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Baseball Game by Lamp S//f was Watched by One of the Largest
Crowds that Ever Enured the Enclosed Grounds at One Time.
Red Men had their Wigwams with Them.
The Sioux Indians’ baseball team
went down to defeat before the
Marions last night before one of the
|l largest crowds that ever attended a
1 ^baseball game in this oity. The large,
I number of people was drawn there;
both by the reports of the good work
the Indian team have been doing of
^ late and also largely by the novelty
of a game’s being played at night.
The diamond, as marked off by for
last night’s game is only thjee
quarters the size of that ordinarily
used and the fielders ph y in different
relative positions. That is to say, the
short-stop and second baseman play
about half way from the baselines to
homo plate and the outfilders play
about on the regular baselines. Thus
the center fielder plays on second
base as well as his own position.
The ball used is about an inch
larger in circumference than the
league ball and is soft and rn color
white, so as to be easily seen. A bat
much thinner than the regular one is
ilie UlalllUllu ummou u;
thirty gasolene lamps strung on wires
jnst ontside of the baselines.
The visitors had two wigwams
pitcheun . nst back of first base which
lent a novel effect to the lighted field.
One. of the redskins had a long
feather in his cap which. however,
did not scare the locals.
The game itself was close and excit
ing, the good playing and experience
in handling the ball of the redskins
1 being pitted against the better playing
i and inexperience of tne local team,
i In the first inning the Marions
' fell all over the sphere and the
Indians scored a run. In their half
the locals piled up four tallies by ex
icellent batsmansnip. Neither side
scored again until the fifth inning,
when the Indians added another run
to tlieir score.
In the seventh—lucky seventh—the
Marions made two more runs by
means of two hits. The Indians
braced themselves in tlie windup and
made two more tallies, tlie final score
being 6-4. While putting the last
Sinox out of plav, Mooreliead and
the redskin collided in some wav and
the popular s >cond baseman suffered
a severe nose-bleed.
The attendance was remarkably
large, there being over 1,100 paid ad
missions at the gate. Estimates of
the crowd present have been made as
high as 3,000.
The features of the game were Me
Phillip’s pitching, Mooreliead’s con
versation, Galvin’s batting and the
mf Several young men who have been
^ camping at Cheesqquakes, returned to
^ \this city yesterday after a verv enjoy
able week. They areJRamsay Crowell,
fdward Keasbey, Alvin Fox and
t Harry Wight.
Thi“ picture n presents the name of a
Mythological deity. , . . , ,
Can you guess it* The solution to yesterday's
puzzle was “Diana.”
The winner of yesterday's prize was I.
Owens 4:3 .iefferson st., Perth Amboy.
short-stoppinR of Little Hate. ‘Pop’
Flynn, armed with a tomahawk and
with a translator in his pocket, mil
pired the contest.
The score in detail follows:
AB. R. IB. PO. A. K.
Moorehead,2b4 2 2 2 4 0
Kiernan, ss 4 1 1 1 10
Mitchell, If 3 1 1 0 0 »
Galvin, lb 4 1 1 10 1 1
Hoffner, 3b. 4 0 0 1 0 1
Bird rf 4 1 2 0 0 0
Connelly c 4 0 111 0 1
Lyons, cf 3 J 0 2 1 O 0
McPhillips p 4 0 0, 1 2 1
, Totals 34 « 10 27 8 4
AB. R. IB. PO. A. E.
Swiftwater,lb4 1 0 8 0 1
Roll’smoke, 2b4 0 0 .1 1 0
Beaver, If 4 0 10 10
Lit’horse.ss 4 0 0 0 4 0
Heigh-heigh3b4 0 1 10 1
Yakinah, cf-p 4 0 3 1 0 0
Big-Horn, rf 4 1 2 0 0 0
Pon-wack,p-cf2 2 1111
Plow-much, c 3 0 0 12 0 1
Totals 33 4 8 24 7 4
Score by Innings.
Marions 40000020x —t!
Sioux 100010002 —4
Two base hits—Gavlin, Bird,Lyons.
Bases on balls—oft' McPhillips 3, off
Pone-wack 2. Struck out—by Me
Phillips 11, by Pone-wack 11. Stolen
baseB—Beaver, Big-horn, Pone-wack,
Moorehead, Kiernan, Mitchell,Lyons.
Time of game—1 hr. 35 min. Umpire
—Mr. Flynn.
Vorwaets Singing Society held
Picnic and Dance Last Night
—Many Present.
From 7 o'clock last night until early
this morning the Singing Society
Vorwaerts entertained a large crowd
of pleasure seekers at a picnic and
dance at Loeser’s Excelsior grove
Maurer. The Vorwaerts is a well
known and popular organization.
The members had been preparing for
the picnic for some tithe and the ar
rangements were complete.
Dancing was the great feature. At
11 o’clock refreshments were served.
After supper a number of athletic
events including bowling and rifle
practice, was enjoyed. For bowing
the following prizes were awarded : A
silk umbrella to Charles Sirnmen and
a silver shaving set to Fritz Schultz.
The last prize, a fine smoking set,
was awarded to Robert Loeser.
The committee in charge of ar
rangements and the dancing floor were
Joseph Volmuth chairman, and Bruno
Those who were present declare the
affair was one of the most successful
yet held this season,. The great ad
vantage was that there was something
for all to do and no one was heard
to complain of having a slow time.
As announced in the News yester
ay, there will be a meeting of the
general committee in charge of the
water carnival tonight, at which
time it. is desired to have as mcch
money as possible on hand in order
that t.ie commitee may know what
they have to count on.
Today’s addition to the fund are
as follows:
Previously acknowledged. $487.01
Peter Floersch.10.00
Joseph Fiigen. 10.00
T. C. Booth.5.00
E. K. Southwiok.3.00
Charles Myers.1.00
Wm. Calvin.v1.00
Keep in mind the excursion |to
Ocean Grove next Thursday by ijte
Andrew Mathiasen, who was In
jured at the New Bridge Yes
terday is Dead.
Strack his Head Against a Heavy Timber
and Splinter Six lackrt Long Penetrated
his Brain Died an Hour After Being
Taken to Hospital - Body now at Burke's
Andrew Mathisen, the workman
who, ns told exclusively in the News
yesterday, was injnred on the new
Raritan river bridge vesterday after
noon and taken to the hospital im
mediatey, died at that lostitntion
within nn hour of his arrival His
body is now at Thomas F. Burke's
undertaking establishment, no ar
rangements having as yet been made
for the fnueral.
Mathisen, who was about twenty
five years old,was attempting to enter
one of the two hnge caissons to be
nsed in sinking the piers for the
bridge, shortly before 1 o'clock, when
lie slipped in some unknown manner
and fell. He struck on his head and
a six-inch splinter entered his head,
perforating the brain. Dr. J. O. Wil
son was hastily summoned and he
was followed shortly by Dr. W. E.
Ramsay with the Copper W'orks
ninhnhince in which the injnred milu
was carried to the city hosiptat.
• V
Hudson County Players to Cross
Bats with the Marions on
Enclosed Grounds.
Tomorrow afternoon the Pearsalls,
champions of Hudson county, will
oppose the Marions. The team will
line up as follows :
Marions. Penrsnlls.
Mjorehead, 2b Nelson, b
Kiernan, ss Cuddy, 2b
Mitchell, If Boehler. If
Galvin, lb W. Becker, p
Hoffner, 3b Schmolve. i f
McPnillips, p Wake, ss
Lyons, cf Dralle, lb
Bird, rf B. Becker, rl
Connelly, c Miekell. <•
The Pearsalls have been playing
'fine ball this year and have won a big
percentage of their games. They de
feated the Equitable* early in the
season 2 to 1 and have stacked up
against some of the best teams here
n Vinn tc
Yesterday was n great, day for ih<
Hungarians. In every city a special'
mass was said, it being the feast ei
St. Stephen, a favorite patron sain'
in the olu country.
The maso was celebrated in tin
local Holy Trinity Cntholic church1
at 9 o’clock in the morning and tic
church vvas crowded. After mass tie
people departed for their home
where a great feast was served
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46 Smith Street
M. & S. Traction Company Said
to Have the Right of Way
from Metnchen.
Suggestion is Made that the New Bruns
wick Company May Enter into a Deal
with#e Public Service—Corporation to
Make Connections Between their Lines
— Plainfield is Interested
In the midst of the trolley activities
in Sonth Amboy and Wood bridge in
which the Central Jersey Traction
Company and the Elizabethpoit, Am
boy and Long Branch Railway Com
pany are concerned, the Plainfield
Conrier-News prints tne following
concerning the proposed line to Plain
field :
“Checkmate has been worked on
the Raritan Traction Company in its
effort to rou its line into Plainfield
from Perth Amboy, The Middlesex
and .Somerset Traction Company,
Radel’s line, which was recently
credited with a desire to get into
Plainfield, also through Metnchen,
holds the key to the situation.
“Both lines have been anxious to
run luto this city from Metnchen and
each has been working hard to make
the way for an extension smooth.
“When it became known that the
Raritan line, which comes into Me
tnclien from Perth Amboy, was
working to get into Plainfield, the
New Brunswick men, whose line runs
into Metnchen at right angles to the
Riritan road,grew exceedingly anxious
in a subterranenu wav. When the
Rnritan men went hunting rvglits of
way ont of Metnchen they found the
only desirable ones over a consider
able stretch signed over to the New
Brunswick line. The latter had
options covering about four blocks
riu’ht in line with the only good route
out of Metuehen.
“Since the discovery the Raritan
line hns remained quiescent. It is not
likely tiiat it will do anything
further, for the only other plan for
reaching this city involves the tan
ning back of the track about a mile.
Aotive steps have been suspended bv
the New Brnnwsick traction men for
the time being, bnt they are supposed
to be watching their chance to pnsh
on into the city.
“One of the things that is holding
them back is the expected opposition
of the local line. There it no donbt
that the Public Service Corporation
would object verv ranch to a direct
line from New Brunswick right into
the city under the control of the
Middlesex traction men. On the
othei hand a connection between the
two roads would be decidedly ad
vantageous to the local line, and
some agreement regarding the exten
sion nml connection of trackage is ex
pected between them.
“One of the men interested in the
expected deal said to a reporter yes
terday afternoon mat the New Bruns
wick and local lines would shortly
get together and decide on - some
agreement. It is expected rlftt the
two lines will meet at Oak Tree.
The Arlington avenue line would oily
need about two miles of extension to
run right to that point. From there
the New Brunswick people would
construct to Metuchen. Under agree
ment. with this line tanning, the fare
from here to Oak Tree wonid be tive
cents. Round tiips from here to New
Brunswick might be offered for a
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stamps given away,-provided your purchase amouuts to $1.00 or wore.
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Man who did not Give his Name,
Grabbed Step of Carriage
to Save Himself.
A great deal of excitement was
caused in Smith street last night
when a man, who was crossing near
Elm street was run over by a carriage
and only saved himself from serious
: injury by grabbing the step on the
| vehicle and allowing himself to be
dragged until the horse could be
I stopped. When this was done the
fellow disappeared in the e-rowd be
fore anyone could learn his name.
It was about 7.45 o'clock when the
crowd was going toward the encloseii
grounds to see the baseball game.
How the man came to be struck is
not known, but he apparently walked
directly into the rig and tbe front
wheels passed over him. He grabbed
the steps before the rear wheels
touched him and was dragged for
some distance.
The whole thing happened so sud
denly that those in the carriage, some
of whom were ladies, were greatly
startled and they began to scream.
This, together with the cries of the
man, frightened the horse, and, but
for the quick action of Mr. LaBrec,
of Brighton avenue, a runaway would
have resulted. He grabbed the animal
and stopped the rig. The man, who
was clinging to the step was not
seriously injured.
Wrestling Match has Been Ar
ranged and Date Fixed for
August 27.
H. P. Hansen received word from
New York this morning that Leo
Pardello would accept his challenge
for a wrestling match in this city.
Hansen is ready and the date has been
fixed at August 27. The style is
Graeco-Roman, best two ont of three
falls for $100. The winner to take $00
and the loser $40.
Hansen is confident of winning. He
said this morning that he has not yet
heard from either Leonbardt or
Bothner. He says the march with
Pardello tfrill probably take place m
Wilder Hall. Details for the bout
are now being completed.
Gilbert Johnson was arrested last
night at the enclosed grounds by;
Patrolman Tnunyson and was arraign - (
ed before the recorder this morning
on a charge of disorderly conduct. He
was fined $3.
The Clam Bake of the season will
be given by the Elks at Sea Breeze
Tuesday, Sept. 1st, 3 to 7 p. m.
Tickets $1.50.
82-l-7t-e.o.d |
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Telephone 115 t.
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P.O. Building. Perth Amboy, X. J.
| -
Morris Audsley. of Plainfield, had a Young Man Eater on his Line
Landed it in the Boat with a Crab Net—Carried Away the Hook
the First Time and Put up a Game Fight.
__ ■■■
A party of fishermen had every
reason to helieve that the sea serpent
had really arrived in Raritan bay
yesterday. They were quietly fishing
for weaK fish and had tied their boar
to a stake a short distance west of the
lighthouse when Morris Audsley, of
Rlainfield, one ot the party, felt a
tremendous tug at his line. He gave
it a jerk, but the resistance nearly
bent his pole double and he thought
he had hooked fast the bottom of the
bay. Something gave way, however,
and when he pulled up, he found the
lower end of his line was missing
hook and all.
The party exchanged remarks as to
where the line had gone while Mr.
Audsley placed a new one on his reel.
He threw it overboard with the re
mark that he was ready to catch a
whale if such a fish was beneath
About a minute later there was a
second jerk on Mr. Andslev’s line.
The boat rocked nnd it appeared as if
they were being towed up the river.
While Mr. Audsley was giving all
his attention to his line and keeping
himself from being hauled out of the
boat, the others in the carry were
thinking about throwing out an anchor
in PflRP thp Rfnkp tn trliinh thn Imot
was tied broke. ,
The excitement increased when two
or three vicious tucs on the line as
sured the fishermen that something
alive was on the other end and it was
something unusual. Mr. Audsley had
a great deal of trouble in hauli^ in.
The fish or serpent, he knes
which, was giving him all kind
game, but the line held fast and
ly when near enough to the surf!
it was found that a shark was cans
all the commotion. With'Xhe aid |
a crab net the shark was'
into the boat. It measured a vard
length. Mr. Audsley who is a cousin
of Madam Audsley. of this city, took
his prize home with him and feels
that he has made the biggest catch of
the season.
Besides the shark, the party caught
twelve weak fish.
One Man in Jail and the Other in Bed
Hearing Later.
Andrew Rusko was arrested last
night on a charge of atrocious assault.
The complaint was made by Frank
Magie who charged Rusko with hit
ting him in the head with a billiard
The case was to have come up this
morning, but Magie was unable to
leave his bed. He is said to be quite
badly hurt. This is not Rusko’s first
offence, he having been up before on
a s tmewhat similar charge. The
hearing will be held as soon as Magie
is able to appear, Rusko in the mean
time, being kept in jail.
ing News. 8-18-tf
The forecast received at the local Signal
Station is for fair.
The maximum temperature yester
day was SI and the minimum 69.

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