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o< All The News From Surrounding Towns. >0
The exounson of Christ ohnroh
Sunday school to Boynton Bench from
tliis borough Thursday, was a large
ono and all claimed to have had a
vory enjoyable time. The <yly thing
that happened to mar the enjoyment
was an unfortunate accident that
happened to Miss Sarah Hillyer, house
keeper for Mr. Ervin, of David stfeet.
Miss Hillyer was standing on the plat
form of the merry-go-round holding
Mr. Ervin "e 'little boy on one of the
horses, When she was seized with
dizziness and fell, pulling the little
boy off the horse as she did so. It
was some time before the engine
conld be stopped, but when it did
stop the little bov was found to be
uninjured, but Miss Hillyer had re
ceived a bad braise on lier head and a
sprained ankle. Her niece brought
her to South Airiboy on an earlier
train than the excursionists were to
take and took her to Dr. Haines' offlue
whore her ankle was attended to and
she' was able to walk to her homo,
about ono block from the dcotor's
ollice, carrying hor shoo in her hand..
Lntor in the evening her foot was in
such a bad condition she was not able
to stand on it.
Superintendent of Water Martin has
had a number of men at wnrk patting
in a lino of pipe, four hundred and
fifty foet, for a fire hydrant for the
new terra cotta works and also to
supply them with water for use in the
works. Mr. Perrine asked for a fire
hydrant a long time ago, bat it was
never granted to him. This spring
tho Council decided to put the pipe in
for it and it is very nearly completed.
The air for blocks aroand Boroagh
Hall was resonant with the delightful
strains of music proceeding from the
union band practising thero on Thurs
day evening. It drowned the merry
notes of the fostive mosquitoes, bat
did not detract from the mercless
biting of the same while they tor
mented their victims who were sitting
on their porches trying to enjoy the
A sample new oil light, ran bv some
sort of battery, was hung in front of
a saloon on. Broadway Thursday night,
by a partv who was trying to sell
them. The light was abont eqnal to
that of the arc lights, bnt of a differ
ent color and the rays were not so
intense. They burned a gallon of oil
evory twenty-four hours.
Firework* nnd Llfhtrd Pipe.
MEEKER POINT, N. J., July 0.
While Mr. nnd Mrs. Roger Mtfrris were
driving homewnrd with fireworks in
the front of their wagon Morris' pipe
fell from his mouth, igniting the tire
i'^works. In attempting to extinguish
the flames Morris was severely burned,
and the horses ran away, throwing
Morris and his wife into a creek. Mrs.
S , Morris may not recover. When the
l horses were finnlfy stopped they had
" demolished the wagon, and one of
them, a valuable animal, ?jvas ruined.
Morris wai severely injured in a cele
bration a year ago and narrowly es
caped death.
Cloned Clio roll en to Cot Wheat.
' TOPEKA. Kan., July O.-Scores of
churches throughout the great Kansas
wheat belt were closed yesterday, and
the men and women went into the
fields to help save the 100,000,000 bush
el crop now overripe. In thirty counties
25,000 men worked in the harvest all
day. A number of women took the seat
on the reapers and drove the teams,
while others enrripd water to the fields
for the harvesters. Harvesting by nioon
, light will be inaugurated, and for a
iveek night and day shifts will keep
'the reapers running.
A l>Fl?a? Cane.
A case came to me this morning,"
said the great lawyer, "that I propose
to handle without gloves."
"What kind of a case is it?" as-ked
the human interrogation poi^f,
"A case of soup," replied the legal
luminary with an open-faced grain. ?
Cincinnati Enquirer.
201 David St. So. Amboy, N. J.
Organ* from $10 up. Square Planes from
$15 up. CMh or Installments.
Mrs. James Connell was buried Sat
urday morning, 10 o'clooji, from St.
Mary's Roman Catholic church. In
terment was in St. Mary's cemetery.
J. J. Scully had charge of the funeral.
Mr. MoCormick, of , Jersey City,
piano tuner, is stopping at Mr. Harry
Parisen's house in David street.
MrS. George Provost, of Jersey City,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Peter
Slover, of Bord3ntown avenue.
Miss Alioe Slover is home spending
her vacation.
Master Robbie Mason substituted
for. the regular carrier of the Perth
Amboy Evening News Thursday, to
allow the latter to go on the exoursinn
to^oynton Beach.
Captain Albimey Reeves, of the
ferry boat Washington. ^running from
Jersey City to New York City, and
his daughter, Mrs. Dougherty, have
rotumod to their home in Jersey City
after a pleasant visit on Sunday with
Mr. Harry Parisen, of David street.
Mrs. Parisen's father, Mr. Thomas
Qaackenbnsh, of Long Branch, is
visiting them at present.
Mrs. August Behne and son, of
Stevens avene, have returned home
after a delightful visit with friends at
New Sharon, Connecticut.
Mosquitoes were so thick on the
borough dock last Thursday night that
thoy drove everybody off.
Miss Florence Parisen, of David
street, and Emma Neiltop, of Broad
way, will spend part of their vacation
at Long Branch with Florence's
.grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. James Skimmons, of Second
street, is very ill with erysipelas.
t -
Mrs. J. J. Scully and son and Mrs.
Soully's mother, of Stevens avenue,
are sojourning in Vermont for a
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walters and
daughters, Mabel, Cecile and Gladys,
spent the 4th of July and Sunday at
Asbury Park.
Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson,
of David street, have returned home
from their visit in Philadelphia,
where they were sojourning during
Mr. Thompson's vaoation.
( Mrs. Josephine White and daughter
Josie, of Nowaifc, are the guests of
Mt. and Mrs. Elias Stratton, of First
Miss Elizabeth Selover and Wilhel
mina Huff, of First street, spent
Thursday at New Brunswick.
Mrs. Worthing is having her house
on Broadway* painted. Mr. Parisen
has the contract.
Quantities of clay is being taken to
the terra cotta works
Will Mundy's yaoht, the Emma M. ,
will receive a thorough overhauling
preparatrov to^putting her in commis
sion in the near future. The work
was begun last Thursday. /
Mr. Muudy, of Catharine street, is
doing the repairing of Mrs. Worthing's
house ocoupied by William Brown,
on Broadway.
Literary Ounirera.
Literary Young Alan (at social gath
ering) ? Miss, Jones, have you seen
"Crabbe's Tales"?
Young Lady (scornfully) ? I was not
aware that erabs had tails.
Literary Young Man (blushing fear
fully) ? I beg pardon, madam;. I should
have said, read "Crabbe's Tales"?
Loung Lady (angrily scornful) ? And
I was not aware that red crabs had
,tails, either. ? Stray Stories.
A Sew Dlieaac.
"Well, how do you like married
life?" inquired a friend.
"Not at all," replied the man who
had .married money and was suffer
ing from it. "I'm a case of matri
monial dyspepsia."
"Matrimonial dyspepsia?"
"Yes. She never agrees with me;
she's too rich." ? Philadelphia Tublic
LEAVES public wharf,
South Amboy
Beach and Perth Amboy
12.30 P.M. 0.30 P.M.
1.30 " 7.30 "
2 . 30 " 8.30 "
3.30 " 9.30 "
4.30 " 10.30 "
5.30 ' 11. 30 "
iiwT'Sundays and] Holidays, oue
hour earlier.
' X\ ,? Vv'#*
Tho Evening News is on sale lit Ost
burgs' 44 Main street, and at John
Boss' Hotel, formerly John Kail's
stand. Extra copies of the News and
all NowYork papers can always be se
cured. '
Morris Sloane, of the New York West Side
Club Won 25 Mile Race.
Morris Sloane, of the New York
West Side Athletic Club, won the
Richmond County twenty-five mile
road race on Saturday at Staten
Inland. The course was on the boule
vard from Soutli Beach to TsSttenville
and return. The finish of the race
caused no little excitement as Sloane
only won by about two ioches from
O. E. 8ohwab, who came in second.
Schwab protested the race and the
judges decided upon 'Sloane after a
hearing. Charles Mock made a new
twenty-five mile road record, as he
covered the distance in 68 minutes
and 26 seconds.
Tho only accident of the day hap
pened to J. E. Anderson of the Oal
um?t Cycle Clab, who was the only
negro in the race. He fell from his
wheel after going about five miles and
broko his color bono. Although he
was in groat pain and the doctors
ordered him to discontinue riding,
Anderson kept it up till lie finished
the course, coming in twelftfi.
The fourth grand annual picnic of
the Brotherhood of Locomotive Fire
men of Staten Island,- Local Lodge
331), will be held at Lazzaies Park on
Saturday, July 16. The music will bo
furnished by Prof. McAuliffe. The
dancing will commence at 7 o'clock.
Following are the present officers of
the order: Edward Hanley, mastet;
Francis Kane, vice master; Charles
Wynaus, secretary; Hugh Halpin,
treasurer; B. E. Streeter, sergeant
at-arms. For the coming pionic the
iollowing are on the arrangement
committee: William White, Adam
Cook, ' John Dougherty, James Mc
Cafferv, Frank Hanlon, Louis Dough
erty, John LaForge.
The seventh grand annual picnic of
Kdgewater Circle No. 360, Foresters
of America, of Staten Island, will be
neld at Silver Lafce Park Wodnesday,
July 15th, music by Prof; Mahon.
The following is the committee of
arrangements: A. Lindsey, chairman;
B. Sohull, secretary; J. Radcliffe.
treasurer; A. McKoberts, N. Hunt,
P. Gilftln, M. Wagoner, A. Stolzen
thaler, A. Oarmecahel, B. McEneamy,
L. Banker, S. Kelly, L. Wagoner. M.
Smith, L. McKee and M. Tully, ex
Hammond Parkin* Plant Bnrnrd,
ST. JOSEPH. Mo.. July 6.? Fire orig
inated in the casing department of the
Hammond packing plant and spread
rapidly throughout the main building.
The wind was blowing from the south
directly toward the Nelson Morris
plant, but that building was saved un
til the wind veered to the east. In the
cooling rooms were dressed carcasses?
1,800 beeves. 4,!")00 hogs and 8 00 sheep,
and all will be lost. V^ilue of plant,
$1,000,000: stock. $2,000,000. The build
ing containing the stock of lard and
the engine house may be saved.
Deapondofit, Died From Morphine.
WORCESTER, Mass., July 6.? A spe
cial to the Telegram from Whitinsville
says that Jessie Amanda Vanlef, thirty
one years old, a beautiful young wonian,
for eight years a teacher In North
bridge public schools, was found dead
in a house where she had been living
alone. A letter left by her told that
she had taken twenty grains of mor
phlne with suicidal intent. Miss Vanier
was despondent on account of the ac
tions of her father.
Full Orchestra of 6 pieces,
Dancing Free every af
Hops ? Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday evenings, 7:30
to 11:30
Concerts? Mohday.Wednes
nesday and Friday evenings.
Special Concert Sunday after
All attractions open, and
many new ones.
?See Steamboat Notice in Another
" 'vN -f V " . . * '
An agent for the Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was
in Tottenville Friday. He stopped at
every house and notified all owners of
dogs that they ranst have them
licensed by the 15th of this month or
the society would take them away
and if they were compelled to do so
it would cost the owner not only the
tax but $3 to get the beast out again.
Many of the people were indignant,
but the agent has the law back of
Dr. Sprasue, of Olifton, the super
intendent of the Board of Health for
Richmond borough, made a tour
through Tottenville Friday afternoon.
C. M. Winant is home again after a
western trip.
Charles Cortilliou, of Port Rich
mond, snont 4th of July with Ells
worth Bedell, of Main street.
Edward Hayes, of Broadway, who
injured hi s right hand several days
ago, by falling from a tree, is able to
be around again. He is in the em
ploy of the New York and New Jersey
Telephone Company.
t A. A. Wood, who has been under
the care of Dr. Washington for some
time, is getting along nicely.
Ex-Postmaster Wood was in town
Friday. He is spending the summer
Aonths at Asbury Park.
Miss Gregory, of New York, is visit
ing Mrs. Cuny of Main street.
Mrs. H. P. KreDts and Mrs. R. J.
Krepts, of Brooklyn, are visiting Mrs.
George Moore, of Lafayette place.
Mr. and Mrs. John Surrey, of Now
York, are visiting at the home of Mr.
;ind Mrs. George Hoehns.
Miss Lillian Snrrey, after a sojourn
of four months in Philadelphia, Pa.,
is spending a few weeks with her
sister, Mrs. George Hoehns, of La
fayette place.
Banner Break* Live Wire, Killing
Four PerNonn.
PITTSBURG, July G. ? During the
progress of n terrific iiiju storm here
four persons, were killed in an accident
of most unusual character.
The (lend are: Joseph Wlsa, Giuseppi
ijteuda. aged twenty-one years; Mrs.
Francesca .Statti, agt^l fifty-four, and
Giuseppi Statti, her son, agtd twenty
All of the vietims except Wisa were
of the same family.
A large American flag suspended
from a grocery store became soaked
with the rain, and the high wind blew
it against an electric light wire which
was carrying 2, (XX) volts. The wire
snapped under the pressure and fell
into the street, one end lodging in n
pool of water, charging it to a high de
gree. The first one to fall a victim to
the wire was Wisa. who was running
for shelter from tin? rain. In crossing
the street he stepped into the pool of
wator and fell as though he had been
shot. Hjs death was instantaneous.
Shortly after this the Statti family
came driving along the street in a sur
rey. There were seven persons in the
vehicle, and the driver was hurrying
all he could to reach a place of shelter
from the storm. As he Approached the
broken wire hundreds of people tried
to warn him of the danger, but could
not make him understand until too
late. lie tried to pull away from the
wire1, but one of the horses stepped into
the highly charged pool of water and
fell paralyzed. The occupants of the
uirrey immediately began to jump, and
the four who leaped from the side op
posite the wire escaped injury, but the
three (in the other side in their excite
ment stepped on the wire and were
.hocked to death almost instantly.
In the course of nn object-lesson
on the "cat" in a board school the
master, trying to find out what his
pupils remembered of a previous les
son, asked this question:
"Can anyone tell me to what fam
ily the cat belong*?"
After questioning eight or ten boys
he was giving up in despair, when a
hand was raised.
"Well?" asked the master.
"I think th?f cat belongs to the
family that owns it," was the diminu
tive pupil's answer.1? London Tit-l!its.
Billiard HuIIh front I'ntntom.
A material that can be carved inay be
made out of peeled potatoes, which are
prepared for this purpose by being
first blackened for 36 hours in eight
parts of sulphuric acid to 100 parts of
water; it is next dried with blotting
paper, and then pressed. The French
now manufacture pipes, in close imita
tion, it Is said, of meerschaum, from
this novel substance. A heavy pressure
gives a hiaterftil so hard th^t good bil
liard balls in imitation of ivory can be
made from it. ? Invention.
Mrs. Jones and Miss Adole Jones
were the guests of Mrs. Joseph M.
McNulty, Friday.
Mrs. William Peter Edgar has been
ill for several days.
Mr. Sidney Shultz, the well known
trolley oondnctor, has left and taken
a position in a grocery store in Rah
; way.
Mr. Fred Hanby is out of town foi
a few days.
A delightful social time was held
at the Presbyterian parsonage Friday
afternoon, notwithstanding the heat,
there were many ladies in attmdance.
A short masical and literary program
was carried out.
Mrs. C. A. Campbell has returned
from her trip to Atlantic City.
Mrs. William Bretsell, of Philadel
phia, is spending the summer here.
Keero Slayer In r>:tiur?*r of Lrnchlnf
bj- Ansry Mob.
EVANS VI LLH Ind., July 0.? T creu
ty-flve policemen twice prevented a
lynching at the jail here, but their
bravery was not sufficient to avert a
bitter race war between negroes and
the white mobs that sought the life
jf Leo Brown, the negro slayer of Pa
i Mnssey.
The mobs smashed down iron gates
; in. ii.ic pari way into the jail be
fore they were repulsed by the police
men. Their efforts to lynch Brown
aroused the enmity ol the negroes of
the city, who gathered about the Jail
and made a threatening demand. The
uogroes were chased away by a crowd
at whrite men.
Brown killed Massey in a street bat
tle Friday. All Saturday there was
iaik of a lynching, and about 10 o'clock
it night men and boys began to assem
ble in the ?eighl>orliood of the Jail.
Sheriff C. W. Kratz had several depu
ties sworn in to protect the prisoner.
Judge Uasch of the circuit court met
the other officers of the court and or
dered the grand Jury to convene today
to look into the Brown case.
This morning, however, crowds be
cran to gather at the jail and near the
courthouse. A inob of 100 men and
boys made an attack on the jail with
a view of seizing the negro. T','>y had
a large telephone pole, which they
used to batter down the iron gate to
the right of the jail. Once in this
passageway tlie mob tried to beat in
the side door that leads to the jail cor
Sheriff Kratz at once sent for the po
lice, who forced the mob from the pas
sageway into the street. The mob
grew in size, and another attempt was
made to enter the jail through the side
door. The officers tired no shots, but
again pushed the mob jnto the street,
and at 5 o'clock the mob dispersed,
promising to make another attempt on
the jail.
Sheriff Kratz finally took the prison
er to Vlncennes for safe keeping.
"Didn't Know It Wan Loaded.*'
STAMFORD, Conn., July it.? Arthur
Austin, twenty years old, a law stu
dent of New York city, is at Stamford
hospital in a critical condition, the re
sult of an accidental shooting by his
younger brother. The latter went to
the room where Arthur was sleeping
with an old Revolver and playfully told
his brother that if he did not get up
he would shoot him. Utaaware of the
fact that the revolver was loaded, the
boy pulled the trigger, and a bullet
entered Arthur's side. The young man
was removed to the hospital. The
physicians are unable to say whether
or not his life can be saved.
Cacao in Nicaragua.
Nioaraguaps use up about 500,000
pounds of cacao a year. Chocolate,
hot or cold, is used twice a day in every
well-to-do household. Cacao grows in
large penis containing from 15 to 25
beans each, on trees from 10 to 12 feet
high. A yield of $400 an acre is not
unusual. ? N. Y. Post.
The Department of Clay
Working and Ceramics
Established by the
Legislature,' at
The State College,
New Brunswick, N. J.,
has a modern and complete equipment for
practical and theoretical instruction in
tlieclaj working industries Twocourses
have been provided ? the regular course
of four yeirs, leading to the degree of
B. So. ; a short course of two years, de
signed for young men who have had
practical experience in olay working.
For lurther information and catalogues
apply to C. W. PARMELEE, Depart
ment of Ceramics, or IRVING S. UPSON
Hegistrar. AUSTIN 8pOTT, Prrs.
c*Pt'~0m *afm. sun. So ?piatt,s
Miss Sue and Eugene Savage, Her
man Nederbnrg and Roscoe Chase
took a sail in Mr. Nederburg's launch
on the Fourth. ?
Mr. Glendening, of Elizabeth, has
moved into Mrs. Anna Spitz's new
honse on Rah way avenae.
Steamer Hugoma, from Tampa,
Florida, is unloading rook at Liebig's
Fertilizing Works.
Mr. L. A. Chase is spending a few
days with his family in WhlteBviHe,
N. Y.
Miss Addie and Miss Ursula Leber
are visiting thoir brother, in Rahway.
Mrs. L. M. Beam has returned from
a visit to her sister in Hackensaofc.
Railway Wreck In Balhlo.
BUFFALO, July 0.? Two person* t
wore killed, one injured and a score
slightly cut by flying glass in tbe wreck *
of a passenger train on the New York
Central within the city limits. The ?
train, which was several hours late,
wits making good time through tbe
yards. At Lewis street a switch on tbe
main line was left open. Before the -
passenger train could be checked the
engine and five cars ran into the siding ?
and crashed into a switch engine.
Fatal Trolley Accident In Pittabwg.
PITTSBURG, July 6.-A car on
a line of the Pittsburg Railway com
pany jumped the tracks on the Lincoln '
avenue bridge and went over tbe -
bridge, falling to Beechwood boule
vard, nearly a hundred feet bek*K
There were three passengers and the
conductor and motorman on the car at *
the time, making five persona In all.
Two of these were- killed outright,' and ?
the three others were probably fatally
hurt. 1
Tried to Save nor, Both Driwau.
WILKESBARRE, Pa., July 6.? Hliaa |
D. Trimble, an old and well known irea
Ident of West Nantleoke, and^ I
Kj-ttle, aged fourteen jpariT *
drowned In the canal near Harrej
creek. The former made an attempt to
rescue the boy, and both were cangfct
in an underbrush and drowned.
The Only Clan Left Hfta.
"I really believe I was born giw aW
"Yes. There doesn't seem to be any
prospect of my achieving greatnes* or
having It thrust upon me." ? Philadel
phia Ledger.
It All Depends.
"Have you any idea what time my
wife will return home, Horteaae?"
"No, sir, I can't tell. I know uh4
went shopping, but I don't know heir
much money she had." ? Chicago Amer
ican. _
The Abaent-Mlsded Mm.
"A bright spring day," she
"makes me like a girl again."
"You don't look it," returned the
absent-minded man, who wiahed to
be complimentary. ? Brooklyn Eagle.
..Funeral Director..
A This is the only up-to-date Funeral
t establishment in Perth Amboy ft vicinity ?
J 363 State St. 27 Mechanic St
^ Telephone 45 f Telephone 4i nr.
iaesasP*y*sEMKw^ zsasaaasa
Orn() SIMTZ,
Sanitary Plumber.
Uahway A e.
Shop near C K Depot, CartOret,N- J
Carpenter and Builder
EsllmuUw given. Jobbing promptly attended to
Main st & Haielwood ave., Kabwar, N. J.
SANITARY plumbins
KAHWAY AVE. ? Carteret, N. J.
Next to Engine House.
Cartonter and Builder
Jobbing pron ptly attended to. Estimate! give*
Painter and Papethanger
Ail orders by mail promptly attends I to.
Mason and Contractor
Carteret & Port Reading, N. J.
Residence ? John Thompsons House, Poll

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