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Defeated the Crescents in a Warm Game
Saturday Afternoon.
The Raritan Copper Works first team
defeated the Crescents Saturday after
noon by a score of 3 to 2 in a tqja
inning game. The game, which was
played on the Copper Works diamond,
was a hotly contested one and the
Copper Worfcs boys had to work hard
to gain the victory. Joseph Smith,
who did the twirling for the Copper
Works team, allowed only five hits,
and struck out three hits. Costello,
of the Crescents, allowed eleven hits.
The battery for the Copper Works was
Smith and Lind, and for the Crescents
Costello and Cleary. Because the
Marions did not have a game a large
crowd of people was on hand.
It was the last game of the season
for the Copper Works first team and
hereafter any games played will be by
scrub teams. In all, the first team
lias played seventeen games winning
The Raritan baseball team defeated
i O flAVTl K tnn tvi nn tlin T)n/\rann« A aLI
Billiard and Pool Parlor
42 Smith Street1 Perth Amboy. N. I.
k ■■■ . Ml I —
'™ ■ . —
D. ¥. RUSH’S
383 8tate Street
r'"'R ari't anc‘afe“"1
■ 82-184 Smith St. Perth Amboy j
Pathetic Picture* of TraKedien En
acted Above the Brink of the
Terrible Cataract.
The Indians held that Niagara claimed
its yearly quota of victims. Even to-day,
when the wind Is In a certain direction
and the roar of the falls has a peculiar,
thunderous sound, they say, “Niagara Is
booming! It is calling for another vic
tim!” And long indeed is the roll call of
the lost, says Youth’s Companion. All
guides point out the spot where the
French lady, stooping to fill her cup from
the rapids, fell, and was whirled away in
an instant. Nothing was seen of her but
once; then for the space of a flash a hand
tossed above the waves.
They show you the rock to which
Avery clung for 20 hours, for half a day in
view of the frantic crowd, who sent raft
f after raft to reach him, yet saw him
swept like a weed to destruction at last.
Perhaps the most tragic story is that of
the young man who was walking with his
bride on Luna island. Just at the brink
of the falls they stopped to greet a party
of friends. The young husband, in merry
mood, took in his arms a little girl of the
party. Teasingly he held her out over
the brink, never doubting the security of
his strong grasp. TJie terrified child
struggled and screamed, and in the
struggle slipped from his arms and into
that whirl of foaming water.
Overwhelmed with the awfulness of
his act, and doubtless actuated by a wild
thought of saving the child, the young
man leaped after her to his own death,
and the two were swept away before the
horrified gaze of their friends.
Perhaps that bride’s fate, who stood
and saw this awful tragedy, was sadder
than the lot of the other ill-starred bride,
who went rowing in a little boat with
(11*51 JUU1I6 V- »»
the falls. Although warned not to ven
ture too far, they rowed on and on over
the smooth, treacherous, fair-seeming
waters, till the terrible current seized
their little skiff and whirled it Into the
rapids. The last glimpse of them showed
them standing up in the rocking boat,
clasped in each other’s arms. The boat,
irlde and bridegroom were engulfed in
relentless waters.
“You’re the flame that draws the
moths now, but wait a few years!”
The warning was lost on the beauti
ful young thing.
“Huh!” she exclaimed, scornfully.
“I don’t see why one has to be a moth
ball just because she is old!”—Detroit
Free Press.
“Give her this,” said the doctor.
The man took the prescription And
went away. But be came back the next
“What! Does she still imagine she’s
sick?” exclaimed the doctor.
“No, she knows it now,” said the man.
—Puck. __
Saturday afternoon by a score of 11 to
2. The battery for the Raritans was
Hornsby and Post.
The first team of the Perth Amboy
Terra Cotta Wor^s won a close game
from the Gable Works by a score of 6
to 5 Saturday afternoon. The battery
for the terra cotta works was Linder -
berg and Grimley. The Cable Works
battery was Keating and Johnson. It
was a fourteen inning game.
The Washington base ball team was
defeated by the Manrer team yester-'
day afternoon at Maurer by a soore of
6 to 5.
The battery for the Washingtons
was Oleson and Johnson, and the
battery lor the Maurers was Barton
and Lund.
The American Smelting & Refining
Company’s first team won in a game
with a scrub team Saturday afternoon
by a score of 10 to 8. The battery for
the first team was Mullins and
Sew Government of the Federal DU
tric-t Will Include Sub
urban Tovvun.
The new administration of the fed
eral district of Mexico, which went into
effect on July 1, will make tor increased
efficiency and a marked improvement in
the living conditions of the inhabitants
of the district, particularly in the sub
urban towns, says Modern Mexico.
These towns, instead of being depend
ent purely on their local resources and
the greater or less enterprise and in
telligence of their annually elected mu
nicipal boards, which were often uncer
tain factors, will be taken directly un
der the wing of the federal government,
whose ample means will be available for
the Improvements demanded by health,
decency and comfort. In other words,
these towns will be no longer isolated
and left to prosper or decay, accord
ing to the abundance or scarcity of their
own funds, but will be taken into a
general system of which the capital will
be the head, and, equally with the capi
tal, they will be the object of the solici
tude and liberality of the federal ex
chequer. There will be no atrophied
members In the district community, as
each will receive a generous and invig
orating current of the life-fluid. Ii
fact, the whole spirit of the law is tha*
this district, the seat of the federal au
thorities, is in a special manner theii
concern; it is in a way their estate, so
to speak, their show place, and, there
fore, every part of it will be entitled
to the proper care which beauty and
more solid interests demand.
The law vests the administration of
the federal district in three federally
appointed officials, known as the gov
ernor of the district, the president of
the superior board of health and the
director of public works, in some cases
acting together as a superior governing
board, or separately, each in a clearly
defined sphere of action'.
The ayuntamientos, or municipal
councils, cease to be governing and ad
ministering bodies, and, in fact, cease
as corporations to have an independent
legal existence, but on the other hand,
boards of aldermen will continue to be
elected in the capital and outside towns
of the district, and thev will constitute
a popular check on the superior govern
ing board. They wil be the representa
tives, the guardians of the interests ot
their several localities, with the rights
of initiative, vigilance and veto. They
will be entitled to suggest measures in
the interest of their constituencies; to
exercise supervision over the proper car
rying out of measures adopted; and to
suspend public works, which they con
sider detrimental, by a veto which can
not be ultimately set aside except by
the president of the republic, acting with
the advice of his cabinet.
Packing' Cigar*.
An improved method of packing ci
gars, which has for its object the
means of facilitating the sending of
cigars and other similar articles by
automatic machinery is a long ribbon
of paper which not only enables these
delicate pieces to be handled by slot
machines, but also offers a means of
protection while in the pocket. An
other feature of this invention is that
it may be used as a means of prevent
ing or detecting theft from the boxes
of gentlemen who are in the habit of
purchasing their cigars by the box. Un
der the present method or pad ing the
cigars it Js an easy matter for a serv
ant, or other person, to abstract a cigar
or two from the box. every day, with
out detection, but such a systematic
thievery is prevented by the ribbon sys
tem, for the paper si rings are so num
bered that the removal oija single cigar
could be detected. — Philadelphia Kec
Wouldn’t Have It.
Peddler—Madam, I have here a fine
complexion beautifler, wiiich—
Laxly—No, you don’t work any skin
game on me.—Cornell Widow. j
Plenty of Perth Amboy Reade s
have this Experience.
You tax the kidneys-overwork-tliem-1
They can’t keep up the contiuual strain
The back gives out-it aches and pains;
Urinary troubles set in.
Don’t wait any longer-take Doan's
Kidnev Pills.
This lady tells you how they act.
Mrs. Margaret Ann Don runs, of 43
Arch street, Paterson, says: “In 1906
three years ago, 1 publicly expressed my j
spinion about Doan's Kidney Pills aud 1
related my experience with them in Pat
erson newspapers. Since then I have no-1
ticed it running regularly in said papers,
witli the tes'imony of other ci'izens.
What I then said 1 had no reeson to deny |
During the time which lias elapsed siuce |
Doan’s Kidney Pills cured me of a steady
ache across the small of my hack which j
was alwtys aggravated when I caught1
cold, overtaxed my elf which hurt sever-1
ly when I stooped, straightened up uuex-1
pectedly, and for which i was treated lor!
two years by physicians. I have had no
indications of any return. I constantly i
keep Doan’s Kidney Pills in the liou-e |
not because I tequire them for any synij.-1
toms that am manifested, but I find th m 1
a good tonic, and I beleive they ward oft',
ihe possibility of an attace of ill health
from disordered kidneys.”
Just such emphatic endorsement can
be had right here in Perth Amboy. Diop
into G. W. Pariseu’s drug store and ask
bim what his customers report.
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents
a box. Foster Milburn Co, Buffalo, N.
Y., sole agents for U. S
Remember the name Doan’s, and ac
cept no substitutes.
Gettysburg Battlefield and Washington.
The tour will leave New York 7.65
a. m. and Philadelphia 12.20 p. m.
Saturday, September 26, in charge of
a Pennsylvania Railroad Tourist
Agent, and will cover a period of six
days. An experienced chaperon,
whose especial charge will be unes
corted ladies, will accompany the
party thronghont. Round-trip tickets,
covering transportation, carriage
drives, and hotel accommodations,
will be sold at the extremely low rate
of $22 from New York, $2t from Tren
ton, $19 from Philadelphia, and pro
portionate rates from other points.
For itineraries and full information
apply to ticket agents; Tourist Agent,
6 Fifth avenue, New York; 4 Court
street, Brooklyn; 789 Broad street,
Newark, N. J. ; or address Geo. W.
Boyd, General Passenger Agent, Broad
street station, Philadelphia.
3335-9-14-6t-o. e. w.
Aa to Old Aire*. _
The pope has lived long, but Thom
as Parr and Henry Jenkins are, re
spectively, credited with the ages of
152 and 169. Jeanne Serimphan was
married when she was 127 and died
when she was 128. Dr. Dtifournel
married at 116 and became the father
of two children, and died at 1^0. Marie
Priou reached the age of 15S. A wom
an of Metz, the mother of 24 children,
died at the age of 100. Surgeon Polit
man celebrated his one hundred and
fortieth birthday. Patrick O’Neil
buried seven wives and lied at 120,
and a Norwegian peasant is recorded
as dying at 160 anr^ leaving two sons,
one aged 108 and the other only nine
summers. Mr. Robert Taylor lived to
be 134, and died of excitement on re
ceiving the picture of Qnaen Victoria
signed by herself. An Irishman named
Brown, who was a habitual drunkard,
lived to be 120. A French drunkard
Jived to be 112; he had a dally lag for
'90 years. Durand d'Etivel, o't Cahors,
lived to be 128. A woman of 121
drank strong coffee in great quanti
ties all ner days, while a man of 114
lived on fruit, chiefly melons, and
chewed lemon peel.—Portland Ore
When TIcklliiK Chimpanzee*.
It has been observed that if the
tamed d<fk is taken back to the wild
state, he loses his voice. These
‘‘sounding voices” are produced in the
anjmal throat in a way similar to hu
man language, but are not ‘‘voices”
proper, nor “languages” proper, and
yet they are full of psychological ex
pression, and reveal the animal’s
psychic states. If we tickle a chim
panzee in the armpit, the touch pro
duces a grin on the face similar to
that of a man under like circum
stances. He also emits laughter-like
sounds. The same is the case with
the orang-outang. The gorilla knits
the brow when angry, just like men
We often observe in apes a complete
change in the facial muscles when
something is going to happen, be it
agreeable or disagreeable. It is so
also with the child. In apes there is
evidently the same connection between
the facial muscles and vocal musclas
as in man,—London Answers.
Same Old Ringer.
Our air-ship having attained an un
usual altitude, we are both interested and
entertained by the strange sounds float
ing to us from the circumambient ether.
“I presume,” says one of the passen
gers, who has all along bored us by his
attempt at being witty; “I presume that
faint dingdonging we hear is from the
gongs of the milk wagon6 hurrying down
the milky way.” '
“No,” ways the captain, rather gruffly.
The Laughlin Fountain
Pen Holder is made of fin
est quality hard rubber, is
fitted with highest grade,
large sire, 14k. gold pen,
of any desired flexibility,
and has the only perfect
feeding device known.
Either style, richly gold
mounted, for presentation
purposes, 11.60 extra.
Surely you will not be
able to secure anything at
three tines the price that will
give such continuous
pleasure and service.
For Sale by
Keasbey &
^ ww # wiuiu wii uui
Staten Island Rapid Transit R. R.
Time Table In effect on and after May 17, 1908
Perth Amboy to New York—Leave foot of
Smith St. daily except Sundays and; Legal
Holiday 5 15, 6.12 6.58, 7.35, 7 35, 8 05, 8 55
9.55, 10.55, and 11.55 am. 12 56,1 55 2 50, 3.55
4.3d 5.30, 6.47, 7.65, 8.55, 9.55,11.20 P. M,
Sundays and Legal Holidays.
6.56, 7.55, 8.t'0, 9.25, 10.05, 10.56T.5o A. M. 12.55,
l. 55,2.55, 3.55, 4.56, 5.35, 6.l5, 6.55, 7.85, 8.15,9.15,
10. ,0,P. M.
Nev York to Perth Amboy:—Leave foot of
Whitehall St. daily except Sunday and Legal
Holidays,15.55, 0.50, 8 00,9.00, lu.00, 11.00 a.m.
12.00 l.iO 130, 2.80, 3.30, 4 30. 5.10, 6.30 5.45,
6.35, 7.30, 8.30,10.00,11.06 *12.25.
Sundays and Legal Holiday s.
Leave New York.8 05, 8.00,9.(0.9.39, 10.20,11.00,
12.00,a.m 1.00, 2.0), 8 I (',4.00, 5.00, 6.0u, 6.35,
7.15, 7.55, 8.35, 9.35, 10.30, 11.45,p m.
Ferry between Perth Amboy and Tottenvide
leave Perth Amboy da* y x5.15, xb 12. 6.32,
16.58, X7.85, X8.06, X8.55. X .55, 10.25, xIO.55
xll.55 a. m. xl2.55, X2.55, 2'2o, x2 50, X3.66,
X4.80, x5 3 l, 6.90, xt 47,7 25, x7.5S,xs 55, x9.55,
10.40 xll.20,p. m.12.40 a.m.
Sundayssnd Le/al Holidays * 6.16, x6 56. X7.55,
X8.50, XJ.2 -, xl .03, 0.30, xlO.56, x 11.55. a. in.
xl‘2.55, xl.55, x2.65,x 8 55. X4.55, x6.35,x6 15,
X6.55. x?.S5. 13.15, x9.15, 9.35, xlO 30.11,20,p m.
12.15, a. m.
Leave Toitenville dally xl.35,5.55, 6.22, 6.42
X7.16. 7.50 X8.15, xO.10. xlO.05, 10.40, xll.05 a.
m. X12.05, xl 05,x2.06, x2 35, X3.40, 4.10. x4.40,
x5 40, X6.18, X6.55, x 7.40, x8.4 , X9.40, 10.20.
xll.10, p. m. X12.15, xl.30 A. M.
Sundays and Legal Holidays *6 25, x7.16, 8.20,
X9.05, 9.10. xlU.15, X10.45, xll 85, u. in. X12.15,
X1.15.X 2.15, x3.15, x 4.10 xi.10, 5.55. X6.20
x7.10.x7.59 x8.8J, X9.22, x9 50, xlO.45, xll 40 p.
m xl ,4j,p in. xl2.55,a.m.
•Legal holidays only
(Train Connect on.
Receiver tten’l Traffic Agent.
LiS-tUGii VAJL.-L.-Ki' ttAliiiiUAU
Time Table In effect Aug. 9, 1903
Rations in New York, fool or Cortlandt, Do.
broeaee and West 23rd streets. I'enna. K.
Thaws Liavi Stati Strut Statioi.
6.10, 8.00am 4.29 p.m. 1.8o p.m. daily connec’s
Ali, way train tor Bound Brook,Maucb Chunk
Weatherly, Hazelton Puttsvllle and intermedi
tte points.
6.10, 8.00, a, m. 1.30, 4.20, p. m. in days
I 35 a. m 1.30. 6.16 p, m •
8.10 a. m. Dally Except Sunday Connect with
,tai, express tor naston, Bethleham Allen
,owd, Pottsville, Buffalo, Niagara Falls ana chi
:ago. Parlor Cal' New York to Buffalo, con
lects with local train for all poiuts east of
Rauch Chunk.
8.35 a. m. Suadays only. Express train for
duffalo, Niagara Falls, and Chicago. Stops at
(’lemiiigton Jet.
4.20 p. in. Dally Except Sunday Express foi
:or Wilkes Barrs, Scranton, HazeltOD,
principal intermediate stations.
6 15 p. a.. Sundays only Through train for
Bufihho, Niagara Falls, Suspension Bridge
ind Chicago, connects lor New York.
9.19, a. m. 8.45, 5.00, 7.50, p, m. Sundays.
0.36 a. m., 5.00, 7.50 v. m. Trains arrive Perth
krnbov- 9.30 a.m., 8.10 4.05, 5.'26,8.10 p. m. Sun
lay, 10.57 a. in., 6.25, 8.10 p. m.
Tickets sold to all Western Points,
For further information apply to ticke
Corrected to Sept 13 1903
toi New York, Newark and Elizabeth at
1.00 Mondays excepted to New York
only) 6 35, 7 17,7.4o, New York (only) 7.58 S.59
161. 11.18, a.m.. 11.50 1 10, 3 22 4 50, 5 09,
; 20, 7 4b, 8 03, a 66, p. m. Sundays, 3 uu, s 37,
k. m 5 29, 9 47, p. m.
For Philadelphia and Trenton via Bout.d
Srook, 7 17, 8.69, 11 IS. 11.59 a m 1 10, 5 09 p. m
iondnya, 237 a. m. 5 29 p. m.
For Long Branch, Ocean Grove, etc. 5.07,
129, a. m. 12.22, 2 27 , 3 36, 4 41 5 15, 688. Bed
lank (only) 719, (12.88 Mondays excepted
inly) p. m Sunday8 9 55, a. n , 4 54 p. m
For Freehold, 5 07, 9 20 a. m„ 12.22 2,27, 5.15
>. m.
Additional trains for Red Bank 5 15 p m.B.Sf
MU. For South Amboy 7 11, 9 20 a. m. 22., 8 86,
41 p m. 6 15, 5.52 9.29.
Through tlCKeta to all points at lower,. rati,
nay be uad on application In advance to It
lckot agent at the atatlon.
W, G, Beslkr, Vice-Pree. & General Manage
O. M. Burt, General t'assenger Agent.
Time Table in Effect Sept. 15, 1903.
Care leave Metuchen for Perth Aiiboy and all
>oints East to Boyuton Beach at 5 and 35 minu
es past each hour from 6 a m. to 8.35 p. in., and
rom 8 85 to 11.85 p. in. at 85 minutes past th?
Cars leave Keasbey School for Metuchen at 5
,nd&5 minute* past each hour from C a. m n
.8C p m and every hour from 8 to 1.8 • p. m
Tars leav Keasbey for all points East every
■ minutes ^
[Care leaves Bridge at Woodbridge Creek for
leasbev at foot of Smith Street every 80 minu
m from 6.15 a. m, to 11.45 p. m.
C4re leave Bridge at Woodbridge Creek for
ietucheu on the even hour and half hour from 6
m. to 7 30 p. m. and on the half hour onlv’
rom 7.S0 to 11 p. m.
Cars leave 8taten Island Ferry for Metuchen
•nd Keasbey Sobool at 18 and 43 minutes past
ach hour from 6 a. m. to 8 p. m. and from 8 to
p. m. at 48 minutes only and for Keasbey a?
oof of Smith Street at 3 and 83 minutes past ttu
toir. _ _ .
(Jars leave Staten Island Ferry for Bridge at
Vobdbridge Creek at 11, 38, 41 and 56 minutes
*si eaoh hour from 6 a. m. to 11 p. m.;
% Superintendent
Ill lin \\ ornt Form.
‘‘I thought you said you considered
sailing the poetry of motion,"
chuckled the old salt to the passenger
who was hanging over the rail.
The passenger turned a green face
and yellow eyes to the old salt.
‘‘It is,” he gasped. ‘It's—it’s—why,
dadblast it! it’s the rag-time poetry oi
Agent for Columbia Farm Wagons
and Carriages.
222 New Brunswick Avenue
Bucoessor to D. MoF&rl&nd.
Wove Furalture Carefully
and at Reaaoaablt Cast
aa Kluit street.
and all Skin Diaeases cured by
The most healing salve in the world.
The Doetor Said “Stlok To It.”
Geo. L. Heard, of High Tower, Qa.v write*i
“Eczema broke out on my baby covering hit
entire bodv. Under treatment of our family
physician he got worse as he could not sleep
for the burning and Itching. We used a boa mt
BANNER SALVE on him and by the time it
was gone he was well. The doctor seeing it was
curing him said: 'stick to it for it Is doing him
more good than anything I have done for him.' "
GUARANTEED. Price 25 Cents
Schedule |ln effect, Sept. 11 11X13
2 . ^ ^ -z_ a.
Z r- • —j _ viovmxrt^iQto
» * S8$S82Sg •*f
< :22£22n--£ < o«o»-^Z”° :Z
t 8 )&,§« §23 S *z * c35f2S‘ce5iJ5$JW
< a :y’ °* J5SSSS •* caeoasces
. 5 .325iS*3gg . T: : : • • • : X
«/> 2 :°^|;H,'''I<'' ®
< * :?i»s2=s;s3«g <
Q o. ;i'c»i-1-1-1-1-tc ® * • • I • ■ ■ . : : i
£ * a issssssssa *L* -i. ■: :: ■ : : : :
.j p‘ *o -dficnBa-jce uj t.SeoS2?:$S
i j 2 ;=52552gg > a ssnggggg :
| 7" ,Q « .« ,© iCfl !© ,CC M | & AlOlQe?)4(.« (Am
1 s: 7isSFcso« '. «->55wv«b._ ;K
*■ . ;•'*»’• VX«55ft« >, X ao 31003504^00 • c.
c a ;?»?*« :Kimx*r O *' —___~~ ' -
> ._• • >> * % Jj SSSSS®!; •§ :
| “: 8 :8?2832S8 < * a,,°"^‘; :
z ilX :5!22''"’"""~ g a 8823S8g? 7
w •OW®t-XOXOV J? ft. 0<0<0®A-h»t-r- • j.
►, J WMMVOF.3JO.K a. __ •
2 * :S22225 = = 5 o a 8S2SS2SS5 .5
g ^^ • M3 If3 M3 *Q 50 50 50 lO •«;
** jj •»S88i-iVi5*2$^> £ , £OiTOCt'£QN
jc • :»oooooo— > -
*o 4* . HriHwHHHW 7 ^t0^»0*l*lOlC 50 5C •
£ * * :S*fc5S28£ | j SSSSggSg -s
^ Tt j®*5l»»»OC Z ft^ XVK V WOO • 41
1 ^ :iEE2£S^82 1JssssIHss ;«
^ 7.|>t»X®®®OC. *- • '?
2 1 J_~ 1 282SSSS22 |
3 * ?: 2 38 o»««oj2o»^^-.*-< ;
£ < *- * t-1- x ® x ® ® 9 J ^ >%** ;
* S :SSU§?2g3 f* . 83g22S2Sg '5
< x »co t-1-1~ t-1>» ao ao * oocos-*-v • *—
a S :2SS*SS8S -j gr^g":^^
< 50 .»xxxt-t-t-t- a Xi-'V^X^'O®'* .
-’ . B01®90*®00 •
| j :5 Mi li : i 2 ;8 is&ssl^s'
3 s2 ! j :l j‘j ;
* , i ' i 1 f! >h B ' A • m ' ' *7 ' ' J —'
l ;Sg j
P *B i : :£ |g i \2\\ !*“
ssii2>iii§“ o«8*ss|!^
iiis3z4ai»s ISas^zEs^m;
"y” Stops only to take on or let off pnsaer gart
for or from Perth Amboy on notice to Agent oi
For turther Information see time tables
Tickets for all points on the Pennsylvanls
Railroad and connections, Pullman accon.
modatlons. Ac., at ticket office,Perth Amboy
J. B. HUTCHINSON, General Manager.
J R. WOOD,GenT lass. Ag’t.
Taking effect May 18,1908
Opens at 7 A. M. Closes at 7 P. M.
Malls Arrive:
New York. Western and Southern. 7.00a m
tfahway—Woodbridge. 7.30 am
South Jersey way Mail. 8 00am
Fords and lveasbey.. . 8.20 a m
New York and Northern Way. 9 80am
Rahway, direct. 12.00 a m
South Jersey Way. 12.80 p m
Wood ridge direct.. 1 80
New York and Northern Way. .... .. 2.30pm
New York and Northern Way.5.00 u
South Jersey Way. 5.80 pm
Brooklyn, Pennsylvania and N. Jersey i .80 p
Rahway, direct.. 6.80 p m
Fords and J easbey.6.45 p m
Malls Close.
Rahway and Woodbridge. 7 15 a m
New Vork and Northern Way. 7 81) * m
South Jersey Way. 9 00.im
New York and Eastern States. 9 80a m
Fords and Keasbey.. 9.AT a m
New York and Northern Way. 11.30 am
uuu no; auu ” wuui .. A' • w U m
South Jersey Way. 2,00 p m
New York and Northern Way. 4,80 pm
South Jersey Way . 4.30pm
Rahway and Woodbridge . 4.30pm
Fords and Keasbey . 7 00 p m
All points. 7.00 pm
Money Order department opens at 7 a m close*
at 6.45 p m Saturday at 6.30 p m
Geo. H. Tice. P.M.
23 Raritan Copper Works
26 High and Lewis
27 Madison aye and Paterson st
28 Market and First sts.
85 Smith and High st
37 State and Smith sts
48 Buckingham ave and Hartf
45 Commerce and Front sts
47 High and Washington str
54 Stalest and Buckingham ave
56 Hall ave and Charles st
57 Railroad ave and Wayne st
62 Washington and First sts
6 Turnpike and Elm st
64 Smith St and Watson ave
65 Commerce and State sts
72 Front and Smith sts
73 Water and Gordon sts
74 Kearny ave and Gordon st
32 Smith and Herbert St
63 Woodbridge road and Washington st
64 Lehigh ave r 5 Stanford st
To send in an alarm, open the door of the box
and pull down the lever and let go once only.
Stay at box until firemen arrive.
1 tap—Break in circuit. 2 taps-Drill and fire
alarm test. Hydrant at corner of Jefferson and
High street al ways to be used for this trial. 3
taps Fire out. 5 taps—Police call. 12—Call for
Lincoln Hose 13—Call for Washington Hose.
14—Gall for McClellan Hose 16—Call for Pro
tection H. and L.
Cures Coldsi Prevents Pneumonia
▲ A
Builders and Con
tractors* Directory.
Masons and Contractors
Office: 18S Madison Ave.
Tel. 67b Perth Amboy, N. J.
Carpenter and Builder.
Jobbing promptly attended to.
170 Rector street, Perth Amboy, N. 1.
Carting to ALL «^TS of the CITY
Residence and Commerce 8L
Tel. CallW-X/
Sand, Grvel, Brick, Flue lAuinga anH
Sewer Pipe Furnished^ x
" ' ■1
35 Woodbridge Road. 170 Brighton Aim. \
Carpenters and Builder* *
Office and Shop: 0 East Avenue.
Estimates furnished. Jobbing attended to
Carpenter and Builder. Oak St
Alterations and Jobbing attended to.
General Contractors
-Sand, Gravel,,Broken Stone, Carting, Bk)
244 Smith St, 225 New Bruoswlok Avt,
Successor to J. K. Jensen.
Mason and Contractor
221 Washington St.
yarpenter Jobbing, Steam Sawing, Turning.
Scroll and all MU1 Work. ^
Shop and Office; 123 Brighton Aye.
Residence State £ Lewis 8t.
House Painting, Paper Hanging, Intoriar
Decorating. 238 WufclaftM SL
Residenoe; 260 Washington 6
Perth Amboy,'
Plumbing A Gas Fitting
Steam, Hot Water and Hot Air Heating
Dealer in Stoves, Ranges and Beater
Repairing of all kin a specialty.
867 State street, Perth Amboy, H. J.
Sncceseore to Farrington £ Runyon Oo
All kinds of Bui'dlcg Material
Office. 188 Favette street Perth Amboy, M. J
Painter & Paperhanger
obb'ng promptly ttented to 157 (JordanSt A
Painter and Paper Hanger
142 Brighton Ave.
Established in "880.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer In
Lumber, Lath, Cement. Deurs, Saalws,
Blinds, Mouldings, Builder’u Hardware,
Hair aud Nalls.
Office and Yard; Jefferson St.£'C. B. B. of ■. 3.
Perth Amboy, N. 3.
Carpenters and Builders
ne.el.wUt T1_1_ A _•_
-- ~ - —j m. «tiui n iii way
Painter and Paper Hanger
Brighton Aw.
Artificial Stone and Cement Work*
Office: 108 Fulton St., New York Ctty
A. SMITH, Mason and Bullder
Estimates Cheerfully given.
34 Catherine at., nr. Hall Are, Perth 1
R. B. SMITH Sailtary Plonker
Tinning and Sheet lion Worker. Steam
and Gas Fitter. Jobbing promptly
attended to.
Shop 55 N. B. Ave. Perth Amboy, H. J.
Estimates furnished. Jobbing- attended to
90 New Brunswick At., Penh Ambof
_SHOP; 17 KINO ST._ / ,
It Pays to Advertise
in the Evening News.
Kldneva and Bladdar R%M

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