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Claims it will Settle Dust and
Prevent Mud-Experiment
in Westfield.
Experts in Road Building Much Pleased
With the Material—Tar is Placed Un
der the Surface-Does not Stick to
Wheels or Horses' Hoofs but Keeps all
Dust Down.
As an experiment and to demon
strate the value of the treatment of
macadam roads with a preparation of
tar, an application of this material
was made on one thousand feet of
roadway in Westfield last week which
was witnessed by well known experts
in road building in New York and
New Jersey. It is claimed by the
company which tried the experiment,
and bv the engineers who saw it, that
the ideal macadam roadway has been
secured. It is said that a road, treat
ed with tar will be free from dust in
dry weather, mud in wet weather rind
frost in winter. The tests mad^/yes
terday demonstrate that the Scheme
theoretically is perfect and thV ques
tion as to whether it will bear the
test of time remains to be answered.
The town of Westfield intends to make
a thorough test of the road so treated,
auu li li* jjruvws iu uo wuai trio uuui
panv claims, the streets apd roads
leading into that place will' probably
be treated in tbat manner,
This road on which th^ experiment
was made has been lpid but two
months. The top dressing was care
fully brushed away, leaving exposed
the bond or body. Orf this the pre
paration of tar w; s sprinkled and
allowed to sink in fc • about half an
inoh. The top dressi Dg was then put
baok on the layer of ar a nd on top of
the gravel the fine ■ sweepings, in
cluding the dust, wa^Virinkled. This
was rolled down wiflfa heavy roller
and allowed to l^set. ” One thousand
feet were Jhfus treated. When the
opera$#on was completed there was no
evhRnce of the presence of the tar
fiom the top of the road, although
jfce top dressing could not be scraped
jgfly the foot as loose dirt.
Each particle of gravel was held
g^Lat in^osition, thus preventing the
' '^-■Hfthng through to the
^^^SrordomBB^rond tearing ruts and
T crevices in the roadway. When a
steel tired wagon passes over the
■tones each little particle of dust is
instantly caught up by the tar al
though none of the tar clnigs to the
wheels or to the horse’s hoofs. It
will not injure rubber tires as the
tires rest upon the top dressing and
not upon the layer of tar beneath.
To test the claim that no dust is
raised on the road thus treated a large
automobile, driven at full speed along
the finished stretch, failed to raise
any dust whatever, although when it
arrived at a point where the roadway
was in its natural state, a blinding
cloud of dust arose and shut the auto
mobile from view. This was consid
ered a thorough test for the new pro
cess, inasmuch as the preparation had
not been firmly rolled.
It is claimed by the company that
the cost of treating a road which has
already been laid iB about $450 a mile.
When once it is laid it will keep the
dust down, prevent mud on the road
on the wettest day and will keep the
frost out of the ground in winter for
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Realty and Construction
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Boom 14 Seheuer Building.
estimates furnished.i
Open Evening* 7 to
' seven years, depending on how the
1 road is treated. The road will remain
water proof for that lengih of time
after one application.
Mr. Pearson, of the Westfield Coun
cil, said that he had been making a
special study of good roads and when
M. H. Phillips came to him and told
him of the new process which had
been tried successfully in a short
street in Brooklyn, he decided to have
the company make a test ot it. It
will be left in position for a year, and
then if the result is what is anticpat
ed, it will be adopted in town.
Annual Meeting of Board of
Trustees Shows it is in
Good Condition.
The animal meeting of the board of
trustees of the Teachers’ Retirement
Fund was held in Trenton Saturday.
, There were present Charles J. Bax
ter, State superintendent of Public
I instruction; S. R. Morse and William
ID. Forbes, of the state board of
Education, and Mrs. Georgia B.
Crater, Thomas M. White and Miss
Elizabeth A. Allen, representing the
teachers. Mr. Baxter and Miss Allen
were unanimously elected president
and secretary, respectively.
The report of the state treasurer
showed that the year which ended
June 30 was the most prosperous in
the history Of the enterprise, as will
be seen from the following compara
tive figures:
Receipts for 1901-’02, $20,254.38; for
1902-’03, $28,437.75. Disbursements,
for 1901-’02, $15,858.82; for 1902-’03,
$16,968.33. Snrplus for 1901-’02.
$4,395.56; for 1902-’03, $11,469.43.
Since the organization of the fund,
in 1897, seventy-six aged and invalided
teachers have been retired on annuity.
Of these fifteen have died, and there
are now in force sixty-one annuities,
averaging $315.70 and aggregating
$19,257.73. The total net surplus of
the fund, invested and in cash is
something above $75,000.
The following annuities were grant
ed to date from October 1:
Nehemiah Reese Whitaker, of Marl
ton, $250; Miss Edith E. Hulin, of
Bloomfield, $375; Miss M, Adelaide
Healy, of Newark, $325; Miss Annie
E. Stalle, of New Brunswick, $340;
Miss Lvdia Marden, of Trenton, $260;
Miss Marcia M. Wright, of Trenton,
$360; Mr. Jacob Maxwell, of South
Miss Victoria Frey, of New York,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. John Sand
back, of Elizabeth street.
Clara H. Anderson spent Sunday
and Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Will
iam Bohlke, at Jersey City.
Geoige Eldridge and family, of
State street, have moved to Easton,
Mrs. David Epstein spent Sunday
in New York.
Mrs. Herman Chmelnick and sons,
Abe and Victor, started Saturday on
a trip to Hartford, Conn. They will
remain two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. P. McLaughlin and
son John spent Sunday in New York
visiting friends.
J. Massopust spent Monday in New
Edward Dwyer spent Monday out of
mr. nuu luit. mover urawtjr enter
tained a number ot' friends Sunday
John O’Connell’s house on the north
end of Elizabeth street, is nearly com
Mrs. M. Peterson, of upper Hall
avenue, is visiting out of town.
Miss Anna Keller, of Newark, spent
Monday with friends and relatives on
Easton street.
Miss Alice Nelson, of South Amboy,
visited friends on Lynde street.
A Dangerous Expe-iment.
It is dangerous to experiment with some
unknown preparation when you have a
cough or cold. Fo'ey’s Honey and Tar
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consumption. Contains no opiates and is
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paration for coughs,colds and luug troub
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branes in the throat and luugs and pre
vents serious lung trouble. It is guar
anteed for all throat and lung diseases.
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/ '
Here is a blouse that, after the
handwork is done, can easily be made
in a day. The handwork is pretty j
stamped in a palm-leaf pattern and
briar stitched down each leaf in O.
N. T. cotton No. 50.
The collar, cuffs, shoulder straps
ami piece down the from are all made
of a very open imitation Irish point
inserting, from under which the
material should be cut away.
The hat illustrated here is of shiny
yellow straw, dull green taffeta drawn
over the brim, and a garland of shaded
leaves over the crown. This is a
pretty hat for the early antumu.
State Normal School has not so
Many Pupils this Year
as Last.
Registration of students at the Nor
mal and Model schools has been prac
tically completed and the enrollment
this year shows a slight increase over
the total of last year. The enrollment
in the Model school is in excess of
that of 1902 but in the Normal there
has been a slight falling off.
The total registration in the school
to date in 512 and of this number 328
are girls and 184 bovs. Compared
with last year this enrollment is an
increase of twenty. On September 29,
1902, the Model student body aggre
gated 492. The comparison made to
day is not totally authentic because
there are two school days yet. Mon
day and Tuesday, before the corre
sponding date of the comparison with
last year. In this time it is expected
that there will be a further increase.
The enrollment in the Normal school
is 480 which_figure is below the last
years’ total. Dr. Green attributes
this falling off to the raising of the
standaid of the school which has
made it more difficult for the appli
cants from the so-called rural districts
to enter. The falling off is not
sufficient to give and particular sig
The total enrollment of the two
school is 992. There are many regis
trations in the Bpriug and this number
is equivalent to an enrollment of
more than a thousand students for the
Speaking of the working of the
schools, Dr. Green said :
“The classification of students is
very good this year. There are no
extremely small classes and there are
no classes so large as not to be handled
well. This permits individual atten
tion to the students which is most
desirable in an institution of this
character. ”
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.J_ . ™
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into a pair of our
Queen Quality Shoes she will im
mediately understand why we sell
so many of them. This make of
Shoe has all the style, comfort and
durability of shoes costing a dollar
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Dollar Woman’s Shoe anywhere in town for the price 3.00,
Some specials 50c extra.
State Board of Education Reco
mem's that Special Session of
Legislature be Called.
The law committee of the State
Board of Education has decided to ask
Governor Murphy to call a special
session of the legislature toenaotlaws
for the relief of the school situation
as brought about by the action of the
Court of Brrors and Appeals in de
claring the McKee school law uncon
When asked what action he would
take. Governor Murphy said:
“I should want to ascertain definite
ly just what law becomes effective by
the removal of the McKee act, and if
it should be then made clear to me
that the educational interests of the
State are suffering or in danger
through the reversion to the old laws,
I do not believe that I should hesitate
to call the legislature together for the
enactment of a suitable law. The
cost of a special session would be
trifling in comparison with the im
portance of the subject, and I feel
that the educational interests of our
State should receive first considera
tion. ’ ’
Oldllvl«l Unm Exonvratvd.
DETROIT, Mich., Sept. 20.—A coro
ner's jury rendered a verdict that the
death of .1. Francis Shearar. who was
killed on Sept. S by Barney Oldfield’s
racing automobile at the Grosse Pointe
track when the'front tire exploded and
the machine went through a fence, was
accidental. The verdict exonerated
Oldfield from any blame.
Of Interest To Many,
It is not generally known that more
than one third of the deaths are from kid
ney d seascs. Watch your kidneys as you
can not live without them and they eau
not be replaced. Foley’s Kidney Cure
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borne Pronounced incuranie nau Lumoago ana luaney iroume
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