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New York Detectives Came to
This Qity Yesterday with the
Owner-Charges Made.
Yacht was Stolen from &tuyvesa t Club
at Port Morris? Identification is Com
plete? Papers will be Made out to take
the Men to New York State for Trial on
Charge of Robbery.
Ernest and Edward Scott, who were
arrested, as told in the News yester
day, on suspicion of long shore robber
ies, were committed to the oounty jail
for thirty days yesterday afternoon,
upon charges preferred against them
by Detective William J. Fogarity, of
the New Yopb police department.
The yacht found in their possession
w.is stolen from the Stayvesant Club
at Port Morris.
Mr. Babst, the keeper ot the club,
who accompanied Detective Fogarity
to this city, identified the boat ves
terday afternoon. The men had their
photographs taken this morning for
the rogue's gallery and then Detective
Peltier took the two to New Bruns
wick to await extradition papers.
Chief Burke, this morning, repeated
his assertion that both are ex-convicts.
The Chief had the opportunity to
listen to a conversation between the
Scotts while locked in their cells last
nieht, in which they related their ex
periences in various jails in which
thev had done time.
Chief Burke is satisfied that, al
though he has not been able to conneot
th im direotlv with any of the many
robberies that have occurred both on
tli is and the Staten Island shore, that
limny of the deeds will eventually be
laid up to them.
Grace English Lutheran.
-Sjr vices at Grace English Lutheran
church in the morning at 10.30; Sun
day Sohool at 2.30. The evening ser
vice at 7.30. The Rev. E. J. Keeling
wiil praach both morning and even
ing; The subject for the morning is
"The Christian's Approach to the
Throne of Graoe. " The evening sub
ject is "Seekinsr and Finding Jesus."
These services are held in the Knights
of Pythias Hall.
Rev. Percy R. Ferris will preach
tomorrow morning from the subject
"How a Humble Life May be Used[by
God taDo Muoh Good." The even
ing worship begins at 7.45 o'clock.
The pastor's theme will be "Courtinsr
the Shadows ? The Fatal Arrow."
There will be baptism at the evetinsr
service. Inspiration service at 10 a.
m. ; Sunday School 2.30 p. m. ; B. Y.
P. U. pravei and praise service at
6.48 p. m.
Services tomorrow at 10.30 a. m.
and 7.30 p. m. Evening subject : The
Interolass Field Meet at the High
F.J. LARKIN, 357 STATE Street,
will do plumbing, steam, hot water
and hot air heating on monthly pay
Soft Shell Crabs
, Boston Lobsters
Northport Oysters
Worrell's, 46 S?e"t.
Atlantic Terra Cotta is Badly
Crippled To-day on Account
of Strike.
Delegates from Matawan Called at Facto
ry of Atlantic Terra Cotta Yesterday,
but did not Succeed In Their Mission
Superintendent Hopes to have Plant
Going fu'l Force on Mo-day.
The Atlantic Terra Ootta Works is
pretty well tied up today on acoonnt
of a strike among the Dressers and
finishers, mitre ontters and station
ery engineers. As told in yesterday's
News, the pressers and finishers and
mitre ontters went ont on a strike
because, it is claimed, the company
decided to put two Italians in the
pressers department, and when they
demanded the Italians be discharged,
the comDany refused. Yesterday three
delegates from the Stationary Engi
neers Union, of New York, came to
the Atlantic Terra Cotta Works and
made a demand that the engineers
union mnst be recognized or the engi
neers would be Called out. The fac
tory officials refused to grant the
delegate's demands and this morning
the engineers did not go to work.
The police department have a
roundsman and two patrolmen on duty
at the works, but no trouble is ex
! When Mr. Thrall, the superintendent
! of the plant, was seen by a News re
. porter this morning, he said he did
' not care to make a statement to any
newspauer in regards to the trouble,
but he hoped to have enough men to
start the whole plant by Monday
morning. *
This is just the busy time of the
year at the Atlantic Terra Cotta and
the orders are being rushed as fast as
they can be filled.
Sam Cesper, a driver for Klein, the
btitcher, was arrested for fast drivinar
on Washington street last night. Mail
Carrier Isaac Harned made the com
plaint, and being unable to attend
court this morning the oase was ad
journed until Monday afternoon.
Klein said his horse was a fast driver
and that the complaint was a piece of
spite work. The specific oharge is
that of cruelty to animals.
Ben Ward, of Keasbey, was arrested
last night by Officer Long on a charge
of being drunk and disorderly. Re
corder Pickersgill fined him $3 this
We have 170 contracts for 'phones
in rosidences and stores, send us
yours. Free service until 100 are in
service. Hudson & Middlesex Tele
phone and Telegraph Co., TO Smith
street. 2756-6-16- It
Real estate I Real estate ! Read
the bargains in special column on
page 2.
No Meal Complete without a
G ass of Good beer
put up in a thoroughly cleaned bottle.
Von oan li ive it.
Wuerzberger . . . . per box $1.40
us ?ood as imporied
Pale Extra 1.20 1
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Thene brands cannot be dupli?'at?d i??r
auy such price, beside you get a rebate of
20 cts. per case of empiy bottles I
The Hygiene Sleam Beer Bottling Works. I
Tel. 11,3- H. 254 New Hrunswlrk at.
A#t#kAMritck of Merchants, Manufacturers, Corporations
ACCOUniS and Individuals Solicited ? ?
INTEREST PAID ON ) 2 per cent, on $ 500 or over
DAILY BALANCES \ 3 per cent, on $1,000 or over
Safe Deposit Boxes to Rent at Low Rates
Capital | Profits | Deposits _$l,000,000
Hamilton v. kkan. p*?8iD?rr hahpy? mna i i i *,r?
High School Meet Held Yester
day Afternoon was Great
Students Raced, Jumped and Put the Shot
to the Delight of Many who had Gath
ered to see the Event? Was a Strug
gle to the Finish, and the Victory was
Hard Won.
The first Interclass Field Meet ever
held in Perth Am boy took place yes
terday afternoon on the High School
grounds when the different High
School trapils entered a number of
events, the prize being a silk banner.
After all the events were ruti off the
banner was awarded to the Janiors
for getting the most points. The pro
gram opened with a 100 yard dash for
boys. The first heat was won by H.
R. Growell, time 11.54; the second
heat by Rossi, time 12, and the third
heat by Joseph Growncfy. time 12.02.
In event No. 2, which was a 100
yard dash for girls. In the first heat
Gertrude Pfeiffer won, time 14 8-5.
In the second heat Tedesco Greedley
?von,'time 14 2-5. Miss Lewis came
in first, time 14%.
In the 220 van! dash the first heat
was won by 11. R. Crowell, closely
followed by deMonseigle. time 36 8-5.
In the second heat DeWitt Garretson
won, closely followed by W. McOor
mick, time 27. .Vergil Shull won the
putting-the shot contest with Nedham
a close second, the distance being 32
feet 9}^ in.
In the final 100 yard dash for boys
Oharles Rossi was the leader, time 11
min. 45 seconds, with deMonseigle a
close second and Growney third.
In the final 100 yard dash for girls
Miss Gertrndo Pfeiffer was the winner,
time 14 minutes, closely followed by
Miss Ella Ramsay.
In the first heat of^the 440 vard dash
McCormick was the winner, time 1
minutes 8-5 of a second. He was fol
lowed by Wight while Crowell came
in third.
In the basket ball game between the
sophomores and seniors the "soDhs"
won by a score of 2 to 0. The win
ning team afterward played the
Juniors who won by a score of 13 to
William McCormick won the high
jump with 5 feet 6 inches to his
In the final 220 yard run H. R.
Crowell won, time 28. Garretson was
a close second while deMonseigle
came in third.
In the broad high jump Garretson
won, making the distance of 16 feet
5 % inohes.
In the one mile run Nedham was
(he winner, time 5.47, A. J. Wight
was second, and L. Kaplan, third.
In throwing basket ball for distance
by the girls, Jennie Brogger broke the
record bv throwing the ball 62 feet 6
In the pole vault, H. R. Crowell
was the winner, jumping just 7 feet
three inches.
The potato race was won by J. Um
pierre, time iy? minutes.
The girls half mile relay race was
won bv B?iss L. Tooker with Miss
Mary Couqnest a close second, time
In the seventh and eighth grade,
era tnniar school one" halt mile relay
race, in which each contestant was to
run 220 vards, ihe honors went to
William Hornby, Henry Kress was
second, aud J. Mullin third. In the
last event, which was an interclass
one mile relay race with each contest
ant to run mile, E. deMonseigle
won, with Hults second, Growney
dropped out.
prescriptions SSLSSSf "K22S 1
Our Specialty. oists prepare yon r pre
scriptions in our Pharmacy. All drug*
tented fur purity and strength before usln^
Wl'en we prepare your prescriptions tin
doctor nets results. Prices low, quality,
the hest. Open day and night.
Parisen's ''resorlptfcui Pharmacy.
Successor to J. K.JENSEN,
250 Washington St. Cor. Johnstone
Storage Plant of the Lehigh Val
ley at South PlainfieJd has
been Overlooked.
New Assessor in Piscataway Township
made Important Discovery? Authorities
Thought the Railroad Was Paying a
State Tax but Learn Differently? Means
Much to the County.
For the past eleven years the Lehigh
Valley railroad has paid no tax on
their vast storage grounds at Sonth
Plainfield. This has been discovered
by George E. Bating who has jnst
been elected tax assessor for Piscat
away township in which the storage
grounds are located.
Upon inqniry he learned that the
township has been of the opinion that
the State levies a tax for this big
storage business. He also learned
that the State has no jurisdiction and
that it has not been levying any tax
upon it.
The assessor has consulted Lawyer
Harry Ranyon, of Plainfield, con
cerning the matter and an investiga
tion is now on to determine the town
ship's rfght to assess this property
and its right to collect back taxes.
Lawyer Rnnyon today said that lie
thought the township's claim a good
The property is very valuable and
some interested people claim that its
valuation will amount to as much as
the valuation of all the rest of the
The net valuation of the township
last year was $1,514,401. If the Le
high's plant is worth as much, the
tax* buTden other people of Piscat
away town will not be as great.
The matter will doubtless be sifted
thoroughly next month ;when the
County Board of Assessors meet to
make proper adjustment of the amount
of taxes to be raised.
Algonquin Lodge, Knights of Py
thias, Went to Woodbridge
Last Night.
A large number of members of Al
gonquin lodge, K. of P., went to
Woodbridge last night where the new
Railway lodge, to be known as Reli
ance, was instituted. There were
abont twenty-five charter members
and a very enjoyable meeting was
For a long time Algonquin lodge
has been trying to get the Knights of
Pythias in Rahway and they naturally
feel very proud of their recent suc
cess. Eaciid lodge of Woodbridge,
assisted them in the work and the in
stitution ceremonies took place in
Enoild's Castle Hall as Reliance lodge
has not yet seoured a home of their
There were present last night,
Grand Chancellor P. Frank Shanley,
Grand Master of Ex. John Patrick ;
Grand K. of C. , Elmer E. Margerum,
Grand Master at Arms, Joseph Wilson
Jr. , and District Deputy C. W Barne
kov. The rank work was conferred
by a team from Algonquin lodge and
Euclid lodge. Visitors were present
from South Amboy and Elizabeth.
About thirty members of Algonquin
were on hand and Euclid lodge turn
ed ont in large numbers.
Why not have the telephone that
vour friends and neighbors have.
118.00 a year for residences. Hudson
and Middlesex Telephone & Telegraph
Company, 70 Smith street.
Epworth League is Fourteen
Years Old and Appropriate
Exercises will beheld.
Both Simpson M. E. and the Danish Meth
odist will Observe the Occasion? One
Service may be Held on Lawn? Sun
rise Service for Simpson M E.? Ju
niors Take Part.
Tomorrow is anniversary (lay for
the Epworth Leagues thoroughout the
conntrv. The society is fonrteen
years old and is enjoying remarkable
prosperity. The anniversary will be
observed in this city both in Simpson
M. ?. chnrch and the Danish Metho
dist church. Appropriate services
will be held throughout the day.
In Simpson M. E. church the fol
lowing servioos will bo held : Epworth
Leasrue Sunrise Meeting, 6 a. m., led
by the pastor. Devotional meeting,
9.30 a. m. ; Anniversary sermon by
pastor, 10.30 a. m. subject. "Repre
sentative Yonng Men and Women."
Snndav School, 2.30 p. m. At 7.30 p.
m. the installation of officers of the
Epworth League and the graduation
of Juniors will fake place. Follow
ing is the program: Anthem, choir;
Responsive Reading; Installation of
Juniors; Junior Consecration; Con
secration Prayer; Consecration Song;
Remarks by Pastor; Song, More Love
to Thee; Junior Benediction; Solo,
Mrs. Macan; Installation Seniors;
Graduation Juniors; Song by Juniors;
Responsive Service ; Address by Pas
tor; Singing by Juniors, "My Jesus I
Love Thee;" Presentation of Diplo
mas; Parting Words, Junior Super
intendent Miss Joslin; Welcome by
President, Mr. J. A. Green ;Song, "All
Hail the Power. "
Monday evening at 8.00 p. m. Rev.
C. L. Meade. D. D. of Hoboken, will
deliver the anniversary address, sub
ject "The Ideal Epworthian. "
In the Danish M. E. church at 10.30
a. m. the pastor will preach on "The
Young People and some of their
Gifts. " At 3.45 in the afternoon the
meeting will be held on Max Larsen's
lawn, Keasbey, if the weather permits,
otherwise it will be in the chapel at
the usual hour. 7.30 p. m. the service
will be held in the church. There
will be several speakers. 8.00 p. m.
Monday the official board will hold
its monthly meeting. The Epworth
League will then take part in the
rally at the Simpson M. E. Church.
Held Meeting Last Night and Mat
ter was Thoroughly Discussed?
To Canvas the City.
An informal meeting of the promo
ters of the Y. M. C. A. idea in this
citv was held in the parlor of the
Presbyterian church last night and
the matter was thoroughly discussed.
It was deoided that everything de
pended upon getting the right start
an<? a committee was appointed to
canvas the city to see if sufficient
funds can be raised to ereot a build
ing. Between $20,000 and $25,000 is
needed to do this. Some of the busi
ness men present seemed to think this
amount could be secured.
Conrad Moser Met Almost Instant
Death Last Night While Going
Wheel Said to Have Wobbled and He Wis
Thrown Head First Striking Against
the Wheels of the Car Dectors on
the Scene? Trolley Crew Arrested
and Released or Bail.
While riding on a wheel Conrad
Moser, aged fifteen years, of 8 Pearl
Place, was almost instantly killed by
trolley car No. 201 at Washington and
State streets shortly after 7 o'clock
last night. The scene that followed
the horrible affair was most heut
tending as the frenzied mother stood
weeping over her dead boy.
Dr. Silk, who lives close to the
scene of the accident, leached the boy
a few minutes after the aocident
Ten minntes later the boy died.
Officer Morris then notified police
headquarters to send for Coroner
Officer Morris arrested motorman
Ohris Hoyer and the conductor Chris
Hostrup and took them to polioe head
quarters. Coroner Henry arrived a
little later and gave permission for
the removal of the body to Thomas
Bnrke's undertaking establishment.
Chief Burke and Detective Huff
gave their personal attention in con
ducting the investigation, and, after
working until nearly midnight, they
were satisfied that the trolley people
were not to blame. William Hoy, of
High street, and James Oar land , of
Oak b treat, were in JA^ar when the
accident oocurrecT
Conductor Hostrup pulled th<^ body
away from the car only to sefe that
one side of the boy's head was crush
ed in and the other was badly cut. It
is also believed that his neck was
Young Moser was employed in the
Roessler & Hasslacher Chemical Works
at which place his father also worked
until a few years ago when he died.
He was the only support of his mother,
Emily Moser.
At police headquarters last night
both Hostrup and Hoyer, in speaking
of the aooident, told a News reporter
that Moser had the road to himaelf
and that they could not help what
had happened. They did not want to
witness suoh a scene again, they said.
Superintendent Rock furnished bail
in the sum of 1500 for each Jof the
men for a hearing Monday morning.
Recorder Pickersgill accepted the bail
at a late hour last night only after he
was satisfied as to the seriousness of
the affair.
Coroner Henry said this morning
that he was still conducting^an 'inves
tigation and had not decided upon an
I inquest.
Don't Take a Chance
When you can a get a sure thing.
A sure thing needs no booming.
This you will find in Building Lots
at the Junction Perth Amboy. This
property is not owned by any trust
company, and is being sold by small
monthly payments without interest.
' On the property every Sunday
M. Q. Ashley, Woodbridge, N. J.
The forecast received at the local Signal
Station is for fair and warmer to-night and
or:r.,:a TO-DAY a Banner Day
A Bottle of Perfume Given to Each
Purchaser in our Drug Department.
CITY PHARMACY, 160 Smith Street

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