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The much discussed school question
seems now settled. Comptroller W.
D. Voorhees signed, today. all the war
rants in his possession signed by the
Board of Education sinoe the last reg
ular meeting of that body, thus se
curing in the next twenty-four hours
not only the payment of the teachers'
salaries, which had been held up, but
the payment of all other bills con
tracted by the board.
The sudden change in the attitude
of the comptroller which calls off all
threatened complications, has been
caused bv a letter which Mayor
Charles E. Seaman received this
morning from State Superintendent
Charles J. Baxter, whose opinion un
tangles the snarl brought about by the
city officials.
The letter comes as a reply to Mayor
Seaman's request sent to the State
Superintendent charging all the mem
bers of the local board for neglect of
dutv. in that they failed to elect a
president as already told in the News.
Snperintendent Baxter quotes the
law which he says governs the situa
tion instead of the city's charter and
that the Board's president shall oon
tinne in office until his successor is
chosen. The letter follows:
Hon. Charles K. Seaman, Mayor Perth
Am boy, N. J. :
Dear Sir ? Your favor of the 1st inst.
is received. Section 80 of the school
law provides that the members of a
Board of Education in a city shall be
selected in the manner provided in
sueli city prior to the passage of the
revised school law last year, until
such time as the city shall adopt the
provisions of either seotion 42 or 48 of
the school law. The section also pro
vides that every city board of educa
tion shall be incorporated under sec
tion 48 of the school law and shall
have all the powers and be charged
with all the duties conferred or im
posed upon a board of education as
provided in Article VI. The general
repealer of the school law repeals all
provisions in the city charter affect
ing schools exoept that providing
the method of selecting the members
of the board of education.
The election of the president, there
fore, is to be governed by the provi
sions of section 49 of the sohool law
and not by the provisions of your city
charter. Seotiou 49 provides that the
president of the Board of Education
shall hold office nntil his successor
shall have been elected.
The Board of Education of Perth
Amboy, therefore, is fully organized,
as the president elected last year con
tinues to hold his offioe until his suc
cessor shall be elected.
There seems to be, therefore, nj
reason why the members of the Board
should be cited to show cause why
they should not be removed from
office. v
Very truly yours,
State Superintendent.
Trenton, Mav 5.
Mayor Seaman leceived the letter
this morning and when asked by a
News reporter what he thought of the
decision he said :
"I still think the whole thing is
wrong. The point on which City
Attornev Hommann has continued to
make his stand was not made known
to the State Superintendent. The
faot that Mr. Walker's term as a com
missioner ran out and he wasre-elect
ed a member of the board simply as a
private, is sufficient to remove him
from office as president."
Mayor Seaman said he had not call
ed the attention of the State Superin
tendent to this point.
Comptroller Voorhees, when seen
early in the morning, took the same
view as the Mayor, but before noon
he had the warrants all signed and
ready_for City Treasurer Brodhead.
President Walker, whose signature
has already been put on the warrants,
was seen and when asRed if he would
preside? at the next meeting of the
Board he said he certainly would.
Now that the matter is settled, it is
learned that the Republican members
of the Board of Education had had
the opinion of the State Superintend
ent, six or eight weeks ago. When
the State Superintendent's attention
was called to the, faot that Mr. Walk
er's term as commissioner had rnn
out and that he Jiad been re-elected
the State Superintendent would not
venture an opinion single handed.
After conferring with the Attorney
General, however, on this point, the
result was the letter received this
Mr. and Mrs- Van Horn Meet With
Loss on Their Wedding Adver
sary? Warned by Friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis VanHorn, of
upper Market street, observed their
thirteenth wedding; anniversary yes
terday and last night fheir hen coop
was robbed. Superstitious people now
blame the wedding anniversary for
the robbery, pointing out that it was
the thirteenth.
.The couple made no celebration of
any kind and only a few of Mr. Van
Horn's most intimate friends knew of
the event. They told him to be on
the look out for trouble before the day
was over. J
This morning, when he arose, he
found his chiokens missing. The
thieves took almost the entire roof
from the coop, which contained about
fifty chiokens.
Mr. VanHorn savs he is convinced
that some of the thieves which often
follow a oirous, did the'deed.
The men who have made the largest
fortunes in business are those who
have been the most extensive adver
New Candidates Taken Into Camp
Last Night- City Hall Lodge Room
the Meeting Place.
The local camp of the Woodmen of
the World held their third meeting in 1
the lodge room of the City Hall last
night, when nine new members were
initiated and taken into the camp.
The membership now numbers over
100, making beyond all question the
banner camp of the State. The City
Hall has been made a permanent meet
ing place and in the future the meet
ings will be held every first and third
Wednesday in the month.
A special meeting of the Board of
Governors of the Perth Amboy City
Hospital is called for tomorrow night
in the office of George J. Haney, on
High street, at 7.30 o'clock. The
meeting will last only a short while,
so as to give all the membors a chance
to attend the lectare in the High'
School auditorium, if they so desire, j
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AaaahhIa of Merchants, Manufacturers, Corporations
AwCOUnTS and Individuals Solicited ?
INTEREST PAID ON [ 2 per cent, on $ 500 or uver
DAILY BALANCES ) 3 percent, on $1,000 or over |
Safe Deposit Boxes to Rent at Low Rates
Capital | Profits | Deposits .$1,000,000
Mason Helpers Return to Work
To-day After Meeting Last
Expect Answer from the Bosses this Af
ternoon- If it is not Satisfactory they
Say they will go Out? Hope that all
will be Satisfactory? Tug Boats are at
The labor troubles, which have been
agitating the people of Perth Amboy
since the first of the month, will soon
be settled. At a meeting of the Cen
tral Labor Board, held last night in
the Adelaide Building, 138 Smith
street, the tronbles of the Mason
Helpers and the Lathers Union were
up for discussion. The Board advised
the helpers to take what the mason
bosses offered them.
After the meeting of the Board the
helpers held a meeting and agreed to
go to work for what the bosses said
they would pay them. The bosses
aereed to give the helpers $2 per day
and a day's work to consist of 8 %
hours. This morning all the helpers
started to work.
The Lathers Union are to have their
answer some time today. They de
mand $2.2j i <yt u.oasnnd lathes and $4
a day for all school, public and church
work. If the answer given them by
the mason bosses is unsatisfactory,
they will go out on a strike today.
They have great hopes that the bosses
will give them what they ask.
Yesterday tlje Lehigh Valley, be
side having the Catesauqua, Genesee
and Allentown at work, were enabled
to get the Woodbridge started. Only
two of the smaller tugs are now tied
up. Thev will probably be started
A. A. Quinn, of this city, who is
the walking delegate of the Carpen
ter's Union, was suddenly called to
Providence, Rhode Island, this morn
ing on account of 1500 carpenters go
ing out on strike for higher wages
and shorter hours. Just how long the
strike will last Mr. Quinn could not
Supper Served by Men.
Tonight is that sapper at Simpson
M. E. church which is to be served by
men. They will do the cooking and
none of them was ever employed at
the Waldorf-Astoria as chef, either.
It will be a great feast. Supper
served from 6 to 10 p. m. ,
High School Alumni has Prepared a Great
Treat for All Who Will Attend.
Edward Howard Griggs will deliver
,a lecture in the High School auditor
ium tomorrow night. This is the first
in a course of two events be given by
the High School alumni. Mr. Griggs*
subject will be ' Literature and Liter
ary Culture."
Perth Amboy is particularly fortun
ate in having an opportunity to hear
Mr. Griggs. He is well known
throughout the country and is in de
mand as a leoturer in all the largest
oities of the United States. His writ
ings are also very popular and attract
much attention. He is a frequent
contributor to such periodicals as the
Ladies Home Journal.
Mr. Griggs is a recognized author
ity in literature <uid similar subjects.
The auditorium should be filled to
hear him. Seldom has Perth Amboy
had such a noted speaker to appear
The second of the series being given
by the alumni in the concert at which
Miss Clara Farrington will appear.
Other artists from New York will also
take part. This will be held May 14
LOST ? ENVELOPE full of reoeipts
of Lembeck & Betz, either on O. R.
R. train or in South Amboy. Finder
kindly return to J. Kutcher and re
ceive reward |2 00. 51 Watson ave
nue, Perth Amboy, N. J.
A htr-tl 1,1 your hand Is worth two In
r l Ul I U and < Lie box of Sal
vator llrg. ?;o.'s W uerzherger l? worth
the pi-Ice of two boxen of any other beer
Wuerzberger f 1.1,0, equal to imported; Pale
Extra $1.30: Export Pilsner fl.OO. These brands
cannot be duplicated for such prices, besides uoii
get a rebate of JO cts for each box of empty bottles.
The Hygiene Steam Beer BottSing Works,
Tel. W-B. 354 New Brunswick Ay.
????? %
Raritan Yacht Club Members
Talked Over the Question
After Business was Transacted the Mat
ter was Brought Up? May Take Det
in'te Action at Next Meeting When a
Committee May be Appoi ted? Members
After the meeting of the Raritnn
Yacht Club last night the members
discussed, informally, the advisability
of holding another carnival this year.
Most of the members were in hearty
favor of it, and thought that if it
oould be held dnriug August, same as
last year, it would be a far greater
The Yacht Club members are will
ing to take a hold of the affair and
push it through. It was said the
arrangements Bhould be made in such
a way that if the night selected shonld
prove stormy, it could be postooned
until the following night, or the first
night that the weather was clear.
Last year it rained nearly all the
evening, but the members are not dis
couraged. At the next meeting of
the club, which is the first Wednes
day night in June, the members will
give the matter serious consideration
and it is probable a committee will be
appointed to make arrangements, and
take up subscriptions.
Card of Thanks.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hansen wish
to thank their many friends, includ
ing the Dftoiah Brotherhood, Danish
Sisterhood and Sociable A. C., for
their kindness and the many presents
they received at the twenty-fifth anni
versary of their wedding which
occurred on the 4th of May.
M, and Mrs. Matthew Hansen.
Will Occupy the Place About June
I? Large Boarding House Said
to be Object
James M. Glenn, the present pro
prietor of the Hotel Central at Smith
and State streets, has rented the
Meredith house at oorner of Water
and Market street. Mr. Glenn, who
is well known and has been a popular
hotel man in Perth Am boy for many
years, will take possession of the place
about June 1st.
It has been necessary for Mr. Glenn
to find another place on account of
the sale of the Hotel Central. It is
understood that Mr. Glenn will con
duct a first class boarding house in
the building. The place is well suit
ed for such a place and there is no
doubt bnt that Mr. Glenn will make
a great success of tbe place. The
location is excellent, commanding a
beautiful view of Staten Island Sound.
Union Maenne'chor of Maurer Has Elected
New Officers and will Meet Regularly.
The Singing Sooiety Union Maen
nerchor. of Maurer, which disbanded
some time ago, was reorganized at
Charles Massopust's home last night.
The following officers were elected:
President, Joseph Massopust; vice
president, J. Bauman ; recording secre
tary, T. Preifcler, : financial secretary,
T. Weiss; treasurer, W. MassoDust.
The sooiety meets every Wednesday at
36 Chauncey street.
A Rrmnrkiibli1 Eseape.
NBW YORK, May 7.? Three-year-olil
Louis Lubltner tumbled from the win
dow of an elevated train, slipped l?e
tween two ties and was caught by two
men in the street below who saw him
coming and into whose arms he drop
ped. Little Louis had his forehead
?lightly bruised: that was all.
prepared by men, served by men;
it. . dishes washed by men and dried
t Simpson M. E. Church,
Supper ?
Tomorrow Will Mark the First Year the Hospital has Received Patients.
President S. R Farrington Prepares a Report Which Shows Some
of the Work Accomplished? Many Patients have been Treated and
the Necessity of the Institution has been Demonstrated.
Carpenters at Raritan Copper
Works Refused to be Organ
ized and Masons Left.
received jmi wages.
Mr. J. C. McCoy Stated He Had No Ob
Objection to the Carpenters Being Or
ganized If They So Desired? Delegate
Found Them Unwilling and Masons
Called Out.
The masons at the Raritan Oopper
Works went on a strike this morning
on account of some trouble the car
penters anion is having with the car
penters employed at the works.
A few days ago a walking delegate
of the Carpenters Union appealed at
the office of the Raritan Oopper Works,
and demanded that hereafter the Oop
per Works employ only anion carpen
ters. He was told that the Oopper
Works people would be satisfied to
employ the union carpenters but as
the men who are doing the work are
giving complete satisfaction, the com
pany couk? not dischaige them, but
that if the union could organize the
men into a union the Copper Works
would no object.
The delegate went among the oar
pen ters and told them his object.
The carpenters listened patiently to
all the delegate had to say, and then
decided that they did not want to
join a union. When the delegate
again appeared at the office and de
manded that the carpenters be dis
charged right away, he was told that
was impossible. He tnen made the
threat that all the union masons,
three in number, would be called off.
He was as good as his word. The
masons say they had no kick coming
and were even receiving a little more
than the union scale called for, as
well as a lot of overtime, increasing
their pay to sometimes $150 per month.
They have had steady work all the
year around, which is more than any
mason in Perth Amboy has. The
union compelled them to leave their
jobs, however, and they left. When
the differences over the carpenters
will be settled is not known.
Albert Lott, of Old Bridge, was
committed to the county jail for thirty
iays this morning by Recorder Pick
ersgill on a charge of being drank and
? disorderly. Lott was fined $5 yester
;day morning on a similar charge.
Leon Kazmarak, of Oharles street,
was fined $3 this morning on a charge
of malicious mischief. Mrs. Bergner,
a neighbor, charged him with going
into her yard and stealing fiowers.
The boy denied the charge, but the
recorder, having heard of many other
complaints against him, imposed the
A Pretty Home.
Land & Christiansen have complet
ed the house which they were build
ing for Charles Quentin at 192 Madi
son avenue. The house is built in
cottage style and it> an attractive
place. It is fitted out with all the
modern improvements. The sub-con
tractors 011 the building were A.
Oetergaard, mason; J. S. Hanson, tin
ning and plumbing; E. O. Oarlsen,
The furnace gang in charge of the
iron furnace at the Perth Amboy
Shipbuilding Works has been laid off
on aocount of the work being slack.
When iron is received for the new
schoolship "America, " the gang will
be put to work again.
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investment read the oolumn on page 2.
Tomorrow, the Perth Am boy City
Hospital will celebrate the first anni
versary of the opening of the doors
for the reception of patients. No one
donbts that the year has been very
successful and there is not a person in
Perth Amboy who donbts bat that
the institution is a necessity to the
The work has only jnst begun, how
ever, and it largely depends upon pub
lic interest for future snpport. As
has already been pointed out, there
are many things yet needed to make
the building complete. It is a credit
to the city and deserving the heart
iest sapport of all.
The following report made today
by Mr. S. R. Farrington, president of
the Board of Governors, sneaks for
itself :
Patients received during the year,
Medical. 86; Surgical, 92; total, 178.
Of these 2 cases proved to be chronic
and were removed ; 3 died, 162 cured
and 11 remain in the hospital at this
Help employed as follows : A mat
ron, three graduate nurses, an order
ly, cook, laundress, two pupil nnrses,
and a ward maid. Total expense for
maintenance $6,850.
Prisoners from Perth Amboy Ar
ralgne ' rActi^ ^ien in Copper u
Works BiotCraH- ~
Special to the Evening News.
New Brunswick, May 7:? Joseph
Berdes, of Perth Amboy, who was
convicted of assaulting Carl Johansen
with a file by stabbing him in the
arm, was fined $25 today by Judge
Sohenck. He is allowed to pay the
fine in weekly installments of one
Joseph Dafcik, whom Detective
Huff of Perth Amboy, bronght here
yesterday from New York, was ar
raigned before Judge Schenok this
morning charged with making an
atrocious assault upon John Sovack.
He plead not guilty and trial was set
for the 18th. Joseph Strioker was
appointed counsel for Dafoik.
Joseph Strieker filed a demurer in
the cases of the five men oharged with
rioting at the Raritan Copper Works.
Mr. Strieker argued that as the sheriff
had failed to read the riot act to these
men the indictment should be dis
missed. The Court reserved his de
cision until the 18th.
Sunday the pastor will preach two
sermons from the subject "How God
Speaks to Us in Nature." The morn
ing subject will be "Lessons from \
Our Beautiful Trees," and in the
evening his text will be "Rest Your
selves Under the Tree. " The church
will be trimmed with boughs and
At the prayer meoting last night the
pastor asked the members to send
flowers that thev might be used to
decorate the church and afterward be
sent to the sick.
On Friday, Mav eighth, the annual
meeting of the Missionary Society of
the East Association will be held in
the Central Baptist churoh, Elizabeth.
Sessions at 10.30 a. m. and 12 p. m.
An interesting program has been pre
pared and Miss Wilson, of Assam, is
expected to be present. The women
of this church are urged to attend
both of these meetings.
There will be a meeting of the
Building Trades Counoil tonight at 8
o'clock in Union Hall, Smith street.
All members please be present.
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