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Pertl? Amboy Ever?ing H®ws
An Independent Newspaper published every afternoon, except Sundays,
by the Perth Amboy Evening News Company, at
5 King Street, Perth Amboy, N. J.
D. P. OLMSTEAD..Business Manager]
The Evening News is on sale at newstands and delivered by
regular carrier in Perth Amboy, South Amboy, VVoodbridge,
Carteret, Tottenville and surrounding towns for 6c per week.
By mail, postage prepaid, per year.$3-°°
“ “ “ six months - - - * - t-5°
Newark,.F. N. Sommer. 794 Broad St.
Long Distance Telephone.9§
Entered at Post-Office as second class matter.
After a twoweeks’vacation Williamlloy
oi High street, is baek at his duties as
shipping clerk with the C. Pardee
Edward Cane, of the Wilkinson Gad
dis Company, of Newark, was a Perth
Amboy and Totteuville visitor Wedues
Alfred Toft, of Madison avenue, lias
a position as weigher, at the Karitan
Copper Works.
Miss Sarah Weiss, visited her parents
iu this city last Sunday.
Miss Annie Mintz, wlto has’been visit
ing the past week at Plainfield, has re
turned to her home.
George Fiukelsteiu, was tits guest ol
Mr. and Mrs. Weiss, on Labor day.
A. Dorewitz, Jeweler, of 28 Hall ave
nue, will remjve bis business 10 310 State
street, about Oct. 1st.
Principle J. M. Koagle, of school num-.
bar G lias moved into the house, at 13
Hector street, formerly occupied by Mr.
C. L. Straub.
Miss Pariseu and M ss Anita Dinhatu,
of Jersey City, and Miss Lillie Pariseu,
of South Amboy, spent Thursday with
Mss Ida Noe, of Gordon street.
Little Tommy Henderson, of 120 Gor
don street, fell on returning front school
on Thuisday and sustained severe injuries
Mrs. Jesse it and daughter have return
ed to tlielr home on Gordon, street, after
visiting at Saratoga.
.Mis. Kluisseudorf, of Biighton avenue,
is confined to iter home with illness.
Mrs. Waters of Jeff rson street, is visit
ing at Mauch Chunk.
M s-tGerirud Fitton has returned to her
It int', in Pawtucket, al'tir visiting her
sister Itlrs. W. A, McCoy, of Kearny
Mrs. Arthur Quinn, of Gordon street,
spent Thursday in Freeled.
Mrs. Nelson, of Gordon street, is enter
taining her daughter from Jersey City.
Miss Hilda Nelson, of Gordon street,
has returned home after visiting friends
in Brooklyn.
The Misses Sexton returned to their
home in Carteret, after visiting their sis
ter Mrs. .James flarcey, of 103 Brighton
Miss Ida Noe. of Gordon street, is con
templating an offer of a musical position,
in Montreal, Canada.
Mrs. Wilds, ot Hobart strees, is enter
taining her ueice from out of town.
The Christian Alliance will hold a
meetiug next Tuesday evening at the
home of Arthur Dunbar on Elm street.
Elmer Cliristopherson has a position
with J. II. and F. Hilsdorf.
Elwood Sigenfuss, formerly of this
city, now of Linden, is in town for a few
Frederick Janiiy, of Smith street, is
having his house repainted.
R. A Brown, au employee of the Ceut
tral Railroad, is on a vacation.
Neilson Brothers’ subscription of
$2.00 for the carnival fund has been
banded in since the total amonnt of
$870.25 was published last Saturday,
making the sum $872.25. Several con
tributions were received from em
ployees of various factories and were
acknowledged simply as from the
employees of whatever company they
were connected with, so that many
individual names were omitted. The
Evening News, however, published all
names received by Harry Conard,
treasurer of the fund.
The sudden drop in the market price of
meat has had its effect- />
Down Go Our Prices.
We are the leaders in low prices for strictly high
grade meat. Here are a’few leaders for you to
think over. All other meats at proportionately
low prices, . . ...”
The contract to furnish Perth Am
boy with new fire apparatus lias been
awarded to that much talked about
Rex Company. It' the apparatus do
not prove satisfactory the city knows
who to blame. There has been enough
said against the Rex company to put
the aldermen on their guard and it is
to be supposed they knew what they
were doing. Only time will tell con
clusively whether a mistake was made
or not and then all the lilatne or
credit, whichever it may be, must be
placed upon the aldermen who voted
in favor of the award.
Just as the friends of paving in
Washington street were beginning to
lose hope and were wondering how to
do it all over again and be more suc
cessful, comes the report that the re
monstrance signed by citizens opposed
to improvement and city advance
ment, has not succeeded in killing the
ordinance On the orlier hand, the
remonstrance was found to be heavily
padded. The aldermen want more
time to weed onr the illegal ones and
the list may drop still more. The
prospects for the pavement are bright.
The street needs it before the winter
storms and spring thaws again make
the thoroughfare a disgrace fo the
city. Look if over goon, gentlemen,
we feel confident there are enough
progressive citizens in Washington
street to insure the paving of the)
Action of rite bridge approach, con
tract awarded for new fire apparatus,
notice of intention to build Smith
street sewer and decision to drive two
more wells at Runyon, is the work of
the Board of Aldermen at a single
meeting. This is so sudden and so
agreeable too. Great progress, indeed.
Keep it up, the cify can stand more
of if.
UINUfcK I M t ot A.
Biibmffriuo ll«»4« t Go<*» Down Willi
ISaoKtM **! 1.
NEWPORT. R. T... Sept. 11. Miss Al
ice Roosevelt, daughter of the presi
dent, went down in the submarine boat
Moccasin here. The boat dhl not leave
dcyrll at fit a torpedo station. Mis
■'^^Hxypvelt entered the boat with Cap
tain I-'loteher of the station. The crew
then closed the hatches, and water bn!
last Wits taken in until the vessel set
tled to the bottom. After being snb
merged fora few minut-s that the nov
elty of the situation might lie appre
ciated the vessel again came to the sur
face. and the voyagers disembarked.
Miss Roosevelt had 'neon d"sirons ot
making a personal examination of the
I I I a— U IN O II ’
Support l.im For Mnyor ntstl ThlnU
Hr Will Win.
NEW YORK. Sept. 11 In lustitica
lion of tilt" action of the fusion confer
ence in declaring for tin' .on r.iination
if Mayor Low at the head ■ f tla> anti
Taniinany forces 1!. Kuiton Cutting,
president of the Citizens' I'nicn, and
.M. Liun Bruce, cliairnian of the lie
publican county committee, canto out
with separate statements d 'during th it
Mr. Low would surely win ami giving
their reasons for the belief.
Mr. Cutting refers to many reforms
carried out by the present administra
tion in the police, tire and other city
departments, improvements made in
the various boroughs, the abolition of
the "Red Light" district and the- ••ca
det" system, the work of the health
hoard in the crowded districts and in
the schools and the new tax system.
He declares that appeal will be made
to the public on local issues and that
with the co-op ration of the police de
partment 15,00n fraudulent votes which
might otherwise he east this year will
he disqualified.
Kennison of the Miners* Viaion As- [
sanlted uml Drew Pistol.
CRIPPLE CREEK. Colo.. Sept. 11.—
President C. <J. Kenuison of one of the
district unions had trouble with a non
union miner and was st # It. lie drew
a pistol, hut was disarmed before he
could use it. Later lit" was arrested
and placed in jail on a charge of car
rying a concealed weapon. He said:
“I am guilty of the offense charged.
I carried a weapon for the sole pur
pose of defending my life. The guards
at the El Paso mine said they would
stretch me up to an electric light |>ole.
I was brutally assaulted, and 1 drew a
revolver in defense of my life.”
Tied Stone to Ills A'eck and r.'letl.
MIDDLETOWN, N. Y„ Sept 11.—
James Blake of Monroe, sixty-five
years of age. tied a stone around his
neck and drowned himself in a mill
pond. A month ago he attempted to
kill himself with laudanum.
llnnlnn's Point Fire.
s-TORONTO, Sept. 11.—The grand
stand at Iranian's hotel, Iranian's
Point, on the island opposite Toronto
has bei'tt destroyed by tire.
K\ \ 'inun Ai-~*rrrnmry/ < nsu
interior of a submarine boat. Accord
ingly she asked her father if lie would
be willing to permit her to make a divi
in one, and lie consented.
Miss Roosevelt is the first American
woman as far as is known here to have
gone under water in a submarine boat
Miss Roosevelt confessed to feeling
that the experience was somewhat mi
canny. The moorings of the bout were
not cast off, hut all the engines were
put in motion, and Miss Roosevelt saw
everything at work just as it would be
under service conditions.
i Bishop Against I nlnn'n Oath,
OMAHA, Neb., Sept. 11.—“I am at a
loss to understand how any sensible
man could formulate such an abomina
tion or how any sensible man could as
sume it,” said Bishop Scannel of the
Catholic diocese r>f Omaha, speaking of
the oath members of the International
Typographical union take in joining it.
“No man can be a good member of the
Homan Catholic church and adhere to
the principles of the typographical obli
gation,” he continued, “and unless the
obligation is changed Catholic mem
bers should get out of the organiza
tion. No priest has any right to nl>-\
solve from sin any member who holds
the typographical union in higher re
gard and authority than he does th«
church and state.”
- T~
H. PAVLOVSKY’S Meat Market
To-Morrow will be a day of many important events, among the
many Leading Special Sales s chcduled are
Spring «Ap
Leg Lamb
Chuck IAp
Steak lUu
Plait B"n
Meat SJu
v " I0jl2c
Qhnnlrlor nf AM
Fore Saddle
Lamb f 0
j California
Hams 9^20
Round ICO
Ste k 190
I A l _,
Breast Mn
j_ Mutton
Sirloin IfiP
Steak ID'J
Cross 19 P
Rib Roast l£U
Porterhousel^ 0
Shak If'-'
A *-_ ..... __i. .f .
Mutton 3lbs. CUC I Ul UtilS
242 Smith St. Perth Amboy N. J.
A BECAUSE —W'e give better groceries for less money than any- 2 I
T body else. We give you lots of Trading Stamps T
^ I" ree with everything you buy. We have no stale J
2 goods on our shelves. Everything you buy here is £
of the best possible quality. A
^ BUTTER—Best Elgin Creamery.23c lb. ^
T L«RD—Armour’s Best Lard, 3 lbs.25c ^
2 MALTA VITA—regular price 15c . |2c 2
^ BEST TOMATOES-- 3 lb. can, 3 cans .25c ^
] $1 woof,h Stamps
^ .Free with any of the
^ following
m i large bag of salt
y i box of Macarona
\ i package Spigetti
i i lb. best Cocoanut (loose)
W i gallon Vinegar
T i can best imported Sardines
5 i bottle Ammonia
} $8 wr Stamps
T Free with one pound can of
y Best Purity Baking Powder
I 43c
$15 w:?h Stamps II
with the following order ^ j
1 box Uneeda Biscuits. ,05 T
1 lb. cake baking chocolate.34 ¥
1 “ best Java Coffee .29 & I
1 “ “ Butter.23 ^ 1
1 peck Potatoes .19 y
1 lb. can best Purity Baking ^
l cake Fairy or Ivory Soap.05
1 bottle best extract.10
1 doz. matches . 05
1 bottle best sauce.!.10 ¥
1 bottle pickles .10 A
1 large bag Salt. .10 ^
$2.00 b
5.00 worth of stamps Free £ !
with one lb. of our best ^
Purity Tea at 50c. ^ i
$2 00 in stamps with one lb. !
Premium Coffee at 25c T; :
^ This sale will last for Saturday, September 12 only, at the
| New York Cash Grocery,
y Greenspan Bnj>s., Tel. 154-a. 219 Smith Street
-A- few ol our leaders ...
V an Camp’s Beans, 9c can Pekay Coffee, 24c
Large size can Baked Beans, 9c
Sweet Clover Condensed Milk, 3 cans 25c
Our new Century Mixed Tea cannot be beaten, 35c per lb.
MEAT AAADIfET 48 Smith Street, U
IVIkfl I EYIAIllVE I 5 Perth Amboy. I
Telephone 80. I
WHY, the «
Wheeler Piano
is known all over the
it is a beauty in tone,
as well as finish.
Special for Saturday
only Sept. 12.
Hiawatha Instrumental and Vocal,
15c per copy.
Olympia Musical
Automaton Co.,
150 Smith Street.
A Choice Line of
People’s Meal Martel
518 State Street, - Telebhone 31-m
247 New Brunswick Avenue, Tel. 109-i
Jos, Polkowitz & Bro,
| Extreme
I Style'Elegance 1
I in new fall Skirts while R
this seasons mades are
far more elaborate than 1
those of previous sea- jj
son. The real elegance Jy
and beauty lies in the
new materials. Weaves R
that eclipse anything w
ever before shown all B
correct styles are exten- ®
sively shown in our iff
stock in keeping with Si
(fashions latest demands R
at our well known pop
ular prices from &
3.25 to 9.50 I
Philip Levine. 1
| 351 State Street
SI Near Fayette St.
Shot by n Soldier.
PIT1SBLRG, Sept. 11.—A soldier in
the United States arsenal shot William
Crowley in the groin while the victim
was stealing, it Is alleged, copper from
the roof of the barracks. The com
mandant of tin* arsenal refused to turn
over to the police the soldier who shot
the man. Crowley died at the hospital.
| your Kind gtteilion Please I
Irp HE business of McManus Bros.
™ formerly of 81-83 Market Street, »|j
Newark, is now removed and S;
merged in their Elizabeth stores at 105, pji ' ^
r°7, 109 First Street, where they will be
pleased to see their friends and custom- 3j
ers. Accounts opened in Perth Amboy ^ i mi 4
and surburbs. Our low expanses will o| i ^Rj|
admit of our selling ten p>er cent less j
than Newark or New York houses.
A8to iehteyou°SffUat0r CAR FARE ALLOWED |j 1
McManus Bros. Wagon Deliveries at your door »|j
I McManus bros. i
1 105-107-109 M SL I

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