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Alderman Gannon Presents Two Resolutions to Board Last Night
and Both are Referred to the Committee on Fire ? Alderman-At
Large Eckert Opposes the Move.
Alderman Gannon made an effort to
have the fire department improved [at
the meeting of the Board of Aldermen
last night, but hie two resolutions
were referred to the fire committee
where it is probable they will remain
until the new water main is extended
to this side of the Raritan river. Mr.
Gannon offered two resolntions, one
to issue $19, SCO bonds to improve the
department, and the other that the
couucil advertise for bids for a steam
fire engine. Alderman-at-large Eckert
was the leader in the opposition to
taking action at this time.
Mr. Gannon's action was taken
after the board had decided to have
the new 24-inoh water main extended
to this side of the Raritan river. Mr.
Eckert in speaking on the first resolu
tion said it was a most unusual pro
ceeding and entirely uncalled for at
this time. He said the committee had
not had any instructions from the
board to prooeed any further than
wTiat. they had done and the idea of
asking the board to issue bonds for
something they did not know anything
about was ridiculous.
In reply to Mr. Eckert, Mr. Gannon
said all he wanted was action. He
pointed out the fact that the matter
had been hanging on for several
months and he thought time enough
had passed to allow all to know what
to do and what was needed. Mr.
Gannon said he meant no reflection
on the fire committee, but he thought
something ought to be done. He ex
plained that the reason he had fixed
the amount of bonds at $19,500 was
that the chief of the lire department
hati furnished that estimate and he
thought the chief was the b6st one to
idge the needs of the department.
? He declared that if the board had
issued $25,000, the limit allowed, it
would not be too much. He stated
that former city attorney Wight had
drawn up his resolution and that City
Attorney Hommann had looked it over
and pronounced it all right.
When the first resolution was dis
posed of Alderman Gannon sprung a
real surprise in the form of the second
resolution in which the council was
authorized to advertise for bids for a
steam fire engine.
Alderman Eckert again led the
attack in which he declared that the
city was in no need of a steamer. He
stated the condition of the fire depart
ment d^d not warrant the purchase of
an engine. He declared that for his
part he would like to issue $1,000,000
worth of bonds to put the water de
partment in proper condition.
Alderman Runvon asked for delav
until the main waB completed under
the river to see what that could do to>
relieve tne situation.
Alderman Campbell, chairman of
the Fire Committee, stated that the
committee had taken no further action
in the matter because the council had
given no further instructions. The
resolutions were referred to the Are
committee with the unanimous vote
of the aldermen.
Read the real estate advertising
column on page 2, today. - ,
Soft Shell Grabs
Boston Lobsters
L Northport Oysters
p Worrell's, 46 Sffir.
Society Circus Was a Success
but the Amount is Smaller
than was Expected.
The following communication from
Samuel G. Garretson, tells the result
of the society circus in this city. It
nets |160 for the hospital.
"The management of the City Hos
pital are happy to announce a net sain
from the circus performances of $140
with some few returns yet to be made
with donations coming in, which will
leave us a net sum of about $1?0. We
are gratefnl indeed to all the patrons
of the entertainment. To Mr. McCoy
for the use of the grounds without
compensation. ?The ringmasters,
strong men, bare back riders, rubes,
jooke.vs, clowns, freaks, barkers, lect
urers, ushers and the various retinue
playing as professionals, who did
everything in their power to ^promote
the success of the enterprise. We
sought to make $500, have tailed, but
will do it next time. In this connec
tion would notice with thanks a dona
tion of $5 from Mr. James E. Noe tor
the good work.
For the Committee
Sam'l. G. Garretson,
Financial Sec. "
It is rossible that an effort will be
made to have the sooiety circus return
here nest year under a little more
liberal terms, when it is hoped more
money will be realized.
John Johnson Meets With Painful
Accident? Amputation is
While working at one of the big
machines in the yrire mill department
at the Standard Underground Cable
Works, on Washington street, this
morning, John Johnson, nineteen
years old, of 24 Watson avenue, got
his right foot caught in a wheel, it
was so badly crushed that it was
necessary to amputate the member at
the ankle. It is said that the quick
action of a fellow employe saved his
life. Dr. Tyrrell was summoned awl
after an examination ordered that the
boy be taken to the hospital where the
amputation was performed. There
was some delay on account of no
water being obtainable.
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Alfred Janny Badly Burned as a
Result of his Investigation
Boys Found it near Hotel Central and De
cided to See What it Would Do? Touch
ed a Match to It and Explosion Followed
?Doctor was Summoned? and Boy is
now in Bed
Alfred Janny, the 13-year old son of
Fred Jnnny, is confined to his home
at 94 Smith stieet today suffering
with numerous wounds, as the result
of playing with gunpowder yesterday
At 4.30 o'clock young Janny with
his friend, Charlie Evans, were play
ing around the Hotel Central, on
Smith street, where repairs are now
being made, and while they were
romping about they discovered a cigar
box. When (hey had taken the lid off
the bos they found that it was half
full of shot and gunpowder. Looking
around to see that no one was watch
ing them they quickly made off with
their prize to the rear vard of the
Moflitt Realty Company on Smith
They thought that it would be a
great idea to touch a match to JJie
powder and see^what would happen.
The lighted match had no sooner
struck the powder when it exploded.
Young Janny, who was very close to
the box, when the powder went off,
got the full force and was badly burn
ed about the face, breast and arms.
When Evans saw that his companion
was hurt he ran off. Others, ooming
up on account ot the noise, carried
the injured boy to his home across the
street where Dr. Ramsay Was sum
After the doctor had done all he
could for the boy he ordered him put
to bed, where he is now confined, and
with careful treatment they hope soon
to have him out again.
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Leszcynski
spent Saturday and Sunday at Newark.
John A. Hansen, of Scranton, Pa.,
it- visiting friends at this place.
Miss M. Hansen, of Sewaren, is
visiting her parents on Elizabeth
Mr. George Gilson, of Texas, is the
gaest of Andrew Anderson, the Hall
avenue bntcher.
Mrs. M Blatt spent Sunday and
Monday at New York.
Mr. Thomas Cunningham, of New
York, loent Sunday with his parents
at this place.
Mrs. Nelson, of Hall avenue, had a
number of friends from Elizabeth on
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Mever Drawer enter
tained a number of guests from New
York on Memorial Day.
The Laborer's Protective Union
have removed from John Gerbas, Me
chanic street, to Dana Hall, Smith
street, where meetings will be held
every Monday night.
2865-5-27-6? adv.
will be paid to the person or
persons furnishing information re
sulting in the arrest and conviction
of the party or parties who fast
ened a copper wire with an old
shoe so as to short circuit the elec
tric light wires at Port Reading
which resulted in putting out the
commercial lights at Sewaren and
Woodbridge on Decoration Day
night at about 9. 30.
Carteret Electric Light
and Power Co.
L. A. CHASE, Treasurer.
Universal tiniment fjj(y PharTnaCY
It has no equal. Every bottle guaranteed. 160 SMITH STREET
Board of Aldermen Take Action
to Have new Pipe Brought
Under River.
Tells the Board of Aldermen that the Wat
er Pressure Is in a Critical Condition
Recommends the Extention to this Side.
Resolution Passed Unanimously? Alder
men Realize the Need of More Pre1 sure.
The Board of Aldermen, last night,
passed a resolution to have the new
twenty-four inch water main, which
is to be laid from the pumping station
at Runyon to the south side of the
river extended to this side. The reso
lution was introduced by Alderman
Runyon. The contract for driving
two additional artesian wells at Run
yon was awarded to Henry H.Bennett.
This action was taken after a com
munication from Water Superinten
dent Burns, was read calling attention
of the board to the critical condition
of the city's water supply. He said
the present sixteen-inch main cannot
carry a sufficient supply to this side
of the river and he urged immediate
action in having the new twenty-four
inch main extended to this side of the
river. He said in view of the fact
that there is practically no more than
enough water at Eagleswood held on
reserve to put out a lire, that should a
break occur in the main across the
river, this city would be without
When all this work is completed the
city's water supply will be greatly
????? I
Ministers Unite to Urge that Proper
Respect be Shown- Letter from
There is a united movement on foot
among the ministers of this city to
have a better observance of Sunday
in Perth Am boy. Thoy are working
quietly and using personal interviews
to accomplish the desired end.
The fact that H. P. Hansen has ''re
ceived a letter from the prosecutor
warning the Sociable A. C. not to
hold their contemplated boat race on
June 7, has brought some ill feeling,
but the ministers declare they hart
nothing to do with the letter, not
having approached the prosecutor on
the matter.
Several hundred Germans and Ger
man-Hungarians paraded about town
yesterday afternoon in honor of the
German Pfingst. Yesterday was a
big holiday with these people and
they wound up in Loeser's Grove at
Maurer with a picnic.
Arraigned Before Commissioner Whitehead
in Newark Yesterday.
Chief Burke and Officer MoDermott
were in Newark yesterday and gave
testimony before Commissioner White
head in the case of Elias Freid, of
New York, who was arrested by the
latter officer in this city last week for
violating the United States Revenue
laws. Joseph Fiigen, the Market
street cigar manufacturer, also testi
fied against Freid, at the conclusion
of which Freid was held in the sum
of $600 to await the action of the
United States Grand Jury. Freid
plead not guilty.
8. J. MASON,
43 Smith Street.
Board of Aldermen Pass Ordinance on First Reading that such a
Body Shall be Established? In Line with Recommendations in
Mayor's Message. He Suggested Commission Take Charge.
Important Session of the Labor
Unions Held Last Night? Re
fuse to Discuss Object.
The members of the Central Labor
Board held a special meeting at their
rooms in the Adelaide Building, 138
Smith street, last night. The purpose
of the meeting is kept a mystery.
When those who were present were
approached this morning they abso
lutely refused to discuss the qiatter.
One, however, ventured the suggestion
that the discussion was abont the
plasterers in the Atlantic Terra Cotta
in Tottenville, where the pressers are
on strike.
All kinds of precautions were nsed
at the meeting last night to keep the
proceedings secret. When others of
those present were asked if the plas
terers at the Atlantic terra cotta were
discussed, they refused to say any
thing. Nearly every laboring organ
ization was represented at the meeting
last night and it wonld appear they
are getting ready for a united effort
Emily Brammer has Crossed the
Continent and will Proceed to
Alaska Alone.
A despatoh received in this city, last
night stated that little Emily Bram
mer, who left this city alone jnst a
week aeo today for Nome, Alaska,
via the Pennsylvania system, arrived
in San Francisco yesterday. When
she has reached her annt in Alaska,
the dying wish of a mother, who died
of consumption about a year ago, will
have been carried out by the little
girls relatives in this city, who took
every precaution to have her tenderly
cared for throughout her trip.
She is only ten years old and the
address where she is to go was fasten
ed to her dress in a prominent place
that she might not get lost. Every
precaution had been taken to provide
for ber comforts on the Ipn&r journev.
From San Francisco she will proceed
direot to Alaska.
Hebrews all over the United States
observed yesterday and today the
Pentecostal. Some of the local stores
are closed today and will remain so
until 7 o'clock tonight, when the
church servioes will be over. Services
were held in the Temple Beth Morde
cai on Hobart street, and in the church
of the Hebrew Mutual Aid Sooietv on
Elm street, at 9 o'clock yesterday and
this morninsr, and are being held
again this afternoon.
Iron workers wanted on plain and
ornamental iron work, also black
smith. Steady work. Call or write
Bayer & Scherbner's Iron Works, 30tt
East 133d Street, New York.
Your Favorite Soda Drink
We serve all the favorite phosphates, frap
pes. ice cream soda, plain ice cream, egg
combinations. Sondes, crushed Fruits, and
all the old stand-bys. as well as some new
ones. Our CHOCOLATE ice cream SODA
is ttfe tlnest drink ever put up for 5 cents.
You can t beat it anywhere.
Parisen's Prescription Pharmacy.
An ordinance authorizing the ap
pointment of live men, to sot as a
Board of Water Commissioners by the
Board of Aldermen, was introduced
and passed on its first reading at a
meeting of that body last night. This
means a decided change in the man
agement of the water department
here. The commissioners, when ap
pointed, will have all to do with the
water problem and relieving the
council of that responsibility.
The appointment of a commission is
in line with the recommendations of
Mayor Seaman in his annual message
to the board. He, at that time, point
ed out the need of snch a body.
The ordinance is introduoed under
an act to enable cities to supply the.
inhabitants with "pure and whole
some water" and the power of appoint
ment by the Board of Aldermen is
given by another act providing for
the appointment of the commission.
The rest of the ordinanoe is left blank
so far as time and salary is oonoerned,
but a News reporter learned after the
meeting that the members ofgsuch
commission are to be appointed from
one to five years so that a new mem
ber can be appointed every year. This
will mean that there will also be a
water superintendent and a olerk to
the board.
Collector of Revenue Instructed to
Have ListSent'to Ovtaer*
Affected. V
The Board of Aldermen last night
passed a resolution instructing the
Collector of Revenue to sell all lands
in arrears of taxes. The resolution
says that whereas the Ool lector of
Revenue has made return of certain
taxes, assessments etc. . that are over
due and unpaid for a longer time than
perscribed by law, the sales shall take
place. Notices of such sales will be
published and sent to all persons
whose properties are affeoted.
Check from New York for $7,500
Received by S- G- Garretswi?
Work Being Rushed
The last payment for the nef? library
from Andrew Carnegie has been
received by S. G. Garret son in the
shape of a check for $7,600. The work
is progressing rapidly and it is now
expected the building will be com
pleted by the last of July.
Real Estate column page 2.
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20 cents on every box of empty bottles.
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? ? .i" M ?
June a.m. p.m. June a.m. p.jtn.
2 12.47 1.86 5 4.08 4.39
3 1.52 2.43 6 5.01 5.30
4 2.58 3.44 7 5.54 fl.17
The forecast received at the local Signal
Station is for fair and warmer.
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