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vol.. U NO. 215
? ?
Odd Fellows Institute New Lodge With Much Pomp And Cere
mony?Grand Master Tomson In Charge? An Address By
Captain Liddle , The Oldest Living Member Of The Local Lodge ?
Oarteret Lodge No. 267 Independent
Order of Odd Fellows, the first baby
that Lawrence Lodge, of this city,
has ever attempted to start, became a
reality and was started on the road to
fame by the grand officers nf the State
in Odd Fellows Hall last night. The
ceremonies were necessarily divided
into two parts. First of the institut
ing of the lodge which began at 5
o'clock in the afternoon when Grand
Master Chester Tomson opened the
session by proclamation. He was
assisted by Grand Marshal H. E. Jones
in the presence of his staff E. L.
Pearsall, L. E. English, August Gras
man, P. W. Stagg, N. B. Wood and
W. B. Stout, also Noble Grand Dr.
Orowther, Chaplain J. G. Garretson,
Hugh Steed, S. G. Garretson, W. A.
Slaight, T. B. Liddle, Past Grands,
and brother Joseph Miller.
Following the opening of the session
the five original applicants made appli
cation for their charter to the Grand
Master and, it being gt anted, they
were installed as follows: D. R. Wil
son, Noble Grand ; Theodore Burrows,
Vioe Grand; George D. Sheppard,
Financial Secertary ; and Dr. J. J.
Reason, Treasurer. This was accom
plished with much pomp and cere
mony. The session was olosed by
Grand Master Tomson.
At 7 o'clock the lodge was again
opened in the regular form and after
the regular business had been trans
acted the meeting was olosed and the
room was again taken in charge of by
the Grand Lodge. At this session
speoial features were made of the
initiatory and second degree work.
Noble Grand Dr. Orowther had
? charge of the first and Degree Master
W. S. Duncan had ctiarge of the seo
oud, Oonduotor J. H. Tyrrell ably
assisting in both oases. This part
took until nearly 1 o'olock, twenty
eight of the forty-two charter mem
bers having passed through the third
degree in the presence of the largest
' delegation of Odd Fellows ever known
to have been gathered in the looal
hall. ?
During the eveni/ z session address
es were delivered by the various
Past Masters during which Captain
Thomas B. Liddle, the oldest living
member, was oalled upon and made a
speech. He, being a member three
years over a half oentury, the lodge
considered it a great honor to have
Captain Liddle present at the birth of
their first baby lodge.
Following the dosing of the session
refreshments were served to all pres
ent by Caterer Worrell in the room
below. There were fully 200 members
present at the evening session.
At Meeting Last Night Basket Ball Team
Was Discussed.
The Westminster Cadets met for
drill last night in the Presbyterian
Obapel. After the drill a meeting
was held and several athletic sports
were disonssed. The members finally
decided upon organizing a Basket Ball
team and Harry Afflerbaoh and Will
iam Hornsby were appointed a oom
mitteo of two to make the necessary
F.J. LARKIN, 857 STATE Street,
will do plumbing, steam, hot water
and hot air heating on monthly pay
Real Estate oolnmn page 2.
Simpson M. E. Church Exttnded
Welcome To Rev. S- T.
A reca^on was tendered Rev. and
Mrs. S. T. Jackson by the official
board and congregation of SimDson
M. E. Church last night. The occa
sion was in honor of the pastor's re
turn to the local charge for another
year. The leotnre room of the chnrch
was well filled and Mr. Jackson was
given a warm greeting. The esteem
in which he is held by his congrega
tion hare was clearly manifested.
Expressions of respect were extend
ed on behalf of the official board and
church membership, by S. R. Farring
ton. James E. Noe spoke in behalf
of the yonng people in the Sunday
School. The pastor responded with
much feeling.
During the evening music was fur
nished by Miss Eatherine Noe.
Rifreshments of cake and coffee
were liberally served by the parsonage
committee and all went home with
the assurance of success for another
Miss Miller To Be Married at 7 O'clock in
The Evening.
In St. Peter's Episcopal Church, in
tbis city, on April 18, Miss Jennie
Ogden Miller, daughter of Bloomfield
J. Miller will be married to Dr. Will
iam Paterson Cornell. Dr. Cornell is
a native of Perth Amboy, but for two
years has been a resident of Charles
ton, S. O.
The bride will be accompanied by
her oonsin, Miss May Meroer. The
beet man will be John C. Cornell, a
brother of the bridegroom. The ush
ers ohosen are: Cortlandt Parker, of
Newark ; Dr. Albert Potter, of New
York ; Richard Meade, of Washing
ton ; Herbert T. Ogden, William Pat
erson YanWyck and N. Darrell Haw
tery, of New York. The weddinR is
set for 7 o'olook and will be followed
by a reception at the home of the
bride's father, 8 Water street. The
oouple will go on an extended wed
ding tour and make their residence in
Lawyer James S. Wight Quietly Arraigned
AndlCase Disposed Of.
Lawyer James S. Wight was ar
raigned before Justice Fort in New
Brunswick yesterday afternoon on the
charge of embezzling nearly $10,000
of the funds of the Perth Amboy
Mntnal Loan and Homestead Building
Association. The justice ordered
entered upon the minutes of the court
that sentence in the case is suspended.
The whole matter was done so
quietly that hardly anyone in the
oourt room knew what had happened.
Mr. Wight stood talking to the jus
tice for a few minutes when the justice
oalled the sergeant-at-arm to him,
who, in the place of the olerk.was in
structed to make the entry.
For real estate see page 2.
i'EllTH AMBOY, N. J,
HAMILTON ??. KKAN, Pummnwv^ RA?KY CONABD, Cahhur
Stockholders Liability
and Deposits
Pays interest on Ch6ck Accounts
8I.OOO and over at 3% S500 and over at 2%|
Sollots Accounts Large and small
Diver EnteretTUabin of Steam
Canal Boat F. B. Thurber But
Without Success.
Tells of Hearing Someone Paddling As The
Vessel Sank And Leads To The Suppo
sition That Both Woman And Child Got
Ont of Cabin? Cargo Being Taken From
The Vessel.
The Baxter Wreoking Company yes
erday afternoon began the work of
raising the steam canal llioat F. B.
Thnrber, which, as already told in
the News, sank at her mooring at the
Lehigh Valley dock early Thursday
morning. A diver explored the oabin
of the ill fated boat yesterday after
noon bnt failed to find the body of
Captain Merritt's five-year-old daught
er Mildred, which is still inissing
Pon toons are being placed alongside
the sunken boat, and the wrecker is
at work pnmping out her cargo of 186
tons of coal so that in a comparative
ly short time she may be raised and
placed on dry dock for repairs.
The News yesterday printed Captain
Merritt's story of the sinking of the
vessel, and last night a News reporter
found engineer Cook who had the fol
lowing to say nbont the matter:
"I was awakened just before the
boat began to sink, the pilot house,
where I was sleeping, having become
too warm and I had just retired again
after shutting the steam off, when I
heard a peculiar noise. Getting up
again I soon found out that the vessel
was going down and the water was
already rushing in the pilot house.
"After the boat sans and I had
reached a place of safety I heard what
seemed to be some one paddling in
the water. I tried to direct the cap
tain to go in the direction of the
noise. I heard the captain say, 'Hold
on mama. ' From this I took it that
Mrs. Merritt was still in the water
and that the child was holding on to
her as she was making an effort to
reach a place of safety. ' '
The fact that Mrs. Merritt's body
was found on the Staten Island shore
bears out the supposition suggested
by the engineer's story that Mrs.
Merritt was not drowned in the cabin.
This is also borne out by the failure
of the diver to find the body of the
ohild in the oabin.
Coroner Henry has not vet been
officially brought into the case as no
bodies have been found within his
William Owens Trying To Secure The Re
sort For The Season.
William Owens, of 231 McClellan
street, is now trying to secure a lease
of Florida Grove for this ooming
season. Mr. Owens, who is well
known in Perth Amboy, has oonduct
ed for many years a candv and ice
cream stand at Florida Grove. He
claims that he has the financial back
ing to put the deal through if the pro
perty can be secured from the present
owners, who are the Federal Clay
Mr. Owens now has people at work
trying to secure the plaoe and he says
if they are successful in the deal he
will make a first class summer resort.
A new dancing platform and many
other improvements will be made.
So the old time favorite grove may
yet live for a while.
WANTED? A Team of work horses Apply
194 High St.
2437-4-11 -It
Evening News Office.
rura>!5^*asBSieqasBS2ffds%3es%s?aB?rasc93ffuni js-jsbs
Successor to J. K. JENSEN,
| 250 Washington St. Cor. Johnstone
Elaborate Programs Have Been
Prepared In Honor of
The Day.
ft ...
All Congregations Unite To Do Honor To
The Day? Solos And Choruses Will Be
Rendered By Members of Different
Choirs? A Pleasant Day Is Antici
With prospeots of bright sunshine
and delightful weather everyone is
looking forward to tomorrow, Easter
Snnday, the greatest of all church
days on the calendar. The day will
be observed in all the churches with
special music and appropriate sermons.
Following is the program for the |
morning service at the Baptist Church :
Carol, "Sweet Day, Awake," Balph |
Anthem, "Hosanna" Jules Gramer.
Anthem, "Christ Our Passover," |
Adolf Frey.
Sermon, "Genuine Easter Joy."
Solo, "Kesurreotion Song. " William |
Luton Wood, sung by F. B. Conklin.
There will be special Easter music
at the Sunday school service at 2.80
o'olock in the afternoon. In the even
ing there will be baptism and the fol
lowing program will be carried out:
Carol, "Hallelujah! Swell the |
Chorus," by Walter O. Wilkinson.
Anthem, "Day of Wonder, Day of |
Gladness," by P. A. Schnecker.
Anthem, "The Bisen Lord," by C.
W. Greene.
Sermon, "When will the Easter Sun |
Arise in Our Hearts?"
Solo, "King of Kings," by Harry]
Bowe Shelly, sung bv F. B. Conklin.
4 Presbyter an.
The Christian Endeavor society will
hold a sunrise prayer meeting at 6.80
o'clock tomorrow morning. The spec
ial Easter music for the 10.80 o'clock
service is as follows:
Chorus, "Now on the First Day of |
the Week," Lahee.
Alto Solo, "Allelui! Christ is |
Bisen!" Shelley.
Chorus, "Christ the Lord is Bisen. " ]
In the evening the pastor, Bev. Dr.
H. G. Mendenhall, will preach on the
topio, "Our Police? The Guardians
of our City." The speoial musical
program is as follows:
Chorus, "Seals are Shattered,"
Baritone Solo, "The Bessurrec- 1
tion, " Shelley.
Chorus, "The King of Glory.
St. Peter's Episcopal.
Under the direotion of the organist,
DeWitt C. Garretson, tne following I
musioal program will be rendered in
St. Peter's Episoopal Church:
Organ, Auferstehungsmorgen, B.
Processional, "Christ is Bisen."
Easterjdav ohant, "Christ our Pass
over," W. Savage.
Te Deum, Hutchinson in E flat.
Jubilate Deo, Bridgewater in A.
Kyrie Eleison, W. B. Gilbert.
Gloria Tibi, J. B. Dykes.
Anthem, "Why Seek Ye the Living |
Among the Dead."
Becessional, "At the Lamb's High |
Feast We Sing. "
Oigan, Prelude and Fugee, J. S.
In the evening will be the speoial |
service by the children.
St. Marv's Catholic.
At St. Mary's Roman Catholic
Church there will b6 no organ music
tomorrow. At 10.45 o'clook in the
morning the choir will sing L. Daoh
auer's mass and also the Begina Coeli
by Giorga.
\ Simpson M. E.
Easter! music at Simpson M. E.
church iq
as follows: Morning,
Voluntary, "Hosanna,"
'Bessurrection," Shelley,
Mrs. B. 1 7. Maoan.
"Gloria Patri."
Offertory, Elevation, Batist?^,
Anthem, "Vital Spaik of Heavenly
Postlude, "Easter Carol.
The subject of the pastor's sermon
is "The First Resnrreotion Message"
In the evening the janiorand senior
departments of the Sunday School
will be in charge assisted by the Lyric
Mandolin Glnb. Following is the
program :
Organ Yolnntary, "Marche Trium
phale. "
Song by School, "Jesus Reigns. "
Ave Maria, Lyric Mandolin Club.
Song bv School, "Shout, Shout for
Recitation, Emanuel Williams.
Solo, "Jesus is Risen for Me."
Minnie Jackson.
Exercise by five girls. Eleanor
Meade, Effle Dinklelacker, Esther
Baker, Gertrude Qreen, Florence
Singing by School, "Light from the
Tomb. "
Recitation, "The Legend of the
Lilies," Doiothy Lynch.
Recitation, Eleanor Woolsey,
"Springtime Sowing."
Senible Aven, Thorne, Lyric Man
dolin Club.
Recitation, "Things we get by
Giving," Myrtle Hoagland.
Singing by school, "Send Out the
Tidings. "
Address by Pastor.
Appropriate Exercises at Simpson
M. E Ch"rch When Thirty Will
Receive Diplomas.
At Simpson M. E. Church tomorrow
thirty little scholars who have grown
too bis for the primary department in
the Sunday school, will be presented
with diplomas of graduation and will
hereafter assemble in the main room
with the older scholars. The event
will be duly observed and appropriate
exercises will be given. Following is
the program :
Organ Voluntary, Miss K. Noe.
Singing, School.
Keoitation, "A Song of Easter,"
Russel Woglom.
Sonsr, "Oh Sunbeams Bright," by
the primary.
Reoitation, "Easter Bells, " Marjory
Hoagland, Grace McOuinness, Ada
Doughty, Sophie Grinier.
Solo, Edith Jackson.
Recitation, "God wants us to be
Glad," Ralph Crouthenmal.
Recitation, "Easter," Marie Robins.
Solo, "I'm so Glad to See You,"
Richard Dickson.
Recitation, "The Lily's Sermon,"
Dorothy Green.
Sonsr, "O, Ring Your Sweet Bells, "
by the primary.
-Recitation, "Children of the
Spring," Esther Hope, Helen Lud
wing, Murill Miller, Armenia Blood
good, Ruth Walker, Irene Meyers,
Ethel Farlander.
Song, "Shiny Brown Seeds," by
the primary.
Exercise by the graduates who are :
Irene Curry, Emma Grinier, Margaret
Crowell, Minnie Jackson, Ida Melick,
Hazel Kipsey, Maud Whitworth, Dora
Rassmussen, Annie Sharpless, Frances
Bloodgood, Fred Kohn, Donald Garret
son, Russell Woglom, Edward Drib
belbies, Rnnyon Giles, Irving Eipp,
Arthur Mattis, Jennie Morrison,
August Oleson, Helen Gems, Richard
Dickson, David Jago, Jack McKay,
Arthur Welker, David Evans, Harold
Peck, Frank Rubright, Reginald
Green. The valedictory will bo given
by Irene Curry. This will be follow
ed by an address and presentation of
diplomat by the pastor. Rev. S. T.
Bargains in real estate are to be
found in the real estate oolainn on
paste 2.
April 8 1908.
The firm of Obnok & Ihricki have
this day dissolved partnership.
The business of carpentering and
building will be oontinued by John
W. Obnok and Jalins Ihricki seperat
ly br themselves in same building
near the Penn. Station.
John W. Obnok, 178 Rector st.
Jalins A. Ihrioki, 27 Division st.
Hebrews All Over The World
Begins The Observance
continues" one week.
Local Stores Will Not Be Closed Bnt The
Occasion Will Be Observed As Closely
As Possible ? What The Feast Is
And How It Is Used To Be Celebrated
Many Years Ago.
Tonight at 6 o'olook all of the
Hebrews in this city will commence
the celebration the Feast of the Pass
over. The feast will last to, and in
clude next Saturday. None of the
larger stores owned by Hebrews will
be closed tonight, bat as mach oij
help as can be spared, will be gij
The feast of the passover is the first
and the greatest of the three annnal
festivals of the Hebrews. It was in
atitnted by Moses at the command of
Jehovah, to commemorate the deliver
ance of the Iraelites from Egyptian
bondage. It is oelebrated according
to the Hebrew oalendar from the 15th
to the 22d day of Nisan, inclusive.
In former times the first and last days
were kept holy and observed by ab
staining from all work by prayers,
hymns, thanksgiving and other oere
mouies, and during the whole period
the bread was eaten without leaven,
whence the name of the feast of un
leavened bread. The evening of the
14th the passover lamb was killed by
the head of the family. The animal
was requii ed to be one year old, male,
without blemish, and was roasted en
tire with unbroken bonea and con
ntire]^H^Uie meal.
. ______
ptY'cS of the door in commemoration
of the night preceding the exodus
from Egypt when the angel went
through the country and slew the first
born, but passed over every Israelitibh
home where the blood was found at
the portal. The fat pieoes were burn
ed on the altar as a sacrifice and the
family, clad in traveling garb, gather
ed to partake of the roasted lamb,
with prayers and hymns.
Nowadays the celebration has been
modified to a considerable extent. The
Paschal lamb is no longer killed <vnd
the sprinkling of blood is not consid
Johnson Gets Ball.
William Johnson furnished the
necessary $500 bail and paid the 120
fine last night. Johnson, as told in
the News yesterday, was taken to the
county jail early yesterday morning
because he could not furnish the bail
nor pay the fine, but last night two
friends went his security and paid the
fine so that he was released from jail
at New Brunswick last night. By
paying the fine in one case that is dis
missed, but the charge of assaulting
Officer Tunnyson still hangs over.him.
- - ? ?
ffrTi i
We have Jut
received our assort- 1
meat of Vaatcr
A a the custom of
giving perfume* and
flowers at Eastertide la
a crowing one, we have
secured some of the
choicest of Rlagar'a
California Perfumes,
including the delight
Ail new odor " Sunset
Souvenira in the
form of perfumed vio
let bouttonieres to be
given to purchasers of
this new odor. We
should like to haw
you call
for them.
PARISEN'S Prescription Pharmacy
...Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Flavors...
Delicious Ice Cream Sod&
Sexton s Drug Store

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