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St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church was Crowded with both Catho
lics and Protestants This Morning When a Solemn High Mass
of Requiem was Said for the Repose of the Soul of the Pope.
Catholics and protestants alike
united in honoring the memory of
Pope Leo XIII at the solemn high
mass said in St. Mary's church at ?
e'clook this morning for the lepose o
the soul of the departed Pontiff. The
church was crowded. Long before
the mass commenced there was hard y
standing room to be found. The mass
was sung by Rev. S. A. Mitchell,
assisted by Rev. B. T. O'Connell and
T. F. Blake.
In the middle of the main aisle near
the centre of the altar was placed the
catafalque, surrounding this was four
large brass candle sticks. Larue
streamers of purple and black covered
the ceiling and altar. Right over the
catafalque, suspended by so slender,^
wire that it seemed to be soaring high
and higher with every puff of air, was
a pure white dove. At the end of the
mass the priosts, followed by the altar
boys, walked down the aisle to the
catafalque when Father Mitchell said
the last prayer for the repose of the
dead pontiff's soul.
After the mass Father O Connell
addressed the congregation at some
length on the life of '.the dead Pope.
He said in part :
' ' We are gathered here today , my
dear friends, for the last time out of
respeot of one who has left, and I feel
in common with the catholics all over
the world a great sorrow for the death
of Leo XIII, who was a great man and
was respected all over the woi^u, not
only by those of his own religion, but
by many others. He was born in 1810
in the year when Pope Pius VII occu
pied the chair of St. Peter, and was
five years old at the time of the battle
of Waterloo which decided the fate
of Europe- After going through the
necessary schools and colleges, he was
ordained a priest when he was twenty -
seven years old. He was not assigned
to any regular position, but did the j
good work in different places. Eleven
years later he was made a bishop and
shortly afterwards he was made a
"In the year of 1878, when he was
an old man of sixty-eight, he was
made Pope and since that time lias
faithfully served in that position. e
has done many things, n<# only for
the church, but for the State also.
Some time ago when the discussion
arose in the church about the differ
ent church orders, and many people
were commenting on the way the holy
fathers of these orders lived, saying
- that in this world of hurry and bustle
at the present time, everyone should
be working and that they did no see
what good oould come out of one
shutting himself up in a room. The
great Leo easily settled this by saying
that, as the dew was necessary on the
flowers, so was the holy orders neces
sary to the church. He explained the
matter thoroughly to the discontented
ones and sinoe then there has been no
discussion. "
In speaking about the Pope's death
Father O'Connell said :
"When Leo XIII felt that he was
going to die, he cautioned the doctor
not to forget to let him know when
the last hour had arrived, as he hart
very important business to attend to,
and that he must do it before he left
this world."
Father O'Connell explained how the
Pontiff got out of bed, fixed up the
papers which were necessary to the
ohuroh, then was lifted back to the
bed wnere he was confined until he
?* "His body has been placed where
no more mortal eye will ever look
upon it, but his spirit is alive, and
will live forever, not onlv in the
catholic ohuroh, but everywhere, for
Leo XIII was a great man. "
The service in all lasted about an
hour and a half.
Freeholders Score First Victory
over Middlesex & Somerset i
Traction Company.
New Brunswick, July 30: ? The free
holders scored one on the Middlesex
& Somerset Traction Company yes
terday in the matter of the Albany
street bridge injunction asked foi by
the company. Vice Chancellor Stevens
heard the argument and yesterday
ordered that the trolley company
should give a bond in $20,000 to the
board to indemnity the county against
any damages that might result by
reason of accidents on the bridge.
The Vice Chancellor intimated that
the ordinance giving the trolley com
pany the franchise over the bridge
equired them to maintain the string
ers over the draw span and drawbridge
as well as the planking on the stringers
and that this planking should be kopt
smooth by them.
He did not decide the question of
the right of the county to turn off the
drawbridge and stop cars should the
company not keep its contract, but
will decide this next Tuesday. The
company was given permission to
submit affidavits on this. County
Solicitor Willis and Lawyer Alan
H. Strong for the county submitted
11 affidavits.
Take your physicians prescriptions
to Sexton's Drug Store, it will be
carefully perpared at a moderate
price. 7-24-tf
* ? ? ?
Chamber of Commerce] Outing on
Cheesequake Creek is Being
Enjoyed Today.
A large number of the business men
of this city, and their friends left
town on the 1.18 train for Morgan
and are at the present time forgetting
all business cares in the midst of a
regular Rhode Island clambake. The
affair iB being held at Ye Olde Spy
House at Cheeseqoakes and the guests
are no doubt enjoying one of the finest
collations in their recollcetion.
Great things have been promised
and are all doubtless being fulfilled.
There are the contests in which they
will all participate and strive to win
the valuable prizes which have been
offered by the merchants of the city.
Taken as a whole this occasion will
probably go down in local history and
form a suitable topic for conversation
for many days to come.
The children of the Sunday sohool
will meet in the cnurch Saturday
afternoon to practice for the special
service by the Sunday sohool Sunday
Shrewsbury Soft Shell Crabs
Summer Virginia Oysters
Fat as Butter.
i WORRELL'S, 46 Smith St.
AaaahhIa ?f Merchants, Manufacturers, Corporations
ACCOUniS and Individuals Solicited ?
INTEREST PAID ON 2 per cent, on $ 500 or over
DAILY BALANCES 3 per cent, on $1,000 or over
Safe Deposit Boxes to Rent at Low Rates
Capital 1 Profits [( Deposits _$l,000,000
Issues a Circular Letter for a
Meeting at Saving Bank Satur
day to talk Carnival.
Mayor is Anxious that the Carnival be a
Success and Asks Citizens to Meet to
Discuss Ways and Means? Would Join
the Raritan Yacht Club in the Matter
Good Attendance Desired.
Major Seaman is anxious to see a
water oarmval held in this city some
time daring this summer and is trying
to arrange a meeting whereby the
Raritan Yacht Club and a committee
of citizens may co-operate in bringing
the carinval to a successful conclu
sion. With that end in view he has
sent out a circular letter to a number
of citizens. In this he says that,
although it is rather late, there is
still time, with some hustling work,
to hold an aquatic fete on the anni
versary of last year's failure. He
suggests that a committee of citizens
assist the Yaoht Club, and thus en
courage the members to again under
take the arrangement of a carnival.
He concludes his communication by
inviting the recipient to meet him at
the Savings bank Saturday evening at
eight o'clock when something may], be
done, toward accomplishing his
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box. Sexton's Drug Store.
Miss Mina Martin, of Bed Bank, is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. Chalmers, on
High street.
Mrs. Jesse Colyer and daughter
Lavina have returned from a two
weeks' visit out of town.
Mrs. Sarah Keasbey, Miss Laura
Steele and Mr. Vernon Steele are
spending two weeks out of town.
Harry and Arthur Wight spent yes
terday at f!0ney Island.
William McDougall, of the Baritan
Copper works main office force, is on
a two weeks' vacation.
A. C. Clark, chiof clerk at the
Baritan Copper works, starts on a two
week's vacation commencing August
Master Max Doyne, of Bavonne, is
spending a week with his cousins,
Michael and Ben Slobodien, of New
Brunswick avenue.
Miss Katherine Keeley, of Washing
ton street, is enjoying a trip by
steamer to Halifax and New Found
Mrs. John Dayton, of 577 State
street, is spending the summer vaca
tion in the Adirondacks.
Mr. Walter Thompson and family
will spend several weeks during
August at Ocean Grove.
Misses Madeline and Katherine Mc
Coimick are visiting at Green's Farms,
Malcolm Crowell, of Bector street,
is entertaining his cousin from New
York city.
George Woglom is enjoying a two
ween's vacation form his duties in
New York.
Attempts ate being made to arrange
a party to go to Highland Beacli next
Saturday to see the water carnival.
Mr. Guiges, who has spent several
summers here, lias a fine new oabin
launch, fifty feet in length and con
taining a forty horsepower engine of
the Dutton Engineering Company.
Several people from this city have
heard Creatore's band at Biverside
Park this week and speak very highly
of the concert.
Edward Kirby has a position with
George W. Mercer, at the Cheese
borough Vaseline Works.
John Johnson haB a position with
Seheuer & Sons.
The Misses Panger, of Newark, have
spent two weeks' vacation with Mr.
and Mis Wanger, of State street.
Mr. H Handelsman and Miss Marks
will leave for Lakewood for a week's
Cooling and Refreshing? Everyone
Likes It.
Parisen's Prescription Pharmacy.
Official Declared that the Mur
dered Japanese Bled to
Death from the Stab.
Four of the Crew Held and are row in Cus
tody Together With the Accused Man
Awaiting the Action of Grand Jury?
Body at Burke's Morgue? Buried thj*
Yesterday County Physician Carroll
performed the autopsy on the body of
the Japanese sailor, who was murder
ed early yesterday morning by a ship
mate while engaged in a quarrel. The
man was found to have died from loss
of blood caused bv a stab in the arm.
The accused murderer was taken to
New Brunswick yesterday afternoon
to await the action of the Grand Jury.
In addition the four other members of
the crew, who went ashore, were
taken to the county seat and will be
held as witnesses.
The funeral of the murdered sailor
will be held this afternoon at 4
o'clock. He will be buried in the city
As told in the News yesterday, the
steamer "Hugonia. " from Tampa,
Fla., landed at Liebig's Fertilizing
Works at Carteret late Tuesday night.
She had a Japanese crew, and as soon
as the vessel was tied up to her dock,
six of the sailors went ashore. They
saw what they wished of the place,
and then started to return to their
boat. Two of them, the accused
murderer and his victim, reached a
bridge near the Wheeler Condenser
Works about 4 o'clock and commenced
to quarrel. On their way back the
stabbing occurred. Coroner Henry
was summoned and the body was re
moved to Burke's morgue this city.
Claim Bids have not been Properly
Advertised?Other Counties may
Find Themselves in Trouble.
Justice Fort, in the suit of J. D.
Murrav against the county, to review
the awarding of the conrtact for the
bnilding of the road leading to the
South Amboy approach of the Amboy
bridge, has granted a writ of certiorari
to Mr. Murray on the ground that the
road act of 1903, which repeals all
other road aots, should be construed
bv the Supreme Court.
It is this law which requires that
all advertisements for the bids of
roads be published in a New "lork
engineering paper, as well as in week
ly papers.
Director Fountain, who was in New
Brunswick yesterday, says that Mid
dlesex county is not the only county
that will find itself in trouble with
that act. He says there is not a
oounty in the State that has complied
with it, all of the other counties doing
just what Middlesex did.
Huyler's fresh candies, Sexton's
Drugstore. ?-24-tf
Estate of the Late Rev. Peter Connelly
Being Sold at Auction.
At 2 o'clock this afternoon the sale
of the property of the late Rev. Peter
Oonnollr, formerly of this city, com
menced at the Packer House. John
P. Dunn, of Elizabeth, is the attorney
for the estate, Richard Peltier is the
auctioneer. So far three lots of the
estate have been sold. Therkelson &
Browu purchased them through the
agency of Neilson Bros. Tliey are
situated on the right hand side of
State street, next to Joseph Bruck's
Lost anything: A cent-a-word ad.
in the Evening News will find it for
Successor to L. Albert & Co.
...Photographic Studio...
Everything in Portrait, Landscape
and Interior Photography.
P. O. Building. Perth Amboy, N. J.
Contest Promises to be an Exciting One? Much Interest Added by
Two Classes? Big Boats in Class by Themselves? Little Boats
are Numerous? Course Same as Bel ore.
Progress on the Cheeseborough
Plant? Unloading Barges
Mason Work Progressing.
[.The work at the plant of the Cheese- 1
borough Vaseline Manufacturing Com
pany is being pushed with great
rapidity. The laborers unloaded a
barge of sand on Tuesday. Today
they are at work unloading a barge of
lumber beams. These are some of
the largest beams ever brought to this
city, being 16x20. They will be used
for the foundation and the walls of
the different buildings.
A boat load of fine gravel for con
tractor George W. Mercer came down
from JNew York tuesday night. To
day it is being transferred to the
company's property.
At the new Raritan river draw
bridge, the first of the two caissons
was put in place Tuesday afternoon.
This morning the masons started to
fill it ud with cement. When this
work, which will take a few days,
has been completed, the other caisson
will be floated out and it will be filled
in the same manner.
Pleaded Guilty to Selling Liquor it his
Hotel on Sunday.
New Brunswick, July 30: ? Anthony
McNulty pleaded guilty to selling
liquor at his hotel in Woodbridge
township on Sunday, January 4, 1903.
Prosecutor Voorhees stated that the
comDlaint had been made against him
by a woman.
McNulty said, in his own behalf,
that he wants to keep a decent place
and that he is trying to. The wpman 's
husband had come to this place and
secured drink there, he explained.
He said that his place was not to be
compared with some other places that
openly violated the law.
Judge Schenck said that if he had
knowledge of any other places violat
ing the law it \va% his duty to report
them. He said he knew that the
Prosecutor would do his duty in re
gard to them. He explained that the
Prosecutor cannot olose II ose places
unless he gets information? that they
are doing business on Sunday.
Judge Schenck said that the selling
on Sunday must be stopped. This be
ing MoNulty's first offence, the fine
was made only $50. Mr. McNulty
paid 125 down and gave a bond to pay
the remainder by September 1.
Laborers' Protective Union to have Outing
August 8 at Union 6rove.
The Laborers' Protective Union,
10,217, of this city, will hold a picnic
Saturday, August 8, at Union Qrove.
The musio, which will be furnished
by Friis Langeson's full orchestra,
will commence at 4 o'clock in the
afternoon. Dancing will be the main
feature of the day. The following
committee has been appointed to make
all the necessary arrangements: Kai
Reumit, chairman; Harry Shipp,
secretary ; Soren Pederson, Charles
Rhodes, Simon Fistler and John Mika.
Eiuil Koyen has a number of car
penters at work rebuilding his carpen
ter shop on Elm street. Tne shop was
destroyed by fire on the afternoon of
July 4th.
44- Fayette Street.
First-Class Work Guaranteed ' J
/ /
The entries for the boat race Satur
day closed yesterday and the nnmber
of boats entered exceeds that in the
first race, on July 4. Several boats
from New Brunswick, not down on
the list, have been entered, but their
names will not be added until it is
definitely known whether or not they
are to participate.
Mayor Seaman will be judge of the
contest, bnt the other officials have
not yet been chosen. The boats will
race over the same conrse as in the
first contest, three times aronnd the
following triangle, a distance of
miles : The start being from a stake
boat off the club house, around a
stake boat just off the long dock at
South Amboy, and thence around buoy
No. 10, a short distance east of the
light house.
The race will start at 2 o'clock.
The entry list follows:
Class A. , 30 feet or over.
Owner. Boat.
H. Powers, Belle
L. Straub, Betsj
Mitchell, Irene
Dutton Eng. Co., Herreshoff
Guiges, ? ?
Class B. , under 30 feet.
Owner. Boat.
W. F. Hartman, Wilhelm
Schantz & Eckert, Mazie
Kress Bros., Three Bros.
G. V. Evans, Web
W. Hanson, Ragtime
W. Achenberg, Anna
J. Whitwojth. Fly
W. A. Belcher, Kismet
John Boss, Katie B.
W. Chambers, Ki Ki
W. B. Pratt, 18 ft.
Chris Fries, 14 ft.
R. O. Acker -n -
T. Johnson, Go Do ?"?
W. A. Morgan Maggie*
W. A. Luckhurst, K Estelle
Dr. H. M. Brace, Racquette
Dr. H. M. Brace, 16 ft.
Carlos DeAlrandros, Rayo
C. W. Warner, 999
Green, Freak
W. W. Sofield, Ruth
Gaston Hardy,
N. Toft,
N. W. Pierce, Jennette.
The prizes, as announced in the
News several days ago, are a large
silver vase for Class A., and two
smaller ones for Class B.
Take home a box of ice cream from
Sextons' Drug Store, I6cts pint, 30cts
quart. 8149-7-24-tf
This morning had been set for the
hearing in the case of James Kelly,
but he concluded he did not want the
healing and was placed under bonds
for the grand jury. He was unable
to procure a bondsman and was taken
to New Brunswick by Constable
O'Brien, who also brought Kelly in,
when first arrested.
Take home a box of ice cream from
Sexton's Drug Store, 15cts pint, 30cts
quart. 7-24-tf
The forecast received at the local Signal
Station is for slowly rising tempeature
followed by showers.
The .maximum temperature yester
day was 85 and the minimum 59.
a. m
p. m_
a. m'

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