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Three Move Together so that All May Pass on Valuation of Proper
ty?The Increase will not be on All Properties, but Effort is Be
ing made to have Assessments more Equalized.
: ? a
The three assessors, Peter Nelson,
James Growney and Edward Jraseu,
who were appointed last year by
Mayor Charles K. Seaman, for the
purpose ot solving the^tax question,
in this city, have been working on
the difficult job assigned them the
past six or eight weeks and they are
only half through. They sny it is
impossible to obtain in figures or
otherwise what will be the result o
their labors.
An idea of the problem these gentle
men have to solve may be ^better un
derstood when it is stated that al
though each one was assigned to a
third part of the oity, they have m
etead, joined bands in the matter and
wherever the assessment has been
filed the judgment of all three instead
of one has been used. This plan will
take a great deal longer, but it is
done with the idea that two heads are
better than one, and three are better
than two. It is hoped that the re
sults will be to the general satisfac
tion of all concerned.
As to the increase in sales and the
rate, after they are through with
looking over all the properties, Comp
troller Voorhees and the County Board
of Assessors will have to be consulted
and the State appropriations for the
schools donsidered before a final esti
mate is reached.
As to the work already accomplish
ed it may be said that much of the
residence and business sections of the
town has been viewed bv the Assess
ors while none of the large manufact
uring industries have been considered
at all. These will be the hardest to
handle as there are so many more con
ditions under which these gentlemen
will he to use their own judgment.
The assessors in making their rounds
are often asked by the citizens what
their taxes will be this year and to
this the reply is:
"I don't know. "
The assessors have the powef in case
of any doubt of a citizen's statement,
to demand or compel a statement
under oath in Buch cases. The law is
very specific in this respect although
to date they have had no unpleasant
dealings with any one.
It is said that owing to the increase
in valuation of some properties, the
tax rate may not go higher. It it is
raised any it will be slight. It is
pointed out that there are manv pro
perty owners who are being assessed
far below the amount they ask for
their property. In some cases the
ownsr asks four times as much for his
property when offered for sale aB he
is assessed for. There are many lots
in the business center of the city
which are assessed far below valua
One case is given as an example. A
certain lot near the oenter of the city
is taxed on a valuation of S500 while
the owner reoently refused 83,000 for
that same piece of property. It is
this kind of property the assessors are
after this year and those property
owners who are already assessed to
the limit, will not be raised.
Rev. E. J. Keuling Makes Perth Amboy his
Home Permanently.
I Rev. E. J. Keuling, the newly elect
ed pastor of the Grace English Lnth
keran churoh, is here permanently.
For the present he is making his home
at the residence of J. W. Monroe,
Market street. Within a week or so
his family will also make this city
their home. Hereafter servioes will
be conducted in Knights of Pythias
Hall regularly both morning and even
ing. Sunday Sohool at 2.80 p. m.
For real estate see page 2.
Police Are Investigating North
Amboy Case in Which Julius
Shulsky was Arrested.
Julius Shnlsky, of 8 Wayne street,
was arraigned before Reoorder Pick
ersgill this morning on a chargo of
having made an atrocious assault upon
Andrew Manie last night. Manie,
who was stabbed in the breast, was
unable to appear in oonrt this morning
and officer Morris, who made the
arrest, preferred the charges against
Shnlsky, officer Morris said,. had
been hit in the faco with a stone.
Shnlsky's ;face, clothes and hands
were covered with blood as evidence
of the force of the blow h^/had re
In answer to the charges made
against him Shnlsky denied having
stabbed any one and when a knife,
among other things that were taken
from him last night, was shown him
he claimed ownershiD to everything
bnt the knife. Shulsfcv said he was
to a wedding last night and was in a
saloon when several men called him
to one side and then began to pnncli
Dr. Lnnd attended the injured man
and reported thin morning that he
was not [dangerously hurt although
the wound was close over the heart.
Recorder Pickersgill remanded Shul
sky until tomorrow morning to await
developments and in the meantime
the police will investigate ithe case
Simpson M. E. Church to Make
new Departure in Music
al Line.
Simpspn M. E. church has decided
to have a paid quartet in their choir.
This action was taken at the meeting
of the quarterly conference held last
night at which Presiding Elder Daniel
Halleron, was present. Other busi
ness of the church was transacted.
The Methodist church has had a
wonderful growth during the last few
years and the members now believe
thev are ready to take a decided step
in the musical line. No[new members
will be hired from out of the city.
The Methodists already have a good
choir and the congregation believes
that a quartet can be selected which
will give every satisfaction. It is
thought that by giving a quartet a
salary more time can be given to [the
music and thereby the church services
will be improved.
Good, Better. Best.
One Telephone is Good, would two
be better. If so, then three would be
best. Three telephones would be
rather a nuisance, wouldn't they?
AaaahiiIii of Merchants, Manufacturers, Corporations
ACCOUNTS and Individuals Solicited ? i
' INTEREST PAID ON ) 2 per cent, on $ 500 or over
DAILY BALANCES \ 3 per cent, on $1,000 or over
Safe Deposit Boxes to Rent at Low Rates
Cap^al I Profi*8 I Deposits .$1,000,000
- )
First of Series of Games Begins)
Tomorrow on Smith Street
Equitables are the Marion's Old Time Riv
als and an Interesting Contest is Look
ed for ? Several Changes in the Local
Team? Vi itors Have two new Players
Who Have not been Seen . Here Before
Tomorrow afternoon the Marions
will play the first game of the series
with the Equitables. The following
is the order in which tho teams will
Marions. Eqnitables.
Moorehead, 2b Driscoll, lb
Riernan, ss Barnard, 2b
Leonard, 3b Lamar, 8b
Galvin, lb Tierne.y, rf
Kelly, rf Lindeman, cf
Connelly, c Reinacher, ss
Hoffner, If McKenna, If
Lyons, of Freed berg, c
Rochelle, p Hopper, p
The Eqnitables are one of the best
known of the teams that visit here
beoanse they have been coming to
Perth Am boy for a series of games
each season for several years, rhere
has always been great rivalry between
the locals and Eqnitables and the
games have always been hard fought
battles, as is evidenced by the con
tests in 1901 and 1902. In the former
year the first of three games was won
by the Eqnitables 7 to 6, the second
game went to the Marions, 2 to 1, after
a ten inning struggle and the third
game also was won by the locals in a
pitcher's battle between Rochelle and
Hopper which resulted in a shut out
for the visitors, 3 to 0. Last year the
Eqnitables again captured the first
game 5 to 4, the locals got the second
8 to 2, and in a brilliant eleven inning
contest the Marions Dulled out a vio
torv in the final game 2 to 1.
Most of the names on the Eqnitables
list are very familiar to local patrons
of the came and only two players
named thereon have not previously
played in this city. These are Linde
man, who plays centre, and McKenna
the left fielder.
Several changes have been made in
the Marion '8 linenp for tomorrow's
game. In place of McOormick, who
joined the Holyoke team for the season
last Monday, Leonard was secured.
Hoffner will take his old stand in left,
replacing Grey, who will be unable
to plav with the locals this Saturday.
Moorehead will take Hoff's place at
the half way station. He is a player
who has a appeared a number of times
on the local grounds both with and
against the Marions. His hitting
ability was displayed in the 10 inning
game in 1900 when he played second
base for the locals. No other ohanges
have been made in the looals and
those made do not in any way impair
the strength of the team. While last
week's game was rather easy for the
locals, tomorrow's contest will serve
to put them on their mettle and they
will have to work hard to win.
Doubtless a large crowd will be on
hand to witness the struggle in view
of the fact that the locals are playing
fast ball.
The Equitables will show their new
uniforms here which are said to be
the swelle8t ever. They will also
have. the uniform coats which form
part of the outfit of the major league
teams. The locals have also promised
to brush up a little so that both teams
will present neat appearanoe in the
field. The game will be called short
ly before four o'clock.
A Chance To Save Money.
If one telephone connects you with
everybody you want, why add the ex
pense of another?
A hi rrt ,M your hand Is worth two tu
r\ Lfll u th? buxh, and i ue box of sal
vator Hrg. to.'s Wuerzberner Is worth
tlm prlc^oftwo boxes of auy other bt-er
Wuerxbergtr $1.1*0, equal to imported; Pale
Extra gl.to) Export Pitmer $1.00. These brands
cannot be dupl icated for such prices, beside s von
get a rebate of SO eta for each box of empty bottles.
The hygiene Steam Beer Bottling Works,
Tel. IkS-B. 281 New Brunswick Av.
Beginning Tomorrow Several Lo
cal Merchants will Give
them to Customers.
Merchants Association w II Leave no Stone
Unturned to Drive Stamps from Perth
Amboy? Difference of Opinion as to
Whether They are Wanted? Will soon
Settle Question.
Commencing tomorrow the war be
tween the storekeepers who want
trading stamps and those who do not.
will be on in earnest. A number of
the local merchants who do not belong
to the Merchants Association, have
decided to give the stamps to their
customers. Those who belong to the
association, as has been told in the
News, are much opposed to the sta:?p
business, and say they will fight to
the end.
When Mr. Reynolds, of the firm of
Reynolds & Hanson, dry good? mer
chant of Smith street, was seen by a
reporter this morning, he said :
"If the stamp company starts a store
in Perth Amboy, they will be com
pelled to take out a oity license which
requires all trading stamp companies
keeping stores in this city, to pay
$600. But if they do not start a store,
but have premiums given out by the
merchants, we will find another way
to stop them. "
Frank Hilsdorf, of J. H. and F.
Hilsdorf, said if the stamps were
given out by some of the merchants
that they did not think the people ot
this city would take to them as they
had enough of the stamps a few years
ago when they were in vogue here.
Bnt if the people seem to demand
them, the merchants will probably
start a store of their own.
Mr. Jacobson, manager of the
Scheuer grocery house, which is one
of the stores to give out the stamps,
has the opinion that the stamps are
just the thing that the people of this
city want and that they will readily
take to them. Mr. Jacobson is not
the only one who thinks so and sever
al other merchants along Smith and
State streets will begin usiDg the
stamps tomorrow. It will not be long
before it can be determined whether
or not the trading stamps have Come
to stay.
The Real Value.
The value of Telephone Service is
in the number of persons it reaches.
Will Await a Decision in the Car
penter Trouble? A A. Quinn Will
i Take Up the Matter.
Pending a decision between the
Carpenters Union and the non union
carpenters employed at the Raritan
Copper Works, the masons who were
called out by the Masons' Union dele
gates yesterday morning, were allow
ed to return to work this morning.
It is thought that the masons will
be allowed to continue at work until
the return of A. A. Quinn, the walk
ing delegate of the Carpenters Union,
who is now handling a strike of 1,5Q0
carpenters in Rhode Island.
When Mr. Quinn is able to get in
Perth Amboy again it is said that he
will make a great attempt to organise
the non union carpenters at the Cop
per Works, and if he succeeds, no
further trouble will be expected.
Six pale faces were adopted at the
meeting of Po Ambo Tribe 65 last
night. A large number were present.
The new degree team performed the
oeremonies in first class style.
Hot Vanilla Taffy? Made Fresh, in Our Show Window? Given
Away, Tuesday, May 12th, 1903.
Sexton's Drttg 70*72 Smith Street
Teachers get their Money for April ? Interest Now Centers on Meet
ing of Board When Commissioner Walker will Occupy Presi
dent's Chair ? Mayor Writes Again.
Refuse to Accent Terms Offered
them by the Bosses and
Quit Work.
The lathers went ont on strike this
morning. The secretary of the Union
received a letter from the boss masons
in regard to their demands which
stated that the bosses are willing to
pay the lathers S3 per thousand. Re
garding ohnrches, schools and public
work the bosses say they will make
the arrangements before all such work
is started.
For a day's work the lathers refuse
to accept less than t2.25, but for the
oharch, school and public work they
are satisfied with the agreement. The
lathers claim they have plenty of
work for themselves and they can
stand the strike as long as the bosses.
Are now 2.52 and Will bq Several
Points Higher this Year? More
Money Weeded.
New Brunswick, May 8:? Tne city's
tax rate, which is now 2.52, will be
several points higher this year. Com
mon Council will put it up about five
points, since there are a number of
extraordinary expenses of this year,
due to smallpox epidemics, to be met
out of next year's levy. Then the
Board of Education will have to have
an additional $9,000 to meet expeuses
for the months of May and June. The
new school law provides that the
school year shall begin on June 1 in
stead of Mav 1, nut provides no wav
for providing additional funds for the
extra two months thus tacked on the
old fiseaLyear. The necessity of rais
ing the necessary amount by taxation
will add about nine points to the local
tax rate.
Will Make the House his Permanent
Residence? Hall Continues
the Same
Dr. Henry Levy has, through the
Bishop Company, purchased from the
Mutual Life Insurance Company, the
Music Hall property on High street.
The property has a frontage of 48 feet
and is 200 feet deep.
Dr. Levy will make the house upon
the property his premanent residence
as boon as it is vacated and will make
no change in the hall for the present.
Later, however, some improvements
may be made on the hall.
About twenty-five couples 'attended
the last danoe of the season given by
the Eagle Athletic Club in their rooms
in Odd Fellows Hall last night.
Dancing was the order of the evening
and was enjoyed by all until 12
o'Qlock. A supper, especially pre
pared for the guests, was served in
another room, was then served, after
which dancing was continued.
Although just one week late, the
I school teachers and those employed
by the Board of Education, received
theii monthly salaries for April yes
terday afternoon. As told in yester
day's News the Comptroller signed all
the warrants which have been on his
desk for over a week. They had all
been signed bv Commissioner Walker,
however, showing that he is now the
recognized president of the board.
After the [ comptroller had signed
the warrants City Treasurer Brod
head's signature was secured and be
fore school closed yesterday afternoon,
Clerk Colyer had the warrants in
everv school.
This apparentlv ends the trouble
which has caused so much commeut
throughout the city during the past
week. What the school board will do
at its next regular meetiDg still re
mains a question. It is claimed t>y
some that Mr. Walker cannot be the
president because not only did his
term as the persiding officer expire,
but his term as a commissioner alsa
ended and he was re-elented. Mayor
Seaman has written to State Superin
tendent Baxter explaining this fact.
The Republicans are greatly rejoiced
over what they term as their victory.
United States Signal Service
will Soon Hpye^VW Station^1
in' Operation^ ?
The United States storm signals
which, as told exclusively in the
Evening News several weeks aeo, will
be displayed at the dock of the New
Brunswick, Amboy and New York
Steamboat Company's dock at the foot
of Smith street, will be ready in a
day or two. The pole, which is
seventy-five feet hieh, has been erect
ed at the dock and Weather Clerk J.
W. Henderson is in charge.
Through an arrangement with Mr.
Henderson, the Evening News will
publish daily, the reports regaiding
the weather forecast as he receives
them. The service is nuder the direct
supervision of the national govern
ment and are for the conveniences of
vessels passing in and out of this
Following is the signal code:
White pennet above and red flag,
black centre, below : Northwesterly
Red flag, black centre, above ; white
! pennet below: Southwesterly winds.
Red pennet above ; red flag, black
j centre, below: Northeasterly winds.
Rad flag, black centre above: red
pennet below: Southeasterly winds.
Two red flags, black centre: hurri
cane warning.
New York In a Minute.
Telephone service to be of import
ance most connect with New York.
At the last regular meeting of the
Lyric Mandolin Club held at the home
of Miss Lillian Graham, on State
street, the following officers were
' elected : President, Miss Miriam
? Storer ; secretary, Louis Ernst ; treas
urer, Miss May Dayton ; leader, Miss
Lillian Graham,
i _____
One Million Stations.
Through the New York and New
Jersey Telephone [Company fyou can
communicate with one million sta
Lost anything: A cent-a-word ad.
in the Evening News ill find it for
Our Headache Powders
cure every time; give quick re
lief, are safe to take; our cus
tomers say they are the best in
the city; 3 doses 10c; try them.
PARISEN'S Prescription Pharmacy

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