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Trwr,:“t&afle Collapsed and
|6l, Jfeie killed Among them
qWire William Kempton.
Father WScfclji#-Kempton of this City —
He has Telegraphed to have the Bod)
Brought Here at Unce—Crane wat
Overloaded and Fell 109 Feet Upon a
' In g^yjjui^pa^acconnt of the bridge
accideStM’TMttsbnrg yesterday morn
ing, the New cif’ork pnpers give the
name of William P. Kempton. in the
list pt dpad. j,
Retupton. of Davidson
avenne, told a News reporter the
aoconnt given fits his son and he ie
iure^that M Sou was the man describ
ed. Mr. Kempton was a structural
iron worker and was working in the
nev0 cafefalever bridge being construct
ed Pv»er 'theiRConongahela river for the
Wabash railroad. With abont 14 othei
men he was on a large traveling crane
on the Water street side of the bridge
when it suddenly snapped, carrying
all to the water, 109 feet below. The
traveler is supposed to having beet
overweighted with iron and materia
it waS carrying for the men to wort
with. A load was being taken nj
from a barge in the river direct!)
under the crane. Some eight met
were on the barge working. Three
were killed by the wreckage. The)
were brushed almost beyond identifi
The traveler, which projects bevonc
the bridge, gave away and tons o!
iron and steel fell on the barges. Tlu
vessels Were sunk and many of th<
bodies Were pinned down by the
wreckage. Divers will be required tc
reach pome of them.
Nihq men were killed outright anc
six otflers injured. Mr. Kempton wai
one of?the killed. The United Statei
Snag ltbatD. A. Woodruff was neaf
the naw bridge and its crew began the
work/bf’fescue. Workers on the othei
end of the bridge stopped work am
assigned. All men were^fimployed bt
Mr'.' Solbayier Kempton is certair
that tlie name given is his son’s anc
has ‘telegraphed to have the body sen
home. As yet he has received no par
ticulars as to whether his son wai
killed outright or died of his injuries
The dead man was twenty-five yeari
old ahcl was very well known here
He was slntfle and is survived by threi
sisters. Mr. Kempton says his soi
nelongs to Bridge- Builders’ Unioi
No. 3, of Brooklyn. This, with th<
description given, convince him. Mr
Kempton left this city about fon
months ago.
The men who have made the larges
fortunes in business are those win
have been the most extensive adver
u Will Cure Consumption.
■ A. A. Herreu of Finch, Ark., writei
f “Foley’s Houey and Tar is the best pre
paratlob for coughs,colds and lung troub
le. I know that it has cured consumptioi
in the first stages.” It stops the cough
soothes and heals the inflamed mem
branes Id the throat and lungs aud pre
vents serionb lung trouble. It is guar
anteed for all throat and lung diseases
Refuse substitutes. Sold at Sexton’i
Pharmacy, 70 Smith St.
JpeF cent. Interest
We have for sale a business
property on State street, pay
^P ing sixteen per cent, interest.
* TJhe liishop Comjianj
122 Smith Street,
We have the beat list in the city. Should th<
list not contain what you want, we will f?et i
• for you. Smith St property offered at a sac
rlflce. Houses, llata and floors ror rent. Mouej
to loan.
Insurance Real Estate
Realty and Construction
A good business property for sale or
Smith Street, bouse nearly new, Stori
80x44 feet, 10 large rooms, a decidec
bargain, terms reasonable.
Post Office Building.
Masons and Builders
Room 14 Sohener Bulletin*.
estimates furnished.
* Open iKvenlng»;7 to AO
Contractor who is Building [Pipe
Line from Runyon Threatened
to Cancel the Contract.
Board of Aldermen Concur in what he Did
and Instruct the Clerk to Write to the
Firm Furnishing the Pipe—Other Rout
ine Business Transacted at Meeting
Last Night.
P. Fanghman, of Elizabeth, tlie
contractor who is laying the pipe line
from the Runyon pumping station to
the south side of the Raritan river,
served notice on Mayor Seaman a
short time ago that unles^ the pipe is
furnished him to continue the work
within tire sixty-day limit, he would
commence action to have his contract
cancelled. He declared that at pres
ent his men were standing idle, but
he was forced to pav them their day’s
wages just the same. The mayor took
nnfirtn Fn lioiro flid nOOQCOOrr TT1 TTM fflT
nished at once and at the meeting of
the Board of Aldermen last night he
notified the aldermen what he had
done and accompanying his communi
cation was a telegram from the pipe
firm announcing that the shipments
were delayed on account of the storm,
but would be rushed hereafter. The
aldermen concurred in the action of
the mayor and also instructed the city
clerk to write to the pipe firm urging
upon them the necessity of immediate
and rapid shipment.
A communication from Protection
Hook and Ladder was read announcing
that Charles Rossi and Charles A.
Poulsen had been elected members of
that company.
A resolution was passed asking the
judge of the circuit court to forward
an order to the city clerk to open the
ballot boxes so that they might be
1 used in the coming election, the time
1 limit fixed by law, not having expired
since the last special election when
the boxes can legally be opened.
The Street Commissioner was in
structed to lay crosswalks at Smith
street and Madison avenue and two at
The ball game netted for the hospi
tal last Tuesday, $52.70. The Ladies
, Auxiliary wish to thank Mr. Belcher
for getting up the game and also all
, those who took part in any way.
Mrs. G. D. Runyon,
Rankrm Travel «»si Train ilr Luxe.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 20. — The
train carrying New York bankers to
the national bankers' convention in
this city has arrived. A newspaper
was printed each day on the train en
i route, the New York Bankers’ Special
Bulletin. It is said to be the finest
special train that ever rolled across
the continent, no railroad company
ever having attempted heretofore to
pend out one that could compare with
it in luxuriousness of appointments.
The train de luxe embraces, among
other things, a woman's club car that
has all the elaborate and costly ap
pointments of a Fifth avenue drawing
Mull Pouch Thief Kh«-ii|m-<1.
PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 20.-Albert
E. Bell, the mail pouch thief and forg
er. who was brought to this city from
Denver by Deputy United States Mar
shals G. II. Baker and Alvah Davis,
eluded his guards and is now at liber
ty. When the train reached the Penn
sylvania railroad station Davis and
Bell went to the toilet of the Pullman
car. and while they were performing
their ablutions the prisoner calmly
walked to the platform of the car, min
gled with the crowd of passengers and
Prenidevit UrnicN Humors.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 20. President
Roosevelt authorized the statement
that there is no truth whatever in the
rumors of differences of opinion be
tween himself and Secretary Shaw 01
among members of the cabinet grow
ing out of the report which has been
made to him by Charles .1. Bonaparte
anil Holmes fJbnrad of their investiga
tions into charges affecting the postal
service. J
Fenr Prlwtici- Will He Lynched.
BASIN. S'Jyo.. Oct. 20. W. 11. Smith
in custody lore, has confessed ^o com
plicity in mobbing tlic jail at Basin
when GoriJnn and Waiters, two mur
derers, tviul' shot by the mob and l»c]i
uty SheriW Prince killed and Deputy
Meade wEundcd. Smith gives the
names of Ihirty-five other men in the
1 mob. It ill feared an attempt will bt
1 sende to k'l! Smith.
Ofilnterest To Many.
, It is not Ipnera'ly known that, more
than one third of the deaths are from kid
Dey d'seasesl Watch your kidneys as you
can not live' without them and they cau
not be replaced. Foley’s Kidney Cure
will cure any case of kidney disease that
is not beyond the reach of medicine. It
will make^Muweil. Sold at Sexton’p
Pharmaoi^^^^Pb St.
| gnibi Jfitsliion Sheet.
The design shown a>'ove is very
pretty for a blouse. It is made of
handkerohief linen and trimmed with
Valenciennes inserting. Between the
rows of lace is feather stitching work
ed in O. N. T. No. 50 crochet cotton.
In making the blonse first tuck a
yoke, then put the lace on, following
the design in the illustration. In
tucking, leave a plain space on each
side of the yoke before tucking the
shoulders. The veil shown above is
one of the new Narragansett veils
which have become so popular.
Right Rev. James A. McFaul Cel
brated Anniversary of his Ele
vation ro the Episcopacy.
Trenton, Oct. 20:—The Right Rev.
James A. McFaul, Sunday, completed
his ninth year as the head of the
Catholic diocese of Trenton. In honor
of the event the bishop persided at
solemn pontifical services Sunday
morning at St. Mary’s cathedral.
The services began at 10.30. The
bishop, escorted by a procession com
posed of the priests of the cathedral
and a dozen acolytes, bearing lighted
candles, proceeded from the sacristy
to the altar, when the mass was be
gun. The bisnop was the celebrant
of the mass and the Very Rev. bather
Fox, vicar general of the Trenton
diocese, was assistant priest.
The sermon was delivered by the
Rev. Father Maroney, and at tho con
clusion of the mass Father Fox spoke
of the event which was being cele
brated, and made mention of the work
accomplished by Bishop McFaul since
his elevation to the episcopacy.
A Dangerous Experiment.
It is dangerous to experiment with some
unknown preparation when you have a
cough or cold. Foley’s Honey and Tar
will cure you and prevent pneumonia and
consumption. Contains no opiates and is
guaranteed to give satisfaction. Refuse
substitutes. Sold at Sexton’s Pharmacy
70 Smith St.
dun's Joke on Wtit'miin Politician*.
NEW YOUK, oct. 2(1.—Senator Platt
has returned to the Fifth Avenue ho
tel from his wedding trip and declares
himself ready to do any rough and
tumble lighting for the fusion ticket he
may be called to take part in. Ho
was bronzed with the autumn sun, and
Itis eyes glowed with good humor as he
poked fun at the Tammany campaign
ers. "Mr. Murphy must be losing liis
hold on that unanimous vote for Man
hattan he was pluming himself about."
he said. "Wasn’t lie the person who
made a remark about the governor
meeting Dovery and making a combi
nation against the patriots of the Wig
wam’/ The time to talk silly things is
in the summer, when we have summer
polities. He has only made folks
Saved $.-.200 oil $12 11 Month.
DEUBY, Conn.. Oct. 20. — Patrick
Mahaney lias sailed for Ireland with
$.".200, which was saved in the last
thirty-two years on wages of never
more than $12 a month. Mahaney
worked us a farm hand. He always
received hoard with Ills employers,
and for his clothes he depended en
tirely upon their east off garments.
His expenditures for (lie thirty-two
years amounted to $44.00, an average
of less than 12 cents a month. This
he spent principally for newspapers,
but not u cent for liquor or tobacco.
Mahaney said he would never work
We make fine Ladies
suits in the latest
styles, also for gen
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing.
1 In our Business lately DEMANDS MORE ROOM for our irn- |
[8 mense Stock. b
1 Carpenters are at this moment hammering away to give Jj
y us some relief. In the meantime we will hammer away with g
1 wonderful bargains as follows.
1200 Ladies’ pink, white, blue red and black 25c crocheted
shawls at.15c gj)
200 Ladies 39c crocheted shawls at.25c fit
200 “ 69c “ “ “.50c n
100 “ 75c “ “ “.59c B
100 “ 1.00 “ “ “.75c B
100 “ 1.25 “ “ “.98c a)
50 “ 150 “ ' “ “.1.25 jg
150 Genuine Angora Tams.79c ®
Ladies’ 1.00 Eiderdown Dressing Sacques.. 75c J|
Ladies’ 1.39 “ “ “ .1.00 &
Ladies’ 398 “ Bath Robes.2 98 gj
Standard Designers for November are here'
I 92 /go25^
i Smiths/
___. 1
Wednesday Oci. 21.
Broadway, Tottenville, S. I.
2 Horses, i Surrey, 3 Carriages.
2 Carts, 1 business Wagon.
1 cash Register, 10 bedroom .Suits.
1 Big Kitchen Range Stove, Oil
Stoves. 1 Bagetelle Table, Piano
Furniture etc.
Secretary of Stnte Under Lincoln.
DENVER. Oct. 20.—Colonel Roswell
Eaton Gootlell is dead at ids borne here.
Colonel flooded was born at Porn fret,
C01111., in 1827. Although a Democrat,
at the request of Abraham Lincoln he
accepted the Republican nomination
for secretary of state and was elected.
I fW*ilh of PtlTe BaJjam'fo Every Cake
' flfl A H Medicated, Ref renting:. Makes
Al I A M ^a,r soft and silken. Destroys disease
UUHI germs in scalp and body. Best soap
■■■%■■ mm for skin, hair, scalp, nursery. Watch
.DLL for Ust °f druggists who give 25c.
■" HI* f cake HARFINA SOAP FREE with
I lllih 50C, bottle Of HAIK-HEALTH.
A Choice Line of
People’s Meat Market
I -
518 State Street, - Telebhone 31-L
247 New Brunswick Avenue, Tel.l09-w
Jos. Polkowitz & Bro.
I VMID IflMIEVC me tky 1
I YUylt BUBJNEYa well? I
I Unless they are, good health is impossible. I
Every drop of blood in the body passes through and is filtered by healthy kidneys every three minutes. Sound
kidneys strain out the impurities from the blood, diseased kidneys do not, hence you are sick. FOLEY’S KIDNEY
CURE makes the kidneys well so they will eliminate the poisons from the blood. It removes the cause of the
many diseases resulting from disordered kidneys which have allowed your whole system to become poisoned.
Rheumatism, Bad Blood, Gout, Gravel, Dropsy, Inflammation of the Bladder, Diabetes and Bright’s Disease, H
and many others, are all due to disordered Kidneys. A simple test for Kidney disease is to set aside your urine
in a bottle or glass for twenty-four hours. If there is a sediment or a cloudy appearance.it indicates that your
kidneys are diseased, and unless something is done they become more and more affected until Bright’s Disease
or Diabetes develops.
FOLEY’S KIDNEY CURE is the only preparation which will positively cure all forms of Kidney and
Bladder troubles, and cure you permanently. It is a safe remedy and certain in results.
If You are a sufferer, take FOLEY’S KIDNEY CURE at onoe. It will make you well.
Some Pronounced Incurable Had Lumbago and Kidney Trouble
Mr. G. A. Stillson, a merchant of Tampico, 111., writes: “FOLEY’S Edward Huss, a well known business man of Salisbury,Mo., writs*:
KIDNEY CURE is meeting with wonderful success. It has cured “I wish to say for the benefit of others, that I was a sufferer from
some cases here that physicians pronounced incurable. I myself am lumbago and kidney trouble, and all the remedies I took gave me no
able to testify to its merits. My face today is a living picture of health relief. I began to take FOLEY’S KIDNEY CURE, and after the use of
and FOLEY’S KIDNEY CURE has made it such.” three bottles I am cured.” « ,
^ Two Sizes, 60 Cents and $1.00._ ._I
£old and by wr
^ Sexton’s Pharmacy, 70-78 Smith Street

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