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William E. Wmant, of Newark, Attached the Vessel for a Claim
Which he has Against the Nautical Preparatory School? Walter
Thompson, of the Raritan Dry Docks Places Valuation.
That part of the ship Young Amer
ica now under course of construction
for the Nautioal Preparatory Scnool
of Rhode Island, at the plant of the
Porth Amboy Shipbuilding and En
gineering Company in this city, has
been seized by Sheriff Carman to
satisfy an attachment proceeding in
stituted by William E. Winant, of
Nowark, designer of the boat. Winant
his a claim of $4,800 against the ship.
Dr. W. E. Ramsay, president of the
shipbuilding company, in an inter
view with a News reporter upon the
subject this morning, said :
"I am thoroughly familiar with all
the cironmstances connected with the
Winant claim against the Nautical
Preparatory School, and consider the
claim a most unjust one."
, Dr. Ramasy ventured his opinion
that whon the whole matter was final
ly nettled in court Winant will be a
vary sad man. Previous to the time
whon his connections with the Nauti
cal Preparatory School were severed,
Dr. Ramsay said that Winant had not
boon to Perth Amboy for some time
for fear that he, Dr. Ramsay, would
cause Winant's arrest. Further pro
cordings promise to bo of sensational
character if all the doctor told the
Nows reporter comes true.
The right of Sheriff Carman to
attach the boat is disputed at the
shipyards, the officers claiming that
the ship belongs to the Porth Amboy
Shipbuilding and Engineering Com
pany since the school has not made
any payments upon it. It was said
that the Nautical School had obtained
enough subscriptions to pay for the
construction of the ship, but hau been
unable to collect tho monoy thus sub
The boat is to cost more than
$150,000. The keel and dock are part
ly built.
Walter Thompson, superintendent
of the Raritan Dry Dock Company,
acting as appraiser for the Sheriff,
placed the present value of the boat
at $4,500 and of the material on hand
for its construction at $40,000. The
next move will be to have an auditor
Coudert Bros., of 71 Broadway, New
York, are counsel for the Nautical
Preparatory School and Guild, Lum
and Tamblain, of Nowark, represent
Winant, who is a lieutonant in the
George H. Eiswold and Charles H.
Howland, of Providence, R. L, are
respectively general manager and
treasurer of the Nautical Preparatory
School. Mr. Eiswold was formerly
in the U. S. Navy. Mr. Howland is
a graduate of Annapolis and served
for a while as Junior Lieutenant in
the Navy. He was secretary to Gov
ernor Kimball and Ladd, of Rhode
It is understood that the Youna
America was to have been ready in
September next for the first year's
cruise, but it is now stated that the
rush of work at the shipyard made it
impossible to complete her in that
time, and so the first year's cruise has
been abandoned. It has also been
stated that the full complement of 250
cadets had been subscribed for the
first year's oruise and 210 for the sec
ond year's. When the announcement,
?was made that tho first year's cruiso
had been given up, owing to tho im
possibility of getting the ship ready,
only a flpw of the subscriptions were
- The scheme is to fit boys for any of
the universities as well as West Point
and Annapolis and to give them the
advantage of travel and life aboard
ship during tk sir preparatory course.
Tho plan has the endorsement of many
naval officers and educators.
Roal Estate advertising in the Even
ing Nows brings rosults. *
Garbage Wagon Fast in the Mud
in Washington Street and De
layed for an Hour.
Tho need of a pavement in Washing
ton street was manifested this morn
ing when one of tho garbage wagons
became fast in the mud in that thor
oughfaru near Stale 'street and re
mained there for about an hour bofore
it was gotten out.
For a time tho driver tried to have
his own team move the wagon, but lie
was unsuccessful and an extra team
had to be summoned. With the four
horses pulling at once tho wagon was
finally gotton from its position. Tho
fact that Washington street is ono of
the principal thoroughfares in tho
northoru soction of tho city, makes
the atfair this morning the more
noticeable. An ordinance has been
passed by the Board of Aldermen to
pave Washington street with vitrified
brick. Whoii it roquiros four horses
to pull a wagon through the-" mud it
would seem that tho pavement is a
Huylor's Bon bons and -Chocolate?,
Sexton's Drug Store. 6-80-1
Painters Delegate Says one of the Bosses
has Come to Men's Terms.
The delegate of the painter's union
said this morning that one of the
bosses had signed the wage scale and
agreed to tho terms as presented by
the bosses and that union mon will
start working for him at once. An
effort to see the boss who was named
as agreeing to the journeymen tonus
was unsuccessful this morning.
William Fredrick Gloason and Miss
May Collins, of State street, were
married at 8 o'clock this morning in
St. Mary's ohurch. Miss Bridgot
Connors was bridesmaid. Tho best
man was Dennis Malay.
Morris Hallahan, of Brighton ave
nue, and Lilly V. Kirk, of Huntsvillo,
Ala., were married at St. Mary's rec
tory Saturday evoniug. Mrs. Henry
Foley acted as bridesmaid, and Jamos
E. Nolan was best man. Mr Halla
han is a carpenter. Mr. and Mrs.
Hallahan will roside in Brighton 1
Ice cream 15 cents pt, 80 cents qt.
Sexton's Drug Store. 6-80-1
Wc take pleasure in announcing
to our many patrons that our new
store 138 Smith St. will be open for
business this evening. We are in
a position to give our customers
even better service than heretofore
and hope for a continuance of their
K. S. Raymond
138 Smith St.
AnAAiinlfi of Merchants, Manufacturers, Corporations
ACCOUIIIS and Individuals Solicited
INTEREST PAID ON [ 2 per cent, on $ 5P0 or over
DAILY BALANCES } 3 per cent, on $1,000 or over
Safe Deposit Boxes to Rent at Low Rates
Capital | Profits | Deposits $|,QGQ,QQQ
" imSm
LTOK .r.|KKAN,l 8??iD?nt. I B/BHYlOONiBD *
Danish Sociable A. C. Awards
Contract for New Structure to
Axel Wickstrom.
Club Held a Meeting and Gold Chain
Awarded? Twenty new Members were
Admitted- Much Enthusiasm Manifest
ed?New Club House will be Complete
in Every Particular.
At the meeting of tho Danish So
ciable A. O. last night twonty new
mombers made application for mem
bership and they were admitted. Tho
last wrostling match botween the
light weights for the gold chain took
place. Myers Hanson downed Walter
Mathiasen, the man who won the
chain last month, and the chain waB
awardod to Hansen, the time being
jnst 8 minutes. Peter Hanson and
Otto Jorgonson went at it in the eood
old way, Hanson came out the winner,
tho time boing 5 minutes and 3 sec
onds. Oliris Larson downed Peter
Anderson in 7 minutes and 1 socond.
Morgan Larson won from Martin Lar
son in 3 minutes and 1 second.
Somo time ago J. S. Hanson, of
New Brunswick avenue, agreed to
build the Sociable A. O. a new club
house with all modern improvements
if they would agree to nay a certain
rent for the building every month.
The building committee, H. P. Han
sen, P. H. Christianson and O. Larson,
wore empowered to look into the
matter and they decided that this
off'or from Mr. Hanson would be
Bids were called for and last night
they were opened. Tho lowest bid
camo from Axol Wixstrom and he was
awarded the contract. The new
building will be erected in the icar
of the present club house on a lot
about 25x100 feet. The lot is the pro
perty of J. S. Hanson. As soon as
the weather permits the building will
be started.
The members of the Woman's Guild
of St. Peter's church have about com
pleted arrangements for the annual
lawn festival on the grounds sur
rounding tho roctory. Each year,
groater success attends the efforts of
tho ladies at this event, and if pre
parations go for aught, this year's
festival will not fall bohind.
The tickets are in the hands of the
mombers. The date selected is Thurs
day, .July 23, from 4 to 10 o'clock.
There will be numerous tables about
the lawn, where fancy articles, cake
and candy will be on sale.
Preparations for the first grand
picnic of tho Brick, Tile and Terra
Cj^tta Workers Union No. 77, which
is to be held at Pulaski Park, Friday
night, are being completed. The
| picnic is for the benefit of the terra
cotta workers who are out of work,
j owing to the recent trouble at tho
Atlantic Terra Cotta Works of Totten
ville. A large number of tickets have
been sold. A big crowd is expocted
as every union man of any organiza
tion seems to know of the object for
which tho picnic is being hold.
The work at the National Fire
Proofing Company has increased so
much of lato that tho concern has de
cided to add a tugboat to its equip
ment. The tug is expected to arrive
at the works some time today.
Take your doctor's presoriptioh to
Sexton's Drug Store. <5-30-1
$5.00 per week.
Local Contractor will MakelLarge
Additions to De Lamar Copper
Works at Carteret.
Already a Large Smelter? Work has begun
to Increase its Capacity? Some Idea of
Its Size is Given? Contractor Mercer is
Very Busy With Twa Large Jobs at
Contractor G. W. Mercer has just
been awarded the contract to build a
number of extensions to the DeLainar
Copper Works in Carteret, which,
when completed, will double the
working capacity of the plant. The
olant as it stands today is a very largo
affair, but when the present plans of
an enlargement are completed it may
prove a successful rival to the local
Baritan and Guggenheim smelting
The work of excavating for the tank
house, which will be two stories high,
not counting the cellar, and 200 feet
square, has already begun and Mr.
Morcer is making preparations to be
gin the work as soon as possible. The
fact that the tank houso alone will be
as large as a small city block, will
servo to form an idea of what the
present plans for doubling the capa
city of the plant are.
The plans call for the extension of
almost everv building of the plant,
including the building of two new
wire bar furnaces.
Mr. Morcer was* recontly awarded
the contract for the erection of the
Cheeseborough plant hore and he is
now considered one of the busiest men
in this section.
Huyler's mixed chocolates in half
pound and pound boxes. Sexton's
Drug Store. 6-30-1
George A. Shultes and Miss Matilda Clara
Shuck Married This Morning.
When George A. Schultes and Miss
Matilda ^lara Schuek left their homes
in a cnach at 6.30 o'clock this morn
ing and drove to St. Mary's chnrch
on Centre street, to be married, they
were congratulating themselves on
the clever way thoy had outwitted
their many friends whom they knew
would be up to the usual pranks.
But they counted wrong, for when
they started down the steps of the
church after the ceremony, it seemed
to them that rice came from every
nook and corner and for a few seconds
it appoared to rain rice. The newly
wedded couple got into the carriage
and were driven rapidly away.
The bride was dressed in a blue
traveling dress with a hat to match.
The bridesmaid was Miss Mary
Schuck, a sister of the bride. Rudolf
Schuck, a brother of the bride, acted
as best man.
After their wedding tour, Mr. and
Mrs. Schultes will reside in this city.
Mr. Schultos is employed at the
Standard Underground Cable Works.
Captain George King was making
strenuous attempts to float the Rac
quotte this morning. The launch has
been up on the beach for some time
undergoing a general overhauling and
receiving a new coat of paint.
The tug Flora is at Schantz &
Contractor Duncan J. Currie had a
fow men on the ground this morning, i
and work will soon be under way on
the bulkhoad in front of P. C. Con
very's residence.
The Quaker City camo down the
river this morning and as she was
rounding the point near the foot of
High street, several of the oysteimen
along the water front expressed doubt
as to her aDility to get over the shoals
safely as the tide was quite low. She
came down all right, however. I
INCREASED $. 3,000,000 .
Session being Held in New Brunswick? Local Men Present? Valuation
of Real Estate and Personal Property Shows an Increase Over
Last Year--Debt of the Townships.
Test Case Now on in Cumber
land County Which Will Ce
cide the Matter.
Upon presentation of the facts by
tho Cumberland connty assessors, the
state board of taxation has decided
that the value of the interest repre
sented in the oyster beds of the state
must be taxed, and that the interests
in the oysters planted is the same as
personal property in the cattle, poul
try, etc. of the farmer. A protest
has boen sent in against the decision.
Trenton, June 30.? The upholding
of the Cumberland County Board of
Assessors by the State Board of Taxa
tion in the matter of the right to tax
the oyster industry will now undoubt
edly bring into the courts the final
determination of the question, which
has been discussed for the last eighteen
years. Tho Cumberland county as
sessors will proceed under the ruling
and tax the industry as personal pro
perty. The oyster beds have never
been taxed, and the State's only
revenue from them has been the rent
als paid bv oyster growers, who hold
leases from the State. The|oystermen
of the State are up in arms against
tho proposition.
No Work for a Helper and the Un
ion Men Quit? Work Still
The union steamfitters at the Rari
tan Copper Works, four in number,
are out on a strike. There is some
trouble botween the management of
that concern and the union in regards
to the employment of a helper for a
steamfitter. In conversation with a
News man a steamfitter said :
"The whole trouble is this, a mem
ber of the union, who was employed
in the cellar of the tank room, had
one helper. He was notified that
after a certain date he would
have to do that work himself, as there
was not enough work to keep two men
going all the time. The union rules
say that every steamfitter shall have
a helper, so the steamfitter quit and
the rest went out in sympathy with
him. "
There seoins to be bnt little chance
o* the men returning to work as the
company has apparently filled their
places, and work does not seem to
have stopped.
The large stouos to be used for the
foundation of St. Mary's new cliuroh
on Mechanic street, arrived at the
Pennsylvania depot this morning. All
day long Graham & McKeon have had
men and teams at worK carting them
to the site. The masons will com
mence work on Monday morning.
Wfi have over $600,000 on deposit, and
more than 3,000 depositors.
The Perth Amboy
Savings Institution.
The depositors of the above Institution
arc heieliy notified that a
at the rate of 3 per cent, per aunum lias
tu rn ileclared lor the six months ending
June 30, 1903. and will be credited on the
accounts of all entitled to the same on
July 30.
Money deposited on or before July 10
will draw interest from July I.
Aftor July 1 thin bank will be open
Montlav and Saturday evenings from
7 to 8 o'clock.
Adrian Lyon, President.
JavksL. Lanoastkr Vice Pres.
Char'.ks K. Kkaman, Treasurer,
J . Lawrknce Booos, Secretary.
> _
Special to the Evening News.
New Brunswick, June 30: ? The
county assessors met in this city this
morning and fixed the rates of the
county for the year. The entire morn
ing session was taken np in reading
of the reports from the various repre
sentatives at the conclusion of which
it was found that the total net valua
tion of taxable property in the county
is 132,908,792 as against 128,938,140 last
year. Perth Amboy shows an increase
of $3,518,662 while New Brunswick
shows an increase of only 92,429.
Wood bridge has an increase of $67,130
while South Amboy shows a decrease
of $11,780. The sohool tax the county
has to raise this year is $61,721.67 an
increase of $666. 19 oyer last year.
The valuation of real estate, person
al property, total debt and net valua
tion taxable of the several townships
as announced is as follows :
Raritan? Real, $1,246,350; personal,
$96,780; debt. $35,350; net valuation
taxable, $1,283,280.
Jamesbnrg? Real, $262,795; person
al, $99,867 ; debt, $9,700; net valuation
taxable, $349,112.
Metuchen ? Real, $764,856; personal,
$84,545; debt, $3,000; net valuation
taxable, $816,450.
Sayrevi lie? Real, $972,140; personal,
$144,525; debt, $11,900; net valuation
taxable, $1,101,115. *
South Amboy? Real, $1,113,770;
personal, $287,200; debt, $137,160; net
valuation taxable, $1,196,670.
Woodbridge? Real, $2,493,665; per
sonal, $178,060; bas no debt; net val
uation taxable, $2,631,506. *
New Brunswick ? Real, $8A^J76 ;
personal, $l,850,8?(H(f det/t, * 5^*00 ;
net valuation tg^CSble, $9, 6 11, 7 1^"^-51
Perth Amboy? Real, $7,644,613; per
sonal $697,595; has no debt; net
valuation taxable, $8,196,207.
The rain of the last few weeks Imb
left State streot in a deplorable condi
tion. This morning street commis
sioner Woirup has a gang of men at
work distributing loads of crushed
stone in the places where it is most
At the request of the family of
Peter Bastenello, of Madison avenue,
Policeman John Wood shot their pet
dos Saturday night. For a long time
the dog has been sick.
Pianos at the old stand. Peder
Olson, 86 Smith street.
6-9to7-4- e.o.d? adv.
Headaches ?"ickl> v81"811
? ? ? ? ? ? ? after taking our
Celebrated Headache Powders ? Safe and
reliable ? 3 doses for 10c ? Try them.
Parisen's Prescription Pharmacy.
The forecast received at the local Signal
Station is for fair and warmer.
June a. m p.m. July a.m. p.m.
30 12.12 3 2.28 3.14
J'lyl 12.25 1.12 4 8.34 4.11
2 1-25 2.14 5 4.36 SOB

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