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All Structures being Erected Use Terra Cotta—Are now Tied up
With Strikes and Material Cannot be Used—Already Men art
being Laid off Here—Conditions Causes Much Concern—Ont
Aquainted with the Terra Cotta Business Sounds Warning.
The slack work in some of the local
factories is causing no little concern
in some quarters hereabouts. The
story published in the Evening News
Saturday, telling of the men being
laid off in terra cotta factories, has
attracted some attention and some are
beginning to wonder about the winter.
The building trades have a great deal
to do with local plants ahd the
moment they grow slack the effect is
felt here at once. So unsettled are
the affairs in New York that builders
had decided to stop everything and
reach some definite understanding
with the unions before they attempt
to continue.
Several times, it has been thought,
agreements have been reached, but
this has turned out to be a mistake
and the unions are so divided among
themselves that everything is at a
afnn,1 afi 11 Nfmrlv ovorv building of
any size now erected uses terra cotta
and tlie moment the work on these
buildings cease the local factories feel
it. Men who intended to invest in
building operations are withholding
their capital, and plans drawn by
architects, at the direction of the
owners of property, are being aband
oned bv wholesale. The amount oi
capital intended for building opera
tions in New korg, which it is'known
will be withdrawn, is estimated al
betweon $50,000,000 and $60,000,000.
Joseph M. Eawlor, supervising
architect, of 220 Broadway, said thal
he had drawn plans for some large
buildings which were abandoned al
the last moment by the owners of the
property. He pointed to some papers
below his desk, saying:
U “There is a plan for a big commer
cial building. The owner of a piece
of property had fully made up his
mind to build, but this week he said
he could not risk it in tne present
condition of the building trade. He
has gone to Europe. He will in the
meantime be losing interest on the
money invested in the site.
“I know a case in which an ownei
paid over half a million dollars some
time ago for a building and site, witl
tne intention of rebuilding this sum
mer. He lias given up all idea of do
ing so this season. As a good part o
the money has been borrowed, he li
paying interest on a large sum fo:
which here is practically no return. ’
Mr. Lawlor said he spoke very con
servatively when he said that at leas
$50,000,000 intended for investment ii
building operations this fall and nex
spring had been held back. Report
from cities all over the country wer<
to the same effect.
“I have been in the business fo
■ twenty jeuin, ne diuui
anew such a chaotic condition. I
M9 means only uno thing, hard times
i Balloon

ni ..TO-NIGHT..
f*. I 7.30 O’CLOCK
! 1
^ I A tag will he, attached to the
balloon. 1 lie peiVon return
I ing this tag to we store
I will receive J
and the unions, or rather their leaders,
are to blame for it. ”
Another architect said that ht
would not be surprised if the capita;
held back next year in New York city
would reach $70,000,000. There would
be building still going on in accord
ance with the increasing population,
but the building boom, he said, wat
The Building Trades Employers
Association has made the followins
“We are prepared to take more
drastic measures than we ever did
before. We have done with parley
ing, and it is now going to be a cast
where every head that bobs up wil
be hit. On this we are all agreed.
“We have spent the summer in try
liltf lU HiUUUUUiiiiDii auintujiiii^ uy wnivjii
work might be lesumed on a sane and
businesslike basis, but have been mot
by treachery and uncalled for opposi
“When work is resumed, and I can
not now predict when that will be,
we shall employ suoh men as we see
lit. We will take Measures to have
all the men we want and will be in a
position where we will not be asking
odds from the unions.”
In speaking of the conditions in
New York, one well informed in terra
cotta matters in this city, said the
prospects are not very encouraging
just now, but he hoped tiie trouble
would soon blow over. He said it
appeared as though the limit had been
reached regarding labor demands and
that if the builders are going to strike
for varions things they are only in
juring their fellow laborers who work
in the factories which supply the
“There is plenty of wora all over
the country,” continued the speaker,
“but it is all tied up. Orders for
terra cotta have been cancelled be
cause the buildings for which the
, material is to be used, are tied up.
The local factories are feeling it.
• Several of them have not much work
, on hand and unless the building trades
, get together work will stop. Sam
, Parks seems to be in control of the
situation now and he lias , made his
■ threats to close up everything.”
John Posterick. ten years old, of
i State street, arrested on complaint of
5 David Levinsen, a junk dealer, appear
; ed in court this morning to answer a
i i ntnn linn -innlr FTP lift
Had sold some cotton to the junk deal
' er and his presence in the lattei’s
■ shed was for the purpose of searching
t for five cents he had lost there. Pos
i terick brought a witness about two
• years younger than himself to prove
his story. As the complainant aid not
appear Recorder Pickersgill dismissed
the little fellow with a warning not
to be arrested again.
! Mrs. Schiller, of New Brunswick
avenue, on Saturday, had John Urban,
i of Elm street, arrested on a charge of
assault and battery. Urban was given
a hearing and held in $200 bail for the
grand jury. He could not produce tne
amount and was held.
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St. Mary's Parish Makes Liberal
Contribution for New Church
at Cornerstone Laying.
Cmgradulated the People Yesterday Upon
their Noble Response to tne Call for
Contributions—Work on the the Church
is now Progressing and it Thought all
Trouble is Over.
When the printed slips are passed at
all of the masses in St. Mary’s Roman
Catholic church next Sunday, they
will show that the sum of $1,881 was
collected on Sunday, September 10th,
when the corner stone of the new
chnrcii was laid.
The pastor, Rev. B. T. O’Connell,
lad asked for a contribution of no less
than $5 from every member or the
jhurch, and they responded to such
in extent that the pastor is very well
pleased and in speaking about the
matter yesterday he congratulated the
jougregation upon the wav they had
so nobly responded to his appeal for
lid. He also said he did not know ol
i parish anywhere in the diocese
where the congregation had ever sur
passed this record. He hoped that
they would continue in the good
The work on the church is now go
ing forward again, all of the laboi
troubles having been settled and the
pastor hopes that no more strikes will
interfere with the progress.
The Sunday night vespers com
menced last night for the first time
since the closing for the snmmei
months and they will now be con
tinned as before the summer. Nexi
Sunday the Sunday school will reopen
1,011 Dillon Will Not Enter Context
CLEVELAND. ()., Sept. 28.—Mr. C
K. U. Billings, owner of Lou Dillon,
the trotting mare, lias announced that
positively she- will not lie allowed to
go into a contest with another horn
in a trial for supremacy. Mr. Billing!
states as bis reason for this decision
that Lou Dillon is but flvb years old
and comparatively inexperienced and
untrained. The mare will he shipped
with the other members of the Billing!
string to Lexington. Ky.. Wednesday
where she has two engagements. Aftei
the Lexington meeting Lou Dillon wil
be shipped to Memphis. Tenn.. when
she is scheduled to go against tin
world's trotting record, a trial again-*'
time, which will prolmhiy lie lu-r iasi
for this season.
Found Dead In Until Toll.
KINEO. Me.. Sept. 28. Charles E
VVihnot, a member of the firm of Hold
smith. Wolf & Co.. 72 Broadway. New
York, lias been found deail in the tu!
of the hath room connected with he
apartments at the Kineo House. Deatl
was due to heart failure. Mr. Wilmo
reached the hotel the night previous
having come up the lake Iroiu Hreeu
ville in his yacht after a two weeks
fishing trip on the St. .lohn's ricer. H<
was at the time apparently in tl. bes
of health. The arrival at the hotel oi
several friends who came to call upoi
Mr. Wilinot in the morning resulted ii
the finding of the body in the tub
I where he had expired while bathing.
Acquitted on Third Trial.
CAM l’TON. Ky.. Sept. -yv — Tie
Wolfe county grand jury lias return c<
a verdict of not guilty in the case o
Claude Day, charged with killing l-'e
lix Bullock in Breathitt county tw<
years ago. Two trials of the case ii
Jackson, Ky.. resulted in hung juries
The ease was then transferred ti
Wolfe county. Bullock's widow live
in Wolfe county. Judge 1). B. Bed
wine presided over the three trials
and Day was prosecuted by Floy<
Byrd, who gained a reputation in tli
prosecution of the Jett-White caws.
Accidentally Fleetri;entc»d.
NIAGARA FALLS. N. Y.. Sept. 'J8.
Loran T. Wilnier lias I icon elcctrociite<
itt liis home in tliis city. " bile seardi
iug in the cellar for the cause of trou
hie with the electric light wires of hii
house be received a shock of -.001
volts, lie was instantly Uilb»iL__^_
p. nygreen,
Successor to L. Albert & Co.
...Photographic Studio.
Recorder Pickersgill Places More
Fines of $25 Each in Determin
ation to Break Habit.
Fines Impose;! Last Week were Repeated
and Tho e Carrying the Weapon are
Beginning to Think Twice Before Runn
ing Risk of Getti'g Caught—Fines art
Two more cases of carrying conceal
ed weapons came np before Recoidei
Pickersgill yesterday morning. Tht
jndge has determined to break np thii
JinKit- nnvrrinrr rnrolpora irli ioh i (
prevalent among certain people in this
The majority of these have no par
ticular reason for carrying the revol
ver. In the last two weeks three
cases have come before the recorder
for this thing and at least two more
for threats to shoot someone. Each
case has met with swift justice to the
fullest extent of the law wherever
evidence enough to warrant it.
Two of the offenders were arrested
on Saturdav night, John Shida, of
Stanford street, was drunk and while
engaged in making things warm
atonnd his place was apprehended by
Officer Hansen. He offered resistance
with a blade jack bnt was soon sub
dued and taken to the station house.
At 12 o’clock the same night Mike
Dobo, of Fayette street, was arrested
for the same offense. He claimed that
while coming out of a dance hall in
company with his wife, Mike Orohe
struck him over the head and he drew
his gun for protection. Officer Han
sen happened to be near and he pre
vented anything serious happening.
Both men were fined $25 each and
their gnns were taken. The judge
expects to have a large sum contribut
ed to the city treasury before the
practice is eliminated.
A Briiljii-lon IX. .1.1 Illnire.
BRII'CETON. X. .1.. Sept. 28.—The
plant of tlic Ferre cute Machine com
pany of this city lias been destroyed
by tire, entailing a loss estimated at
$100,000. which is partially covered
by insurance. The lire is supposed to
have been started by an explosion in
the boiler room of the establishment.
The company manufactured, among
other things, fine dies for coins and
medals, etc. Two hundred persons
are thrown out of work. This is the
third large industrial concern in this
city to be destroyed liy fire within the
last few weeks, and the disaster will
prove a serious loss to the city.
Circus Sleepers Destroyed.
LANCASTER. Pa.. Sept. 28.—Fire
destroyed two sleeping cars of tlic
Welsh Bros.’ circus at (lordonville. this
county, where the show is in winter
quarters. Colonel >!. II. Welsh, his
general manager. Clinton Newton, and
several attaches were asleep in the
cars win Ml me names nnihe mu. .hi
escaped, but lost their personal effects.
Colonel Welsh was overcome by smoke
and had to lie carried from the car,
making a narrow escape from burning.
The cars were totally consumed and
with them a hundred sets of harness,
trappings, costumes and other para
Con€leniu«Ml >lan (
I WII.KKSBAKKK. I’a.. Sept. 28.—re
fer Lenousky. who is doomed to die on
the gallows tomorrow morning in this
i city for the murder of Anthony Sen
i nek. who was beaten to deatli with a
. hatchet in the Kxeter mine on April 19,
> J1902, lias made a confession, admitting
> | that he struck the blow which killed
- | Sennek. Robbery was the motive.
1 Sennek was supposed to carry a largo
1 amount of money on 1:is person, but
. his murderers obtained only a few
Fire In Sn*lii»»'. Midi.
SAGINAW. Midi.. Sept. 2S. Fire has
destroyed two warehouses and part of
, 1 the foundry of A. F. Bartlett & Co.,
the brick plant of the Christie Buggy
I company and the office, two ware
: houses and small machine shop of L.
' Olinkofstine, causing a total loss of
, $90,000.
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Was Run Down in New York Bay and Crew Had Narrow Escape—
Was the Sloop Belonging to Johnson Brothers_Tug Went to
the Rescue and Vessel was Hauled for Repairs—Had
Her Bow Damaged.
_cs - (
Athletic Events Were the Feat
ure and Many Took Part
in Contests.
The Danish Sociable A. C. held
tneir first annual clam bake yesterday
afternoon at Madson’s grove, on Metn
chen road, and it was all ’tiiat it
count posbiuiy De ior me committee
left no stone unturned to do all in
their power to make it the great sue
cess that it was.
For weeks the members had bet n
looking forward for yesterday and
every member and many friends were
present. The bake was ready at 2
o'clock and every one present had all
he could eat. Later the tables were
cleared away and the members had a
military drill. Athletic events follow
ed. These were won as follows:
Three legeed race, John Johnson and
Lars Mathiasen; fat man's race, Neils
Svarrer; 100 yard dash, Walter Mathis
sen; tug of war, Johm Johnson's
team. They were presented with a
handsome cup. In the baseball game,
Chris Hanson’s team won. Math
Hanson was umpire.
The following was the committee oi
arrangements: Paul Martinusen,
chairman; H. P. Hendricksen, Henry
Axen, Walter Mathiasen, and John
Rilke of Richmond Rend.
LONDON'. Sept. 28.—'The Duke of
Richmond. Lennox and Gordon is dead
at Gordon castle. Fochabers. Banff
shire. as the result of a chill contracted
on Thursday last. The duke had been
giving a large house party, and the
castle was full of guests when the
gravity of his seizure was announced.
The deceased was the sixth Duke of
Richmond. He was born Feb. 27.
1S1V and succeeded liis father in Ison.
He held various important government
Lixlilnini! Explodes Powder.
SOUTH ACTON. Mass.. Sept. 2.S.—
Four mills of the American Powder
company were blown up last niglit
when one of the mills was struck by
lightning. Thirty-five hundred pounds
of powder was exploded. The agent
of the mill says the loss on the mill,
machinery, powder, etc., all totally de
stroyed. amounts to between 87.001
j and $8,000.
IIhIj and tile Exposition.
ROME. Sept. 28. After showing sonif
hesitation and indifference the govern
ment lias now energetically taken uj
the matter of Italian participation ii
the St. Louis exposition, and it has de
cided that the naval transport Eriilaui
shall lie placed at the disposal of ex
liihitnrs to convey their articles gra
tuitously to the United States and Intel;
Double I'lRKiie In ( hineMo Town.
TIENTSIN. Chinn. Sept.2.V Both tin
plague and cholera are raging at Pei
tang, a seaport fifty miles cast of Tien
tsin. where 2.in hi deaths have occurred
during the past two months. Tin
towns of Neither. Taku and Tientsii
are not yet affected.
( nndy Coiai|»nny Burueil Out.
1 ire in tlie five story plant of the Dag
get Candy company on Georgia street
one of 1I10 most valuable buildings it
the Indianapolis wholesale district
An elegant two story six room
House on Frighton avenui
lot 25x140, price,
NIELSEN BROS., 122 Smith Stret
Orders left Bixtoids Pharmac
Street, receive’ onipt attention. Te!

The oyster sloop “Hope.” owotd
and run by Captain J. A. Johnson, of
this city, wnB run down Saturday
afternoon and badlv injured by the
ferry boat Whitehall, of New York.
| The collision occurred at the foot of
Hamilton avenue.
The Hope, loaded with a cargo of
oysters, left this city on Friday and
had finished unloading her oysters,
and the return trip was started. The
Hope was just passing the foot of
Hamilton avenue when the ferry boat
struck her across the bow, and she
was rapidly filling and would have
gone to the bottom if the captain of a
passing tow boat, who had seen the
plight of the Hope, bad not come to
her assistance. The sloop was taken
to the dock at Hamilton avenue where
she was hauled for repairs. The
damage, all told, w’ll amount toabont
unnr nnniTiniin
munc uunAMuno.
The secretary of the Hospital Auxil
iary has received the following dona
tions since Thursday last: Mrs. Janies
H. White, cash • Mrs. James Chap
man, check, #5.
The ladies of auxiliary
will hold their meet
ing on
m. at Mrs. G.
attendance is
John CoDnel, of
ed Saturday by
The charge was drunk
He was discharged.
Karl Coulsen, of Brooklyn, was
arrested Saturday for being drunk and
disorderly. His celebration cost him
#5. _
Arthur Hults, of 220 High street,
will leave town to study electrioal
engineering at Pratts Institute.
Miss Marion Owens, of 42 Jefferson
street, is confined to her home with
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#300. Right in the heart of the city
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