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IIgrnizYo lrbor.
■P^j'gn h1 i n i ~ asasasasas»sa«sas5a‘;r;,,5HsesE5ESEsa
Japanese fishermen on the Fraser
river, British Columbia, have com
promised with thoir employers and
returned to work at the rate of four
teen cents a fish, their demand hav
ing been for 15 cents.
Telegraphers on the Ontario and
Western Railroad have been granted a
schedule of increase in wages, togeth
er with a new system of working rules
to govern their employment and pro
The lock-out of cabinet makers at
Auckland, New Zealand, is still on,
and unions throughout the colony are
making a weekly levy upon members
in support of the men who have lost
thoir employment.
Masons at Crieff, Scotland, after
being on a strike for ten days, have
returned to work on their own terms.
The men will for the next twelve
months get 17 cents per hour, an ad
vance of a halt penny.
The Working Womans' Protective
Union of New York city, is now in
its fortieth year. It engages to collect
free of charge, any jsum, however
small, rightly due to a working wom
an. It has collected 1100,000.
The fight between the incorporated
Trades and Labor Asssembly at Den
ver, Col., and the assembly known as
flia flnofo is to hfl COil
tinned as bitterly as ever,all attempts
at consolidation having been aband
La&v Roiikonkoiiiu Hoy Shot In Joke
20.—Charles Davis, sixteen years of
age. was shot and seriously hurt while
in the woods by John Totten, also six
teen years of age, son of .1. B. Totten.
According to the Davis boy. bis com
panion was careless in handling bis
weapon and several times threatened
to shoot him. Davis paid little ntlon
tion. Finally, he says, when lie was
some distance ahead of Totten, the boy
called out, “Charlie, sec if I can drop
you from here." Davis says he did not
even turn around, and the next second
there was ail explosion, and at the
same moment he was hit in the back
by Ahot.
■ T. A. M. Crabtree Is Miss!ns:.
*. PAUL. Minn., Aug. 20.—Thomas
A^ M. Crabtree, aged sixty, left St.
last March for Maine to collect a
of $ .. wlii' h h:nl I..
1 v i ■ I A ..! I!. I i: i n
has asked the police to aid
her in finding her husband, saying shf
had not beard from him since be went
away. Mrs. Crabtree fears something
has happened to the old gentleman a>
ha was subject to fits. She does nol
know the address of his relatives ir
Grand Labor day excursion $0.25 tc
Niagra Falls and return $0.25 viaLelii gh
Valley Railroad. Tickets will be'on salt
Sept. 5th limited to return to and includ
ing Sept. 7th, at the above low rate and
will be honored on all regular trains.
Consult Lehigh Valley Agents for furth
er particulars. IF50G-8 18 Gl-2t e.w
Children in Peril
Some of the most, anxious hours of n
^ mother’s life are those when the little
V ones have the croup, Foley’s Houej
W and Tar is a safe and effective remedy
S' that never fails. “My boy would have
died from membraneous croup if it had
not been for Foley’s Honey anti Tar,’
waites C. W. Lynch of Winchester, Iud,
Sexton's Pharmacy 70 Smith St.
*" • •• ---—..•—~
Money to loan on
122 Smith St. Perth Amboy, N. J
Valuable Smith Street Property.
If sold before Saturday, $U,;5o'J. Mort
gage $1,800 at 5 per uent.
Comegys Sc Bros.,
Real Estate 208 Smith Street
If you are interested in good property
” low cost, call oil us.
We have some liue lots ou Williair
street for sale cheap.
Boynton Brothers.
Realty and Construction
A good business ..property for sale ou
Smith Street, house nearly new, Stori,
20x44 feet, 10 large rooms, a decided
bargain, terms reasonable.
Post Office Building.
Masons and B&ilders,
Boom 14 Scheuer Bullcl'nff.
ten EveuiuA 7 to lO.
Ten Thousand Civil War Vet
erans Parade at Frisco.
In the Line off March Many Empty
Sleeve*, IJiii’iiimc t«Hltw mill nat
tered War Flaw* Showed the
Sorrow* and lilory off War.
SAN 1'KANCISCO. Aug. 20.—Ten
thousand survivors of the civil war
passed in review, matching to the mar
tial tunes that inspired them to en
deavor forty years ago. Above tile na
tional colors, borne by every marcher,
proudly floated torn and tattered Hags.
These, with empty sleeves and limping
gait, were clotiii'#t reminders of the
sorrow and glory of war. Vnlike the
parade of the previous day, tile quick
marching line of youth, this procession
was the measured and steady tread of
age. As the different divisions march
ed along waves of sentiment passed
over marchers and spectators. There
were many still vigorous in line, but
they waited for their weaker comrades,
and tlie column halted often on its two
mile course.
In tig1 long line were men from ev
ery corner of the nation. Of all the
states, Californi;t excepted, the one
that had the largest lnlmlier in line
was Illinois, but Ohio was a close sec
Almost every delegation liad its em
blem—Ohio its buckeye. Connecticut a
wooden nutmeg. .Minnesota a loaf of
bread and so on indefinitely7. 'I here
was something distinctive to each
The men from Vermont, “the Green
Mountain State." bore a line of seven
given hauliers, caeu comuming a icm-i.
the whole spelling the name ot the
One thousand men marched undei
the yellow banner of Illinois. At the
head marched Colonel Thomas (i. Law
ler. past commander in chief of the
'Grand Army. The Wisconsin division
was led by General Arthur Mac Arthur
in civilian clothes.
Pennsylvania headed the second di
vision. Here and there in the line ap
peared a buck tail, indicating the pres
ence of a survivor of the famous First
Pennsylvania ritirs. “ihe Buck Tails.”
The New York section followed Penn
sylvania. led by John Roster.
General Nelson A. Miles was the
guest of the Spanish-American war vet
erans, and tlie women’s relief corps
gave a reception to Commander in
Chief Stewart.
Governor Tells of Third Set of Twins.
INDIANAPOLIS. 1ml.. Aug. 20.—Gov
ernor Durbin received a telegram from
Stephen A. Beeves of New Albany an
nouncing that Beeves is the father ot
a third pair of twins. “They arrived
this morning and are the third consecu
tive brace. The mother and twins are
doing well,” wired the joy tip I father.
The governor ordered Secretary Lock
wood to inclose the communication
from Beeves in a letter to President
Roosevelt. The governor's letter to the
president called attention to the dis
patch from Beeves and said that it
furnished one more striking instance of
how strenuously opposed to “race sui
cide” are the good Indiana people.
Atlantic City llntlicr* Ingulfed.
ATLANTIC CITY. N. J.. Aug. 20.
Great excitement prevailed on the bath
ing grounds at New York avenue.caused
by a sudden shifting of the currents.
The turn formed a deep hole south of
the ocean pier that was entirely con
cealed at high water, and 121) bathers
stumbled from water knee deep into a
trap that ingulfed them to their shoul
ders. They were panic stricken. Witl
life lines tlie beach guards struggled
out through tlie surf and dragged bath
er after bather from the lade. When
the work was done the life savers were
nearly exhausted.
Secretary Hoot ShIIm For l.omloo.
WASHINGTON. Aiitf. -<». -Secretary
l«»ft Imi'o fur Yn\V Vurlr 011(1 TV 11
sail for Europe tomorrow to take he
seat as chairman of the Alaskan bound
ary commission, which meets in Lon
don Sept. .3. General Oliver will tak<
over his department. General Corbii
left on the same train with Secretary
Root and will witness the yacht races
and then make u trip north to the Thou
sand Islands and Canada.
No Hamo-Japaiifiie War.
YOKOHAMA. Aug. 20. - The .Tapa
nese government disclaims all the panii
stories of war between Russia and .la
pan. All fears of a conflict are ground
less. Roth Russia and Japan are really
trying to be conciliatory. War woulc
not he an advantage to either. So far i
has been a game of bluff. Japan lias m
warships building in England and has
not increased the strength of her army
in view of possible events.
Another chance to spend Sunday ai
Mauch Chunk, Glen Onoka and tin
Switchback via Lehigh Valley Railroac
August 23d.special train will leave Pertl
Amboy at 8.35 a. m. Fare for the room
trip adults $1.50; children 75 cents. Tick
ets for the Switchback, 50 cents addition
al. 3305-8-17-Gl
j A Physician Healed.
Dr. Geo. Ewing, a practicing physi
ciau of Smith’s Grove, Ivy., for over thir
ty years, writes his personal experienci
witli Foley’s Kidney cure: “For years ]
had been greatly bothered with Kidney
and bladder trouble and enlarged pros
tate gland. I used everything known tc
the brofession without relief, until I com
menced to use Foley’s kidney Cure. Af
ter taking three bottles I was entirely
relieved and cured. I prescribe it now
daily iu my practice and heartily reconi
meud its use to all physicians for sucl
troubles. I have prescribed it iu liun
dreds of cases withj^rfect, success. Sex
ton’s PharmacyMfl^Btiy '" t
Powers Will Make Display In
Turkish Waters.
Squat (Iron.* aaf ISnfslAiitl* Krnnce mad
Austria Will Caa-upernte laa Ku
furcaaiK Proaaiist'tl Reforms
in Maacealoitiat.
LONDON, Aug. 20.—The Italian am
bassador here lias received a dispatch
from Rome, announcing that an Ital
ian squadron laid been ordered to
Macedonian waters to "watch events.”
The embassy officials were unable to
say whether it was a result of Russia
sending a squadron to Turkish waters
or not.
Admiral Doinvllle, commanding the
British Mediterranean fleet, now olV
Portugal, lias received urgent orders to
detach some vessels to the neighbor
hood of Salonika immediately.
It Is learned in official quarters that
the action of Russia in ordering a na
val squadron to Turkish waters may
be speedily followed by important joint
aumii tin- |iou ^1 « i..
Communications are at present being
exchanged between the powers relative
to a joint naval demonstration before
The final determination will depend
largely upon Russia, but if a joint
demonstration is determined upon tlie
fleets of England, France and Austria
will certainly co-operate, and it is prob
able that tlie fleets of all the other Eu
ropean powers having Turkish inter
ests, except possibly Germany, which
throughout has not favored taking En
ergetic steps against Turkey, will take
part in the demonstration.
In the meantime tlie Russian squad
ron will not proceed to Constantinople,
as has been reported, but will rendez
vous off a small port of the vilayet of
Adrianople, above tlie entrance of the
Bosporus. For the present this squad
ron has no orders to assume an aggres
sive course. Its action will depend on
Turkey’s fulfillment of the terms of
Russia’s final demands in connection
with the assassination of Consul Rost
kovski. Tlie punishment of a number
of tlie parties implicated is not consid
ered to be full compliance with the
terms of the demands, which include
an adequate indemnity.
Besides the Iiostkovski Incident, the
proposed joint naval action before Sa
lonika is due to tlie earnest representa
tions of tlie foreign consuls at Saloni
ka, who set forth that their lives are in
The assassination of M. ltostkovski is
giving such emphasis to tlie statement
of the consuls that consideration of a
joint naval demonstration of sufficient
strength to impress Turkey with the
necessity for taking decisive action
looking to tlie maintenance of order in
Macedonia is now in progress. The ex
changes of communications have
shown that Russia and Austria con
tinue to co-operate in the action taken
toward Turkey.
TorpiMlo Typi* Yuclit I* a Flier.
NEW YORK. Aug. fin. Unheralded
and unknown while she lias been beat
ing tlie fast steam yachts, the identity
of the low mahogany craft that has
been creating such a stir among yachts
men lias been established. She is tlie
Standard, a new torpedo type yacht,
with reversible gasoline engine of little
weight and of enormous power. The
name Standard is that of tlie marine
engine built by the Long Distance Au
tomobile company, of which Lewis Nix
on is the president. The boat was built
on plans on which Mr. Nixon lias work
ed for years and on lines laid down by
him. She is said to make forty-five
miles an hour and to cost 2 cents per
li.ui»er Milken clnnNii!Hte Governor.
BERLIN, Aug. fin. Baron von Wind
lieim, whom tlie emperor lias just ap
pointed governor of Upper Silesia, was
n olnoonm to nf 11 ! inn loutn n t Don.v
university. The affection formed be
tween them then has been unbroken
since. It is well understood at court
that Yon Windheim is destined for a
high place in the government and ids
present appointment is regarded as
merely a preliminary to his entry iido
the cabinet.
Wiltne* Murder }l>'*ier>,
DETROIT. Mii'li.. Aug. 2o. Although
a score or more of detectives have
spent an entire day searching ihe De
troit river front, no dew lias yet been
found on which to work in solving the
mysterious murder of Alphonse
Wiliues. Charles Edwards of Bangor,
Me., the man who was arrested on sus
picion, is still held at police headquar
ters until his history for the past two
days is fully known.
Steamers In Collision.
BANGOR. Me.. Aug. 2«.-Tlie steam
er City of Bangor, which was in col
lision with the steamer Frank Jones at
Rockland, arrived here a little behind
time with her starboard paddle box
somewhat smashed, it will take at
least three weeks to repair the Frank
Jones, during which time the Portland,
Mount Desert and Maeldas service will
be discontinued.
ConntPNN Christened Shamrock III.
NEW YORK. Aug. 20.—On the
Oceanic of ttie White Star line llie Earl
and Countess of Shaftesbury, who are
to witness the contest for the Ameri
ca's cup as tiie guests of Sir Thomas
Liptou. have arrived here. The countess
was present at the launching of the
challenger and named (lie yacht. The
earl is president of the Royal Ulster
Yacht club.
Counts** to Visit Sick Brother.
BERLlI, Aug. 20. The purpose of
the visit fto America of Countess von
Waldersefc Is to see her brother, who Is
' seriously*!!.
Agriculturists and Other Pro
ducers Will Combine.
Tl»«‘ OI»jc*c*t of tin* A shoo I at ion Is to
Maintain Hat<*M ami to Control
the Histribi’t Ion of All Nat
ural Food Product*.
CHICAGO. Aug. 20.—Plans for com
bining farmers, fruit growers, dairy
men and all other producers of natural
food products into one national orguni
station were considered at a conference
here between representatives of several
farmers' co-operative associations. This
movctnent lias for its purpose the n. |i
tabling of prices, the control of distri
bution of products and the saving of
large sums of money paid.in commis
sions. The plan under consideration
contemplates the erection of grain ele
vators and cold storage warehouses in
all parts of the country where products
may be held if necessary until such
times as they can be marketed at a fair
price. As a result of the conference it
was decided to hold a farmers' con von
tion in Chicago Sept. S to consider de
tailed plans of organization.
Progressive farmers are all invited to
attend, so that one of the present plans
may be adopted or that from all of
them one may be devised that will be
most acceptable to tin* agricultural iu
forests and in which all workers for
the upbuilding of the country can unite.
The call is sign d by Robert Linblom,
president of the Farmers’ -National Co
operative* exchange. Chicago; J. A. Ev
eritt. president of tin* American Society
of Equity, Indianapolis, and 1>. L. Wil
son, representing the dairy interests,
Elgin. 111.
It was claimed by those who attend
ed the conference that win n tin* organ
ization is completed the fanner will be
able to get .$1 a bushel for wheat, fin
cents for corn and tit cents for oats
throughout the ye ar.
The Evening Nows makes a special
ty of real estate.
“Turns Back Time in Its Flight.”
IIMVIOD011'1 ^e diacoiir- iff fi?CHSO
HAT ogstin^g. lifeaird
B | A |D H.” secures positions by pro- 1#DI1
VIM I ll St,rviiiKyouthful locks. Not a W I]
11,1111 dye. Does not stain linen. A " ww
FREE trial bottle to PHILU HAY, 229 Lafayette
et., Newark, N. J. Large 60e. bottle at druggists’.
D ■ : ■ IIIB. ,!!■ ■ . B' lMl.g
; ire You a j
; Fisherman? I
4 Get your RODS j
l Get your REELS \
■ Get yourHOOKS I
1 I
I Fishing Baskets |
■ From |0c up. i
| 82 SMITH ST. 1
■ Long Distance Tel. 20 A. If
I H. & M. Tel. 13-A. |
... . i m ■ f WiiiMiiiiiiiiaK—3

Summer lake
Homes in T11E GREEN
Vermont mountains
Illustrated Book with complete list
of Hotels and Boarding Houses.
Board $4.00 per week and upward.
Mailed for 4c. postage.
Improved Service—Parlor and
Sleeping Cars between Grand
Central Station, New York, and
Vermont without change.
C. V. Ry„ 885 Broadway, N. Y.
Money to loan
Perth Amboy Loan
Branch of New Brunswick Loan Co.
Room 15 Sclieuer Uulldlng
Cor. Smith Street and D II I
New Brunswick Ave , r8rtn AmDOy, N. J.
Hours: 8a.m. till 6 p. m.
P. S.—If you cannot call, drop us a line,
and upon receipt of same our represent
ative will call at your house and ex
plain terms, etc.
No Charpe Unless Loan Is Made.
»; .V....44.4.. V. 4 , ^VAVAVvV'/AV'/A
S' ■:-- ■ — - £ (
»: —— ■■ ■ ■■ ■ -— ■
* >" 1 11 i—.. v%
* ♦
? CUT This Out
♦ It is good for $1/0 <ror h of Red Star Stamps
at otr store any day during the sale, upon
» ♦ purchasing goods to the amount of 50c or
■ over, in addition to he stami>s your pur
clmse entitles you to.
♦ <>
. _ ♦, $
j On each. The balance of
1 tlios3 50c and 75c Silk
Belts. ;<♦)■
each. Boys’ Collar less
Blouses, the newest and ♦) ji
raist for boys.
_ ♦'%
per pair. Ladies’black,
white and grey 19 cent
We have received sonte new '«
Fall waistings, fall price Cn.
75c, special at. OUC U*.
^ 4
The Blarrkets we are selling
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nom wm ,
I Backus Gas and Gasolene Engines
Cheapest Power Known for Driving \
All Kinds of Machinery.
' l l'
1 - •< mm|
' m JM
Send for particulars to
|j NEWARK, N.\/„ U.8.A. J
I " : “"“""■MB

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