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Wonders Will Never Cease.
Neither will the extraordinary inducements offered at this popular store. Our latest opportunitv to en
able our patrons to secure something for nothing, will be TO-MORROW SATURDAY MAY 16- On that
? date to the Customer Purchasing the largest bill of goods at this store, we will redeem their RED STAR
STAMP BOOK for any one book premium now on exhibition at the Exhibit of the RED STAR TRADING
S TAMP CO. No matter how few stamps may be in the fortunate ones book, you will obtain this handsome
premium FREE for the book
** absolutely new Roys plain
white and fancy collarless Blouses, ail
sizes 5 to 14 years, actual value 75o
| Op each, Ladh? 50c percale shirt
I?** waists, limit oue to a customer.
p Pitch choice of 5 dozen 15c & 25c
** Collar points limit 2 to a customer
p per pair, our own Importation
" of black aud white silk Gloves
double tip fingers, better buy now you
will not be able to get them later in the
per pair, misses fine white
Glov?s, regular value 25c<
Mp per p.iir, the best kid tflove on
^ the market to day at the price.
The quality usually sol(i at $1 .25
Every pair guaranteed.
p each, Ladies best quality black
** aud white tihepard Plaid Wrap
pers, made very full, deep flounce, ruffles
over shoulder braid trimmad; guaranteed
not to be matched elsewhere under $1.39.
Vhn ?ach, Ladies 50c morning
"w** sacques.
Infants Cloaks.
Mp each, 25 infants -long cream
" cashmere cloaks, regular prices
1.25 & 1.50.
Extra Special
Stamp Offer.
To assist you in getting your book
tilled rapidly, we will give you tomorrow
worth of Red
Star Stamps
with any Cloth Suit in our house,
be it a $5.00 Suit or a $15 00 Suit
Wash Skirts
01 OK each. Ladies' black or Pongee
Wlifcw Lawn Skirts, made with rulflo
and wnrt.li $2.00
QOft each, Ladies' Biaok and blue
VWV Duck Skirts, trimmed with 3
bands to march, value $1 39.
CI DO Ladies' extra Hue w bite
tpliwU Lawn 8kirt,s with black
dots trinnned with 9 ruffles, each ruffle
fi islied with narrow black and white
braid, real worth, $3.00.
Mp per pair, medium length H. ifc
** H. Leather tip Corsets, every
bone tipped with leather to prevent
breaking through. 'Perfect fit and wear
7hn per pair choice of one lot ot
? w** odds and euds in ladies' black
white and drab corsnts, (not all sizes,
regular selling price ft and 81.25
per pair, ladies' fast black, full
seamless Hose, regular price 12^
The Best Made
For the Mon^y
, Boys and Girls' extra quality ribbed
stockings, double knee, guaranteed not
to lose color and will give the best satis
faction; usually sold at 19c, our price Per
12 l-2c
14 I On per pair, Infant's all wool
? ?? 1"?" black and white cassimere
Hose, value 19o
Mp per pair, Swiss ruffled curtains,
" the usual 50c kind, limit 2 pair
to customers.
per yd., 40 inch white Lawn, val
ue \2yic.
each, choice of any Geuts 25o
tie in our house.
An Extra Good Value.
Meach, choice of 2 styles
Ladies Shirt Waist Suits,
made of Pebbled Duck aud Mercerized
Chainbray real value $4.00.
Perth Amboy, N. J.
For Sale.
New house, all improvements,
$500.00 cash, balance on mortgage.
Two corner lots on Penn Street
for sale for $600.
Call or write
Boynton Bros., 81 Smith st.
P. S. ? Money to loan on bond
and mortgage.
' Amboy
Realty and Construction
Ttree beautiful lots on New Brunswick road,
?earhjspital, to be sold reasonable and at once.
Post Office Building.
A House and Lot ina desirable
part of the City for $900. En
quire R., care of Perth Amboy
Evening News.
Masons and Builders,
Boom 14 Schener Building.
Open Evenings 7 to XO.
Milky Sea X?t Understood.
The milky sea, as it is known to ma
riners, is not yet fully understood. It
seems to be most common in the trop
ical waters of the Indian ocean, and is
described as weird, ghastly and awe
inspiring, and as giving the observer
on shipboard the sensation of passing
through a sort of luminous fog in
which sea and sky seem to join and all
sense of distance is lost. The phenom
enon is probably due to gome form of
phospborescence. ? Chicago Post.
Brought to r. n Find by (Bio Supreme
Court of MnKaapliuaetta
In 17S3.
Slavery in New England began soon
after the settlement of the country.
In 163S Pequot Indians were taken
from Massachusetts and sold in the
West Indies. The vessel returning
brought a cargo of cotton and tobacco,
says the Boston Transcript. Slaves
were most numerous in New England
about the middle of the eighteenth
century. In 1754 there were nearly
5,000 negro slaves in the state of Mas
sachusetts. In 1780, in the declaration
of rights, all men were declared to be
free and equal. In 1781 a white man in
Massachusetts was indicted for beat
ing and imprisoning a black man. His
defense was that this was the neces
sary and lawful correction for a slave,
for a slave could not be held in sub
jection unless one could punish bim
when he went away or refused to
work. In 1783 the supreme court of
Massachusetts declared that the de
fense was invalid. That put an end to
slave try in New England. Slaves were
mostly household servants, kept large- j
Iy by rich people for purposes of dis- I
piay- !
Lo n kUi euded.
"Doesn't work?"
"No. He says he couldn't make fifty
thousand in ten years, but he can land
an heiress in that time if he gives all
his attention to it." ? Detroit Free
Pntaiton Ulna Dyiing Out.
Dr. Julius Boeckelmann, German
physician and scientist, who w^ent to
Patagonia eight years ago to study
the conditions of the country, says
the Patagonians will be extinct in a
few years.
Water street Bulkhead.
Notice is hereby given that the
board of Alderruen of the City of
Perth Amboy, will meet in the Coun
cil Chamber iu City Hall in said
City on
at 8.80 o'clock, for the purpose of re
ceiving sealed bids and proposals for
constructing 237 feet of bulkhead.
Plans and specifications on file in the
office of Samuel Mason, City Sur
Thirty working days will be allow
ed for the completion of the work.
Each bid must be on a blank furnish
ed bv the Street Commissioner and
acoompanied by a bond of $500 for
the faithful performance of the con
Work to commence immediately af
ter contract is signed. The right to
reject any or all bids is reserved.
Street Commissioner.
Dated May 9th., 1903.
Dlntant Relative.
Jack ? You don't mean. 'to say that
pretty girl we just passed is your sis
Tom ? Yes; I'm her brother-by-re
fusal.? Cincinnati Enquirer.
Notice Is hearby given that the undersigned
intends making application to the Board of Ex
cise Commissioners of the City ol Perth Amboy,
at their next meeting for a transfer of his
license to keep a saloon with the privilege
of selling malt and spirituous liquors in the
City of Perth Amboy, and in the house owned
by nlmself on 45 Catherine St. QEO- KQZUSKO
5 8-2l o e w ,
N~OTlCK la hereby giver. th?', the nndarsigneG
intends making appllcstloi; to the IVxud ol
Excise ' 'oinmissionera of the City of Perth Am
boy, at their next meeting, for a license to keeps
saloon with the prlvlleg? filing malt am}
jpi rltuous liquors in the lty of t erth A rubor
and In the house owned by himself at 177
Smith ?t.
2674-8-8 atoew BBYAN DUNN
ire You Going to Mi?
Mechanics' Tools!
Mill Supplies
Steel Specialties
If so, you oan't get too much information
in regard to the kind of bathroom the contractor proposes to put iuto your bouse.
He will put in whatever kind you specify. We have a number of model bathrooms
fitted up for inspection, and can give you a lot of hel ormation.
By His Own Exertion*.
. "3?ou say he was not born with a
silver spoon in his month."
"He was not; but, as a result of his
own exertions, he is now able to put
a silver-handled knife in his mouth,
and he does it." ? Chicago Post.
Overheard in the Moieom.
"Does Grimkin still have delirium
"Yes. But he's quite hopeful that
he'll be better in the future. He's
persuaded the snake charmer to prom
ise to marry him." ? Washing-ton Star.
Wine?, Liquors and Cigars
M State Street,
Kentucky Whiskies.
Per Oal.
dye and Bourbon $1.7S, 4, a. 4. Of
Mimuutfahela - $2, 8and4 0l<
Puberty Rye 8, 4, 5.0
Old Cabinet Bye 8, 4, S.OC
Andernoi! Bye 8 4, 5.0
SpHnfC Hill 8, 4. 50.
Old Pepper 1.75, 8, 8, 4 "C
Bolden Wedding 2.8,4.0
Runnjmede Club 2, 3, 4 OC
! lover Club 2, 8, 4 Oi
Blossom Club 8. 8, 4.1*
Club House 2,3,4,0
Silver Brook \ 2,3,4.0
Old Crow 5 0
Private Stock fl.CX
tpple Jack 1.75, 2, 8, 4.W
Qta. Pt?.
ciper Hiedsieck *3.00 ?1.0
Urbana Gold Seal 1.50 l.OT
Warner's Extra Dry 1.00 .50
Qts. Pts
Pontet - .f>.60 $1.00
}t. Julian 1.00 86
?touhellan FUs 1.50 75
Bordeaux 1.50 1.00
The Premier Brand 1.00 60
Vtedoc 1,s0? , 75
Holland Gin ?2.b0, 8, 4, 8 00
Jamaica Rum 2.50.8,50. 8.<X)
3tard Brandy . 8, 10.00
Scotch Whiskey 6.00
Irish Whiskey 8.(K
Rhine Wine, per bot .. 75o and l.fti
Port Wlno.... ..... a.,... . .?2.00, 3 60, 5.0
Sherry Wine 2.00, 8 50, 5.01
Blackberry Brandy 2.">0, 3-5t'
Blackberry Wine 2.50, 8.50
Rook and Rye 2.50, 3.60
IM. Doz.
Bass Ale.? 18.81
Scotch Ale JJJ
auinness's Dub Porter 2.&
Imp. Ginger Ale % 2.31
tyClgars per 1,000, $21, $24 and (80. Liq
aura put up for Family Use a Specially. For
medical purpose# these liquors cannot be el
celecl hv any dealers In tiie State.
May 14 ? Musioal, High School Audi
toriums, auspices High
School Alumni.
May 15? Pionic, Pulaski Park, Cen
tral Pleasure Olnb.
May 19? Lemon Social, at the home
of Mrs. G. D. Runyon, High
street, Anspices Epworth
League, Simpson M. E.
May 21? Dollar Roll Call, Baptist
May 28? Concert, Young Men's Forum.
June 1? Charity Ball, North Amboy
Slovak Cadets, Eozusko's
Aug. 18? Excursion auspices Court
Ambov F. of A.
Aug. 27 ? Excursion to Ocean Grove,
Simpson M. E. Sunday
122 Smith Street, Scheuer Building
Forrest I,. Smith
Pcheuer Building.
Fred. Lupton. Herbert A. Bosh ?kli?
..Granite and Marble..
and Fencing.
Yonr Patronage Solicited.
New Bruns'k Av. & Central R. R.
The Woman of It.
Parker ? Ah, 1 see you have a parrot.
How long have you had it?
Kerwin ? Three weeks.
Parker ? Can it talk?
Kerwin ? Don't know. My wife hasn't
given it a chance yet. ? Cincinnati En
noahtlnK Dennl*.
Judy ? Will ye give me yer promise,
Dennis, that ye'll love me foriver?
Dennis ? Sure, an' oi'd like to do
that same, Judy, but oi'm hardly of
the opinion that oi'U lasht as long1 fis
that. ? Richmond Dispatch.
A -Lesson In Health.
Healthy kidneys filter the impurities
from the blood, and unless they do this
good health is impossible. Foley's Kid
ney Cure makes sound kidneys and will
positively cure all forms of kidney and
bladder disease. It strengthens the whole
system. Sold at Sexton's Pharmacy.
Linen for Lnr^e Hotel.
What, would the ordinary woman
say to a family that used every day
20.00Q napkins, 12.000 towels, 3,800
sheets, 20,000 plates and 18,000 knives
and forks? This is what is required
by one of the large hotels in New,
York, at which a man cannot live for
much less thnn eight dollars a day.
The hotel will accommodate 3,000
people, besides 1,500 servants to wait
vn them.
Lack of Opportunity.
George Washington, they tell us,
To falsehood never turned.
Had he been a weather prophet
He would probably have learned.
?Washington Star.
What Is Foley's iKldney .'Cure?
Answer: It is made from a prescription
of a leading Chicago physician, and of
the most eminent in the country. The in
gredients are the purest that mouey can
buy, and are scientifically combined to
fet their utmost value. Sold at Sexton's
She Said It Swe*tly.
He (musingly) ? Some times I think
I am a fool.
She (sweetly) ? And at other times
you think you're exactly right. ? Co
'umbia Jester.
Poor Bmlneu Men.,
Some men take up a dollar's worth
of time over a nickel's worth of
business. ? Washington (la.) Demo
Can OverAo It.
You can overdo an apology.? Atchi
son Qlobe.
A Revelation.
If you will make inquiry it will be a re
velation to you how many succumb to
kidney or bladder troubles in one form
or another. If the patient Is not beyond
medical aid, Foley's Kidney Cure will
cure. It never disappoints. Sold at Sex
ton's Pharmacy.
Satisfactorily Arranged.
"As a preliminary to the announce
ment of their engagement they ex
changed looks for the purpose of veri
"What do you mean?"
"Why, he gave her a copy of Burke's
Peerage and she gave him a copy of
Bradstreet." ? Chicago Post.
Foley's Honey and Tar oontains no
opiates and can safely be given to ohlld
ren and is peculiarly adopted for asthma,
bronchitis and hoarseness. Sold at Sex
ton's Pharmacy
I ? ?
Beth Mordecai, Hobart Street. Pastor,
Dr. M. Kopfstein. Friday, 8. 15 p. m.
Saturday, 10.00 a. m. Hebrew School,
Saturday 1 p. m. Sunday School 9.30 a. m.
Congregational (Swedish) ? Gordon st.
? Pastor, Theodore Englund ? Sunday Ser
vices 10.30 a. m. 7.30 p. m. Sunday School
9.30 a. m.
First Perth Amboy, Hebrew Mutual Aid
Society, Elm Street, P. Joselson, Trustee.
Services, Friday 6 to 7 p. m. Saturday
8.30 a. m., <(.30 p. m.
First Baptist ? Fayette st. ? Pastor.* Rev.
Percy R. Ferris ? Sunday Services, 10 and
and 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday
school 2. 30 p. m. B. Y. P. U. Friday 3.45
p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7.45
p. m.
First Presbyterian, Market st and City
Hall Park, Pastor, Rev. Harlan G. Men
denhall i). D. Sunday services, 10.30 a.
m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School 9.30 a.
m., 2.3O p. m., Junior C. E. 3.30 p. m.
Y. P. S. C. E.' 6.40 p. m. Prayer meeting
Wednesday 7.45 p. m.
Grace Engiish Lutheran. Smith Street
Pastor, Rev. E. J. Keuling. Sunday Ser
vices 10.30 a. m.p 7. 30 p. m. Sunday School
2.3o p. m.
Methodist fDanish) Madison Ave and
Jefferson St., Pastor, Rev. A. Hanson.
Sunday Services, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p.
m. Epworth League, 3.45 p. m., Sunday
School, 2.30 p, m. Ciass meeting, Wed
nesday and Friday at 7.45 p. m.
Holy Cross Episcopal ? Washington and
Johnstone sts. ? Rev.D. A. Willes, priest in
charge? -Sunday Services 10.30 a. m. and
7.30 p m Sunday School 9.30 a. m.
Our Savior's Lutheran (Danish) State St.
Rev. V. B. Skov^ pastor. Sunday services
10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday
School 2.30 p. m.
Simpson Methodist ? High and Jefferson
Sts. Pastor, Rev. S. Trevena Jackson,
A.M. Sunday services 9.30 and 10.30
a. pi. and 7.30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2.30
p, m.; Epworth League, 6.30 p. m. ; Prayei
meeting, Wednesday, 7.45 p. m. ; Bible
training class, Friday, 7.30 p. m.; Young
Gleaners, Friday, 4.30 p. tr,; Junior Ep
worth League, Friday, 7.00 p. m.
St. Mary's Roman Catholic, Center St.
Rev. B. T. O'Connell, pastor; Rev. S. A.
Mitchell and Rev. T. F. Blake, assistants.
Sunday services 7.00 8.30, 9.30 and 10.45
a. m. 7.30 p. m. Sunday Scuool 2.30 p.
St. Paul's German Church ? South First
street ? Pastor Rev. Jacob Ganns. Services
every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.
Sunday School every Sunday at 2 o'clock.
St. Stephens Roman Catholic (Polish)?
State St. Rev. J. Ziellnsk, pastor. Sun
day services, 8.00, 10.30 a. m. Vespers,
4.00 p. m. Sunday School 3. 30 p. m.
St. Stephens Lutheran (Danish) Broad
St. I as tor hev. J. Christianson. Sunday
services 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sun
day School 3 p. m.
St. Peters Episcopal ? Rector St. Rector,
Rev. J. L. Lancaster. Sunday services
10,30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School
2.30 p. m.
W. C. T. U. ? Meets at 27 Smith st. ev
ery Sunday at 4 p. rn.
A. O. U. W. Meets Odd Fellows Hall,
Smith Street ist. and 3d. Mondays. I. B.
Maude ville, M. W. ; J. S. Phillips, Sec'y.,
7 Kearney Ave.
B. P. O. E. No. 784. Meets K. of C.
Hall, corner Smith and Rector Street 1st.
and 3rd. Tuesdays. Dr. Frank Crowther,
E. R. ; W. A. Crowell, Sec'y.. Gordon
C. L. B. Father 'Quinn CoUncil No. 88,
meets ad and 4th Tuesdays every Montn
in K. of C. Hall. William llallahan, sec
D. of L. Meet in City Hall, tvery Mon
day evening. Counsellor Mrs. Maggie
Herbert, High street. Secretary Charles
Cluney 444 State st.
Degree of Pocohontas ? I. O. R. M.
Meets every 2d and 4th Friday at City Hall
Mrs. H. Smith, Pocohontas. Mrs. Wil
liam (ireenleaf, C. of R. Mis. P. Erickson,
C. of W.
F. and A. M. Raritan Lodge No. 61.
Regular Communications 2nd. and 4th.
Thursdays, Odd Fellows Hall, Smith Street
C. F. Hall, W. M.; C. K. Seaman. Sec'y.,
High Street.
G* A. R. Major James H. Dandy Post
No. 43. S. G. Garretson, Commander;
Adjt. Rev. E. B. French, Westminster.
Imp'd O. R. M. Po Ambo Tribe No. 65
Council Sleep. every Thursday. Phillip
Schwartz. Sachem, Hans S. Smith, C. of R.
Andrew Jensen C. of W.
I. O. ol F., Court Keasbey, No. 3367.
Meets last Thursday of every month,
K. of C . Hall, corner Smith and Rector
streets. G. W. Fithian, Chief Rauger
H. E. Pickersgill, Secretary, 77 Lewis st .
I. O. O. F. Lawrence Lodge, No. 62
Meets Odd Fellows Hall, Smith Street
every Friday night. Dr. Frank Crowther,
N. G. ; F. L. Herrington, Sec'y., Madison
Jr. O. U. A. M. Middlesex Council No.
'3- Meets every 2d and 4th Wednesday
in City Hall. Charles Cluney, Counsellor,
G. M. Adair, Recording Secretary >93
Madison Av.
K. of P. Algonquin Lodge, No. 44.
Meets every Monday K. of P. Hall Smith
and High Streets. Harvey Stetson, C. C. ;
Chris Meshrow, K. of R. and S.
K. of C. San Salvadore Council. Meets
every 2d and 4th Wednesday in K. of C.
Hall, Smith [ and Rector Street.
Growney, G. K. ; Recording ^
Richard A. Bolger, 124 Market Street.
?I. O. ofF. Court Perth Amboy,
3043. Meets K. ot P. Hall, High and
Smith Streets, eyery ist and 3rd Tuesdays.
John K. Sheehy, C. R, Peter Poulsen, R.
S., 165 Elm Street
R. A. Middlesex Council No. 1100.
Meets Odd Fellows Hall, Smith Street
every second and fourth Tuesday. Henry
McCull^ugh Regent, N. H. Moore, Secre
tary 60 Jefferson Street.
K. of G. E. Meets in Odd Fellows^
Hall, Smith street, every Tuesday night. \
George Bath, Noble Grand; Frank B. Reed, \
Keeper of Records, 129 Mechanic street. V
P. O. S. of A., Washington Camp, No.
79. Meets every secand and fourth Thurs
day K. of P. Hall, cor. High and Smith
street Fred Waters, President; J. M. Mills,.
Secretary, 210 Oak street.
Washington Literary Club meets in Ut.? ,
ion Hall Adalaide Building, on the Second
Sunday of Each Month at 3 o'clock p. m.
John Clark, President.
Lost anything : A cent-a- word ad.
in the Evening News will find it fox
ncil. Meets U
1 K. of C. .*
it. W A. J
ig Sec'y.,/
Street. J j
mboy, Ni|?
Us J

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