkliur.-t
niocnu. Miliii'rr ?HTt r-iiler, and all nei t-stnrv
..1. , !. LV ill t... ,.'.1 ... .. I J
cj.n ot no, in nt- Bl,,u ill U UillhlD.
I i ACKKH LAM), wiih jfood dwelling of
J w 4 iMtTiid, hull, kiit-hm, eiHiit n room.
.ioiI well, t-te ; Y.i
iv , 7. neaTlliv Vlliew. , . ruiira
ircra, peaen. peur anu uu. At (Jnelljiiir illi
Will be void cheap, i
two ruoiua on time land.
f-'cianton. Miss.
Dr. Sydney Bavieson's
M, R. U. LONDON. M. D. Giepeu,
Autlinr of "Fr ctical (Hmervations on Ntjr
voiiH Debility." "Esfiity on M.tri'iaee,"
etc., Senior Froprietor of the Jlie
Houri State Mnnett if Auato oy, .
IS'. LouU, Alifrfotti j.
II n ur tt inform tho ciliriiis of New Orleans
ami vicinity, and enpecial'v tlne who have
already availed themsetves of his services.
that be has returned to the city for the aea
soit, and mav ho counulled, tilt the-iUt Alarch
next, at bin old rooms,
it Kttiiiuurt Mfrcet, foe tin en t'annl nnd
and may be connuked DAILY from 10 a.m. till
3 p in, nnd from i till 8 p ni.
Dii, DAV1ESON, haviuff adopted a? bis
line of practice ttie treatment and cure oi
ftcrroiisi OiH0Cri,
bus spent Rars of study and research iu that
branch ot Medical Science t-earitifr specuany on
the uflerinfjs aii."lntf fnm YOl 1 II l I L tULt
LIES OK IND1M: KETIONS. caiisiiit- tier-
is. mental and idiysical debiliiv. and the
loea or a t vitaniv. hiio utn ninir .tun v:iru
PYitei'ieiii-i. in the bent EllT-nneun Hotinilats. to
tether with veurs of tho moj-t successful
tiructice. both io Euro'ie and America, entitle
aim to Kiiunititee
liellrf lo nil MnlTercra
who consult biin. Dr. DAVIESON bas been
specially and remarkably successful In his
Tri Hliiit lit by 'orriponiltnc.
It is, however, desirable that at leaal one
personal interview should be had, il practic
able. !R. DAVIESON especially invites the at
tention of those who by placing themseivus
under the care of ignorant charlatans: have
only increased their uffuringa. 'Ihe physi
cian who understands his profession and labors
witbiutelliKet.ee to advance it iu the respect
of nieu, is a benefactor to n.ankind, and the
biifh estmiati.'ii tu which Dr. DAVIESON is
held by physic-bins themselves, is proof that
all who apply to him may have
Implicit I'uilh in n Kupifi and ler
nmnrnf nre.
Dr. DAVIESON'S work, ''Fractical Obser
vations," now iu its liah edition, will be
found a valuable tiide, and limy be bad. bound
in cloth, priew US rents, hr Hdd:eHMing the
author, Dr. BiUNti VAMHSVX. Wo.
Itaaipart street, belweeu Canal and Cnftnm
honiM. New Orleans, or from GEO ELLIS
bookseller, opposite the postollice.
Dr. UAVIr.su.'N may ue cousuiieq at no. a
Rampart street, bet wee u Ctuial and Cnstom
ho tine. New Orleaiis. up to the 31st of Alarch
after which his H'idre will be 17t'5 Olive
street, St. Louis, where he has been peiuia
umitlv located for timiiy Tears.
Office hours from 10 a m. to 3 p.m., and from
6 tu 8 p-in S outlay s, ih a m. till u p.m. only
frZ ACRES, more or less, on the road be
9M tween derail ion nnd Moss Point, rnniiiUK
back to a bavn; two und a half miles from
Scr uiton; near churches and ttotid schools. On
the place there are ubiuit at Ml orange, trees, 40
pear trees, a tew peach tree a bearing scup-
tiii.ihj( aiiMii, iiuiinn wiui im ee rooms, out-
nouse witn two roiuns, ofhee, stable, cbickt
house, etc.; also well of water- Ternis eauy,
Fuzzle Department, Mulhematicrt Department
jlousekeepeiV Department, Correhj.oudeuu''
(;orre,pcih-nls, Chat willt Cout.ihutor.
Dcautilul llliistratioua '
it, has furtv wide colnmua of n,tiAM ...L
weeft. ' " " co
Price, only :i a year( two subscribers, ijv
ear. '
Font club of eix at ti 50.
for one year.
Kor a'ctuli of tvventv.ull snt. u.
Jill iu cold is paid. A idless SL'.VNV SOI Til'
, , !' Ki-ALS, Atlanta. Oa. '
Ckr neud for speciiiieu.
riASO ASii 0Kb AS i'L.tll.
jt JASON'S CHARTS, which recently
11.1 created mch a scnsatiou in Hoston and
e.sewhere, will e. ahle anv nei-aun nf ....
age, to
will e.ahle any person,
iTIn.ler Ihe I'inno or Orssa
I-IOU 8AI K CIIKA-A larKe tract of
a. iiiuu, wiui avoou riBiilejce, siluated on
1'Hscaxoula tiver, at Americus, a laine portion
of whic-li is well adapter) to fartuiiiu piirsoses-.
There is ;m the pluee an orchard of over lull
iruit trees. I his is a rare chance tor an invest
ment. O.hir ,'rrek, one of the most beautiful
streams iu the comity, runs immediately by the
i corn n e.
Ii. S. & A. P.lAl tl, Attorm j.s.at-I.atr
Serenlh Street., Washington, D- C.
We procure pitenls l it all countries. Wont.
tornoy fees ill advance. So ctiaiye unleHs Ihe
paient is vrantea. io ailillllotial lees for oh.
luiuu.ir and couduclln a relieariui;. Special
attention tfiven to Interference Cikcb before
the Talent llmce, Kxtensions before CVnuress.
Infringement Soils in different Slates, and all
litigation appertttiuinV to Inventions or Talents.
Sena stamp tor pamphlet giving full instruo
I'nilcil Ninlca Com-la nnil Ocnnrlrnpiiln.
t'liiiins prosecuted in tho Siiiueuie Court of
the l uiteii Mutes, Court, ot Chums, and all
classes of war chums before the Executive
Arrears of lny nnd lloui.lv.
v.nirere, soouers and sailors ol Hie lute war.
or tnetr nuirs. are u many cases emiiled lo
moiioy iroin i lie uoverntnetit, ot which Ihev
have no kuowlvdue. Wille full historv of
rervice, ami slate amount of pay und bonuty
receiveil. r.nclose slump, and a full reply.
unci LAuuiiiinuui, mil oe given you without
All oflicers, snhliers, and sailors wo mile
ruptured or injured iu the lute war however
slightly, are entitled to uud can obtain a pen-
Wo conduct our business in separate bu
reaus, liuwiig therein the clerical assistance rf
able and exp'Oieuced lawyers, and five our
closest personal supervision to every impoi taut
imper prepared in eac.u ciisu I'roinplest ut
tcution Inns sucuttd to all business entrusted
us, Adtln-ss
K. S &. A. P. I.ACEV. Altornevs,
Wahiiiiiton. i. C.
Any terson desiring iiiforiuatiou as to the
standing und l-esponsihility of the members of
the lirui will, ou request, bo furnished with a
satisfactory -etereuce m his vicinity or Con,
irressioual district,
n n day, even i honli thev have no knoirU,),,.
of notes, etc. The Boston (llohe anv. ,
Yon can learn t j play on the niuna o.
o-unn in a dav, even if vou n -Ver plavtd
l.elore, and have not ihe slightest knowledra
of lit tea. by Ihe use of Mason's Cha-ts. A
child ten yeurs old can learn easily. Thev are
endorsed by the best musical oennh. ! .,..
and are I he gruni ciilminulion of the inventive
itrioui. oi i,ne oiuei.eeuin ceillU:?.
Circulars itivnu lull particulars and munr
lesllmoiuals will be sent free on application.
Cue set of Mason's Charts, aud a rare hook of
Kieut VI tlie, entitled "Sinirinir IVholn k.u. "
both mailed, pos' paid. to any address, for only
ti '-Worth more thuniJIIIO spent nu musio
lessons." Address A. C- AlUkTCN
(ienernl At-ent Atlnnla. (la-.
Agents wanted at once evervwlim-a it..
chance ever oif-reil. Securo territory before
too late. Terms free
51 itnilood: How Milt , Ki atorrd
u Just, published, a new edition a
,,jg Ir. ulrrrivrll'. t rlrbi uird
Bayoil the railieal curt I a :,!,.,
medicine) of Sckkmaioiikho:.!, or Semissi
Weakness. Involnntiny Seminal Losses, lisroi
TKsrr, Menial and l'hysical Incapacity, Im
pediments to murrisiie' eic.; alro ( o'ssuar
i ion, Ern.trsr and Firs, induced by self.ia
dnlvence ur sexuul exIruvuKHiive, lie.
Itr x rice ma sealedenvelopeotily su cants.
The celebrated author, iu ibi. h,linir.l.u i...
sny, clearly dcinoiistinles from a thirty years'
successful practice that the ularmin' conss
quences of sell Hhue may be radiraHv cur.d
wiiluntihe (Im libelous use of inteiiiu'l m.di
cine ur the application of the knife; pointing
out a inode of cure ut once simple, ceriain ami
cft'crtiml, by nie,ms or w hich every sufferer, no
niaiter w hat Ii is condition hiny be. dims eura
himself cheaply, privately and rndiciillj.
n'This Lecture should be in ihe hunris of
evetv youth and every n an in the land.
Sriii uuiler seal, in u plain envelope, lo any
a.hli ess, ftosljKud, on receipt of six emit cr
two IK'sluye Slumps. Address
II Ann St., New York: Post Office llov 4oS.
tMnskcra iu one month. A prand siu-csi.
'lho.e who want u nice Whi.keF .r M,,,i..
tache use our preparation. So cheap make
up, but a peuiiinc uriicle. The prepHiutioa is
So very expensive in its character that we
cannot sell it at less than if 1 per packue. It
will he mailed free on receiot of the nrtee. br
addressing HUNT Ai Co., Hair Drersers,
Main street, Urockville, Out.
i jS5S5
S S .!) ,
' St CO X o
o "
S pooi5s
fl Ice at is io c
rf ssssss
S i?iitis;
J 1-.CC
a a
at SgSfH
T HAVE now on hand a lot of Commerfia'
J fertilizer, wuicit i ihihly recommended us
tne very t
lor sugar cane, corn, and a',' kinds of vegeta
oies. ut he sold ut city puces.
GILMOUE & CO., Attorneys at I aw,
iirNNi-fl lo 4 hipmnii, (wmr 1 Co..
529 F Street, Washington, D. C.
American and Foreign Patents.
Patent procured in all coiuuriiis. .No fkzh in
,ivan:k. No charge unless the patent is
Cnuited. No fees fur making tiremntnurv exnml
lations. Special attci. ion triven to IniVrfemice
I'iui's het'oie the Pamal Oftico Extensions he
"ore (oi)gres, Infriiijrement Suits in different
Stales, and all Hiitratton aipertaining to luven
;lotn or latent. Sbnu Si ami on CAiii-in.aT
jr iwjt rr fh'tKn.
United States Courts and Departments.
Claims nrospctUed in tli Sfnhrnma ('.im-i ii
tiiiiie(i.-inns. i;oortor i;iftiin, tiont tofOnnmis-
sinners of Alal'iimri (!laim. Southern rifiimi
t;oninisiMi, and all 1mes of war claims liefuis
hid Hixocuii vh uepai t-nients.
Arrears of py and Bounty,
orFtfmtfi, sor.iiiKits. nnd railoiis nf th i.itai
war, or ilieir tieirs. tire in intinv rttseai e.iiiii,i m
montiyfrom Iheaoverntnent, of which they have
....Tr .T-Ul4r-. iiiriuii uisiory oi service, and
mate iimoiiut of pay nnd notinty received. Kit
cktwstnmp, and a full repiy, after examination.
AH orncmis, feorDiniis, nnd eAir.oas wounded
riipiiiiel, or Injured in ii,fl mstr, however
shghity, can ohiain n tanon, mnuy now recetv
liilT peni.iuit nro euiiiled lo tin hivrete.. Hend
iiii'TiiKitioii win firrnlslied fre.
(M:iiintuit, wliiMi atu.rueva linvn Ihss.i
pfMided, will be Kraiuitoiiily furnished with full
niiurmauoii;um proper paiiers ou application ic
As w charge no 1 ttnle nr-resft4l, stamp
fur return poi.Lee should be scut n.
United States General Land Office.
ConiftPrt Lund tJateaj, prlrnle Tjtvtid (Uitlm
Mining I re-iii pi ton and lloineirnU l Uifit, pros
;nted I.. ftrrr ilif ( .iiittl laftnd Offlc ami lfenarl
mentof Lite Interior.
Old Bounty Land Warrants.
We pay cnh for litem. Wherr mfthrnwfuitfl art
im iieci w Kite tutitniettona to perfect tlrem.
Hnll ii(rror nnd tbfr.
We act aa attorneys for such In procuring con
iraLs. making colleciions, negotiating loans, and
attending to all business eon tided to ns.
I.inentl .irranreiiieiiu iad with aitorneya In
ill clfiss of biiraiueaa.
Address GILMORE & CO.,
1. O. BOX 44. ITaMhinfftnn B. ?.
WsinnfiTOrf, D. C, tZ"tmhr 24, 17.
I lki nlmaiim m expreaMung mv entira confl
tence .n Ilia retjtfm.ni hit it t$ and M'Ulitft of Mie
Law, Pnteut and Collection liuuae of Uilhobi
k Co, ot Uiu city,
(Cu9hir ttfthg Ihttiomti HeUojftiUtn Bank.)
nil T7 Q A cert a. i and etTecin
I J Ji 111 s75 core. Triibxeuly 601
Address UK. PKKC'Y, OydeDtbargb, N. I.
Or how to see behind
voarseJf. Moio 'uu in it
than uu v t Ii i njj iu Christendom. rile un with
a twenty-live cent, and make yoliifelf L'appv.
Adiirees NOVEI.TY.CO ,Ogdet6bui(li, N V;
Men & Women L" ;".7 AZZ
industry furnished with nradical receipts. pro
ccsttfs, and relmble information upou anv de
Bir-d subject. If you are ptizJed ou any sub
ject, or want, a receipt for snythin, enclose
ONE Dl LLaK in a registered letter t A. D.
i!i.E, MA., K.U.C.H., Hrockville. Ontario
when your wants will be compiled with, and
the niL-a reliable information forwarded yon.
VN Oi,D PHYSICIAS, retired from active
practice, having had placed ill bis bauds
by an East India Missionary tlie formula ef s
Vegetable Kemedy for the t needy aud perma
nent cure of
Catarrh, and all Throat and Lnnir AfTections:
rIjo a Poaitiveand Uadical Care lor Nervou
Debility and all Nervous Complaints, altar
having thoroughly tested its wonderful tor'
tive powers in thunsanda of cases, feels it tu
duty to make it known to his suffering fellows.
Actuated br this motifs, mid a conscientious
desire to relieve human suffering, he will setia
FKEK of C1IAHOE to all who desire it, th'
receipt, with full directions for preparinx "
successfully using. Sent by return f mail by
addressing with stamp. Diimiujr this paper.
Ogdensburgh, N
dollars is not r'lf
.Mnied in these nar.1
it can
made iu tu.ee nu
bv any one ol either
aex, in any part of the fonfnrv who is wiiun
to work steadily at the eroplovment that w
furnish, f 'iti per we k Iu your town.
need not be away fiom home over night. "
can give vonr wh ile time lo the work, or oaiy
your spare moments. We have aaents who
are making over $0 per day. All who en
gage at once can nnike aionef fast- At tr,
present tt is money cannot ha made ao esiy
and rapidly at any other boainesa. It ce'1'
nothing to try the bnsin.ss. Ternisana If
ontBi free. Addresa at onoe, H. llstt-s"
Co Portland, Maine.
I Great chatiee to ms's
VJi O X CI greeaa'vVa
. in eveiy
In., in l.b. MhMviriinnl for the largest.
rbeapeat aud beat ilHiatnrted family puhhcamui
in the world. Aav one ran Iwcom. a '";
fnl agent. The most elegant works ot are
given tree to auhsci Mra. Te price ta so "
that most everybodr suhseribes. Ws agea
. . i.....' ...a imi... week. A Mr
agent rrpoi Is tak hig over 400 aobscribera IB
tendava. All who engage make asoaey t
Yoa tun devote all your Mme to ike buslaera,
or only your spare lime Yoe ee a"?
awav from home aver agt. To rm "
aa well a. otliera. K..II particalars.
and terms f.ee. Elegant and elptaaive yav;
lit freo. If yoa Want profitable work aeatt a
your address at ouca. No one wbo ' "sT"
failsto make great pay. Addreas "'Tbs rr
I plfa ourtaJ.' Porn and, Um. " '

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