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9 Rmftoy Everting |4ews
Independent Newspaper published every afternoon, except Sundays,
by the Perth Amboy Evening News Company, at
5 King Street, Peith Amboy, N J.
D. P. OLMSTEAD, Business Manager
The Evening News is on sale at newstands and delivered by
regular carrier in Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Woodbridge,
Carteret and surrounding towns for 6c per week.
By mail, postage prepaid, per year $3-Oo
" " " six months 1 50
Newark, F. N. Sommer. 794 Broad St.
Long Distance Telephone 98
Entered at Post-Office as second class matter.
FRIDAY, APRIL 10. 1903.
At their last meeting the Board of
Aldermen took favorable action on
the petition of property owners along
Smith'street to pave that thorough
fare between High street and the
Central railroad with asphalt. As
jj Jo as been pointed out in the Evening
News, asphalt has been fonnd to be
very unsatisfactory in a great major -
lty of cities when used for paving a
business thoroughfare. Its longest
life is but ten years even when put
down on a concrete foundation. Onlv
the proDerty owners feel the real
burden now, but when the pavement
begins to need repairs it will dig deep
holes in the city's treasury.
But the kind of material is not the
Only objection to the present move
ment to pave Smith street. The peti
tion proposes to make a patchwork of
the improvement. What is the object
of stopping the pavement at High
street. Are the business men east of
that thoroughfare to suffer?
The Evening News advocates pave
ments everywhere and at all times,
rut we cannot approvcg|pf any such
'J^*\iith st
id t
stopping point if the oitizens are not
prepared to pave to the city line, but
there is no reason for stopping the
improvement at High street. If only
part of the thoroughfare is paved with
asphalt at this time it is very likely
that the two remaining blocks between
High street and the hill will be cover
ed with some other material which is
decidedly objectionable.
The Evening News advocates granite
block from the ferry house at the foot
of the hill to the city line on the west
and the same material for State street
from Smith street to Woodbridge
creek. That is the best wearing
material and gives the most general
satisfaction to those who have to
handle teams.
Rather than see asphalt go down on
Smith street, however, we would ad
vocate brick. Tnis would at least'
hare a uniform appearance with the
hill which is already paved with that
material. Let the aldermen consider
well before they proceed further.
They should at least insist upon the
paving being done right if it is to be
done at all.
The sinking of the steam canal boat
at the Lehigh Valley dooks'should re
ceive more than a passing notice by
the authorities. If the vessel is as
rotten as she is reported, she shonld
have been condemned long ago.
The Central Railroad of New Jersey
has been severely censured for running
engines on their road which are de
clared to be oat of repair and unsafe,
bat no one seems to have the author
ity to censure a towage company
which keeps rotten boats in commis
sion. If anyone can be broueht to
aocount for the loss of the two lives
in the sinking of the steamer at the
docks, the authorites should lose no
time doing it. Perhaps Coroner
Henry, after an investigation, will fix
the responsibility.
How is this? Coal at New Bruns
wick is selling for $5.76 a ton retail;
at Bayonne it is 15.50 a ton, while at
Perth Amboy, one of the largest coal
shipping [ports along the Atlantic
coast, the people are forced tc pay $6
a ton. Something seems to be out of
gear somewhere.
Those newspapers whioh have been
congratulating the State that the Leg- j
islatnre had adjourned will now have
the fun of doing it all over again.
Trenton spent $226.08 in making re
pairs to her paved streets last year
and $10,048.79 in repairing unpaved
streets. Paving is a good investment
for a city in more than one wav.
If Perth Amboy wants to name the
next Senator of Middlesex County, as
one of it newspapers intimated the
other day, she had better get busy .
right away. The field is filling up!
fast up here. The Democrats of the
county might do worse than name
young Mr. Gannon, who has made a 1
eood record at Trenton as Assembly- 1
man. He was handicapped because;
he was in the minority and the major
ity didn't let him do anything bril
liant if they could heln it. As it was,
however, he more than satisfied his
friend*. --New Brunswiok Home News.
The Middlesex county politicians
are trying to find out what the ap
pointment of Senator Strong to the
State Board of Assessors means. Some j ,
of them figure it out that it indicates ' ;
that Robert Carson will nominate and
elect a Senator who will vote for John
Kean in 1905, while others think the
move was made to leconcile party ;
differences and make sure of a Repub- 1
lican Senator next fall. There seems
to be a general agreement that Sena- ;
tor StroiiB would have been defeated
for re-election because of his interfer
ence in the county chairmanship fight
recently.? Trenton Times.
Governor UjvIh May Be Impe'icliod.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. April 10.? The
ways and means committee of the
house of representatives has filed Its
report on the investigation of charges
pending against Governor Jefferson
Davis by Attorney General George W. i
Murphy in behalf of the state peniten
tiary board. The committee is divided
in its findings, seven of the eleven 1
members signing the majority report, i
finding certain charges sustained by
the evidence. Three members signed a
report exonerating both Governor Da
vis and the members of the peniten
tiary board from any action of a crimi
nal nature. If the majority report is
adopted, impeachment proceedings may
Hoof anal Moulli OlaeuNr A u 1 1 1 n .
HAVERHILL, Mass., April 10.? The
hoof and month disease has broken out
afresh in this vicinity, and forty cat
tle which had been exposed to and in
fected with the disease have been <
killed in Hampstead, N. H., a few
miles from this city. The herd was
owned by Arthur Little, and United ;
States officials did the killing. A rigid
inspection of all of the cattle In Hamp
stead is being made, and every pre
caution will be taken to prevent a .
further spread of the disease.
Tunnel Verdict Heverned.
NEW YORK, April 10.? The judg
ment on a verdict for $40,000 awarded
by a jury in the supreme court to Mrs.
Christine H. Hinsdale In her suit
against the New York Central and
Hudson River Railroad company to re
cover damages for the death of her
husband, Edward C. Hinsdale, who
was killed in the tunnel accident In
January, 1902, has been reversed by
the appellate division.
Easter Sunday At Atlantic City.
Of the many Rala days known to
Atlantio City none is of more conse
quence than Easter Sunday, where
there is gathered at this resort thous
ands of gaily attired pleasure tourists.
One finds on that day at Atlantic City
the wealth of the land, and the in
comparable board walk is thronged by
a happy crowd and the sight is one
long to be remembered. To accommo
date the New Yorker who intends
visiting Atlantic City on Easter the
New Jersey Central will run a special
3 hour Vestibuled Buffet (Parlor Car
train from foot Liberty street, N. R.,
at 1.30 p. m. Saturday, April 11th,
stopping at Lakewood, Lakehurst.
Cliajts worth ; and Sunday night, April
12tn, a special train for New York
will leave Atlantic City at.6.80 p. m.,
arriving New York at 8.30 p. m.
One To Be Given Away By Evening
News at The Publication
The sewing machine which the
Evening News is going to present to
the person sending in the most coupons
clipped from this paper, has now
arrived at the publication office. Any
one wishing to examine it is welcome
to do so. It is a beauty and is boand
to please the person who sets it. It
is not every day that a newspaper
offers a $60 sewing machine for nothing
and the citizens in this vicinity are
taking advantage of the offer. The
contest is appreciated by the women
The machine, as has been told, is
one of the latest style Wheeler &
Wilson make, having all the modern
improvements. There is not a better
machine on the market today. An
exact duplicate of the one to be given
away by the News can be seen in A.
Jensen's window, 886 State street.
Those in the contest must take affida
vit that the.y have received no help
from the carriers.
The Perth Amboy Evening News
Sewing Machine Contest.
Turned in by
Druggest C. A. Sex on Gives Reasons for
Selling at Half-Price.
"It isn't often that I have faith enough
in the medicine put up by other people
to be willing to refund the money it it
does not cure:" said druggist C. A. Sex
ton to one of his inauv customers, but I
am glad to sell Dr. Howard's specific for
the cure of constipation and dyspepsia on
that plan .
"The Howard Co , in order to get a
quiok introductory sale, authorized me
to sell the regular tifty oent bottle of
their specific for half price, 25 cents, and
although I Lave sold a lot of it, and guar
anteed every package, not one has been
brought back a <4 unsatisfactory.
"I am still selling tha specific at half
price, although I cannot' tell how long I
shall be able to do so. Any person who
is subject to coustipation, siok headache;
dizziness, liver trouble, indigestion, or
a general played out condition, ought
to take advantage of this opportunity.
If the specific does uot cure them, they
can come right back to my store, and I
will cheerfully refuud their money.
Immigration Kt'C>>rd?i Strained.
NEW YORK, April 10.? Yesterday
was one of the busiest days the immi
gration officials on Ellis island ever
experienced. Nine steamships arrived
in port and brought in their steer
ages 12,068 foreigners, all of whom
were landed on Ellis island. The in
spectors worked until 10 or 11 o'clock
at night. Over 4,500 immigrants ar
rived on Wednesday.
RnllroudM Mcist Annwer.
WASHINGTON, April 10.? The in
terstate commerce commission has
made a number of important railway
lines respondents in proceedings in
volving the legality of their local rates
on grain and grain products and in the
case of two of the roads the class and
commodity rates. It issued an order
requiring the roads to file answers by
May 1.
Labor Riot In Detroit.
DETROIT, Mich., April 10? As a
party of nonunion workmen from the
Walkerville Bridge company's plafrt in
Walkerville left the ferry at the foot
of Joseph Campau avenue last even
ing they were met by a number of the
union men who were on a strike. A
riot followed, in which one man was
shot dead and several seriously in
Emperor Washed Twenty-four Feet.
VIENNA, April 10.? Emperor Fran
cis Joseph, assisted by eleven arch
dukes, in the Hofburg performed the
ancient Iloly Thursday ceremony of
washing the feet of twelve old men.
Their ages ranged from ninety-two to
eighty-nine, aggregating 1.082 years.
Troops Mo?t Be Vaccinated.
WASHINGTON, April 10. ? Major
General Davis, in command of the
division of the Philippines, has 'ssned
an order directing that no troops be al
lowed to land at Mani'ra until thf/y have
been vaccinated.
Wood Made Field Mamllal.
LONDON, April 10.? General Sir
Evelyn Wood, who is now in command
of the Secc " nr:ay corps, nas been
promoted to ink of tield marshal.
WiMmi iiMinri' ? ? , .Jut * f*
that i? cheap, strong, neat, durable and recommend* itself,
examine that made at Mount Hell; bj the N. J. Fence Co.;
500,000 feet being now in satisfactory use. Made of galvanised
eteel wire interwoven wiih oedar pickets, generally stained
red. It will turn any stock, poultry, boys, Ac. It will not sag
when properly stretched. Pickets cannot be pulled out and
needs no board nnder it. Posts may be from 10 to 18 ft. apart.
Prioea are from 5 to 6 Ho. pet ft. Liberal terms to agent*.
*>esoriptiTc price Hit sent or application.
Easter Specials
In Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing
A large and well selected stock of Clothing and Men's Furnishings prompts
us to offer you special bargains the balance of the week.
Men's Strictly All-Wool Suits in fancy worsteds and cheviots, in neat de
signs, the latest cut, with broad shoulders, close fitting back, regular in All
price $12 and $13.50, this week lUiUU
Men's Fine Unfinished Fancy Worsted Suits, equal in many re- IA f)f)
spects to custom make, worth $15. Special this week . . l?i(JU
Men's Fine Black Worsteds, in clays and unfinished, mostly our l|? lift
own make, worth $18. Special this week IwaUU
Youths' Suits
Iii our Youths' Department we have surpassed any previous effort in the selection
of a strictly up-to-date line of Young Men's Suits and the prices we are asking for
same, are within the reach of all young men desiring stylish clothing.
Young Men's Strictly All-wool Suits in fancy cheviots 6.50
Young Men's Fancy Worsted and Cheviot Suits, military cut, well 111 A|j
trimmed and stylish cut IlltUU
We are leaders in Children's Clothing,
being exclusive selling agents for the
Alsberg, Moritz & Co.
Children's Suits, as advertised in all the
leading magazines. Russian Blouse,
Norfolk, Duke of York, and many other
novelties in suits to make the little fel
lows neat and attractive.
See Window Display of Children's Clothing
A Complete Assortment of Men's Hats, Neckweal, Shirts
and Gloves for the Easter Trade
I.. BRTESS Merchant Tailor and Ready Made Clothier
Cor. Smith & King Sts. Perth Amboy
1 ? "
For the benefit of our
Saturday, April \ 8
At Our Store
48 Smith St.
Seethe Display in our Window
beginning Monday
Special Sale!
Meats and
To-morrow, Apil 11
Best Ham in the State for
Sale at the Lowest prices
Splendid line of Prime Beef
and Canada Mutton
Cash Grocery
J and Meat
M. KLEIN & BR0-, Props
48 Smith St-, Perth Amboy
j; grand IHillinery Opening Saturday
I l nrt introduce ourselves to the
i ? 1 liC r arlS Perth Amboy ladies at 10 a. m Satur
1 ' ?????? day. Ladies wishing novelty Hats for
* 1 Easter had better come early to get first selection. Our Motto:
I one hat of a kind. Handsome souvenirs given away
I I 104 Smith -Street ?* Perth Axnboy
Don't Miss This Easter Special
Friday, Saturday and Monday
For These Three Days Only
20 for 25c
Baker's Cocoa or White Rose Cocoa
Per can 17c
Ourrents and
Violet Brand Raisins
per can
Universal Brand Currants
per can *.
Armour Sugar Cured Hams, lb 14c
Magnolia Milk, 3 cans for 25c
Good Health Milk, 3 cans for 25c
Eagle Milk, 2 cans for 25c
Nestle Milk, 3 cans for 27c
Large variety California Prunes
worth 7c only lb 5c
Large Prunes worth 9o only lb 7o
Ex. Large Prunes worth 10c only. .80
Fancy Blood Oranges, per doz 20c | Large Spinola Bananas, per doz.. .15c
N. Y. Creamery Butter, lb 23c I N. Y. State Butter, lb 18c
Our variets of Fruits and Vegetables is very large and fret?h from the
market every morning.
Sweet Oranges, Large Apples, Fancy Bananas, New Cabbage, New
Radishes, New Asparagus, Fresh Tomatoes, New Potatoes, Sweet
Potatoes, Jersey Lettuce.
Fancy Bermuda Onions, quart, 10c Strawberries, quart ISc
Oar Leader Cereasote Galoxy
Ben Hur, per sack, 58c, Per sack, 58c Per sack, 55c
" per bbl., 4.55 Per bbl., 4.55 Per bbl., 4.35
124 Smith Street ^/Perth Amboy

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