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;hre meets.
g. Charles Brady, Of
hrp Olnb was enter
arles Brady, of East
number of members
led who enjoyed the
Brady The ladies
by Miss Fannie
Bntlemea'a first by
Johnson, of Wood
Imes Sheupard and
a were the happy
Bolation prizes,
are: Mr. and Mrs.
and Mrs. Oharles
James F. Shep
Mrs. Joseph Mnllan,
Qninu, Dr. and Mrs.
and Mrs. J. O'Meara,
Neville, ^-ias Mande
ansou, of Woodbrideg,
Brady, of Bayonne,
idy, of Staten Island,
Miss F. H. Johnston,
Brady, Mrs. H. V. O.
J. H. Johnson, of
|a late hour, they all
|sio"try Meeting.
embers of the Ladies
e First Presbyter
led the annual Mis
at Woodbridge on
Sings very kind
?pan j has
houses on
oseph Savage visited in town ]
argaret Brady, of Bajonne, |
g Mrs. Oharles Brady.
hristian Endeavor Sooiety of!
st Presbyterian Clinroh will |
ally next Wednesday evening.
yi'nere win De extra speaK
. Y. O. Piatt has been con
his home with the grippe.
tL. A. Ohase and daughter
have jnst returned from a
New York.
Annie Nolan is visiting her
Miss Nellie Sexton, of Sonth
J. Raesou went to Perth Am -
day evening and took] the
degree in the Odd ^.Fellows.
Wilson and Morris L. Slugg
j. jk the same degree.
e Receipt* by Their Bullc of
Body In Taking; Up the
One of the bets stories of the Bar
ihj European trip grew out of the
?rmun experience. Opinion differs
: to whether the joke is at the ex
nse of the Oermans or of the cir
itself. On crossing the German
I ' *er, the management discovered
P? Hling shortage in the daily re
j The circus as usual was play
"o capacity," the 10,000 odd
were filled twice daily, and
b were being turned away,
shortage was something like
day, says the Woman's Home
n. Expert accountants
>ver the books in vain, detec
ere brought from Paris, but
iscover nothing. Finally, after
tion, it was found
rman occupied about a
a fourth, or that three
ed men or women com
lled four regular seaULThe
were by the same pei^Rrtage
in they should have been.
a substantial difficulty
ould not be overcome.
88 8
v.- %
is an elegant piece of em
work. It is over 50 years
|it beautiful! Did you make
cago American.
cimy, what is little sis
lapped her 'cause she
what time it is by my
trait Free Press.
The cushions of the First Congrega
tional Church are being recovered by ]
the Oatermoor Oo.
The ohildreo of the various Sunday
Schools are very bnsy rehearsing for
Mr. S. P. Ford will appear in thej
M. E. Chnroh, Thursday evening,
April 30th.
..Funeral Director.. ?
This i? the only up-to-date Ffnkral A
establishment in Perth Amboy & vicinity J
orncs residence \
363 State St 27 Mechanic St. \
Telephone 4k f Telephone a a ?
Mrs. R. Rider celebrated her
eleventh year of her married life Fri
day. Mrs. George Hoffmann, of Wood
bridge, sang a solo, Mrs. Oharles
Mundy reoited a selection entitled
"Eleven Tears of Bliss," Mrs. H.
Kelly and Agnes Mnndy presided at
the piano. Mrs. E. B. Mnndy and
Mrs. R. Rider sang a duet.
At 1.30 p. m. tea was served and at
3.80 p. m. lunch, after which they all
went home after a very enjoyable
Miss Annie Hamilton, Miss Annie
lson, Miss Lena Olsen, Miss Annie
ina>vt, Miss Margie Fallerton an'1
iss Maggie McOracken, also Messrs.
,rry Leison, Oharles Hommizer,
lph Kelly, William Inslee spent
day evening at Miss Agnes Mnndy 's
e an enjoyable time was had.
[ Hamilton is moving into|
Mnndy spent Saturday
ewark shopping and
to It.
oined the church
*> f
tided that, as long
rs of the church all
store he might as well
ng in exchange for tne
bazar and raffle tickets he had to
buy." ? Baltimore News.
In the Rlgrht Place Xoir.
Bill ? You say he lost his job in the|
weather bureau?
Jim ? He lied too much to even suit |
them there.
"What's he doing now?"
"Why, he's writing up the advan- 1
tages of a new breakfast cereal."
Yonkers Statesman.
Sanitary Plumber
Railway Are
Shop near O.R.R. Depot, Cartarei N- J
Carpenter and Builder
Estimates given. Jobbing promptly attended to I
Main at & Hazel wood ave., Hahway, N. J.
..Special Notice..
This is the place to spend your I
H. SHAPIRO'S, Carteret, N.J. |
RAHWAY AVE. Oarteret, N. J.
Next to Engine House.
Carpenter and Builder
Jobbing promptly attended to. Estimate* given j
CX3:.A.:RaLCElS TEJltf BETfcTS |
Painter and Pap?rhanger
All orders by mail promptly attended to.
j The Up-to-date |
i v; ?. . '
a *
Mason and Contractor]
eret 4 Port Reading, N- J
Residaioe? John Thompsons House, Port i
Apr. 18? Fifth Grand Reoeption, Eagle
Athletic Club Wilder Hail.
Apr. 18? Oalioo Hop, McOlellan Hose
Corupanv, Braga Hall.
Apr. 14? Entertainment and Ball,
ladies St. Paul's Church,
* Braga Hall.
Apr. 16? Conoert auspices
League, Simpson
Apr. 17? Woodbrid?e A. A.
ade in club house.
Apr. 20? Mnsical, High School
toriums, auspices
School Alumni.
Apr. 80 and
May 1? Cantata, High School Audi
torium, by children 1st Floor
of High school.
Mav 8 ? Lecture by Edward Howard
Griggs, High Sohool Audi
torium, auspices High School
Apr. 17
-Ball, Pardee employees. Wild
er Hall. Hospital benefit.
Aug. 18? Excursion auspioes
Amboy F. of A.
will buy a choice lot on
Madison Street, a6xioo
feet in size.
The Bishop Company,
1 22 .Smith Street.
We loan money to members on their
pass books or certificates as well as
on Bond and Mortgage.
jfe, Citizens Building & Loan,
194 High street.
House and lot on Smith Street.
Money to loan and lots of it.
Apply to Boynton Bros.
8 1 Smith Street.
Amboy Realty and Construction Co.
FOR SALE ? A farm of 60 acres, in
tMs vioiuity; a decided bargain; will ex
change for Atnboy property.
FOR SALE ? A model t>rick building
store and duelling, one of the best busi
ness corners in town, must be sold at once.
FOR SALE ? Nice two Btory house,
new; lot 25x150, on South First street.
Will fell for w-ss thau house can be built,
for $2,200. C B. X., care Republican.
FOR SALE? TwVstory hr use. lot 20x
100, on Odgen Place, prioa $1,600. G.<
Republican office.
FOR SALE ? Two-story slate roof
house, on Hall avenue, lot 26x100, $1,600.
Real Estate, Republican office.
Masons and Builders,
Room 14 Scheaer Building
Open Kvenlnanj o lO. |
Species of Plover That Rei
aattea from the HeptJle
U nucleated.
rea Par
"I wish we had a crocodile plover
here. It would amuse the /children,"
said John Lover, a keeper It the Zoo,
according- to the Philadelphia Record.
"What kind of a bird is a crocodile
plover?" some one asked.
"It's the crocodilt's dentist," Lover
replied. "It keeps the crocodile's
mouth in good condition."
"The crocodile," he went on, "Is
much annoyed by a parasitic insect
that enters his mouth and breeds
there, in crannies that he can't get
at. The plover feeds on this insect,
and will go into a crocodile's mouth
fearlessly after it. The crocodile
seems to recognize instinctively that
the bird is his friend .? He lets it hop
In and out of his mouth without mo
lestation. The children would be
much amused to eeegyich a sight. We
orght to get a croc^|e plover by all
"Crocodile plov<
marked a bysta
umph!' re
ft pointed
No Pa
He {who has
jou look up At
1 She? If I did
i He ? No; hone
'? She ? Then wf
Feed. Lofton
? '.'i
Beth^Mordecei, Hobart Street. Pa 4 or,
M. Kopfstem. Friday. 8,15 pW.
'Saturday, v 10.00 a. m. Hebrew Sclfbol,
Saturday 1 p/ m\ Sunday School 9.30 a. yn.
Congregational (Swedish) ?Gordon st.
?Pastor, TheBiore Engluna ? Sunday Ser
vices 9.30 a. A 7. 30 p. m.
First Perth Tomboy, Hebrew Mutual Aid I
Society, Elm Street, P. Joselsou, Trustee.
Services, Friday 6 to 7 p, m. Saturday |
8.30 a. o>., 4.3? p. n>.
First Baptist? Fayette st. ?Pastor, Re*.
Percy K. Ferris ? Sunday Services, 10 and!
and [0.30 a. j in. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday
school 2. 30 p. m. B. Y. P. U. Friday 3.45 [
p. m. Prayer meeting Wed n
p. m. I
First Presbyterian, Market st and City
Hall Park, Pastor, Rev. Harlan G. Men
denhall 1>. ?>. Sunday services, 10,30 a.
m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School 9.30 a.
in.. 2. 30 p. in., Junior C. E. 3.30 p. m.
V. P. S. C. El 6.40 p. m. Prayer meeting |
Wednesday 7. 45 P- m.
Grace English Lutheran. Smith Street |
Pastor, Rev. E. J. Keuling. Sunday Ser
vices 10.30 a, tn., 7.30 p. m. Sunday School |
2.80 p. m.
Holy Cross Episcopal ? Washington and
John sts. ? Rev. D. A. Willeg, priest in
charge? Sunday Services to. 30 a. m. and
4.00 Sunday School 2.30 p. n>.
Methodist ("Danish) Madison Ave and
Jefferson st., Pastor, Rev. A. Hanson.
Sunday Services, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p.
m. Epworth League, 3.45 p. m., Sunday
Sch.?ol, 2.30 p, m. Class meeting, Wed
nesday and Friday at 7.45 p. m.
Our Savior's Lutheran (Danish) State St.
Rev. V. B. Skov, pastor. Sunday services I
10.30 a m. and 7.30 p. m.* Sunday |
School 2.30 p. m.
Simpson Methodist ? High and Jeflerson |
Sts. Pastor, Rev. S. Trevena Jackson,
A.M. Sunday services 9.30 and 10.30
a. m. and 7.30 p. m. ; Sunday school, 2.30
p, m.; Epworth League, 6.30 p. m. ; Prayer
meeting, Wednesday, 7.45 p. m.; Bible
training class, Friday, 7.30 p. m. ; Young
Gleaners, Friday, 4.30 j>. in.; Junior Ep
worth League, Friday, 7.QO p. 111.
St. Mary's Roman Catholic, Center St.
Rev. B. T. O'Connell, pastor; Rev. S. A.
Mitchell and Rev. T. F. Blake, assistants.
Sunday services 7.00 8.30, 9.30 and 10.45
a. m. 7.30 p. m. Sunday School 2.30 p.
St. Stephen^ Romart Catholic (Polish) ?
State St. R4v. J. Ziellnsk, pastor. Sun
day services/ 8.00, 10.30 a. m. Vespers,
4.00 p. m. fSunday School 3.30 p. m.
S . Steptftns Lutheran (Danish; Bros
St. 1 astof Hev. J. Christianson. Sunday]
services 1 #30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sun
day Schoff 3 p. m.
St. Yeileb Episcopal ? Rector St. Rector,
Rev.' J-/ Ax^ancaster. Sunday services
10,30 a / ff ft d 7.30 p. m. Sunday School
2,30 p. /p"
W. C. T. U. ? Meets at 27 Smith st. ev- 1
ery Sufnday at 4 p. m.
I. 0. 0. F. Lawrence* Lodge. No. 62
Meets Odd Fellows Hall, Smitli Street
Friday night. Dr. Frank Crowther,
,;F. L. Herrington, Sec'y., Madison
O. U. W. Meets Odd Fellows Hall,
Smith Street ist. and 3d. Mondays. I. B.
Mandeville, M. W. ; J. S. Phillips, Sec'y.,
7 Kearney Ave. >
B. P. O. E. No. 784. Meets K. of C.
Hall, corner Smith and Rector Street 1st.
and 3rd. Tuesdays. Dr. Frank Crowther,
E. R.; W. A. Crowell, Sec'y., Gordon
Degree of Pocohontas ? I. O. R. M.
Meets every 2d and 4th Friday at City Hall
Mr?. H. Smith, Pocohontas. Mrs. Wil
liam fireenleaf, C. of R. Mis. P. Erickson,
C. of W.
F. and A. M. Raritan Lodge No. 61.
Regular Communications 2nd. and 4th.
Thursdays, Odd Fellows Hall, Smith Street
C. F. Hall, W. M.; C. K. Seaman. Sec'y.,
High Street.
Imp'd 0. R. M. Po Ambo Tribe No. 65
Council Sleep every 5th. Sunday. Phillip
Schwartz. Sachem, Hans S. Smith, C. of R.
Andrew Jensen C. of W.
K. of P. Algonquin Lodgr, No. 44.
Meets every Monday K. of P. Hall Smith
and High Streets. Harvey Stetson, C. C. ;
Chris Meshrow, K. of R. and S.
K. of C. San Salvadore Council. Meets
every 2d and 4th Wednesday in K. of C.
Hall, Smith and Rector Street. W A.
Qrowney, G. K. ; Recording Sec'y.,
Richard A. Bolger, 124 Market Street.
I. O. ofF. Court Perth Amboy, No.
3043. Meets K. ot P. Hall, High and
Smith Streets, every ist and 3rd Tuesdays.
John K. Sheehy, C. R. Peter Poulsen, R.
S., 165 Elm Street
R. A Middlesex Council No. 1100.
Meets Odd Fellows Hall, Smith Street
every second and fourth Tuesday. Henry
McCullough Regent, N. H. Moore, Secre
tary, 60 Jefferson Street.
K. of G. E. Meets in Odd Fellows'
Hall, Smith street, every Tuesday night.
GeorgeBatb, Noble Grand; Frank B. Reed,
Keeper of Records, 129 Mechanic stree^.
P. O. S. of A., Washington Camp, No.
79. Msets every Thursday night, K. of P.
Hall, cor. High and Smith street. Fred.
Waters, President; J. M. Mills, Secretary,
57 Jefferson street.
I. O. of F,, Court Keasbey, No. 3367.
Meets last Thursday of every month,
K. of C . Hall, corner Smith and Rector
streets. G. W. Fithian, Chief Ranger;
H. E. Pickersgill, Secretary, 77 Lewis st.
Bui? Thaa HoaiMleailng.
Samson had just pulled the temple
down on himself.
"You see," he gasped, "it will do
away with the spring clean
ing." 7"*""^"
Reallzlng too late what a great
man he was, the 'people made ha^te
to do him reverence. ? N. Y. Tribune.
Invention* Vhat Sell.
Two inventors want to see you,
sir. One has a rapid-firing gun, war
ranted to kill 50 men in 50 seconds,
and the other has a new patent life
saving apparatus.
Capitalist ? Show in the man with
the gun. Kick the other fellow out.
~-N. Y. Weekly.
American Husband's Song.
Wlveg and daughters all remind us
We must make our little pile;
And, departing, leave behind ua
" ' * 1 to live in style.
George Janewa,
294 M ad!
Offlc# Hours: 10 a. m.--| p. m. 3?-8>n
Caster 1b
Choice Family Groceries
Provisions, Etc.
fresh stock constantly r*celred
Oor. PfMpMtiU Smith Ma,
~ '??' * -~.y,;r y t .
n ..
udies and IceCream
Our Candies are pure
and made fresh every
Our Ice Cream is the
best in town.
Orders taken and delivered
RAYMOND'S, 138 Smith St.
Has bis suits made to order
by an experienced tailor.
83 Smith Street, Perth Anboy,
gives bis customers the best look,
and tbe largest variety of new
spring suitings to select from.
mm ww mtmmm
ly new Korona Cameras, size 4x6,
long focus, convertible lens, brilliant
finder, all lateBt improvements, com
plete with one plate holder. One
camera has space in back for three
holders; other Camera has no baok
space, thus being more compaot, but
is snpplied with fine sole leather
carrying oase and strap, having room
for three holders. Listed at 989 -each,
will sell at f 15 each. Address COOK1,
112 West 40th Street, New York City.
REWARD OFFERED for return of
Knighta Templar pin V?t on New
YearB Day bearing name E. J. Castle.
May be left at Republican office.
person at the Atlantic Terra Ootta
Co. 1726-2-9-tf.
lantic Terra Ootta Co. Tottenviile,
S. I. 2003-2-21-tf
MONEY TO LOAN on Bond aiid
Mortgage. Large and small amounts.
George J. Pleohner. Attornev-at-Law,
First National Bank Bailding, Perth
Amboy, N. J. 2081-3-6-tf
COAL AND ICE orders reoeived 85
Smith street. Telephone 42-'. O.
M. Peterson & Co. 8-26-tf
FOR RENT? A carpenter shop and
stable suitable for one horse, in the
rear of 125 Brighton avenue. Enquire
Republican office or 109 High street.
SMALL STORE AND rooms to rent
at 457 State street. Thos. Langan.
451 State street. 2230-8-28-tf
GIRL WANTED for general , house
work. No washing. Good wanes.
Apply 185 Broadway, South Amboy.
WANTED ? TWO unfurnished rooms
with bath. Enquire Globe Cafe,
foot Smith street. 8-25 tf
TO RENT ? HOUSE 6 rooms and bath,
hot and cold water at 255 New
Brunswiok avenue. Enquire 257 New
Brunswick avenue. 8-24-tf
FOR RENT? THREE rooms on seo
ond floor, 131 Hall avenne. Enquire
Mrs. Bolerup, 257 New Brunswiok
avenue. 8-24-tf
STRAYED FROM Miss Patterson, 50
Lewis street, a handsome tiger cat,
six mdnths old. Reward.
minOTR TIRED BUGGY for sale,
woy' 18
Woodbridge road, City. 3395-8-28-6
WHtfr~rcTUed Him.
Wife (with newspaper, to husband)
? Here is another forcible temper
ance lecture: (Reads) "Young Spil
lers got into a boat and shoved out
jlnto the river, and as he was intoxi
cated he upset the boat, fell into the
river and was drowned." Now, sir,
'(addressing her husband), if 1ft had
toot drunk whisky he would not have
lost his life.
Husband ? Let me see. He fell into
tbe river, didn't he?
' Wife ? Of course he did.
"Didn't die until he fell in?"
"James, you are positively silly.
Of course, he didn't die until he was
|*"**Tken it Was the water that killed
him." ? Stray Stories.
More Practical.
He (ardently) ? If I had you to en
courage me, T feel confident that,
BonSe day, my name would be re
corded on the tablet of fame.
She (lightly) ? What's the matter
with the financial register! ? Brook
lyn Life.
A Marvel.
"What do you think is the most
extraordinary invention of the age?"
"The phonograph," answered Mr.
Meekton, promptly; "the way that
machine stands and talks back to
Henrietta positively takes my breath
away." ? Washington Star.
'?ji _
are the ideal of perfect
and are bound to win
approval If given a trial,
one, If dissatisfied, your i
back; that's the couflc
have In our goods.
121 Sbrtth Street.
Raw Or Inflamed Lungs.
Yield rapidly to the ?wonderful
ative^and healing qualities of Pc
Honey and Tar. It prevents
ia and consumption from a hard
settled on the kings. "My dang
had a terrible cough which set
her lungs," says N. Jacks
Danville, 111. "We tried a
many remedies without relief,
we Rave her Foley's Honey and
whioh cured her. Sold at Setxoi
i son,
Foley's Honey and Tar
Cures coughs and oolds.
Oures bronchitis and asthma. ,
Onres croup and whooping oough. f
Oures hoarseness and bronchial
troubles. "s| * I
Cures pneumonia and la grippep
Sold at Sexton's Pharmacy.
The GroWMf."
Nothin's good enough for him;
Weather bright, he wants It dim;
Winter comes, with, frosty rime.
Swears he'll freeze 'fore summer time!
Summer comes-its heat Is felt
Swears that he's a-goin' to melt!
Can't half please him. If you try,
So, don't mind fcn*? pass him by!
?Atlanta Constitution.
"They've formed the 'soap trust."
"Well, it won't hurt us."? Chicag<j
She would not show her love, ah, not
Though In her eyes 'twas half revealed g
And he was dull at puzzles? so
One romance still Is well concealed.
Danger of Pnenmonia.
A cold at this time if neglect
ia liable to oause pneumonia
is so often fatal, and even when tn
patient has recovered 'the lungs ar
weakened, making them peculiar!
susceptible to the development o
consumption. Foley's Honey and Ta
will stop the coneh, heal and strength|
en the lungs and prevent pnenmoni
La grippe coughs yield quickly to tt
wondeiful onrative qualities of Folj
ey's Honey and Tar. There is noti
ing else, "just as good." Sold
Sexton's Pharmaoy.
Extra Ilamrdooa.
"1 tipn't believe we can accept tl
application for life insurance,"
the inspector who had been out to i
"Why not?" asked the manager.
"Because I have just discovered <
the applicant is such a reckless fol
that be has made his ten?-year-old so|
a presenit of a revolver. I should
that there is a practical certainty
a death in that family soon, and il|
jus<t as likely to be the father as t|
son." ? Chicago Post.
Burton ? Talk about talentl
liave you to know, sir, that I am j
born painter.
Stumkins ? Of course, you are
to be blamed for being born a paiij
er; but I really think you are cu
able in sticking to the busines
Boston Transcript.
After La Grippe? What?
Usually a hacking oongh and a _
eral feeling of weakness, often lei
ing to fatal results after the patienf
supposed to have passee the danfj
point. Foley's Honey and Tar
guaranteed to cure the 'grippe coug|
and make yon strong and well,
never fails to stop a oongh if taken
time. Take no substitutes. On
at Sexton 's drng store.
i Up-to-Date DTlaappolntmet
Crawford ? Why is the oongregv ;
dissatisfied with the new minister!
Crabshaw ? Although they pay
almost twice as much he turns out!
!be nearly as orthodox as the old of
?Town Topics.
Pneumonia Follows a Gold
bnt never follows the use of Fole]
Honey and Tar. It stops the coug]
heals and strengthens the longs
affords perfect security from an at
of pneumonia. Refuse snbatitut
Sold at Sexton's Pharmaoy.
A domfortlng Aaanranee.
"Do you think that 1 am qot
tent to fill this government pt
tion?" said the conscientious mar
"Don't have a moment's douj
answered the friend, wAo is ricl
worldly experience. "Anybody
is smart enough to get a poj
place nowadays is smart en
fill it." ? Washington Star4
Foley's Kidnoy Gure md
neys and bladder right
nothing injurious. Sold
y v

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