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e< All The News From Surrounding Towns. >?
Oar genial postmaster must have
taken a walk yesterday or he never
ooulc1 have told what was going on in
a certain part of the borough and de
picted it so plainly and in sach a
humorous vein.
It will be remembered that he has
been one of the Board ot Health for
long time and no doubt he took a
great interest in the cleaning of a
certain cellar on Broadway on that
account. It appears that a certain
gentleman hired a man to clean his
cellar yesterday and in it was an
accumulation of years. The cellar
was very damp and everything in it
reeked with moisture.
He says Mr. Dash stood a distance
from the floor on an elevation while
the man rushed or chased the reptiles
etc., to the front of the cellar and
Mr. Dasli caught them on a hook and
hauled them up, and that Mr. Dash
was apparently enjoying his success
ful fishing down in the cellar, as
much as the fishermen out on the bay
were theirs. The first reptile caught
was an alligator eleven feet long and
by looking at its teeth it appeared to
be eleven hundred years old. There
was an old chair which looked some
thing like a mule as it had once had
four legs but showed signs of evolu
tion and had turned from a mule into
a two legged ani-man.
Ther6 were Bigns taken up which,
supposedly, from the formation of the
letters, had belonged to a pre-historio
age and also showed signs of evolu
tion. What they had evoluted from
is not known today, but as some of
the scientists of this borough were
very much interested, they and others
of adjacent towns will no doubt sit in
solemn conclave and arrive at some
conclusion as to the various changes
that have occurred during the loner
period, to cause such a wonderful
Undoubtedly otner cellars in the
neighborhood that have been subject
ed to the same influences, will if
oleaned, disclose more marvelous dis
coveries than the one spoken of.
A moonlitrht exoursion to Coney
Island will take place August nth
under the auspices of tho Star of Jer
sey Lodge, No. 484, Brotherhood of
Locomotive firemen. The iron stoam
boat Gyrus will leave the steamboat
dock at 2 p. m., and stopping at Perth
Amboy will leave that place at 2.30
fnr the Iron Pier and returning, will
leave the island at 11.30, which will
give those attending lots of time to
witness Pain's famous fireworks at
Manhattan Boaoli. The prospect of a
riHo on the silvery waves with fair
Luna floating in space above, ought
to be an incentive for everyone with
out the other attractions offered and
draw a big crowd. Boys take your
sweethearts and husbands turn back a
few pages in your life's history and
imagine you too are asking your
sweethearts to accompany you when
you see,the faces of your wives bright
en wlien'you ask them if they want
to go to Coney Island. Help make
th& excursion of the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Firemen one of the biggost
excursions of the season.
The Baptist Brotherhood will plav
the South Amboy baseball team on
Saturday afternoon on the Star
grounds. The Baptist Brotherhood's1
team will line up as follows: R.
Jackson, c; 0. Martin, p; E. Hyers,
lb; L. Bloodgood, 2b; W. Liming, ss;
S. Edwards, rf; G. Maxficld, cf ; J.
Bnckalew, If.
South Amboy baseball team : Joseph
Buskoy, c;'Dan Portsor,p; Forman, lb;
Frank Goan, 2b; Gumphert, 3b; R.
Mack, ss; Ratigan, If; Braney, cf; A.
Maok, rf.
The body of Thomas Doolan, who
died with Brights disease after an
operation was performed, was brought
to this borough yesterday afternoon
for burial. It was taken to Martin
Rev's and the funeral will take plaoe
from St. Mary's church todav and
interment will be made in St. Mary's
201 David St. So. Amboy, N. i.
Brains front 110 up. Square Pianos from
$15 up.MJ Cash or Installments.
Mies Grace Brown was pleasantly
surprised by a few of her friends
Saturday evening, and with her usual
pleasing manner extended them a
hearty welcome. The evening was
spent with music, singing and social
chat. One of the pleasing featnros of
the evening was a drive around town
the boys took turns in giving the
young girls. They admired Mr. Jay
Sexton's pretty runabout very much.
Refreshments were served about eleven
o'clock, when they formed a water
melon party and all went out on the
front porch to help cut and eat one of
the luscious melons. Then there was
lots fo fun. They were a merry and
happy crowd and it was one of the
most enjoyable little gatherings of
the season. Among the guests were
the Misses Essie Force, Margaret
French, Annabel Rue, Mabel Warrell,
of this borough, and Florence Tillo
ton, of Brooklyn. Messrs. Richard
Mack, Oliver Welsh, Jay Sexton,
Oliver Brown, Daniel Dey and Leon
Cozzens. They dispersed about 12
o'clock for their homos which they
reached before the Saobath morning
Body Brought from Trenton and After Ser
vices at St. Mary's Interment was Made.
The body of Mr. Sullivan was
brought to this borough from Trenton
on the 9.29 train Tnesday morning
and taken to St. Mary's phurch where
the funeral services were conducted.
Interment was made in St. Mary's
cemetery. Undertaker McCarthy was
funeral director. The funeral was
well attended. He leaves a widow
and three sons, Will, Michael and
Jonathan Culver, of George street,
better known aa "Dart," was out fish
ing Tuesday and brought back a basket
of fish. As Dad is over 80 years old,
he is one of the oldest followers of
Isaac Walton, for he has been around
the water ever since he was a young
lad. "Dad" was first made to swear,
or hold up his hands, regarding the
catch. Then he was questioned as
to whether he canght them with a
silver hook, etc. He took the guying
in good Dart and went on his way as
spry as aijy of the boys.
Gen. Morgan Lodge No. 96 I. O. O.
F. had an installation of officers Tues
day night. Mr. Chris Rehfuss was
appointed Noble Grand.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fisher, of
Sayreville, who have boen sojourning
at their beautiful sninmer residence
at Allenhurst, returned home for a
two day's visit. Mrs. Willis Fisher
was their guest yesterday at their
home in Sayreville They returned
to Allenhurst yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Cook and son Charles, of
Augusta street, have returned home
aftor a visit with Mrs. Cook's daught
er, Mrs. BertHilyer, of Port Reading.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Kaufman and
children, of Broadway, were out of
town visitors Sunday.
The frame is all up for Mr. Kol
lisch's new building on Broadway.
Mr. and Mrs. William Sullivan, of
Augusta street, welcomed a little
daughter to their home Friday night.
At the old salt works where the
sand and gravel company are loading
scows, the company have had a mud
digger at worlj dredging around their
dook, to enable them to load larger
boats, as the creek at that point is
verv shallow. They have just loaded
a scow with top soil for Rock away
and are now loading two scows with
building sand.
will leave Spears Wharf Perth Am
boy and Public Dock South Amboy
* For
on Saturday and Sunday as follows:
? r ? - ?
Spears Wharf
Public Dock
11 A. M.
12 Noon
1 P. M.
2 "
3 "
9 "
10 "
II "
4 "
5/ "
6 "
7 "
8 "
11.30 A. M.
12.30 P. M.
I.30 P. M.
2 30 "
3.30 "
4.30 "
5.30 "
6.30 "
7.30 "
8.80 "
9.30 "
10.30 "
II.30 "
_ ? . ?
The Evening News is on sale at Ost
burgs' 44 Main street,' and at John
Boss' Hotel, formerly John Kail's
stand. Extra copies of the News and
all NewYork papers can always be se
South Baptist.
The Daator took for his subject at
last night's prayer meeting "The
Come Unto Me" ohapter. Although
the weather was sultry a fair sized
congregation attended the service.
After the prayer meeting a special
meeting of the Christain Endeavor
Society was held. At this meeting all
the plans were completed and the
business closed for the rest of tho
summer vacation.
The Ladies Aid Society also held a
meeting and talked over tho plans for
the fair to be held by the ladies of
the congregation this coming fall.
The Snnday school excursion to
Boynton Beaoh on Tuesday was a
grand suocess. In all about 200 people
went along. Tney left 10 o'clock in
the morning on the steamer Lottie B.
and when they arrived at the beach
all the amusements were enjoyed
until 12 o'clock when Innch was
served. In the afternoon the children
roamed about the beach while their
parents and friends rested under the
shade of the trees. Mr. and Mrs.
Dyer wore greatly and agreeably sur
prised by a number of their friends
from South Amboy and Westfield.
The start for home was made at 5
o'clock. Before landing on the home
trip the party were taken on a sail
down the bay as far as Ward's Point.
Tonight the Sunrtay school teachers
will hold a meeting at the home of
Miss J. E. Peters.
St. Paul's.
Tho business meeting of the Wom
an's Foreign Missionary Society of
St. Paul's M. E. church, was held
yesterday afternoon in the church on
Amboy avenue. After the meeting
refreshments were served. The meet
ing was well attended.
Collected Trauipg For Fees.
TRENTON, N. J., July 30.? By the
shooting of a negro farm hand at Coal
Chutes, Just outside of Trenton, there
was uncovered what appears to be a
systematic plan to entice tramps to this
section that they may be arrested for
the fees that such captures will pro
duce from the treasury of the county.
The shooting was done by two detec
tives for Dennis Frawley, the Pennsyl
vania railroad's tramp catcher. The
man shot is George Brown of Harris
burg, I'll. The shot was fired by Charles
F. Iviser, twenty years old, of Passaic,
who, with Louis Musse of the fame
city, has been working for Frawley for
a month. The prisoners say they caught
sixty tramps in one week, chaining
them in bunches to telegraph poles
from morning until night, when the
day's haul would be taken to the com
mitting justice's office. Frawley paid
them $4 a week.
Drowns III Effort to Rmcne.
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., July 30.?
Plunging into a wild surf in heroic but
vain efforts to save the life of Miss
Merle Shannon of Williamsport, Pa., a
bathing companion. Dr. Joseph Melvln
of Carbondnle, Pa., gave up his life.
The heroism was witnessed by several
thousand persons on the beach and
boardwalk, who watched the life and
death struggle of the couple in the
Will Walling died suddenly at mid
night Tuesday. Young Walling has
been suffering from nervous prostra
tion, but was said to be much better.
The trouble, it is said, was caused by
an optic nerve. The body will be
taken to Manasquan for burial.
Thursday, August 6th, the Lady
Foresters, Raritan Circle No. 714, will
have an installation of officers. A
number of out-of-town guests will be
present and the usnal good time is
Mrs. Petersen, of Augusta street,
has returned home from a visit with
her children, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Fox, of Maxville. Next .week Mrs.
Petersen J will visit another son at
Pemberton, N. J.
The trolley cars are crowded at
nightfall with out of town penple
bound for Sea Breeze.
Mrs. Joanna Mundv, of Broadway,
and daughter, Mrs. William Moore,
of Catlierino street, will start on ;
Wednesday for a visit to Franklin
Jesse Emmons, brother of John
Emmons, of this borough, died sud
denly with brain trouble yesterday at
his late residence in Second street.
fOLt iliOar^EAR
fare* l' safe, jur?. No opiatms
Fire Commissioner Sturgis, of the
New York Fire Department, has just
fonnd ont that it is not legal for the
New York Fire Department to provide
the Mission of the Immaculate Virgin
at Mt. Loretta. Tottenville, with pro
tection against lire. He has ordered
tnat all the fire apparatus be sold.
The New York fireman, who has been
on dnty at Mt. Loretta, will be sent
back to New York. It is most likely
that Father Dougherty, who is in
charge of the mission, will bny other
fire apparatus. The young boys about
the place are formed into a fire com
pany and can well fignt all flames.
Jidward Caik, of Newark, was a
Tottenville visitor yesterday.
Miss Elizabeth Forman, ot Princess
Bay, has resigned her position at (J.
Wood's ice cream parlors.
Miss Alice Anderson, of Brooklyn,
is visiting Tottenville friends.
Miss Florence G. Brown, of Main
street, is visiting friends at Rockaway
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph White, of
Brooklyn, are visiting Main street
friends' this week.
Mrs. George O. Sturger and sons,
of Plainfield, are visiting Mrs. Will
iam Bedell, of Amboy avenue.
A steamer and a barge from New
York city, witlj Sunday school pupils
for an outing, c\ came to Sea Breeze
yesterday. They arrived at 3 o'clock
and left for home at 5 o'clock.
A tug boat landed two scows of
sand at the shipyard of A. 0. Brown
& Sons, yesterdav afternoon.
Miss Jessie Perry, of Pleasant
Plains, was a Tottenville visitor yes
George Hoehn, ohief of the Totten
ville Fire Department, was out of
town yesterday.
The Amicitia Hook and Ladder
Company, of Pleasant Plains, has sent
a challenge to the members of Hugue
not Engine Company, No. 1, of
Hngnenot, for a game of baseball.
The game is to be played at Pleasant
Plains on the Excelsiors diamond one
day during the month of August. The
challenge will probably be accepted.
The Cedric Social Club held a meet
ing at the home of Miss Jessie Perry,
Princess Bay, Monday evening. After
the regular business had beun trans
acted, refreshments were served.
Detroit Trolley* Tied I'p.
DETROIT. Mich., July .50. ? An
agreement lias been reached between
the trolley strikers and Superintendent
Stanley of the Detroit United railway,
the men agreeing to resume work un
der the old conditions. Negotiations,
however, will be resumed where they
were broken off by the strike, and a
conference seeking an adjustment of
all differences will be held. The street
car lines in the city were tied up for
more than two hours at the time when
travel is usually the heaviest by a
strike. The men struck to enforce a
demand for an eight hour day made
some time ago.
Act reus a Sulfide.
CHICAGO, July 30.? Miss Anna Pos
ton, an actress, twenty-four years of
age, shot and killed herself at the Inter
Ocean hotel. Miss Sally Price, her
roommate, stated that she had been
grieving over something for the past
two weeks and had made frequent
references to suicide, asking what
would become of her soul if she de
stroyed herself. When the door of
Miss l'oston's room was broken open
her body was found lying across the
bed with blood flowing from a bullet
wound above the heart. A sister, Mrs.
Ilattie Weinus, lives in Ringhamton,
N. Y.
Full Orchestra of 6 pieces,
Dancing Free every af
Hops ? Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday evenings, 7:30
to 11:30.
Con certs? Monday, Wednes
nesday and Friday evenings.
Special Concert Sunday after
I ?
Mrs. William Miller entertained a
few of her friends on Saturday even
ing at her home on Prospect Hill,
'x'hose present were: Miss Sadie Voor
hees. Miss Edith Crane, Miss Marion
Lockwood, Mr. Ralph Edgar, Mr.
Charlie Craske, and Mr. Alston Voor
On Tuesday afternoon a fire broke
out in a Hungarian tenement house
on New street. Mr. Ellis Edgar, who
was in town, hitched the hook and
ladder to his automobile and in a
short time the fire was extinguished.
[ Miss Jane Allstyn is in Rahway at
Mrs. James Commoss'.
Rev. Dr. J. M. McNulty will preach
in Rahway next Sunday.
Miss Edith Crane, of Newark, is
the guest of Miss Sadie Voorhees of
Prospect Hill.
Mr. George Berry is home from his
trip to Newport, Narra&ansett and
Bar Harbor.
Mr. John Nash, Jr., has purchased
the one acre lot adjoining his father's
New autos are to be seen eveiy now
and then flying through our town.
Mrs. Stuart and children are occu
pying the Barron Homestead.
Miss Sophie Johnson is to be a
teacher in our home school the coming
Mr. John Oorreja, of Iselin, has
purchased a handsome automobile.
Miss Tessie Farrell has returned
home from a two weeks outing.
JSIr. William Edgar has been appoint
ed a member of the Board of Com
missioners of the New Jersey Re
formatory by Governor Murphy.
Miss Sadie Brewster will rusticate
in the mountains for a oouple of
Mr. Howard Tappen, Mr. R. Hart
and two friends went fishing on Satur
day afternoon and caught a quantity
of blue fish and weak fish.
There will be no service in the
PresbyteriaD church Sunday evening,
during next month.
Mrs. Donny, of Green street, has
been entertaining her sister and a
friend, both from Ohio.
Miss Gladys Hopper is visiting her
aunt at Irvington.
Mrs. W. Shipnnian. of Rahwav,
who is boarding at the Sewaren
House, lost her dog, a Scotch terrier,
one day last week.
Dr. R C. Vail, of Rahwav, was the
guest of Dr. S. Lockwood last week.
Mr. Richard Hart is taking a vaca
tion from business for a few days.
Rev. Mr. Humphreys, of Elizabeth,
will occupy the pulpit of the Presby
terian church next Sunday morning.
Rev. W. H. Jackson will remain in
town during the month of August.
Mr. Frank Valentine's house will
be ready for oooupancy in September.
Mrs. Thomas, of Brooklyn, is visit
ing herneices, Mrs. W. Krug, of
Aveuel, and Mrs. Willet Denike, of
Rahway avenue.
Miss Sadie Voorhees has been visit
ing friends in Newark.
Mrs. F. F. Anness has returned
home after an outing of a week.
Sir ThoiniiH Snyn There Will Be Jlo
Gxchnnge of Caiitalim.
July 30. ? Shamrock III. had only a
sail stretching trial of* another new
mainsail, the fourth that she has worn
since coming across the Atlantic. Cap
tain Wringe wanted to get it "ironed
out" before resuming racing.
On his way up New York harbor
later Sir Thomas was for the first time
officially recognized as equal in rank
to an admiral. As the Erin was pass
ing Hoffman island she was met by
the New York city police boat Patrol,
which ran the shamrocK, Sir Thomas*
private flag, to her fore and saluted
Sir Thomas With thirteen guns, an ad
miral's salute.
Sir Thomas Lipton said that there
was no truth whatever in the report
that an exchange of captains of the
two Shamrocks to place Captain Bevis
of Shamrock I. in command of the
challenger was contemplated. "I have
in Captain Wringe," said Sir Thomas,
"the best, racing skipper in Great Brit
ain." Next Saturday he will start on a
two days' sightseeing trip to Niagara
falls and possibly into Canada..
"Have you made any improvements
in your invention?"
"I have," answered the enterprising
scientist. "One of my assistants , has
just discovered a new way to put | ; stock
on the market."? Washington Stajr.
Mrs. August Collins and her daugh
ter Helen, of Philadelphia, are the
guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
T. T. Beam, of Port Reading.
I .Tame Payran, of Earrisbarg, Pa.,
one of the office force at the the Port
Reading coal piers, has returned from
Atlantio City, where he spent his
vacation with his wife. He brought
Mrs. Payran to Port Reading for a
A party of people, young and old,
went to Bonhamtown Monday for
huckleberries and blackberries. They
got about six quarts each.
Mrs. D. Whitworth, of Perth Am
boy, spent Monday in this vicinity
with relatives.
E. B. Mundy is havine his brick
walks around his house repaired.
Many from here spent yesterday at
Coney Island. They all report having
a very enjoyable time.
Miss Annie Winant, of this place,
and Miss Margie Fullerton, of Perth
Amboy, will leave today to spend a
few days with relatives at YoDkers,
N. Y.
W. A. Winant, of New York, is
spending a few day's vacation in this
vicinity with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. H. E. Winant.
Miss Agnes Mundy has returned to
her home in this vicinity after having
a very enjoyable time with Mrs. D.
Wnitworth, of Perth Amboy.
Mrs. Sandorff, of Perth Amboy, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Oleson, Sr.
Manv people from out of town are
seen daily in this vicinity after black
Mrs. J. J. Schilcox and family, of
Keasbey, spent Tuesday put of to
Miss Maud Whil worth, of rail
Amboy, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. J.
J. Schilcox, of Keasbey.
Raymond Mundy has returned to
his home in this place aftor spending
a week with relatives at Keasbey.
Edward and Queen Now Makinf; an
Anto Trip.
DUBLIN, July 30.? The royal yacht
Victoria and Albert, with King Ed
ward and Queen Alexandra aboard,
has arrived at Killary buy, on the west
coast of Ireland.
Their majesties were accompanied by
the Earl of Dudley, lord lieutenant of
Ireland. Despite the inclement weath
er they landed on the Mayo side of the
bay, and afterward they proceeded in
a motor car through the picturesque
scenery of that portion of Ireland, in
specting many of the laborers' cottages
on the way. The war ships in the bay
are illuminated and bonfires are burn
ing on the surrounding hills.
Today their majesties are traveling
by motor car through the Connemara
country. Queen Alexandra has given
the Earl of Dudley $2,500 for distribu
tion among the poorest people of Dub
lin and other parts of Ireland.
The Four.
Thf most agonizing lea) of a true
lover i.- that his . v M.a'.l think him
a wiuk!'":'. ?()!? '?vj tan's Mount.
? Funeral Director-.
This is the only lip-to-i'ate Fuxkiial
establishment in Perth A m buy & vicinity
Officii Residence
363 State St. 27 Mechanic St.
Telephone I5f Telephone 45m
pertu am nor. If. J
^sasif BcisaBZPEiEsasrdSHss vwnPSKSvaiaaiMnijQtB**
$BBIC9n>RSaSaSaSZS?n?a^ ?BVBS1>? ?*ntsassiSBSMWM?H
Sanitary Plumber.
Railway Ave.
Shop near C R Depot, Carteret, N.J
Carpenter and Builder
Estimates ?iveu. Jnobnifc promptly attended to
Main at & Hazelwood ave., Kattway, N, J.
Carpenter and Builder
Jobbing prou ptly attended to. Estimate)) given
Painter and Paperhanger
Al orders by mail prcmptl" -mended to.

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