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Basket Ball and Football Games Played Saturday on Enclosed
Grounds—High School Girls Basket Ball and Show Perth
i Amboy Audience What Game is Like-Colors and Cheers
Make an Enthusiastic Meet.
A Perth Amboy crowd, interested
in athletics, was treated to something
brand new Saturday when they saw a
game of basket ball for the first time.
It was plaved by two teams selected
from the girls of the High School.
After the basket ball game the High
School football team defeated a team
from the New Brunswick High School
by a score of 11 to 0.
The grounds were well filled at an
early hoar. High school colored
banners, flags and ribbons were in
overy place. Yells were given and
the High School song was sung with
much vigor. At a little after three
the opposing sevens, atiired in white
sweaters, short skirts and tennis slip
pers, strode daintily npon the field.
There were dignified Seniors, vivac
t ions Juniors, jolly Sophomores and
k loquacious Freshmen in that fourteen.
Ik One side wore red ribbons across the
8 front of their sweaters and was cap
I tlined by Rose Biume. The other
wore blue ribbons and was led by
Jonnie Brogger. At the knock off the
ball traveled toward the blue’s goal
and in this territory most of the first
half was fought out. The reds tried
hard to bring it to their basket, but
were unable to score.
Almost as W. A. Belcher, timekeep
er, was about to call time, Miss
Brogger made a basket for her team
and a chorus of Oh’s and Ah’s went
up for the blues. The half lasted 10
The goal posts were pulled up and
the fooball warriors lined up for their
game. Hanson kicked off and New
Brunswiok took to the center of the
field. After a few downs, Perth Am
boy was given ten yards, New Bruns
wick being offside. Amboy then ob
tained possession of the ball on downs
. and lost it for being unable to take it
the required five yards,
Tlie ball thus ohanged sides without
going more than 15 yards toward
either goal, so evenly were the teams
matched. When the whistle blew
neither side had scored.
Now came the last of the basketball
and a grand finish it was. The reds
oame out determined to even the score
£ aud nobly they worked to that end.
^_*Miss Brogger made another basket,
jj^k,then back went the ball to the other
goal and Gertrude Pfeiffer scored for
the red.
A After this came two more goals fot
^F Fie blue anu even though the other
s iven strove to their utmost they weri
.not able to even the score and it stood
to 2 at the end of this half, which
listed ten minutes.
The last half of the football game
This picture represents the name of an
ol i popular song. Can you guess it?
Of all answers received not one was correct.
The answer to SatUidajs uzzle ts Mocking
Bird, '
The prize for to-day will be
a J
was the battle royal. Brunswick
kicked off and then Amboy played,
gradually, but nevertheless surely,
the home team carried the ball to
their goal. Finally Wight went over
the line for a touchdown.
The attempt to kick goal failed.
The ball was again kicked off [.and
Brunswick took it. After several
attempts to break the home team’s
defense, they punted. A few more
downs, neither side gaining or losing
much, then by brilliant play, Wight
went through the line for a 40 yard
run to goal. This time goal was kick
ed and score stood 11-0 in Amboy’s
favor. Following was the lineup:
P. A. II. S. Po.-it.iou N. 15. II. S.
Barter Left end Shipman
Gregory “ tackle Van Si kle
Crowell *• guard Swain
dollose ('em re Luhlein
0 e o i Bight guard Josliu Capt.
t'Oft “ tackle Nelseii
Ylrctn’ “ end Conger
H rod I lead Quarterback Bullock
Wight Capt. Left half back Taylor
llooz Bight “ ■* iVloiaii
1 fans* n Full Back Stout
The basket ball lineup were, centers,
Bose Blume, Jennie Brogger; R. G.,
H. Meade, Emily Lund; L. G., Gert
rude Pfeiffer, B. Mason; R. C., R.
Lewis, H. Hartman; L. O., R.
Fletcher, E. Mercer; R. G., B. Wat
son, L. Kelly; L. G., M. Barkowosky,
P. Martin.
Grace English Lutheran Church
Receive Many new Member
«t Yesterday s Services.
Very impressive services were held
in Grace Lutheran church yesterday
morning. Holv communion was ad
minstered, wnen forty-five communed
At this service two more were con
firmed, making a total of ten adults
who were confirmed this fall into the
Lutheran church.
But still a greater surprise was in
store for the congregation when the
pastor read off the names of seventeen
persons who joined by letter of dis
missal or by profession of faith. As
these persons stood around the plat
form, receiving the congratulations
of the church, one could not but Bay
that goo i results are emanating from
the hard and indefatigable work of
the pastor.
If the inorease continues at this
rate, the English Lutheran church is
destined to become quite a factor in
this oommunity.
The following were elected officers
of the Junio” Luther League of Grace
ohuroh, Saturday afternoon: Presi
dent, Gladys Eilert; first vice presi
dent, Graoe Rnudenbush; second vice
president, Howard Koons; third vice
president, Herman Schwartz; secre
tary, Sadie Miller; treasurer Rev E.
J. Keuling: organist, Myrl Eilert.
The Junior League number now
twenty five. They meet every Satur
day afternoon and are under the
efficient instructions and care of the
pastor, Rev. E. J. Keuling.
Crand Musical Festival
simpHO' M. K. Cliuioh
Orwist, Mr DeWltt O irrotnnii
Harpist^ Lucia Forrest*
Mfloint, Cornelia Maivin
A Silver Offering of 95 cents at the door.
Children 15 cents.
Succeenor to L. Albert £ Co.
...Photographic Studio...
Everythin* In Portrait. Landmvipe
and Interior Photograph)
P.O. Building. Perth Amboy, Si. J
Civil Engineer.
102 Smith Street.
Nine has Played Siventeen Games and Lost but Two of Them—
Have a Fine Diamond—Claims Championship of Amateur
Teams in this Vicinity—The Make up of the Team
Shows Some Very Good Players.
No^little interest was manifested in
the games played by the factory teams
dming the baseball.season whicli has
jnst closed. The Evening News has
followed these games throughout and
today is published a picture of the
team which represented the Raritan
Copper Works on the diamond. This
nine claims the championship of the
amateur teams.
The Copper Works team played
Iu the above picture the men have
been numbered and they can be dis
tinguished as follows: 1 James Kelly,
If, 2 Michael Harrigan, rf; 3 R. L.
Young, manager; 4, Lester Bailey,
cf; 5 Oscar Rasmussen, 3u; 6 James
Ford, ss; 7 Charles Witz, 2b; 8 W\ S.
Higgins, lb and captnin ; 9 R. Lind,
c; 10 Janies Smith, p; 11 Emil Warter,
secretary and treasurer.
Following is their record of games
seventeen games in all. Of these they
won fifteen and lost but two. The
runs scored by the Copper Works was
225 and their opponents scored 102.
This is considered an excellent show
ing. The nine has one of the best
diamonds in the State, adjoining the
works. It is kept in first class condi
tion and is often sought after by other
teams when the Copper Works are not
using it. This team is the leader in
organizing a factory league for next
Hav 111 R C. W , 24 xgr P. A . T C. 7
“ 3.A 1' Monarch A C. 4
“ 30. 12 A. H. & R. Co. 10
J line 4 “ “ *• “ f.' 0 ~ Alpin s A. C. 5
“ 6 •“ “ T' 80 To tenville A .C. 4
“ 18 " “ '• “ Zl U A. 8 & R. Co. 4
* 27 •• “ • •• 9 “ •• “ “ “ “ la
July 8 “ " “ *• 20 Alpine * . C . 6
.. jo ...... .. 5 p ... r C. 1>
“ 2. “ ‘ “ “ 21 A 8. & It. Oo. 8
Aug. 1 “ "* " 10 Sta dard A. C 3
.. B .. ...... 4 s u Cable g
.. s .. .. ., .. 12 p A T o. 1
■ •IS ...... .. 15 Riverside 4. C. 0
.. .» .. .. .. .. I, A, . * r Co. 4
•ep. 12 “ “ “ • 12 All 8‘ars N Y. 11
"19.- 3 C es»nt A. C. 2
Sept“mb'>r 12 was a 11 Inning game and 8ep
tember 19 was 10 Innings.
The turning down of William D.
Voorhees for comptroller by the
Democrats at their convention Satur
day night, has raised a storm of pro
test througnont the city. Many
Democrats are thoroughly exercised
about the matter and there is now a
strong feeling to nominate Mr. Voor
hees on an independent ticket. The
scheme is to endorse all the demo
cratic nominees with the exception of
comptroller, placing Mr. Voorliees’
name there. Snch a nomination can
be made by a .petition of .100 voters
and it is said nearly that many Demo
crats have signified their willingness
to sign snch a petition.
Renominate Adam Eckert for Alderman-aMarge and Name thigh
Timmins for Comptroller-Excise Board has a Saloonkeep
er-Caucus Before Convention was Long and Some Ernest
Discussion Took Place.
Were Driving Across Central
Tracks When Freight Train
Came Along.
Mo Ga'emin on Duly on Su'day and a
Freight Car on Siding Obstructed the
View—Could not See Train—Engine
was Running Slowly and the Men
At 11 o’clock yesterday morning W.
L. Morse and Dennis Donovan had a
narrow escape at the New Brunswick
avenue crossing of the Central rail
road, where they were nearly hit by p
freight train. S
Both men were in a laundry wagon
and were driving ^across the Central
tracks, a box car being on the track
in such a way that it obstructed the
view. As there was no gateman on
duty, it being Sunday, the men drove
on the tracks. Jnst as they were in
the middle the freight came upon
them. Mr. Morse, who was driving,
nad no time to pull the horse out of
the way, the freight was running
slowlv and the engine was stopped
just aR it hit the shafts of the wagon.
The horse was bruised a little, but the
men were thankful to escape with
their lives.
Horehound cough candy, our own
manufacture. Quarter pound oc.
Sexton’s Drug Store, 70 & 72 Smith
st. ' 10-12-tf
Benjamin Frankel had Narrow
Escape from Fire in his Store
Last Night.
Only for the prompt and quick
action of Benjamin Frankel, 69 Wood
bridge road, his store would have
neen burned ont last night.
At 6 o'clock Frankel lit the lamp in
his store and was iust going into the
sleeping apartments In the rear of the
store, when he heard a lond report.
One of the lamps had exploded auc
dames were spreading fast. Franke'
nanaged to get hold of the bnruint
lamp and quickly threw it out doors.
Blankets soon smothered the flam< i
in the window. The damage wai
When the members of the Higl
School football team went to the en
closed grounds this morning to brui(
lOine the goal posts, it was discovered
hat some one had been ahead of them,
for all six of the poles were gone.
The poles were just given to the boy*
Saturday by South R. Farrington.
Horehonnd cough candy, onr own
Manufacture. (Quarter pound 5c.
Sexton's Drug Store, 70 & 72 Smitl
st. 1010-tl
Everythin to* e-made and we knA^ov
<o cook *nd dl first class catering®
tot sell meal mi kits 1 ut »e h*ve thf®||
tsble bo.rd InBhe city at S3 a
WO R REtL S 46Smiths*
TelJcall 200 L. 2 1
* The Democratic city convention
sprung a surprise Saturday night in
fixing their ticket for the coming
election. Their nominations are as
follows: Alderman-at-Large, Adam
Eckert; comptroller, Hugh Timmins;
Commissioners of Appeal, Thomas
j Laugau, Martin Momberg and William
' Buchanan ; for Excise Commissioners,
■ Chris Meshrow, Soren Olsen, James
J. Garland, John J. Clark and Patrick
That the conference wnich was held
before the convention was not entire
ly harmonious was evident when the
delegates did not make their appear
ance until after 9 o'clcok. There was
a small number of citizens on hand to
hear the result, but the enthusiasm
was about equal to that at the Repub
lican city convention.
It is understood that the caucus was
prolonged in an effort to get William
D. Voorhees renominated for comp
troller. One of the delegates said the
fight was hard and long, but that a
younger element * prevailed and they
wasted Mr. Timmins. There was
also some objection to the Excise
Commissioners as named. James J.
Garland is a saloonkeeper and it was
argued that a saloonkeeper should not
be pet on the Excise Board, but the
majority thought differently and ..his
name lfelit down.
When itVas's&eirtim^y'ouni
were determined to have their
I the delegates filed ont, some wore
smiling faoes and others were very
Eober. It was easy to see who was in
E. M. Kelly called the convention
to order and Richard M. White was
made chairman and George M. Adair
was elected secretary. The nomina
tions then followed in rapid succession
and the convention adjourned within
a few minutes. It was noticed the
voting wa6 very weak although no
one voted in the negative and the
candidates were all declared the reg
ular non.’oats.
It is understood Jliat JmFT Gar
has since declined to rum
Its the Way ™S™,™
of the World
It’s much the wiser way to take Our
White Pine Cough Btlsam, quickly and
cure the cough or cold at the start. Large
bottle 25c.
PARISEN'S Perscription Pharmacy.
44 Fayette Street.
Fim-Class Work Guaranteed.
Telephone 05 1. _
Tae furecas' received at the local Sigaa
Station is fur partly cloudy to fair tomor
1 6 7 IS ! 7.87 9 HI 9.80 I
RL 7 7.49 8.05 10 9.56 I0.U
■ 8 8) 1 8.44 11 10.44 11.01

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