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OUR . . .
No Smoke or Smell. Clean,
Cool and Comforiable Con
venient and Economical.
156 Smith Street.
COLLEGE. Newark. N. J?
The largest and best equipped Business School
in the State.
All Business Studies. Short hand and Typewriting
Telegraphy and a Complete Academic Course.
Individual Instruction, snortest Time, Best Re
sults. Call ir write (or Catalogue. Calls for
help daily No graduates out of positions.
4th and 5th Floors Strauss Building, Coinar
Academy and Halsey Stret ts.
One block rear of Newark **ost Office.
L. D. Telephone 8713. H. COLEMAN Pres.
Iron Structure and Grate Work. None
but experienced men employed.
Best work. Lowest Price
N. B.Ave, near Post Office
S3 Smith St.,
Her SuKKcxtion.
"Charley, dear," said young Mrs.
Torkins, "would you mind my telling
you a new system for playing the
"Well, you pick out the horse you
are sure is going to win."
" \nd then let me go out and play
something else. It isn't very sure,
but it might have a chance." ? Wash
ington Star.
No Fnrtlipr Proof Needed.
She ? Do you think Friday is an un
lucky day, dear?
He ? Yes, I do.
"Why, Gabriel, I was born on Fri
"What further proof do I need
then?" ? Yonkers Statesman.
I Amos H. Van Horn, ?|
; I Here Your Cash Will Do Double What It Will Do Elsewhere 1 j
Yet You're Welcome to Accommodation , if You Want.
Homes fitted out i
with best of goods, for least money? j
it's been our business for more jl
than 43 years. We know how!
A Whole Floor Full !
Hundreds of Rolls.
Best Show We Ever Hade in
All Our 43 Years' History.
60-cent grade V4
Brussels u&t X 11
43-cent grade Vf/1
Ingrains I U
65-cent grade in PP- A7 J
all wool Ingrain, uuv I (I
94-cent grade OC/r V/l
Velvets OOC I U
$1.10 grade AOr VM
Axminsters s Ov IU
15-cent Mattings \ \ r> V/l
are now 1 1 V/ 111
Oilcloths and Linoleums, all
widths, all the" season's best pat
terns ? no lower prices anywhere.
A positive pleasure to choose what
you want here.
Baby Carriages and Qo-Carts,
in all the r
Go-Carts. *
in all the new models ^ ^ |jp
Wickless Blue Flame
Oil Stoves. Full line. Best
make. Never fail to do best
work ? safe, sure, certain. 2
and 3-hole models. Gasoline
Stoves and Ovens.
A $27 Parlor Suit.
5 pieces, Cherry frame, nicely <i
carved, Velour covering tA in ''
(Over 100 other kinds) I/?t7
A $28 Bedroom Suit.
In Solid Oak, rich carving^ | A|j A
French plate mirror, now L 1 ? UU |jj
(60 other suits.)
An $8 Couch.
Covered in Velour, J" QO ?
heavily fringed t)?7 O <
(90 kinds of couches all told.)
A $10 Extension Table.
Solid Oak, well braced, /C AQ
now o.yo
(60 varieties of tables.)
A $5 Iron Bed.
White enameled, brass ^ aQ
mounts, now 0?y0
1100 patterns of Iron and all Brass Beds]
A $20 Sideboard.
Of solid Oak, lined draw-1 F AA
er, French plate mirror IO?UU
(50 kinds of Sideboards.)
Hardwood Refrigerators,
$5.85 Up.
Ice Chests $3.50 Up.
We're justly proud of the line
this Spring. Nothing like it any
Amo-r H. Van Horn, Ltd.
Be sure It's "No. 78 " and you see the first name "Amos " before entering our store. <
Near Plane Street, West of Broad.
A Private Delivery Wagon Sent on Request. "Telephone 580.
Send for New 42-Page Catalogue.
Again we ask ? this month in rhyme
Send for our book " The Test of Time "
The Ostermoor Patent -
Elastic Felt Mattress,
ir. inakin;> new friends every day; yoti should see their letters ? \\ ... mail you i "?
of -oii.es if y. a will ask for 'hem. One person has asked: What do yi.u me-j
saytny 'ii.it vour mattress is always ?
'/SENT ON suspicion:
\\ i . i. n jnst this; Sleep on it 3 o Nights and :f it is not even alt you have Ao/\
Jot, il t u " ~ve it to be the equal in clean'iness. durability and comfort of any
?;o 1- iir nartres-. lade, you can get yo< ney back by return mi.il ? " :io <|u?s
tiot.a rf-.ixt;a." l'hi.e will lie no unpleasant) oout it U all, ^
Si.1 .or Our Book. "THE TEST OF TIKE, -t f, inches wide, 35 lbs. $8.3gl ^rv
whether you need a mattress now ,;r not. j .eetwlde, 30 lbs. . . . 10.00 6 J"J5EI
It will interest you to know about the best 3 feet 6 Inches wide, 35 lb*. 11.70
in '. . '..nfiest mattress in the world. We * y.'jft 4o'o?? ? ? ? '?'?33 L0B3
|'l Jii wot to the user only. 4 ?eet6 Inches wide. 45 lbs. i*.o,
r Made in two parts, so cents extra. Expreas charges prepaid EVKRYWBu&KB,
1 fAKECARE! DON'T BE DECEIVED 1 There is not a single store o the count# thM
? ? ? ? ? ? ?????? carries our mattress [ almost ?v?rv store now
uu a imitation so-called "felt," which is kept in stock to sell on our advertising. Our name and fuarauto*
on every mattress. Can be bought only of ^
OSTERMOOR & COMPANY, "119 Elizabeth St., NEW YORK.
Wt have cushioned a J ,000 Ckurcka. Stud far our book, ' ' Church Cushions." ?*}
"BEE HIVE," Shopping* Cent re. NEWARK.
Summer Millinery Opening? All are Invited? No Cards
A display rich in its Summertide beauty ? A. gaiety show of nxoltisive
Millinery has been arranged. Pattern hats from I'aris and New York;
trimmed hats of our own workroom ? and handiwork of those who are con
ceded to he Newark's ohiefest Milliners. Charming hats for suit md shirt
waist wear, and a comprehensive display of all the prevailing stupes in out
ing Millinery.
Ostrich Plumes, $2.75 Value Special.
13 inches long, French curl, Egyptian stock, full wide
heads, Black a perfect jet; The white ones are clean and clear.
Tnese are regular $2. 75 plumes and are exceptionally pretty.
Untrlmmed Hats, Regular $1.69, Special.
Beautiful French chip effects, flare side front, fitting
close over the hair in the back, The proper pompadour shapes in
black and white. This a particulary pretty hat for early summer.
Great Reductions on High Class Suits. Costumes and Wraps
Sr I L.S. Plant# Co. 721" Newark. | ?
Free Deliveries.
Friendly Repartee-.
"Did you have any luck hunting
yesterday, doctor?" asked the under
"I certainly did." replied the M. D.
"I brought down 17 squirrels."
"That's good." said the other. "It'?
simply impossible to dodge your pre
scriptions." ? Cincinnati Enquirer.
Theory Confirmed.
"Say, Doubleup," said Engleman,
looking up from his paper, "here's a
meteorologist who says the severest
storms always begin about mid
"He's right. That is about the time
I frequently reach home and find my
wife awake." ? Tit-Bit%.
The Wastes of the Body.
Every seven days the blood, muscles
and bones of a man of average size
lones two ponnds of wornont tissue.
This waste cannot be replenished and
the health and strength kept tip with
out perfect digestion. When the
stomaoh and digestive organs fail to
perform their functions, the strength
lets down, health gives way and
diseases sets un, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
enables the stomach and digestive
organs to digest and assimilate all of
the wholesome food that may be eateD
into the kind of blood that rebuilds
the tissues and protects the health and
strength of the mind and body. Kodol
cures Indigestion, Dyspepsia, and all
stomach troubles. It is an ideal
spring tonic. Sold by G. W. Parisen.
Moderation Neoeanary.
Tom ? I think a man ought to try
to look pleasant.
Dick ? Y-e-s, but when T look too
pleasant some fellow walks up and
tries to borrow five dollars from me.
^Detroit Free Press.
Thie Metric System.
The amusing feature of the present
con-trovei^sy concerning the metric
system, in which one party holds to
the yard and pound as consecrated
Anglo-Saxon standards, is that the
United States' fundamental legal
standards of length and mass are the
meter and the kilogram respectively,
and not the yard and pound. The yard
is legally expi essed as the 3,600-3.937th
part of a meter. ? Detroit Free Press.
A Little Early Riser
now and then, at bedtime will cure
constipation, billiousness and liver
troubles. DeWitt's Little Early Risers
are the famons little pills that cure
by arousing the secretions, moving
the bowels gently yet effectually, and
giving such tone and strength to the
glands of the stomach and liver that
the cause of the trouble is removed
entirely, and if their use is continued
for a few days, there will be no re- 1
turn of the complaint. Sold by G. ;
W. Parisen.
The ChanKing Went.
Frederic Kemington, the artist, re
grets to observe that the "typical west
erner," as he knew the type 20 years
ago, is now hardly observable, the cow
boy being particularly extinct. In fact,
the old life is almost done away with. ?
N. Y. Sun.
From A Cat Scratch
on the arm. to the worst sort of burn,
sore or boil, DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve is a quick cure. In buying
Witch Hazel Salve be particular to |
get DeWitt's ? this is the salve that 1
heals without leaving a soar. A j
specific for blind, bleeding, itohing
and protruding piles. Sold by G. W. j
Parisen. ,
Where the Hlaitiie l.ny.
Burton ? Talk about talent! I'd
have you know, sir, that I am a born
Stumpkins ? Of course, vou are not
to be blamed for being born a paint
er, but I really think you are culpa
ble in sticking to the business. ? Bos
ton Transcript.
The X-Ravs.
Recent experiments, bv practical
tests and examination with the aid of
the X-Rays, establish it as a fact that
Catarrah of the Stomaoh is not a
disease of itself, but that it results
from repeated attacks of indigestion.
"How Can I Qure My Indigestion?"
Eodol Dyspepsia Cure is curing thou
sands. It will cure you of indigestion
and dyspepsia and prevent or cure
Catarrah of the Stomaoh. Kodol
digests what you eat ? makes the
stomach sweet. Sold by G. W.
The Fearleim Danmel.
"There Is no thing," he told- the girl,
"Without Its germy side.
The ice cream soda, now, alas,
Contains a germ," he sighed.
"I'm not afraid," she murmured low,
"I've taken germicide."
? Chicago Tribune.
Professor of Literature ? I always
considered "Faust" a work of genius,
but I was never so forcibly struck by
it before! ? Meggendorfer Blatter.
tnleaa on Some One Elne'a.
The smile of satisfied delight.
You see upon my face
Is there because it couldn't be
In any other place.
ffte Tfteatres*
Tho attraction at Proctor's Fifth
avenue next week will be another
comedy drama from the fluent pen of
Joseph Arthur, whose several succ
essful plays have been seen on and off
during the season at Mr. Proctor's
various houses. "On the Wabash" is
the play and it was first produced at
Wallack's some years ago under the
title of "The Salt of the Earth,"
with Miss Annie Russell in the lead
ing role. Next week the leading part
will be played by Miss Florence Reed,
wuti Paul*" McAllister in the oppos
ite role.
Down at Proctor's Twenty-third
street a good all round vaudeville
bill will be the attraction, headed by
Mr. and Mrs. Hene Hughes, in a
brilliant comedy sketch entitled "A
Matrimonial Substitute. " The Hugh
es have just returned from a three
years trip abroad, where they have
been playing all the leading theatres
and musio hails of Europe. Julian
Rose, "Our Hebrew Friend," will
play this theatre for the first time in
two years.
Old Dean Swift's "Gulliver
Travels" are not such exaggerations
after all. Pay a visit next week to
Proctor's 58th Street Theatre and you
will see the Lilliputians and the
Brobdignagians, and an excruciatingly
funnv lot they are.
Proctor's plavhouse at Newark will
have another good bill next week,
headed by Madam Redan and oom
pany, and real novelty just procured
by Mr. Proctor. Waterbury Brothers
and Tenny, musical comedians, Jones
and Walters, rural sketch artists ; J.
Francis Dooley, black face comedian ;
Luletta, wire artist, and numerous
other specialties will complete the
DeWitt Is the name to look for when ^
you go to buy Witch Hazel Salve.
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve is the
original and only genuine. In fact
DeWltt'sis the only Witch Hazel Salve
that Is made from the unadulterated
All others are counterfeits? base Imi
tations, cheap and worthless ? even
dangerous. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
is a specific for Piles; Blind, Bleeding,
Itching and Protruding Piles. AlsoCuts,
Burns, Bruises, Sprains, Lacerations,
Contusions, Bolls, Carbuncles, Eczema.
Tetter, Salt Rheum, and all other Skin
E. C. DeWitt 4 Co., Chicago
For sale bv G. W. Parisen.
?sesesHsawgsesragain,, ? ?
rasast se as iimii? 1
0 LABOR, 3
Fonr hundred men employed in the
G. T. R. shops, London, Canada,
receiving wages varying: from 14 to 38
cents an honr, are agitating for an
increase of two cents an horn-, but
have achieved nothing yet.
o? ?
In St. John (Canada) the wages of
the machinists range from $8 to $10 a
week. There are some, however, who
receive $12 and perhaps a little high
er. The man who commands $12 must
be a regular "top-notcher. "
New Haven, Conn., nnion brewery
workers have made a demand for a
nine-hour day throughout the year, a
f 3 w slight changes in the wage sched
ule and employment of none but un
ion mechanics in or about the build
The new child labor law of Alaba
ma which lias just gone into efleot,
takes thousands of children out of the
cotton mills of Alabama. Five hund
red little tots ceased toiling their
lives away in the Huntsville factories
The number of persons occupied in
the world's mining operations in 1901
was 4,700,978. of which'number 1,624,
623 were engaged in Great Britain and
Ireland, and Colonies, dependencies
and possessions. ^
The Manchester (Eng.) branch of
the Amalgamated Society of Engin
eers, with a membership of 7,080, has
only 250 members who are in receipt
of (.unemployment benefit, represent
ing a percentage of about 8 %.
Real estate! Real estate) Read
the bargains in special column on
page 2.
Some Coffees
are Glazed
with a cheap coating.
If glazing helps coffee
why aren't the high
priced Mochas and Javas
glazed also?
Lion Coffei
is not glazed. It is per
fectly pure and has a
delicious JJ^or.
ty ?nd fw.rhpn.
form quality and I
Ureal Sale if I afc' SHIrl Watt
We will place on sale for the
balance of tbis week, a very
attractive line of
Waists at 25c
Lawns, Piques of the newest
Look at our window display
aijd see what 25c will do.
The store which saves you money
HoosefiiFoislier and Clothier I

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