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I vol. it no. 239 perth" amboy, n. j., Saturday, may 9, 1903 second edition
IV. G. Comings is Slated for Chief and will be Elected? No Opposi
tion to the Ticket ? Election will be Held m the City Hall in the
Evening Between 7 and 9 O'clock.
The election of a ohief and two
assistants for the local fire department
takes place in the City Hall on Tues
day night between 7 and 9 o'clock.
The candidates, who were nominated
by the different companies, have no
opposition and will be elected. W.
Q. Comings has been nominated for
chief by the members of , Protection
Hook and Ladder Company; John P.
Moylan will be first assistant chief,
being nominated for that position by
the McOlellan Hose Company, while
Jnraes M. Qlenn will be the second
assistant chief as the choice of Lincoln
Hose Company.
All of the candidates are men well
known in Perth Ambov, and are popu=
lar. The retiring Chief, Louis Ffanke,
has now completed his second term as
ohief of the Perth Amboy Fire De
As a fireman once in line for chief
is seldom tnrned down, it is generally
accepted that John P. Moylan will
sncceed Comings and J. M. Glenn
will follow him. This being a taot
the contest is always over the election
of the second assistant. The com
panies take turns in nominating the
candidates fo that the real fight takes
place among the members of the one
company having the nomination of
second assistant.
When the present plans of the Board
of Aldermen is carried out there will
bo another company to take into con
Official Board of Simpson M. E. Church En
tertained Last Night.
The official board of Simpson M. E.
chutoh was entertained at the home
of G. D. Runyon last night. The
evening was spent with conundrums.
There were eight tables and folded in
a napkin beside eaoh plate was a card
with conundrums. A vacant space was
opposite in whioh they were to write
the answers. The one answering
most conundrums was to get a prize.
Mrs. Parker Run von was awarded
ladies first prize, which was a Jap an
ese plate. The first gentleman's prize,
a Japanese cup and saucer, was won
bv J. A. Green and S. R. Farrington
but in a decision between them Mr.
Farrington won. The prizes for
guessing the least number were won
by Mrs. W. Woglom and J. H. Lan
A delightful suppar was served after
which the guests gave connndrums.
J. A. Green received the prize for
giving the best.
D. Tyrrell, of Gordon street, has a
position at the American Smelting
and Refining Company's plant.
Math Hansen is having a new side
walk laid in front of his place of
business on New Brunswick avenue.
William Johnson, of State street,
who has been enjoying a few days
vacation from his duties at Penfield's
factory, will report for duty Mondav
The work of grading Washington
street from High street to the water
front, is about completed. |
James Barr, formerly of this oity,
but now of Jersey City, ib in town
Harry Comings, of State street, has
a position in the office of the W.
Blackburn Smith Company.
Large Audience in High School
Auditorium Heard Distin
guished Man.
Edward Howard Griggs has National Rep
utation and Perth Amboy Audience Ap
preciated the Fact? Wonderful Com
mand of English and Knowledge of the
Fine Ar!s.
The lecture given in the Hieh
School auditorium last night by Ed
ward Howard Griggs, was all that has
been said about it. It was given
nnder the anspices of the High Sohool
alumni and is the first of a series of
two events.
Mr. Griggs was introduced by Franz
Neilson. His subject was "Literature
and Liberal Culture. " He is a rapid
talker, but hie clear pronunciation
and wonderful command of English
made his words and meaning clear to
every one. The lecture was without
a doubt the best heard in this city
this season.
Mr. Griggs has been described by
some as the "perfect man" in so far
as knowledge of literature English
art and culture is concerned. By his
abundant flow of the language he
made pictures for his audience while
telling them of literature. He Baid
that paintings, sculpture and archi
tecture, will fade and crumble, but
literature will pass down the ages as
long as man has intelligence. The
reason literature is not more generally
appreciated is because it is so easily
accessible to all.
The audience which heard Mr.
Griggs was large and enthusiastic.
He was greeted with hearty applause.
Mr. Griggs has a national reputation
as a lecturer and the Perth Amboy
audienoe was delighted with the
opportunity to hear him.
Gaire Warden Church, of South
Amboy has Man Placed Under
$200 Bonds for Trial.
Game Warden Church, of South
Amboy. arrested Edward Ziegler, of
Browntown, yesterday afternoon on a
charge of allowing his[hound dog to
run at large in the woods and fields.
Ziegler was arraigned before Record
er Pickersgill and placed under $200
bail to appear Monday, May 18, at
5.15 o'clock for trial.
Ic is understood the warden has at
least seven or eight witnesses, the
majority of tnem being volunteers,
who have dogs of their own and are
compelled to keep them tied. It is
said that Ziegler seldom has his dog
A AAAunin Merchants, Manufacturers, Corporations
ACCOUniS and Individuals Solicited ? ?
INTEREST PAID ON ) 2 per cent, on $ 500 or over
DAILY BALANCES \ 3 per cent, on $1,000 or over
Safe Deposit Boxes to Rent at Low Rates
Capital | Profits | Deposits _$l,000,000
HAMILTON K.'KEAN, Prbbidbnt HABBY CON a HI) Cabbi i
Hospital Governors Agree to
Having the Society Circus Here
as Benefit.
Contract has Been Signed? Tent will be
Pitched in Paterson Tract Near Smith
Street? Plenty of Fun for all? Plan is
Simple? Has been Very Successful
A society circus to be given for the
benefit of the hospital, decided by the
Board of Managers, was ratified at
the meeting of the Board of Gover
nor's held in the office of George J.
Haney last night. A. A. Dnchemin,
of 188 Fifth avenue, New York, is the
man with whom the contraot has been
made to famish all the necessary
paraphernalia and the professional
part of the show. The dates have
been fixed for the 28, 29 and 30 of this
month. On Saturday afternoon a
matinee will be given, making four
performances in all.
Manv have heard about the society,
bnt the people of Peith Amboy have
never had the chance to see it. When
the simple features of it are explained
the mere novelty of such an affair has
always brought sucoess wherever it
has been introduced.
The man with whom the contract is
made will brine a complete circus
here except that he will get a number
of local talent to perform. Here's
where the fun begins. Local talent
will be expected to furnish the mater
ial for this part of the show, which
inolndes ring master, clowns, bare
back riders, tumblers, slack wire
walkers, and all the rest( that go to
make up a first class amateur oi reus.
In this undertaking the Board of
Managers have taken upon themselves
a great responsibility as an affair of
this kind cannot be conducted for
nothing and tbey look to the pbulic
to give them their most hearty support.
Making Great Preparations for their Picnic
to be Held May 15
The Central Pleasure Culb of North
Amboy, is making great preparations
for their coming picnic which is to
be held in Pulaski'Park, State street,
on May 15. The clut), which is one
of the most popular of Ambov, has
already sold many tickets and they
expect to make the hit of the season.
The different committees in charge
of the affair are working hard and
there is no question but that it will
be a financial snccess. Beside the
selling of refreshments there will be
dancing all the evening. A first class
orchestra has been engaged.
The Board of Aldermen has invited
the committees of the Chamber of
Commerce to meet with them in the
city hall instead^of Judge Lyon's
office as had been planned. Mr. Sid
ney Riddlestorffer, secretary of the
Chamber of Commerce, says the in
vitation will be accepted.
Advertising is the life of trade.
of any kind are
to introduce
KROGH'S Antiseptic
It sells on its merits.
A hi fH your hand Is worth two In
r\ L/i / U th*? btiHh, anil "lie box of sal
vator Brg. ? o.'s WuerzbHi-icer Is worth
?1ih price of two boxes of any olln-r b*er
Wuerzberyer 1 1 40, equal to imported; Pale
Extra Export Pilmtfr $1.00. These brands
cannot he tin plicated for Mich prices besides you
yet a rebate of 20 cts for each box of empty bottles.
Tlie Hj'giciie Steam Beer Bottling Works,
Tel. VtS-B. 251 New Bruuswlok Av.
Centra! Jersey Traction Com
pany May Pass Around
South Amboy.
Believed that the Company will Complete
the Line Over Private Right of Way
Which Will be Shorter Trip from the
New Bridge to the Shore- People Want
Road In Borough.
The Jersey Central Traction Com
pany is making a new survey which
will pass aronnd the borough of South
Amboy, reaching Savreville township,
and the bridge br passing through the
upper section of Maxville.
The South Amboy Council has held
up the franchise for the company to
enter the borough for some time and
it would appear that the Central Com
pany is going to teach the borough
council a lesson.
According to reliable information
the new route being laid out passes
through the Conover tract, crossing
Bordentown avenue above Maxville,
thence through the Dayton farm, be
tween the Rose and Church properties,
across the land belonging to Mr.
Campbell to Sayreville township.
Some people are inclined to believe
the company is surveying this route
merely to hurry the South Amboy
borough council. This ia denied by
those who claim to know. It ia point
ed out that all surveys cost a great
deal of money and it is probable that
the line^now being laid oat will be
used, as it will be shorter to reach
the coast and it ia believed that the
Central Company intends to make
through traffic a feature.
South Amboy people, who have been
seen in regard to the matter, say they
have no objeotionjto the traction com
pany Agoing aronnd the borough with
their through traffic, but they want
the Central company to run a line
into South Amboy for local business.
Maxville is one of the most prosper
ous sections of South Amboy and the
borongh is growing in that direction.
It may be that the Central Traction
Company are going to place their
traoks in that vicinity and allow the
borough to grow around them.
G- A- R. Will Attend Baptist Church
in Morning Presbyterian Church
In Evening.
At the last regular meeting of the
G. A. R., held in tneir rooms in the
Odd Fellows Building, Smith street,
the final arrangements were completed
for the Decoration Day exercises.
On the Sunday before Decoration
Day besides going to the Presbvterian
Church in the evening to hear a ser
mon bv Dr. Mendenhall, the soldiers
have aocepted an invitation from Rev.
Percy R. Ferris, the pastor of the
First Baptist church, to attend the
morning service in the Baptist church.
The morning service will be a patriotio
A few davs before Memorial Day a
general order will be issued by the
commander of the local Q. A. R.
Major James H. Dandy Post, inviting
all ladies and gentlemen who can to
take part in the general program on
Decoration Day.
Our Headache Powders
cure every time; give quick re
lief, are safe to take; our cus
tomers say they are the best in
the city; 3 doses 10c; try them.
PARISEN'S Prescription Pharmacy
|a?k. j ensenJ
Successorto J. K.JENSEN, J
I 250 Waahington St. Cor/ Johnstone f
Case of Homestead Building and
Loan Against Mary Ryan Clos
ed Yesterday.
Mayor Charlet K. Seaman and James S.
Wight on the Stand? Interesting Facts
Brought out? James Ryan for Defense
Mrs. Ryan was Called but was Unable
to Testify.
In the suit of the Perth Amboy
Mutual Homestead and Building Loan
Association against Mary Ryan, which
as told in the News yesterday, was
on in New Brunswick before Vice
Chancellor Reed, the Vice Chancellor
reserved his decision after hearing the
The suit was brought to recover
possession of a property held by the
defendant upon which the loan holds
a mortgage. The defence claims
moneys to the amount of $3,780, held
by a former solicitor of the loan, have
not been applied to.the money borrow
ed, and that nothing is due. Lawyers
Spencer and Beekman appeared for
the loan and Willard P. Voorhees for
the defendant.
Mayor Charles K. Seaman, testified
as secretary of the loan that payments
on the shares held in the loan by Mrs.
Ryan ceased in April 1901, and the
payments on the interest ceased in
October. 1901. There was due on the
bond and mortgage held by the loan
upon the Ryan property on July 25
1902, tho time the loan decided to
settle up its accounts, the sum of
$2,819,50. This included insurance
paid by the loan on the property. The
amount of the loan secured by Mrs.
Rvan was $4,200.
Lawyer Voorhees, in cross-examin
ing the Mayor, questioned him as to
whether the loan was not insolvent,
and denied that the defendants had
made a default in payment of dues
because of this fact, that of insol
vency. The Vice-Chancellor held
that the company was not insolvent
because it had wound up its affairs.
The scheme had not "failed, as thev
could have gone on if desired. The
Mayor testified that the examining
bankers found the loan just about
For the defence James Ryan was
sworn and testified that if the moneys
received by Mr. Wight had been paid
on the claims intended by them and
not upon claims charged against the
personal account of Mr. Ryan, there
would have been enough money to
settle everything and no need of the
present foreclosure proceeding. Some
of the bills paid he was not author
ized by the Ryans.
Mrs. Ryan was called, but was un
able to testify. She is quite aged
and became nervous when called. She
started to cry and when she had com
posed herself the evidence had been
ooncluded on both sides, so that si e
did not get her testimony in. The
Vice-Chancellor reserved his decision.
Given a Hearing Before Recorder
Yesterday Claims he is Victim
of Asault.
Julius Shulsky, who, as told in
yesterday's News, was arrested
charged with having stabbed Andrew
Manie, was given a hearing before
Recorder Pickersgill yesterday after
noon. The testimony of two witness
es to the affair was taken at the con
clusion of which the recorder held
Shulsky to await the action of the
September Grand Jury. Shulsky still
denies that he did the stabbing, claim
ing, that several men including Manie,
made an assault upon him.
F.J. LARKIN, 857 STATE Street,
will do plumbing, steam, hot water
and hot air heating on monthly pay
Lehigh Valley now Has Enough
Non-Union Engineers to
Fill Positions.
Delegate from New York Union in this City
Yesterday but was Unsuccessful it Get
ting Men Quit? Many Boats Waiting to
be Moved -Steamer Loaded and is
Bound for Boston.
The Lehigh Valley Railroad wan
enabled to get the local tug boats,
which have tied up at the coal dooks
since the strike of the tug boat engi
neers began, at work this morning.
The Philadelphia & Reading hate alao
started a few of their tugs and hope
soon to get others at work. All have
on board non-union engineers.
Yesterday afternoon a walking dele
gate from the New York branch of
the Marine Engineers Benevolent
Association was in Perth Amboy talk
ing to a number of the non-nnion men,
but he did not succeed in getting
them to stop work.
To add more trouble to the engi
neer's association, the treasurer,
William Kolb, of New York, is report
ed to have disappeared. The associa
tion is thinking of offering a reward
I of $1, 000 for a report of his there
about. There are many who think he
has met with foul play. Since the
strike was declared he haa been work
ing hard to prevent the union men's
positions being filled.
Most of the engineers are hoping the
trouble will soon end aa they are
very anxious to get baok to work.
Since all the tug boats are working
today there is a rush of ooal orders at
the docks. Over f??*^tow and canal
boats are jiov*Am*? *t
loaded, and it will I v
the men to work all dav tomorrow.
The steamer Hector came into the
docks Thursday evening and a gang
of men were put to work to load her
with hard ooal. The gang finished
their work last night, when the
steamer had just 3,600 tons of ooal
abroad. She will sail today for
Prof. Hagelstam Greatly Distressed
over News he has Received
from his Home.
Prof. Hagelstam, who makes his
home with Peter Johansen in this
city, has recently received word that
his brother has been sent to Siberia
by the Russian Government.
Prof. Hagelstam is much distressed
over the news. He says that as he
understands it, his brother was
accused of saying things against
Russia and the Caar. He was arrest
ed and after a short trial was banish
ed to Siberia. No stone will be left
unturned. Prof. Hagelstam says, to
get his brother free.
S. M Bird from South Amboy Run Down
by British Schooner.
The schooner S. M. Bird, Captain
Dodge, bound from South Amber for
Portland, while lying at anchor off
East Chop near Vineyard Haven yes
terday afternoon, was run down by
the schooner Walter Miller. Both
vessels sustained considerable damage
as the result of the collision. The
Bird's port cathead and jib boom gnv
were carried away and the flying out
er jib was torn.
The Miller had part of starboard
maiu rigging carried away and main
sail chafed. Both vessels proceeded
over the Bhoals. The Miller was a
British vessel bound from New York
for St. John.
30 cents per quart *ae
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and Strawberry ...
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