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Sunday School Children of the
Baptist Church Sing a Greet
ing at Morning Service.
Twelve Little Girls Tell the Pastor,in Verse
haw 6lad they are that he has Returned
—An; Impressive Service Fall Work
Begins in Earnest and All are Very
Active—All Greeted the Pastor.
A very impressive service was held
in the Baptist church Sunday morn
ing. It was the hrst Sunday the
pastor, Rev. Percy R. Ferris, appear
ed in his pulpit since his vacation and
a large congregation turned out to
greet him.
There was a part of the morning
service which the pastor had not
planned and ot which he know no
j thing. Before ne commenced his ser
! sion the voices of twelve girls from
\ the Sunday school were heard singing
) in the little room off the pulpit. The
'' pastor listened with the congregation
and these are the words they heard:
“We are a happy little band,
“We are so glad today.
“Our pastor has returned again,
<* A nd tnifVi no It o drill gfnr
“We love to hear his voice again
“To preach, and sing add pray.
“We know ho loves to see ns here,
“On this the Sabbath day.”
As the children came out on the
polpit the pastor was visibly moved.
It was a greeting that few pastors are
given and when it was time to give
ont a hymn Mr. Ferris could hardly
control his emotion. He afterward
preached a powerful sermon from the
text, “Open Thou his eyes that he
may see. ”
The winter’s work has started very
auspiciously as the following notices
will show.
Business meeting B. Y. P. 0. to
Biu the chapel.
on social will he held
-Thursday evening by
J. society.
iting of the city council
oy held Monday even
r 7.
lerman-at-large Eokert.
There being uo quorum, Council ad
journed until Wednesday evening,
Sept. tt.
City Clerk.
In the New York Herald Sunday
appeared an article dealing with the
best known beggars in New York and
exposing their methods. There were
photographs of about twelve of them
and one was of Andrew Anderson, the
big Swede, formerly of this city.
The men who have made the largest
fortunes in business are those whe
have been the most extensive adver
Money to loan on
^T22 Smith St. Perth Amboy, N. J
""buy HOUSE
at 132 Brighton ave. Lot 251125, ci y wa'er ii
house, sewer in st rt et, sidewalk laid, beaut if u
grape arb_r. Half cash, and wu will loan n ba
Tell your friends. Comcgyn Hros
If you are interested in good property
• low cost, call -on ub.
We have some fine lots on Willian
street for sale cheap.
] Boynton Brothers.
Eealtv and Construction
Company, ,
A good business property ftvf sale 01
Smith Street, house nearly i ew, Stor
feet, 10 large rooms, a decide!
terms reasonable.
Post Office Building.
Masons and Builders
Boom 14 Scheuer Building.
Crowds at all the Resorts
Picnics, Excursions—Many
Visi’ors Here
Cigarmakers on Excursion to Coney Islam
—Boynton Beach and Sea Breaze sei
one of Largest Crowds of the Year
Groves andiPicnic Grounds Were Crowd
Yesterday saw the closing of mos
of the summer resorts and the end o
all excursions. A big crowd o
neonle took advantage of this, anden
joyed a holiday.
The largest crowd that Boyntoi
Beach has ever had in years onaholi
day was at that place. Not only di<
they come from South Amboy, Me
tuchen, Woudbridge, Perth Ambo
and Rahway, but the steamer Trento:
brought down a big crowd from Ne>
Brunswick, while the Meyers Excui
sion Company brought down a crow
of people on two excursions froi
Newark and New York.
Early yesterday morning all th
employes of the local cigar factory
left on a special steamer for Cone
Island, which carried many of thei
friends from New Brunswick. The
arrived home late last night safe an
sound but very tired.
At Sea Breeze the people just crowi
ed that popnlar resort and they had
great time all day long. It was
popnlar place to see the carnival an
the boats were kept busy carrying th
throngs of people.
All the dancing pavilions wei
crowded, the groves were filled wit
picnics and it seemed that everyon
took the day off to enjoy themselves.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sandt, of Stfit
street, are entertaining their mothei
Mrs. Sandt, from Easton, Pa.
Mr and Mrs. Stanislaus Banzyac
and family, of Catherine street, ai
spending the day at New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harmsen lia\
gone to Lansingbnrg. N. Y. The
will be gone a week.
Miss Anna Berger returned to hi
home at New York, having spent hi
vacation at the home of B. Goldmai
Miss Bertha Murry had for hi
guests her two cousins from Elizi
beth, the past week.
Mrs. D. Avchen spent Friday i
Newark visiting friends.
Mrs. Thomas Klink is visiting i
the home of Mrs. Peter Fredricksoi
of Jersey City.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Smith, of Cortlar
street, are visiting at Troy, N. Y.
Will Cure Consumption.
A. A. Herreu of Finch, Ark., writ
“Foley’s Honey anil Tar is the best pi
paration for coughs,colds and lung trou
le. I know that it has cured cousumptii
in the first stages.” It stops the coug
soothes and heals the inflamed inei
branes in the throat and lungs aud pr
vents serious lung trouble. It is gus
anteed for all throat and lung disease
Refuse substitutes. Sold at Sextoi:
Pharmacy, 70 Smith St.
JudHre Wilson Aoiniiinfetl.
DENVER, Sept. 8.—The Democrat
state convention nominated for s
prente judge Adair Wilson of Durang
former judge of the state court of a
peals. The nomination was made <
flip first ballot, Wilson receiving 151
votes and John 1. Mullins of Dc tv
Other candidates were: M.
* *11 I I« .» . Wini i i . m i I mw.il v-./u ..... ,
Frank I’. Johnson, district judge, Den
ver; \V. H. Bryant, Denver. Former
Congressman John C. Hajl's name was
submitted, liut was afterward with
Operation on tlnn’M Heart.
CHICAGO. S«‘pt. 8. An operation on
, the heart of Matthew Plowman, who
was stubbed in a light with James Cor
| meet Saturday, may save the man's
i life. At Mercy hospital surgeons took
out his heart and sewed it up. Then
oxygen was administered continuously,
and it is said lie lias a possible chance
of recovery. Plowman was stabbed
with a bread knife. The wound almost
cut his heart in two.
Marconi la St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS. Sept. 8.—William Mar
coni lias arrived, accompanied by sev
eral otiieia Is of Ids company. They
were taken to the St. Louis club, where
a dinner was given in honor of Signor
Marconi. The visit of Marconi is to
consult with the exposition officials in
regard n> the proposed establishment of
| a wireless telegraph station on the
[ world's fair site.
Of Interest To Many.
. It is not generally known that mon
' | than one third of the' deaths are from kid
uey d:seases. Watch your kidueys as yoi
! can not live without them and they cai
not be replaced. Foley’s Kidney Cun
will cure any case of kidney disease tha
is not beyond the reach of medicine. I
will make you well. Sold at Sexton’i
, Pharmacy, 70 Smith St.
Marions Take Pennsylvania Into
Camp by a Large
I Baseball was Easy for the Marions and
> they Walked Away fromlthe Visitors—
Same Old Story of the.Game—New Um
pire In Charge-Marions Outplayed
t The Marions won again yesterday,
E defeating Chester 9 runs to 2. Guest
E was in the box for Chester and the
• locals found the south pavv compara
tively easy. He appeared to be not in
1 the best possible shape.
Bird was unable to plav yesterday
1 and Roohe, of Manhattan College,
• was secured in his placo. The latter
T was called on to play third as Hoffner
1 failed to put in an appearance. Brad
r ley went to right field and Manager
- O’Roarke, of the visitors, handled the
1 umpire’s indicator. These changes
1 worked satisfactorily until the fifth
inning when Hoffner appeared and
3 the team assumed its normal appear
, ance. The following is the score :
Y Marions.
r AB. R. IB. PO. A. E
Y Moorehead,2b5 2 4 3 2 0
1 Kieruan, ss 3 1 2 2 3 0
Mitchell, If 5 1 0 1 0 0
Galvin, lb 4 0 1 10 1 0
McPhillips.p 4 2 2 0 2 0
• Lyons, cf 3 0 0 0 0 0
a Roche, rf-8b 4 0 1 0 0 0
i Bradley, rf 1 0 0 2 0 ,0
„ Hoffner, 3b 3 1 1 12 1
Connelly, c 3 2 1 8 2 0
o Totals 35 9 12 27 12 1
ll Chester
AB. R. JB. PO. A. E.
Kelly, cf 3 0 0 3 0 0
Strieker, If 4 0 0 1 0 0
Chilcott, 2b 2 1 0 1 2 1
Fox. c 4 0 1 3 0 0
Wolff, lb 4 0 1 11 1 0
0 Uebfried, 8b 3 0 0 2 6 1
, Wtilteli,rf 2 1 0 0 0 0
Archibald, ss 3 0 1 3 0 2
Guest, p 3 0 0 0 4 0
e Totals 28 2 3 24 13 4
Score by innings:
p Marions 01203 2 10 x— 9
y Chester 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0—2
Two base hits, McPhillips, Archi
bald. Bases on balls, off McPhillips
| 4, off Guest 2. Struck out by Mc
Phillips 5, by Guest 2. Double plays,
Moorehead to Galvin, Chilcott to Wolff
r to Archibald, Chilcott to Archibald.
l" Passed ball, Connelly. Wild pitch,
McPhillips. Sacrifico hits, Kiuruan
lt 2. Stolon bases, Moorehead, Kiernan,
Kelly. Time of game 1 hr. 40 min.
it Umpire Bradley.
IIImIioi* of llhode ImIsiixI DpihI.
NEWPORT, K. I.. Kept. X. — Right
^ Rev. Thomas I,. Chirk, bishop of Rhode
Island, died suddenly at ids home in
. Live S<ot*k tlurket.
is CATTLE Mark *t a 3 i i
B. ; prime. $6.15(fr5.26; fair, veal
, calves, $7.50(</7.75.
HOGS Market act! < pi te ht a .vs.
>u $6.20(96.26: mediums. 56.-If.'; 6.50; h*avy
, Yorkers. $6.40(96.43; light Yqrke s, $6.30®
’ 6.36; uigs. $6.20(96.-5; roughs.
D SHEEP AND LAMBS Market higher;
B- best wethers. $4(94.25; culls and common,
j,_ $1.50^2; spring lambs. $3.50-96"0.
A Dangerous Experiment.
It is dangerous to experiment with some
unknown preparation when you have a
cough or cold. Foley’s Honey and Tai
ic will euro you and prevent pneumonia and
i- consumption. Contains uo opiates and if
n, guaranteed to give satisfaction. Refuse
j. substitutes. Sold at Sexton’s Pharmacy
70 Smith St.
--- - =
Deckhand on a Barge Thoughl
he Could Reach Boat
but Failed.
Said to.have been Unable to Swim and as h?
Went Down he Called -Life Savers were
Soon to the Rescue and Man Was Land
ed Without Having Been Hurt—Put A
board and Continue to New York.
At 5.80 o’clock last night when the
liarge James J. Horton, of the Meverf
Towing Company, was leaving Boyn
ton Beach, one of the deck hands,
who had been left behind, came run
ning down the dock at a great rate ol
speed, he jumped off the dock
intending to reacli the boat bui
landed in the water. He was unablt
to swim and as he fell he called foi
help. The life savers, who are em
ployed by the excursion people for
just such happenings as this, soor
had their boat untied and when thej
reached the spot where the struggling
man was going down, they pulled bin
aboard, more frightened than harmed,
The boats were stopped and the fellov
was taken aboard, where the deck
hands soon brought him around.
Jntin Miller. 11 Supported Crunk, Ar
rested at Syracuse.
SYRACUSE. N. Y.. Sept. H—'The po
llt-e charge John Miller, a German whc
was an t'sieu jii m* mum*, v\ uu mi *1*1#.
threatened to shoot the president dur
ing liis stay in tliis city.
Sunday evening the police learned
that a man named Miller, living in the
southwestern part of the city, had said
that he would shoot the president while
the letter carriers' parade was being re
viewed. lie denies that be made any
threats against the president's life and
claims that the woman through whom
the police learned of it is lying.
When questioned at police lieadquar
tors he was unable to give a clear ex
planation of his whereabouts since <
o’clock Sunday morning. Once he said
that he had gone to Auburn, bis for
uier home, in search of work, but lit
could not tell wheqthe returned noi
give auy incidents of his visit — -
Untile of l.nke George \ow Market
by beautiful Statues.
LAKE GEORGE, N. Y., Sept. 8.
Tlie events of the day were the reviev
of the troops by Governors Odell
Chamberlain and McCullough and th
unveiling of the monument in com
raemoration of the battle of Lak
George. Escorted by Major Genera
Roe, the governors, followed by thei
staffs in full uniform, passed down tli
line and then returned to tin* reviewim
stand, when the troops marched past i:
Lieutenant Governor Curtiss Guili
and his staff came a half hour later.
The unveiling ceremonies were wil
nessed by a great concourse of citizen
and visitors. The principal addres
was delivered by Senator Iiepew, wli
presented the monument to the state o
New York.
Soldiers Hi I'ripple Creek.
CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo., Sept. 8.
Cripple Creek's seven rich hills ar
fairly dotted witli soldiers of the lit
tional guard. Every large property i
belted with a Hue of blue coated picl
ets. and it is no exaggeration to sa
| that one cannot go a lium#.d yards i
I any mineral district without encoui
j tv ring a sentinel.
Admiral Reports All
Now at Beirut.
Four Men Plneed Under Arrest ;
Charged With Attaekiitg the
Vice Con*u« Who Wai Shot
ut. hut Uninjured.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 8. -The navy
department has received a long cable
gram from Hear Admiral Cotton, at
Beirut, stating that matters are quiet
now and that the presence of the
squadron lias had an excellent effect.
The admiral's message said:
“Vice consul shot at, hut uninjured.
The Turkish officials have informed
consul that four men have been placed
under arrest because it is suspected
that they had attacked the vice consul.
1 cabled to the American minister at
Constantinople the arrival of the Tutt
ed States squadron. The American
minister lias nothing to communicate.
I have strengthened the American rep
resentatives’ position by pronounced
recognition of them.
“The American consul and the vice
consul accompanied me in my call on
(lie Turkish governor and the Turkish
general and were present at their call
on board tin* Brooklyn. The Turkish
officials very cordial. The Turkish ad
miral is here. The following Turkish
ships are here: One small gunboat, one
armored cruiser, i'siuil courtesy ex
changed. Have conferred with the con
sul freely and with other prominent
American citizens.
"I shall require a full statement in
writing of the situation at Beirut. The
presence of the American squadron in
spires with confidence and feeling of se
curity all foreigners and Christians.”
This cablegram lias been communi
cated to the president and to the state
department, hut no instructions have
yet been sent to Admiral Cotton.
The navy department 1ms been ad
vised of the arrival of the Machlas at
Port Said.
Two Mm Killed In a Wreck.
ALTOONA. Pa.. Sept. 8.—Two men
were killed and one fatally wounded
by the wrecking of a train of small
dump cars on the New Portage rail
way several miles west of Duneans
ville. _
Snowstorm on the Divide.
SALIDA. Colo.. Sept. 8.—A heavy
snowstorm fell on the continental di
vide. The entire range Is covered with
several feet of snow.
Fine Ladies’ Tailor.
We make fine Ladies’ Suits iuNew
York style. We guarantee the
best fitting and best workman
We also Make Fine Gents’ Clothes.
A complete line of samples has just arrived.
, Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing.
Money to loan
: Perth Amboy Loan
Branch of New Brunswick Loan Co.
Room 15 Scheuer Building
Cor. Smith Street and u I
B New Brunswick Ave , reirtl AltlDOy, N. i.
Hours: 8 a. m. till 6 p. m.
P. S.—If you cannot call, drop us a line
„ and upon receipt of same our represent
ative will call at your bouse and ex
11 plain terms, etc.
No Charoe Unless Loan Is Made,
II. " III..
Summer lake
Homes m THE GREEN 1
Vermont mountains
Illustrated Book with complete list
of Hotels and Boarding Houses.
Board $4.00 per week and upward.
Mailed for 4c. postage.
Improved Service—Parlor and
Sleeping Cars between Grand
Central Station, New York, and
■Vermont without change.
'» -
C. V. Ry., 885 Broadway, N. Y.
Wheeler & Wilson
Sewing Machine.
Rotary Motion and
Ball Bearings.
If You are Thinking
About getting a first-class Machine
have one sent to your house on a
free trial. Teacher will call aud in
struct on the best steel attachments
made ; or call and examine at office.
So d for very reasonable prices.
A. JENSEN, Dealer
336 State Street
Export Beer
Is without a rival as
a table beverage.
It has won its place
|P in the home through
merit alone.
It’s digestable be
N cause i t’s properly
Bottled or
on Draught.
Breweries, Newark, N. J. I
Unless they are> good health is impossible. I
Every drop of blood in the body passes through and is filtered by healthy kidneys every three minutes. Sound
kidneys strain out the impurities from the blood, diseased kidneys do not, hence you are sick. FOLEY’S KIDNEY
CURE makes the kidneys well so they will eliminate the poisons from the blood. It removes the cause of the ■ i
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and many others, are all due to disordered Kidneys. A simple test for Kidney disease is to set aside your urine ■ 1
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Some Pronounced Incurable Had Lumbago and Kidney Trouble
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KIDNEY CURE is meeting with wonderful success. It has cured “I wish to say for the benefit of others, that I was a sufferer from
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