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S.T. Jackson Makes An
louncement In Methodist
Church Last Night.
^?r*on Preached By Pastor Made Great
laprestion? In Twenty-Five Years Lo
cal Methodists Have Been Exceedingly
Liberal? Interesting Discourse Listen
To By Large Congregation |
At the conclusion of his sermon,
nring which he recited the history
if Methodism in Perth Ambjy, Rev.
T. Jaokson made an announcement
btch greatly surprised a large con
egation in the Simpson M. E.
hnrch last night. He said that
100,000 had b4en ariven by them in
he last twenty-fire years for church
?ark. This, he said, was a very oon
irvative figure and did by no means
elude all the money contributed by
e different societies in the chnroh.
The service, which marked the last
irmon of the castor before Confer
ence, which begins Wednesday of this
week, was opened with prayer by S.
Reohnitzer. ? The pastor announced
?hat arrangements had been made for
all the meetings as usual this week.
Mr. Jaokson will also be away next
Sunday. In beginning his sermon the
pastor said; "The hardest thing for
me tonight, is to know what not to
?ay. "
The subject of his sermon was taken
from the twenty-third chapter of the
book of Numbers. "What hath God
wrought?" In dwelling upon the
historv of Methodism and its Ohurch
in this city he divided it into three
periods. The first, that of organiza
tion, the second of growth and expan
I - sion and the third of reconstruction.
Regarding the first period he said:
"As early as 1772 Bishop Asbury
oamc to this city at that time, bnt a
very small town, and preached to a
handful of Methodists. It is true
there was no ohuroh, but in 178U there
was a Methodist Society organized
which grew bo that in time tijey built
the first Methodist Ohurch on the
corner of Gommeroe and High streets.
As time went on they saw the need
of a new ohuroh and finally bouaht
the lot where this church stands. "
Mr. Jaokson dwelt largely on the
grit, "gumption," and determination
of those members, some of whom are
still living, and were at the time oalT
ed crazy in their efforts to build the
present edifice. The sacrifice they
made, he said, will go down in history
and he hoped to come back and live
to see the time when the debt of the
ohuroh will be wiped out and the
edifice completely renovated. Mr.
Jaokson claimed there was an error in
history in determining the time when
the Methodists first came to Perth
Contract For New Vault.
? Thomas Redhinsr has received the
I contract from the Perth Ambov Trust
I Company for transporting the new fire
I proof and burglar proof safe deposit
V vault which will be put, in the Perth
I Ambov Trnst Company's building on
I Tuesday, March 31st.
Masons and carpenters were at work
last Friday preparing the foundation
for the heavy vanlt.
This vanlt, which the Trnst Com
pany is putting in, is something which
the citizens of Perth Amboy have
long needed. It is absolutely fire
nroof and burslar "proof and contains
a number of compartments of different
sizes which can be rented at very
reasonable prices. Some of these
compartments are large enough for
the storage silverware, etc.
The men who have made the largest
fortunea'in business are those who
have been the most extensive adver
Committee Of Women Met And Were
Assigned Their Districts By
Father O'Conneii
At all the masses of St. Mary's
church on Center street, yesterday
moraine, the printed slips Riving the
amount of money recently oollected,
and the sum promised, were Riven
out. In speaking of the matter to the
congregation, the pastor, Rev. B. T.
O 'Conn ell, thanked the parishioners
for their hearty response to his appeal,
and said that it was a work well be
gun, but one which the congregation
must keep~up,to see the suocess of the
new chnroh.
"*The committee of sixty ladies who
are to act as a Church Building So
ciety, their duty being to oollect
ten cents perweek.met at the rectory at
8.80 o'clock last night wh^re they
were assigned to the different districts
they are to oollect in, by Bev. B. T.
There will be a high mass Tuesday
morning for tjie repose of the soul of
Ellen Connors at the request of her
parents. Also on Wednesday morning
a high mass will be said for the re
pose of the soul of S. Killmurray.
The pastor announced that all the
money taken up at the Blaster collec
tion this year would be devoted to
ward the building of the new ohuich.
Next" Sunday, being Palm Sunday, the
palms will be given out at all masses.
Strike Settled This Morning And
Work Is Resumed At The
Big Factory.
Plant Wat Shut Down On Saturday And
Men Paraded With Big Flag Were
Totd To Wait Until Mr. Maurer Could
Be Communicated With?No Disturb
ances Wire Reported.
The difficulties between the 300 men
and boys who went out on strike at
| Henry Manrer & Sons factory last
. week, was settled in favor of the men
I this morning and thev all went back
to work. As told last week the men,
1 '
after failing to settle the matter, went
on strike and on Saturday sent a com
mittee of six men to the offioe to talk
it over. They were finally told that
, Mr. Maurer had gone away and could
| not be seen until this morning. They
demanded an increa
thousand bricks for the boys.
It is stated that they split the differ
ence, and this being true, the increase
is the same which has been promised
beginning April first to the' men in
the several factories in that section
Attention is oalled to the novel ad
vertisement of Salz & Stiener on this
Joe Kovatz, of 8 Somerset street,
New Brunswick, was fined $16 yester
day morning on a charge of carrying
conoealed weapons. He was unable
to pay the fine atd was locked up.
The arrest was made late Saturday
night while Eovatz was flourishing a
revolver on the street.
Joe Kutoher, a Hungarian laborer,
nineteen years old, was put under $60
bonds yesterday morning on a charge j
of assaulting Mike Shopsky, of 55
Watson avenue. Shepsky bore a deep !
out over they eye whioh ne said was
done with a knife in the hands of j
Kntcher. The police believe the two
men had a fist fight and that the gash
ever the eye whs done with a ring on
Kntcher's hand.
a day for the men
its - ? ?
lolders Liability
and Deposits
$1,003, 407,41
Pays interest on Check Accounts
OOO and over at %% 850? and over at 1%
Soliots Accounts Large and small
Terra Cotta Companys Say They
Will Give The Hen
HeM Meeting In Union foil Saturday When
Committee Said That Ow'ng Tt The
Request Of The Terra Cotta Company
The Answer Would Not Bo Made Pub
Memberi of P leasers and Finishers
| Union, Local 77, as announced exclu
sively in (be News, met in Union
Hall, Saturday night. The committee
which had been appointed to make
arrangements for a* change in the
wage scale, so that the pressors wonld
be paid by the cubic foot insteid of
so much per pieoe from the firit of
April, reported that they received a
reply to their demands from the Perth
J Amboy Terra Cotta Company, but at
| the last moment the firm requested
that it be returned, saving that an
' other answer wonld b? prepared for
the Union by April 15. VThe com mi t
! tee announced their inteV Uon of not
' giving the report ont untl they heard
again from the Perth AVboy Terra
Cotta people. \
' ' What the report is, ' ' s.la a press
or in conversation with a njnorter this
morning, "none of the pAs^ers out
side the committee know,%>kit many
of us are of the opinion thlt\ it was
unsatisfactory, or else the oomrnittee
I would have given it ont. It may be
j that the Perth Amboy Terra Cotta
Company knew that when their nport
was read we would not stand for it
and we think the next reply will be
more favorable. ' ' L ,
The work at all the terra cotta mirks
is very brisk at the present tiuiepaud
if a strike should occur now act only
the Perth Amboy terra cotta would
I be tied up, but also all the factories
in this vicinty.
At the Long Island Terra Cotta
Works, where the men made the same
demands sometime ago, the demands
j of the men have been granted, it is
I stated.
Large Congregation Was Present
At All Services Yesterday?
YouRg people Celebrate
At the morning service in St. Steph
en's Danish ohnrch on Broad street,
the picture "He is not here; He is
risen," was presented to the congre
gation by the pastor, Rev. J. Chris
tiansen, on behalf of the Yonog
People's Societv. After the dedica
tion Rev. R. Andersen, of Brooklrn,
preached the sermon. The choir sang
a hymn appropriate for the occasion.
During the aftern9on the Yonng
People '8 Sooiety served coffee and
cake to the congregation and friends.
There were also a number of people
frotu Keyport and Matawan present.
Christian Mathiasen and V. L. Brown
made addresses thanking the young
people in behalf of the congregation
for the good and noble Work they have
The picture, which is one of the
most beautiful ever seen in Perth
Amboy, came as a gift from the Young
People's Society. The following are
the offioers of the society : President,
William Mathias?n ; vice president,
Miss Marie Therkelsen ; secretary,
Yiggo Yepsen ; / treasurer, Theodore
The Evening News is the onlv local
newspaper which has a special real
estate advertising oolumn. ,
Interest Has Died Out And Mem
bers Will Not Attend
At The Last Meeting HeM Only Fsur Mem
ber* Were Present Ami They Were
Offlce-s-Merchasts Declare They Will
Continue Early Closing For a Time At
At the last meeting of the members
of Retail Clerks Union, Local No. 00,
it was decided to disband the organ
ization. Two years ago this April, a
number of the retail clerks got to
gether, held meetings in Union Hall,
Smith street, and the organization
was fhe result The clerks all over
town, and maqy of the merchants
were in favor of it, and the nnion
prospered under that old motto ' ' In
Union there is Strength. "
Until a short time ago everything
went well, the clerks attended all the
meetings regularly, there was hardly
a card that was not paid at least two
weeks ahead. Finally the olerks be
gan to stay away from the meetings.
One by one they forgot to pay their
dnes. At the meeting Wednesday
night, out of all the nnion olerkB
in town, only fonr were present and
they were officers. It was then decid
ed to disband. Todav the last of the
large cards, which have been in the
show windows of several stores, are
being gathered by the clerks. They
will be stored away nntil the early
closing movement is again revived.
A number of the merchants say that,
although the olerks union is no more,
that they will continue to olose as
usual for at least a while yet.
Making Great Preparations For Af
fair In Music Hall
April 16.
The mem berg of Court Standard 111,
Foresters of America, who are to hold
their first grand musical and minstrel
show in Magic Hall on April 16, are
anticipating a great time. Nearly all
the players will be of home talent.
The end men being George Gerns,
Chester Gillis, Charles Rossi and John
Moylan. The interlocutor will be A.
J. Casavan. Masters Louis Horner
and Frederick A. O'Brien will be on
hand and givt several violin selec
tions, while George R. Schnyl*jr will
sing some of his illustrated songs.
The entire committee of arranse
men ts is as follows: J. F. De7ery,
D. J. Flynn, A. J. Casavan, J. Mol
yan, J. Riokwood, W. Owens, J. An
derson, L. Eyers, and W. O. Cavan
sran. The minstrel show is now re
hearsing under the tutorship of J. D.
Bosses Said To Have 6ranted Them
An Increase? Get Twenty-'
five Cents An Hoar.
A short time ago the Mason Hell
Union asked their bosses for
crease in wages, from fl.75
to 25 cents ar hoar and a day >
to consist of eight and a ha
It is now understood thj
have sent a reply i
Union granting
tronble in this lj
Good Citizens
meeting tonigi)
Ohnrch. All mei
to be present.
Opportunities For All!"
WANTED? In a Restaurant, active young I
man w itli wooden leg to mash potatoes.
ANTEIi LutclM?rs anil Bakers to buy their I
Aprons of us, value 85c at 19c
WANTED? Barkeepeis and Barbers to buy
our "Millitary Cut Coats, worth 1.50 at We
WANTED? Grooms aud Bridegrooms prefered
to buy of us tomorrow their Night Gowns
MMtk 75c, at 49c.
pOR SALE ? A Horse, Clothe Lines. Wash
j,.1 Tubs and etc., owner not having time to
usjt them on account of attending Salz and
iers Bargain Mondays.
SALE A Ix>t of Ladies Wrappers, value |
p to 1 .00, tomorrow at 80c.
lT<v NKING. ~~
M.HKV Silver, gold, or paper will heacoept
Ml at 9o to 80 per cent discount on Mer
c-ham lij Mondays, hours 8 to 8.
ElnrilTS -Deposit wit i uson "Bargain Mon '
i r dajt" 5.00 and we will give you as security
from 7)50 to 10.00 worth of Merchandise
INDORSED, by all leading physicians as the I
safest and surest preventative of Spring
Fever. Use every day and all day, Our Spring
HEUMATISM, Believed? Scented Witch
hazel in nice jugs Medicinal quality at pa
tent medicine price of ISc worth double. Office
Hours froiVi K to 18, 18 to 6, 8 to 8.
OUR Agency assumes all ri-ks. You are in
sult against " grip". '< V" huy of lis to
morrow mcliiira weight underwear for this
treacherously changeable weather You can
have your premiums back if our policy is not as
we represent It
ANTED -Young Girl to take care of Infant,
while Its A>ot her comes to uafor a House
R? Must be pretty and stylish
of our Girdle Corsets, value,
ung lady who noticed polite
n "Wilder Hall" return the
In order to make i dentition
lii ust wear one of Sail &
Skirts. (.If she hasn't one,
in tow at #.?8 *orth 5.00).
request. Care fare paiflt <?
WOMEN taught how ;<> save money Secret
of Hucccsk; in attending our 'Bargain
Mondays". Extra Big Bargains fnrntekeo on
Mondays to practice on.
R& 8. and their assistants will teach you how
to turn W cents into a guaranteed pair of
Kid Gloves. Or how to transform 9H cents or
$1.26 into a stylish White Waist. All kinds of
money-saving tricks taught.
ertu-s wanted.
-4 /"? A Girls Wanted? No knowledge of
[ \ J \_s business required, to buy our per
fumery worth 25 cents at 17 cents. Purses worth
35 cents at 19 cents. Handkerchiefs value 25 cents
at 15 cents. We would wish the parents would
come with the girls, but if they can't, they can
feel confident that same attention will be given
their children.
OUR Mind Reader? In the Corset Depart
ment can tell you (providing you prefer to
leave it to herl what style coi'sets you require.
Tomorrow we offer 8 special lots at 40 cents,
75 cents and ?8 cents, every pair worth more.
TOST? An Umbrella. The finder can keep it
_j as the loser is a winner, having got a
bargain last.Monday atSalz Jfc Steiner.
TPOUND The best place in the country to buy
p Dry Goods. Furnishings &c. at Salz &
Steiner's Perth Aiuboy .
TOST? Three Books. "The Mississippi
J Bubble." "The Pit" and "Eagle Blood*'.
The owner can replace them fori* cents (worth
$l\*0from Sals & Steiner's Book Departments
FH OI7ND A Bull Dog, handing fast to the seat
of lohnie's knee-breeches which his Mamma
bought in Salz & Steiner's Store at 4S cento.
IE your business is "sew-sew" procure a Dis
count Card at your earliest convenience.
HOW to save money? Join the large circle of
buyers that patronize Salz & Steiner,
DEAR "Cholly"? Why don't you answer my
letter? Never mind the V 1 loaned you,
give it to your mother and let her, go down to.
Salz A Steiner's to buy Di-ess Goods with it.
TNVBBTOR8? Will do well to look up our
standing "ad" (Page 4) Greatest offers of
the age offered hy us every Monday. Dividends
guaranteed to purchasers.
DEMORE8T Sewing Machines for sale. If
you are not acquainted with that make,
call and we'll let you have one on trial Ye who
read this are requested to refrain from purchas
ing ye stock of Wash Goods until unto us ha.
been given the privilege of showing our select
stock, Just received.
It Is Known Evi
It Is Sold Ever
But It Is Made Only In
B> ,he KROQH CO.
Tooth powder
Model Yacht Clu,
tainment In Net
Jakes That Were
Kinds Of Fussy Renai v.
Keeping The Crawd la S . &
ment? Staging By Che
A Hit.
The many friends
Yacht Olnb turned ont
to see the clab's
show given in Ne
bridge road, on Sat
show was in charge
player George Germ
assisted by Roy Ha)
Chester Gillis and <?f
The doors
the show
later. Roy Hall
for a long while
^ i
'? ? ? ?js' ? ?
2 At the
recently organized
Metal Lather's Union, held
afternoon in Union H.. 11, ___
ing officers were elected :
Silas Gardner; vice pre*
Bncbelew; secretary, G. 1
den, A. Fitzgerald and cot
The lathers will make a
the boas masons nnder *
work, for an increase in
mencing the first of Aprils^
present time they receive $1.;
honrs work. They will aBk
this increased to |2.25 per (
a anion lather was seen by J
he said : |
"All the lathers expecte<
increase will he granted
are the lowest paid m<
Perth Amboy today and
longest honrs. The inoret
The speaker said he did
whether a strike wonld fol
in the event of the bosses r
advance the increase.
Titan Reinstated.
NEW YOKK. March 30.
Boaf club has reinstated <
the oarsman. The club passed It
tion which recited that there ha.,h ,
an irregularity in his expulskV
adding. "That the said expuIs-?
rescinded solely on the ground
technical irregularity."
the partnership lately sch
tween Thomas Eggert and
of the City of Perth Amb
of Middlesex, and State o>
sey, under the firm name *
Thomas Eggert & Co., r
31st day of March, 1908.
All debts owing to the :
ship are to^be received ,
Thomas Eggert and fall
the said partnership ar<^
ed to him for payment.
Dated March 24th. IS
a. f. ua'gN
publican Offloe.
After tht
Or severe illness, tjf
Iron Quinine and StaHHS
medicine to bui1A'
and give you st '
bottle at
Parisen's Pr

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