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August 18 is the Date Fixed for the Outing
—Great Preparation. t
- t
The committee in charge of the q
arrangements for the third annual ex- e
cursion of Court Amboy No. 58,
Foresters of America, which is to be
held on Tuesday, August 18th, report ^
that they are meeting with great sue
MM. ^
The steamer Tolohester and barge
Susquehanna will take the crowd to
Dudley’s grove on the Hudson. These .
boats will hold about 3,500 people all *
told. The excursion will leave South ^
Amboy at 8.30 o’clock, Merritt’s dock, |
this city, 9 o’olock, and Radley’s ^
dock, Carteret, a 10 o’clock. The '
music will be furnished by Prof.
Stienhauser’s full orchestra. The
champion Irish bagpiper will also be \
on board. (
- 1
Lost her Yawl Boat and Crew Could not
Get Ashore.
Asbury Park.enjoyed all the excite
ment of witnessing a rescue of ship
wrecked mariners Thursday. The
schooner Emma B., whioh takes fish
ing and sailing parties every day from
the Park, dragged her anchor doling
Tuesday’s storm, and was obliged to
.. . 11 J__ Unnlr tn \X70 11. T111 H 1
sail UWTTU wv PWW—
the blow was over. On the way down
the yacht’s small boat slipped away
in the fog. All attempts to recapture
it were in vain, and Wednesday after
noon the Emma B. returned to Asbury
Park in despair.
All night she lay off the fishing
pier, her crew unable to reach land
and her captain disconsolate. Thurs
day morning the yacht’s flag was re
versed in token of her distress. The
Parkers, who all take the keenest in
terest in the doings of the boat, gath
ered on the beach in excited crowds.
The life saving crew soon perceived
the yacht’s predicament, and four of
the bathing masters, with two boats,
brought off the shipwrecked crew. As
they stepped on the beaoh the anxious
Parkers sent up loud shouts of joy.
Peter Adin, aj Hungarian laborer,
living on Cortlwud street, was arrest
ed late last nigm upon complaint of
a Mrs. Netager, also a resident of
Copland street. He was charged
/ witn being drupk and disorderly. In
one of his pockets was found a big
■tone. Recorder Pickersgill gave him
thirty days in jail to think it over.
V A Physician Healed.
Dr. Geo. Ewing, a practicing physi
cian of Smith’s Grove, Iiy.. for over thir
ty years, writes his personal experience
with Foley’s Kidney cure: “For years I
had been greatly bothered with kidney
and bladder trouble and enlarged pros
tate gland. I used everything known to
the brofession without relief, until I com
menced to use Foley’s kidney Cure. Af
ter taking thiee bottles I was entirely
relieved and cured. I prescribe it now
daily in my practice and heartily recom
mend its use to all physicians for such
troubles. I have prescribed it in hun
dreds of cases with perfect success. Sex
ton’s Pharmacy 70 Smith St.
_ 1_1 kinirnlo fnmo rP.
vyuavuv. M. w— --./-- '
oently said that the first essential to
business success is “advertising;”
that the second essential was “big
advertising;” and the third, “bigger
Mreal estate
Money to loan on
122 Smith St. Perth Amboy, N. J
and CYCLONE policy costs only i
couple of dollars for three or fiv<
years in a strong company. Conn
in and let us write you a policy,
iNielsen Bros- 122 Smith Street
If you are interested iu good propert;
low cost, call on us.
We have some flue lots on Williar
street for sale cheap.
Boynton Brothers.
Realty and Construction
l Company.
, A good business property for sale o
pmith Street, house nearly new, Stoi
■0x44 feet, 10 large rooms, a decide
bargain, terms reasonable.
| Post Office Building.
r Masons and Builders
Room 14 8chener Building.
Pen; Evenlngd
Rev. Mr. Hendrickson, of Middle
swn, N. Y., will occupy the polDit
pmorrow, both morning and evening,
'lie Sunday school and midweek pray- _
r meeting at the usual hour.
Simpson M. E.
Devotional meeting at 9.30 a. m. ,
it 10.30 o’clock Miss Jennie S. Hughes
rill speak. Subjeot: “Methodism’s
pork with Woman. ’’ At 7.45 she will
elate the story of her work in the
irisons of the country. Miss Hughes
s an able and interesting speaker,
ihe spent several years ministering to
hose in prison. Now she is engaged
iy the church in a special work for
voman. This will be a treat for the
leople of Perth Amboy.
The public should not forget the
.nnual excnrison to Ocean Grove on
Fhursdav, August 27th. It is the day
if one of the great parades.
Services in the Presbyterian church
omorrow at 10.30 o’olock witn preach
ng by the pastor. Christian Endeavor
Society at 6.55 p. m.
Grace Lutheran.
The Rev. Frederick C. Krafif, of
Elizabeth, will preach Sunday even
ing in Grace Lutheran church, Knights
pf Pythias Hall. In the morning the
pastor, Rev. E. J. Keuling, will
preach on the Gospel for the day,
Luke 16: 1-9. His subject will be
‘Commendable Wisdom.” Sunday
school at 2.30 Services in morning at
10.80 in the evening, 7.30
St. Patrick's Alliance Preparing for Annu
ai txuursiuil Uii r»uyuoi IU.
The seventeenth annual excursion
of St. Patrick’s Alliance, of America,
Local Branch No. 1, will go to Coney
Island this year. On Sunday, August
16th, the steamer Quaker City, which
has been especially engaged by the
alliance, will leave the steamboat
dock at 9 o’clock in the morning.
The alliance has decided to go the
island by way of Bay Ridge and a
nice sail is in store for those who are
on board. Thomas J. Murphy, presi
dent of the alliance, and F. Murphy,
the secretary, are the committee of
____ '
$30, to Colorado and Return.
Via Chicago & Northwestern Ry.
Chicago to Denver, Colorado Springs
and Pueblo, daily throughout the
summer. Correspondingly low rates
from all points east. Only one night
to Denver from Chicago and the Cen
tral States. Two fast trains daily.
Tourist sleeping cars to Denver daily.
3008-7-18-7t o. e. W.
Excursion to Mauch Chunk.
$1.60 adults, 75 cents children, via
Lehigli Valley Railroad to Mauch
Chunk, Glen Onoko and'the Switch
back, August 9th. Special train will
leave Perth Amboy at 8.35 a. m. and
returning will leave Glen Onokc
5.30 p. m. and Mauch Chunk 5.45 p. m.
Switchback tickets 50 cents additional.
of “Youn« Finnish Party*'
Ordered to Leave by ItnNMia.
ST. PETERSBURG, Aug. 8.—Orders
have neen issueu lor me expuisun
from Finland of Baron von Xraid
Michael Linden, chairman of the city
council of Ekenaes; Count Gustav
Kreitz and his family of seven ant
some other prominent Finlanders.
The expulsion of prominent Finland
ers, especially leaders of the “Yount
Finnish Party,” has been going on foi
some time and lias been marked sinet
General Bobrikoff returned last Aprl
to Finland as governor of the prov
inee. July 28 eighteen prominent resi
dents were expelled, anil last Tuesday
Uev. Magnus Iloseiidal. the well knowi
writer and speaker and principal o
the l.veeiun at Flenlmrg, was orderei
to quit the country.
Threw Child oil CoIIidinR Steamer
NEW YOKE, .Utg. 8.—The ninet;
loot schooner yneht Celeste, charteret
. by Isidor .1. Beaudrias of tlie Port Mot
. ris I lock Yaelit club and eorporatioi
counsel of Yonkers, was sailing wit!
his lY.mily on a vacation eniise whei
. in tacking past North Brother islam
: the yacht was hit abaft the foremas
by the Starin line steamboat Howar
Carroll. The schooner was badly dair
' aged, as was the larger vessel. Mi
Beaudrias threw his two and a bal
1 year old daughter Isabelle on board tli
Carroll, where a sailor caught her. Tit
Carroll then passed on. Mr. Beaudria
said, without paying any attention t
those on the damaged yaelit.
On Some Occasion*.
"Is kissing dangerous?”
"Well, I wouldn’t try it on an athleti
3 girl without her consent.”—Chicag
e Post. __ ui,
Children in Pe-il l
_ Some of the most anxious hours of
mother's life are those when Hie liJi
ones iiave the croup, Foley’s Holi
and Tar is a safe and effective remi|
> that never fails. ‘‘My boy would hi
ied from membraneous croup if it
ot been for Foley’s Honey and r
ig U. W. Lynch of Winohester«In
i’b Pharmacy 70 Smith 8t. I
The International Association of *
Cheatrical Stage Employes, have |
adopted a scale making some slight ,
ncreases, but no radical changes. ,
die work of the various employes, ,
lowever, is specified. •
-o- '
Chief Factory Inspector John W. •
Ward said yesterday that the depart- '
nent of labor was never better organ- J
Lzed than it is now, and that he pro- (
posed to conduct a vigorous campaign (
to have* the law enforced especially ,
that pertaining to ohild labor. He i
?aid he was willing to aid in a friend- i
Ly test of the law’if there was an im- i
pression abroad that it was not within 1
the constitution or meet the contest- 1
ants in any kind of a fight, if they J
elect. The manufacturers pin great (
faith to their ability to overthrow the ,
act on the fact that it is to tako effect ,
on September 1, no designation being ,
made whether next.September or that
iollowing was meant. The depart
ment had been advised that this omis
sion is not sufficient to invalidate the
In Pittsburg a treaty of peace has
been agreed to between the Bnildeis
Exchange League and the Building
Trades Council which promises to
bring about a general resumption of
work on all buildings. At a confer
ence between the representatives of
the two interests the conditions on
which the resumption of work will
begin, were named, and the commit
tee from the Building Trades Council
said that it would recommend their
adoption by the general body.
In return the Biiilders’ Exchange
League agreed that the wage scale of
the hoisting engineers should be im
mediately taken up and that in not
more than fifteen (lays it should be
settled, so that the men of that trade
could know .iuirt what was expected
of them. The resumption of work
will affect about 10,000 men.
A Pretty Compliment.
The enstern delegates to the recout
Convention of the International
League of Press Clubs at Atlantic
City, selected the New Jersey Central
as the official route from New York.
And in ttie last issue of the New York
Insurance Journal the appreciation of
the party was expressed as follows:
The New York delegation iourneyed
over the Central Railroad of New
Jersey. The trip over this excellent
road, which has been greatly improved
in recent years, is most delightful,
and the trains are equipped with every
appliance for the oomfort and con
venience of passengers.
Spanish Town Swept ■>V Fire.
BARCELONA. Spain, Aug. 8.—A
great fire lias totally destroyed the
quarter of Espnrrnguorn. occupied by
working people. Three thousand fami
lies were rendered destitute, and many
workmen perished in the flames. Es
parrnguera is fourteen miles northwest
of Barcelona.
Folsom Fnaritive ruptured.
AUBURN, Cal.. Aug. 8. Albert Sea
vis. colored, one of flic thirteen con
victs who escaped from Folsom prisbn,
is in jail here, with bullet wounds in
both of his legs, lie was captured
when the train came in from Newcas
tle. Sheriff Keena received word from
Newcastle that a negro answering the
description of Seavis had boarded the
night train there on the way out, and
when the train came into Auburn Kee
na and Deputy Sheriff Conn were at
tlfe depot. The negro was called upon
to surrender. He immediately fired at
Coan, tint missed him. Keena and
■ Coan shot the negro.
I Unless they are, good health is impossible.
I Every drop of blood in the body passes through and is filtered by healthy kidneys every three j??™ ^BBi
kidneys strain out the impurities from the blood, diseased kidneys do not, hence you are sick. FOLEY S KIDNEY
CURE makes the kidneys well so they will eliminate the poisons from the blood. It removes the cause of the EmmM
many diseases resulting from disordered kidneys which have allowed your whole system to become poisoned. _ W
Rheumatism, Bad Blood, Gout, Gravel, Dropsy, Inflammation of the Bladder) Diabetes and Bright’s Disease, JS^K
and many others, are all due to disordered Kidneys. A simple test for Kidney disease is to set aside your urine
in a bottle or glass for twenty-four hours. If there is a sediment or a cloudy appearance, it indicates that your Wjwjj
kidneys are diseased, and unless something is done they become more and more affected until Bright s Disease m.,
m or Diabetes develops. „ . . . I
FOLEY’S KIDNEY CURE is the only preparation which will positively cure all forms of Kidney ana
Bladder troubles, and cure you permanently. It is a safe remedy and certain in results.
I If You are a sufferer, take FOLEY’S KIDNEY CURE at once. It will make )ou well. ^B
Some Pronounced Incurable Had Lumbago and Kidnty Trouble M
Mr. G. A. Stillson. a merchant of Tampico, 111., writes: “FOLEY’S Edward Huss, a well known business man of Sjjisbury Mo writ^ MM
KIDNEY CURE is meeting with wonderful success. It has cured “I wish to say for the benefit of others, that 1 s a s“^er 'r
some cases here that physicians pronounced incurable. I myself am lumbagoand kidney tfooble^.and allft . . , ® fh e 0« ■‘-^131
able to testify to its merits. My face today is a living picture of health relief. I began to take FOLEY S KIDNEY CURE,|nd after the uae of
and FOLEY’S KIDNEY CURE has made it suet.” three bottles I am cured.” »
Two Sizes, 50 Cents and $1.00._\ M
i VmnHnESM»|?iiui and recommended dy
j Sexton’s Pharmacy, m 70-72 Smith Street 1
> Don’t Fail to Attend this Sale! $£
'♦'* Cut out the Coupon in our circular; it is good for $1.00
;*'♦ worth of stamps, if yon spend 50 cents or more with us *£'♦
during the sale. : :
$ . -
k 92 0m &
B Smith.nperth &
& __x/amboy
C>. jiv*^ “ n.j. *;*
i' ^ |,N
General Situation in Good n» La«t
NEW YORK, Aug. 8.—R. t>. Dun &
Co.'s review of trade says:
It has been an eventful week in the
stock market, more failures occurring,
while prices fell to the lowest point
since January, 1001. Yet there has
been no corresponding demoralization
in trade or industry. From an average
of $116.27 last September the sixty
active railway shares have fallen about
$31, and it is not surprising that a few
concerns have found it impossible to
meet their obligations. Considering
the great shrinkage in market value of
securities it is evidence of solidity in
tlie business world that suspensions
are not more numerous, and most of
those thus far reported were due to
pool operations in specialties rather
than general weakness. Trade advices
from nearly every section continue to
show as favorable conditions as a year
ago. and in many lines the volume of
transactions lias increased. Jobbers
report fall business opening with ex
cellent prospects, and manufacturing
plants are well occupied, with the ex
ception of cotton mills.
Aside from the merely speculative
disasters, it is evident that the mid
summer industrial house cleaning re
vealed many weak spots.
Linton Flier Wins Again.
8.—The Shamrocks raced in many kinds
of wind. Running and reaching in a
shifting breeze. Shamrock III. outsail
ed her pacemaker by 2 minutes and (>
seconds in sailing fifteen miles to the
outer mark and beating back by 4 min
utes and !) seconds, a total of t> minutes
and 15 seconds elapsed time. The
course was southeast, and the start
was from the Scotland lightship. John
Barrett, commissioner general of the
St. Louis exposition and United States
minister to the Argentine Republic,
who was a guest of Sir Thomas, invit
ed him to visit the exposition. Sir Thom
as said lie would endeavor to do so.
By attending
Wood’s College,
876 Broad St.,
Newark. N. J.
Business and Shorthand.
Known Everywhere. By Everybody
The Largest and most Successful School.
New lloiiNeliolil Joke.
Yeast—I see they have electrical flat
irons, now. ,
Crimsonbeak—Yes; I suppose when a
man’s wife throws one of them at him
he feels as if he'd been struck by light
ning.—Yonkers Statesman.
Homes in THR GREEN
Vermont mountains
Illustrated Book with complete list
of Hotels and Boarding Houses.
Board $4.00 per week and upward.
Mailed for 4c. postage.
Improved Service—Parlor and
Sleeping Cars between Grand
Central Station, New York, and
Vermont without change.
C. V. Ry„ 385 Broadway, N. Y.
Perth Amboy Loan
Branch of New Brunswick Loan Co.
Room 15 Sclieuer Building
Cor. Smith Street and n.-iL Amhnv N I
NSW Brunswick Ave , r6nn AmDOy, IV. J
Hours: 8 a. m. till 6 p. m.
P. S.—If you cannot oall, drop us a line
and upon receipt of same our represent
ative will call at your house and ex
plain terms, etc.
No Charoe Unless Loan Is Made
■MMMC-.TrsB-imnrHnrirTawmrT”*'—■——»r"——■—■■■t g i nfiiwnnn—wwiiTTfWirrT—TT^——1
SThe New Jersey Title Guarantee and Trust Company,
83 and 85 Montgomery Street, Jersey City.
| Capital, - 0300,000
Undivided Profits, 0800,000
ja Will taocommodote you—will save you time and evpenge—will giv3 you courteous
|3 attention-aud will consult your interests carefully
I B IF you want to buy a Horueand need s^nte cash,
1 (n IF you want to Borrow Mon y on Bond and Mortgage,
1 B IF you want to Borrow Money on trilateral Security,
| K IF you want a Safe Deposit Box-front $> a year up.
| B IF you want a Title to Real Fstate in New Jersey Searched and Guaranteed,
L1F ji’ou want to open a Bank Account and secure Interest on your Deposits
eler & Wi
ing Machi
«\ I !i t a *
Rotary Motion and
Ball Bearings.
If You are Thinking
About getting a first-class Mach ine
have one sent to your house on a
free trial. Teacher will call and in
struct on the best steel attachments
made ; or oall and examine at office.
So d for very reasonable prices.
A. JENSEN, Dealer
336 State Street
If You
Will Try
• Feigenspan’s Saazer
Beer (Pale) on your
table, you’ll be satis
fied with no other.
Its rich and distinct
ive flavor will appeal
to your palate.
Bottled or ,
on Draught. ’
Breweries, Newark, N. J.
The men who have made the largest
fortunes in business are those who
have been the most extensive adver

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