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Store Open This Evening Until 8 o’clock.
_____ ■ 1
...Items of Unusual Interest...!

Rain proof
= Even if the most cloudless skies of the whole year greet your S
■ gaze when this ad. appears, don’t let it keep you on the wrong su e .
S of the Raincoat question. Did the recent storm find you on the g
5 wrong side? If so don’t be caught again. As in Rain Garments g
S for Ladies, Misses and Children we have the very latest, freshest, g
5 faultless and most fashionable garments shown this season. Below .
■ we mention —not all—but enough to tell the story. r

■ 1.98 Misses’ Raincoat, with
cape and velvet collar,
B neat plaid lining, all sizes and
B lengths, in navy blue.
3 2.98 Misses’ Raincoat of serge,
absolutely water proof,
■ cape and velvet collar, plaid
| lined, colors blue and maroon.
| 3.15 Misses’ all wool serge
Raincoats, in navy blue,
S cape and velvet collar, neat plaid
g lining.
B ----
_____■'___ ■
•!. 50 Ladies’ Serge Cravenette £
absolutely waterproof, all £
tan color, shaped sleeves, plaid £
3.50 Ladies’ Raincoat, of all £
wool serge blue and black |
Mackintosh and Raglan styles, £
plaid lined.
4.50 Ladies' Cravenette, of all S
wool serge blue and' 5
black, velvet collar and double £
cape collar, pla’id lined.
| Beautiful Showing of Lace Curtains j
= \Ve have won an enviable reputation for lace curtain selling, a rep- ■
■ utation which extends all through this county, I his success has g
E been won only by merit, as our stocks contain nothing but new, g
E fresh and dependable merchandise. Just a few specials below.
2 .75 Nottingham Curtains, i %
yards wide, 3 yards long,
5 neat designs, worth i.oo a pair.
S 3.25 Lace Curtains, of fine
Nottingham lace, all-over
■ and border designs, 1 yards
■ wide, yards long, worth 3 75
5 a pair.
1.525 Lace curtains, i % yards S
wide, 2>lA >'ards lonS- E
Nottingham lace, good patterns, g
worth 1.59 a pair.
52.50 Nottingham Curtains, 60 E
inches wide, 3yards g
long, plain net with border, also g
neat all-over patterns, worth 2.98 S
a pair, g


128 fcnd 130 Smith Street
Steamer South Portland Lost
on Oregon Coast.
Lifeboat (apsi/.ftl, an«l Only Sevei
Heuaiiml It—It Is Hoped Some
Succeeded la KNc*apIiitf on
the Life Hu ft.
MARSHFIELD. Ore., Oct. 21.—In n
blinding fog tin; steamer South Fort
land, bound for Sail Francisco from
Portland with a cargo of wheat and
carrying a crew of twenty-three men
and fourteen passengers, struck Cape
Blanco reef bow on.
1^ She was lifted high out of the water;
i^^Hken she settled aft and later slid off
P§flp» rocks and immediately began to till
^^wilh water.
The captain, sw ing that all hope of
saving his ship v gene, gave orders
to man the life reft with all possibh
Two boats and the life raft were low
ered. One boat, containin'.: the captain
and seventeen souls. . op-ited as tliej
were getting away fr an 111 - sinking
steamer, and only seven of the eighteen
were able to get Into the boat again.
The other boat also capsiy.nl and was
seen drifting away in the thick fog
without a person in sight.
A heavy fog is hanging over the coast
here, and weather indications are most
unfavorable for rescue work.
A life raft was seen in the breakers
with several persons on it, and tlit* life
saving crew has gone to the rescue.
The beacli at that point is abrupt,
and a landing cannot be effected with
out great difficulty.
Fha rlus 11 u/.iiii. the first cngiiccr.
nns died of exposure. Fourteen per
sons are yet missing and are probably
The South Portland struck going at
a speed of about seven knots.
The survivors of the ill fated steamer
reached Port Cranford in a pitiable
condition front exposure to the eolil
wind and waves. They have lit tie hope
for the remainder of the passengers
and crew. The survivors are Captain
I. McIntyre', John 11canter, sailor, San
Francisco; Mmmanui'l Phomonis, chief
cook, and William h. Wilson, Jr., of
Baltimore: L. Baker. Alameda, Cal.;
Guy Bent, aged twelve years, of Nova
Scotia; Al Bailey of North Dakota, pas
i’resiiloDit Issuer Proclamation \ara
imt \ov. it l or Session.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 21. The pres’
dent has issued a proclamation calling
the Fifty-eighth congress in extraordi
nary session. Following is the text of
the proclamation in part:
‘ Whereas, by the resolution of th<
nato of March lit. inn.-!, the approval
y congress of the reciprocal commer
cial convention between the I'nited
dates and the republic of Cuba signed
at Havana on Dee. 11, 1902. is neces
sary before the said convention shall
take effect,
“Now, therefore, I. Theodore Roose
velt. president of the I'nited States of
America, by virtue of the powers vest
ed in mo by the constitution, do hereby
proclaim and declare that au extraor
dinary occasion requires the convening
of both houses of the congress of the
United States at their respective cham
bers in the city of Washington on the
Oth day of November next at 12 o'clock
noon, to the end that they may consider
and determine whether the approval of
the congress shall be given to the said
ow for Genuine Sport.
The hunting season is here and so are we with a full and complete line of
Rifles. Cun?, Shot, Cartridges and Hunting Coats,
In fact out assortment and prices cannot be duplicated much less equalled by any
other house in the trade. Do you want to know why? we’ll tell you. Exclusive
gun sellers must wait for the season to op' » in order to make sales and must ther. -
for charge enough to make up for dull times; not so with us. We are kept busy all
the year aiound and can afford *o give you i In- benefit, of our wide experience and
mue lower prices. High grade Parker, Hamnierless, Davis llammerless Metrop,
Hamraergnus Winchester Repeaters, single and double barrel guns at a great saving
in price.
On ns you must pav elsewhere <£04 ITaniTnergurs, other stores charge 1 1 CA
jS-X) or $10 we’ll sell you for... yu 10 or 417 we'll let you have at » I
All other hunting utensils in proportion.
Come I DCDCI IIAEJ 390 State Street, for Right Goods j I
to. La rtntLnlAllj at Right Prices
V ’
We close every evening at
8.30. Saturdays at 10.
13 I <3
and Blanket
This weather is the soi»t
that emphasizes the need of
heavier bed coverings, and no
store in town is better prepar
ed to meet your every require
11-4 fleece Blankets, pink
or blue borders value 1.25
at .97c
Wool Blankets, the Calif
ornia kind edged with silk,
pink or blue border worth 5.50
at. 4 50
Cretonne covered Comfort
ables, pretty patterns, filled
with white Cotton values s.98
at. 1.50
Down filled Comfortables,
covered with best French sat
een, filled with the finest down
regular 7 50 at.6.49
Department Store
.400 State Street...,
Manchuria Said i i> Be riaeiMl Under
tlic Czar's <;«ven»nii,nl.
BERLIN, Oct. 21. It Is reported
here that Paul Lessar, Russian minis
ter to China, lias com-hided a treaty
with China which gives Russia practi
cal control of .Manchuria. although un
der a nominal Chinese government.
Russia undertakes to conduct any
war arising with a third power from
the new treaty.
Hoport of I'oHtal SpiiiiiIjiIn.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 21. Joseph L.
Bristow, fourth assistant postmaster
general, who for the last half year lias
been at the head of the investigation of
one of the greatest postal scandals in
the history of the government. l:n»
completed his report to the postmaster
general, who will forward it to Presi
dent Roosevelt at once. It gives Post
master General Payne the credit of be
ginning the investigation of the scan
dal. It reviews in detail the results
of the inquiry and the eases now lie
fore the courts, it brings out in un
mistakable language the abuses whb-1
have grown up as a result of the mach
inations of the Beavers and Maehen
ring and recommends a thorough reor
Maine Raiders Vi-rested.
NORTH ANSON. Me., Oct. 21.—Aft
er a most exciting and tedious hunt
several deputy sheriffs and a posse suc
ceeded in capturing the remaining two
of the four men who after robbing two
stores in Norridgownek escaped from
the clutches of 2oi> or more armed citi
zens of Norridgewock, Mercer and ad
jacent towns. The men were taken at
a remote point in the wilds of north
western Maine.
Looking' l-’or n Chateau ties Kspanc
NEW YORK. Oct. 21. .Marquis Car
lo 0. de Cordova, who believes that he
is the rightful heir to a castle in Spain
and whose thrilling adventures with
his enemies have frequently drawn
public attention to himself, lias visited
the police and tried to induce Detective
Sullivan to accompany him to his na
tive land to try for a clew to the loca
tion of the chute,-in.
Welsh Miners Detained.
PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 21. Twelve
of the forty Welsh miners who arrived
here on the steamer Havcrford were
permitted to proceed to their destina
tion. Immigration Commissii ner Rodg
ers has. however. detained l\\ aity-eight
others for further investigation.
; LAMPS! j
| LAMPS ! |
f All Kinds #
All Prices'
New Styles
New (roods
Large assortment of
Fancy Goods for Wed
dings and Fairs.
; t
;i jjjaldenar [[rause j
1 -58 - ;
\ Near High St. ?
Liquor Dealers Association? Dis
cussed Excise Board will
Keep Hands off.
The Retail Liquor Dealers Associa
tion met in the Adelaide Building
yesterday. The question of putting
of any candidate for the excise board
was discussed and it was decided not
to name any candidates or to support
any particular one named. The asso
ciation will not mix in politics. The
next meeting will be held on the sec
ond Tuesday of the month instead the
regular day, which is election day.
$67.20 PER MONTH.
Report of Bureau of Information of
State Board of
There are 32(i public school teachers,
including principals and superintend
ent, in the schools of this county and
they receive an average salary of
$07.20 per month. The statement is
based on the salary report made by
the Bureau of Information of the
State Board of Education. The male
teachers get the largest salaries, their
average being $107.18 per month,
while the female teachers get an aver
age of $53.08.
The show given by the Simms
Morris Rattle Snake Oil company, last
night, was an excellent one.| Some of
the first acts wore familiar but the
parts were well taken. Some of the
jokes were a trifle rusty too, but they
wore well told. Lady Bnrdell’s talk
on snakes was very interesting. She
handled the reptiles cleverly. The
last act of the show was its feature.
The audience laughed from beginning
to end. It was a farce and a well
played one.
with bodice of good Mttslin ||
Fancy embroidery, extra H
long and good quality.
Sample (no two alike)some |j
worth as much as 1.25 at |
25c & 35c.
Another’lot of Ladies’ Waists ■
arrived yesterday.
Q Qor. Madison Ave., - Perth Amboy H
P. S.—This get Double Stamps. Modes and new
idea ■
Don Caesar’s Rival, to be given to- ^
night by the Steele Juvenile Coip-'
1 pany, was played at Sliortridges
I theatre, New Brunswick, Monday
j night with great success. William
Carmnn and George Bullock, who
audience will be present to see the!
Has Walked Cltclit Thousand Mile*.
MIDDLETOWN’, N. Y., Oct. 2t—C. j
E. Norris reached here after an 8,000 i
mile walk from Sail Francisco, under- j
taken to cure consumption. He start- j
ed on Aug. 8. 1001. and followed the [
railroads as far as possible. He will
continue his journey to New York to- .
One Solid "Week.
Simms & Mourns, Big Rattle Snake Oil i
Medicine Co. presenting a compauy of1
Metropolitan players, introducing Farce
Comedy and Polite V. udevilie. Peoples
popular prices 5, 10 and 15c. Ladies bar
gain Matinee Saturday. 10c to all parts of
the bouse. Children 5c.
We serve suppers and lunches better and
cheaper than any caterers in the county.
Let ns give you our pries. Have orders
to supply su, pel's and launches this win
ter to seven or the best lodges in the city.
Sole owner and proprietor.
Telephone Cali 69-A.
its a change and one you’ll
121 Smith Street.
Are Now In.
Our line is as complete as any in
tiie city, and we would be pleased
to have you call and inspect .
All work by experienced tailors. i
All repair Work satisfactorily done.
83 Smith Street, Tel. 193 j Perth Amboy,
Dealer In
Choiee Family Groceries
Provisions, Etc.
Fresh stock constantly received
or. Prospect and Wmlth Sts.
Gordon st. Price $5,000. Terms to
suit. Lot 60x120, ten rooms, all im- '
provements. A. M. Johnson, 89 Water
street. 3498-9-14-tf
WANTED—A GIRL to learn millin- <
ery at J. Kreielsheimer, 117 Smith '
st _3683-10-6-tf
WANTED—Young man for office work '
and collecting. Must give first class
references and file bond. Address P.
car of Evening News.
ROOMS TO RENT—Steam heat; all 1
improvements, L. L. Riveley, 108 ■
Wood ave., Tottenville, S. I.
FURNISHED ROOMS, also board for i
two or three gentlemen, bath and
heat, 282 High st.
3812-10-31 -tf |
GOOD PATENT FOR sale. Address
J. R. Post office. 3811-10-21-1
A GOOD HORSE for sale cheap to a 1
quick buyer. H. G. Stiles, coal
yard, Main st., Tottenville. ,
. 3748-10-18-3t-3t.e.o.d. '
character and good reputation in
ed) to represent and advertise old
established weatlhy business house
of solid financial standing. Salary i
#21 weekly wTith expenses additional,
all payable in cash direct each Wed- ,
nesday from head offices. Horse and
carriage furnished when necessary.
References. itnclose self-addressed
envelope. Colonial, Caxton Build
ing, Chicago._8302-8-18-tf
FOR RENT—A BARN and stable,
suitanle for one horse. Enquire at !
News office^ _3154-7-25-tf J
sets are the popular thing. Orders
taken for studs, cuff buttons and belt ;
buckles, also hatpins, at 114 Rector ;
street. 7-17-tf )
Sewing machines, all makes, lowest ,
market prices. 336 State street, A.
Jensen, dealer._ 3046-7-10-tf ;
I FOR SALE—High Grade 10 horse '
power steam engine and boiler. ■
Second hand. Excellent condition.
Manufacturer, care of Evening News.
BOILER AND ENGINE for sale at a
bargain. Sturtevant 10 horse power
steam engine and boiler in A 1 condi
tion, cost #490, will sell for #250. In
use 3 years. Address O. D., News
Office. _ 9-12-tf -
BOARD FOR ONE OR two gentle
men, front room, all conveniences.
98 Gordon st. 8728-10-10-1 \
Special Sale I
Await purchasers this week in
Waist department, they ar»
most attractive in design, m
and workmanship we ever '
pleasure to offer, Here a
items: Ladies’ Waists, m
good quality flannel, in 1
and navy, regular 1.49, s^
Ladies’ Waists, reg. 1.39,
Ladies’ Waists, reg. 2.25, s’
Philip Levi
351 State Street. near
...Auction Sale:
Building: formerly occu
pied as Jewish Syna
gogue on Elm Street
will be sold to the high
est bidder on MONday
Nov. 2d at 2 p. m.
Sale will take place on 1 he premises
100 Smith 8t.,
Hair Dressing. Shampooing, Scalp treatment
sorri treatment Manicuring and Massage
Skillfully done for Ladies at reasonable prices,
llso scalp treatment Manicuring and corn
reatment for gentlemen. Out of town engage
nents by appointments.
rhe symptoms of eye strain are vertigo, strk
;to ach, headache, .neuralgia and numerous
» fh jr nervous complaints
Come to me, I have served
ears with an eminent
New York Ci y, aye spec
ialist. Glasses as low as
$1. 0, and guaranteed.
F. J. MONAGHAN, Opt. D.,
Smith St., over salz A Steiner’s store, Tuesday
and Saturday, 1.30 to 7 p. m., side entrance,
formerly 15 Malden Lane. N. Y. city.
VHEN IN HEW YORK don’t fail to
iSftrn^Cafe Duesing
37 Cortlandt St., NEW YORK
Cafe and Dining Room
Adjoining P. R. R. Ferry Stairs.
At my office your eyes
receive FR Kli OF
CHARG K an honest,
thorough and scientific
examination, by an Ocu
ist who has practic d eye-diReases for 25 years,
did proper glasses fitted for $1.00 upward, Rep
iration is what I am after, and ou ca i rel • up*
»n getting good, honest value for your m mey
.» many readers of this pape** wi 1 estify. DR‘
SltlGIXEN; Oculist, 400 BROADWAY (near
i’ulton 8t.), N. Y., Room 202, over drug store.
Imi’ s Q tn fi
Hofei Central "i
Win s,Liquors
NOW OPEN ?hnedcnyB“r8 ln
50 ■q y 'T' *7 T Goo^s retailed
• A ■!» * at wholesale
Cor. State and St. prices. . . .
L. PERELMAN, Pawnbroker
^'•Ladiesand Gentlemen: I have a great
nany beautiful articles left from the last sale
- Watches, Diamonds, Kings, which I offer to
e<l at very low priceB. All goods guaranteed as
L Perelman, 386 State St.
Winters, Paper Hangers, House
and Church Decorators.
2 Centre Street, Perth Amboy, N. i.
Wc most respectfully solicit a share of
your favors and guarantee satisfaction.
Telephone No. 8
Engineers, Founders
leneral and Special Machine Pattern
Boiler and Blacksmith Work.

I, '
For Sale Cheap!
One set automobile tires. ^
H/mia Shragovitz. 1
Lock Post Office BOX 78 *
foleyshonfy^ear j
itops the sough soO he»i« lungs /
i - • ii

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