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Important Arrests Made last Night When two Young Men, who have
been Living on Board a Sloop were Taken into Custody..Since
their Appearance Things have been Missing Along Shore.
What the police believe to be the
most important capture made by them
in a long while was accomplished last
night when Chief Burke, with Officers
Long, Huff and McDermott went along
shore and arrested two well dressed
young men. The police suspect the
prisoners as being the river thieves
who have been causing all kinds of
things to disappear on both sides of
the river front during the past few
The men gave their names as Ernest
and Edward Scott, aged twenty-one
and twenty-three years old respective
ly, of 314 East 59th street, New York.
The police believe these are not their
right names. The young men were
taken into custody in a very quiet
manner just as they landed on shore
from a small boat into which the
officers had watched them row from
a large sloop-rigged yaoht. The police
are inclined to believe this sloop has
been stolen. The yacht is fully
worth a 11000 and had been fitted up
for a cruise.
Mr. Acker, of Market " street,
who, as told in yesterday's
News, reported that a batteau, two
dynamos and a number of brass fit
tings had been stolen from his ma
chine shop near Sea Breeze on Staten
Island, determined that the oulprits
should be oaught, if possible. His
suspicion rested upon persons aboard
the yacht already mentioned which
has been at anchor off Tottenville
since Saturday last. As Mr. Decker's
power boat had also disappeared the
police on the island were notified and,
night before last, a police patrol boat
with a police sergeant aboard, came
down from New York and the yacht
was boarded about 11 o'olock. After
carefully investigating evety thing on
board and questioning the young men
they reported to Mr. Acker that
nothing was found upon which an
arrest oould be made. The officers
even "guyed" Mr. Acker and oalled
him "farmer" for having the police
search the sloop.
This aroused Mr. Acker and he re
ported the matter to Chief Burke who
detailed Detective Huff upon the case
Chief ?urke had assured Mr. Acker
that the men would be arrested on
general principles as soon as they set j
foot in Perth Amboy and their plans
were made accordingly. The first
thing Deteotive Huff notioed was that
the boats name was missing. Then,
during the course of his investigation, J
the men suddenly* pulled up anchor
and sailed to this side of the sound.
Huff noticed that they were clumsy
in handling the boat. These few
facts were reported to Chief Burke.
The chief was satisfied that they were
on the right track and concluded
that the men would come ashore dur
ing the night. According thevj wait
ed for them and the arrest followed.
At police headquarters both prison
ers told conflicting stories concerning
themselves. Furthermore it was dis
covered that the one giving his name
aB ' ' Ernest' ' greatly resembles a young
SALE OF CAKES, pies and delicacies
from 3 to 5 o'olock Saturday after
noon. St. Peter's Sunday School
room. Benefit Parish house.
man by the name of Walter E. Bien,
of New York, who was arrested lor
stealing William Whitworth's yacht
last August. The polioe have the
piotnre of Rien and the fellow now
tinder arrest so nearly resembles it
that the polioe are satisfied that he is
the same man. William VanPelt
identified him this morning as the
man who stole his boat last summer.
The young men said the boat's
name is "Essie" bat the polioe foand
the letters which spell "Pinochle"
under a oushion in the cabin that had
been ripped from the stern of the
yessel. Dress suit cases, provisions,
silverware, in fact everything to make
am equipment for a cruise was found
aboard the vessel. Nothing, however,
was found that would connect them
with the recent robberies.
i-'he Chief says the men have been
negotiating to buy an engine for the
yacht and, failing in this, he thinks
they tried Decker's power boat with
the intention of abandoning the yacht.
Finding that'they could not manage
the power boat, Chief Burke argues,
they abandoned it. for it was found
later adrift, and then went back to
the yacht. When arraigned before
Reoorder Pickersgill this morning,
the young men were remanded until
tomorrow morning awaiting a further
The local police are particularly de
lighted over the capture and the web
of evidenoe they are now weaving
about the prisoners beoaise of the
efforts of the New York polioe to
arrest the thieves and afterward
giving up the chase.
In reply to a telephone inquiry
Chief Burke mad6 to police headquart
ers in New York this morning, word
was received later today that the
owner of tne yacht, accompanied by
an officer would, come here this after
noon and prefer charges against the
prisonersfor stealing the boat.
New York In a Minute.
Telephone service to be of import
ance must connect with New York.
Don't Take a Chance
When you can a get a sure thing.
A sure thing needs no booming.
This you will find in Building Lots
at the Junction Perth Amboy. This
property is not owned by any trust
company, and is being sold by small
monthly payments without interest.
On the property every Sunday
M. G. Ashley, Woodbridge, N. J.
Good, Better. Best.
One Telephone is Good, would two
be better. If so, then three would be
best. Three telephones would be
rather a nuisance, wouldn't they?
Madam DeVois, greatest living
clairvoyant. Until the 19th, 212
High street. 5-16-1
Our Insect Destroyer makes fure work
through the house ot bed bugs, roaches,
ants and water bugs? Fragrant Disinfect
ant ? destroys all odors, and prevents
disease ? use them and feel safe.
PARISEN'S Prescription Pharmacy
A AAAiinlf* of Merchants, Manufacturers, Corporations
JlGCOuilTF and Indivfduals Solicited
INTEREST ON i 2 per cent, on $ 500 or over
DAILY BAl "US ) 3 per cent, on $1,000 or over
Safe Deposit B '.<es to Rent at Low Rates
Capital 1 Profits | Deposits _$l,000,000
HAMILTON k.'KEAN, Pruidsnt. |) ' BABBY CONABD Ca?hi?
Declared the Victor of Wrestling
Match With Sharkey When
Latter Refused to Go On.
Large Crowd Watch the Contest In Wilder
Hall Last Night? Sharkey won the First
Fall and Hansen the Second? Crowd
Seemed Dissatisfied and Some Cried
' Fake '.
There is much dissatisfaction am our
the sports about town today over the
wrestling match between Hansen and
Tom Sharkey in Wilder Hall last
night. Sharkey won the first boot
and Hansen the second At the close
of the latter it was annoanoed that
Sharkey's shoulder had been injured
and Dr. H. M. Brace was called into
a private room to make an examina
tion. After waiting a short time
Referee Jones announced that, acting
ou the advice of the physician, Shar
key would not aDpear again as his
shoulder was in a bad condition and
there was danger of bursting a j^lood
vessel. The refeiee thereupon de
clared Hansen the winner.
Some in the crowd immediately
shouted "fake" and there was some
commotion. Others called for the
money back and made an effort to get
into the room where Sharkey was,
but no one was allowed to enter.
Another feature of the match which
causes the local snorts to have their
suspicions was the fact that early in
the evening several New York sports
were in town with plenty of money to
put on Hansen, but that Sharkey
would win the first fall. Some money
changed hands on these terms.
The main bout started about 9.25
and was in catch-as-oatch-can style
with pin falls only to count and thb
strangle hold barred. When both
wrestlers came into the ring the crowd
could see that they were in the pink
of condition, and thought it would be
a long battle to the finish.
Within a few seconds both got the
neck hold and fell heavily to the mat.
Hansen was on top, Sharkey on the
defense, both trying to get a hold of
the other. It lasted for some time in
this way. Finally Hansen got a foot
hold of the sailor, which was auickly
broken. Sharkey got a half nelson on
Hansen and put his shoulders to the
mat. The time boing just 6 minutes
10 seconds.
After retiring for abont ten minutes
the wrestlers again came into the
ring. Sharkey fell to the mat so as to
give Hansen a show, which the Dane
was not slow to grasp, and in a second
he had the Irish wonder locked in a
body hold but Sharkey put his dead
weight on Hansen and after a great
struggle, managed to break the Dane's
hold. This was Sharkey's opportunity
and he got a body hold and com
menced to saw on Hansen's stom
ach. As this didn't seem to be to the
Dane's liking, he broke away from
the Irishman and managed to get a
leg hold and this he kept, first stand- !
ing the big Irishman on his head, 1
then slowly, but surely, turned him '
around, so that his back was near the
floor. Suddenly Hansen dropped his
opponent to thejmat with a crash that
could be heard all over the house. He
held the Irish champion in that posi
tion for fully ten seconds before the
referee announced the bout in favor
of Hansen, the time being just 5
minutes and 10 seconds. When the 10 1
minutes rest was ud, Hansen appear
ed in the ring as if to finish the
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Lobsters! Lobsters!!
Lobsters !!!
Worrell's, 46 S^"r.
No Meal Complete without a
G ass of Good beer
put up in a thoroughly cleaned- bottle.
You can have it.
Wuerzberger .... per box $1.40
as good as imported
Pale Extra 1.20
Export Pelsner ..." " 1.00
These brands cannot- be duplicated for
any such prioe, beside you get a rebate of
20 cts. per case of empty bottles.
The Hygiene Steam Beer Bottling Works,
Tel. tua-B. 85*1 New Brunswick Ay.
) \
Marions Will Tackle the Knicker
bocker A. C. for the First Time
Since 1900.
Marion's Management has ISecurrda Game
with the All-Cubans Team? They 'made
a Great Sensation When they Toured
the County? Other Treats in Store for
Local Fans.
Tomorrow afternoon the Marions
will play their third game of the
season and will endeavor to continue
their winning streak. The opposing
team will be the Knickerbocker A. G.
and the contestants will bat in the
following order :
Marions. Knickerbocker A. G.
oorehead, 2b Shea, ss
iernan, ss Long, 2b
Grey, If Ele.y If
Galvin, lb Bennett, rf
Kelly, rf Twav, cf
Connelly, c Falke, 8b
Hoffner, 3b 0 Bitter, lb
Lyons, cf Fay, c
Rochelle. p Sutton or Bennett p.
The visitors have not been in this
city since 1900 when thev defeated
the Marions 4 to 3 in a fast game with
Rochelle in the box for the locals.
"Gns" will again do the twirlinsr to- J
morrow and he hopes to pull ont a
victory. Since their last appearance
here the Knickerbockers hpve under- '
gone a complete change and are under
different management. They J have
been playing fast ball and are under
the impression that they can easily
take the Marions in tow. That, of
course, remains to be seen and the
fans are convinced from the form
already displayed by the locals that
thev will be in the running.
The following attraction at the en
closed grounds on May 23 will be the
famous All Gabans who are the cham
ljons of Cuba. They are natives of
the island and created a great sensa
tion when they first appeared here in
1900. Last seasou they again toured
the country and met witli great suc
cess. Thev played nearly as many
gameB as the big league teams and
lost remarkably small percentage of
them. Thrir advent to this city
meant great expense to the manage
ment'of the locals, but it is thought
that the fame of the visitors will
prove a great attraction and bring a
large crowd to the enclosed grounds.
Another date closed lately is June 6
when the well known West New
Yorks will be here to meet the Mar
ions. The foregoing gives the rooters
some idea of the good things that are
in store for them in a baseball way
this summer.
Large Audience Heard Delight
ful Music in Aduitorium Last
Miss Clara Farrington makes her Second
Appearance ? New York {Talent wins
much Applause. CmcertjUnder Auspices
of High School Alumni Association?
Erd of the Series of two.
Charming music rendered on the
violin, 'cello and piano was heard in
the High School auditorium last
night. It was listened to by a large
aadience. The concert was the second
appearance of Miss Clara Farrington
in this city since her return from the
west and she was even more enthusi
astically received than npon the first
Those who took part besides Miss
Farrington were Madame Flavia Van
Den Hende, Miss Mabel Phipps and
Leonard E. Auty. Miss Augusta
Farrington acted as accompanist.
The program began with a trio con
sisting^ the violin by Miss Farrine
ton, 'cello bv Madame Van Den Hende
and piano by Miss Phipps. Two selec
tions were rendered, "Serenade" by
Liebe, and "Gypsy Rondo" by Haydn.
Miss Farrington, Madame Van Den
Hende and Miss Phipps each played a
solo which were well received.
Miss Farrington 's selection was en
titled, "Romance" by Svendsen ; Miss
Phipps played "Romance" by Mosz
kowksi and "Badinage" by Victor
Herbert; Madame Van Den Hende
gave "Romance" by Mendelssohn and
"Orleqnin" bv Popper. The trio
appeared as the last number and ren
dered a selection by DeBeriot.
During the evening Mr. Anty sang
three tenor solos. They were, "A
Border Ballad" by Frederic Cowen ;
"My Dreams" bv F. Paolo Tosti, and
"Enchantress Farewell" bv Beethov
en. In the latter he was accompanied
by the violin, 'cello and piano.
Beautiful bouquets of flowers were
presented to the ladies during the
program. The applause was hearty
and numerous encores were rendered.
The conceit closed the events given
under the auspices of the High School
Alumni. The first was presented last
week when Edward Howard Griggs
gave a lecture on "Literature and
Liberal Culture. "
...On Saturday, May 16th...
we will present to the customer having the largest
amount of
? Red Star Grading Stamps ?
j in their book for grocery purchases at this store on
that date, any Premium, valued at one book, you may
select from the numerous articles on exhibition at this
This offer is but one of the many inducements
offered by us, and to the fortunate one, an article of
value is obtained FREE, in addition to the stamps
given with your purchases.
We wish to impress upon the public the fact that
the reliability of the Red Star Trading Stamp Co.
is beyond question. The permanency of their stamps
in Perth Amboy is guaranteed by a bond of $10,000.00
deposited with us.
? new Jersey's Ceadina grocers *
118, 120, 122 Smith Street;
1, 3. 5 New Brunswick Ave.
Pressers and Finshers at Atlan
tic Factory in Tottenville Re
- fuse to Work.
Firm Said to Have put Italians to Work and
the Men Objected? Conference Held
Last Night and Matter was Discussed
Some Men Opposed Strike but West out
with the Union.
About 30 Pressers and Finishers and
Mitre Cutters employed at the Atlan
tic Terra Cotta Works in Tottenville,
went out on a strike today.
About two months ago it was rumor
ed about the works that Manager
Grant was going to employ Italians
in the Pressing and Finishing Depart
ment. When the men heard of this
they appointed a committer who wait
ed upon Mr. Grant with a petition
from the men that no Italians be em
ployed in their department. The
pressers say that Mr. Grant told them
that he did not blame them for making
such a request of him, and as he did
not want Italians, could find no fault
with the pressers and finishers for
asking that they be kept out of their
department, and he would do all he
could to help them.
Everything went along smoothly
from then on until yesterday morning
when the foreman brought in two
Italians from the yard department,
and took them over to a pressor, with
the orders that he break them in. as
hereafter they would be employed in
that department. The pressers got
together ai 1 decided to finish their
work for the day which they did. At
si* 0 olocFv thn fore
man of the Pressing amPH^nMkM#
Department and told him onleBKie
Italians were discharged righjpKray
they would quit in a body. '
The men then went home, and when
they appeared at the works this morn
ing, they w?re told that the Manager,
Mr. Grant, would give them just ten
minutes to decide whether or not they
would go to work.
The men asked if the two Italians
would be discharged, and receiving
the rely that thev would not they re
fused to enter the shop. Many of the
men who are now out have been work
ing for the Atlantic Terra Cotta
Works since it was established and
when seen this morning bv a News
reporter they were very bitter against
the men who had caused all the
trouble, but felt duty bound to stay
with the union.
The Atlantic Terra Cotta pressers
and finishers and mitre cutters re
ceive better pay than any other terra
cotta works and have steadier work
the year round, it is said.
A Simple Problem.
If one telephone costs $24 a year and
another telephone costs half as much,
what will the two cost yon a year?
Yon must have both or miss some
body. ? Food for Thought.
Lonis Schloss, proprietor of the
"Lincoln," 75 Smith street, was
married to Miss Rosa Antman yester
day afternoon. The marriage cere
mony was uer'ormed in a large hall
at No. 89 Monroe street, New York,
by a Hebrew Rabbi.
Jeppe Sonderganrd acted ns bist
man while Miss Rosa Fisherpan was
After the ceremony a supper was
served to about 200 of the friends of
the couple. Mr. and Mrs. Schloss
will occupy the rooms over the
The Real Value.
The value of Telophone Service i^i
in the number of persons it leaches. ^
The forecast received at the ' il Signal
Station is fpr fair and warme. Ijlit and
SEXTON'S DRUG STORE, 70-72 Smith Street

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