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Coal Train and Freight Train in
Collision-Engineer Killed
Fireman Jumped.
Freight was having Assistance of Another
Engine and was Going Ahead with Such
Rapidity that It Could not Stop—Engi
neer Lived in Camden—Stuck to his
Poit—Was Scalded to Death.
A fatal railroad accident occurred
on the Peunsly vania railroad near
Runyon yesterday afternoon. A coal
train and freight train were in collis
ion. The engine of the freight rolled
down an embankment and the en
gineer, Joseph Hatch, of Camden, was
killed. The firemen jumped and es
caped with a few scratches.
The freight started from South Am
bovat 1.30 p. m. Tuesday for Camden.
About twenty minutes before that
an Old Bridge coal train went out
ahead of the freight train and was
uncoupling near the Poor Farm
bridge. The engine was running
ahead of the ears and the last one of
^ tlye latter was going slow.
As the freight reachoa the cut it
got stuck on account of its being so
heavy and another engine was at
tached to it and helped it up the
grade. It then went forwnrd with
mucii speed and ran into the coal car
ahead. The fireman lumped when lie
sawr what was coming and escaped
with a bruised arm and witli his face
somewhat scratched. The engineer
stood by his post, and, as the engine
tnrned over and went down a steep
bank he went with it. The steam
pipe broke aud scalded him to death.
H0 was abo*t forty years old.
What is Mathers' Week? Ask Sals
& Steiner.
| TOTAL IS $461.67.
Amount Continues to Grow and
$500 Mark Will be Passed
Very Shortly.
To-day’s carnival subscriptions, while
not up to the pioveding days are en
couraging and the fund keeps ou growing
like the healthy child, it is.
To-days list:
Previously acknowledged. $418.67
Wm, F. Hartmann. 5.°°'
Spencer Dayton. S-01-'
George W. Mercer. 5.00
Ira R. Grouse. 5-00
y' Sarriel Hall. 5-°°
K W. | Stacey. 5-°o
I Thonros Redhing. 5-00
*\John Meeker. ... 3 00
F. Williams. 2.00
O. Schroeder. r.oo
J.'.A. Golra. 1.00
W. R. Beare. i.ro
Thif picture represents the name of a
Mythological deity
Can you guess it? The solution to yesterday s
puzzle was Tan.”|
The winner of yesterday's prize was F Bu
chanan, ltO Rector street, Perth Amboy.
Held Short Meeting Last Night
at Which the Books are Turned
Over to Them.
Will Examine the Valuations as Made by the
Assessors Carefully and Will Decide
Whether to Accept or Reject—Have a
Big Task Before them and May Adjourn
Again—Much Interest.
The Board of Aldermen will have
their bands full for the next few
days examining the tax duplicates
which were filed with them last
night. According to law, the aider
men met to receive the duplicates and
will adjourn from time to time until
they have finished examining the
books and are ready to accept or reject
the valuations as found therein. Last
night the aldermen adjourned to meet
again Pridav night.
The session last night was very
short. As soon as Alderman at Large
Eckert had called the meeting to
order, City Clerk Rielley reported
that the tax duDlicates had been filed
in his office and that they were now
L/vn«/l A Mnrmnn IT /• Ir nvt
explained that the board shonld ad
journ to examine the books and that
as the duplicates were referred to the
Committee of the Whole the board
could adjourn.
Before closing the meeting Alder
man Toft announced that C. W.
Boynton had telephoned that he
was anxious to have permission to
build the sewer in State street from
his new building to Smith street as
quickly as possible. There was a
little discussion as to whether or not
there was a sewer in State street.
Tne committee is to investigate and
report on the matter.
After adjourning the members of
the board remained in the council
chamber examining the tax duplicates
with much interest. As has been told
in the News, there has been a general
increase in valuations throughout the
city and the total advance over last
year’s valuation is over $3,500,000.
While the valuations have been raised
the tax rate has been reduced so that
in many instances the taxes being
paid this year are less than last.
There are many complaints, how
ever,and the aldermen are determined
to investigate the matter closely.
There was talk of their refusing to
accept the valuations, but what the
outcome will be is not known.
When is Mothers' Week? Ask So is
Had Fallen into Hole of his Boat
at Port Reading Yesterday
Body Brought Here.
A fatal accident occured early yoster
tcrday morning, when Captain Anthony
Grout fell down the hatchway of the coal
boat which he commanded and which
lay at the Port Reading coal do;ks.
The boat was at the docks to take on a
load of ooal aud when the men were go
ing to work yestosday morning they
found the body.
The fall fractured the mau’s skull and
death resulted almost immediately, Cor
oner F. C. Henry was hastily summoned
aud the body was brought to T. F.
Burke’s uudertaking establishment in
this city where it still remains. No ai
rangeinents have yet been made for the
Captain Grout has relatives in New
Brunswick, who have hem notified of his
F.J. LARKIN, 357 STATE Street,
will do plumbing, steam, hot water
aud hot air heatiug on monthly pay
44 Fayette Street.
First-Class Work Guaranteed.
Heated Discussion of Subject in
Council Chamber—Many
Take Part.
Vice President of the Central Jersey Trac
tion Company Present to Explain Mat
ters—Citizens Ask Many Questions—
Claim is Made that the Company Asks
too Much.
The adjourned meeting of the South
Amboy council was held last night
and the granting of a franchise to tlie
Central Jersey Traction Company was
fully discussed. Mr. LeGee, vice
president of the traction company,
explained to the citizens gathered
what the company wanted. He stated
that the new route proposed by the
company would avoid the grade cross
ing which he understood was not
wanted by the borough. He said
they had made arrangements with
the Raritan River Railroad to go
under their tracks, over private
property bougnt by the company, or
to be bought, down Gordon street to
Broadway to connect with the tracks
already laid of the M. and S. traction
company, and that was all they want
ed of the borough, and he would like
to get the thing through as soon as
The meeting was an open one and
Mr. Heston, of Mechanicsville, said
he thought the only way for the
trolley to go was around by the ceme
tery, down Bordentown avenue and
up Stevens avenue to Mechanicsville.
Mr. Wilson said he thought the trol
ley company had no intention of go
ing through Stevens avenue in the
first place. He wanted to know if
the company had the consent of the
people on Broadway. Mr. LeGrae said
they had, as far as Augusta street,
but the company would not run on
Stevens avenue. It was not a quest
ion of what they could do, but what
the borough would do. They had
been asking for a franchise for nine
months and had not got it yet. In
reply Mr. Wilson said it seemed to
him that the company came to town
with a threat to go around and skip
the borough entirely, not caring for
the people of South Amboy. Mr. Le
Gree then said:
“If we do not get the franchise
from the borough, we have made a
contract to get to the Central station
without it. ”
Mr. James Collins then took the
floor and said that the other company
was very anxious to come to town and
the only thing they were sorry for
was that they did not ask the borough
to lay the rails for them. They had
all they wanted but that, and
this company was only throwing a
big bluff about going around the
town. They wanted to get to the
seashore and the only way they could
do it was to go through the borough.
The trolley, ho declared, was wanted
np Ward avenue and around the
Heights and through Stevens avenue.
Mr. Kerr said that if the company
had gone about it in the right way,
they could have been in the town in
twenty-eight days and he would not
vote for the new franchise that they
asked for. He wanted the company
to go past the cemetery and over the
rest of the streets asked for.
Mr. Compton asked Mr. Letireehow
mucli it would cost to go the way the
borough wanted them to. Mr. Letiree
said it would cost about thirty thous
and dollars a mile.
Mr. Buckalow favored the cemetery
road. He thought it would build up
the upper part of Amboy. Council
man Hoffnran moved that the fran
chise be taken np for the first read
in. g This was carried and it was
passed on that reading. The council
will meet as a committee of the
whole August 20th and will have a
representative of the company present
to explain any necessary points.
The meeting last night, was one of
the waimest ever held in South Am
Mothers' Week?
UHIKFVFFPFRC who are “moving” or
nuuocnccrtno wll0 may t«mpor
nriiy without a cook, may obtain good meals at
reasonable rates and amid quiet surroundings at
Worrell’s Restaurant
46 Smith Street
Six Brick Buildings Being Erected
as Addition to Chemical
New Plant Being Built at Mechanic Street
and Buckingham Avenue—Work Being
Done by George W. Mercer Construct
ion Company—New Plant Will Practi
cally Thribble the Original One.
The George W. Mercer Construction
Co., have the contract for six new
buildings, which are to be erected
for the Roessler & Hasslacher Cemical
Co. Ground was broken yesterday
for the first of the six buildings
which are to be located at Mechanic
street and Buckingham avenue.
These structures will be of brick
and all are to have iron roofs. It is
expected tnat the new buildings will
be finished in from 3 to 4 months.
When completed they will be known
as plant No. 3, the first and second
being located at the foot of Washing
ton street and on High street near
Buckingham avenue, respectively.
When a News reporter called at the
office of the company this morning,
Mr. Franz Roessler said there was
nothing particular to discuss. The
plant is started and will be similar
to the others which that big company
now controls.
Everybody is talking about Mothers’
Being Held in Somerville Today—Lively
Time Expected.
Tho State Camp of the P. O. S. of
A. meets in Somerville today. A
lively time is expected at the session
in the selection of national delegates.
Several of the national officers are
expected at the State Camp. Among
those who have promised to be there
are National vice president E. A.
Down, National Master of Forms,
William H. Tilton, of Camp 6, Tren
ton, and F. E. Stees, National Secre
tary, who will install the new State
Party from This City Enjoyed a Pleasant
Cruise Monday Night.
On Monday night a party from this
city enjoyed a sail around Staten
Island. They loft here early in the
evening and it was nearly midnight
when they returned. Those in the
party were, Mrs. H. H. Stickney,
onrl CAM' T 1 And Minn Union AT r. 1 1 /-V *
Mrs. Leon Price, and son Raymond,
Miss Ada Hope, Frank Sclmn tz, Guy
Mallet and Percy Mallet.
At the meeting of the members of j
Pressers & Finishers Union No. 771
held last night the pressers, who are :
out ou a strike, at the Atlantic Terra I
Cotta Works at Tottenville, were told
that they could go back to work as
soou as the company could find places
them. The men agreed to accept the
company’s offer.
The city officials will hold their
annual outing at Runvou next Tues
day. This outing is always looked
forward to with much anticipation.
It serves two purposes. The city’s
water plant is inspected and all have
a good time.
court standards Clambake.
The members of Court Standard
No. Ill, Independent order of .Fores
ters, will hold a Rhode Island clam
bake at Dr. Jnhl’s grove, Tottenville,
S. I., Sunday.
wanted at the dry good store of
Salz & Steiner, 1G6 Smith street.
_ 3304-8-17-2t
Cooling and Refreshing
Likes It.
Parisen’s Prescrip
Have Been Biting this Week as
Never Before in Several years
--Bushels Easily Caught.
Longshoremen Say it is has been Many a
Day since they have Seen such Catches
as Are now being Made-Weak Fish
not so Plentiful but Boat Hire Contin
ues Good Owing to the Crabs
Now tliat weak fish do not seem to
bite as good as they have in the last
few weeks, the crabs are taking a
turn and they are being caught so fast
that, it is said, hundreds of them
are_being thrown away. A number of
longshoremen told a News reporter
this morning that crabs have been
more plentiful for the past few days
than they have been for several
Crowds of people have been out and
in a few hours a bushel basket has
been filled. People line the old canal
boats which were placed along the
Central drawbridge to keep the sand
from washing away and they have
great lnck. How long it will con
tinue is hard to say, but they are
plentiful at present and a great many
know it.
Great Success in every large city ami
town—Mothers' ll’eek.
Women Create Much Excitement
at Broad and High Streets—
Little Ones Soon Found.
“Lost, Strayed or Stolen,” a comedjf?)
in three acts. Scene, Broad and High
streets, this city; time, this morning,
Archie McKay, about three years old.
Small girl companion. Children of nei
ghborhood. Score of women. Truck
men and passersby. Worried mothers.
ACT. 1.
9 A. M Archie and his girl companion
stroll uptown unnoticed.
9.45 A. M. Children missing. Mothers
scurry. Neighbors aroused. Truckmen
and pedestrians stop.
Children of vicinity set out in search
of wanders. Women folks hold council
of war. Much lamentation.
IDA. M. Shouts of joy. In dim dis
ance appears ten-year-old girl leading the
two iunocent causes of trouble. They
draw near. One mother's heart leaps
with joy and she herself leaps with a
stick iu her hand. Chorus of females:
‘ Don’t whip her.” “They didn’t know
any better.” “You’ll get arrested.”
Iufautino yells. Watchers slowly re
turn to their homes. Quiet.
Where is Mothers' 11 ’eekf Ask Satz
& Steiner.
The Raritan Yacht Club has secur
ed the ocean going tugs A. H. Ellis
and DeWitt CJ. Ivins for the Inter
national Yacht Races to be held
Thursday, August 20, and Saturday
August 22. Tickets may be pur
chased from B. W. Farrington and C.
Howard Smith. Only a limited num
ber will be sold. $2.50 each, includ
ing refreshments. Gaston Hardy,
The power launch Emma R., owned
by Peter Rnssmussen, of Madison ave
nue, is now receiving a new coat of
paint. The launch was beached last
night and today Thomas Harned
commenced painting her.
ing News. 8-18-tf
Successor to L. Albert & Co.
...Photographic Studio...

Crowds of the Foresters’ Ex
cursion Arrive Home Shortly
Before Midnight.
Outing was One Long to be Remembered
—Young Men Tried to Board Steamer
from a Row Boat and Were Swamped—
Could not Find Right Dock at Carteret—
Stage for Woodbridge People.
There was excitement enough on
board the Foresters excursion jester- /
day to last every one of the two or
three thousand people for several
days. It was 11.45 o’clock last night
when they arrived home and trolley
cars were awaiting them.
The steamer Tolchester and the
barge Susquehanna took the party to
Dudleys Grove, on the Hudson. After
lonrinrr { To U a. j: j a.
C -...V uiu UVI> BW|/
again until the grove was reached
at 3.30 o’clock. After staying at the
grove until nearly 6 o’clock the home
trip was started.
Everything went along nicely until
7 o’clock when everything in the re
freshment line had given ont. Then,
just before the boats reached Eliza
bethport.two young fellows from Car
teret, who were in a small boat, tried -
to row up to the steamer and board ^
The two life guards, who were
sitting in the life boat at the stern of
the barge, seeing what tl^e boys were
up to, told them to keep off but they
paid no attention and w£re swamped.
The life guards quickly rescued them.
In the meantime, someone
the cry that a man was bein_
drowned, and the captain o¥~|£m Tol
chester stopped the steamer, and the
two young fellows were taken on
board. They said that they had lady
friends on board whom they wanted
to see before the boat landed.
It was about 9.30 when the captain
tried to make a landing at the Car
teret dock, but it was so dark that he
conld not see and every time he tried
to land he found it impossible to do
so. After trying for an hour, he gave
it up and went to a dock further up
the river. It was nearly 11 o’clock
when the boats left for Perth Amboy.
The Woodbridge people fonnd there
was no way to get home at that hour
so they hired a stage and arrived in
the early morning.
Mothers' 11 rcck!
Republican Meeting.
All Republican voters of the Sixth
Ward, are cordially invited to attend a
meeting to be held Thursday evening, the
30th of August, 8 o’clock sharp at the
corner of Hall avenue and Elizabeth st.
A Fully Equipped 20th Century Drug Store
especially handy for the residents of
the upper section of the city.
All Physicians' Prescriptions Compounded Day
or Sight.
Campbell Pharmacy.
Cor. State and Washington Sts. Tel 103 I
The maximum temperature yeiter- V
pay was 85 and theminimum 64. \

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