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Have you had hard luck with ready made Shoes
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! Linens and Blankets ;
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j beautiful patterns, regular price
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1 20x20 inch Napkins to match,
| for this sale, per dozen-1.35
| 54 inch Damask, beautiful ,
1 patterns, regular price 35c yard,
I for this sale. 25c
1 Linen Huck Towels,large size,
| regular price 15c, 22c and 27c,
| for this sale, each.. 10c, 15c, 17c
{ Turkish Towels, large size,
2 regular price, i2}4c and 25 c, !
i special for this sale, each 8c, 15c |
10-4 White Blankets, pair. . 59c
10-4 Gray Blankets.69c
10-4 White,light,wool filling 1.25
10-4 “ “ “ “ 1.49
10-4 “ “ “ “ 2.25
Fine white wool Blankets, at
special price.. 2.98, 3.69, 4.50
worth double.
! Wiseman & Rosenberg, SST"|
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f ■
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Specials for Saturday
Prime Veal Breast or Shoulder . . . 10c
California Hams . v . ,8^
Prime Pib Roast . . IOj to 14c
Top Round Prime Cuts . 14c
Cross Ribs . . . lOi to 12c
I Best Strip Swifts Bacon - - 13c
Plate Beef Corned or F resh, 6 lbs. - 25c
Chuck Steak, 3 lbs. . . 25c
\Chuck Roast lb. 9c
* 'fancy Jersey Fowls, Fresh Jersey Hams
To every purchaser of i.oo of meat or over we will give a large
box Schillings Baking Powder, worth 28.
Choice Groceries at low Prices.
v Bosion Cask Grocery and leal Market
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Li; m48 Smith Street.
Independent Order of Foresters
End State Convention at
Order has Made Excellent Progress In
this State—Delegates Chosen to the
Supreme Court—High Chief Rarger
Makes Recommendations in his Re
Morristown, Sept. 25.—Contrary to
expectations, there was little or no
contest for office at the annual session
of the high court, Independent Order
n f Tf'nt'Ocfoi'u uml iC.vo rv f t Vi n 1 < i rr Lt
standing committee were elected with
out opposition on what was termed
bv some as a “harmony ticket.” The
aim was to have various sections of
the State represented on this commit
tee, which constitutes the board of
officers. Ringing speecties were made
by those who placed the candidates in
nomination. The following delegates
were elected to office: High chief
ranger, William J. O’Brien, of Court
Fairmount, Jersey City; high vice
chief ranger, David T. Howell, of
Court Strattford, Newark; high secre
tary, Francis Mackenzie, of Court
! George W. Childs, Elizabeth; high
treasurer, Fred Storm, Jr., of Court
Bloomfield Centre, Bloomfield; high
physician, Dr. August J. Mitchell, of
Court General Runyon, Newark; high
counsellor, Asa F. Randolph, of Court
Watchung, Plainfield.
When it came to the business of
electing five representatives to the
supreme court, many candidates Veie
placed in the field. The following
were finally chosen to represent the
body when the supreme court meets
in Boston, in 1905: James O. Calvert,
of Elizabeth; Arthur C. Wenzel, of
Newark; Willet T. Bingnam, of Eliza
beth ; Jacob C. Huff, of Somerville,
and-George Eden, of Hoboken. The
alternates elected are: John T. Lines,
of Morristown ; Francis J. Weiss, of
Jersey Citv. S. F. Holden, of Pater
son, and Richard Bye, of Elizabeth
During the afternoon session, Aider
man Burke, of this citv representing
the Mayor, entered and extended a
welcome to the delegates. Higli Chief
Ranger Henry H. Lowrie responded
on behalf of the body. Supreme
Physician Dr. Thomas Millman, of
Toronto, Canada, delivered a lengthy
address about the order and its finan
cial condition. The speaker referred
to the surplus of the order, which now
amounts to nearly $7,000,000, and is
, increasing at the rate of about $00,000
per month. Dr. Millman said the
1 order now had about 230,000 members.
His address was well received. A
1 letter was then read from Dr. Oron
hyatekha, ihe supreme chief ranger,
in which he expressed regret 'that he
could not attend the session.
In his report the high chief ranger
recommended that the salary of the
liign secretary be increased, and the
body voted to adopt the recommenda
tion. Dr. Lowrie also expressed his
thanks to Deputy Supreme Chief
Ranger Bingham, to his colleagues in
office, to his deputies and all who had
served the organization faithfully
during the last two years. He also
called attention to the large lapse rate
each year, and urged upon all courts
the necessity of looking after delin-j
quin!s to prevent them from becoming J
suspended. The finance committee
reported that $1,773.85 had been ex
pended during the last two years for
cash prizes to courts and members. |
The sum of $100 was appropriated
to one of the past high chief rangers,
who is now an invnlid. Each of the
five delegates to the supreme court
was voted $50, to be drawn immed
iately before the session of that body.
High Chief Ranger William J. O’Brien
made the following appointments;!
High orator, Rev. J. T. Kerr, of Court
Cnster, Elizabeth; high journal secre
tary, Frank Wagner, of Court Eliza
beth, of Elizabeth; high court organ
ist, James Theirs, of Court Camden,
of Camden; high senior woodward,
James Busch, of Court Progressive,
Newark; high junior woodward,
George F. Spinning, ot Court Mon
mouth, Red Bank; high marshal,
James A. Nenbaurer, of Elizabeth;
high conductor, W. N. Zimmerman,
of Court Fairmount, Jersey City; high
messenger, A. M. Jamison, ot Court
Halsey, Newark; high senior beadle,
O. C. Illingworth, of Court Raritan,
of Raritan; high junior beadle, O. F.
Reagan, of Court Columbus, Eliza
; beth. Several places were nominated
j as the place of meeting in 1905, but
j Bloomfield won on the first ballot. It
, was then voted to hold the next session
! within two weeks after the supreme
court meets in April, 1905. Deputy
j Supreme Chief Ranger W. T. Binge
1 ham installed the ofifioars-elect and
the session closed at 7 o’clock at!
night. \
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wool Serge to be had
at the piece, some dealers get
59c & 69c for the same grade.
Cm O ££ pfr yard. the
J. • New Scotch
Tweeds that are
so stylish now for Louis XIV
Taylor made suits Same goods
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York stores at $1.69.
QQn each, All sizes, Chil
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Color Yokes, trimmed with braid
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A Q ^ for Ladies fast black
Ttt/L/ 75c Satine Shirt
QQrt each, Ladies fine
X/ O O Mummy Cloth Shirt
Waists. Made in the
very Newest fashion.
dj 1 QK Our leader, La
X dies’ Bedford
Cord Shirt
Waists, 2 different styles, up-to
date in every particular real val
ue $1.69.
d>1 /IQ Ladies’Red, Blue
yXi^Zt/ and Black Bril
liantine Waists,
Very neatly gotten up. Value
dO QQ All Colors, La
^jX. t/O dies’ Brilliantine
Waists the
height of fashion, worth S2.50.
O _ for a Cake of 5c floating
OLt Toilet Soap.
— ■ g
Qr-a fora pair of Gents ioc
OL Silk Arm Bands.
1 per pair for a pair of S
l-VyO Ladies 25c & 50c Silk 9
hose supporters. bl
Q per yard, for the Genuine
Daisy Cloth flannel.
0 a each, bound on both 9
& O \J ends, good quality 9
Cotton Blankets. }
1 QQ each, Ladies m
1 • XJ O and Misses
Black and Blue ||
Taylor made Skirt-, neatiy trim- 3
med with Satin ban is. Value a
$2.98. ■
^ per pair. One lot of
1 UL Si-oo White, Drab
Black Corsets Not All 9
Sizes. ;
I Q Q Q at our Store buys the best Zibeline I^ouis XIY style Taylor Made Suits that is shown
I V . X) O in Perth Amboy.
IS 1
If you can’t get SMITH
down, Telephone.
Specials for SATURDAY
Best Creamery Butter, lb 2*4c '
I The freshest and sweetest Butter made, and it comes to us with almost the fragrance of the field. Our
arrangement with direct receivers of fine creameries insures us a constant supply of the finest Butter.
We strong!}' urge you to try our butter under this guarantee; that it is the finest creamery produced, I
\Jersey Potatoes HO**
California Hams $>**
_ --
Libby’s Cottage Loaf. can... 8c
Pickled Mussels, in bottles lOc
Pickled Tongue, bottle.... 10c
Sniders Chili Sauce, 2 sizes,
15c and 25c
Columbia Piscalette, bottle 15c
Heinz’s Apple Butter, 3 lb.
crock. 35c
Sweet Pickles, bottle. lOc
French Peas, can. 18c
Shrimp, can. 10c
SOUP — Franco-American,
medium size can. 18c
Beardsley’s Codfish, in tin 9c
Corn Beef Hash, ^ lb. can 10c
1 lb. can 15c
Sliced Bacon, in glass. 25c
Armour’s sliced Ham, can. 25c
Libby’s Potted Beef, regular
price ioc, can. 8c
Libby’s Chicken, can. 8c
Large bottle Blue Label
Catsup. 20c
Mistletoe Preserved Cher
ries, reg. price 25c, can 18c
Standard Tomatoes, can... 8c
Power, per package. 7 c
Stringless Beans, per can... 8c
2 bottles of Hires’ Root Beer 25c
Can of Vienna Sausage and
Sour Kraut. 10c
Large can Star Salmon.... 15c
' Heinz’ Celery Sauce, bottle 10c
Cruikshank’s Chili Sauce,
bottle. 10c
Heinz' evaporated Horse
Radish, bottle. 15c
Cruikshank's Sweet Relish, \
bottle. 10c
Heinz- Onions, bottle. lOc
Heinz’ Pickles, mixed chow j
and plain... 25c
Sweet and sour Midgets,bot 25c
Aunt Phoebes’ pure Fruit j
Jams. 25c
Jellies, in glass. 6c
Mason Jar Jeliies. lOc
Heinz’ Appl“ Butter, lb... 11c j
Jellies, 3 lb crock. 15c
5 lb crock.,. 25c
| J. H. & F. HILSDOHF,|

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